Unwin(e)d Book Club

The Unwin(e)d Book Club was a bi-monthly book discussion group that met between 2013 and 2017. The Unwin(e)d Book Club was sponsored by the Friends of the Wright State University Libraries and the Wright State Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The group met at Winan’s Fine Chocolates and Coffees in Beavercreek on Thursday evenings. Unwin(e)d showcased mostly debut fiction by lesser-known authors on a variety of topics, across geographic borders and from a diverse group of authors. Not your mother’s book club, no topic was off-limits for this group. All Unwin(e)d Book Club selections are listed below.

2016-2017 Selections

2015-2016 Selections

2014-2015 Selections

2013-2014 Selections