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Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

Hayek : a collaborative biography.

[edited by] Robert Leeson

Call Number: HB101.H39

Hayek : a collaborative biography.

Robert Leeson

Call Number: HB101.H39

Introductory Econometrics

by Phoebus Dhrymes

Call Number: HB139

Artificial intelligence and economic theory : Skynet in the market

Tshilidzi Marwala, Evan Hurwitz

Call Number: HB143.5

Foundations of Economic Change : a Schumpeterian View on Behaviour, Interaction and Aggregate Outcomes

edited by Andreas Pyka, Uwe Cantner

Call Number: HB171

Principles of Microeconomics : an integrative approach

by Martin Kolmar

Call Number: HB172 .K73 2017

Macroeconomic Theory

by Volker Böhm

Call Number: HB172.5

Women's Entrepreneurship and Microfinance

edited by Chiranjib Neogi, Amit Kumar Bhandari, Sudipto Ghosh

Call Number: HB172.5

Africa's population : in search of a demographic dividend

Hans Groth, John F. May, editors

Call Number: HB3661.2.A3 A37 2017

Encountering development in the age of global capitalism : a case study

Kin-Ling Tang

Call Number: HB501

Capitalism and its legitimacy in times of crisis

Steffen Schneider, Henning Schmidtke, Sebastian Haunss, Jennifer Gronau, editors

Call Number: HB501

Vampire capitalism : fractured societies and alternative futures

Paul Kennedy

Call Number: HB501 .K456 2017

Global entrepreneurship and development index 2017

Zoltan J. Acs, László Szerb, Ainsley Lloyd

Call Number: HB615

Global entrepreneurship and development index 2016

Zoltan Acs, László Szerb, Erkko Autio

Call Number: HB615

Entrepreneurial urbanism in India : the politics of spatial restructuring and local contestation

Kanekanti Chandrashekar Smitha, editor

Call Number: HB615

The maker revolution : building a future on creativity and innovation in an exponential world

Mark R. Hatch

Call Number: HB615

Blueprint to business : an entrepreneur's guide to taking action, committing to the grind, and doing the things that most people won't

Michael Alden

Call Number: HB615

Energy investments : an adaptive approach to profiting from uncertainties

Ricardo G. Barcelona

Call Number: HB615 .B37 2017@HB615 .B37 2017

China's Local Entrepreneurial State and New Urban Spaces : Downtown Redevelopment in Ningbo

Han Zhang

Call Number: HB615.Z436 2016

Economic responsibility : John Maurice Clark - a classic on economic responsibility

Michaela Haase, editor

Call Number: HB72

New religiosities, modern capitalism, and moral complexities in Southeast Asia

Juliette Koning, Gwenael Njoto-Feillard, editors

Call Number: HB72

Intellectual history of economic normativities

Mikkel Thorup, editor

Call Number: HB75

An agent-based model of heterogeneous demand

Matthias Müller ; with a foreword by Andreas Pyka

Call Number: HB801

Consumption : a sociological analysis

Alan Warde

Call Number: HB801 .W276 2017

Applied demography and public health in the 21st century

M. Nazrul Hoque, Beverly Pecotte, Mary A. McGehee, editors

Call Number: HB849.4 .A77 2017

Agent-based modelling in population studies : concepts, methods, and applications

André Grow, Jan Van Bavel

Call Number: HB849.51

Age-structured population dynamics in demography and epidemiology

Hisashi Inaba

Call Number: HB849.55

Microsimulation and population dynamics : an introduction to Modgen 12

Alain Bélanger, Patrick Sabourin

Call Number: HB850

Dynamic demographic analysis

editor, Robert Schoen

Call Number: HB871 .D96 2016

Assembling neoliberalism : expertise, practices, subjects

Vaughan Higgins, Wendy Larner, editors

Call Number: HB95

Critique and resistance in a neoliberal age : towards a narrative of emancipation

Charles Masquelier

Call Number: HB95

Who's afraid of John Maynard Keynes? : challenging economic governance in an age of growing inequality

Paul Davidson

Call Number: HB99.7

An econometric model of the US economy : structural analysis in 56 equations

John J. Heim

Call Number: HC103

The pursuit of economic development : growing good jobs in U.S. cities and states

Todd M. Gabe

Call Number: HC110.E44

Social movements and democracy in the 21st century

Dylan Taylor

Call Number: HC110.I5 T39 2017eb

Responsible innovation 3 : a European agenda?

Lotte Asveld [and five others] editors

Call Number: HC240.9.T4

Rethinking gender, work and care in a new Europe : theorising markets and societies in the post-postsocialist era

edited by Triin Roosalu, Associate Professor, Tallinn University, Estonia, Dirk Hofäcker, Professor of Quantitative Methods of Social Research, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Call Number: HC240.A5 R66 2016

Inter-generational financial giving and inequality : give and take in 21st century families

Karen Rowlingson, Ricky Joseph, Louise Overton

Call Number: HC260.W4 R68 2017

The economic lifecycle, gender and intergenerational support : national transfer accounts for Italy [electronic resource]

Marina Zannella

Call Number: HC310.I5

Spanish Economic Growth, 1850-2015

by Leandro Prados de la Escosura

Call Number: HC385 .P687 2017

Deindustrialization and reindustrialization in Romania : economic strategy challenges

Luminiţa Chivu, Constantin Ciutacu, George Georgescu

Call Number: HC405.Z9

The role of economic advisers in Israel's economic policy : crises, reform and stabilization

by Daniel Schiffman, Warren Young, Yaron Zelekha

Call Number: HC415.25.Z9 S35 2017

Reorienting educational efforts for sustainable development : experiences from South Asia

Rajeswari Namagiri Gorana, Preeti Rawat Kanaujia, editors

Call Number: HC415.E5 R46 2016

China's lessons for India. Volume II, The political economy of change

Sangaralingam Ramesh

Call Number: HC427.92 .R36 2017

China from the inside : letters from an economist

Liam Brunt

Call Number: HC427.95

Accumulation in post-colonial capitalism

Iman Kumar Mitra, Ranabir Samaddar, Samita Sen, editors

Call Number: HC435.2

Remittance income and social resilience among migrant households in rural Bangladesh

Mohammad Jalal Uddin Sikder, Vaughan Higgins, Peter Harry Ballis

Call Number: HC440.8.Z9 I5 2017eb

Mega-events and mega-ambitions : South Korea's rise and the strategic use of the big four events

Yu-Min Joo, Yooil Bae, Eva Kassens-Noor

Call Number: HC467.96

Aid, trade and development : 50 years of globalization

Constantine Michalopoulos

Call Number: HC60

How to build an online business : Australia's top digital disruptors reveal their secrets for launching and growing an online business

Bernadette Schwerdt

Call Number: HC602.5.A2

Cross cultural issues in consumer science and consumer psychology : current perspectives and future directions

Hester van Herk, Carlos J. Torelli, editors

Call Number: HC79.C6

The anthropology of sustainability : beyond development and progress [electronic resource]

Marc Brightman, Jerome Lewis, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Smart growth entrepreneurs : partners in urban sustainability

Erik Solevad Nielsen

Call Number: HC79.E5

Cities and the super-rich : real estate, elite practices, and urban political economies

Ray Forrest, Sin Yee Koh, Bart Wissink, editors

Call Number: HD1382.5

Landlording on autopilot : a simple, no-brainer system for higher profits, less work, and more fun (do it all from your smartphone or tablet!)

Mike Butler

Call Number: HD1394 .B88 2018

Agricultural development and economic transformation : promoting growth with poverty reduction

John W. Mellor

Call Number: HD1417 .M447 2017

Regeneration of peasants

Shukai Zhao

Call Number: HD1537.C5

The politics of peasants

Shukai Zhao

Call Number: HD1537.C5 Z43 2017.C5

Global challenges in water governance : environments, economies, societies

Jeremy J. Schmidt, Nathanial Matthews

Call Number: HD1691

Water resource management : sustainability in an era of climate change

David E. McNabb

Call Number: HD1694.A5

Policy implications of virtual work

Pamela Meil, Vassil Kirov, editors

Call Number: HD2336.3

National trade and professional associations of the United States

Call Number: HD2425 .D53

Selling your house for dummies

by Eric Tyson and Ray Brown

Call Number: HD259

Fashion Figures : How Missy the Mathlete Made the Cut

by Melissa A. Borza

Call Number: HD28

Information systems : development, applications, education : 10th SIGSANDPLAIS EuroSymposium 2017, Gdansk, Poland, September 22, 2017, Proceedings

edited by Stanisław Wrycza, Jacek Maślankowski

Call Number: HD30.2

Fallibility at work : rethinking excellence and error in organizations

Øyvind, Kvalnes

Call Number: HD30.2

Mastering Qlik Sense : expert techniques on self-service data analytics to create enterprise ready business intelligence solutions

Martin Mahler, Juan Ignacio Vitantonio

Call Number: HD30.213

Unstructured data analytics : how to improve customer acquisition, customer retention, and fraud detection and prevention

Jean Paul Isson

Call Number: HD30.215

The analytics lifecycle toolkit : a practical guide for an effective analytics capability

Gregory S. Nelson

Call Number: HD30.215

Truth, growth, repeat : a business manual for generation why

by Mike Edmonds, with Ronnie Duncan

Call Number: HD30.28

Redefining management : smart power perspectives

editors, Varda Muhlbauer, Wes Harry

Call Number: HD31.2

ReThinking management : perspectives and impacts of cultural turns and beyond

Wendelin Küpers, Stephan Sonnenburg, Martin Zierold, (eds.)

Call Number: HD31.2

Collusion, local governments and development in China : a reflection on the China model

Huihua Nie ; translated by Haifeng Li and Ping Chen

Call Number: HD3616.C63

Managing uncertainty in crisis : exploring the impact of institutionalization on organizational sensemaking

Xiaoli Lu

Call Number: HD49

Leisure's Legacy : challenging the common sense view of free time [electronic resource]

Robert A. Stebbins

Call Number: HD4904.6

High skill migration and recession : gendered perspectives

Anna Triandafyllidou, Irina Isaakyan

Call Number: HD5706 .H535 2015eb

Enterprise agility for dummies

by Doug Rose

Call Number: HD58.8

Critical perspectives on work and employment in globalizing India

Ernesto Noronha, Premilla D'Cruz, editors

Call Number: HD5819

Labour Market and Fiscal Policy Adjustments to Shocks : the Role and Implications for Price and Financial Stability in South Africa

by Nombulelo Gumata, Eliphas Ndou

Call Number: HD5842.A6

Precarity within the digital age : media change and social insecurity

Birte Heidkamp, David Kergel, editors

Call Number: HD5857 .P74 2017eb

Family, work and wellbeing in Asia

Ming-Chang Tsai, Wan-chi Chen, editors

Call Number: HD5858.A75

Logistic real estate investment and REITs in Europe

Gianluca Mattarocci, Dilek Pekdimar

Call Number: HD586

Stakeholder engagement : clinical research cases

R. Edward Freeman, Johanna Kujala, Sybille Sachs, editors

Call Number: HD60

University social responsibility and quality of life : a global survey of concepts and experiences

Daniel T.L. Shek, Robert M. Hollister, editors

Call Number: HD60 .S54 2017

Corporate social responsibility and the three sectors in Asia : how conscious engagement can benefit civil society

Samiul Hasan, editor

Call Number: HD60.5.A78

Women, labor segmentation and regulation : varieties of gender gaps

David Peetz, Georgina Murray, editors

Call Number: HD6053 .W66 2017

Better together : 8 ways working with women leads to extraordinary products and profits

Jonathan Sposato

Call Number: HD6054.3

Current perspectives on Asian women in leadership : a cross-cultural analysis

Yonjoo Cho, Rajashi Ghosh, Judy Y. Sun, Gary N. McLean, editors

Call Number: HD6054.4.A78

Migration and domestic work : the collective organisation of women and their voices from the city

Gaye Yilmaz, Sue Ledwith

Call Number: HD6072 .Y55 2017

Leading from under the sword of Damocles : a business leader's practical guide to using predictive emulation to manage risk and maintain profitability

Nabil Abu el Ata, Annie Drucbert

Call Number: HD61

Unicorn tears : why startups fail and how to avoid it

Jamie Pride

Call Number: HD62.5

Jobless citizens : political engagement of the young unemployed

Marco Giugni, Jasmine Lorenzini

Call Number: HD6276.S93 G464 2017eb

Surviving the machine age : intelligent technology and the transformation of human work

editors, Kevin LaGrandeur, James J. Hughes

Call Number: HD6331 .S86 2017

Linkedin for dummies

by Joel Elad

Call Number: HD69.S8

Networks governance, partnership management and coalitions federation

Christophe Assens, Aline Courie Lemeur

Call Number: HD69.S8 A87 2016

Psychosocial health, work and language : international perspectives towards their categorizations at work

Stéphanie Cassilde, Adeline Gilson, editors

Call Number: HD6955

Reinventing work in Europe : value, generations and labour

Dominique Méda, Patricia Vendramin ; [translated by Dafydd Roberts]

Call Number: HD6957.E85

Social security in China

Yanzhong Wang

Call Number: HD7230

Towards a society with social protection for all : a concise history of social security transformation in modern China

Hong Zhou

Call Number: HD7230 .Z478613 2017

Deciding where to live : an interdisciplinary approach to residential choice in its social context

Pierre Frankhauser, Dominique Ansel, editors ; with a preace by Lena Sanders

Call Number: HD7287 .D43 2016

Housing for older people in Singapore : an annotated bibliography

Belinda Yuen, Emily Soh

Call Number: HD7287.92.S55

New methods for measuring and analyzing segregation

Mark Fossett

Call Number: HD7288.75 .F67 2017

Development finance : innovations for sustainable growth

Nicholas Biekpe, Danny Cassimon, Andrew William Mullineux, editors

Call Number: HD75

Anthropology for development : from theory to practice

Robyn Eversole

Call Number: HD75 .E94 2018

Paid migrant domestic labour in a changing Europe : questions of gender equality and citizenship

edited by Berit Gullikstad, Guro Korsnes Kristensen and Priscilla Ringrose

Call Number: HD8039.D52

The relationship between land-lost farmers and local government in China : integration, conflict, and their interplay

Hongping Lian

Call Number: HD8039.F32

Growing up working class : hidden injuries and the development of angry white men and women

Thomas J. Gorman

Call Number: HD8066 .G67 2017

Machine-learning techniques in economics : new tools for predicting economic growth

Atin Basuchoudary, James T. Bang, Tinni Sen

Call Number: HD82 .B37 2017

Migrant Dubai : low wage workers and the construction of a global city

Laavanya Kathiravelu

Call Number: HD8666.Z8 D8353 2015eb

Bangladeshi migration to Singapore : a process-oriented approach

Md Mizanur Rahman

Call Number: HD8690.6

Food justice in US and global contexts : bringing theory and practice together

Ian Werkheiser, Zachary Piso, editors

Call Number: HD9000.5

Nourishing communities : from fractured food systems to transformative pathways

Irena Knezevic, Alison Blay-Palmer, Charles Z. Levkoe, Phil Mount, Erin Nelson, editors

Call Number: HD9000.5

Foodsaving in Europe : at the crossroad of social innovation

Simone Baglioni, Francesca Calò, Pola Garrone, Mario Molteni, editors

Call Number: HD9015.A2

Frontiers of taste : food sovereignty, sustainability, and indigenous-settler relations in Australia

Zane Ma Rhea

Call Number: HD9018.A8 M32 2017

The politics of power : EU-Russia energy relations in the 21st century

Lars-Christian U. Talseth

Call Number: HD9502.E82

A critical review of Scottish renewable and low carbon energy policy

Geoffrey Wood, Keith Baker, editors

Call Number: HD9502.G7

Anthropology in the mining industry : community relations after Bougainville's civil war

Glynn Cochrane

Call Number: HD9506.P263 B63 2017

Under pressure : coal industry rhetoric and neoliberalism

Jen Schneider, Steve Schwarze, Peter K. Bsumek, Jennifer Peeples

Call Number: HD9540.65

EU gas security architecture : the role of the commission's entrepreneurship

Elina Brutschin

Call Number: HD9581.E82

Visible costs and invisible benefits : military procurement as innovation policy

Gunnar Eliasson

Call Number: HD9743.S82 E45 2017

City making and global labor regimes : Chinese immigrants and Italy's fast fashion industry

Antonella Ceccagno

Call Number: HD9940.I83 C36 2017

Bioeconomies : life, technology, and capital in the 21st century

Vincenzo Pavone, Joanna Goven, editors

Call Number: HD9999.B442

Creative industries in Europe : drivers of new sectoral and spatial dynamics

Caroline Chapain, Tadeusz Stryjakiewicz

Call Number: HD9999.C9473

Advances in luxury brand management

Jean-Noël Kapferer, Joachim Kenstock, Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Shaun M. Powell, editors

Call Number: HD9999.L852 .A38 2017

International communication strategies of Chinese radio and TV networks : initial observations

Duan Peng

Call Number: HE8689.9.C6

Provocative screens : offended audiences in Britain and Germany

Ranjana Das, Anne Graefer

Call Number: HE8700.66.G7 D37 2017

Language put to work : the making of the global call centre workforce

Enda Brophy

Call Number: HE8788 .B76 2017