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Criminal Justice

Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

What is to be done about crime and punishment? : towards a 'public criminology'

Roger Matthews, editor

Call Number: HV6025

An introduction to criminological theory and the problem of causation

Jason Warr

Call Number: HV6025

Toward a criminology of disaster : what we know and what we need to find out

Kelly Frailing, Dee Wood Harper

Call Number: HV6190 .F73 2017

Women and children as victims and offenders : background, prevention, reintegration : suggestions for succeeding generations.

Helmut Kury, Sławomir Redo, Evelyn Shea, editors

Call Number: HV6250.25

Beyond social capital! : the role of leadership, trust and government policy in Northern Ireland's victim support groups

Laura K. Graham

Call Number: HV6250.3.G72 G73 2016

Sexual homicide of women on the U.S.-Mexican border

Sara Schatz

Call Number: HV6250.4.W65 S325 2017

States of Violence and the Civilising Process : On Criminology and State Crime

by Rob Watts

Call Number: HV6251.6 .W38 2016

Hazardous waste and pollution, detecting and preventing green crimes

Tanya Wyatt, editor

Call Number: HV6401 .H393 2016

Fighting environmental crime in Europe and beyond : the role of the EU and its member states

edited by Ragnhild Sollund, Christoph H. Stefes, Anna Rita Germani

Call Number: HV6405.E85

Emerging security challenges : American jihad, terrorism, civil war, and human rights

Seung-Whan Choi

Call Number: HV6432 .C468 2018

A people's history of riots, protest and the law : the sound of the crowd

Matt Clement

Call Number: HV6474

Riots : an international comparison

Matthew Moran, David Waddington

Call Number: HV6474 .M673 2016

Drink spiking and predatory drugging : a modern history

Pamela Donovan

Call Number: HV6493 .D66 2016

Femicide, gender and violence : discourses and counterdiscourses in Italy

Daniela Bandelli

Call Number: HV6511 .B363 2017

Homicide in São Paulo : an examination of trends from 1960-2010

by Bruno Paes Manso

Call Number: HV6535.B73 M36 2016

Children and the afterlife of state violence : memories of dictatorship

Daniela Jara

Call Number: HV6535.C5

Translating maternal violence : the discursive construction of maternal filicide in 1970s Japan

Alessandro Castellini

Call Number: HV6542

Contemporary sex offender risk management. Volume II, Responses

Hazel Kemshall, Kieran McCartan, editors

Call Number: HV6558

Domestic violence : interdisciplinary perspectives on protection, prevention and intervention

Sarah Hilder, Vanessa Bettinson, editors

Call Number: HV6626.23.G7 D66 2016

Parenting and Family Processes in Child Maltreatment and Intervention

Douglas M. Teti, editor

Call Number: HV6626.5 .P37 2017e

Intergenerational transmission of child maltreatment

Lisa Schelbe, Jennifer M. Geiger

Call Number: HV6626.5 .S34 2017

Child maltreatment fatalities in the United States : four decades of policy, program, and professional responses

Emily M. Douglas

Call Number: HV6626.52 .D684 2017

Child abuse and neglect in Uganda

David Kaawa-Mafigiri, Eddy Joshua Walakira, editors

Call Number: HV6626.54.U33 C45 2017

Metal scrappers and thieves : scavenging for survival and profit

Benjamin F. Stickle

Call Number: HV6652.2

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people (LGBT) and the criminal justice system

Charlotte Knight, Kath Wilson

Call Number: HV7419

Law enforcement and technology : understanding the use of technology for policing

Andy Bain, editor

Call Number: HV7936.A8 L39 2016

Corruption and anti-corruption in policing -- philosophical and ethical issues

Seumas Miller

Call Number: HV7936.C85 M555 2016

Racial profiling and the NYPD : the who, what, when, and why of stop and frisk

Jay L. Newberry

Call Number: HV8148.N5

Policing new risks in modern European history

edited by Jonas Campion and Xavier Rousseaux

Call Number: HV8194.A2 P648 2016

The policing of protest, disorder and international terrorism in the UK since 1945 : Britain in comparative perspective since 1945

Peter Joyce

Call Number: HV8195.A3

A history of the Dublin Metropolitan Police and its colonial legacy

Anastasia Dukova

Call Number: HV8198.A2 D83 2016

The golden and ghoulish age of the gibbet in Britain

Sarah Tarlow

Call Number: HV8532.G7 T37 2017

Emerging issues in prison health

Bernice S. Elger, Catherine Ritter, Heino Stöver, editors

Call Number: HV8833 .E44 2017

Cultural perspectives on youth justice : connecting theory, policy and international practice

Elaine Arnull, Darrell Fox, editors

Call Number: HV9069

Ex-combatants, gender and peace in Northern Ireland : women, political protest and the prison experience

Azrini Wahidin

Call Number: HV9649.N67 W34 2016