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LANDSAT 7 Satellite Image server

1999-present (OhioLINK only purchases scenes which have less than 30% cloud cover).

LANDSAT 7 images are part of the OhioLINK Digital Media Center. The Landsat project was launched in April of 1999. This satellite orbits the earth and captures digital snapshots from space. OhioLINK has purchased all Ohio based data captured by Landsat 7 since the first data sets were available, and maintains a standing order for new data as it is captured.

A new 'snapshot' of the state is captured every 16 days. A complete 'snapshot' of Ohio is represented by nine Landsat 7 scenes that each represent ground cover approximately 115 miles wide by 106 miles long. Within each scene, nine different 'layers' are captured. (These 'layers' are actually different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum). These are available via FTP for expert users. Additionally these are processed at OhioLINK to create a variety of meaningful products viewable on the web for other academic users and the public.