Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis: Document Your Story

Milton Wright diary entry, March 30, 1913
Milton Wright diary entry during the Great Flood, March 30, 1913

A call for volunteers: The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all of us in many different ways and we are all eyewitnesses to the events that have been unfolding the last few weeks. This is a time for us to record our daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings in diary form, either in writing or video. SC&A envisions collecting and preserving the stories of the Wright State University community (students, faculty, and staff) and Miami Valley residents. The goal is to preserve the stories of our daily lives during the crisis and to provide future historians, researchers, and students with information and data on life in the Miami Valley during the Pandemic.

Please take the time each day to record your activities, thoughts, and/or feelings in diary form. The entries can be handwritten, typed, or in video format, and be as long or short as you want. Don’t worry about handwriting, spelling, or punctuation. Photos welcome! The goal is to capture your personal experiences. And remember, these diaries will be available to researchers, so please keep that in mind.

For questions about the project or to submit a diary, please email the SC&A staff at

UPDATE: We now have a Document Your Story homepage, where you can find the latest information on this project.

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2 Responses to Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis: Document Your Story

  1. Amaya says:

    I’ve lost sleep , my sleep schedule is all types of messed up . I’ve been social distancing and avoiding human contact

  2. Lillie Paris says:

    Well,its been different,its hard for me to work in a non-educational environment. Plus I learn differently,but I gotta do what I gotta do. It is difficult not seeing my friends and even family. Even if you have a birthday during this,you cant invite other people and family. Usually you would go to school and do work but now we have to do it online. Now instead of lunch at school now its at home,the good thing is you can go to “school” in your pj’s. You can just sit on your bed and relax as your online with your teacher. There’s no one other than your siblings to distract you. There’s positives and negativtes,like your worried about your family,but you get more time with them. Its really crazy.

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