Computer Science & Engineering

December 2021

Practical machine learning with Rust : creating intelligent applications in Rust

Author: Joydeep Bhattacharjee

Call Number: Q325.5 .B53 2020

Sentimental analysis and deep learning : proceedings of ICSADL 2021

Author: Subarna Shakya, Valentina Emilia Balas, Sinchai Kamolphiwong, Ke-Lin Du, editors

Call Number: Q325.5 .I58 2021

Machine learning fundamentals : a concise introduction

Author: Hui Jiang, York University, Toronto

Call Number: Q325.5 .J53 2021

AI aspects in reasoning, languages, and computation

Author: Adam Grabowski, Roussanka Loukanova, Christoph Schwarzweller, editors

Call Number: Q335

Eserciziario di Statistica Inferenziale

Author: Francesca Gasperoni, Francesca Ieva, Anna Maria Paganoni

Call Number: QA276

Mathematical control and numerical applications : JANO13, Khouribga, Morocco, February 22-24, 2021

Author: Abdeljalil Nachaoui, Abdelilah Hakim, Amine Laghrib, editors

Call Number: QA297 .N86 2021

Linear time-invariant systems, behaviors and modules

Author: Ulrich Oberst, Martin Scheicher, Ingrid Scheicher

Call Number: QA402

Linear algebra based controllers : design and applications

Author: Gustavo Scaglia, Mario Emanuel Serrano, Pedro Albertos

Call Number: QA402.3 .S32 2020eb

Learning decision sequences for repetitive processes--selected algorithms

Author: Wojciech Rafajłowicz

Call Number: QA402.5 .R34 2022

Trust & fault in multi layered cloud computing architecture

Author: Punit Gupta, Pradeep Kumar Gupta

Call Number: QA76.585 .T78 2020eb

Building web applications with .NET Core 2.1 and JavaScript : leveraging modern JavaScript frameworks

Author: Philip Japikse, Kevin Grossnicklaus, Ben Dewey

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Decision and game theory for security : 12th international conference, GameSec 2021, virtual event, October 25-27, 2021 : proceedings

Author: Branislav Bǒsanský, Cleotilde Gonzalez, Stefan Rass, Arunesh Sinha (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.A65 G36 2021

Reachability problems : 15th international conference, RP 2021, Liverpool, UK, October 25-27, 2021 : proceedings

Author: Paul C. Bell, Patrick Totzke, Igor Potapov (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.V47 I58 2021

Machine learning with neural networks : an introduction for scientists and engineers

Author: Bernhard Mehlig, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Call Number: QA76.87 .M447 2022

Neuromorphic computing and beyond : parallel, approximation, near memory, and quantum

Author: Khaled Salah Mohamed

Call Number: QA76.87 .M65 2020

Trust in computer systems and the cloud

Author: Mike Bursell

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Confronting cyber risk : an embedded endurance strategy for cybersecurity

Author: by Gregory Falco and Eric Rosenbach

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Security of cyber-physical systems : state estimation and control

Author: Chengwei Wu, Weiran Yao, Guanghui Sun, Ligang Wu

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

The next era in hardware security : a perspective on emerging technologies for secure electronics

Author: Nikhil Rangarajan, Satwik Patnaik, Johann Knechtel, Shaloo Rakheja, Ozgur Sinanoglu

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Security engineering : a guide to building dependable distributed systems

Author: Ross Anderson

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 A54 2020

Cryptography, information theory, and error-correction : a handbook for the 21st century

Author: Aiden A. Bruen, Mario A. Forcinito, James M. McQuillan

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 B79 2021

Cyber security : issues and current trends

Author: Nitul Dutta, Nilesh Jadav, Sudeep Tanwar, Hiren Kumar Deva Sarma, Emil Pricop

Call Number: QA76.9.A25 D87 2022

Sublinear computation paradigm : algorithmic revolution in the big data era

Author: Naoki Katoh, Yuya Higashikawa, Hiro Ito, Atsuki Nagao, Tetsuo Shibuya, Adnan Sljoka, Kazuyuki Tanaka, Yushi Uno, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.A43

Data science : from research to application

Author: Mahdi Bohlouli, Bahram Sadeghi Bigham, Zahra Narimani, Mahdi Vasighi, Ebrahim Ansari, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.B45

Data science in theory and practice : techniques for big data analytics and complex data sets

Author: Maria Cristina Mariani, Osei Kofi Tweneboah, Maria Pia Beccar-Varela

Call Number: QA76.9.B45 M36 2022

Wireless blockchain : principles, technologies and applications

Author: edited by Muhammad Ali Imran, Bin Cao, Lei Zhang, Mugen Peng

Call Number: QA76.9.B56

Between the spreadsheets : classifying and fixing dirty data

Author: Susan Walsh

Call Number: QA76.9.D3 W35 2021

Text as data : computational methods of understanding written expression using SAS

Author: by Barry deVille and Gurpreet Singh Bawa

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Text mining with MATLAB®

Author: by Rafael E. Banchs

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Advances in data science and information engineering : proceedings from ICDATA 2020 and IKE 2020

Author: Robert Stahlbock, Gary M. Weiss, Mahmoud Abou-Nasr, Cheng-Ying Yang, Hamid R. Arabnia, Leonidas Deligiannidis, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.D343 A38 2021

Data mining and big data : 6th international conference, DMBD 2021, Guangzhou, China, October 20-22, 2021 : proceedings.

Author: Ying Tan, Yuhui Shi, Albert Zomaya, Hongyang Yan, Jun Cai (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.D343 I58 2021

Data mining and big data : 6th international conference, DMBD 2021, Guangzhou, China, October 20-22, 2021 : proceedings.

Author: Ying Tan, Yuhui Shi, Albert Zomaya, Hongyang Yan, Jun Cai (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.D343 I58 2021

Periodic pattern mining : theory, algorithms, and applications

Author: R. Uday Kiran, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Jose M. Luna, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Anirban Mondal, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.D343 P47 2021

Entertainment computing - ICEC 2021 : 20th IFIP TC 14 International Conference, ICEC 2021, Coimbra, Portugal, November 2-5, 2021 : proceedings

Author: Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Jorge C.S. Cardoso, Licínio Roque, Pedro A. Gonzalez-Calero (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.E57 I34 2021

The physics of computing

Author: Luca Gammaitoni

Call Number: QA76.9.M35

The 2020 yearbook of the Digital Ethics Lab

Author: Josh Cowls, Jessica Morley, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.M65 A12 2021

Data analysis and applications 3 : computational, classification, financial, statistical and stochastic methods

Author: edited by Andreas Makrides, Alez Karagrigoriou, Christos H. Skiadas

Call Number: QA76.9.Q36

Simulation and analysis of mathematical methods in real time engineering applications

Author: T. Ananth Kumar, E. Golden Julie, Y. Harold Robinson, S.M. Jaisakthi

Call Number: QA76.9.S63

Soft computing for security applications : proceedings of ICSCS 2021

Author: G. Ranganathan, Xavier Fernando, Fuqian Shi, Youssouf El Allioui, editors

Call Number: QA76.9.S63 I58 2021

Soft computing in data science : 6th international conference, SCDS 2021, virtual event, November 2-3, 2021 : proceedings

Author: Azlinah Mohamed, Bee Wah Yap, Jasni Mohamed Zain, Michael W. Berry (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.S63 S33 2021