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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Geo-spatial knowledge and intelligence : 4th International Conference on Geo-Informatics in Resource Management and Sustainable Ecosystem, GRMSE 2016, Hong Kong, China, November 18-20, 2016, Revised selected papers.

Hanning Yuan, Jing Geng, Fuling Bian (eds.)

Call Number: G70.2

Geo-spatial knowledge and intelligence : 4th International Conference on Geo-Informatics in Resource Management and Sustainable Ecosystem, GRMSE 2016, Hong Kong, China, November 18-20, 2016, Revised selected papers.

Hanning Yuan, Jing Geng, Fuling Bian (eds.)

Call Number: G70.2

Global dynamics : approaches from complexity science

edited by Sir Alan Wilson

Call Number: G70.23

Using geodata & geolocation in the social sciences : mapping our connected world

David Abernathy

Call Number: G70.3 .A24 2017

Explorers' sketchbooks : the art of discovery & adventure

Huw Lewis-Jones ; Kari Herbert ; foreword by Robert MacFarlane

Call Number: G81 .L49 2017

The geography of names : indigenous to post-foundational

Gwilym Lucas Eades

Call Number: G100.5 .E34 2017

World regions in global context : peoples, places, and environments

Sallie A. Marston, Paul L. Knox, Diana M. Liverman, Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr., Paul F. Robbins

Call Number: G116 .W675 2017

Mapping across academia

Stanley D. Brunn, Martin Dodge, editors

Call Number: G128

Social Entrepreneurship and Tourism : Philosophy and Practice

edited by Pauline J. Sheldon, Roberto Daniele

Call Number: G155.A1

Tourism marketing for developing countries : battling stereotypes and crises in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Eli Avraham, University of Haifa, Israel, Eran Ketter, University of Haifa, Israel

Call Number: G155.A1 A87 2015

Tourism management, marketing, and development : performance, strategies, and sustainability

edited by Marcello M. Mariani, Wojciech Czakon, Dimitrios Buhalis, and Ourania Vitouladiti

Call Number: G155.A1 T68 2016eb

The geography of tourism of Central and Eastern European countries

Krzysztof Widawski, Jerzy Wyrzykowski, editors

Call Number: G155.E85

An introduction to the geography of tourism

Velvet Nelson

Call Number: G156.5.E58 N45 2017

The first circumnavigators : unsung heroes of the age of discovery

Harry Kelsey

Call Number: G419 .K45 2016eb

Around the world on hot air & two wheels

Malcolm Forbes

Call Number: G465 .F65 1985

Relics of the Franklin Expedition : discovering artifacts from the doomed Arctic voyage of 1845

Garth Walpole ; edited by Russell Potter

Call Number: G660 .W35 2017

A wretched and precarious situation : in search of the last Arctic frontier

David Welky

Call Number: G670 1913 .W45 2017

The atlas of environmental migration

Dina Ionesco, Daria Mokhnacheva, François Gemenne

Call Number: G1046.E27 I613 2017

Road atlas: United States, Canada, and Mexico

Call Number: G1201.P2 R35

You are here NYC : mapping the soul of the city

Katharine Harmon

Call Number: G1254.N4B7 H3 2017

Whither the waters : mapping the Great Basin from Bernardo de Miera to John C. Frémont

John L. Kessell

Call Number: G1382.G73 K4 2017

Picturing America : the golden age of pictorial maps

Stephen J. Hornsby

Call Number: G3201.A5 H67 2017

After the map : cartography, navigation, and the transformation of territory in the twentieth century

William Rankin

Call Number: GA102.3 .R36 2016

Medieval Islamic maps : an exploration

Karen C. Pinto

Call Number: GA221 .P56 2016

The new map of empire : how Britain imagined America before independence

S. Max Edelson

Call Number: GA401 .E36 2017

Fundamentals of geomorphology

Richard John Huggett

Call Number: GB401.5 .H845 2017

Seasteading : how floating nations will restore the environment, enrich the poor, cure the sick, and liberate humanity from politicians

Joe Quirk with Patri Friedman

Call Number: GB471 .Q57 2016

Tools in fluvial geomorphology

edited by G. Mathias Kondolf and Hervé Piegay

Call Number: GB562

For all waters : finding ourselves in early modern wetscapes

Lowell Duckert

Call Number: GB622 .D84 2017

OpenGeoSys tutorial : Computational hydrology II: Groundwater quality modeling

Agnes Sachse, Erik Nixdorf, Eunseon Jang, Karsten Rink, Thomas Fischer, Beidou Xi, Christof Beyer, Sebastian Bauer, Marc Walther, Yuanyuan Sun, Yonghui Song

Call Number: GB656.2.C63

The Souss-massa River Basin, Morocco [electronic resource]

Call Number: GB811.M57

Hydrogeology of a large oil-and-gas basin in Central Patagonia : San Jorge Gulf Basin, Argentina

Mario Alberto Hernández, Nilda González, Lisandro Hernández

Call Number: GB1059

Glaciers of Georgia

Levan Tielidze

Call Number: GB2508.G46


Christopher G. Collier

Call Number: GB2801.7 .C65 2016eb

Acoustic investigation of complex seabeds

Jacques Yves Guigné, Philippe Blondel

Call Number: GC87

Fundamentals of estuarine physical oceanography

Luiz Bruner de Miranda, Fernando Pinheiro Andutta, Björn Kjerfve, Belmiro Mendes de Castro Filho

Call Number: GC97

Tides : the science and spirit of the ocean

Jonathan White ; foreword by Peter Matthiessen

Call Number: GC301.2 .W48 2017

Topic-driven environmental rhetoric

edited by Derek G. Ross

Call Number: GE25 .T66 2017

Ain't there no more : Louisiana's disappearing coastal plain

Carl A. Brasseaux and Donald W. Davis ; foreword by Robert Twilley

Call Number: GE155.L8 B73 2017

Green state in Africa

Carl Death

Call Number: GE160.A35 D43 2016eb

Global environmental institutions

Elizabeth R. DeSombre

Call Number: GE170 .D474 2017

Global environmental governance, civil society and wildlife : birdsong after the storm

Margi Prideaux

Call Number: GE170 .P745 2017

Democracy in the woods : environmental conservation and social justice in India, Tanzania, and Mexico

Prakash Kashwan

Call Number: GE190.I4

Corridors of Power : the Politics of Environmental Aid to Madagascar

Call Number: GE190.M28

Sustainability made simple : small changes for big impact

Rosaly Byrd and Laurèn DeMates

Call Number: GE196 .B97 2017

Ecuador's environmental revolutions : ecoimperialists, ecodependents, and ecoresisters

Tammy L. Lewis

Call Number: GE199.E2 L49 2015eb

Climate change adaptation in Pacific countries : fostering resilience and improving the quality of life

Walter Leal Filho, editor

Call Number: GF71

Geostatistics Valencia 2016

J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández, Javier Rodrigo-Ilarri, María Elena Rodrigo-Clavero, Eduardo Cassiraga, José Antonio Vargas-Guzmán, editors

Call Number: QE33.2.S82

Geothermics : heat flow in the lithosphere

Vincenzo Pasquale, Massimo Verdoya, Paolo Chiozzi

Call Number: QE501

Salt tectonics : principles and practice

Martin P.A. Jackson and Michael R. Hudec, the University of Texas at Austin

Call Number: QE513 .J33 2017

Calcium stable isotope geochemistry

edited by Nikolaus Gussone, Anne-Desirée Schmitt, Alexander Heuser, Frank Wombacher, Martin Dietzel, Edward Tipper, Martin Schiller

Call Number: QE516.C2 G87 2016

Geological storage of CO2 in deep saline formations

Auli Niemi, Jacob Bear, Jacob Bensabat, editors

Call Number: QE516.C37

Thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS) : silicate digestion, separation, and measurement

Akio Makishima

Call Number: QE516.3

Computational seismology : a practical introduction

Heiner Igel

Call Number: QE539

The Indian Mesozoic chronicle : sequence stratigraphic approach

Jai Krishna

Call Number: QE675


Call Number: QE685 .R36 2017

Applications of paleoenvironmental techniques in estuarine studies

Kaarina Weckström, Krystyna M. Saunders, Peter A. Gell, C. Gregory Skilbeck, editors

Call Number: QE720

The Cambrian fossils of Chengjiang, China : the flowering of early animal life

Hou Xian-guang [and eight others]

Call Number: QE756.C6 C35 2017

Graptolite paleobiology

Jörg Maletz

Call Number: QE840.5 M35 2017

Weird dinosaurs : the strange new fossils challenging everything we thought we knew

John Pickrell

Call Number: QE861.4 .P53 2017

Cetacean paleobiology

Felix G. Marx, Olivier Lambert and Mark D. Uhen

Call Number: QE882.C5

Hydraulic modeling

Victor M. Lyatkher, Alexander M. Proudovsky

Call Number: TC164 .L53 2016eb

Plasma Remediation Technology for Environmental Protection

Call Number: TD192.5

Nanotechnologies for environmental remediation : applications and implications

Giusy Lofrano, Giovanni Libralato, Jeanette Brown, editors

Call Number: TD192.5

Using risk analysis for flood protection assessment

Martina Zeleňáková, Lenka Zvijáková

Call Number: TD194.6

Shale analytics : data-driven analytics in unconventional resources

Shahab D. Mohaghegh

Call Number: TD195.G3

Shale gas : ecology, politics, economy

Sergey S. Zhiltsov, editor

Call Number: TD195.G3

Living with lead : an environmental history of Idaho's Coeur d'Alenes, 1885-2011

Bradley D. Snow

Call Number: TD195.M5 S625 2017

Pollution control handbook for oil and gas engineering

edited by Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

Call Number: TD196.P4 P65 2016eb

Freshwater challenges of South Africa and its upper Vaal River : current state and outlook

Anja du Plessis

Call Number: TD319.S6

Stormwater : a resource for scientists, engineers, and policy makers

William G. Wilson

Call Number: TD657

Combustible solid waste thermochemical conversion : a study of interactions and influence factors

Hui Zhou

Call Number: TD796.2

Pollutant dispersion in built environment

Tingzhen Ming, Chong Peng, Tingrui Gong, Zhengtong Li

Call Number: TD883

China's role in reducing carbon emissions : the stabilisation of energy consumption and the deployment of renewable energy

David Toke

Call Number: TD885.5.C3 T645 2017