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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume LI, winter 2016

editor: Victor Caston

Call Number: B111

Buddhism : a contemporary philosophical investigation

David Burton

Call Number: B162 .B868 2017

Socrates' request and the educational narrative of the Timaeus

Charles Ives

Call Number: B387 .I94 2016

Socrates and Alcibiades : Plato's drama of political ambition and philosophy

Ariel Helfer

Call Number: B391.A53 H45 2017

Plato on the value of philosophy : the art of argument in the Gorgias and Phaedrus

Tushar Irani, Wesleyan University, Connecticut

Call Number: B395 .I73 2017

The role of exaíphnes in early Greek literature : philosophical transformation in Plato's dialogues and beyond

Joe Cimakasky

Call Number: B398.L42 C56 2017

The Aristotelian ethics : a study of the relationship between the Eudemian and Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle

Anthony Kenny

Call Number: B491.E7 K46 2017

All from one : a guide to Proclus

Pieter d'Hoine and Marije Martjin

Call Number: B701.Z7

The peace of the gods : elite religious practices in the Middle Roman Republic

Craige B. Champion

Call Number: BL803 .C44 2017

Facing the gods : epiphany and representation in Graeco-Roman art, literature and religion

Verity Platt

Call Number: BL810 .P53 2016

The classical debt : Greek antiquity in an era of austerity

Johanna Hanink

Call Number: DF77 .H3423 2017

The economy of Pompeii

edited by Miko Flohr, Andrew Wilson

Call Number: DG70.P7

The sons of Remus : identity in Roman Gaul and Spain

Andrew C. Johnston

Call Number: DG87 .J64 2017

The ancient emotion of disgust

Edited by Donald Lateiner and Dimos Spatharas

Call Number: PA3014.A94 A53 2017

The politics of sacrifice in early Greek myth and poetry

Charles H. Stocking

Call Number: PA3015.R4 S76 2017

The Greek Epic Cycle and its ancient reception : a companion

edited by Marco Fantuzzi and Christos Tsagalis

Call Number: PA3105 .G75 2015

Tragic pleasure from Homer to Plato

Rana Saadi Liebert, Bard College, New York

Call Number: PA3131 .L54 2017

A handbook to the reception of Greek drama

edited by Betine van Zyl Smit

Call Number: PA3133

Athenian comedy in the Roman Empire

edited by C.W. Marshall and Tom Hawkins

Call Number: PA3161 .A86 2016

Appian's Roman History : Empire and Civil War

editor, Kathryn Welch ; Contributors, Andrew Bonnell, Kai Brodersen, Eleanor Cowan, Bronwyn Hopwood, Kit Morrell, Josiah Osgood, Luke Pitcher, Anton Powell, Jonathan Price, John Rich, Tom Stevenson, Martin Stone, Fiona Tweedie, Kathryn Welch, Richard Westall

Call Number: PA3873.A4 A67 2015

Looking at Bacchae

edited by David Stuttard

Call Number: PA3973.B2 L66 2016

Euripides and the boundaries of the human

Mark Ringer

Call Number: PA3978 .R48 2016

Reading fiction with Lucian : fakes, freaks and hyperreality

Karen Ni' Mheallaigh

Call Number: PA4236 .N5 2014

Theology and poetry in early Byzantium : the Kontakia of Romanos the Melodist

Sarah Gador-Whyte

Call Number: PA4407.R6 G33 2017

Roman literary cultures : domestic politics, revolutionary poetics, civic spectacle

edited by Alison Keith and Jonathan Edmondson

Call Number: PA6041 .R64 2016

The poetics of late Latin literature

Jas Elsner and Jesús Hernández Lobato

Call Number: PA6051 .P64 2017eb

Ovid : a poet on the margins

Laurel Fulkerson

Call Number: PA6537 .F85 2016

Prudentius, Spain, and late antique Christianity : poetry, visual culture, and the cult of martyrs

Paula Hershkowitz

Call Number: PA6648.P7 H39 2017

Letters on ethics : to Lucilius

Seneca ; translated with an introduction and commentary by Margaret Graver and A.A. Long

Call Number: PA6665.A1 G73913 2015