March 2019

Reviews in computational chemistry. Volume 31

Author: edited by Abby L. Parrill and Kenny B. Lipkowitz

Call Number: QD39.3.E46 R48 vol. 31

Handbook of smart materials in analytical chemistry. Volume I

Author: edited by Miguel de la Guardia, Francesc A. Esteve-Turrillas

Call Number: QD71 .H36 2019

Infrared spectroscopy of triatomics for space observation

Author: Pierre-Richard Dahoo, Azzedine Lakhlifi

Call Number: QD96.I5

Vibrational spectra of organometallics : theoretical and experimental data

Author: Edward Maslowsky, Jr

Call Number: QD96.V53 M37 2019

Silver catalysis in organic synthesis

Author: edited by Chao-Jun Li and Xihe Bi

Call Number: QD262

Modern electrosynthetic methods in organic chemistry

Author: edited by Frank Marken and Mahito Atobe

Call Number: QD262 .M64 2019

Alkane functionalization

Author: edited by Armando J. L. Pombeiro and M. Fátima C. Guedes da Silva

Call Number: QD305.H6 A55 2019

N-Heterocyclic carbenes in organocatalysis

Author: edited by Akkattu T. Biju ; with a foreword by Ronald Breslow

Call Number: QD305.H7

Cellulose science and technology : chemistry, analysis, and applications

Author: [edited by] Thomas Rosenau, Antje Potthast, Dr. Johannes Hell

Call Number: QD323

Organophosphorus chemistry : from molecules to applications

Author: edited by Viktor Iaroshenko

Call Number: QD412.P1

Polymorphism in the pharmaceutical industry : solid form and drug development

Author: edited by Rolf Hilfiker

Call Number: QD478 .P657 2019

Non-noble metal catalysis : molecular approaches and reactions

Author: edited by Robertus J.M. Klein Gebbink, Marc-Etienne Moret

Call Number: QD505

Rhodium catalysis in organic synthesis : methods and reactions

Author: edited by Ken Tanaka

Call Number: QD505

Electrowetting : fundamental principles and practical applications

Author: Prof. Frieder Mugele and Prof. Jason Heikenfeld

Call Number: QD506

Nanoscale electrochemistry of molecular contacts

Author: Paulo Roberto Bueno

Call Number: QD553 .N36 2018

Optimization of process flowsheets through metaheuristic techniques

Author: José María Ponce-Ortega, Luis Germán Hernández-Pérez

Call Number: TP155.7

Membrane processes : pervaporation, vapor permeation and membrane distillation for industrial scale separations

Author: edited by Sundergopal Sridhar, Siddhartha Moulik

Call Number: TP159.M4

Transition metal-dinitrogen complexes : preparation and reactivity

Author: edited by Yoshiaki Nishibayashi

Call Number: TP245.N8

Phosphorus recovery and recycling

Author: Hisao Ohtake, Satoshi Tsuneda, editors

Call Number: TP245.P5

New bioprocessing strategies : development and manufacturing of recombinant antibodies and proteins

Author: Bob Kiss, Uwe Gottschalk, Michael Pohlscheidt, editors ; with contributions by E. Abraham [and more]

Call Number: TP248.2

Biological Robustness : Emerging Perspectives from within the Life Sciences

Author: Marta Bertolaso, Silvia Caianiello, Emanuele Serrelli, editors

Call Number: TP248.2

Multifaceted Protocol in Biotechnology

Author: Azura Amid [and 3 others], editors

Call Number: TP248.2

Molecular machines : a materials science approach

Author: Goivanni Zocchi

Call Number: TP248.25.M645

Hydrogen energy : challenges and solutions for a cleaner future

Author: Bahman Zohuri

Call Number: TP261.H9

Sustainable Approaches for Biofuels Production Technologies : From Current Status to Practical Implementation

Author: Neha Srivastava, Manish Srivastava, P. K. Mishra, S. N. Upadhyay, Pramod W. Ramteke, Vijaj Kumar Gupta, editors

Call Number: TP339

Modeling energetic efficiency of biofuels production

Author: Andrzej Wasiak

Call Number: TP339

Natural gas processing from midstream to downstream

Author: edited by Nimir O. Elbashir, Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi, Ioannis G. Economou, Kenneth R. Hall

Call Number: TP350 .N36456 2019

Food safety economics : incentives for a safer food supply

Author: Tanya Roberts, editor

Call Number: TP373.5 .F66 2018

Management and marketing of wine tourism business : theory, practice, and cases

Author: Marianna Sigala, Richard N. S. Robinson, editors

Call Number: TP548.5.T68

Polymers from plant oils

Author: Alessandro Gandini and Talita M. Lacerda

Call Number: TP680