Earth & Environmental Sciences

September 2018

QGIS and applications in agriculture and forest

Author: edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, Clément Mallet, Mehrez Zribi

Call Number: G70.212

QGIS and generic tools

Author: edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, Clément Mallet, Mehrez Zribi

Call Number: G70.212

QGIS and applications in territorial planning

Author: edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, Clément Mallet, Mehrez Zribi

Call Number: G70.212

OpenGeoSys tutorial : Computational Hydrology III: OGS#IPhreeqc Coupled Reactive Transport Modeling

Author: Eunseon Jang, Johannes Boog, Wenkui He, Thomas Kalbacher

Call Number: G70.212

Spatial analysis and location modeling in urban and regional systems

Author: Jean-Claude Thill, editor

Call Number: G70.212

Mobile information systems leveraging volunteered geographic information for earth observation

Author: Gloria Bordogna, Paolo Carrara, editors

Call Number: G70.212

ArcGIS for environmental and water issues

Author: William Bajjali

Call Number: G70.212 .B35 2018

Dynamics in GIscience

Author: Igor Ivan, Jiří Horák, Tomáš Inspektor, editors

Call Number: G70.212 .D96 2018

GeoComputational analysis and modeling of regional systems

Author: edited by Jean-Claude Thill, Suzana Dragicevic

Call Number: G70.212 .G46 2018

Pythonic geodynamics : implementations for fast computing

Author: Gabriele Morra

Call Number: G70.212 .P98 2018

The philosophy of geo-ontologies

Author: Timothy Tambassi

Call Number: G70.212 .T36 2018

Trends in spatial analysis and modelling : decision-support and planning strategies

Author: Martin Behnisch, Gotthard Meinel, editors

Call Number: G70.217.G46

Spatial techniques for soil erosion estimation : remote sensing and GIS approach

Author: Rupesh Jayaram Patil

Call Number: G70.217.S65 P38 2018

Geomatic approaches for modeling land change scenarios

Author: María Teresa Camacho Olmedo, Martin Paegelow, Jean-François Mas, Francisco Escobar, editors

Call Number: G70.28

Shaping the geography of empire : man and nature in Herodotus' Histories

Author: Katherine Clarke

Call Number: G87.H5 C53 2018

Adaptive interference mitigation in GNSS

Author: Renbiao Wu, Wenyi Wang, Dan Lu, Lu Wang, Qiongqiong Jia

Call Number: G109.5 .W82 2018

Small flying drones : applications for geographic observation

Author: Gianluca Casagrande, András Sik, Gergely Szabó, editors

Call Number: G142

Tourism in transitions : recoving decline, managing change

Author: Dieter K. Müller, Marek Wi̧eckowski, editors

Call Number: G155.A1

Film tourism in Asia : evolution, transformation, and trajectory

Author: edited by Sangkyun Kim, Stijn Reijnders

Call Number: G155.A2

Report on China's cruise industry

Author: Hong Wang, editor

Call Number: G155.C6

Small town tourism in South Africa

Author: Ronnie Donaldson

Call Number: G155.S57

The Palgrave handbook of dark tourism studies

Author: Philip R. Stone, Rudi Hartmann, Tony Seaton, Richard Sharpley, Leanne White, editors

Call Number: G156.5.D37 P35 2018

Science and geopolitics of the white world : Arctic-Antarctic-Himalaya

Author: Prem Shankar Goel, Rasik Ravindra, Sulagna Chattopadhyay, editors

Call Number: G593

Basic principles of topography

Author: Blagoja Markoski ; translated by Vera Mircheska-Jovanovska, Elena Mihajlova

Call Number: GA105.3 .M375 2018

Environmental applications of digital terrain modeling

Author: John P. Wilson

Call Number: GA139 .W55 2018

Landscapes and landforms of Egypt : landforms and evolution

Author: Nabil Sayed Embabi

Call Number: GB332

Volcanic landscapes and associated wetlands of lowland Patagonia

Author: Elizabeth Mazzoni, Jorge Rabassa, editors

Call Number: GB432.P38

Landscapes and landforms of Belgium and Luxembourg

Author: Alain Demoulin, editor

Call Number: GB436.B4

Geography of small islands : outposts of globalisation

Author: Beate M.W. Ratter

Call Number: GB471

Barrier dynamics and response to changing climate

Author: Laura J. Moore, A. Brad Murray, editors

Call Number: GB471

Caves and karst of the Greenbrier Valley in West Virginia

Author: William B. White, editor

Call Number: GB605.W4

Reclamation of arid lands

Author: Mohammad Jafari, Ali Tavili, Fatemeh Panahi, Ehsan Zandi Esfahan, Majid Ghorbani

Call Number: GB611

Hydrologic modeling : select proceedings of ICWEES-2016

Author: Vijay P. Singh, Shalini Yadav, Ram Narayan Yadava, editors

Call Number: GB656.2.H9 I585 2016

QGIS and applications in water and risks

Author: edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, Clément Mallet, Mehrez Zribi

Call Number: GB656.2.R44

Analysis of hydrogeochemical vulnerability

Author: Constantin Moraru, Robyn Hannigan

Call Number: GB855

Clean and sustainable groundwater in India

Author: Dipankar Saha, Sanjay Marwaha, Arunangshu Mukherjee, editors

Call Number: GB1139 .B48 2015

The double constraint inversion methodology : equations and applications in forward and inverse modeling of groundwater flow

Author: Wouter Zijl, Florimond De Smedt, Mustafa El-Rawy, Okke Batelaan

Call Number: GB1197.7

Seawater intrusion in the coastal alluvial aquifers of the Mahanadi Delta

Author: Prakash Chandra Naik

Call Number: GB1197.84.I4 N35 2018

The rivers of Greece : evolution, current status and perspectives

Author: volume editors: Nikos Skoulikidis, Elias Dimitriou, Ioannis Karaouzas ; with contributions by F. Botsou [and more]

Call Number: GB1297

The Indian rivers : scientific and socio-economic aspects

Author: Dhruv Sen Singh, editor

Call Number: GB1339

South Asian rivers : a framework for cooperation

Author: Imtiaz Ahmed, editor

Call Number: GB1359.S64

Global flood hazard : applications in modeling, mapping and forecasting

Author: editors: Guy J.-P. Schumann, Paul D. Bates, Heiko Apel, Giuseppe T. Aronica

Call Number: GB1399.2

Flood modeling, prediction and mitigation

Author: Zekâi Şen

Call Number: GB1399.2

Observing the oceans in real time

Author: R. Venkatesan, Amit Tandon, Eric D'Asaro, M.A. Atmanand, editors

Call Number: GC10.2

Dynamics of the equatorial ocean

Author: John P. Boyd

Call Number: GC11.2

Submarine geomorphology

Author: Aaron Micallef, Sebastian Krastel, Alessandra Savini, editors

Call Number: GC83

Tsunami propagation in tidal rivers

Author: Elena Tolkova

Call Number: GC221.2

El Niño in world history

Author: Richard Grove and George Adamson

Call Number: GC296.8.E4

The Black Sea : physical, environmental and historical perspectives

Author: Emil Vespremeanu, Mariana Golumbeanu

Call Number: GC681 .V47 2018

Handbook on marine environment protection : science, impacts and sustainable management.

Author: Markus Salomon, Till Markus, editors

Call Number: GC1018 .H35 2018eb

Widening the scope of environmental policies in North America : towards blue approaches

Author: Gustavo Sosa-Nunez, editor

Call Number: GC1023.115 .W54 2018

Arctic marine resource governance and development

Author: Niels Vestergaard, Brooks A. Kaiser, Linda Fernandex, Joan Nymand Larsen, editors

Call Number: GC1023.99

Proceedings of the International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

Author: Mariacristina Cocca, Emilia Di Pace, Maria Emanuela Errico, Gennaro Gentile, Alessio Montarsolo, Raffaelaa Mossotti

Call Number: GC1351

From science to society : new trends in environmental informatics

Author: Benoît Otjacques [and 3 others], editors

Call Number: GE45.D37

Genomic approaches in earth and environmental sciences

Author: Gregory Dick

Call Number: GE105

Crossing borders : governing environmental disasters in a global urban age in Asia and the Pacific

Author: Michelle Ann Miller, Michael Douglass, Matthias Garschagen, editors

Call Number: GE146

European Union external environmental policy : rules, regulation and governance beyond borders

Author: Camilla Adelle, Katja Biedenkopf, Diarmuid Torney, editors

Call Number: GE190.E85 E95 2018

Assessing global water megatrends

Author: Asit K. Biswas, Cecilia Tortajada, Philippe Rohner, editors

Call Number: GE196

Terania Creek and the forging of modern environmental activism

Author: Vanessa Bible

Call Number: GE199.A9

Man-made ecology of east Kazakhstan

Author: Sairan Bayandinova, Zheken Mamutov, Gulnura Issanova

Call Number: GF677.3 .B39 2018

Advances in nonlinear geosciences

Author: Anastasios A. Tsonis, editor ; with a foreword by Michael Ghil

Call Number: QE33.2.M3 A365 2018

Mathematical geosciences : hybrid symbolic-numeric methods

Author: Joseph L. Awange, Béla Paláncz, Robert H. Lewis, Lajos Völgyesi

Call Number: QE33.2.M3 A93 2018

Remote sensing geology

Author: Ravi P. Gupta

Call Number: QE33.2.R4

Earth observation open science and innovation

Author: Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Christoph Aubrecht, editors

Call Number: QE33.2.R4

Quantifying uncertainty in subsurface systems

Author: Céline Scheidt, Lewis Li, Jef Caers

Call Number: QE33.2.S82

Geology of Afar (East Africa)

Author: Jacques Varet

Call Number: QE326

A Photographic Atlas of flood basalt volcanism

Author: Hetu Sheth

Call Number: QE462.B3

Monotonic, cyclic and postcyclic shear behavior of low-plasticity silt

Author: Shuying Wang

Call Number: QE471.2 .W37 2018@TA703

Induction soundings of the Earth's mantle

Author: Vladimir Semenov, Maxim Petrishchev

Call Number: QE509.4 .S36 2018

Geology of Southwest Gondwana

Author: Siegfried Siegesmund, Miguel A. S. Basei, Pedro Oyhantçabal, Sebastian Oriolo, editors

Call Number: QE511.5 .G46 2018

The role of halogens in terrestrial and extraterrestrial geochemical processes : surface, crust, and mantle

Author: Daniel E. Harlov, Leonid Aranovich, editors

Call Number: QE516.H3

Nisyros volcano : the Kos-Yali-Nisyros volcanic field

Author: Volker Jörg Dietrich, Evangelos Lagios, editors

Call Number: QE523.N57 N57 2017

Volcanoes of the Azores : revealing the geological secrets of the Central Northern Atlantic Islands

Author: Ulrich Kueppers, Christoph Beier, editors

Call Number: QE527

Living under the threat of earthquakes : short and long-term management of earthquake risks and damage prevention in Nepal

Author: Jörn H. Kruhl, Rameshwar Adhikari, Uwe E. Dorka, editors

Call Number: QE537.2.N35

Earthquakes and Multi-hazards Around the Pacific Rim. Vol. I

Author: edited by Yongxian Zhang [and 5 others]

Call Number: QE537.5

Atlas of structural geological interpretation from seismic images

Author: edited by Achyuta Ayan Misra, Soumyajit Mukherjee

Call Number: QE538.5 .A85 2018

Pre-earthquake processes : a multidisciplinary approach to earthquake prediction studies

Author: Dimitar Ouzounov, Sergey Pulinets, Katsumi Hattori, Patrick Taylor, editors

Call Number: QE538.8

Preparing for earthquakes : lessons for India

Author: T.G. Sitharam, Sreevalsa Kolathayar

Call Number: QE539.2.S34

Coral reef studies of Japan

Author: Akira Iguchi, Chuki Hongo, editors

Call Number: QE565.5.J3

Sedimentation in the Rupnarayan River. Volume 1, Hydrodynamic processes under a tidal system

Author: Swapan Kumar Maity, Ramkrishna Maiti

Call Number: QE571

Sedimentation in the Rupnarayan River Volume 2, Estuarine environment of deposition

Author: Swapan Kumar Maity, Ramkrishna Maiti

Call Number: QE571

Landslide dynamics : ISDR-ICL landslide interactive teaching tools.

Author: Kyoji Sassa, Fausto Guzzetti, Hiromitsu Yamagishi, Željko Arbanas, Nicola Casagli, Mauri McSaveney, Khang Deng, editors

Call Number: QE599.A2

Land subsidence induced by the engineering-environmental effect

Author: Zhen-Dong Cui

Call Number: QE600.2

Seismic forward modeling of fractures and fractured medium inversion

Author: Xiaoqin Cui, Laurence Lines, Edward Stephen Krebes, Suping Peng

Call Number: QE606

Ancient landscapes of western North America : a geologic history with paleogeographic maps

Author: Ronald C. Blakey, Wayne D. Ranney

Call Number: QE626

Lithostratigraphy of Sicily

Author: Luca Basilone

Call Number: QE651

The late Triassic World : Earth in a time of transition

Author: Lawrence H. Tanner, editor

Call Number: QE676

Wave and tidal energy

Author: edited by Deborah Greaves and Gregorio Iglesias

Call Number: TC147 .W38 2018

Free surface flows and transport processes : 36th International School of Hydraulics

Author: Monika B, Kalinowska, Magdalena M. Mrokowska, Paweł M. Rowiński, editors

Call Number: TC160

Reservoir modelling : a practical guide

Author: Stephen Cannon, principal consultant (Steve Cannon Geoscience)

Call Number: TC167 .C36 2018

Energy and environment : select proceedings of ICWEES-2016

Author: Vijay P. Singh, Shalini Yadav, Ram Narayan Yadava, editors

Call Number: TC401

Principles of river hydraulics

Author: by Aronne Armanini

Call Number: TC405 .A76 2018

Flood monitoring through remote sensing

Author: Alberto Refice, Annarita D'Addabbo, Domenico Capolongo, editors

Call Number: TC530

Three Gorges Dam : environmental monitoring network and practice

Author: Zhenli Huang, Bingfang Wu

Call Number: TC558.C52

Marine robotics and applications

Author: Luc Jaulin, Andrea Caiti, Marc Carreras, Vincent Creuze, Frédéric Plumet, Benoît Zerr, Annick Billon-Coat, editors

Call Number: TC1662

Dynamic analysis and design of offshore structures

Author: Srinivasan Chandrasekaran

Call Number: TC1665

Offshore mechanics : structural and fluid dynamics for recent applications

Author: Madjid Karimirad, Constantine Michailides, Ali Nematbakhsh

Call Number: TC1665 .K38 2018

Modern age environmental problems and their remediation

Author: Mohammad Oves, Mohammad Zain Khan, Iqbal M.I. Ismail, editors

Call Number: TD170

Tracing rhetoric and material life : ecological approaches

Author: Bridie McGreavy, Justine Wells, George F. McHendry, Jr., Samantha Senda-Cook, editors

Call Number: TD170.2 .T73 2018

Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Asia Urban GeoEngineering

Author: Changyu Ou, Renpeng Chen, Gang Zheng, editors

Call Number: TD171.9

Environmental pollution : select proceedings of ICWEES-2016

Author: Vijay P Singh, Shalini Yadav, Ram Narayan Yadava, editors

Call Number: TD172.5

Paradigms in pollution prevention

Author: edited by Tanu Jindal

Call Number: TD174

Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology. Volume 244

Author: editor, Pim de Voogt

Call Number: TD174

Emerging pollutants : origin, structure, and properties

Author: Francisco G. Calvo-Flores, Joaquín Isac-García and José A. Doblado

Call Number: TD174 .C35 2018eb

Organic pollutants in the geosphere

Author: Jan Schwarzbauer, Branimir Jovančićević

Call Number: TD177 .S39 2018

Waste bioremediation

Author: Sunita J. Varjani, Edgard Gnansounou, Baskar Gurunathan, Deepak Pant, Zainul Akmar Zakaria, editors

Call Number: TD192.5

Bioremediation : applications for environmental protection and management

Author: Sunita J. Varjani, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Edgard Gnansounou, Baskar Gurunathan, editors

Call Number: TD192.5

Modelling the fate of chemicals in the environment and the human body

Author: volume editors: Philippe Ciffroy, Alice Tediosi, Ettore Capri ; with contributions by A. Altenpohl [and more]

Call Number: TD193

The ecological scarcity method for the European Union : a Volkswagen research initiative: environmental assessments

Author: Stephan Ahbe, Simon Weihofen, Steffen Wellge

Call Number: TD194.68.E85

Equivalency methods for environmental liability : assessing damage and compensation under the European Environmental Liability Directive

Author: Joshua Lipton, Ece Özdemiroğlu, David Chapman, Jennifer Peers, editors

Call Number: TD194.7

Detox fashion : case studies

Author: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor

Call Number: TD195.T48 D37 2018

Detox fashion : sustainable chemistry and wet processing

Author: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor

Call Number: TD195.T48 D48 2018@TS1300

Models for sustainable framework in luxury fashion : luxury and models

Author: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor

Call Number: TD195.T48 M63 2018

Nanotechnology in environmental science

Author: edited by Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain and Ajay Kumar Mishra

Call Number: TD196.N36

A critical approach to international water management trends : policy and practice

Author: Christian Bréthaut, Rémi Schweizer, editors

Call Number: TD345

Water resources management : select proceedings of ICWEES-2016

Author: Vijay P. Singh, Shalini Yadav, Ram Narayan Yadava, editors

Call Number: TD345

Water, energy, food and people across the global south : 'the Nexus' in an era of climate change

Author: Larry A. Swatuk, Corrine Cash, editors

Call Number: TD353

Impact of climate change on water resources : with modeling techniques and case studies

Author: Komaragiri Srinivasa Raju, Dasika Nagesh Kumar

Call Number: TD353

Nanotechnology for sustainable water resources

Author: edited by Ajay Kumar Mishra and Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain

Call Number: TD388.5

Groundwater and global change in the western Mediterranean area

Author: Maria Luisa Calvache, Carlos Dusque, David Pulido-Velazquez, editors

Call Number: TD403

Towards the Monitoring of Dumped Munitions Threat (MODUM) : a study of chemical munitions dumpsites in the Baltic Sea

Author: edited by Jacek Bełdowski and Robert Been and Eyup Kuntay Turmus

Call Number: TD427.C56 T68 2018

Freshwater microplastics : emerging environmental contaminants?

Author: volume editors: Martin Wagner, Scott Lambert ; with contributions by E. Besseling... [and more]

Call Number: TD427.P62

Wastewater treatment and reuse in the food industry

Author: Marcella Barbera, Giovanni Gurnari

Call Number: TD429

Water remediation

Author: Shantanu Bhattacharya, Akhilendra Bhushan Gupta, Ankur Gupta, Ashok Pandey, editors

Call Number: TD430

Influence of traffic and land use on urban stormwater quality : implications for urban stormwater treatment design

Author: Janaka M.A. Gunawardena, An Liu, Prasanna Egodawatta, Godwin A. Ayoko, Ashantha Goonetilleke

Call Number: TD657

Ecotechnologies for the treatment of variable stormwater and wastewater flows

Author: Katharina Tondera, Godecke-Tobias Blecken, Florent Chazarenc, Chris C. Tanner, editors

Call Number: TD657

Detox fashion : waste water treatment

Author: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor

Call Number: TD745

Wastewater management through aquaculture

Author: B. B. Jana, R. N. Mandal, P. Jayasankar, editors

Call Number: TD755 .W294 2018

Advances in Dye Removal Technologies

Author: by Sourav Mondal, Mihir Kumar Purkait, Sirshendu De

Call Number: TD758.5.C65 M66 2018

Air pollution and control

Author: Nikhil Sharma, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Peter Eastwood, Tarun Gupta, Akhilendra P Singh, editors

Call Number: TD883

Air pollution modeling and its application XXV

Author: edited by Clemens Mensink, George Kallos

Call Number: TD883.1

Indoor air pollution

Author: volume editors: Peter Pluschke, Hans Schleibinger ; with contributions by G.A. Ayoko [and more]

Call Number: TD883.17

Environmental contaminants : measurement, modelling and control

Author: Tarun Gupta [and others], editors

Call Number: TD897

Sustainable technologies for the management of agricultural wastes

Author: Zainul Akmar Zakaria, editor

Call Number: TD930