Biological Sciences

December 2021

Environmental movements of India : Chipko, Narmada Bachao Andolan, Navdanya

Author: Krishna Mallick

Call Number: GE199.I4 M35 2021

Global environmental careers : the worldwide green jobs resource

Author: Justin Taberham, CEnv

Call Number: GE60

Critical skills for environmental professionals : putting knowledge into practice

Author: Jennifer Pontius, Alan McIntosh

Call Number: GE70

Computation in bioinformatics : multidisciplinary applications

Author: edited by S. Balamurugan [and more]

Call Number: QH324.2

Astrobiology : science, ethics, and public policy

Author: Edited by Octavio Alfonso Chon Torres, Ted Peters, Joseph Seckbach, and Richard Gordon

Call Number: QH326

Darwin and the argument by analogy : from artificial to natural selection

Author: Roger M. White, M. J. S. Hodge, Gregory Radick

Call Number: QH365.O8 W45 2021

Evolutionary analysis

Author: Jon C. Herron, Scott Freeman ; with contributions by Jason Hodin, Brooks Miner, Christian Sidor

Call Number: QH366.2 .F73 2014

Oedipus rex in the genomic era : human behaviour, law and society

Author: Yulia Kovas, Fatos Selita

Call Number: QH457 .K68 2021

A primer of life histories : ecology, evolution, and application

Author: Jeffrey A. Hutchings

Call Number: QH471 .H88 2021

The biology of death : how dying shapes cells, organisms, & populations

Author: Gary C. Howard

Call Number: QH530 .C46 2021

A framework for community ecology : species pools, filters and traits

Author: Paul A. Keddy, Daniel C. Laughlin

Call Number: QH541 .K44 2022

Pond ecosystems of the Indian Sundarbans : an overview

Author: Sourav Das, Abhra Chanda, Tuhin Ghosh, editors

Call Number: QH541.5.P63

Marine environmental quality : healthy coastal waters

Author: edited by Frédéric Muttin, Hélène Thomas

Call Number: QH541.5.S3

Soil health series. Volume 2, Laboratory methods for soil health analysis

Author: Edited by Douglas L. Karlen, Diane E. Stott, and Maysoon M. Mikha

Call Number: QH541.5.S6 S648 2021eb

Soil health series. Volume 1, Approaches to soil health analysis

Author: Edited by Douglas L. Karlen, Diane E. Stott, and Maysoon M. Mikha

Call Number: QH541.5.S6 S648 2021eb

No standard oil : managing abundant petroleum in a warming world

Author: Deborah Gordon

Call Number: QH545.O5 G68 2022

Handbook of single-cell technologies

Author: Tuhin Subhra Santra, Fan-Gang Tseng, editors

Call Number: QH585 .H36 2022

Wetlands conservation : current challenges and future strategies

Author: edited by Sanjeev Sharma, Pardeep Singh

Call Number: QH75

Wetland carbon and environmental management

Author: Ken W. Krauss, Zhiliang Zhu, Camille L. Stagg, editors

Call Number: QH75

Conservation technology

Author: edited by Serge A. Wich, Alex K. Piel

Call Number: QH75

River restoration : political and socio-economical perspectives

Author: edited by Bertrand Morandi, Marylise Cottet, Hervé Piegay

Call Number: QH75 .R58 2022

Landscape resilience : basics, case studies, practical recommendations

Author: Catrin Schmidt

Call Number: QH75 .S36 2022

Report on Yangtze River rehabilitation and protection 2019

Author: Changjiang Water Resources Commission of Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China

Call Number: QH77.C6

The rye genome

Author: M. Timothy Rabanus-Wallace, Nils Stein, editors

Call Number: QK495.G74 R94 2021

Diatom morphogenesis

Author: edited by Vadim Annenkov [and 2 others]

Call Number: QK569.D54 D53 2019

Hairy root cultures based applications : methods and protocols

Author: Vikas Srivastava, Shakti Mehrotra, Sonal Mishra, editors

Call Number: QK644

Physiology of salt stress in plants : perception, signalling, omics and tolerance mechanism

Author: edited by Pratibha Singh, Ranjan Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of Botany, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India, Madhulika Singh, Centre of Advanced Studies in Botany, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, Rajiv Kumar Singh, Horticultural Scientist, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sohaon, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India, Sheo Mohan Prasad, Ranjan Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of Botany, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India

Call Number: QK753.S3 P49 2022

Phytoecdysteroids : properties, biological activity and applications

Author: Ugiloy Yusufovna Yusupova, Nurmurod Sheralievich Ramazonov, Vladimir Nikolaevich Syrov, Shomansur Shosaidovich Sagdullaev

Call Number: QK881 .Y97 2022

Neotropical ethnoprimatology : indigenous peoples' perceptions of and interactions with nonhuman primates

Author: Bernardo Urbani, Manuel Lizarralde, editors

Call Number: QL737.P9

Placentation in mammals : tribute to E.C. Amoroso's lifetime contributions to viviparity

Author: Rodney D. Geisert, Thomas E. Spencer, editors

Call Number: QL973 .P53 2021

Fluid mechanics for cardiovascular engineering : a primer

Author: Gianni Pedrizzetti

Call Number: QP105 .P43 2022

Organic cation transporters in the central nervous system

Author: Lynette C. Daws, editor

Call Number: QP356.3 .O74 2021

Pharmacology of the WNT signaling system

Author: Gunnar Schulte, Pawel Kozielewicz, editors

Call Number: QP517.C45 P53 2021

[Beta]-casomorphins : A1 milk, milk peptides and human health

Author: Mohammad Raies Ul Haq

Call Number: QP552.C35

The carbonic anhydrases : current and emerging therapeutic targets

Author: W. Richard Chegwidden, Nicholas D. Carter, editors

Call Number: QP613.C37 C37 2021

Practical techniques in molecular biotechnology

Author: Bal Ram Singh, Raj Kumar

Call Number: QP801.B69 S46 2021

Microbial communities and their interactions in the extreme environment

Author: Dilfuza Egamberdieva, Nils-Kåre Birkeland, Wen-Jun Li, Hovik Panosyan, editors

Call Number: QR100.9

Essential aspects of immunometabolism in health and disease

Author: Niels Olsen Saraiva Camara, Jose C Alves-Filho, Pedro Manoel Mendes de Moraes-Vieira, Vinicius Andrade-Oliveira, editors

Call Number: QR181

Viruses : the invisible enemy

Author: Dorothy H. Crawford

Call Number: QR364 .C73 2021

Microbiome in human health and disease

Author: Pallaval Veera Bramhachari, editor

Call Number: QR46

Statistical analysis of microbiome data

Author: Somnath Datta, Subharup Guha, editors

Call Number: QR60 .S73 2021

Agroforestry and ecosystem services

Author: Ranjith P. Udawatta, Shibu Jose, editors

Call Number: S494.5.A45

XIV International Scientific Conference "INTERAGROMASH 2021" : precision agriculture and agricultural machinery industry.

Author: Alexey Beskopylny, Mark Shamtsyan, editors

Call Number: S494.5.P73 I58 2021

Ethics and sustainable agriculture : bridging the ecological gaps

Author: Fabio Caporali

Call Number: S494.5.S86

Sustainable agriculture : technical progressions and transitions

Author: Suhaib A. Bandh, editors

Call Number: S494.5.S86

Sustainable intensification for agroecosystem services and management

Author: Manoj Kumar Jhariya, Arnab Banerjee, Ram Swaroop Meena, Sandeep Kumar, Abhishek Raj, editors

Call Number: S494.5.S86

Building climate resilience in agriculture : theory, practice and future perspective

Author: Wajid Nasim Jatoi, Muhammad Mubeen, Ashfaq Ahmad, Mumtaz Akhtar Cheema, Zhaohui Lin, Muhammad Zaffar Hashmi, editors

Call Number: S494.5.S86

Emerging technologies for agriculture and environment : select proceedings of ITsFEW 2018

Author: editors, Babu Subramanian, Shiao-Shing Chen and Krishna R. Reddy

Call Number: S589.75

Compatible solutes engineering for crop plants facing climate change

Author: Shabir Hussain Wani, Manu Pratap Gangola, Bharathi Raja Ramadoss, editors

Call Number: S600.7.C54 C66 2021

Deficit irrigation : a remedy for water scarcity

Author: Samiha Ouda, Abd El-Hafeez Zohry, Tahany Noreldin

Call Number: S613 .O83 2020eb

Gully erosion studies from India and surrounding regions

Author: Pravat Kumar Shit, Hamid Reza Pourghasemi, Gouri Sankar Bhunia (editors)

Call Number: S625.I4 G85 2020

Plant breeding reviews. Volume 45

Author: edited by Irwin Goldman

Call Number: SB123

Sustainable agriculture reviews. 42, Hemp production and applications

Author: edited by Grégorio Crini, Eric Lichtfouse

Call Number: SB255

Islands in the lake : environment and ethnohistory in Xochimilco, new Spain

Author: Richard M. Conway, Montclair State University

Call Number: SB319.3.M6 C66 2021

Clubroot disease of crucifers : biology, ecology and disease management

Author: Govind Singh Saharan, Naresh K. Mehta, Prabhu Dayal Meena

Call Number: SB608.C877

Controlled release of pesticides for sustainable agriculture

Author: Rakhimol K.R., Sabu Thomas, Tatiana Volova, Jayachandran K, editors

Call Number: SB952.8 .C66 2020

Forest governance : Hydra or Chloris?

Author: Bas Arts

Call Number: SD431 .A78 2021

Colonizing animals : interspecies empire in Myanmar

Author: Jonathan Sah, University of Durhama

Call Number: SF408.6.E44 S24 2022

The veterinary dental patient : a multidisciplinary approach

Author: edited by Jerzy Gawor, Brook Niemiec

Call Number: SF867 .V48 2021eb

Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult clinical companion. Equine toxicology

Author: edited by Lynn Rolland Hovda, Dionne Benson, Robert H. Poppenga

Call Number: SF959

Complications in canine cranial cruciate ligament surgery

Author: edited by Ron Ben-Amotz, David L. Dycus

Call Number: SF991