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  1. Bonnie Stalter says:

    We have relatives and some family history attached to the flood of 1913.
    We are seeking information about Goldie Toman Miller. Mrs. John who was about 7 months pregnant and worked with Jon Bell as an operator and night supervisor for the Central Union Telephone Company. She lived off Third street and went to work as she knew she would be one who could get there in this emergcncy.
    We are seeking to know what building they went to to operate the phones to notify the governor and mayor etc about the flood. She was at the source of communication for we do not know how long. Her father was a doctor. She was ill after it. She passed away a few years later. possible PTSD… can you help Her father was Dr. Samuel Toman who helped many during the storm. thank you .

  2. Bonnie D Stalter says:

    See note above
    dr Samuel Toman
    Dayton OH
    Any association with Protestant Deaconess
    Hospital. ?

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