January 2020

Heart of the matter : key concepts in cardiovascular science

Author: Cesare Terracciano, Samuel Guymer, editors

Call Number: QM181

Corpses in Belgian anatomy, 1860-1914 : nobody's dead

Author: Tinne Claes

Call Number: QM33.4 .C53 2019eb

Multi-scale extracellular matrix mechanics and mechanobiology

Author: editor, Yanhang Zhang

Call Number: QM563

The heart and circulation : An Integrative Model

Author: Branko Furst

Call Number: QP105

Microcirculation : from bench to bedside

Author: Maria Dorobantu, Lina Badimon, editors

Call Number: QP106.6 .M53 2020eb

Cardiac repolarization : basic science and clinical management

Author: Nabil El-Sherif, editor

Call Number: QP112.5.E46

How fermented foods feed a healthy gut microbiota : a nutrition continuum

Author: M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, Roland R. Arnold, José M. Bruno-Bárcena

Call Number: QP144.F85 H69 2019eb

The vocal athlete

Author: Wendy D. LeBorgne, Marci Daniels Rosenberg

Call Number: QP306 .L355 2021

Measuring leg stiffness during vertical jumps : theory and methods

Author: Artur Struzik

Call Number: QP310.J86 S77 2019eb

Omics approaches to understanding muscle biology

Author: Jatin George Burniston, Yi-Wen Chen, editors

Call Number: QP321 .O45 2019eb

Auditory information processing

Author: Harunori Ohmori

Call Number: QP341 .O36 2019

Clinical neuroimmunology : multiple sclerosis and related disorders

Author: Syed A. Rizvi, Jonathan F. Cahill, Patricia K. Coyle, editors

Call Number: QP356.47 .C55 2020eb

Computational neuroscience : Second Latin American Workshop, LAWCN 2019, São João Del-Rei, Brazil, September 18-20, 2019, proceedings

Author: Vinícius Rosa Cota, Dante Augusto Couto Barone, Diego Roberto Colombo Dias, Laila Cristina Moreira Damázio (eds.)

Call Number: QP357.5 .I58 2019

Neural interface : frontiers and applications

Author: Xiaoxiang Zheng, editor

Call Number: QP360.7

Analysis and classification of EEG signals for brain-computer interfaces

Author: Szczepan Paszkiel

Call Number: QP360.7 .P37 2020eb

Electroreception : fundamental insights from comparative approaches

Author: Bruce A. Carlson, Joseph A. Sisneros, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay, editors

Call Number: QP369

Information storage : a multidisciplinary perspective

Author: edited by Cornelia S. Große, Rolf Drechsler

Call Number: QP396 .I54 2020eb

Sensory transduction

Author: Gordon L. Fain

Call Number: QP431 .F355 2020

Ocular fluid dynamics : anatomy, physiology, imaging techniques, and mathematical modeling

Author: Giovanna Guidoboni, Alon Harris, Riccardo Sacco, editors

Call Number: QP475

The optical clearing method : a new tool for clinical practice and biomedical engineering

Author: Luís Manuel Couto Oliveira, Valery Victorovich Tuchin

Call Number: QP475 .O45 2019

Calcium signaling

Author: Md. Shahidul Islam, editor

Call Number: QP535.C2

Zinc signaling

Author: Toshiyuki Fukada, Taiho Kambe, editors

Call Number: QP535.Z6

Catalytically active nucleic acids

Author: Harald Seitz, Frank Stahl, Johanna-Gabriela Walter, editors ; with contributions by N. Alizadeh [and more]

Call Number: QP551

Intrinsically disordered proteins : dynamics, binding, and function

Author: edited by Nicola Salvi

Call Number: QP551 .I58 2019

Protein allostery in drug discovery

Author: Jian Zhang, Ruth Nussinov, editors

Call Number: QP552.A436

Heat shock protein 90 in human diseases and disorders

Author: Alexzander A.A. Asea, Punit Kaur, editors

Call Number: QP552.H43

Aptamers : biotechnological applications of a next generation tool

Author: Gulab Singh Yadav, Vikas Kumar, Neeraj K. Aggarwal, editors

Call Number: QP625.O47

Myelin : basic and clinical advances

Author: edited by Kazunori Sango, Junji Yamauchi, Toru Ogata, Keiichiro Susuki, editors

Call Number: QP752.M9

Emerging chemicals and human health

Author: Yunhui Zhang, editor

Call Number: QP82.2.P6

Biotremology : studying vibrational behavior

Author: Peggy S. M. Hill, Reinhard Lakes-Harlan, Valerio Mazzoni, Peter M. Narins, Meta Virant-Doberlet, Andreas Wessel, editors

Call Number: QP82.2.V5