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Items Acquired in September 2017 for the University Libraries



The non-designer's presentation book : principles for effective presentation design

Robin Williams

PE1073 .K67 2017

Korean Englishes in transnational contexts

Christopher J. Jenks, Jerry Won Lee, editors

PE1128 .R45 2017

Studying in English : strategies for success in higher education

Hayo Reinders, Marilyn Lewis and Linh Phung

PE1471 .R63 2017

Essentials of essay writing : what markers look for

Jamie Q. Roberts

PL2690 .P513 2017

Quelling the demons' revolt : a novel from Ming China

attributed to Luo Guanzhong ; translated by Patrick Hanan ; introduction by Ellen B. Widmer and David Der-wei Wang

PL2754.S5 A6 2017

Jottings under lamplight

Lu Xun ; edited by Eileen J. Cheng and Kirk A. Denton

PL2948.7.N355 A2 2017

I Love XXX : and Other Plays

Meng Jinghui ; edited by Claire Conceison

PN1111 .Z37 2017

Why poetry

Matthew Zapruder

PN145 .M38 2017

Telling stories : the craft of narrative and the writing life

Lee Martin


Disability and theatre : a practical manual for inclusion in the arts

Stephanie Barton-Farcas

PN1590.H36 B37 2018

Disability and theatre : a practical manual for inclusion in the arts

Stephanie Barton-Farcas

PN161 .W83

The Writer's market

PN1683 .F54 2017

The 36 dramatic situations

Mike Figgis

PN1761 .N67 2017

Liturgical drama and the reimagining of medieval theater

by Michael Norton

PN1993.5.E8 R38 2017

Mythopoetic cinema : on the ruins of European identity

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli

PN1993.92 .L47 2017

Oscar's favorite actors : the winningest stars and more who should be

Roger Leslie

PN1995.9.J46 M67 2017

Why Harry met Sally : subversive Jewishness, Anglo-Christian power, and the rhetoric of modern love

Joshua Louis Moss


How to work the film & tv markets : a guide for content creators

Heather Hale

PN1995.9.M86 G84 2018

Free and easy? : a defining history of the American film musical genre

Sean Griffin


Hollywood drive : what it takes to break in, hang in & make it in the entertainment industry

Eve Light Honthaner

PN1996 .N68 2017

The instinctive screenplay : watching and writing screen drama

Sam North

PN1998.3.A526 K67 2017

Wes Anderson

Donna Kornhaber


Book of sides II : original, two-page scenes for actors and directors

Dave Kost

PN2277.P5 D83 2017

Haunted city : three centuries of racial impersonation in Philadelphia

Christian DuComb

PN2287.B164 D36 2017

Anne Bancroft : a life

Douglass K. Daniel

PN2661 .P82 2017

Greek theatre between antiquity and independence : a history of reinvention from the third century BC to 1830

Walter Puchner, University of Athens, Greece ; assisted by Andrew Walker White, Stratford University, Virginia

PN3331 .N66 2006

The novel : an anthology of criticism and theory, 1900-2000

edited by Dorothy J. Hale

PN6111 .B47

The Best American short plays

PQ2631.R63 A2 2017

Letters to his neighbor

Marcel Proust ; translated, with an afterword, by Lydia Davis ; text edited and annotated by Estelle Gaudry and Jean-Yves Tadié ; with a foreword by Jean-Yves Tadié

PQ2702.R834 P4713 2017


Frédéric Brun ; translated by Sarah Gendron and Jennifer Vanderheyden

PQ3989.3.G77 A2 2017

Think of Lampedusa

Josué Guébo ; translated by Todd Fredson ; introduction by John Keene

PQ6006 .N43 2017

Writing the Americas in Enlightenment Spain : literature, modernity, and the New World, 1773-1812

Thomas Cassidy Neal

PQ6073.G57 B49 2017

Literature of crisis : Spain's engagement with liquid capital

Olga Bezhanova

PQ6639.N3 N513 2017

Fog : a novel

Miguel de Unamuno ; translated from the Spanish by Elena Barcia ; introduction by Alberto Manguel

PQ7361 .P46 2017

Representing queer and transgender identity : fluid bodies in the Hispanic Caribbean and beyond

Alexandra Gonzenbach Perkins

PQ8519.R26 Z58 2017

Appropriating theory : Ángel Rama's critical work

José Eduardo González

PR2808.A2 S64 2017

Julius Caesar

[William Shakespeare] ; edited by Marvin Spevack ; revised and with a new introduction by Jeremy Lopez

PR2981 .P74 2017

Shakespeare and commedia dell'arte : play by play

Artemis Preeshl

PR3588 .M534 2017

Milton's modernities : poetry, philosophy, and history from the seventeenth century to the present

edited by Feisal G. Mohamed and Patrick Fadely


The literary culture of plague in early modern England

Kathleen Miller

PR435 .L63 2017

Writing conscience and the nation in revolutionary England

Giuseppina Iacono Lobo

PR438.D56 M55 2016

The literary culture of plague in early modern England

Kathleen Miller

PR4624 .B67513 2017

From Holmes to Sherlock : the story of the men and women who created an icon

Mattias Boström ; translated from the Swedish by Michael Gallagher

PR6003.A374 Z55 2017

H.C. Bailey's Reggie Fortune and the Golden Age of detective fiction

Laird R. Blackwell


You must be very intelligent : the PhD delusion

Karin Bodewits

PR6104.A888 P38 2017

The party

Elizabeth Day

PR6110.A4555 Z55 2017

Fifty shades and popular culture

Yuya Kiuchi

PR888.M63 G65 2017

The world broke in two : Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster and the year that changed literature

Bill Goldstein

PR9199.4.D565 A6 2017

Thaw : poems

by Chelsea Dingman

PR9199.4.H4746 A6 2017

Slow war

Benjamin Hertwig

PR9199.4.M427 M34 2017

War is here : the Vietnam War and Canadian literature

Robert McGill

PR9205.4 .W37 2017

Crossing the line : early Creole novels and anglophone Caribbean culture in the age of emancipation

Candace Ward

PR9369.4.V49 A6 2017

In a language that you know

Len Verwey

PS135 .C47 2017

Divergent trajectories : interviews with innovative fiction writers

Flore Chevaillier

PS153.M4 S68 2017

Spanish perspectives on Chicano literature : literary and cultural essays

edited by Jesús Rosales and Vanessa Fonseca ; with a foreword by Francisco A. Lomelí

PS153.N5 L58 2017

Posthuman Blackness and the Black female imagination

Kristen Lillvis

PS217.S55 C87 2017

The illustrated slave : empathy, graphic narrative, and the visual culture of the transatlantic abolition movement, 1800-1852

Martha J. Cutter

PS255.N5 K363 2017

Do you have a band?" : poetry and punk rock in New York City

Daniel Kane

PS2853 .R43 2017

Reading William Gilmore Simms : essays of introduction to the author's canon

edited by Todd Hagstette

PS3511.I9 Z557736 2017

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American scene

Ronald Berman

PS3551.L25 Z857 2017

Edward Albee : a critical introduction

Matthew Roudané

PS3551.L357716 A6 2017

Across the vapour gulf

Will Alexander

PS3552 .I33 2017

Half-light : collected poems 1965-2016

Frank Bidart

PS3552.E479627 O35 2017

Of cartography : poems

Esther G. Belin

PS3557.A44 A6 2017

Egg Island almanac : poems

by Brendan Galvin

PS3560.O775 A6 2017

So where are we? : poems

Lawrence Joseph

PS3561.L374 Z83 2017

T.E.D. Klein and the rupture of civilization : a study in critical horror

Thomas Phillips

PS3561.O455 A6 2017

Condition red : essays, interviews, and commentaries

Yusef Komunyakaa ; edited by Radiclani Clytus

PS3563.C337 Z64 2017

Books are made out of books : a guide to Cormac McCarthy's literary influences

Michael Lynn Crews

PS3563.E8134 B87 2017

The burning girl : a novel

Claire Messud

PS3563.R39 A84 2017

And the sparrow fell : a novel

Robert J. Mrazek

PS3566.E6912 Z8347 2017

Walker Percy and the politics of the wayfarer

Brian A. Smith

PS3566.E6948 M77 2017

Mrs. Fletcher : a novel

Tom Perrotta

PS3568.A23 V57 2017

Visiting Edna : and, Good for Otto : two plays

David Rabe

PS3569.A46224 A6 2017

The surveyors : poems

by Mary Jo Salter

PS3571.P46 A6 2017

Visitations : stories

Lee Upton

PS3573.A798 Z65 2017

Wendy Wasserstein

Jill Dolan

PS3603.H372 M33 2017

Madcap masquerade : a novel

Janet Chapman

PS3604.U276 A6 2017

Dots & dashes

poems by Jehanne Dubrow

PS3607.A885 S24 2017


Ryan Gattis

PS3607.O852 A6 2017

Even years : poems

by Christine Gosnay

PS3607.R3465 A6 2017

Begin with a failed body : poems

by Natalie J. Graham

PS3608.U3234 W38 2017

Water by the spoonful

Quiara Alegría Hudes

PS3608.U5943 E28 2017

Eat only when you're hungry

Lindsay Hunter

PS3611.E4245 F37 2017

Fast falls the night

Julia Keller

PS3611.O3 F88 2017

The future won't be long : a novel

Jarett Kobek

PS3613.A52955 A6 2017

Bad Kansas : stories

by Becky Mandelbaum

PS3613.C3565 D57 2017

The disintegrations : a novel

Alistair McCartney

PS3614.U85 A6 2017

Brief interviews with the romantic past

Kathryn Nuernberger

PS3615.L58 A6 2017

The king of lighting fixtures : stories

Daniel A. Olivas

PS3615.N4354 F48 2017

Fever dogs : stories

Kim O'Neil

PS3616.A8777 R43 2017

Rebellion : a novel

Molly Patterson

PS3618.O782825 R43 2017

The readymade thief : a novel

Augustus Rose

PS3622.E78 A6 2017

Palm frond with its throat cut

Vickie Vértiz

PS3623.A7323 S56 2017

Sing, unburied, sing : a novel

Jesmyn Ward

PS3623.I268 A6 2017


Marcus Wicker

PS3623.O536 R47 2017

The resurrection of Joan Ashby : a novel

Cherise Wolas

PS374.N285 P48 2017

Somebody telling somebody else : a rhetorical poetics of narrative

James Phelan

PS374.N4 B24 2017

A history of the African American novel

Valerie Babb

PS374.R47 S73 2017

Healing the nation : literature, progress, and Christian Science

L. Ashley Squires

PT2678.O84 I4413 2017

To die in spring

Ralf Rothmann ; translated from the German by Shaun Whiteside

PZ7.1.E23 Ho 2016

Hour of the bees

Lindsay Eagar

PZ7.1.Z46 Se 2016

The serpent king : a novel

Jeff Zentner

PZ7.O4157 Chi 2017

Chicken in the kitchen

Nnedi Okorafor ; [illustrated by] Mehrdokht Amini

PZ7.S83 Tim 2016

Time for (Earth) school, Dewey Dew

written by Leslie Staub ; illustrated by Jeff Mack