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Items Acquired in March 2018 for the University Libraries

A concise companion to Confucius

edited by Paul Goldin

Call Number: B128.C8 C573 2017

A history of Babylon, 2200 BC-AD 75

by Paul-Alain Beaulieu

Call Number: DS70.5.B3

A mark of the mental : in defense of informational teleosemantics

Karen Neander

Call Number: B105.I56 N43 2017eb

A socialist peace? : explaining the absence of war in an African country

Mike McGovern

Call Number: DT543.822 .M35 2017eb

American religion, American politics : an anthology

edited by Joseph Kip Kosek ; with a foreword by Jon Butler

Call Number: BL65.P7 .K67 2017eb

Assessment using the MMPI-2-RF

David M. McCord

Call Number: BF698.8.M5 M155 2018

Attention, not self

Jonardon Ganeri

Call Number: BD418.3 .G36 2017

Backpack ambassadors : how youth travel integrated Europe

Richard Ivan Jobs

Call Number: G156.5.Y6 J63 2017eb

Best explanations : new essays on inference to the best explanation

edited by Kevin McCain and Ted Poston

Call Number: BC199.I47 B417 2017

Categories for the working philosopher

edited by Elaine Landry

Call Number: BD331

China, the United States, and the future of Southeast Asia

edited by David B.H. Denoon

Call Number: E183.8.C5 U119 2016

Constituting freedom : Machiavelli and Florence

Fabio Raimondi ; translated from Italian by Matthew Armistead

Call Number: DG738.14.M2 R35 2018

Decolonizing the map : cartography from colony to nation

edited by James R. Akerman

Call Number: GA108.7 .D44 2017eb

Diversión : play and popular culture in Cuban America

Albert Sergio Laguna

Call Number: E184.C97 L34 2017

Elective monarchy in Transylvania and Poland-Lithuania, 1569-1587

Felicia Roşu

Call Number: DR280.4 .R678 2017

Embodiment, enaction, and culture : investigating the constitution of the shared world

edited by Christoph Durt, Thomas Fuchs, and Christian Tewes

Call Number: BF161 .E428 2017eb

Ethnic church meets megachurch : Indian American Christianity in motion

Prema A. Kurien

Call Number: BR563.E27 K87 2017eb

Evolving enactivism : basic minds meet content

Daniel D. Hutto and Erik Myin

Call Number: BD418.3 .H88 2017eb

Explanation and integration in mind and brain science

edited by David M. Kaplan

Call Number: BD418.3 .K36 2017

Foundations of yoga psychology

K. Ramakrishna Rao

Call Number: BL1238.54 .R36 2017

Fugitive science : Empiricism and Freedom in Early African American Culture

Britt Rusert

Call Number: E185.89.I56

Gender, sex, and sexualities : psychological perspectives

edited by Nancy K. Dess, Jeanne Marecek, Leslie C. Bell

Call Number: BF692.2 .G46735 2018eb

Greek gods abroad : names, natures, and transformations

Robert Parker

Call Number: BL783 .P365 2017

Growing God's family : the global orphan care movement and the limits of evangelical activism

Samuel L. Perry

Call Number: BR1640 .P47 2017

Heretics and believers : a history of the English Reformation

Peter Marshall

Call Number: BR377 .M34 2017eb

Hinglaj Devi : identity, change, and solidification at a Hindu temple in Pakistan

Jürgen Schaflechner

Call Number: BL1243.79.P183 H568 2018

Hitler's monsters : a supernatural history of the Third Reich

Eric Kurlander

Call Number: DD256.7 .K87 2017eb

Husserl's legacy : phenomenology, metaphysics, and transcendental philosophy

Dan Zahavi

Call Number: B3279.H94

Idealism : new essays in metaphysics

edited by Tyron Goldschmidt and Kenneth L. Pearce

Call Number: B823

Images at work : the material culture of enchantment

David Morgan

Call Number: BF697.5.B63

Improvising improvisation : from out of philosophy, music, dance, and literature

Gary Peters

Call Number: B105.A35 .P39 2017

In search of soul : hip-hop, literature, and religion

Alejandro Nava

Call Number: BT741.3 .N38 2017

Isaiah through the centuries

by John F.A. Sawyer

Call Number: BS1515.53

Judgment and Strategy

Robin Holt

Call Number: B105.S68

Lions and lambs : conflict in Weimar and the creation of post-Nazi Germany

Noah Benezra Strote

Call Number: DD237 .S767 2017

Liturgy and Byzantinization in Jerusalem

Daniel Galadza,

Call Number: BX107

Mainstreaming black power

Tom Adam Davies

Call Number: E185.615 .D3854 2017eb

Mapping Israel, mapping Palestine : how occupied landscapes shape scientific knowledge

Jess Bier

Call Number: GA1323.7.A1 B54 2017eb

Microaggressions and traumatic stress : theory, research, and clinical treatment

Kevin L. Nadal

Call Number: BF575.A3 N33 2018

Mindfulness for busy people : turning frantic and frazzled into calm and composed

Michael Sinclair, Josie Seydel, and Emily Shaw

Call Number: BF151

Modernity and the Jews in western social thought

Chad Alan Goldberg

Call Number: DS140 .G54 2017eb

Mothers of massive resistance : white women and the politics of white supremacy

Elizabeth Gillespie McRae

Call Number: E184.A1

Moving by the spirit : Pentecostal social life on the Zambian Copperbelt

Naomi Haynes

Call Number: BR1644.5.Z33

Naked : the dark side of shame and moral life

Krista K. Thomason

Call Number: BF575.S45 T464 2018

Nightmare envy and other stories : American culture and European reconstruction

George Blaustein

Call Number: DAW1050 .B55 2017eb

One hot summer : Dickens, Darwin, Disraeli, and the Great Stink of 1858

Rosemary Ashton

Call Number: DA688 .A66 2017eb

Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume LIII, winter 2017

editor: Victor Caston

Call Number: B111

Paisanos Chinos : transpacific politics among Chinese immigrants in Mexico

Fredy González

Call Number: F1392.C45 G67 2017

Paul, the pagan's apostle

Paula Fredriksen

Call Number: BS2506.3 .F74 2017

Piety and public opinion : understanding Indonesian Islam

Thomas B. Pepinsky, R. William Liddle, Saiful Mujani

Call Number: BP63.I5 P46 2018

Plato's moral psychology : intellectualism, the divided soul, and the desire for good

Rachana Kamtekar

Call Number: B398.E8 K36 2017

Power without victory : Woodrow Wilson and the American internationalist experiment

Trygve Throntveit

Call Number: E768 .T47 2017eb

Raised on Christian milk : food and the formation of the soul in early Christianity

John David Penniman

Call Number: BR195.F66 P46 2017eb

Real strength : build your resilience and bounce back from anything

Psychologies Magazine

Call Number: BF698.35.R47

Religion and progressive activism : new stories about faith and politics

edited by Ruth Braunstein, Todd Nicholas Fuist, and Rhys H. Williams

Call Number: BL65.P7 R4326523 2017

Religion as resistance : negotiating authority in Italian Libya

Eileen Ryan

Call Number: DT35.5

Revolution against empire : taxes, politics, and the origins of american independence

Justin Du Rivage

Call Number: E211 .D82 2017eb

Roman error : classical reception and the problem of Rome's flaws

edited by Basil Dufallo

Call Number: DG78 .R58156 2018

Signs of virginity : testing virgins and making men in late antiquity

Michael Rosenberg

Call Number: BM645.V57 R67 2018

Suburban Islam

Justine Howe

Call Number: BP67.I32 C454 2018

The Bible and feminism : remapping the field

edited by Yvonne Sherwood with the assistance of Anna Fisk

Call Number: BS521.4

The birth of Christian history : memory and time from Mark to Luke-Acts

Eve-Marie Becker

Call Number: BR138 .B43 2017eb

The body is not an apology : the power of radical self-love

Sonya Renee Taylor

Call Number: BF575.S37

The Civil War dead and American modernity

Ian Finseth

Call Number: E468.9 .F56 2018

The embodied mind : cognitive science and human experience

; Francisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson, and Eleanor Rosch ; foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Call Number: BF311 .V26 2016eb

The English people at war in the age of Henry VIII

Steven Gunn

Call Number: DA332 .G86 2018

The fall of gods : memory, kinship, and middle classes in South India

Ester Gallo

Call Number: DS432.N354 G35 2017

The goodness of home : human and divine love and the making of the self

Natalia Marandiuc

Call Number: BT713 .M36 2018

The healing power of the Santuario de Chimayó : America's miraculous church

Brett Hendrickson

Call Number: BX2321.S317 H46 2017eb

The Moral Punishment Instinct

Jan-Willem van Prooijen

Call Number: BF319.5.P8 P76 2018eb

The myth of disenchantment : magic, modernity, and the birth of the human sciences

Jason Ā. Josephson-Storm

Call Number: BF1623.S35 J67 2017eb

The Oxford history of historical writing Volume 2, 400-1400

edited by Sarah Foot, Chase F. Robinson

Call Number: DA116

The Oxford history of historical writing. Volume 5, Historical writing since 1945

Axel Schneider and Daniel Woolf, volume editors ; Ian Hasketh, assistant editor

Call Number: D20

The paradoxes of time travel

Ryan Wasserman

Call Number: BD632 .W38 2018

The periglacial environment

by Hugh M. French

Call Number: GB641 .F74 2018

The psychological and cultural foundations of East Asian cognition : contradiction, change, and holism

edited by Julie Spencer-Rodgers, Kaiping Peng

Call Number: BF108.A8 P79 2018

The racial glass ceiling : subordination in American law and culture

Roy L. Brooks

Call Number: E185.615 .B7294 2017

The Roman martyrs : introduction, translations, and commentary

Michael Lapidge

Call Number: BR1608.5

The sinews of Habsburg power : Lower Austria in a fiscal-military state 1650-1820

William D. Godsey

Call Number: DB65 .G63 2018

Trespassers? : Asian Americans and the battle for suburbia

Willow S. Lung-Amam

Call Number: E184.A75 L86 2017e

Who will lead us? : the story of five Hasidic dynasties in America

Samuel Heilman

Call Number: BM198.2 .H43 2017

Young Muslim America : faith, community, and country

Muna Ali

Call Number: BP67.U6 A455 2018eb