Fairmont High School

Fairmont H.S., 1957 (Fairmont_18)

Fairmont H.S., 1957

Fairmont High School is located in Kettering, Ohio. Originally, education of children in the Kettering area was accomplished through the old Van Buren Township schools. (Van Buren Township no longer exists; it was engulfed entirely by Kettering and Oakwood.) In 1922, the old four-room schoolhouse was replaced by a newer building to accommodate population growth in the area.

By the 1950s, the 1922 building was no longer adequate. Kettering had grown so much that it became a city in 1954, and in 1957, a new campus-style Fairmont High School opened.

Within a few short years, even this new building was too small, so a second high school opened in Kettering in 1963. The new school in the eastern part of the city was known as Fairmont East; the “old” school became Fairmont West.

In 1983, population changes once again prompted an amendment to the school district’s high schools. But this time the change was to consolidate the two high schools. Fairmont East and Fairmont West merged back together into a single Fairmont High School. They combined to form a new mascot, as well: the Fairmont West Dragons and Fairmont East Falcons became the Firebirds, taking the “fire” from the Dragon and the “bird” from the Falcon.

Enjoy these photos of Fairmont from the Dayton Daily News Archive:

These photos can be found in the Wright State University Special Collections & Archives:

  • Dayton Daily News¬†Archive, Box 940, File #109,334, Schools – Fairmont High.


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