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Biological Sciences

Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

Post-sustainability and environmental education : remaking education for the future

Bob Jickling, Stephen Sterling, editors ; foreword by David W. Orr

Call Number: GE70

Marginalization in globalizing Delhi : issues of land, livelihoods and health

Sanghmitra S. Acharya, Sucharita Sen, Milap Punia, Sunita Reddy, editors

Call Number: GE149

Environmental transformations and cultural responses : ontologies, discourses, and practices in Oceania

Eveline Dürr, Arno Pascht, editors

Call Number: GE160.O3

Environmental governance in Latin America

edited by Fabio De Castro, Barbara Hogenboom, Michiel Baud

Call Number: GE190.L29 E66 2016

Animal biometrics : techniques and applications

Santosh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Rishav Singh, Amit Kumar Singh

Call Number: QH323.5

Basic applied bioinformatics

Chandra Sekhar Mukhopadhyay, Ratan Kumar Choudhary, Mir Asif Iquebal ; with contributions from Ravi GVPPS Kumar [and 8 others]

Call Number: QH324.2 .M85 2018

Philosophy of systems biology : perspectives from scientists and philosophers

Sara Green, editor

Call Number: QH324.2 .P55 2017

Epigenetics : ethical, legal and social aspects

edited by Reinhard Heil, Stefanie B. Seitz, Harald König, Jürgen Robienski

Call Number: QH332

Bioethics beyond altruism : donating and transforming human biological materials

Rhonda M. Shaw, editor

Call Number: QH332 .B51723 2017

Resurrecting extinct species : ethics and authenticity

Douglas Ian Campbell, Patrick Michael Whittle

Call Number: QH332 .C363 2017

Contemporary controversies in Catholic bioethics

Jason T. Eberl, editor

Call Number: QH332 .C668 2017eb

Evolution education in the American South : culture, politics, and resources in and around Alabama

Christopher D. Lynn, Amanda L. Glaze, William A. Evans, Laura K. Reed, editors

Call Number: QH362

Communicating genetics : visualizations and representations

Han Yu

Call Number: QH438.4.M6 Y8 2017eb

Political biology : science and social values in human heredity from eugenics to epigenetics

Maurizio Meloni, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, UK

Call Number: QH438.7 .M454 2016eb

Comparative and evolutionary genomics of angiosperm trees

Andrew Groover, Quentin Cronk, editors

Call Number: QH447

Cellular automaton modeling of biological pattern formation : characterization, examples, and analysis

Andreas Deutsch, Sabine Dormann ; foreword by Philip K. Maini

Call Number: QH491

Bridging the gap between life and physics

Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson

Call Number: QH505

Landscape ecology for sustainable society

Sun-Kee Hong, Nobukazu Nakagoshi, editors

Call Number: QH541.15.L35

Tropical dry deciduous forest : research trends and emerging features

J. S. Singh, R.K Chaturvedi

Call Number: QH541.5.T66

Lake Victoria Fisheries Resources : Research and Management in Tanzania

edited by Yunus D. Mgaya, Shigalla B. Mahongo

Call Number: QH541.5.W3

Ascorbic acid in plant growth, development and stress tolerance

Mohammas Anwar Hossain, Sergi Munné-Bosch, David J. Burritt, Pedro Diaz-Vivancoa, Masayuki Fujita, Argelia Lorence, editors

Call Number: QK731

Plant Bioinformatics : Decoding the Phyta

Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Adeel Malik, Fazilet Vardar-Sukan, Munir Ozturk, editors

Call Number: QK981

Animals, race, and multiculturalism

Luís Cordeiro-Rodrigues, Les Mitchell, editors

Call Number: QL85

Nutritional Antioxidant Therapies: Treatments and Perspectives

edited by Kaïs Hussain Al-Gubory, Ismail Laher

Call Number: QP34

Microdomains in the cardiovascular system

Viacheslav Nikolaev, Manuela Zaccolo, editors

Call Number: QP101

Impacts of medications on male fertility

Erma Z. Drobnis, Ajay K. Nangia

Call Number: QP251

Hormones, metabolism and the benefits of exercise

Bruce Spiegelman, editor

Call Number: QP301


edited by Phillip B. Chilson, Winifred F. Frick, Jeffrey F. Kelly, Felix Liechti

Call Number: QP310.F5

Mathematical and theoretical neuroscience : cell, network and data analysis

Giovanni Naldi, Thierry Nieus, editors

Call Number: QP357.5

Early vocal contact and preterm infant brain development : bridging the gaps between research and practice

Manuela Filippa, Pierre Kuhn, Björn Westrup, editors

Call Number: QP376

The mammalian auditory pathways : synaptic organization and microcircuits

Douglas L. Oliver, Nell B. Cant, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper, editors

Call Number: QP461

Harper's illustrated biochemistry

Victor W. Rodwell, David A. Bender, Kathleen M. Botham, Peter J. Kennelly, P. Anthony Weil

Call Number: QP514 .R4 2018eb

Functional surfaces in biology. III, Diversity of the physical phenomena

Stanislav N. Gorb, Elena V. Gorb, editors

Call Number: QP517.S87

Membrane dynamics and calcium signaling

Joachim Krebs, editor

Call Number: QP535.C2

Heat shock proteins in veterinary medicine and sciences

Alexzander A.A. Asea, Punit Kaur, editors

Call Number: QP552.H43

Review of medical microbiology & immunology : a guide to clinical infectious diseases

Warren Levinson, Peter Chin-Hong, Elizabeth A. Joyce, Jesse Nussbaum, Brian Schwartz

Call Number: QR46 .L48 2018eb

Type IV secretion in gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria

Steffen Backert, Elisabeth Grohmann, editors

Call Number: QR74.8

Recombinant antibodies for infectious diseases

Theam Soon Lim, editor

Call Number: QR186.87

Ticks of Europe and North Africa : A Guide to Species Identification

edited by Agustín Estrada-Peña, Andrei Daniel Mihalca, Trevor N. Petney

Call Number: QR251

Farm-Level Microsimulation Modelling

Cathal O'Donoghue

Call Number: S561

The soybean genome

Henry T. Nguyen, Madan Kumar Bhattacharyya, editors

Call Number: SB205.S7

Liquorice : from botany to phytochemistry

Münir Öztürk, Volkan Altay, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Eren Akçiçek

Call Number: SB295.L7

Salvia biotechnology

Vasil Georgiev, Atanas Pavlov, editors

Call Number: SB413.S22

European Russian forests : their current state and features of their history

Olga V. Smirnova, Maxim V. Bobrovsky, Larisa G. Khanina, editors

Call Number: SD207

Globalisation and change in forest ownership and forest use : natural resource management in transition

E. Carina H. Keskitalo, editor

Call Number: SD387.L33

Equestrian cultures in global and local contexts

Miriam Adelman, Kirrilly Thompson, editors

Call Number: SF283

Canine and feline dementia : molecular basis, diagnostics and therapy

Gary Landsberg, Aladár Ma̕dari, Norbert Žilka, editors

Call Number: SF895