Funeral of Orville Wright

DDN – Wright, Orville – death 01sm

Arriving at Patterson Field

Arriving at Patterson Field

Arriving at Patterson Field shortly after noon Monday to attend the funeral of Orville Wright were, left to right: Dr. Alexander Wetmore, secretary, Smithsonian Institute; former Brig. Gen. T. D. Milling; Dr. Hugh Dryden, director, National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA); John F. Victory, executive secretary, NACA; S. P. Johnston, director Institute of the Aeronautical Services; John Allison, assistant secretary, commerce for air; Maj. Gen. L. C. Craigie, former chief engineering division, Wright Field, representing USAF in Washington; Rear Adm. T. C. Lonnquest, NACA representative; and R. N. Hazen, director of engineering, Allison Engine division, GMC.

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