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A site devoted to primary source material in American history. Information archived is from leading historical periodicals and books, and includes eyewitness accounts of historical events, descriptions of daily life, editorial observations, advertisements, and genealogical records. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Online medical texts, practice guidelines, USMLE review, medical images, multimedia, and more (more...)
Coverage: 2000s
An online collection of approximately 4,300 books of high quality in the humanities. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Around 12,000 books, pamphlets, and broadsides covering African American history. (more...)
Coverage: 1535 - 1922
Abstracts of current social gerontology and aging-related research, policy, provider, and consumer books, articles, and reports. (more...)
Coverage: Most 1978 to present
Journals, other periodicals, guides, and conference proceedings from acoustics, aeronautics, neural networks, nuclear engineering, physics, space science and much more. (more...)
Coverage: 1913 - present
A current directory of repositories and collections of primary source material across the US, UK, and Ireland. (more...)
Artemis Literary Sources provides access to Dictionary of Literary Biography, Literature Criticism Online, and Something about the Author Online. Get full text literary criticism, author biographies, plot summaries & work overviews, articles, essays, eBooks, book reviews, classic texts and more. (more...)
Coverage: 1400s - present
A database of over 1 million high-quality digital images covering art, architecture, and design. (more...)
Coverage: Prehistory to present
Features the complete content of twenty-eight ASM Handbook volumes, several ASM Handbook supplements, and two ASM Desk Editions. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Market research reports and market size forecasts for products, companies, and technological innovations in industrial, pharmaceutical, and high technology organizations. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Comprehensive life histories for each of the 716+ species of birds breeding in North America. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Indexes and provides citation data for scholarly scientific books. (more...)
Coverage: 2005 - current
Indexes and provides citation data for scholarly social science and humanities books. (more...)
Coverage: 2005 - current
Directories of publishing opportunities in accounting, economics and finance, management, and marketing. (more...)
Contains full text laws and regulations as well as a number of important secondary tax research sources. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
ClinicalKey is a full-text source for clinical medical information. (more...)
Full text reviews of research on the effects of health care interventions. (more...)
Coverage: Updated quarterly
Covers the entire spectrum of engineering, with abstracts from over 2,600 international journals, conference papers and proceedings, and technical reports. (more...)
Coverage: 1884 to present
A financial and statistical analysis software package that finds data such as earnings, cash flow, ratios, balance sheets, income statements, and stock information. (more...)
Coverage: Updated quarterly
Summarizes and analyzes federal legislative and policy activity during each presidential term starting with 1945. (more...)
Coverage: 1945 - 2004
Provides streaming access to 400 hours of footage and more than 330 videos. From Alexander Street Press. (more...)
Covers current and controversial topics thoroughly, including an overview of the topic, its pros and cons, and a full report. (more...)
Coverage: 1991 to present
In-depth analysis of key issues before Congress, plus a comprehensive summary of federal legislative activity from the previous week. (more...)
Covers crime trends, crime prevention and deterrence, juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice, police, courts, punishment and sentencing. (more...)
Coverage: 1968 to present
Includes monthly and daily price quotations for common stocks, excluding preferred stock and including ADRs, traded on the New York and American stock exchanges and NASDAQ. (more...)
Coverage: 1925 - present
An online laboratory manual containing the full-text of more than 1,000 procedures. (more...)
Coverage: 2003 to present
Contains 500 hours of dance productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, and improvisational dance, as well as forerunners of the forms and the pioneers of modern concert dance. (more...)
Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences research data from repositories around the world (more...)
Data-Planet Statistical Datasets is a large repository of standardized and structured statistical data. It includes a wide variety of economic, social and political indicators derived from over 70 source organizations. (more...)

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Over 16,000 biographies of authors and articles on literary genres and time periods. (more...)
Coverage: Antiquity to present
Contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America. (more...)
Coverage: 1473 - 1700
Hundreds of titles covering all disciplines. Titles may be downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions- compatible eReader devices. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
A comprehensive, indexed bibliography with selected abstracts of the worlds economic literature. (more...)
Coverage: Updated monthly
Provides a large and rich online collection of video available for the study of teaching methods and education theory. (more...)
A comprehensive digitization project which has aimed to include every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom, along with thousands of important works from the Americas, between 1701 and 1800. (more...)
Full-text newspapers, newswires, company reports, historical market data, and other business sources. (more...)
Coverage: Various years
This is the online version of Facts & Comparisons, a long standing drug reference book. (more...)
Over 15,000 streaming videos covering a very large array of subject areas. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
First Research allows users to easily understand the challenges, opportunities, and operations of more than 600 Industry Segments. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Online compendium of directories on companies, publishers, associations, etc., including Market Share Reporter, The Encyclopedia of Associations, Brands and Their Companies, and more. (more...)
Coverage: 2008 to present
Hundreds of reference titles in many topic areas. (more...)
Over 2 million references to journal articles, books, maps, conference papers, reports, and theses on the geosciences. (more...)
Coverage: 1785 to present
Information on measurement instruments in the health and psychosocial sciences, organizational behavior, and library and information science. (more...)
Coverage: 1985 to current update
Digital reproductions of New York Times articles and pages. (more...)
Coverage: 1851-2011
Includes general U.S. policy documents, national strategy documents, theses and research papers from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security and the Naval Postgraduate School, and homeland security executive orders. (more...)
Coverage: 2006 to present
Hoover's Online includes reports on companies, industries and initial public offerings (IPOs). (more...)
Coverage: v
The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research provides access to the worlds largest archive of computer-based research and instructional data for the social sciences. (more...)
Coverage: Varies by dataset
The IEEE Xplore digital library (or IEL) provides full text access to world wide technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, electronics, and other related disciplines. (more...)
Coverage: Full text: varies by publication
Digitized collection of alternative press materials. (more...)
Coverage: 1960s - 1980s
Scientific and technical literature on the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology. (more...)
Provides a powerful business research tool, access to the documents and financial information you need for each individual company – incorporating the latest research technology for comprehensive investment research. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
IPA Source is the web's largest library of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions and literal translations of opera arias and art song texts. (more...)
Coverage: works in the public domain
Includes more than 80 volumes of poetry by approximately 50 Irish women. (more...)
Coverage: 1768 - 1842
Citations to publications about the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. (more...)
Coverage: 400 to 1700
Full-text for selected medical and nursing journals plus citations for the entire Journals@Ovid collection of health science and science journals. (more...)
Coverage: Updated daily; coverage varies
Digitized, complete back files of core scholarly journals from most disciplines. (more...)
Coverage: 1800s to about 3-5 years back
Kanopy is a streaming video service that provides access to over 26,000 videos. (more...)
Key Business Ratios on the Web (KBR) provides immediate online access to competitive benchmarking data. (more...)
Covers periodical articles as well as articles in collections and conference papers in classics and classical studies. (more...)
Coverage: 1949 - present
This comprehensive drug resource provides clear, concise drug information including dosing, drug interactions, administration, warning and precautions, and more. (more...)
Five databases with literary criticism: 19th Century Literature Criticism, 20th Century Literature Criticism, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Children's Literature Review, and Short Story Criticism. (more...)
Coverage: 1800 to present
Clinical neurology summaries supplemented by illustrations, patient handouts, and more. (more...)
Coverage: Current
The Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) provides access to expert reviews of published psychological tests and measurements. (more...)
Coverage: 1985 to present
A vast, indexed collection of corporate and industry related documents. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Provides data on a U.S./global company’s network of key customers, suppliers, competitors and strategic partners. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Mergent WebReports is an online database that allows you to access a vast archive of corporate and industry related documents. WebReports contains more than 180,000 documents covering over 100 countries and industries using an easy to navigate and reliable system. (more...)
Coverage: Early 1900s - present
Music Online: Classical Music in Video contains 1,000 hours of classical music performances and masterclasses captured on video-approximately 1,500 performances in all. (more...)
Streaming audio of classical music from the earliest times to the present day. (more...)
Coverage: Medieval era to present
Contains 250 of the most important opera performances, captured on streaming video. Selections represent the worlds best performers, conductors, and opera houses and are based on a works importance to the operatic canon. (more...)
Listen to over 80,000 tracks from 5,500 CDs in the genres of classical music and opera, jazz, blues, world music, new age, and Chinese music. (more...)
Coverage: Updated monthly
OECD is one of the world’s largest and most reliable sources of comparable socio-economic statistics. Contains books, journal articles, and statistics. (more...)
Full text of The Dictionary of Art, edited by Jane Turner (1996, 34 vols) and The Oxford Companion to Western Art, edited by Hugh Brigstocke (2001). (more...)
Coverage: Antiquity to the present
Provides authoritative biographical articles on persons who have shaped the British past. (more...)
Coverage: 1st century BC to 4 years ago
A comprehensive encyclopedia of music, with over 29,000 articles on composers, instruments, performers, regions, countries and cities, styles, genres and terms. (more...)
Coverage: Ancient Greece to present
Online book collection of over 7,300 titles from the social sciences and humanities. (more...)
Coverage: 2000 - 2010
Provides high quality analysis of global consumer markets and issues affecting them. It is a complete reference of 850 consumer market and retail briefings. Also includes statistics (current and historical) and country profiles. (more...)
Coverage: Current 3 years
Provides indexing and abstracts from books and journals of philosophy and related fields. (more...)
Coverage: 1940 to present
The complete DSM-IV-TR and many other psychiatric references (more...)
Coverage: 1844 to present
A repository for the full text of a wide range of psychological tests and measures as well as a source of structured information about the tests. (more...)
Coverage: Varies
Indexes mostly popular United States magazines (more...)
Coverage: 1890-1982
Collection of more than 750 hours of streaming video focused on the physical treatment of patients with congenital disorders, chronic health issues, and traumatic injuries. (more...)
Contains the full text to 100+ specialized encyclopedias covering the Social Sciences. (more...)
Protocols, articles and information management tools for the signal transduction research community. (more...)
Coverage: 2003 to present
ScienceNOW contains brief news reports on research or science policy. (more...)
Coverage: Oct 1996 to present
Provides access to chemical literature and patents through the following databases: Chemical Abstracts PLUS, the CAS Registry File, CASREACT and MEDLINE. (more...)
Coverage: 1907 to present
Smithsonian Global Sound, produced in partnership with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, is a virtual encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions. (more...)
Contains abstracts from social work and other related journals. (more...)
Coverage: 1977 to present
Provides information about the lives and works of authors and illustrators for children and young adults. (more...)
Coverage: 1971 to present
The SPIE Digital Library contains the full text of technical papers from SPIE Journals and Conference Proceedings. (more...)
Coverage: 1962-present
SPIN is provided by the WSU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and is a research funding database. (more...)
Full-text and full-image articles from The Sunday Times (London, England) for the years 1822-2006. (more...)
Full-text and full-image articles from The Times of London, England for the years 1785-2009. Note: this is the Monday - Saturday newspaper; The Sunday Times is not included. (more...)
Coverage: 1785 - 2009
Streaming video of plays and film documentaries. (more...)
Coverage: 1936 to recent years
The online version of Ulrich&s International Periodicals Directory, which provides information on serials published throughout the world. (more...)
Coverage: Updated weekly
The Wellesley Index identifies the authors of articles within 45 major Victorian periodicals, and provides a bibliography for each contributor. (more...)
Thousands of full-text journal articles and ebooks from the publisher Wiley. (more...)
Women and Social Movements in the U.S. offers path-breaking document projects that facilitate the use of documents to study all aspects of American history from colonial times to the present. (more...)
Zoological Record is the world's oldest continuing database of animal biology literature. It includes biodiversity and environmental studies and veterinary science. (more...)
Coverage: 1864 – present