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Items Acquired in January 2018 for the University Libraries

Assessing risk assessment : towards alternative risk measures for complex financial systems

by Christian Hugo Hoffmann

Call Number: HB1-846.8

Hayek : a collaborative biography.

edited by Robert Leeson

Call Number: HB101.H39

No ordinary woman : the life of Edith Penrose

Angela Penrose

Call Number: HB119.P46

Neuroeconomic and behavioral aspects of decision making : proceedings of the 2016 Computational Methods in Experimental Economics (CMEE) Conference

Kesra Nermend, Małgorzata Latuszyńska, editors

Call Number: HB131

Econophysics and capital asset pricing [electronic resource]

James Ming Chen

Call Number: HB137

Time and economics : the concept of functional time [electronic resource]

Željko Rohatinski

Call Number: HB147

South-North migration of EU citizens in times of crisis

Jean-Michel Lafleur, Mikolaj Stanek editors

Call Number: HB1951

After the flood : how the Great Recession changed economic thought

Edward L. Glaeser, Tano Santos, and E. Glen Weyl [editors]

Call Number: HB3722 .A3225 2017eb

The Greek debt crisis : in quest of growth in times of austerity

Christos Floros, Ioannis Chatziantoniou, editors

Call Number: HB3807.5

Academic entrepreneurship : how to bring your scientific discovery to a successful commercial product

Michele Marcolongo

Call Number: HB615

The entrepreneur in rule-based economics : theory, empirical practice, and policy design

Georg D. Blind

Call Number: HB615

The Process of Social Value Creation : a Multiple-Case Study on Social Entrepreneurship in India

by Archana Singh

Call Number: HB615

Humanism challenges materialism in economics and economic history

edited by Roderick Floud, Santhi Hejeebu, and David F. Mitch

Call Number: HB72 .H826 2017

Comparative political economy : contours of a subfield

Georg Menz

Call Number: HB74.P65

Economics of pessimism and optimism : theory of Knightian uncertainty and its applications [electronic resource]

Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Hiroyuki Ozaki

Call Number: HB74.P8

The Routledge handbook of heterodox economics : theorizing, analyzing, and transforming capitalism

edited by Tae-Hee Jo, Lynne Chester, and Carlo D'Ippoliti

Call Number: HB75 .R67476 2018

The governance of European public goods : towards a Republican paradigm of European integration

edited by Stefan Collignon

Call Number: HB846.5

Demographic transition, labour markets and regional resilience [electronic resource]

Cristina Martinez, Tamara Weyman, Jouke van Dijk, editors

Call Number: HB887

Racism in the neoliberal era : a meta history of elite white power

Randolph Hohle

Call Number: HB95 .H645 2017

Industry surveys

CFRA, powered by data from S&P Global

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

Industry surveys

CFRA, powered by data from S&P Global

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

The new economic populism : how states respond to economic inequality

William W. Franko and Christopher Witko

Call Number: HC110.I5 F73 2018

The Brazilian economy since the Great Financial Crisis of 2007/2008 [electronic resource]

Philip Arestis, Carolina Troncoso Baltar, Daniela Magalhães Prates, editors

Call Number: HC187

The European roots of the Eurozone crisis : errors of the past and needs for the future

Mario Baldassarri

Call Number: HC240

The law & politics of Brexit

edited by Federico Fabbrini

Call Number: HC240.25 .G74


Call Number: HC240.9.D4 D56 2017

The role of universities in the Europe 2020 strategy : the cases of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo

Alessandra Ricciardelli

Call Number: HC241

The segmentation of Europe : convergence or divergence between core and periphery?

Mark Baimbridge, Ioannis Litsios, Karen Jackson, Uih Ran Lee

Call Number: HC241.2 .B2743 2017

Adults in the room : my battle with the European and American deep establishment

Yanis Varoufakis

Call Number: HC241.25.G8 V37 2017

Economics of institutional change : Central and Eastern Europe revisited

Elodie Douarin and Tomasz Mickiewicz

Call Number: HC244

Poverty reduction, the private sector, and tourism in mainland Southeast Asia [electronic resource]

Scott Hipsher

Call Number: HC415.D5

China's macroeconomic outlook : quarterly forecast and analysis report, February 2017 [electronic resource]

Center for Macroeconomic Research of Xiamen University

Call Number: HC427

Unmaking China's development : the function and credibility of institutions

Peter Ho

Call Number: HC427.95 .H6 2017

India as an organization. Volume two, The reconstruction of India

Dipak Basu, Victoria Miroshnik

Call Number: HC433

Value in a changing built environment

edited by David Lorenz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany ; Peter Dent , Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom ; Tom Kauko, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Call Number: HC433 .V35 2018

Economic analysis of families and society : the transformation of Japanese society and public policies [electronic resource]

Shinji Yamashige

Call Number: HC462.9

Resource constraints and global growth : evidence from the financial sector

Efundem Agboraw, Aled Jones

Call Number: HC54

Information and communication technology for development (ICT4D)

Richard Heeks

Call Number: HC59.72.I55 H44 2018

Stress, affluence and sustainable consumption

Cecilia Solér

Call Number: HC79.C6 S65 2018

Water-energy-food Nexus : principles and practices [electronic resource]

P. Abdul Salam, Sangam Shrestha, Vishnu Prasad Pandey, Anil Kumar Anal, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Work, institutions and sustainable livelihood : issues and challenges of transformation

Virginius Xaxa, Debdulal Saha, Rajdeep Singha, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Earth at risk : natural capital and the quest for sustainability

Claude Henry and Laurence Tubiana

Call Number: HC79.E5 H463 2018

The imperatives of sustainable development : needs, justice, limits

Erling Holden, Kristin Linnerud, David Banister, Valeria Jana Schwanitz, August Wierling

Call Number: HC79.E5 H646 2018

The low carbon economy : understanding and supporting a sustainable transition

Polina Baranova, Elaine Conway, Nicola Lynch, Fred Paterson, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5 L69 2017eb

The demographics of innovation : why demographics is a key to the innovation race

James Jianzhang Liang

Call Number: HC79.T4

Innovation and the state : finance, regulation, and justice

Cristie Ford

Call Number: HC79.T4 F648 2017

Free innovation

Eric von Hippel

Call Number: HC79.T4 H557 2017eb

Migration, cross-border trade and development in Africa : exploring the role of non-state actors in the SADC Region [electronic resource]

edited by Christopher Changwe Nshimbi, Inocent Moyo

Call Number: HC800

Macroeconomic policy framework for Africa's structural transformation

Carlos Lopes, Abdalla Hamdok, Adam Elhiraika, editors

Call Number: HC800 .M323 2017

The political economy of land acquisition in India : how a village stops being one [electronic resource]

Dhanmanjiri Sathe

Call Number: HD1333.I4

The inside guide to funding real estate investments : how to get the money you need for the property you want

Ross Hamilton

Call Number: HD1382.5

A HouseBeautiful home business : how to start a successful interiors, homewares or furniture business from home

Emma Jones

Call Number: HD2333

An economic analysis of the rise and decline of Chinese township and village enterprises

Cheng Jin

Call Number: HD2346.C6 J56 2017

Crisis and turnaround in German medium-dized enterprises : an integrated empirical study

Thomas Wittig

Call Number: HD2346.G3 .W588 2017eb

Changing contours of Indian agriculture : investment, income and non-farm employment

Seema Bathla, Amaresh Dubey, editors

Call Number: HD2702

Private action for public purpose : examining the growth of Falck, the world's largest rescue company

Alex Murdock

Call Number: HD2796

Cooperation, coopetition and innovation

Nabyla Daidj

Call Number: HD2963

ITIL intermediate certification companion study guide : intermediate ITIL service capability exams

Helen Morris, Liz Gallacher

Call Number: HD30.2

Jumpstart Tableau : a step-by-step guide to better data visualization

Arshad Khan

Call Number: HD30.2

Puppet 5 essentials : a fast-paced guide to automating your infrastructure

Martin Alfke, Felix Frank

Call Number: HD30.2

Global sourcing of digital services : micro and macro perspectives : 11th Global Sourcing Workshop 2017, La Thuile, Italy, February 22-25, 2017, Revised selected papers

Ilan Oshri, Julia Kotlarsky, Leslie P. Willcocks (eds.)

Call Number: HD30.2

The Wiley Blackwell handbook of the psychology of the Internet at work

edited by Guido Hertel, Dianna L. Stone, Richard D. Johnson, and Jonathan Passmore

Call Number: HD30.2 .W5278 2017

Implementing Qlik Sense : design, develop, and validate BI solutions for consultants

Ganapati Hegde, Kaushik Solanki

Call Number: HD30.213

Odoo 10 implementation cookbook : explore the capabilities of Odoo and discover all you need to implement it

Mantavya Gajjar

Call Number: HD30.213

JMP connections : the art of utilizing connections in your data

John Wubbel

Call Number: HD30.215

JMP connections

by John Wubbel

Call Number: HD30.215

Profit-driven business analytics : a practitioner's guide to transforming big data into added value

Wouter Verbeke, Bart Baesens, Cristián Bravo

Call Number: HD30.215 .V47 2018eb

How to solve problems and make decisions

Richard Hall

Call Number: HD30.23

Pandas cookbook : recipes for scientific computing, time series analysis and data visualization using Python

Theodore Petrou

Call Number: HD30.25

Why design thinking is good business thinking : today's leaders must look beyond the numbers to inspire great business outcomes

Holly O'Driscoll

Call Number: HD30.28

Budgeting, planning, and forecasting in uncertain times

Michael Coveney, Gary Cokins

Call Number: HD30.28

Strategic business management : from planning to performance

Gary Cokins

Call Number: HD30.28

Ma theory and the creative management of innovation

Mitsuru Kodama, editor

Call Number: HD31.2

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations : implement methodology, integration, data migration, and more

Rahul Mohta, Yogesh Kasat, JJ Yadav

Call Number: HD38.5

How to Make Things Happen : a blueprint for applying knowledge, solving problems and designing systems that deliver your service strategy

Beatriz Muñoz-Seca

Call Number: HD38.5

Computational logistics : 8th International Conference, ICCL 2017, Southampton, UK, October 18-20, 2017, Proceedings

Tolga Bektaş, Stefano Coniglio, Antonio Martinez-Sykora, Stefan Voß (eds.)

Call Number: HD38.5

Innovation and production ecosystems [electronic resource]

Bernard Guilhon

Call Number: HD45

Beyond the champion : institutionalizing innovation through people

Gina Colarelli O'Connor, Andrew C. Corbett, Lois S. Peters

Call Number: HD45 .O258 2018

Real estate and urban development in South America : understanding local regulations and investment methods in a highly urbanised continent

Claudia Murray, Eliane Monetti and Camilla Ween

Call Number: HD466 .M87 2018

Managing your whole life

Marian N. Ruderman, Phillip W. Braddy, Kelly M. Hannum and Ellen E. Kossek

Call Number: HD4904.25

The human capital imperative : valuing your talent [electronic resource]

Alan Coppin

Call Number: HD4904.7 .C67 2017eb

2017 employee benefit plans industry developments

Call Number: HD4928.N62 U6 2017eb

ESOPs : savvy strategy for tax management, succession, and continuity

Scott D. Miller

Call Number: HD4928.S74 M55 2012eb

Work-life advantage : sustaining regional learning and innovation

Al James

Call Number: HD5109

Enterprise knowledge capital

Blandine Laperche

Call Number: HD53

Creative courage : leveraging imagination, collaboration, and innovation to create success beyond your wildest dreams

Welby Altidor

Call Number: HD53 .A428 2017

Innovating : a doer's manifesto for starting from a hunch, prototyping problems, scaling up, and learning to be productively wrong

Luis Perez-Breva ; foreword by Edward Roberts

Call Number: HD53 .P4694 2016eb

Becoming the expert : enhancing your business reputation through thought leadership marketing

John W. Hayes

Call Number: HD57.7

The rules of people : a personal code for getting the best from everyone

Richard Templar

Call Number: HD57.7

Design leadership and management : a case study in Singapore

Garry Tan and Anne Chapman

Call Number: HD57.7

Authentic leadership

Harvard Business Review

Call Number: HD57.7 .A8496 2018

Manager vs. leader : untying the Gordian knot

Robert M. Murphy and Kathleen M. Murphy

Call Number: HD57.7 .M8679 2018

Spanish Sociedades laborales : activating the unemployed, a potential new EU active labour market policy instrument

Jens Lowitzsch, Sophie Dunsch, Iraj Hashi

Call Number: HD5701.5

The self at work : fundamental theory and research

edited by D. Lance Ferris, Russell E. Johnson, and Constantine Sedikides

Call Number: HD58.7 .S453 2018


Call Number: HD58.8 .R825 2017

Rural labour mobility in times of structural transformation : dynamics and perspectives from Asian economies

D. Narasimha Reddy, Kailash Sarap, editors

Call Number: HD5856.A78

A history of socially responsible business, c.1600--1950

William A. Pettigrew and David Chan Smith, editors

Call Number: HD60

Business, innovation and responsibility [electronic resource]

Sophie Pellé

Call Number: HD60

Corporate social responsibility in India : some empirical evidence

S. Siva Raju, editor

Call Number: HD60.5.I5

The experiences of Ghanaian live-in caregivers in the United States

Martha Donkor

Call Number: HD6072.2.U5 D66 2018

Enterprise Risk Management [electronic resource]

Call Number: HD61

Complete guide to the CITP body of knowledge [electronic resource]

by Tommie Singleton

Call Number: HD61

Smart risk management : a guide to identifying and calbirating business risks

Ron Rael

Call Number: HD61

Risk assessment for mid-sized organisations : COSO tools for a tailored approach

Scott McKay

Call Number: HD61 .M386 2013eb

Financial Risk Management : Identification, Measurement and Management

by Francisco Javier Población García

Call Number: HD61 .P6313 2017

Strategy and risk management

Ron Rael

Call Number: HD61 .R34 2012eb

Corporate security crossroads : responding to terrorism, cyberthreats, and other hazards in the global business environment

Richard J. Chasdi ; foreword by Yair Sharan

Call Number: HD61.5 .C43 2018

Collaboration begins with you : be a silo buster

Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley, & Eunice Parisi-Carew

Call Number: HD66

Successful teamworking skills

Douglas Miller

Call Number: HD66

Leading agile teams

by Doug Rose

Call Number: HD66

The virtual team maturity model : performance improvement of virtual teams [electronic resource]

Ralf Friedrich

Call Number: HD66

Agile practice guide

Call Number: HD69.P75

Q & As for the PMBOK guide sixth edition

contributors edited by Ray Alton [and six others]

Call Number: HD69.P75

Manage your SAP projects with SAP Activate : implementing SAP S4HANA

Vinay Singh

Call Number: HD69.P75

The evolution of project management practice : from programmes and contracts to benefits and change

edited by Darren Dalcher

Call Number: HD69.P75 E9448 2018

Project management metrics, KPIs, and dashboards : a guide to measuring and monitoring project performance

Harold Kerzner, Ph.D., Sr. Executive Director for Project Management, The International Institute for Learning

Call Number: HD69.P75 K492 2017

Project cost overrun : causes, consequences, and investment decisions

Esbjörn Segelod, Malardalen University

Call Number: HD69.P75 S4195 2018

Branding yourself : how to use social media to invent or reinvent yourself

Erik Deckers, Kyle Lacy

Call Number: HD69.S8

Shaping inclusive workplaces through social dialogue [electronic resource]

Alicia Arenas, Donatella Di Marco, Lourdes Munduate, Martin C. Euwema, editors

Call Number: HD7261

A broom cupboard of one's own

by Ross Clark

Call Number: HD7287.8

Cycles in the UK housing economy : price and Its relationship with lenders, buyers, consumption and construction

David Gray

Call Number: HD7333.A4 G73 2017

The dawning of American labor : the New Republic to the Industrial Age

Brian Greenberg

Call Number: HD8070

How May I Help You? : an Immigrant's Journey from MBA to Minimum Wage

Deepak Singh

Call Number: HD8081.A5

Grow your global markets : a handbook for successful market entry

Raymond A. Hopkins

Call Number: HD82

The value of labor : the science of commodification in Hungary, 1920-1956

Martha Lampland

Call Number: HD8420.5 .L357 2016eb

Economic policies since the global financial crisis [electronic resource]

Philip Arestis, Malcolm Sawyer, editors

Call Number: HD87

Economic freedom and welfare before and after the crisis [electronic resource]

Petar Stankov

Call Number: HD87

Termites of the state : why complexity leads to inequality

Vito Tanzi

Call Number: HD87 .T3763 2018

Landscapes of accumulation : real estate and the neoliberal imagination in contemporary India

Llerena Guiu Searle

Call Number: HD876.5

Cul de Sac : patrimony, capitalism, and slavery in French Saint-Domingue

Paul Cheney

Call Number: HD9114.H2 C47 2017eb

Food processing by-products and their utilization

edited by Anil Kumar Anal

Call Number: HD9495.A2 A53 2018

Energy democracy : advancing equity in clean energy solutions

edited by Denise Fairchild and Al Weinrub

Call Number: HD9502.5.C543 U646 2017

Economics of offshore wind power : challenges and policy considerations

Rahmatallah Poudineh, Craig Brown, Benjamin Foley

Call Number: HD9502.5.W552

An insider's guide to the mining sector : an in-depth study of gold and mining shares

Michael Coulson

Call Number: HD9506.A2

China and the geopolitics of rare earths

Sophia Kalantzakos

Call Number: HD9539.R32 K35 2018

Refining nature : Standard Oil and the limits of efficiency

Jonathan Wlasiuk

Call Number: HD9569.S825 W53 2017

Whitewash : the story of a weed killer, cancer, and the corruption of science

Carey Gillam

Call Number: HD9651.9.M6 G45 2017eb

Analysis and modelling of the French capacity mechanism : impact assessment of energy policy measures on the security of supply [electronic resource]

Emil Kraft

Call Number: HD9685.F8

Engineering and management of data centers : an IT service management approach [electronic resource]

Jorge Marx Gómez, Manuel Mora, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Wolfgang Nebel, Rory V. O'Connor, editors

Call Number: HD9696.2

Software business : 8th International Conference, ICSOB 2017, Essen, Germany, June 12-13, 2017, Proceedings

Arto Ojala, Helena Holmström Olsson, Karl Werder (eds.)

Call Number: HD9696.C62 I85 2017eb

Electricity markets : theories and applications [electronic resource]

Jeremy Lin, Fernando H. Magnago

Call Number: HD9697.A2 L56 2017eb

Ringtone : exploring the rise and fall of Nokia in mobile phones

Yves L. Doz and Keeley Wilson

Call Number: HD9697.T454

The economic history of nuclear energy in Spain : governance, business and finance

M.d.Mar Rubio-Varas, Joseba De la Torre, editors

Call Number: HD9698.U53

D&B directory of service companies

Dunn & Bradstreet

Call Number: HD9981.3 .D86

Nanotechnology commercialization : manufacturing processes and products

edited by Dr. Thomas Mensah, Editor in Chief ; Dr. Ben Wang, editor ; Dr. Geoffrey Bothun, editor ; Dr. Jessica Winter, editor ; Dr. Virginia Davis, editor

Call Number: HD9999.N362 N378 2018

Amazing me : it's busy being 3!

written by Julia Cook and Laura A. Jana ; illustrated by Allison Valentine

Call Number: HE 20.7002:AM 1

Soy maravilloso : ¡hay tanto que hacer a los 3 años !

escrito por Julia Cook y Laura A. Jana ; illustrado por Allison Valentine

Call Number: HE 20.7002:AM 1/SPAN

Where is Bear? : a terrific tale for 2-year-olds

written by Libby Martinez ; illustrated by Allison Valentine

Call Number: HE 20.7002:B 38

¿Dónde está Osito? : un fantástico cuento para niños de 2 años

escrito por Libby Martinez ; ilustrado por Allison Valentine

Call Number: HE 20.7002:B 38/SPAN

Grow up healthy!

Call Number: HE 20.7002:H 34/17/2016

¡Crece sano!

Call Number: HE 20.7002:H 34/17/2016/SPAN

Milestone moments : learn the signs, act early

Call Number: HE 20.7002:M 59

Track your child's developmental milestones

Call Number: HE 20.7002:M 59/2/2017

Siga de cerca los indicadores del desarrollo de su niño

Call Number: HE 20.7002:M 59/2/2017/SPAN

Try CDC's free Milestone Tracker app today ... : because milestones matter

Call Number: HE 20.7002:M 59/3

Indicadores del desarollo : aprenda los signos, reaccione pronto

Call Number: HE 20.7002:M 59/SPAN

2040 long range transportation plan : executive summary

Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

Call Number: HE213.O3 T94 2016

Rafts & other rivercraft in Huckleberry Finn

Peter G. Beidler

Call Number: HE627 .B45 2018

Mobile phone behavior

Zheng Yan

Call Number: HE9713 .Y36 2017