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University Libraries


  1. Who can use online library resources from off campus?

    You must be a Wright State University student, staff, faculty, or be affiliated with a member hospital to use the databases remotely.  Most of our databases can be used in the library by guests through the use of a guest computing account.

  2. How do I get into the library’s online resources from off-campus?

    Most of the library’s databases are accessed via our proxy server, which provides access to almost every database that is available on campus.

    • Go to the Databases page on the website.
    • Click on the database that you want to search.
    • Type your campus username (w#) and password. If you’re not sure what your campus username or password is, contact Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS) at (937) 775-4827.
    • Click on Login Securely button.
  3. Why do I get an authentication error?

    You may not be authorized to access that particular database from off campus. Some databases are accessible to WSU faculty, staff, and students, but not to WSU affiliated hospitals.

    If you are a Wright State patron and you believe you typed your campus username and password correctly and you are still having trouble logging in, you may wish to check that:

    • Your caps lock is off.
    • You are not adding extra information when typing your name, such as an initial.

    If you are still having problems, please call the Information Desk at (937) 775-2925 or Ask a Librarian .

  4. Why did I get a cookie error?

    Both our proxy server and certain databases send "cookies" when you connect to them to verify, during your session, that you are an authorized user.  If your browser reports an error receiving a cookie it may be currently set to disallow cookies. Follow the directions below to accept cookies.

    Firefox: Menu Bar/Options/Privacy/History and select "Use custom Settings for history." Make sure that the “Accept Cookies from Sites” option is checked.

    Internet Explorer: Tools /Internet Options/Privacy and make sure your security level is medium (or above) or, if you have a custom level, that cookies are not disabled.

    Safari: Edit/Preferences/Security and select “Only From Sites You Navigate To” from the Accept Cookies options.

  5. Why did I get a "404 Error" (File Not Found) or a "Server not Found or DNS Error" or other "error" page?

    • An incorrect URL, outdated link or a missing page
    • Some aspect of your network is down or very busy
    • Your anti-virus software may interfere with proxied URLs

    Whenever you get an error page, especially one that doesn't come from the library, it is important to note what the error page says, the URL you were trying to access (and from where) and other relevant information.  Please Ask a Librarian for further help.

    Consider disabling your anti-virus software and trying to access the resource; if access is successful, adjust your anti-virus software settings and re-enable your anti-virus software.

  6. Why did I get a "Page cannot be displayed" or "Page not found" error?

    When you receive these errors in your browser, it often points to browser incompatibility or firewall and DNS issues. To resolve the browser incompatibility, try a different browser other than you are currently using. For example, try the Firefox browser and connect through the WSU Library databases page.

    Please Ask a Librarian for further help.

  7. I get through the library authentication successfully, but I am asked to log in again on the database screen.

    There are two possibilities:  an error or a password-protected resource.

    Almost all online resources validate users by their IP address.  Occasionally, a vendor or publisher requires user names and passwords.  You must use these resources in a campus library.  Additionally, many of our online resources are limited to a certain number of simultaneous users and if that number of people is using the resource you may get a message such as “all seats are full” or you may see login boxes.

    Otherwise, a login screen is an indication of an access error, perhaps requiring a change in our server's configuration.  You should note the name of the resource you were trying to access and call the Dunbar Library Information Desk at (937) 775 - 2925 to report the problem or Ask a Librarian.