September 2018

Skeletal variation and adaptation in Europeans : upper Paleolithic to the Twentieth Century

Author: edited by Christopher B. Ruff

Call Number: QM101 .S548 2018eb

Functional histoanatomy of the human larynx

Author: Kiminori Sato

Call Number: QM255


Author: edited by Christian Sittel, Orlando Guntinas-Lichius

Call Number: QM255 .S57 2017

Neuroanatomy for the neuroscientist

Author: Stanley Jacobson, Elliott M. Marcus, Stanley Pugsley

Call Number: QM451

Umbilicus and umbilical cord

Author: Mohamed Fahmy

Call Number: QM543

Molecular and functional insights into the pulmonary vasculature

Author: Kaushik Parthasarathi, editor

Call Number: QP107

Cardiac cell culture technologies : microfluidic and on-chip systems

Author: Zbigniew Brzozka, Elzbieta Jastrzebska, editors

Call Number: QP114.C44

Dietary fiber in health and disease

Author: Mark L. Dreher

Call Number: QP144.F52

Handbook of nutraceuticals for clinical use

Author: Arrigo F.G. Cicero, Alessandro Colletti

Call Number: QP144.F85

Principles of endocrinology and hormone action

Author: Antonino Belfiore, Derek LeRoith, editors

Call Number: QP187

Preventing age related fertility loss

Author: Dominic Stoop, editor

Call Number: QP251

Biomechanics of training and testing : innovative concepts and simple field methods

Author: Jean-Benoit Morin, Pierre Samozino, editors

Call Number: QP303

Best practice protocols for physique assessment in sport

Author: Patria A. Hume, Deborah A. Kerr, Timothy R. Ackland, editors

Call Number: QP33.5

Physiological Control Systems : Analysis, Simulation, and Estimation

Author: Kichael C.K. Khoo

Call Number: QP33.6.M36 K48 2018eb

Brain-machine Interface : Closed-loop Bidirectional System Design

Author: Xilin Liu, Jan Van der Spiegel

Call Number: QP360.7

The GnRH neuron and its control

Author: editors, Allan E. Herbison & Tony M. Plant

Call Number: QP363 .G57 2018

Autonomic nervous system : basic and clinical aspects

Author: Daniel Pedro Cardinali

Call Number: QP368 .C37 2018

Brain metastases : advanced neuroimaging

Author: Mikhail Dolgushin, Valery Kornienko, Igor Pronin

Call Number: QP376.6

Sizing up consciousness : towards an objective measure of the capacity for experience

Author: Marcello Massimini & Giulio Tononi ; translated by Frances Anderson

Call Number: QP411 .M3713 2018

Encyclopedia of signaling molecules

Author: Sangdun Choi, editors

Call Number: QP517.C45

Regulation of signal transduction in human cell research

Author: Nariyoshi Shinomiya, Hiroaki Kataoka, Qian Xie, editors

Call Number: QP517.C45

Hydrogen bonding in Polymeric Materials

Author: Shiao-Wei Kuo

Call Number: QP517.H93

Interfacial phenomena on biological membranes

Author: Manoranjan Arakha, Suman Jha

Call Number: QP517.S87

Handheld total chemical and biological analysis systems : bridging NMR, digital microfluidics, and semiconductors

Author: Ka-Meng Lei, Pui-In Mak, Man-Kay Law, Rui Paulo Martins

Call Number: QP519.7

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) : from A to Z

Author: Samira Hosseini, Patricia Vázquez-Villegas, Marco Rito-Palomares, Sergio O. Martinez-Chapa

Call Number: QP519.9.E48

Quantitative biological and clinical mass spectrometry : an introduction

Author: Anthony I. Mallet

Call Number: QP519.9.M3 M3147 2018

Behaviour of strontium in plants and the environment

Author: Dharmendra K. Gupta, Clemens Walther, editors

Call Number: QP535.S8

Proteomics in domestic animals : from farm to systems biology

Author: Andre Martinho de Almeida, Ingrid Eckersall, Ingrid Miller, Editors

Call Number: QP551 .P76 2018

Protein-protein and domain-domain interactions

Author: Pandjassarame Kangueane, Christina Nilofer

Call Number: QP551.5

Membrane protein complexes : structure and function

Author: J. Robin Harris, Egbert J. Boekema, editors

Call Number: QP552.M44

Artificial Metalloenzymes and MetalloDNAzymes in Catalysis : From Design to Applications

Author: edited by Montserrat Dieguez, Jan-E. Backvall, Oscar Pamies

Call Number: QP601.7

Microbial toxins

Author: P. Gopalakrishnakone, editor-in-chief ; Brad Stiles, Alberto Alape-Girón, J. Daniel Dubreuil, Manas Mandal, editors

Call Number: QP632.M52

Alginates and their biomedical applications

Author: Bernd H.A. Rehm, M. Fata Moradali, editors

Call Number: QP702.P6

Crystallization of lipids : fundamentals and applications in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals

Author: edited by Kiyotaka Satō, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan

Call Number: QP751

Functional biopolymers

Author: Vijay Kumar Thakur, Manju Kumari Thakur, editors

Call Number: QP801.B69

5-HT2A receptors in the central nervous system

Author: Bruno P. Guiard, Giuseppe Di Giovanni, editors

Call Number: QP801.S4

Multiscale mechanobiology of bone remodeling and adaptation

Author: Peter Pivonka, editor

Call Number: QP88.2

Cancellous bone : mechanical characterization and finite element simulation

Author: Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Mohd Al-Fatihhi bin Mohd Szali Januddi, Muhamad Noor Harun, Andreas Öchsner

Call Number: QP88.2

Bone adaptation : in silico approach

Author: Yoshitaka Kameo, Ken-ichi Tsubota, Taiji Adachi

Call Number: QP88.2

Best practices in processing and storage for hematopoietic cell transplantation

Author: Joseph Schwartz, Beth H. Shaz, editors

Call Number: QP89