Earth & Environmental Sciences

April 2019

Applications and challenges of geospatial technology : potential and future trends

Author: editors, Pavan Kumar, Meenu Rani, Prem Chandra Pandey, Haroon Sajjad and Bhagwan Singh Chaudhary

Call Number: G70.212

WebGIS for disaster management and emergency response

Author: Rifaat Abdalla, Marwa Esmail

Call Number: G70.212

GIScience teaching and learning perspectives

Author: Shivanand Balram, James Boxall, editors

Call Number: G70.212

Geospatial challenges in the 21st century

Author: Kostis Koutsopoulos, Rafael de Miguel González, Karl Donert, editors

Call Number: G70.212 .G46 2019

Cloud computing for geospatial big data analyitics : intelligent edge, fog and mist computing

Author: Himansu Das [and three others], editors

Call Number: G70.217.G46 C56 2019

Spectral mixture for remote sensing : linear model and applications

Author: Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Flávio Jorge Ponzoni

Call Number: G70.4

How to lie with maps

Author: Mark Monmonier

Call Number: G108.7 .M66 2018

Smart tourism as a driver for culture and sustainability : Fifth International Conference IACuDiT, Athens 2018

Author: Vicky Katsoni, Marival Segarra-Oña, editors

Call Number: G154.9 .I3448 2018

Trends in tourist behavior : new products and experiences from Europe

Author: Andrés Artal-Tur, Metin Kozak, Nazmi Kozak, editors

Call Number: G155.A1 T74 2019

Magazines, tourism, and nation-building in Mexico

Author: Claire Lindsay

Call Number: G155.M6 L56 2019

Environmental education and ecotourism

Author: Fernando Ramírez, Josefina Santana

Call Number: G156.5.E26 R36 2019

Leadership for the North : the influence and impact of Arctic Council Chairs

Author: Douglas C. Nord, editor

Call Number: G615 .L42 2019

The physical geography of Brazil : environment, vegetation and landscape

Author: André Augusto Rodrigues Salgado, Leonardo José Cordeiro Santos, Julio César Paisani, editors

Call Number: GB155

Landscapes and landforms of Turkey

Author: Catherine Kuzucuoğlu, Attila Çiner, Nizamettin Kazanci, editors

Call Number: GB438.T9

Remote sensing of Northwest Himalayan ecosystems

Author: R. R. Navalgund, A. Senthil Kumar, Subrata Nandy, editors

Call Number: GB546.H5

Principles of alluvial fan morphology

Author: Dan Bowman

Call Number: GB591

World terraced landscapes : history, environment, quality of life

Author: Mauro Varotto, Luca Bonardi, Paolo Tarolli, editors

Call Number: GB591 .W67 2019

Decision making with uncertainty in stormwater pollutant processes : a perspective on urban stormwater pollution mitigation

Author: Buddhi Wijesiri, An Liu, Prasanna Egodawatta, James McGree, Ashantha Goonetilleke

Call Number: GB980 .W55 2019

Applied soil hydrology

Author: Viliam Novák, Hana Hlaváčiková

Call Number: GB1003.2

Ground water development : issues and sustainable solutions

Author: S.P. Sinha Ray, editor

Call Number: GB1003.2

Groundwater in the Nile Delta

Author: volume editor: Abdelazim M. Negm ; with contributions by I. Abd-Elaty [and more]

Call Number: GB1164.N5

Thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical processes in fractured porous media : modelling and benchmarking : from benchmarking to tutoring

Author: edited by Olaf Kolditz, Thomas Nagel, Hua Shao, Wenqing Wang, Sebastian Bauer

Call Number: GB1199.5

Egyptian coastal lakes and wetlands. Part II, Climate change and biodiversity

Author: volume editors: Abdelazim M. Negm, Mohamed Ali Bek, Sommer Abdel-Fattah ; with contributions by H. Abayazid [and more]

Call Number: GB1763

Egyptian coastal lakes and wetlands. Part I, Characteristics and hydrodynamics

Author: volume editors: Abdelazim M. Negm, Mohamed Ali Bek, Sommer Abdel-Fattah ; with contributions by S. Abdel-Fattah [and more]

Call Number: GB1763

Glaciation : a very short introduction

Author: David J. A. Evans

Call Number: GB2403.2 .E93 2018

Investigations manual : AMS ocean studies

Call Number: GC11.2 .I68 2012

Ocean studies : introduction to oceanography

Author: Joseph M. Moran [editor]

Call Number: GC11.2 .O24 2011

Tsunami generation and propagation

Author: Tatsuhiko Saito

Call Number: GC221.2

Oceanographic and biological aspects of the Red Sea

Author: Najeeb M. A. Rasul, Ian C. F. Stewart, editors

Call Number: GC741 .O34 2019

Environmental ethics : a very short introduction

Author: Robin Attfield

Call Number: GE42 .A875 2018

Interdisciplinary teaching about earth and the environment for a sustainable future

Author: David C. Gosselin, Anne E. Egger, J. John Taber, editors

Call Number: GE70

Human and environmental security in the era of global risks : perspectives from Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands

Author: Mohamed Behnassi, Himangana Gupta, Olaf Pollmann, editors

Call Number: GE105 .H86 2019

Greening China's urban governance : tackling environmental and sustainability challenges

Author: Jørgen Delman, Yuan Ren, Outi Luova, Mattias Burell, Oscar Almén, editors

Call Number: GE190.C6

Who speaks for nature? : indigenous movements, public opinion, and the petro-state in Ecuador

Author: Todd A. Eisenstadt and Karleen Jones West

Call Number: GE190.E2 E55 2019

Human and environmental justice in Guatemala

Author: edited by Stephen Henighan and Candace Johnson

Call Number: GE240.G83 H86 2018

Global adaptation and resilience to climate change

Author: edited by Tara Rava Zolnikov

Call Number: GF71 .G56 2019

Signs on the earth : Islam, modernity and the climate crisis

Author: Fazlun M. Khalid

Call Number: GF75 .K48 2019

Beyond the mountains : commodifying Appalachian environments

Author: Drew A. Swanson

Call Number: GF504.A5 S93 2018

Challenges towards ecological sustainability in China : an interdisciplinary perspective

Author: editors, Xiaojun Yang and Shijun Jiang

Call Number: GF656