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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Social Knowledge Management in Action : Applications and Challenges

Call Number: HF54.5

Design thinking for innovation : research and practice

Walter Brenner, Falk Uebernickel, editors

Call Number: HF1008

The new economic diplomacy : decision-making and negotiation in international economic relations

edited by Nicholas Bayne and Stephen Woolcock

Call Number: HF1359 .N4685 2017

The new international division of labour : global transformation and uneven development

Greig Charnock, Guido Starosta, editors

Call Number: HF1365 .N495 2016

Structural revolution in international business architecture. Volume 1, Modelling and analysis

Dipak Basu, Victoria Miroshnik

Call Number: HF1379

International trade : the basics

Jessie Poon and David L. Rigby

Call Number: HF1379 .P6635 2017

The world trade system : trends and challenges

Jagdish N. Bhagwati, Pravin Krishna, and Arvind Panagariya, editors

Call Number: HF1379 .W676 2016

Sweet talk : paternalism and collective action in North-South trade relations

J.P. Singh

Call Number: HF1413 .S54 2017

Global marketing strategy : an executive digest

Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

Call Number: HF1416

National Test : System Design of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Call Number: HF1418.3.C6

Democracy and trade policy in developing countries

Bumba Mukherjee

Call Number: HF2580.9 .M85 2016eb

The SAGE Handbook of Mentoring

[edited by] David A. Clutterbuck, Frances K. Kochan, Laura Lunsford, Nora Dominguez & Julie Haddock-Miller

Call Number: HF5385 .S23 2017eb

Success metrics : a multidimensional framework for measuring organizational success

Martin Klubeck

Call Number: HF5386

Managing intermittent demand

Torben Engelmeyer

Call Number: HF5386

Thoughtfully ruthless : the key to exponential growth

Val Wright

Call Number: HF5386 .W9165 2016eb

Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing : Proceedings of the 2015 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress

Luca Petruzzellis, Russell S. Winer, editors

Call Number: HF5411

Making a difference through marketing : a quest for diverse perspectives

Carolin Plewa, Jodie Conduit, editors

Call Number: HF5414

The promise of social marketing : a powerful tool for changing the world for good

Chahid Fourali

Call Number: HF5414 .F68 2016

Social media and interactive communications : a service sector reflective on the challenges for practice and theory

edited by Mark Durkin, Aodheen McCartan and Mairead Brady

Call Number: HF5414 .S63 2017

Making a difference in marketing : the foundation of competitive advantage

Jonathan Cahill

Call Number: HF5415 .C237 2017

Integrated marketing communication : creating spaces for engagement

edited by Jeanne M. Persuit and Christina L. McDowell Marinchak

Call Number: HF5415.123 .I5823 2016

SPIKE your brand ROI : how to maximize reputation and get results

Adele Cehrs ; foreword by Sam Horn

Call Number: HF5415.1255

Visual branding : a rhetorical and historical analysis

Edward F. McQuarrie, Professor Emeritus, Santa Clara University, USA, Barbara J. Phillips, Rawlco Scholar in Advertising and Professor of Marketing, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Call Number: HF5415.1255 .M43 2016

The Kim Kardashian principle : why shameless sells (and how to do it right)

Jeetendr Sehdev

Call Number: HF5415.1255 .S44 2017

The art of digital marketing : the definitive guide to creating strategic, targeted and measurable online campaigns

Ian Dodson

Call Number: HF5415.1265 .D63 2016

The influence of values on consumer behaviour : the value compass

Erik Kostelijk

Call Number: HF5415.32 .K668 2017

Managing customer experience and relationships : a strategic framework

Don Peppers, Martha Rogers

Call Number: HF5415.5

More than a showroom : strategies for winning back online shoppers

Daniel G. Bachrach, Jessica Ogilvie, Adam Rapp and Joe Calamusa IV

Call Number: HF5415.5 .B324 2016eb

Unit pricing : empirical investigations of its influences at the product and retailer levels

Lena Himbert ; with a foreword by Stefan Roth

Call Number: HF5416.5 .H56 2016

Strategic Retail Management : Text and International Cases

by Joachim Zentes, Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein

Call Number: HF5429

E-commerce and web technologies : 17th International Conference, EC-Web 2016, Porto, Portugal, September 5-8, 2016, Revised selected papers

Derek Bridge, Heiner Stuckenschmidt (eds.)

Call Number: HF5548.32

Agent-mediated electronic commerce : designing trading strategies and mechanisms for electronic markets : AMECTADA 2015, Istanbul, Turkey, May 4, 2015, and AMECTADA 2016, New York, NY, USA, July 10, 2016, Revised selected papers

Sofia Ceppi, Esther David, Chen Hajaj, Valentin Robu, Ioannis A. Vetsikas (eds.)

Call Number: HF5548.32

China's mobile economy : opportunities in the largest and fastest information consumption boom

Winston Ma

Call Number: HF5548.325.C6 M35 2017

Tap : unlocking the mobile economy

Anindya Ghose

Call Number: HF5548.34 .G46 2017

Psychosocial Factors at Work in the Asia Pacific : From Theory to Practice

Call Number: HF5548.8

The Sage encyclopedia of industrial and organizational psychology

edited by Steven G. Rogelberg

Call Number: HF5548.8 .E498 2017eb

Work pressures : new agendas in communication

edited by Dawna I. Ballard and Matthew S. McGlone

Call Number: HF5548.85 .W6676 2017

Competencies and (global) talent management

Carolina Machado, editor

Call Number: HF5549

People analytics in the era of big data : changing the way you attract, acquire, develop, and retain talent

Jean Paul Isson, Jesse S. Harriott

Call Number: HF5549

Human resource management, innovation and performance

[edited by] Helen Shipton, Pawan Budhwar, Paul Sparrow, Alan Brown

Call Number: HF5549 .H7935 2015eb

Japanese human resource management : labour-management relations and supply chain challenges in Asia

Naoki Kuriyama

Call Number: HF5549.2.J3

The SAGE handbook of coaching

edited by Tatiana Bachkirova, Gordon Spence and David Drake

Call Number: HF5549.5.C53 S23 2017eb

Collective intelligence development in business

Patricia Bouvard, Hervé Suzanne

Call Number: HF5549.5.M63

Mastering the instructional design process : a systematic approach

William J. Rothwell, G.M. (Bud) Benscoter, Marsha King, Stephen B. King

Call Number: HF5549.5.T7

Auditing : a risk-based approach to conducting a quality audit

Karla M. Johnstone, Audrey A. Gramling, Larry E. Rittenberg

Call Number: HF5567 .R658 2016

A history of British national audit : the pursuit of accountability

David Dewar

Call Number: HF5616

Accounting theory : conceptual issues in a political and economic environment

Harry I. Wolk, James L. Dodd, John J. Rozycki, Drake University

Call Number: HF5625 .W64 2017

IFRS in a global world : international and critical perspectives on accounting

Didier Bensadon, Nicolas Praquin, editors ; essays in honor of Professor Jacques Richard ; foreword by Stephen A. Zeff

Call Number: HF5626 .L384 2016

A study of professional skepticism

Carmen Olsen

Call Number: HF5667

Auditing teams : dynamics and efficiency

Mara Cameran, Angela Pettinicchio, Angelo Detillo

Call Number: HF5667 .C256 2017

SAP revenue accounting and reporting and IFRS 15

Dayakar Domala, Koti Tummuru

Call Number: HF5681.B2 .D626 2017

Resistance to changes in financial reporting standards

by Edel Lemus

Call Number: HF5681.B2 L5167 2016

Activity based costing for construction companies

Yong-Woo Kim

Call Number: HF5686.B7 .K56 2017

Not-for-profit GAAP 2016 : interpretation and application fo Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Not-For-Profit organizations

Richard F. Larkin, Marie DiTommaso

Call Number: HF5686.N56 L37 2016eb

IPOs and SEOs in the US real estate industry [electronic resource]

Call Number: HF5686.R3

Conference proceedings trends in business communication 2016 [electronic resource]

Timo Becker, Peter Schneckenleitner, Wolfgang Reitberger, Alexandra Brunner-Sperdin, editors

Call Number: HF5718

Advertising culture and translation : from colonial to global

edited by Renato Tomei

Call Number: HF5821 .A28 2017

New Trends in Finance and Accounting : Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting [electronic resource]

edited by David Proch{acute}azka

Call Number: HG63

The wisdom of finance : discovering humanity in the world of risk and return

Mihir A. Desai

Call Number: HG101 .D47 2017

Ethics and responsibility in finance

Paul H. Dembinski ; translated by Kevin Cook

Call Number: HG103 .D4613 2017

Analytical finance. volume I : : the mathematics of equity derivatives, markets, risk and valuation

Jan R.M. Röman

Call Number: HG106

The limits of the market : the pendulum between government and market

Paul De Grauwe ; translated by Anna Asbury

Call Number: HG173

Marketplace lending, financial analysis, and the future of credit : integration, profitability, and risk management

Ioannis Akkizidis, Manuel Stagars

Call Number: HG173

Risk management, strategic thinking and leadership in the financial services industry : a proactive approach to strategic thinking

Hasan Dinçer, Ümut Hacioğlu, editors

Call Number: HG173

Neoliberalism 2.0 : regulating and financing globalizing markets : a pigovian approach for 21st century markets

Luc Nijs

Call Number: HG173 .N557 2016eb

Seduced and betrayed : exposing the contemporary microfinance phenomenon

edited by Milford Bateman and Kate Maclean ; foreword by James K. Galbraith

Call Number: HG178.33.D44 S43 2016

Shadow banking in China : an opportunity for financial reform

Andrew Sheng, Ng Chow Soon

Call Number: HG187.C6

Macroprudential regulation and policy for the Islamic financial industry : theory and applications

Muhamed Zulkhibri, Abdul Ghafar Ismail, Sutan Emir Hidayat, editors

Call Number: HG187.4

The wisdom of money

Pascal Bruckner ; translated from the French by Steven Rendall

Call Number: HG220.3 .B7813 2017

Money talks : explaining how money really works

edited by Nina Bandelj, Frederick F. Wherry & Viviana A. Zelizer

Call Number: HG221 .M66 2017

Contemporary issues in macroeconomics : lessons from the crisis and beyond

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Call Number: HG230.3 .I5764 2016

Progress and confusion : the state of macroeconomic policy

edited by Olivier Blanchard, Raghuram Rajan, Kenneth Rogoff, and Lawrence H. Summers

Call Number: HG230.3 .P76 2016eb

Paid : tales of dongles, checks, and other money stuff

edited by Bill Maurer and Lana Swartz ; foreword by Bruce Sterling

Call Number: HG231 .M58655 2017

The Euro : why it failed

Jesper Jespersen

Call Number: HG925

Inflation Dynamics in South Africa : The Role of Thresholds, Exchange Rate Pass-through and Inflation Expectations on Policy Trade-offs

Eliphas Ndou, Nombulelo Gumata

Call Number: HG1351

Alessandro Torlonia : The Pope's Banker

Call Number: HG1552

Decision Taking, Confidence and Risk Management in Banks from Early Modernity to the 20th Century

Call Number: HG1571

Decision Making, Confidence and Risk Management in Banks from Early Modernity to the 20th Century

Call Number: HG1571 .D43 2017

Building Societies in the Financial Services Industry

by Barbara Casu, Andrew Gall

Call Number: HG1616.M3

New perspectives on the bank-firm relationship : lending, management and the impact of Basel III

Paola Ferretti

Call Number: HG1641

Valuing Banks : a New Corporate Finance Approach

by Federico Beltrame, Daniele Previtali

Call Number: HG1707.7

Bankers and empire : how Wall Street colonized the Caribbean

Peter James Hudson

Call Number: HG2481 .H83 2017

The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking [electronic resource]

Call Number: HG2974

The Icelandic financial crisis : a study into the worldś smallest currency area and its recovery from total banking collapse

Ásgeir Jónsson, Hersir Sigurgeirsson

Call Number: HG3154

Modern credit risk management : theory and practice

Panayiota Koulafetis

Call Number: HG3701

Offshore finance and global governance : disciplining the tax nomad

William Vlcek

Call Number: HG3881 .V53 2017

Robert McNamara's other war : the World Bank and international development

Patrick Allan Sharma

Call Number: HG3881.5.W57 S46 2017

Entrepreneurial Finance for MSMEs : a Managerial Approach for Developing Markets

Call Number: HG4027.7 .A26 2017

Securitization and the Global Economy : History and Prospects for the Future [electronic resource]

by Bonnie G. Buchanan

Call Number: HG4028.A84 B83 2017

... SBBI yearbook : stocks, bonds, bills and inflation

Call Number: HG4501 .S7949

Developing China : the remarkable impact of foreign direct investment

Michael J. Enright

Call Number: HG4538 .E57 2017

The essential advisor : building value in the investor-advisor relationship

Bill Crager, Jay Hummel

Call Number: HG4621

Venture deals : be smarter than your lawyer and venture capitalist

Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson

Call Number: HG4751

Crowdfunding for SMEs : a European perspective

Roberto Bottiglia, Flavio Pichler, editors

Call Number: HG4751 .C79 2016

Entrepreneurship in Finance : Successfully Launching and Managing a Hedge Fund in Asia

by Henri Arslanian

Call Number: HG5702.5

Forecasting High-Frequency Volatility Shocks : an Analytical Real-Time Monitoring System

Call Number: HG6024.A3

Equity derivatives and hybrids : markets, models and methods

Oliver Brockhaus

Call Number: HG6024.A3 B763 2016eb

Commodity Market Trading and Investment : A Practitioners Guide to the Markets

Call Number: HG6046

The Life Insurance Industry in India : Current State and Efficiency [electronic resource]

by Tapas Kumar Parida, Debashis Acharya

Call Number: HG9163 .P37 2017

Public sector economics and the need for reforms

Apostolis Philippopoulos, ed

Call Number: HJ141 .P83677 2016

Balancing control and flexibility in public budgeting : a new role for rule variability

Michael Di Francesco, John Alford

Call Number: HJ2193 .D54 2016eb

The complexity of tax simplification : experiences from around the world

edited by Simon James, Adrian Sawyer and Tamer Budak

Call Number: HJ2305

National duties : custom houses and the making of the American state

Gautham Rao

Call Number: HJ6622 .R36 2016eb

Hope springs eternal : French bondholders and the repudiation of Russian sovereign debt

Kim Oosterlinck ; translated by Anthony Bulger

Call Number: HJ8714

Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2016 : theory and application of industrial engineering

Ershi Qi, Jiang Shen, Runliang Dou, editors

Call Number: T55.45

Changing postal and delivery sector : towards a renaissance [electronic resource]

Call Number: T56

Project management and engineering research : AEIPRO 2016

José Luis Ayuso Muñoz, José Luis Yagüe Blanco, Salvador F. Capuz-Rizo, editors

Call Number: T56.8

Advances in metaheuristics : applications in engineering systems

Timothy Ganesan, Pandian Vasant, Irraivan Elamvazuthi

Call Number: T57 .G36 2017

Operations research and enterprise systems : 5th International Conference, ICORES 2016, Rome, Italy, February 23-25, 2016, Revised selected papers

Begoña Vitoriano, Greg H. Parlier (eds.)

Call Number: T57.6

Operations planning : mixed integer optimization models

Joseph Geunes

Call Number: T57.6 .G486 2015

System dynamics : modelling and simulation

by Bilash Kanti Bala, Fatimah Mohamed Arshad, Kusairi Mohd Noh

Call Number: T57.62

Robust control optimization with metaheuristics

Philippe Feyel

Call Number: T57.84 .R62 2017

Management of information, process and cooperation : third International Workshop, MiPAC 2016, Hangzhou, China, September 23, 2016, Revised selected papers

Jian Cao, Jianxun Liu (eds.)

Call Number: T58.5

Advances in information and communication technology : proceeding of the International Conference, ICTA 2016

Masato Akagi [and 4 others], editors

Call Number: T58.5

Information technology for management : new ideas and real solutions : 14th Conference, AITM 2016, and 11th Conference, ISM 2016, held as part of FedCSIS, Gdansk, Poland, September 11-14, 2016, Revised selected papers

Ewa Ziemba (ed.)

Call Number: T58.5

Business Intelligence : 5th European Summer School, eBISS 2015, Barcelona, Spain, July 5-10, 2015, Tutorial Lectures

edited by Esteban Zimányi, Alberto Abelló

Call Number: T58.6

Real-world decision support systems : case studies

Jason Papathanasiou, Nikolaos Ploskas, Isabelle Linden, editors

Call Number: T58.62

Real-world decision support systems : case studies

Jason Papathanasiou, Nikolaos Ploskas, editors

Call Number: T58.62

Building digital ecosystem architectures : a guide to enterprise architecting digital technologies in the digital enterprise

Mark Skilton

Call Number: T58.64

Lean management of global supply chain

editors, Yasuhiro Monden, University of Tsukuba, Japan, Yoshiteru Minagawa, Nagoya Gakuin University, Japan

Call Number: TS155 .L3276 2016

Tactile display for virtual 3D shape rendering [electronic resource]

Alessandro Mansutti, Mario Covarrubias Rodriguez, Monica Bordegoni, Umberto Cugini

Call Number: TS155.6

Theory and practice of quality and reliability engineering in Asia industry [electronic resource]

Cher Ming Tan, Thong Ngee Goh, editors

Call Number: TS156

Research into design for communities. Volume 1 : : proceedings of ICoRD 2017

Amaresh Chakrabarti, Debkumar Chakrabarti, editors

Call Number: TS171.A1 I58 2017eb

The big book of makerspace projects : inspiring makers to experiment, create, and learn

Colleen Graves, Aaron Graves

Call Number: TS171.57 .G73 2017

Mauerwerk-Kalender 2016 : Baustoffe, Sanierung, Eurocode-Praxis

herausgegeben von Wolfram Jäger, Dresden

Call Number: TS172

Mauerwerk-Kalender 2015 : Bemessung, Bauen im Bestand

herausgegeben von Wolfram Jäger, Dresden

Call Number: TS172

Advanced Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Call Number: TS176

Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2015) : sponsored by TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society) held May 31-June 4, 2015, Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

edited by Warren Poole, Steve Christensen, Surya R. Kalidindi, Alan Luo, Jonathan D. Madison, Dierk Raabe, Xin Sun

Call Number: TS176

Materials processing fundamentals 2017

Antoine Allanore, Guillaume Lambotte, Jonghyun Lee, editors

Call Number: TS183

Service orientation in holonic and multi-agent manufacturing : proceedings of SOHOMA 2016

Theodor Borangiu, Damien Trentesaux, André Thomas, Paulo Leitão, José Barata Oliveira, editors

Call Number: TS183