December 2021

Organic redox chemistry : chemical, photochemical and electrochemcal syntheses

Author: edited by Jun-Ichi Yoshida, Frédéric W. Patureau

Call Number: QD251.3

Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products. Volume 116

Author: A. Douglas Kinghorn, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, Yoshinori Asakawa, Ji-Kai Liu, Verena M. Dirsch, editors ; with contributions by Maggie M. Reddy [and 22 others]

Call Number: QD251.3 .P76 2021

Carbon monoxide in organic synthesis : carbonylation chemistry

Author: edited by Bartolo Gabriele

Call Number: QD305.A6

3rd International Conference on the Application of Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) and Other New Admixtures Towards Smart Concrete

Author: William P. Boshoff, Riaan Combrinck, Viktor Mechtcherine, Mateusz Wyrzykowski, editors

Call Number: QD380 .A12 2020

Applied polymer science

Author: Ulf W. Gedde, Mikael S. Hedenqvist, Minna Hakkarainen, Fritjof Nilsson, Oisik Das

Call Number: QD381 .G43 2021

Metal-organic frameworks with heterogeneous structures

Author: Ali Morsali and Kayhaneh Berijani

Call Number: QD411

Hydration structures of proteins : atomic details

Author: Masayoshi Nakasako

Call Number: QD431 .N35 2021

Practical aspects of computational chemistry V

Author: Jerzy Leszczynski, Manoj K. Shukla, editors

Call Number: QD455.3.E4

Stochastic chemical reaction systems in biology

Author: Hong Qian, Hao Ge

Call Number: QD502

Atomic-scale modelling of electrochemical systems

Author: edited by Marko M. Melander, University of Jyväskylä, Department of Chemistry, Jyväskylä, Finland, Tomi T. Laurila, Aalto University, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Espoo, Finland, Kari Laasonen, Aalto University, Chemistry and Materials Science, Espoo, Finland

Call Number: QD555.6.I58

Nuclear and radiochemistry : fundamentals and applications

Author: Jens-Volker Kratz

Call Number: QD601.3

Magma redox geochemistry

Author: Roberto Moretti, Daniel R. Neuville, editors

Call Number: QD63.O9 M34 2022

Infrared spectroscopy of symmetric and spherical top molecules for space observation. 2

Author: Pierre Richard Dahoo, Azzedine Lakhlifi

Call Number: QD96.I5

Polyurethanes : science, technology, markets, and trends

Author: Mark F. Sonnenschein, Ph.D., The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan, US

Call Number: TP1180.P8

Integrating safety and security management to protect chemical industrial areas from domino effects

Author: Chao Chen, Genserik Reniers, Ming Yang

Call Number: TP149 .C54 2022

Flow-induced vibration handbook for nuclear and process equipment

Author: [edited by] Michel J. Pettigrew, Colette E. Taylor, Nigel J. Fisher

Call Number: TP156.F6

Manganese catalysis in organic synthesis

Author: edited by Jean-Baptiste Sortais

Call Number: TP245.M3 M35 2022

Innovations in biotechnology for a sustainable future

Author: Naga Raju Maddela, Luz Cecilia García, editors

Call Number: TP248.2

Sustainability and life cycle assessment in industrial biotechnology

Author: Magnus Fröhling, Michael Hiete, editors ; with contributions by S. Albrecht [and 25 others]

Call Number: TP248.2 .S87 2020

Microbial interactions at nanobiotechnology interfaces : molecular mechanisms and applications

Author: edited by R. Navanietha Krishnaraj, Rajesh K. Sani

Call Number: TP248.25.N35

Innovative renewable waste conversion technologies

Author: Gheorghe Lazaroiu, Lucian Mihaescu, editors

Call Number: TP248.B55

Handbook of fuels

Author: edited by Barbara Elvers and Andrea Schütze

Call Number: TP318

Innovative approaches towards ecological coal mining and utilization

Author: Heping Xie, Chengwei Lv, Jiuping Xu

Call Number: TP325

Advanced fermentation and cell technology

Author: Byong H. Lee, SportBiomics, CA, USA, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, South Korea, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China, McGill University and AAFC, Quebec, Canada

Call Number: TP505