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Anatomy & Physiology

Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Bergman's comprehensive encyclopedia of human anatomic variation

[edited by] R. Shane Tubbs, Mohammadali M. Shoja, Marios Loukas

Call Number: QM24

Clinical neuroanatomy

Stephen G. Waxman

Call Number: QM451 .W38 2017

Cartilage. Volume 2, Pathophysiology

Susanne Grässel, Attila Aszódi, editors

Call Number: QM567

Cardiovascular biomechanics

Peter R. Hoskins, Patricia V. Lawford, Barry J. Doyle, editors

Call Number: QP101

Salivary gland development and regeneration : advances in research and clinical approaches to functional restoration

Seunghee Cha, editor

Call Number: QP191

Physiological aspects of legged terrestrial locomotion : the motor and the machine

Giovanni Cavagna

Call Number: QP301

Fundamentals of biomechanics : equilibrium, motion, and deformation

Nihat Özkaya, David Goldsheyder, Margareta Nordin ; project editor: Dawn Leger

Call Number: QP303

Foundations of kinesiology

Carole A. Oglesby, Kim Henige, Douglas W. McLaughlin, Belinda Stillwell

Call Number: QP303 .O35 2018

The plasticity of skeletal muscle : from molecular mechanism to clinical applications

Kunihiro Sakuma, editor

Call Number: QP321

Further understanding of the human machine : the road to bioengineering

Max E. Valentinuzzi, editor

Call Number: QP34.5 .F87 2017

Medical neurobiology

Peggy Mason

Call Number: QP355.2 .M37 2017

Computational theories and their implementation in the brain : the legacy of David Marr

Lucia M. Vaina and Richard E. Passingham

Call Number: QP357.5

Computational neurology and psychiatry

Péter Érdi, Basabdatta Sen Bhattacharya, Amy L. Cochran, editors

Call Number: QP357.5

Neurophenotypes : Advancing Psychiatry and Neuropsychology in the OMICS Era

Call Number: QP360

Computational neuroendocrinology

edited by Duncan J. MacGregor and Gareth Leng

Call Number: QP360

Plastic reason : an anthropology of brain science in embryogenetic terms

Tobias Rees

Call Number: QP363.5 .R44 2016eb

The NMDA receptors

Kenji Hashimoto, editor

Call Number: QP364.7


Call Number: QP368 .N48 2016

Brain evolution by design : from neural origin to cognitive architecture

Shuichi Shigeno, Yasunori Murakami, Tadashi Nomura, editors

Call Number: QP376

The Oxford handbook of functional brain imaging in neuropsychology and cognitive neurosciences

edited by Andrew C. Papanicolaou

Call Number: QP376.6 .O94 2017

Evolution of the cerebellar sense of self

John Montgomery, University of Auckland, New Zealand, David Bodznick, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, United States of America

Call Number: QP379 .M66 2016

The prefrontal cortex as an executive, emotional, and social brain

Masataka Watanabe, editor

Call Number: QP383.17

The hippocampus from cells to systems : structure, connectivity, and functional contributions to memory and flexible cognition

Deborah E. Hannula, Melissa C. Duff, editors

Call Number: QP383.25

Learning and memory : processes, influences and performance

Eula Townsend, editor

Call Number: QP406 .L43 2016

Cognitive neuroscience of memory

Scott D. Slotnick, Boston College

Call Number: QP406 .S5945 2017

Flavor : the science of our most neglected sense

Bob Holmes

Call Number: QP456 .H66 2017

Springer handbook of odor

Andrea Buettner (Ed.)

Call Number: QP458 .S67 2017

Human color vision

Jan Kremers, Rigmor C. Baraas, N. Justin Marshall, editors

Call Number: QP483


Denise R. Ferrier

Call Number: QP514.2 .F47 2017

Protein actions : principles and modeling

Ivet Bahar, Robert L. Jernigan, Ken A. Dill

Call Number: QP517.P76 B34 2017

Biological fluid-surface interactions in detection and medical devices

Michael Thompson, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, [and four others]

Call Number: QP517.S87 T48 2017

Elektrophorese leicht gemacht : Ein Praxisbuch für Anwender

Reiner Westermeier

Call Number: QP519.9.E434

Luminescence in electrochemistry : applications in analytical chemistry, physics and biology

Fabien Miomandre, Pierre Audebert, editors

Call Number: QP519.9.F56

Der HPLC-Experte II : so nutze ich meine HPLCUHPLC optimal!

herausgegeben von Stavros Kromidas

Call Number: QP519.9.H53

Application of IC-MS and IC-ICP-MS in environmental research

edited by Rajmund Michalski

Call Number: QP519.9.I54 A77 2016eb

Metallomics : recent analytical techniques and applications

Yasumitsu Ogra, Takafumi Hirata, editors

Call Number: QP532

Mineral containing proteins : roles in nutrition

Guanghua Zhao, editor

Call Number: QP533

Proteomics in human reproduction : biomarkers in circulation

Ashok Agarwal [and four others]

Call Number: QP551

The actin cytoskeleton and bacterial infection

Hans Georg Mannherz, editor

Call Number: QP552.A27

Plant aquaporins : from transport to signaling

François Chaumont, Stephen D. Tyerman, editor

Call Number: QP552.A65


Baoxue Yang, editor

Call Number: QP552.A65

The role of pendrin in health and disease : molecular and functional aspects of the SLC26A4 anion exchanger

Silvia Dossena, Markus Paulmichl, editors

Call Number: QP552.M44

Applications of aminoacylation ribozymes that recognize the 3-end of tRNA

Naohiro Terasaka

Call Number: QP619.A45

Botulinum toxin

edited by Alastair Carruthers, Jean Carruthers

Call Number: QP632.B66 B69 2018

Snake venoms

P. Gopalakrishnakone, editor-in-chief ; Hidetoshi Inagaki, Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, Ashis K. Mukherjee, Tarek R. Rahmy, editors

Call Number: QP632.V46

Advances in NMR spectroscopy for lipid oxidation assessment [electronic resource]

Hong-Sik Hwang

Call Number: QP751

Lipidomics of stem cells

Alice Pébay, Raymond C.B. Wong, editors

Call Number: QP751

Free fatty acid receptors

Graeme Milligan, Ikuo Kimura, editors

Call Number: QP752.F35

Microwave effects on DNA and proteins

Chris D. Geddes

Call Number: QP82.2.M5

The evolution of senescence in the tree of life

edited by Richard P. Shefferson, Owen R. Jones, Roberto Salguero-Gâomez

Call Number: QP85 .E96 2017

Molecular and cellular biology of platelet formation : implications in health and disease

Harald Schulze, Joseph Italiano, editors

Call Number: QP97

Platelets in thrombotic and non-thrombotic disorders : pathophysiology, pharmacology and therapeutics : an update

Paolo Gresele, Neal S. Kleiman, José A. Lopez, Clive P. Page, editors

Call Number: QP97