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Compustat Research Insight

Varies: 20 years of annual and monthly data; 48 quarters of quarterly data; 7 years of Industry Segment (line of business) and Geographic data.

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Compustat (North America) is a financial and statistical analysis software package that finds data such as earnings, cash flow, ratios, balance sheets, income statements, and stock information. Its focus is on publicly-traded companies and it includes data on more than 10,300 U.S. active companies. Data is also available for 1,000 Canadian companies and 8,800 U.S. companies that are no longer active due to mergers, bankruptcy, privitization, or other events. Reports can be created for individual companies as well as for comparisons between multiple firms. Self-customized or company-formatted reports may be printed or downloaded to ASCII files for use in other software such as Excel, Lotus, PC SAS, and any software accepting ASCII files.

You must be a current Wright State student, faculty, or staff member to use this resource on-site at the Wright State University Libraries.

Compustat (Research Insight) is available only at the Dunbar Library. To access Compustat Research Insight, click on the Start menu on the computer. Next, click on All Programs and select the Specialized Programs folder. Research Insight will be one of the choices listed. If you need assistance, please ask a librarian.

Remote access is not available.