Robert Patterson Rejoins the 61st OVI

As was reported earlier, Robert Patterson was severely wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville in early May 1863.  It is unknown where he traveled for treatment, but by September 1863 he was at Camp Cleveland, Ohio.  Camp Cleveland was Cleveland’s largest civil war camp and one of the largest in Ohio during the war.  Along with a hospital, the camp was a staging area for units as they were transferred from one area to the next.

On September 8, 1863, Robert sent his mother a very short letter indicating that he was rejoining his unit and was sorry he could not make it home for a visit.  The 61st OVI, along with the Twelfth Corps, was transferred from the Army of the Potomac to the Army of Cumberland in September.  They arrived at Bridgeport, Alabama on October 1, 1863. (Transcript of Robert Patterson letter, September 8, 1863)


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