Protect the Propeller In Honor of Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m making a donation to Protect the Propeller in memory of my dad, Ben Fehr, who had a long career in aviation. I am not a pilot, but I grew up with a dad who was one. The smaller girl in this picture is me. The photo was taken in northern Indiana at the start of a trip my family took to Georgia in 1959 in a rented Piper Tri-Pacer.  I was 4 years old. My dad started out as a farmer, but went on to become a cargo pilot, flying contracts for the United States Air Force with companies like Zantop, Logair and Universal. He finished his career as a corporate pilot flying a Commander prop jet. My sisters and I spent a lot of time going to airports to pick him up after a flight. We didn’t get to climb up in the big planes he flew, DC-6’s, DC-8’s, or the Argosy, but we did get to fly with him in the Commander. I even got to sit in the right seat one trip. I ended up working in an aviation history archive and have had the good fortune to fly across both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, fly in a helicopter over the Pyrenees in France, fly in a light single engine plane over the Race Track near Le Mans, France, where Wilbur Wright wowed the world, and take a short hop in the Wright B replica in Dayton. Airplanes have become a big part of my story.

Wilbur Wright flying at Les Hunaudieres in August 1908 (ms1_17_2_4).

Join me and honor the pilot in your family with a donation to Protect the Propeller!

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New and Updated Collections Available for Research, May 2018

We have new manuscript collections available for research!  Click on the links to view the complete online (PDF) finding aids.

The following new collections were recently arranged and described and are now available for research:

Additional materials were recently processed into the following existing collections, so you might want to take another look at them:

New, improved, and/or revised finding aids are now available for:

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Road Trippin’: Travel Collections at SC&A

Orville Wright (driving), Katharine Wright, and Harriet Silliman in the "St. Louis" automobile purchased by Charles Webbert through the Wright Cycle Company, 1903. (photo ms1_28_7_5)

Orville Wright (driving), Katharine Wright, and Harriet Silliman in the “St. Louis” automobile , 1903. (photo ms1_28_7_5)

Today, Friday, June 1st, the National Archives will hold their monthly Archives Hashtag Party, where archives and individuals worldwide are invited to celebrate the specific theme for the day by sharing photos and images on social media. For June, fittingly enough, the subject is #archivesroadtrip. All of us, at one time or another, hit the open road, sky, or water for a trip. Here at SC&A we have numerous collections, big and small, that include travel material in the form of photographs, albums, scrapbooks, passenger lists, pamphlets, booklets, tickets, and passports. Each one of these items comes with a specific story about the person and the trip.

In the spirit of summer and of the road trip, here are just a few highlights from our collections. If you want to see more, jump in the car and come visit the Archives this summer! We are here Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm. You can even make the visit part of Dayton’s amazing aviation places” tour and get a stamp for your Wilbear Wright passport.

In the summer of 1921, the McCarthy family decided to take a family trip from Dayton, Ohio, to California. The record of their trip has been preserved in a family scrapbook that has been digitized and available on CORE Scholar. The photographs capture car camping, rough roads, and, of course, such iconic American landmarks as the Mississippi River, Pike’s Peak, and the Grand Canyon.

Another Daytonian that traveled, and traveled extensively, was Marie Aull, a noted conservationist and gardener. You might recognize her name from Aullwood Garden and Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm. Marie traveled throughout the United States and the world during her lifetime and, like many travelers, brought home travel pamphlets, postcards, and other keepsakes. Marie visited many of our National Parks and often visited the same park more than once. Her collection includes brochures, postcards, and maps spanning from the 1920s-1990s.

National Park Tour, 1928 (MS-501_2_2)

In 1929, Marie and her husband, John, traveled around the world on the S.S. Franconia. Departing New York City on January 15, they sailed around the globe visiting places like Algiers, Monaco, Bombay, Manila, Shanghai, Kobe, and Havana.

So do you have a favorite place to visit? Are you planning a road trip this summer? If so, please feel free to share!

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