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Libraries as community partners in the service-learning relationship

How could libraries become the community partner in a service-learning partnership? What kinds of projects could service-learners do WITH libraries? This is one of the questions that was discussed at the roundtable discussion about service-learning at the ACRL (Assoc. of … Continue reading

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Service-Learning Webcast

An Ohio Campus Compact staff member/consultant, Jen Gilbride-Brown, is leading a webinar about designing service learning courses. More details are available here:

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Community partner perspectives

Someone at the Research Academy last week suggested the following book (which has also been added to the Recommended Reading section of this blog), The Unheard Voices: Community Organizations and Service-Learning. It’s a fantastic resource that explores the service-learning relationship … Continue reading

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Friends of Service-Learning breakfast

This morning, I attended a breakfast at my institution to celebrate the many accomplishments of the Office of Service-Learning (including their AmeriCORPS VISTA volunteers) and faculty and staff at Wright State that are involved in supporting the academy’s mission to … Continue reading

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Service-Learning Research Academy – Part II

The facilitators at the Service-Learning Research Academy last week encouraged participants to develop and/or refine projects that could translate into high quality research in the field of service-learning. I’m really excited to get started on my project. Breakout sessions provided … Continue reading

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Service Learning Research Academy

I am in Indianapolis at a Service-Learning Research Academy hosted by IUPUI & Indiana Campus Compact. The goal is to gather together faculty and staff interested in furthering the research in service-learning – in particular, “high quality” research. It’s been … Continue reading

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Social Nature of Research

I’ve been thinking recently about the social nature of service-learning and how that can help librarians become more of a social partner in the research process. I was made aware yesterday of a piece by Barbara Fister, “Knowledge and the … Continue reading

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Research Portfolios (EDT 110)

Since our class ended in early March, I’ve been reflecting on how we can improve the research portfolios. As it stands now, the students include annotated bibliographies in the portfolio, along with recommendations for the agency. The recommendations were a … Continue reading

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