December 2018

Economic and financial modelling with EViews : a guide for students and professionals

Author: Abdulkader Aljandali and Motasam Tatahi

Call Number: HB141

Average treatment effect bounds with an instrumental variable : theory and practice

Author: Carlos A. Flores, Xuan Chen

Call Number: HB141 .F56 2018

Ethnic identity, social mobility and the role of soulmates

Author: Marieke Slootman

Call Number: HB1951 .S56 2018

Trajectories and origins : survey on the diversity of the French population

Author: Cris Beauchemin, Christelle Hamel, Patrick Simon, editors

Call Number: HB3593

Energy investments : an adaptive approach to profiting from uncertainties

Author: Ricardo G. Barcelona

Call Number: HB615 .B37 2017

Thomas Robert Malthus

Author: David Reisman

Call Number: HB863

Israel's technology economy : origins and impact

Author: David Rosenberg

Call Number: HC415.25.Z9

Approaching consumer culture : global flows and local contexts

Author: Evgenia Krasteva-Blagoeva, editor

Call Number: HC79.C6

Technologies for development : from innovation to social impact

Author: Silvia Hostettler, Samira Najih Besson, Jean-Claude Bolay, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Transitioning towards a knowledge society : Qatar as a case study

Author: Julia Gremm, Julia Barth, Kaja J. Fietkiewicz, Wolfgang G. Stock

Call Number: HC79.I55 G74 2018

Large group decision making : creating decision support approaches at scale

Author: Iván Palomares Carrascosa

Call Number: HD30.23

New developments in eco-innovation research

Author: Jens Horbach and Christiane Reif, editors

Call Number: HD30.255 .N48 2018

The end of competitive advantage : how to keep your strategy moving as fast as your business

Author: Rita Guinther McGrath

Call Number: HD30.28 .M38378 2013

Conquering digital overload : leadership strategies that build engaging work cultures

Author: Peter Thomson, Mike Johnson, J. Michael Devlin, editors

Call Number: HD45

Demystifying leadership in Iceland : an inquiry into cultural, societal, and entrepreneurial uniqueness

Author: Inga Minelgaite, Svala Guðmundsdóttir, Árelía E. Guðmundsdóttir, Olga Stangej

Call Number: HD57.7

Organizations : a very short introduction

Author: Mary Jo Hatch

Call Number: HD58.7 .H395 2011

Global business value innovations : building innovation capabilities for business strategies

Author: Anshu Saxena Arora, Sabine Bacouel-Jentjens, Jennifer J. Edmonds, editors

Call Number: HD62.4 .G56 2018

Hacking product design : a guide to designing products for startups

Author: Tony Jing

Call Number: HD62.5 .J56 2018

Pass the PMP exam : tools, tips and tricks to succeed

Author: Sean Whitaker

Call Number: HD69.P75 W4923 2016

Efficiency of growth drivers : an analysis of select Indian industries

Author: Susmita Chatterjee, Dhrubaranjan Dandapat, Bhaskar Bagchi

Call Number: HD82

Economics, management and sustainability : essays in honour of Anup Sinha

Author: Partha Ray, Runa Sarkar, Anindya Sen, editors

Call Number: HD82 .E26 2018

Hegemonic transformation : the state, laws, and labour relations in post-socialist China

Author: Elaine Sio-ieng Hui

Call Number: HD8736.5 .H85 2018

Traceability in the dairy industry in Europe : theory and practice

Author: Ignazio Mania, Amélia Martins Delgado, Caterina Barone, Salvatore Parisi

Call Number: HD9275

Energy and the wealth of nations : an introduction to biophysical economics

Author: Charles A. S. Hall, Kent Klitgaard

Call Number: HD9502.A2 H2422 2018

Advances in applied strategic mine planning

Author: edited by Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

Call Number: HD9506

Automobile industry supply chain in Thailand

Author: Munehiko Itoh and 4 others

Call Number: HD9710.C52

Technological transformation in the global pulp and paper industry 1800-2018 : comparative perspectives

Author: Timo Särkkä, Miquel Gutiérrez-Poch, Mark Kuhlberg

Call Number: HD9769.W63