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Items Acquired in April 2017 for the University Libraries



Towards non-being

Graham Priest

B105.L54 P48 2017

Sonic intimacy : voice, species, technics (or, how to listen to the world)

Dominic Pettman


Meanings and Other Things : Themes from the work of Stephen Schiffer

Gary Ostertag

B1853.E5 C6713 2017

Meditations on first philosophy : with selections from the Objections and replies

René Descartes ; translated and edited by John Cottingham, University of Reading ; with an introductory essay by Bernard Williams and a general introduction by John Cottingham


The Virtues of Freedom : Selected Essays on Kant

Paul Guyer

B5074.F374 M57 2017

Transnationalism in Iranian political thought : the life and times of Ahmad Fardid

Ali Mirsepassi


Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy, Volume 4 [electronic resource]


From valuing to value. Towards a defense of subjectivism

david Sobel


The illusion of doubt

genia Schönbaumsfeld

B808.5 .A523 2017

Analytic philosophy : an interpretive history

edted by Aaron Preston


Beartown : a novel

Fredrik Backman ; translated by Neil Smith

BC199.C6 B56 2017

The principle of non-contradiction in Plato's Republic : an argument for form

Laurence Bloom


Continuants : their activity, their being, and their identity

David Wiggins


Information and interaction : Eddington, Wheeler, and the limits of knowledge

Ian T. Durham, Dean Rickles, editors

BD436 .H265 2017

Love's enlightenment : rethinking charity in modernity

Ryan Patrick Hanley, Marquette University

BD450 .F79456 2017

The creative spark : how imagination made humans exceptional

Agustín Fuentes

BD450 .P5857 2017

Posthumous life : theorizing beyond the posthuman

edited by Jami Weinstein and Claire Colebrook

BF109.J8 P79 2017

Psychology as the discipline of interiority : the psychological difference" in the work of Wolfgang Giegerich

edited by Jennifer M. Sandoval and John C. Knapp

BF121 .P76217 2017

Psychological science under scrutiny : recent challenges and proposed solutions

edited by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Irwin D. Waldman

BF311 .H395 2017

Unthought : the power of the cognitive nonconscious

N. Katherine Hayles

BF323.S63 H37 2017

Invisible mind : flexible social cognition and dehumanization

Lasana T. Harris

BF431 .R53 2017

Genes, brains, and human potential : the science and ideology of intelligence

Ken Richardson

BF455 .H27133 2017

Talking the talk : language, psychology and science

Trevor Harley

BF481 .F488 2017

Flow at work : measurement and implications

edited by Clive Fullagar and Antonella Delle Fave

BF575.A88 R93 2017

Self-determination theory : basic psychological needs in motivation, development, and wellness

Richard M. Ryan, Edward L. Deci

BF575.H56 W75 2016

Dancing between hope and despair : trauma, attachment and the therapeutic relationship

Sue Wright

BF575.M44 R328 2016

Melancholic habits : Burton's anatomy & the mind sciences

Jennifer Radden


Reconciliation and Social Healing in Afghanistan : A Transrational and Elicitive Analysis Towards Transformation [electronic resource]

BF683 .P78

The Psychology of learning and motivation

BF721 .A45

Advances in child development and behavior

BF723.P36 B76 2017

Discrimination in childhood and adolescence : a developmental intergroup approach

Christia Spears Brown


Art, mind, and narrative : themes from the work of Peter Goldie

edited by Julian Dodd

BJ1395 .D48 2017

Foucault's futures : a critique of reproductive reason

Penelope Deutscher

BJ1401 .E74 2017

Ethics and the problem of evil

edited by James P. Sterba

BJ1408.5 .S38 2017

Moral judgments as educated intuitions

Hanno Sauer

BJ301 .I57 2017

The insistence of art : aesthetic philosophy after early modernity

Paul A. Kottman, editor

BL1153.7.S68 F57 2017

Hindu pluralism : religion and the public sphere in early modern South India

Elaine M. Fisher

BL1239.36.H37 S56 2017

Uprising of the fools : pilgrimage as moral protest in contemporary India

Vikash Singh


A.J. Appasamy and his Reading of Rāmānuja : a Comparative Study in Divine Embodiment

Brian Philip Dunn


Shinto : a history

Helen Hardacre

BL238 .W38 2017

Antifundamentalism in modern America

David Harrington Watt

BL51 .R45 2017

Religion and European philosophy : key thinkers from Kant to Žižek

Edited by Phillip Goodchild and Hollis Phelps

BL60 .S6625 2017

Alternative sociologies of religion : through non-western eyes

James V. Spickard

BL65.V55 J84 2017

Terror in the mind of God : the global rise of religious violence

Mark Juergensmeyer


Theory and practice in Essene law

Aryeh Amihay


Ottoman Puritanism and its Discontents : Ahmad al-Rumi al-Aqhisari and the Qadizadelis

Mustapha Sheikh

BP194.16 .A24 2017

The new sectarianism : the Arab uprisings and the rebirth of the Shi'a-Sunni divide

Geneive Abdo

BP50 .B69 2017

The crucible of Islam

G. W. Bowersock

BP52 .A94 2017

The idea of the Muslim world : a global intellectual history

Cemil Aydin

BP67.U6 M3713 2017

Islam, an American religion

Nadia Marzouki ; translated by C. Jon Delogu


Making saints in modern China

edited by David Ownby, Vincent Goossaert, and Ji Zhe


Re-Envisioning Christian Humanism : Education and the Restoration of Humanity

BR1644.5.Z33 H39 2017

Moving by the spirit : Pentecostal social life on the Zambian Copperbelt

Naomi Haynes


Who were the first Christians? : dismantling the urban thesis

Thomas A. Robinson


Tracking the master scribe : revision through introduction in biblical and Mesopotamian literature [electronic resource]

Sara J. Milstein


The king and the land : a geography of royal power in the biblical world

Stephen C. Russell

BS1199.M34 G73 2016

Are we not men? : unstable masculinity in the Hebrew prophets

Rhiannon Graybill

BS2555.52 .L53 2016eb

Why are there differences in the gospels? : what we can learn from ancient biography

Michael R. Licona ; foreword by Craig A. Evans

BS511.3 .R83 2017

The face of water : a translator on beauty and meaning in the Bible

Sarah Ruden


Free will and classical theism : the significance of freedom in perfect being theology

edited by Hugh J. McCann


Intercessory Prayer and the Monastic Ideal in the Time of the Carolingian Reforms

Renie S. Choy

BV4529 .R54 2016

Practicing What the Doctor Preached : At Home with Focus on the Family

Susan B. Ridgely

BX129.A1 A672 2014

On this day : the Armenian Church Synaxarion (Yaysmawurk') ; a parallel Armenian-English text

translated and edited by Edward G. Mathews Jr

BX1407.P63 G7313 2017

In Rome we trust : the rise of Catholics in American political life

Manlio Graziano

BX3784.4 .C46 1917

Centenary souvenir of the Society of Mary : 1817-1917

BX4805.3 .R97 2017

Protestants : the faith that made the modern world

Alec Ryrie


The Oxford history of Anglicanism. Volume III, Partisan Anglicanism and its global expansion 1829-c.1914

edited by Rowan Strong

BX8635.3 .M27 2017

What is Mormonism? : a student's introduction

Patrick Q. Mason