September 2018

Emerging trends in chemical sciences

Author: Ponnadurai Ramasami, Minu Gupta Bhowon, Sabina Jhaumeer Laulloo, Henri Li Kam Wah, editors

Call Number: QD15

Applied chemoinformatics : achievements and future opportunities

Author: editors: Thomas Engel, Johann Gasteiger

Call Number: QD39.3.E46

Chemometrics : data driven extraction for science

Author: Richard G. Brereton

Call Number: QD75.4.C45 B74 2018

Foundations of analytical chemistry : a teaching-learning approach

Author: by Miguel Valcárcel Cases, Ángela I. López-Lorente, Ma Ángeles López-Jiménez

Call Number: QD75.7

Differentiation of chiral compounds using NMR spectroscopy

Author: Thomas J. Wenzel

Call Number: QD77 .W488 2018

Experimental approaches of NMR spectroscopy : methodology and application to life science and materials science

Author: The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan, editor

Call Number: QD96.N8 E97 2018

Recent advances in trace elements

Author: edited by Katarzyna Chojnacka, Agnieszka Saeid

Call Number: QD139.T7

Experimental and theoretical approaches to actinide chemistry

Author: edited by John K. Gibson (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, USA), Wibe A. de Jong (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, USA)

Call Number: QD181.A2

Boron isotopes : the fifth element

Author: Horst Marschall, Gavin Foster, editors

Call Number: QD181.B1 B67 2017

Carbon : the black, the gray and the transparent

Author: Tapan Gupta

Call Number: QD181.C1

Transformation of carbon dioxide to formic acid and methanol

Author: Wan-Hui Wang, Xiujuan Feng, Ming Bao

Call Number: QD181.C1

Ruthenium complexes

Author: edited by Alvin A. Holder, Lothar Lilge, Wesley R. Browne, Mark A.W. Lawrence, JImmie L. Bullock Jr

Call Number: QD181.R9

Protecting-group-free organic synthesis : improving atom-economy and efficiency

Author: edited by Rodney A. Fernandes

Call Number: QD262

Chiral Lewis acids

Author: Koichi Mikami, editor ; with contributions by M. Brill [and more]

Call Number: QD262

Modeling and simulation in polymer reaction engineering

Author: Klaus-Dieter Hungenberg, Michael Wulkow

Call Number: QD281.P6

Handbook of transition metal polymerization catalysts

Author: edited by Ray Hoff, Robert T. Mathers

Call Number: QD281.P6 H36 2010eb

Sequence-controlled polymers

Author: edited by Jean-François Lutz

Call Number: QD281.P6 S44 2014

Organocatalytic Cycloadditions for Synthesis of Carbo- and Heterocycles

Author: Min Shi [and 3 others]

Call Number: QD281.R5

Conjugated Polymers for Biological and Biomedical Applications

Author: edited by Bin Liu

Call Number: QD382.C66

Temperature-Responsive Polymers : Chemistry, Properties, and Applications

Author: edited by Vitaliy V. Khutoryanskiy, Theoni K. Georgiou

Call Number: QD382.T46

Macrocyclic polyamines : synthesis and applications

Author: Xiaoqi Yu and Ji Zhang

Call Number: QD383.A55

Chemistry of polymeric metal chelates

Author: Gulzhian I. Dzhardimalieva, Igo E. Uflyand

Call Number: QD411

Advances in chemical physics. Volume 163

Author: edited by K. Birgitta Whaley

Call Number: QD453.3

Frontiers of quantum chemistry

Author: Marek J. Wójcik, Hiroshi Nakatsuji, Bernard Kirtman, Yukihiro Ozaki, editors

Call Number: QD462

Self-assembled molecules - new kind of protein ligands : supramolecular ligands

Author: Irena Roterman, Leszek Konieczny, editors

Call Number: QD474 .R67 2018eb

Principles and practices of molecular properties : theory, modeling and simulations

Author: by Patrick Norman, Kenneth Ruud, Trond Saue

Call Number: QD480 .N67 2018eb

Chirality at solid surfaces

Author: by Stephen J. Jenkins

Call Number: QD481 .J45 2018eb

Chemical reactions : basic theory and computing

Author: Antonio Laganà, Gregory A. Parker

Call Number: QD501

Catalytic hydroarylation of carbon-carbon multiple bonds

Author: edited by Lutz Ackermann, T. Brent Gunnoe and Laurel Goj Habgood

Call Number: QD505

Sustainable catalysis : energy-efficient reactions and applications

Author: edited by Rafael Luque and Frank Leung-Yuk Lam

Call Number: QD505

Rhodium catalysis

Author: Carmen Claver, editor ; with contributions by D. Bonincontro [and more]

Call Number: QD505

Nanocatalysts in environmental applications

Author: Samira Bagheri, Nurhidayatullaili Muhd Julkapli

Call Number: QD505

Advances in contact angle, wettability and adhesion. Volume 3

Author: edited by K.L. Mittal

Call Number: QD506

Modeling and simulation of turbulent combustion

Author: Santanu De, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Swetaprovo Chaudhuri, Swarnendu Sen, editors

Call Number: QD516

Droplets and sprays : applications for combustion and propulsion

Author: Saptarshi Basu, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Achintya Mukhopadhyay, Chetankumar Patel, editors

Call Number: QD516

Bio- and nanosorbents from natural resources

Author: Shivani Bhardwaj Mishra, Ajay Kumar Mishra, editors

Call Number: QD547

Polymer gels : perspectives and applications

Author: Vijay Kumar Thakur, Manju Kumari Thakur, Stefan Ioan Voicu, editors

Call Number: QD549.2.P64

Electro-fenton process : new trends and scale-up

Author: volume editors: Minghua Zhou, Mehmet A. Oturan, Ignasi Sirés ; with contributions by A.A. Alvarez-Gallegoes... [and more]

Call Number: QD553

Microwave chemical and materials processing : a tutorial

Author: Satoshi Horikoshi, Robert F. Schiffmann, Jun Fukushima, Nick Serpone

Call Number: QD601.3

Visible light photocatalysis in organic chemistry

Author: edited by Corey R.J. Stephenson, Tehshik P. Yoon, and David W.C. MacMillan

Call Number: QD716.P45

Metal-Organic Frameworks : Applications in Separations and Catalysis

Author: edited by Hermenegildo Garcia and Sergio Navalon

Call Number: QD882

Essential practices for creating, strengthening, and sustaining process safety culture

Author: Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Call Number: TP150.S24

Practical aspects of chemical engineering : selected contributions from PAIC 2017

Author: Marek Ochowiak, Szymon Woziwodzki, Michał Doligalski, Piotr Tomasz Mitkowski, editors

Call Number: TP155 .P73 2018

Utilization and management of bioresources : proceedings of 6th IconSWM 2016

Author: Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, editor

Call Number: TP155.2.E58

Guidelines for siting and layout of facilities

Author: Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, New York, NY

Call Number: TP155.5

Dealing with aging process facilities and infrastructure

Author: Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Call Number: TP155.5 .D425 2018

Structural analysis and design of process equipment

Author: Maan H. Jawad, James R. Farr

Call Number: TP155.5 .J34 1984eb

Process control : theory and applications

Author: Jean-Pierre Corriou

Call Number: TP155.75 .C69 2018

Stiff extrusion briquetting in metallurgy

Author: Ivan Kurunov, Aitber Bizhanov

Call Number: TP156.B7

Applications paradigms of droplet and spray transport : paradigms and applications

Author: Saptarshi Basu, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Achintya Mukhopadhyay, Chetankumar Patel, editors

Call Number: TP156.S6

Developments and applications of calcium phosphate bone cements

Author: Changsheng Liu, Hongyan He, editors

Call Number: TP245.C3

Industrial chemistry of oxides for emerging applications

Author: Lech Pawlowski, Philippe Blanchart

Call Number: TP245.O9 P43 2018

Micromachines for biological micromanipulation

Author: Qingsong Xu

Call Number: TP248.25.B54

Ceramic membranes applied in separation processes

Author: Dionisio da Silva Biron, Venina dos Santos, Mara Zeni

Call Number: TP248.25.M46

Microbial biotechnology. Volume 2, Application in food and pharmacology

Author: Jayanta Kumar Patra, Gitishree Das, Han-Seung Shin, editors

Call Number: TP248.27.M53

Biotechnology of natural products

Author: Wilfried Schwab, Bernd Markus Lange, Matthias Wüst, editors

Call Number: TP248.27.P55

Megatrends in food and agriculture : technology, water use and nutrition

Author: Helmut Traitler, Michel Dubois, Keith Heikes, Vincent Pétiard, David Zilberman

Call Number: TP248.27.P55 T725 2018

Biosynthetic technology and environmental challenges

Author: Sunita J. Varjani, Binod Parameswaran, Sunil Kumar, Sunil K. Khare, editors

Call Number: TP248.3

Cellulose derivatives : synthesis, structure, and properties

Author: Thomas Heinze, Omar A. El Seoud, Andreas Koschella

Call Number: TP248.65.C45

Biotransformations in organic chemistry : a textbook

Author: Kurt Faber

Call Number: TP248.65.E59 F3 2018

Molecular techniques in food biology : safety, biotechnology, authenticity and traceability

Author: edited by Aly Farag El Sheikha, Robert Levin, Jianping Xu

Call Number: TP248.65.F66 M655 2018

Emerging energetic materials : synthesis, physicochemical, and detonation properties

Author: Dabir S. Viswanath, Tushar K. Ghosh, Veera M. Boddu

Call Number: TP270

Biokerosene : status and prospects

Author: Martin Kaltschmitt, Ulf Neuling, editors

Call Number: TP339

Biomass and green chemistry : building a renewable pathway

Author: Sílvio Vaz, Jr., editor

Call Number: TP339

Energy from microalgae

Author: Eduardo Jacob-Lopes, Leila Queiroz Zepka, Maria Isabel Queiroz, editors

Call Number: TP339

Biorefining of biomass to biofuels : opportunities and perception

Author: Sachin Kumar, Rajesh K. Sani, editors

Call Number: TP339 .B54655 2018

Prospects of alternative transportation fuels

Author: Akhilendra P. Singh, Rashmi Avinash Agarwal, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Atul Dhar, Mritunjay Kumar Shukla, editors

Call Number: TP343

Alternative fuels for compression ignition engines

Author: Zainal Ambri Abdul Karim, Shaharin Anwar Bin Sulaiman, editors

Call Number: TP343

Conference proceedings of the second International Conference on Recent Advances in Bioenergy Research : ICRABR 2016

Author: Sachin Kumar, Rajesh K. Sani, Y. K. Yadav, editors

Call Number: TP360

Thermal treatments of canned foods

Author: Angela Montanari, Caterina Barone, Michele Barone, Anna Santangelo

Call Number: TP371.35 .M66 2018


Author: Peter Haseley and Georg-Wilhelm Oetjen

Call Number: TP371.6

Composites materials for food packaging

Author: editors: Giuseppe Cirillo, Marek A. Kozlowski and Umile Gianfranco Spizzirri

Call Number: TP374 .C66 2018

Packaging for nonthermal processing of food

Author: edited by Melvin A. Pascall, Jung H. Han

Call Number: TP374 .P328 2018

Peanut processing characteristics and quality evaluation

Author: Qiang Wang

Call Number: TP438.P4

Handbook of vegetables and vegetable processing

Author: editor, Nirmal K. Sinha ; administrative editor, Y.H. Hui

Call Number: TP443 .H35 2011eb

Petroleum refinery process modeling : integrated optimization tools and applications

Author: Y.A. Liu, Ai-Fu Chang, and Kiran Pashikanti

Call Number: TP690

Syngas Production : status and potential for implementation in Russian industry

Author: Vladimir Litvinenko, Meyer, Bernd

Call Number: TP692.2 .L58 2018

Resistive gaseous detectors : designs, performance, and perspectives

Author: Marcello Abbrescia, Vladimir Peskov, and Paulo Fonte

Call Number: TP754

High-temperature H2S removal from IGCC coarse gas

Author: Jiang Wu, Dongjing Liu, Weiguo Zhou, Qizhen Liu, Yaji Huang

Call Number: TP759

Coal and biomass gasification : recent advances and future challenges

Author: Santanu De, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, V.S. Moholkar, Bhaskar Thallada, editors

Call Number: TP759

Calcined clays for sustainable concrete : proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete

Author: Fernando Martirena, Aurélie Favier, Karen Scrivener, editors

Call Number: TP881 .I58 2017eb

Green urea : for future sustainability

Author: Noorhana Yahya

Call Number: TP963.4.U7

Polysaccharides as battery components

Author: Stefan Spirk

Call Number: TP979.5.P6

Synthesis, structure and properties of poly(lactic acid)

Author: Maria Laura Di Lorenzo, René Androsch, editors ; with contributions by M.A. Abdel-Rahman [and more]

Call Number: TP1180.B55