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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

The experimental self : Humphry Davy and the making of a man of science

Jan Golinski

Call Number: QD22.D3 G65 2016eb

Wilhelm Ostwald : the autobiography

Robert Smail Jack, Fritz Scholz, editors ; translated by Robert Jack

Call Number: QD22.O88

Reviews in computational chemistry. Volume 29

edited by Abby L. Parrill, Kenny B. Lipkowitz

Call Number: QD39.3.E46

Handbook of computational chemistry. Volume 2

Jerzy Leszczynski, editor ; Anna Laczmarek-Kedziera, Tomasz Puzyn, Manthos G. Papadopoulos, Heribert Reis, Manoj K. Shukla, co-editors

Call Number: QD39.3.M3 H36 2017eb

Analytical chemistry for cultural heritage

Rocco Mazzeo

Call Number: QD75.22

On the catalytic efficacy of low-oxidation state group 14 complexes

Terrance John Hadlington

Call Number: QD181.C1

Iron Oxides : from nature to applications

edited by Damien Faivre

Call Number: QD181.F4

Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products. Volume 104

A. Douglas Kinghorn, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, Junʹichi Kobayashi, editors ; with contributions by H. Falk [and 5 more]

Call Number: QD251.3

Polymer Crystallization II : From Chain Microstructure to Processing [electronic resource]

edited by Finizia Auriemma, Giovanni Carlo Alfonso, Claudio de Rosa

Call Number: QD281.P6

Global chemical kinetics of fossil fuels : how to model maturation and pyrolysis

Alan K. Burnham

Call Number: QD281.P9

Enzymatic synthesis of structured triglycerides : from laboratory to industry

María Luján Ferreira, Gabriela Marta Tonetto

Call Number: QD305.F2

In situ combined electrochemical techniques for conducting polymers

Csaba Visy

Call Number: QD382.C66

Polymer crystallization I : from chain microstructure to processing [electronic resource]

Finizia Auriemma, Giovanni Carlo Alfonso, Claudio de Rosa, editors ; with contributions by R. G. Alamo [and more]

Call Number: QD382.C78

Organic sensors : materials and applications

edited by Eduardo Garcia-Breijo, Berta Gómez-Lo Pérez and Piero Cosseddu

Call Number: QD382.S4 O75 2017

Bioactive Natural Products : Chemistry and Biology

edited by Goutam Brahmachari

Call Number: QD415

Molecular physical chemistry : a computer-based approach using Mathematica® and Gaussian

José J. C. Teixeira-Dias

Call Number: QD453.3

Exam survival guide : physical chemistry [electronic resource]

Jochen Vogt

Call Number: QD462.7

Transition metal-catalyzed heterocycle synthesis via C-H activation

edited by Xiao-Feng Wu

Call Number: QD505

Effects of nanoconfinement on catalysis

Rinaldo Poli, editor

Call Number: QD505

Dynamic chemical processes on solid surfaces : chemical reactions and catalysis

Ken-ichi Tanaka

Call Number: QD506

Surface treatments for biological, chemical and physical applications

edited by Mehmet Gürsoy and Mustafa Karaman

Call Number: QD506

Freezing colloids : observations, principles, control, and use : applications in materials science, life science, earth science, food science, and engineering

Sylvain Deville

Call Number: QD549


Call Number: QD555.8 .B73 2017

Non-covalent interactions in the synthesis and design of new compounds

edited by Abel M. Maharramov, Kamran T. Mahmudov, Maximilian N. Kopylovich, Armando J.L. Pombeiro

Call Number: QD878

Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals : from viscoelastic properties to living liquid crystals

Shuang Zhou

Call Number: QD923

Engineering of microorganisms for the production of chemicals and biofuels from renewable resources

Guillermo Gosset, editor

Call Number: TP28.27.M53

Quality living through chemurgy and green chemistry [electronic resource]

Peter C.K. Lau, editor

Call Number: TP149

Process control : a practical approach

Myke King

Call Number: TP155.75

Essentials of machine olfaction and taste

edited by Takamichi Nakamoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Call Number: TP159.C46

Fillers for Polymer Applications [electronic resource]

Call Number: TP159.F47

Chemiestandorte : Markt, Herausforderungen und Geschäftsmodelle

herausgegeben von Carsten Suntrop

Call Number: TP200

Hydrogen science and engineering : materials, processes, systems and technology

edited by Detlef Stolten and Bernd Emonts

Call Number: TP245.H9 H93 2016

Mesoporous zeolites : preparation, characterization and applications

edited by Javier García-Martínez and Kunhao Li ; with a foreword by Mark E. Davis

Call Number: TP245.S5 .M476 2015

Micro- and nanosystems for biotechnology

edited by J. Christopher Love

Call Number: TP248.14

Membrane reactor engineering : applications for a greener process industry

edited by Angelo Basile, Marcello De Falco, Gabriele Centi, Gaetano Iaquaniello

Call Number: TP248.25.M45

Sol-gel materials for energy, environment and electronic applications [electronic resource]

Suresh C. Pillai, Sarah Hehir, editors

Call Number: TP248.25.N35

Blue biotechnology : from gene to bioactive product

Werner E. G. Müller, Heinz C. Schröder, Xiaohong Wang, editors

Call Number: TP248.27.M37

Plant biotechnology : principles and applications

Malik Zainul Abdin, Usha Kiran, Kamaluddin, Athar Ali, editors

Call Number: TP248.27.P55

Green biocatalysis

edited by Ramesh N. Patel

Call Number: TP248.65.E59

Cashew nut shell liquid : a goldfield for functional materials

Parambath Anilkumar, editor

Call Number: TP248.65.M37

Soil degradable bioplastics for a sustainable modern agriculture

Mario Malinconico, editor

Call Number: TP248.65.P62

Industrial biotechnology of vitamins, biopigments, and antioxidants

edited by Erick J. Vandamme and José Luis Revuelta

Call Number: TP248.65.V57


Rudolf Meyer

Call Number: TP270.A2 M4913 2015

Algal biofuels : recent advances and future prospects

Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Anushree Malik, Faizal Bux, editors

Call Number: TP339

Biofuels : technology, challenges and prospects

Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash Agarwal, Tarun Gupta, Bhola Ram Gurjar, editors

Call Number: TP339

Sugarcane-based biofuels and bioproducts

edited by Ian M. O'Hara and Sagadevan G. Mundree

Call Number: TP339 .S84 2016eb

Advances of basic science for second generation bioethanol from sugarcane

Marco S. Buckeridge, Amanda P De Souza

Call Number: TP358

Kinetic analysis of food systems

Alejandro G. Marangoni

Call Number: TP370.5

Evolutionary algorithms for food science and technology

Evelyne Lutton, Nathalie Perrot, Alberto Tonda

Call Number: TP370.5

Nanoscience in food and agriculture. 4

Shivendu Ranjan, Nandita Dasgupta, Eric Lichtfouse, editors

Call Number: TP370.5 .N356 2017eb

Common fragrance and flavor materials : preparation, properties and uses

Call Number: TP418 .B38 2006

76th Conference on Glass Problems : a collection of papers presented at the 76th Conference on Glass Problems, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio, November 2-5, 2015

editor: S.K. Sundaram

Call Number: TP845

Self-cleaning coatings : structure, fabrication and application

edited by Junhui He

Call Number: TP994 .S45 2017