September 2018

James Edward Meade

Author: David Reisman

Call Number: HB103.M43

Biodemography of fertility in Japan

Author: Shoko Konishi, Emi Tamaki, Jun Yoshinaga

Call Number: HB1061

Wilhelm Röpke (1899-1966) : a liberal political economist and conservative social philosopher

Author: Patricia Commun, Stefan Kolev, editors

Call Number: HB107.R62

Visualizing Mortality Dynamics in the Lexis Diagram

Author: by Roland Rau, Christina Bohk-Ewald, Magdalena M. Muszyńska, James W. Vaupel

Call Number: HB1321 .R39 2018

Exploring the health state of a population by dynamic modeling methods

Author: Christos H. Skiadas, Charilaos Skiadas

Call Number: HB1322.3 .S65 2018

Predictive econometrics and big data

Author: Vladik Kreinovich, Songsak Sriboonchitta, Nopasit Chakpitak, editors

Call Number: HB139

Econometrics for financial applications

Author: Ly H. Anh, Le Si Dong, Vladik Kreinovich, Nguyen Ngoc Thach, editors

Call Number: HB139

The structure of healthy life determinants : lessons from the Japanese Aging Cohort Studies

Author: Tanji Hoshi, Sayuri Kodama, editors

Call Number: HB1481

Analytical political economy

Author: edited by Roberto Veneziani and Luca Zamparelli

Call Number: HB171.5 .A483 2018

The age of post-rationality : limits of economic reasoning in the 21st century

Author: Val Colic-Peisker, Adrian Flitney

Call Number: HB172.5

Alternative approaches in macroeconomics : essays in honour of John McCombie

Author: Philip Arestis, editor

Call Number: HB172.5 .A48 2018

The macroeconomics of corruption : governance and growth

Author: Maksym Ivanyna, Alex Mourmouras, Peter Rangazas

Call Number: HB172.5 .I93 2018

The other half of macroeconomics and the fate of globalization

Author: Richard C. Koo

Call Number: HB172.5 .K655 2018

Forging African communities : mobility, integration and belonging

Author: Oliver Bakewell, Loren B. Landau editors

Call Number: HB2121.A3

Coping with financial crises : some lessons from economic history

Author: Hugh Rockoff, Isao Suto, editors

Call Number: HB3722

The coming crisis

Author: edited by Colin Hay and Tom Hunt

Call Number: HB3722 .C653 2018

Financial crises and earnings management behavior : arguments and evidence against causality

Author: Bruno Maria Franceschetti

Call Number: HB3722 .F73 2018

Critiquing capitalism today : new ways to read Marx

Author: Frederick Harry Pitts

Call Number: HB501

Varieties of capitalism in Southeast Asia

Author: Joel David Moore

Call Number: HB501 .M72143 2018

Entrepreneurial ecosystems : place-based transformations and transitions

Author: Allan O'Connor Erik Stam, Fiona Sussan, David B. Audretsch, editors

Call Number: HB615

Entrepreneurial cognition : exploring the mindset of entrepreneurs

Author: Dean A. Shepherd ; Holger Patzelt

Call Number: HB615 .S49637 2018

Post-crash economics : plurality and heterodox ideas in teaching and research

Author: Omar Feraboli, Carlo J. Morelli, editors

Call Number: HB74.5

The community of advantage : a behavioural economist's defence of the market

Author: Robert Sugden

Call Number: HB74.P8 S84 2018

Cosmopolitanism, markets, and consumption : a critical global perspective

Author: Julie Emontspool and Ian Woodward, editors

Call Number: HB801

Sustainable luxury, entrepreneurship, and innovation

Author: Miguel Angel Gardetti, Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editors

Call Number: HB841

Japan's population implosion : the 50 million shock

Author: Yoichi Funabashi, editor

Call Number: HB849.41

Introduction to Japanese household surveys

Author: Takashi Unayama

Call Number: HB849.49 .U53 2018

Model-based demography : essays on integrating data, technique and theory

Author: Thomas K. Burch

Call Number: HB849.51 .B87 2018

Population studies and development from theory to fieldwork

Author: Véronique Petit, editor

Call Number: HB850 .P67 2018

Demography of refugee and forced migration

Author: Graeme Hugo, Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Ellen Percy Kraly, editors

Call Number: HB871

Low fertility regimes and demographic and societal change

Author: Dudley L. Poston, editor ; Samsik Lee, Han Gon Kim, co-editors

Call Number: HB873

The Walter Lippmann Colloquium : the birth of neo-liberalism

Author: Jurgen Reinhoudt, Serge Audier

Call Number: HB95

Industry surveys

Author: CFRA, powered by data from S&P Global

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

American business since 1920 : how it worked

Author: Thomas K. McCraw, William R. Childs

Call Number: HC106.82 .M39 2018

Regionalism, development and the post-commodities boom in South America

Author: edited by Ernesto Vivares

Call Number: HC165 .R44 2017

Citizens and the Crisis : Experiences, Perceptions, and Responses to the Great Recession in Europe

Author: Marco Giugni, Maria T. Grasso, editors

Call Number: HC240

The politics of economic liberalization

Author: Bruno Wueest

Call Number: HC240 .W83 2018

Preparing for Brexit : actors, negotiations and consequences

Author: Lee McGowan

Call Number: HC240.25.G7 M34 2018

Nordic states and European integration : awkward partners in the North?

Author: Malin Stegmann McCallion, Alex Brianson, editors

Call Number: HC240.25.S34

Towards an EU-Taiwan investment agreement : prospects and pitfalls

Author: Michael Reilly

Call Number: HC241.25.T3

German-Turkish perspectives on IT and innovation management : challenges and approaches

Author: Fehim Bakırcı, Thomas Heupel, Orhan Kocagöz, Özen Üstün, editors

Call Number: HC290.5.I55

Development of Africa : issues, diagnoses and prognoses

Author: Olayinka Akanle, Jìmí Olálékan Adésìbà, editors

Call Number: HC415.15

Economic diversification in the Gulf Region : the private sector as an engine of growth

Author: Ashraf Mishrif, Yousuf Al Balushi

Call Number: HC415.15

Economic diversification in the Gulf Region. Volume II, Comparing global challenges

Author: Ashraf Mishrif, Yousuf Al Balushi, editors

Call Number: HC415.15

Resilient Asia : fusion of traditional and modern systems for a sustainable future

Author: Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Osamu Saito, Hirotaka Matsuda, Geetha Mohan, editors

Call Number: HC415.E5

NGO politics in Sri Lanka : local government and development

Author: Indi Ruwangi Akurugoda

Call Number: HC424.Z9 A38 2018

China's macroeconomic outlook : quarterly forecast and analysis report, October 2017

Author: Center for Macroeconomic Research of Xiamen University ; by the China's Quarterly Macroeconometric Model (CQMM) team Center for Macroeconomic Research at Xiamen University

Call Number: HC427.95 .X53 2018

Fiscal underpinnings for sustainable development in China : rebalancing in Guangdong

Author: Ehtisham Ahmad, Meilu Niu, Kezhou Xiao, editors

Call Number: HC428.G83

India's ocean : can China and India coexist?

Author: Cuiping Zhu

Call Number: HC435.3 .Z48 2018

Economic and social development of Bangladesh : miracle and challenges

Author: Yasuyuki Sawada, Minhaj Mahmud, Naohiro Kitano editors

Call Number: HC440.8

Minister of finance incorporated : ownership and control of corporate Malaysia

Author: Edmund Terence Gomez with Thirshalar Padmanabhan, Norfaryanti Kamaruddin, Sunil Bhalla, Fikri Fisal

Call Number: HC445.5

Economic challenges facing Japan's regional areas

Author: Tatsuo Hatta, editor

Call Number: HC462.95

Accounting for sustainability : Asia Pacific perspectives

Author: Ki-Hoon Lee, Stefan Schaltegger, editors

Call Number: HC681.3.E5

Arctic Summer College yearbook : an interdisciplinary look into Arctic sustainable development

Author: Brendan O'Donnell, Max Gruenig, Arne Riedel, editors

Call Number: HC740.E5

Econodynamics : the theory of social production

Author: Vladimir N. Pokrovskii

Call Number: HC75

Sustainability in innovation and entrepreneurship : policies and practices for a world with finite resources

Author: Antonio Leal-Millan, Marta Peris-Ortiz, Antonio L. Leal-Rodríguez, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

The green economy and the water-energy-food nexus

Author: Robert C. Brears

Call Number: HC79.E5

Sustainable future for human security : environment and resources

Author: Benjamin McLellan, editor

Call Number: HC79.E5

Pathways to a sustainable economy : bridging the gap between Paris climate change commitments and net zero emissions

Author: Moazzem Hossain, Robert Hales, Tapan Sarker, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Handbook of sustainability and social science research

Author: Walter Leal Filho, Robert W. Marans, John Callewaert, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Sustainable future for human security : society, cities and governance

Author: Benjamin McLellan, editor

Call Number: HC79.E5

China-ASEAN environment outlook 1 (CAEO-1) : towards green development

Author: China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center

Call Number: HC79.E5

Lifelong learning and education in healthy and sustainable cities

Author: Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Marco Akerman, Walter Leal Filho, Andréia Faraoni Freitas Setti, Luciana Londero Brandli, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Sustainable development research and practice in Mexico and selected Latin American countries

Author: Walter Leal Filho, Ricardo Noyola-Cherpitel, Pedro Medellín-Milán, Valeria Ruiz Vargas, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Aid effectiveness for environmental sustainability

Author: Yongfu Huang, Unai Pascual, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Modeling innovation sustainability and technologies : economic and policy perspectives

Author: Albertina Dias, Bror Salmelin, David Pereira, Dias, Sales Miguel, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Governance and sustainability of responsible research and innovation processes : cases and experiences

Author: Fernando Ferri, Ned Dwyer, Saša Raicevich, Patrizia Grifoni, Husne Altiok, Hans Thor Andersen, Yiannis Laouris, Cecilia Silvestri

Call Number: HC79.E5

Business models in the circular economy : concepts, examples and theory

Author: Roberta De Angelis

Call Number: HC79.E5

Handbook of Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development

Author: Walter Leal Filho, Mark Mifsud, Paul Pace, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5 H31845 2018

Circular business models : developing a sustainable future

Author: Mats Larsson

Call Number: HC79.E5 L37 2018

Sustainable futures in the built environment to 2050 : a foresight approach to construction and development

Author: edited by Tim Dixon, John Connaughton and Stuart Green

Call Number: HC79.E5 S8627 2018

Come on! : capitalism, short-termism, population and the destruction of the planet

Author: Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Anders Wijkman

Call Number: HC79.E5 W45 2018

Handbook of sustainability science and research

Author: Walter Leal Filho, editor

Call Number: HC79.E5 W67 2017eb

Famines during the 'Little Ice Age' (1300-1800) : socionatural entanglements in premodern societies

Author: Dominik Collet, Maximilian Schuh, editors

Call Number: HC79.F3 F36 2018

Internet economy vs classic economy : struggle of contradictions

Author: Alexander P. Sukhodolov, Elena G. Popkova, Irina M. Kuzlaeva

Call Number: HC79.I55 S85 2018

Global innovation and economic value

Author: by Vijay Kumar, R.P. Sundarraj

Call Number: HC79.T4 K86 2018

Development policies and policy processes in Africa : modeling and evaluation

Author: editors, Christian Henning, Ousmane Badiane, Eva Krampe

Call Number: HC800 .D48 2018

Strategies for building resilience against climate and ecosystem changes in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: edited by Osamu Saito, Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic, Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Edwin A. Gyasi

Call Number: HC800.Z9 E5 2018eb

Renewable energies : business outlook 2050

Author: Fausto Pedro García Márquez, Alexander Karyotakis, Mayorkinos Papaelias, editors

Call Number: HC85

Public brainpower : civil society and natural resource management

Author: edited by Indra Overland

Call Number: HC85 .P84 2018

Real estate due diligence : a guideline for practitioners.

Author: Tobias Just, Hermann Stapenhorst, editors

Call Number: HD1375

Property boom and banking bust : the role of commercial lending in the bankruptcy of banks

Author: Colin Jones, Stewart Cowe, Edward Trevillion

Call Number: HD1382.5 .J666 2018

Flexibility and real estate valuation under uncertainty : a practical guide for developers

Author: David Geltner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA, Richard de Neufville, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

Call Number: HD1387 .G45 2018

Socioeconomics of agriculture

Author: Stefan Mann

Call Number: HD1401

Agricultural development in the world periphery : a global economic history approach

Author: Vicente Pinilla, Henry Willebald, editors

Call Number: HD1417

The new fate of peasants

Author: Shukai Zhao

Call Number: HD1537.C5 Z425 2018

Water security across the gender divide

Author: Christiane Fröhlich, Giovanna Gioli, Roger Cremades, Henri Myrttinen, editors

Call Number: HD1691

Global water security : lessons learnt and long-term implications

Author: World Water Council, editor

Call Number: HD1691

Handbook of knowledge management for sustainable water systems

Author: edited by Meir Russ

Call Number: HD1691 .R877 2018

Assessing water rights in China

Author: Yahua Wang

Call Number: HD1698.C6 W36 2018

Water policy in the Philippines : issues, initiatives, and prospects

Author: Agnes C. Rola, Juan M. Pulhin, Rosalie Arcala Hall, editors

Call Number: HD1698.P6

China's rural development road

Author: Xiaoshan Zhang, Zhou Li

Call Number: HD2097

Challenges to African entrepreneurship in the 21st century

Author: Darko Opoku, Eve Sandberg, editors

Call Number: HD2346.A55

Economic transformation and business opportunities in Asia

Author: Pongsak Hoontrakul

Call Number: HD2346.A8 P66 2018

Corporate governance in contention

Author: edited by Ciaran Driver and Grahame Thompson

Call Number: HD2741

Mergers and acquisitions : integration and transformation management as the gateway to success

Author: Stephan Bergamin, Markus Braun

Call Number: HD2746.5 .B47 2018

Acquisitions by emerging multinational corporations : motivation and performance of transactions in Western Europe and North America

Author: Johannes Distler ; with a foreword by Reinhard Meckl

Call Number: HD2746.5 .D573 2018

Material adverse change : lessons from failed M & As

Author: by Robert V. Stefanowski

Call Number: HD2746.55.U5

Global luxury : organizational change and emerging markets since the 1970s

Author: Pierre-Yves Donzé, Rika Fujioka, editors

Call Number: HD2755.5

State-owned multinationals : governments in global business

Author: Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, editor

Call Number: HD2755.5

The coinsurance effect of corporate diversification : an empirical analysis of the accounting and economic implications

Author: Dominik Nußmann ; with a foreword by Carsten Homburg

Call Number: HD2756

Intellectual capital in German non-profit organisations : an empirical study

Author: Katrin Blankenburg

Call Number: HD2769.2.G3

Turkish multinationals : market entry and post-acquisition strategy

Author: Yuksel Ayden, Mehmet Demirbag, Ekrem Tatoglu

Call Number: HD2891.93

Made for China : success strategies from China's business icons

Author: Christian Nothhaft

Call Number: HD2910

Monetising data? : How to uplift your business

Author: by Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, Service Pro GmbH, Germany, Shirley Coleman, Industrial Statistics Research Unit, School of Maths and Statistics, Newcastle University, UK

Call Number: HD30.2

Knowledge management : the creative loop

Author: Jean-Louis Ermine

Call Number: HD30.2

The digital factory for knowledge : production and validation of scientific results

Author: edited by Renaud Fabre, Alain Bensoussan, in collaboration with Lucile Collin, Marie Blanquart, Louki-Géronimo Richou

Call Number: HD30.2

Emergent knowledge strategies : strategic thinking in knowledge management

Author: Ettore Bolisani, Constantin Bratianu

Call Number: HD30.2

User Centric E-Government : Challenges and Opportunities

Author: edited by Saqib Saeed, T. Ramayah, Zaigham Mahmood

Call Number: HD30.2

Proceedings of the 2nd Advances in Business Research International Conference : ABRIC2016

Author: Fauziah Noordin, Abdul Kadir Othman, Erne Suzila Kassim, editors

Call Number: HD30.2

Slow tech and ICT : a responsible, sustainable and ethical approach

Author: Norberto Patrignani, Diane Whitehouse

Call Number: HD30.2

CIOs and the digital transformation : a new leadership role

Author: Giorgio Bongiorno, Daniele Rizzo, Giovanni Vaia. editors

Call Number: HD30.2 .C567 2018

Nanotechnology, governance, and knowledge networks in the global south

Author: Marcela Suárez Estrada

Call Number: HD30.2 .S83 2018

Designing, selecting, implementing and using APS systems

Author: Vincent C.S. Wiers, A. (Ton) G. de Kok

Call Number: HD30.213

Advanced analytics and AI : impact, implementation, and the future of work

Author: Tony Boobier

Call Number: HD30.215 .B66 2018

Recent developments in metaheuristics

Author: edited by Lionel Amodeo, El-Ghazali Talbi, Farouk Yalaoui

Call Number: HD30.23

Innovative research methodologies in management. Volume I, Philosophy, measurement and modelling

Author: Luiz Moutinho, Mladen Sokele, editors

Call Number: HD30.23

Multi-criteria decision making in maritime studies and logistics : applications and cases

Author: Paul Tae-Woo Lee, Zaili Yang, editor

Call Number: HD30.23 .M85 2018

Growth dynamics in new markets : improving decision making through simulation model-based management

Author: Martin F.G. Schaffernicht & Stefan N. Groesser

Call Number: HD30.23 .S294 2018

Modern business management : creating a built-to-change organization

Author: Doug Dockery, Lauren Knudsen

Call Number: HD30.28

Strategic consulting : tools and methods for successful strategy missions

Author: Philippe Chereau, Pierre-Xavier Meschi

Call Number: HD30.28 .C4946 2018

Actor and strategy models : practical applications and step-wise approaches

Author: Leon M. Hermans, Scott W. Cunningham ; with contributions from Mark de Reuver, Jos S. Timmermans

Call Number: HD30.28 .H4816 2018

The handbook of organizational rhetoric and communication

Author: edited by Øyvind Ihlen, Robert L. Heath

Call Number: HD30.3 .H36 2018

The future of management education. Volume 2, Differentiation strategies for business schools

Author: Stéphanie Dameron, Thomas Durand, editors

Call Number: HD30.4

Qualitative methodologies in organization studies. Volume 1, Theories and new approaches

Author: edited by Malgorzata Ciesielska, Dariusz Jemielniak ; foreword by Martyna Śliwa

Call Number: HD30.4

Qualitative methodologies in organization studies. Volume 2, Methods and possibilities

Author: Malgorzata Ciesielska, Dariusz Jemielniak, editors

Call Number: HD30.4

Organisational adaptations : a pluralistic perspective

Author: Oluwaseun E. Adegbite, Antonis C. Simintiras, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Kemefasu Ifie

Call Number: HD31

Industrial objectives and industrial performance : concepts and fuzzy handling

Author: Lamia Berrah, Vincent Clivillé, Laurent Foulloy

Call Number: HD31.2

Governing business systems : theories and challenges for systems thinking in practice

Author: Gandolfo Dominici, Manlio del Giudice, Rosa Lombardi, editors

Call Number: HD31.2

Materiality and managerial techniques : new perspectives on organizations, artefacts and practices

Author: Nathalie Mitev [and 4 others], editors

Call Number: HD31.2

Principles of management : efficiency and effectiveness in the private and public sector

Author: Peter Eichhorn, Ian Towers

Call Number: HD31.2 .E33 2018

Flexibility in resource management

Author: Sushil, T. P. Singh, Anand J. Kulkarni, editors

Call Number: HD31.2 .F549 2016

Industrial Teesside, lives and legacies : a post-industrial geography

Author: Jonathan Warren

Call Number: HD3630.E54

CEO school : insights from 20 global business leaders

Author: Stanislav Shekshnia, Kirill Kravchenko, Elin Williams

Call Number: HD38.2


Author: Joëlle Morana

Call Number: HD38.5

Resilience by teaming in supply chains and networks

Author: Rodrigo Reyes Levalle

Call Number: HD38.5

Supply chain risk management : advanced tools, models, and developments

Author: Yacob Khojasteh, editor

Call Number: HD38.5

Using Simulation Tools to Model Renewable Resources : the Case of the Thai Rubber Industry

Author: by Janya Chanchaichujit, José F. Saavedra-Rosas

Call Number: HD38.5

Dynamics in logistics : proceedings of the 6th International Conference LDIC 2018, Bremen, Germany

Author: Michael Freitag, Herbert Kotzab, Jürgen Pannek, editors

Call Number: HD38.5

Supply chain finance and blockchain technology : the case of reverse securitisation

Author: Erik Hofmann, Urs Magnus Strewe, Nicola Bosia

Call Number: HD38.5 .H64 2018

Essentials of supply chain management

Author: Michael H. Hugos

Call Number: HD38.5 .H845 2018

Supply Chain Disruption Management Using Stochastic Mixed Integer Programming

Author: Tadeusa Sawik

Call Number: HD38.5 .S29 2018

The economics of public-private partnerships : theoretical and empirical developments

Author: Stéphane Saussier, Julie de Brux, editors

Call Number: HD3871

New private sector providers in the welfare state

Author: Jonas Pieper

Call Number: HD4148 .P54 2018

Waste to wealth

Author: Reeta Rani Singhania, Rashmi Avinash Agarwal, R. Praveen Kumar, Rajeev K. Sukumaran, editors

Call Number: HD4482

Innovation in the Asia Pacific : from manufacturing to the knowledge economy

Author: Thomas Clarke, Keun Lee, editors

Call Number: HD45

Business architecture strategy and platform-based ecosystems

Author: Young Won Park

Call Number: HD45

Conquering digital overload : leadership strategies that build engaging work cultures

Author: Peter Thomson, Mike Johnson, J. Michael Devlin, editors

Call Number: HD45 .C65 2018

The impact of digitalization in the workplace : an educational view

Author: Christian Harteis, editor

Call Number: HD45 .I46 2018

Micro-spatial histories of global labour

Author: Christian G. De Vito, Anne Gerritsen, editors

Call Number: HD4841 .M53 2018

Labor on the fringes of empire : voice, exit and the law

Author: Alessandro Stanziani

Call Number: HD4853

Hidden inequalities in the workplace : a guide to the current challenges, issues and business solutions

Author: Valerie Caven, Stefanos Nachmias, editors

Call Number: HD4903

Human investment management : raise the level by capitalising human

Author: Prabhakaran Paleri

Call Number: HD4904

From bench to boardroom : the R&D leader's guide

Author: Clifford L. Spiro

Call Number: HD53

Leadership and small business : the power of stories

Author: Karise Hutchinson

Call Number: HD57.7

Rational leadership : developing iconic corporations

Author: Paul Brooker and Margaret Hayward

Call Number: HD57.7 .B764 2018

Distributed leadership : the dynamics of balancing leadership with followership

Author: Neha Chatwani, editor

Call Number: HD57.7 .D58 2018

Full employment and social justice : solidarity and sustainability

Author: Michael J. Murray, Mathew Forstater, editors

Call Number: HD5706

Personal flourishing in organizations

Author: Juan A. Mercado, editor

Call Number: HD5713

Organizational behaviour and human resource management : a guide to an specialized MBA course

Author: Carolina Machado, J. Paulo Davim, editors

Call Number: HD58.7

The EU's Power in Inter-Organisational Relations

Author: Hanna Ojanen

Call Number: HD58.7

Enacting values-based change : organization development in action

Author: David W. Jamieson, Allan H. Church, John D. Vogelsang, editors

Call Number: HD58.8

Learning and innovation in hybrid organizations : strategic and organizational insights

Author: Paolo Boccardelli, Maria Carmela Annosi, Federica Brunetta, Mats Magnusson, editors

Call Number: HD58.8 .L43 2018eb

The microstructure of organizations

Author: Phanish Puranam

Call Number: HD58.8 .P865 2018

Learning interventions for consultants : building the talent that drives business

Author: Manuel London and Thomas Diamante

Call Number: HD58.82 .L66 2018

Managing organizational crisis and brand trauma

Author: Dennis W. Tafoya

Call Number: HD58.9

The resilience framework : organizing for sustained viability

Author: Stefan Tengblad, Margareta Oudhuis, editors

Call Number: HD58.9

Labour market participation in India : a region- and gender-specific study

Author: Arup Mitra, Aya Okada

Call Number: HD5819 .M58 2018

Building new bridges between business and society : recent research and new cases in CSR, sustainability, ethics and governance

Author: Hualiang Lu, René Schmidpeter, Nicholas Capaldi, Liangrong Zu, editors

Call Number: HD60

Globalisation of corporate social responsibility and its impact on corporate governance

Author: Jean J. du Plessis, Umakanth Varottil, Jeroen Veldman, editors

Call Number: HD60

Sport and social entrepreneurship in Sweden

Author: Tomas Peterson, Katarina Schenker, editors

Call Number: HD60

Citizenship in organizations : practicing the immeasurable

Author: Suzan Landgenberg, Fleur Beyers, editors

Call Number: HD60 .C58 2018

Current issues in corporate social responsibility : an international consideration

Author: Samuel O. Idowu, Catalina Sitnikov, Dalia Simion, Claudiu George Bocean, editors

Call Number: HD60 .C87 2018

The Goals of Sustainable Development : Responsibility and Governance

Author: David Crowther, Shahla Seifi, Abdul Moyeen, editors

Call Number: HD60 .G63 2018

CSR discovery leadership : society, science and shared value consciousness

Author: Diane L. Swanson

Call Number: HD60 .S96 2018

Sustainability and social responsibility : regulation and reporting

Author: Graham Gal, Orhan Akişik, William Wooldridge, editors

Call Number: HD60.3 .S87 2018eb

Women in security : changing the face of technology and innovation

Author: Debra A. Christofferson, editor

Call Number: HD6053

Korean women in leadership

Author: edited by Yonjoo Cho, Gary N. McLean

Call Number: HD6054.4.K6

Learned in the trenches : insights into leadership and resilience compiled by two women leaders in energy

Author: Maria Angela Capello, Hosnia S. Hashim ; foreword by Hani Abdulaziz Hussein

Call Number: HD6054.4.M628

Measuring and managing operational risk : an integrated approach

Author: Paola Leone, Pasqualina Porretta, Mario Vellella

Call Number: HD61

Sustainable risk management

Author: Peter A. Wilderer, Ortwin Renn, Martin Grambow, Michael Molls, Klaus Mainzer, editors

Call Number: HD61

Knowledge in risk assessment and management

Author: edited by Terje Aven and Enrico Zio

Call Number: HD61 .K596 2018

Business process management cases : digital innovation and business transformation in practice

Author: Jan vom Brocke, Jan Mendling, editors

Call Number: HD62.17 .B87 2018

Conflict in family businesses : conflict, models, and practices

Author: Josiane Fahed-Sreih

Call Number: HD62.25 .F35 2018

Initiatives by subsidiaries of multinational corporations : an empirical study on the influence of subsidiary role context

Author: Lars R. Dzedek ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmid

Call Number: HD62.3

Contemporary issues in international business : institutions, strategy and performance

Author: Davide Castellani, Rajneesh Narula, Quyen T. K. Nguyen, Irina Surdu, James T. Walker, editors

Call Number: HD62.4

Transfer pricing in SMEs : critical analysis and practical solutions

Author: Veronika Solilova, Danuse Nerudova

Call Number: HD62.45

Spinning into control : improvising the sustainable startup

Author: Amiel Kornel

Call Number: HD62.5

HRM in mission driven organizations : managing people in the not for profit sector

Author: Chris Brewster, Jean-Luc Cerdin, editors

Call Number: HD62.6 .H85 2018

Everyday gender at work in Taiwan

Author: Ting-Fang Chin

Call Number: HD6202

European youth labour markets : problems and policies

Author: Miguel Ángel Malo, Almudena Moreno Mínguez, editors

Call Number: HD6276.E8 E97 2018

Humans and machines at work : monitoring, surveillance and automation in contemporary capitalism

Author: Phoebe V. Moore, Martin Upchurch, Xanthe Whittaker, editors

Call Number: HD6331 .H88 2018

Project management best practices: achieving global excellence

Author: Harold Kerzner

Call Number: HD69.P75

Project managers at work

Author: Bruce Harpham

Call Number: HD69.P75

Project management for the built environment : Study Notes

Author: Low Sui Pheng

Call Number: HD69.P75

Becoming a project leader : blending planning, agility, resilience, and collaboration to deliver successful projects

Author: Alexander Laufer, Terry Little, Jeffrey Russell, Bruce Maas

Call Number: HD69.P75

Complete guide to digital project management : from pre-sales to post-production

Author: Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar

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Project finance for business development

Author: John E. Triantis

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Value creation through engineering excellence : building global network capabilities

Author: Yufeng Zhang, Mike Gregory, editors

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Well-being : productivity and happiness at work

Author: Sheena Johnson, Ivan Robertson, Cary L. Cooper

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The new normal of working lives : critical studies in contemporary work and employment

Author: Stephanie Taylor, Susan Luckman, editors

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Conscious business in Germany : assessing the current situation and creating an outlook for a new paradigm

Author: Nicolas Josef Stahlhofer, Christian Schmidkonz, Patricia Kraft

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Learning factories : the Nordic model of manufacturing

Author: Halvor Holtskog, Elias G. Carayannis, Aris Kaloudis, Geir Ringen

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Audits of 401(k) Plans

Author: by Deloitte & Touche, LLP

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Handbook of safety principles

Author: edited by Niklas Möller, Sven Ove Hansson, Jan-Erik Holmberg, Carl Rollenhage

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The urban politics of squatters' movements

Author: Miguel A. Martínez López, editor

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Business sustainability model for Malaysian housing developers

Author: Mastura Jaafar, Azlan Raofuddin Nuruddin, Syed Putra Syed Abu Bakar

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Industrial policy and sustainable growth

Author: Murat A. Yülek, editor

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Life Cycle Assessment : Theory and Practice

Author: edited by Michael Z. Hauschild, Ralph K. Rosenbaum, Stig Irving Olsen

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Working for oil : comparative social histories of labor in the global oil industry

Author: Touraj Atabaki, Elisabetta Bini, Kaveh Ehsani, editors

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Exploring sustainable land use in monsoon Asia

Author: Yukio Himiyama, editor

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Managing agricultural enterprises : exploring profitability and best practice in Central Europe

Author: Paweł Bryła, editor

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Historical farmland in China during 1661-1980 : reconstruction and spatiotemporal characteristics

Author: by Xiaobin Jin, Yinkang Zhou, Xuhong Yang, Yinong Cheng

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Economic perspectives on craft beer : a revolution in the global beer industry

Author: Christian Garavaglia, Johan Swinnen, editors

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Craft beverages and tourism. Volume 2, Environmental, societal, and marketing implications

Author: Susan L. Slocum, Carol Kline, Christina T. Cavaliere, editors

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Demanding energy : space, time and change

Author: Allison Hui, Rosie Day, Gordon Walker, editors

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Navigating the energy maze : the transition to a sustainable future

Author: Roger James Kuhns, George H. Shaw

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Energy security in Europe : divergent perceptions and policy challenges

Author: edited by Kacper Szulecki

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The Southern energy corridor : Turkey's role in European energy security

Author: Vedat Yorucu, Özay Mehmet

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Energy efficiency in the minerals industry : best practices and research directions

Author: Kwame Awuah-Offei, editor

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The will to drill : mining in Arctic communites

Author: Brigt Dale, Ingrid Bay-Larsen, Berit Skorstad, editors

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The Political Economy of Russian Aluminium : Between the Dual State and Global Markets

Author: by Jakub M. Godzimirski

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The international political economy of oil and gas

Author: Slawomir Raszewski, editor

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Saudi Aramco 2030 : post IPO challenges

Author: Mohamed A. Ramady

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Globalization, democracy and oil sector reform in Nigeria

Author: Adeoye O. Akinola

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Business chemistry : how to build and sustain thriving businesses in the chemical industry

Author: edited by Jens Leker, Carsten Gelhard, Stephan von Delft

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Emerging space markets

Author: Stella Tkatchova

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Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate

Author: K.W. Chau, Isabelle Y.S. Chan, Weisheng Lu, Chris Webster, editors

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Economic and environmental policy issues in Indian textile and apparel industries

Author: Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan

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A study of India's textile exports and environmental regulations

Author: K.S. Kavi Kumar, editor

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Contemporary Case Studies on Fashion Production, Marketing and Operations

Author: Pui-Sze Chow, Chun-Hung Chiu, Amy C.Y. Yip, Ailie K.Y. Tang, editors

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Textile trades, consumer cultures, and the material worlds of the Indian Ocean : an ocean of cloth

Author: Pedro Machado, Sarah Fee, Gwyn Campbell, editors

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Entrepreneurship in culture and creative industries : perspectives from companies and regions

Author: Elisa Innerhofer, Harald Pechlaner, Elena Borin, editors

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Data science for transport : a self-study guide with computer exercises

Author: Charles Fox

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City logistics. 2, Modeling and planning initiatives

Author: edited by Eiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson

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City logistics. 3, Towards sustainable and liveable cities

Author: edited by Eiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson

Call Number: HE305

City logistics. 1, New opportunities and challenges

Author: edited by Eiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson

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Paradigm shift in urban mobility : towards factor 10 of automobility

Author: Tomasz Janasz ; with forewords by Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, Simon Kettner and Alain Groff

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Metaheuristics for maritime operations

Author: S. Mahdi Homayouni, Dalila B.M.M. Fontes

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Wi-fi integration to the 4G mobile network

Author: André Perez

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Sound, space and society : rebel radio

Author: Kimberley Peters

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Classical music radio in the United Kingdom, 1945-1995

Author: Tony Stoller

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Smartphone start-ups : navigating the iPhone revolution

Author: Claudio Giachetti

Call Number: HE9713 .G524 2018