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Items Acquired in April 2017 for the University Libraries


P120.R32 R34 2016

Raciolinguistics : how language shapes our ideas about race

edited by H. Samy Alim, John R. Rickford & Arnetha F. Ball


Mental Files in Flux

François Recanati


New languages and landscapes of higher education

Peter Scott, Jim Gallacher, and Gareth Parry


The frequency-following response : a window into human communication

Nina Kraus, Samira Anderson, Travis White-Schwoch, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper, editors

PA3201 .F37 2017eb

Tragedy on the comic stage

Matthew C. Farmer

PA4010.E5 T5 2017

Theogony and works and days

translated from the Greek by Kimberly Johnson

PA4023.Z5 R43 2016

The reception of the Homeric Hymns

edited by Andrew Faulkner, Athanassios Vergados, and Andreas Schwab


Staging memory, staging strife : empire and civil war in the Octavia

Lauren Donovan Ginsberg

PA6825 .R59 2017

Virgil's Ascanius : imagining the future in the Aeneid

Anne Rogerson (University of Sidney)

PC2105 .B33 2017

A systemic functional grammar of French : a simple introduction

David Banks

PC4813.5 .B67 2017

The beginnings of Ladino literature : Moses Almosnino and his readers

Olga Borovaya


Revisiting EFL assessment : critical perspectives

Rahma Al-Mahrooqi, Christine Coombe, Faisal Al-Maamari, Vijay Thakur, editors

PE1408 .B897 2017

The Little Seagull handbook

Richard Bullock, Michal Brody, Francine Weinberg

PG7158.M5532 F7313 2017

Milosz : a biography

Andrzej Franaszek ; edited and translated by Aleksandra and Michael Parker

PG7185.A32 A2 2017

Slight exaggeration

Adam Zagajewski ; translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh

PK2198.G4 A2 2017

Ghalib : selected poems and letters

edited and translated by Frances W. Pritchett and Owen T.A. Cornwall

PL2966.U82968 Y813 2017

Remains of life : a novel

Wu He ; translated by Michael Berry

PN151 .C595 2017

Good naked : reflections on how to write more, write better, and be happier

Joni B. Cole

PN1590.C45 C48 2017

Childhood and celebrity

edited by Jane O'Connor and John Mercer

PN1590.W64 W596 2017

Women in Asian performance : aesthetics and politics

edited by Arya Madhavan


Ghostwriting and the ethics of authenticity

John C. Knapp; Azalea Hulbert

PN187 .M36 2017

Letters to a young writer : some practical and philosophical advice

Colum McCann

PN1992.8.M87 S53 2017

Digital music videos

Steven Shaviro

PN1993.5.A35 O75 2017

New African cinema

Valérie K. Orlando

PN1995 .E313 2017

Awake in the dark : the best of Roger Ebert : reviews, essays, and interviews

Foreword by David Bordwell

PN1995 .P396 2017

The off-screen : an investigation of the cinematic frame

Eyal Peretz

PN1995.9.F54 F56 2017

Film noir : light and shadow

edited by Alain Silver and James Ursini

PN1995.9.H6 T735 2016

Transnational horror cinema : bodies of excess and the global grotesque

Sophia Siddique, Raphael Raphael, editors

PN1995.9.M29 K47 2017

Film marketing

Finola Kerrigan

PN1997.N39 C48 1976


by Paddy Chayevsky

PN1998.3.B755 C35 2017

The bond of the furthest apart : essays on Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bresson, and Kafka

Sharon Cameron

PN1998.3.H36 R56 2017

Michael Haneke : the intermedial void

Christopher Rowe

PN1998.3.T78 A5 2017

Truffaut on cinema

compiled by Anne Gillain ; translated by Alistair Fox

PN2091.S8 H255 2017

The prop building guidebook : for theatre, film, and tv

Eric Hart

PN2260.J49 N38 2017

Hideous characters and beautiful pagans : performing Jewish identity on the antebellum American stage

Heather S. Nathans

PN3411 .F55 2016

Flat protagonists : a theory of novel character

Marta Figlerowicz


Literary studies and the philosophy of literature : new interdisciplinary

PN4751 .C36 2017

Jonathan Capehart : Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist : Tuesday, March 30th, [2017], 7 p.m.

Wright State University


Discourses of Mourning in Dante, Petrarch, and Proust

Jennifer Rushworth

PN56.L33 F38 2017

Fatal fictions : crime and investigation in law and literature

edited by Alison L. LaCroix, Richard H. McAdams, and Martha C. Nussbaum

PN56.M54 W56 2017

Modernism : the basics

Laura Winkiel

PN56.T7 L44 2017

The medieval invention of travel

Shayne Aaron Legassie

PN593 .C6713 2017

Literature class : Berkeley, 1980

Julio Cortázar ; edited by Carles Álvarez Garriga ; translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver

PN6014 .B45 2000

Beneath the surface : creative expressions of augmented communicators

edited by Michael B. Williams and Carole Jane Krezman

PN6071.R57 R66 2017

Rome stories

edited by Jonathan Keates


Science fiction by scientists : an anthology of short stories

Michael Brotherton, editor

PN6120.O5 O54 2017

One minute plays : a practical guide to tiny theatre

by Steve Ansell and Rose Burnett Bonczek ; Jan Ansell and Mike Flanagan, Associate Editors

PN6728.J87 A37 2017

The ages of the Justice League : essays on America's greatest superheroes in changing times

edited by Joseph J. Darowski

PN81 .C853 2017

Critique and postcritique

Elizabeth S. Anker & Rita Felski, editors

PN863 .F86 2017

Futures of comparative literature : ACLA state of the discipline report

edited by Ursula K. Heise, with Dudley Andrew, Alexander Beecroft, Jessica Berman, David Damrosch, Guillermina De Ferrari, César Domínguez, Barbara Harlow and Eric Hayot

PN98.F6 E96 2017

Speculative formalism : literature, theory, and the critical present

Tom Eyers

PQ2258 .A26

The works of Theophile Gautier

PQ2635.O96168 L613 2017

Locus solus

Raymond Roussel ; translated by Rupert Copeland Cuningham

PQ7390.P32 H4713 2017


Leonardo Padura ; translated from the Spanish by Anna Kushner

PR2007.K4 Z76 2017

Margery Kempe and the lonely reader

Rebecca Krug


Thomas Churchyard : pen, sword, and ego

Matthew Woodcock

PR3579 .M55

Milton studies

PR3592.L48 C47 2017

Milton and the burden of freedom

Warren Chernaik

PR408 .B76 2016

Friendship and its discourses in the seventeenth century

Cedric C. Brown

PR448.D57 D57 2016

Disease and death in eighteenth-century literature and culture : fashioning the unfashionable

Allan Ingram, Leigh Wetherall Dickson, editors

PR468.A56 A65x 2017

Animals in Victorian Literature and Culture : Contexts for Criticism

Laurence W. Mazzeno, Ronald D. Morrison, editors

PR508.R4 G53 2017

Conflicts of devotion : liturgical poetics in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England

Daniel R. Gibbons

PR5523 .A4 2016

The memoirs of John Addington Symonds : a critical edition

Amber K. Regis, editor


The Social and Political Philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft

PR6009.M7 Z96 2017

On Empson

Michael Wood

PR605.M63 P79 2017

Poetry, modernism, and an imperfect world

Sean Pryor, University of New South Wales

PR6102.A86 L56 2017

A line made by walking

Sara Baume

PR6104.Y58 S55 2017

Silver and salt

Elanor Dymott

PR6113.A2613 A6 2017


PR651 .B25 2016

Treating the public : charitable theater and civic health in the early modern Atlantic world

Rachael Ball

PR9199.4.J453 .A84 2016


Holly Jennings

PR9199.4.P4835 N49 2017

Next year, for sure : a novel

Zoey Leigh Peterson

PS141 .F76 2017

From page to place : American literary tourism and the afterlives of authors

edited by Jennifer Harris and Hilary Iris Lowe

PS151 .N45 2017

Tough enough : Arbus, Arendt, Didion, McCarthy, Sontag, Weil

Deborah Nelson

PS153.N5 M66 2017

Maternal metaphors of power in African American women's llterature : from Phillis Wheatley to Toni Morrison

Geneva Cobb Moore ; foreword by Andrew Billingsley

PS1600 .F65

The works of Ralph Waldo Emerson in one volume : including the poems, philosohic and inspirational essays, and biographical studies

Ralph Waldo Emerson

PS228.B6 G56 2017

The best minds of my generation : a literary history of the Beats

Allen Ginsberg ; with a foreword by Anne Waldman ; edited by Bill Morgan

PS2384 .P5 2017

Pierre; or, The ambiguities : authoritative text, contexts, criticism

Herman Melville ; edited by Robert S. Levine, University of Maryland ; and Cindy Weinstein, California Institute of Technology

PS2473 .H87 1999

Harbingers of a century : the novels of Frank Norris

Lawrence E. Hussman

PS3057.N3 T486 2017

The boatman : Henry David Thoreau's river years

Robert M. Thorson

PS3203 .Y36 2017

The sea is a continual miracle : sea poems and other writings by Walt Whitman

edited by Jeffrey Yang

PS3507.R55 Z6654 1998

Love that will not let me go : my time with Theodore Dreiser

Marguerite Tjader ; edited by Lawrence E. Hussman

PS3509.I47 A6 2017

Calligraphy typewriters : the selected poems of Larry Eigner

edited by Curtis Faville and Robert Grenier

PS3511.A86 Z6299513 2017

William Faulkner : a life through novels

André Bleikasten ; translated by Miriam Watchron, with the collaboration of Roger Little ; foreword by Philip Weinstein

PS3513.U797 Z82 2017

Saving the world through science fiction : James Gunn, Writer, Teacher and Scholar

by Michael R. Page ; foreword by Christopher McKitterick

PS3515.E37 Z934 2017


PS3521.E563 A6 2017

That swing : poems, 2008-2016

X.J. Kennedy

PS3525.E6645 A6 2017

Merrill : poems

edited by Langdon Hammer

PS3545.A82 Z48 2017

Deep waters : Frank Waters remembered in letters & commentary

Alan Louis Kishbaugh

PS3545.I32165 Z56 2017

Let us watch Richard Wilbur : a biographical study

Robert Bagg and Mary Bagg

PS3552.A8359 A6 2017

MEAN/TIME : poems

Grace Bauer

PS3552.A846 A6 2017

Living in the weather of the world

Richard Bausch

PS3553.A555 Z96 2017

Word images : new perspectives on Canícula and other works by Norma Elia Cantú

edited by Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs ; foreword by María Hererra-Sobek

PS3556.O737 Z55 2017

Katherine V. Forrest : a critical appreciation

Phyllis M. Betz

PS3557.A36 A6 2017

Somebody with a little hammer : essays

Mary Gaitskill

PS3557.U2 Z57 2017

Understanding John Guare

William W. Demastes

PS3558.O538 P37 2017

Partially excited states

Charles Hood

PS3560.O5263 A6 2017

Village prodigies

Rodney Jones

PS3565.S84 W35 2017

Waiting for the light

Alicia Suskin Ostriker

PS3566.E673 F35 2017

The fall of Lisa Bellow : a novel

Susan Perabo

PS3568.Y393 A6 2017

The Lost Roads Adventure Club : poems

R. M. Ryan

PS3569.C5667 L58 2017

Little kisses

Lloyd Schwartz

PS3569.T3888 A6 2017

Galaxy love : poems

Gerald Stern

PS3572.O3957 A86 2017

The Apollonia poems

Judith Vollmer

PS3603.H49 A6 2017

Too much and not the mood

Durga Chew-Bose

PS3604.O9547 A63 2017

The adventures of John Carson in several quarters of the world : a novel of Robert Louis Stevenson

Brian Doyle

PS3605.L12 A78 2017

American war

Omar El Akkad

PS3607.I2236 A6 2017

Tremulous hinge : poems

by Adam Giannelli

PS3607.I4355 G37 2017

The gargoyle hunters

John Freeman Gill

PS3607.U5489 E25 2017


Danai Gurira

PS3608.U27 C37 2017

Castle of water

Dane Huckelbridge

PS3612.A586 Y68 2017

You, beast

Nick Lantz

PS3613.A73985 O64 2017

One of the boys : a novel

Daniel Magariel

PS3613.A8185 V65 2017

Void star

Zachary Mason

PS3619.H357 W66 2017

The women in the castle

Jessica Shattuck

PS3623.E4637 A6 2017

Odd bloom seen from space

Timothy Daniel Welch


The health of the state : modern US war narrative and the American political imagination, 1890-1964

Jonathan Vincent

PS379 .H85 2013

Desire and disillusionment : a guide to American fiction since 1890

Lawrence E. Hussman

PS627.O53 .A1315 2017

5-minute plays

edited by Lawrence Harbison

PS634 .H85 2016

Humana Festival 2016 : the complete plays

edited by Amy Wegener and Jenni Page-White ; foreword by Les Waters

PT2603.E455 A73 2017

The arcades : contemporary art and Walter Benjamin

convoluted by Jens Hoffmann, with contributions by Caroline A. Jones, Vito Manolo Roma and Kenneth Goldsmith

PZ7.1.O65 As 2016

Asking for it

Louise O'Neill

PZ7.1.T874 St 2016

The storyteller

Evan Turk

PZ7.1.W436 Th 2016

They all saw a cat

Brendan Wenzel

PZ7.1.W63 Wol 2016

Wolf Hollow : a novel

Lauren Wolk

PZ7.G3588 In 2016

The inquisitor's tale, or, The three magical children and their holy dog

Adam Gidwitz ; illuminated by Hatem Aly

PZ7.P6898 Go 2016

Good night owl

Greg Pizzoli