April 2019

Diversity of capitalisms in Latin America

Author: Ilan Bizberg

Call Number: HB1-846.8HC121-239.5

Beyond traditional probabilistic methods in economics

Author: Vladik Kreinovich, [and 3 others], editors

Call Number: HB135 .B49 2019

Structural changes and their econometric modeling

Author: Vladik Kreinovich, Songsak Sribookchitta, editors

Call Number: HB141 .S77 2019

The new generation of computable general equilibrium models : modeling the economy

Author: edited by Federico Perali, Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo

Call Number: HB144

Global political economy : a multi-paradigmatic approach

Author: Kavous Ardalan

Call Number: HB171

Macroeconomic survey expectations

Author: Michael Clements

Call Number: HB172.5

Technological progress, income distribution, and unemployment : theory and empirics

Author: Hideyuki Adachi, Kazuyuki Inagaki, Tamotsu nakamura, Yasuyuki Osumi

Call Number: HB172.5 .A33 2019


Author: Olivier Blanchard

Call Number: HB172.5 .B573 2017

Coming to terms with superdiversity : the case of Rotterdam

Author: Peter Scholten, Maurice Crul, Paul van de Laar, editors

Call Number: HB2276.R6 C6 2019

International financial centres after the Global Financial Crisis and Brexit

Author: edited by Youssef Cassis and Dariusz Wójcik

Call Number: HB3722

Uncertain futures : imaginaries, narratives, and calculation in the economy

Author: edited by Jens Beckert and Richard Bronk

Call Number: HB3730 .U48 2018

Rent-seekers, profits, wages and inequality : the top 20%

Author: Péter Mihályi, Iván Szelényi

Call Number: HB401 .M54 2019

The quality of society : essays on the unified theory of capitalism

Author: Adolfo Figueroa

Call Number: HB501 .F54 2019

British capitalism after the crisis

Author: Scott Lavery

Call Number: HB501 .L39 2019

Entrepreneurial ecosystems in unexpected places : examining the success factors of regional entrepreneurship

Author: Veneta Andonova, Milena S. Nilolova, Dilyan Dimitrov

Call Number: HB615 .A53 2019

New paths of entrepreneurship development : the role of education, smart cities, and social factors

Author: editors Luísa Cagica Carvalho, Conceição Rego, Maria Raquel Lucas, M. Isabel Sánchez-Hernández, Andriana Backx Noronha Viana

Call Number: HB615 .N49 2019

Lean entrepreneurship : innovation in the modern enterprise

Author: George Watt, Howard Abrams

Call Number: HB615 .W38 2018

The political economy of underdevelopment in the global South : the government-business-media complex

Author: Justin van der Merwe, Nicole Dodd

Call Number: HB74.P65 V36 2019

Varieties of political consumerism : from boycotting to buycotting

Author: Carolin V. Zorell

Call Number: HB801 .Z67 2019

Studies in the sociology of population : international perspectives

Author: Jon Anson, Walter Bartl, Andrzej Kulczycki, editors

Call Number: HB849.44 .S78 2019

Global crisis and reproduction of capital

Author: Stavros Tombazos

Call Number: HB97.5

Public choice analyses of American economic history. Volume 3

Author: editors, Joshua Hall and Marcus Witcher

Call Number: HC103

American exceptionalism : economics, finance, political economy, and economic laws

Author: Lall Ramrattan and Michael Szenberg

Call Number: HC103

Industry surveys

Author: CFRA, powered by data from S&P Global

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

Industry surveys

Author: CFRA, powered by data from S&P Global

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

Living and working in poverty in Latin America : trajectories of children, youth, and adults

Author: María Eugenia Rausky, Mariana Chaves, editors

Call Number: HC130.P6 L58 2019

Development, political, and economic difficulties in the Caribbean

Author: Ann Marie Bissessar, editor

Call Number: HC151 .D48 2019

Money, autonomy and citizenship : the experience of the Brazilian Bolsa Família

Author: Alessandro Pinzani, Walquiria Leão Rego

Call Number: HC190.P6

EU development policies : between norms and geopolitics

Author: Sarah L. Beringer, Sylvia Maier, Markus Thiel, editors

Call Number: HC240 .E7365 2019

The political economy of structural reforms in Europe

Author: edited by Nauro F. Campos, Paul De Grauwe, and Yuemei Ji

Call Number: HC240 .P593783 2018

Challenges in Europe : Indian perspectives

Author: Gulshan Sachdeva, editor

Call Number: HC240.25

Economy, business and uncertainty : new ideas for a Euro-Mediterranean industrial policy

Author: editors, Jaime Gil-Lafuente, Domenico Marino and Francesco Carlo Morabito

Call Number: HC240.25.M4

Diverging capitalisms : Britain, the city of London and Europe

Author: editors Colin Hay and Daniel Bailey

Call Number: HC253

China's macroeconomic outlook : quarterly forecast and analysis report, October 2018

Author: Center for Macroeconomic Research of Xiamen University ; by the China's Quarterly Macroeconometric Model (CQMM) team Center for Macroeconomic Research at Xiamen University

Call Number: HC427.95 .X53

Zhongguancun model : driving the dual engines of science & technology and capital

Author: Xiaoying Dong, Yanni Hu, Weidong Yin and Estela Kuo

Call Number: HC430.H53 Z46 2019

Lost glory : India's capitalism story

Author: Sumit K. Majumdar

Call Number: HC435.1 .M35 2018

Emerging states at crossroads

Author: Keiichi Tsunekawa, Yasuyuki Todo, editors

Call Number: HC460.5 .E44 2019

Emerging states and economies : their origins, drivers, and challenges ahead

Author: Takashi Shiraishi, Tetsushi Sonobe, editors

Call Number: HC59.7 .E44 2019

Paths to the emerging state in Asia and Africa

Author: Keijiro Otsuka, Kaoru Sugihara, editors

Call Number: HC59.7 .P38 2019

South-South cooperation and Chinese foreign aid

Author: Meibo Huang, Xiuli Xu, Xiaojing Mao, editors

Call Number: HC60 .S68 2019eb

Technologies and eco-innovation towards sustainability. I, eco design of products and services

Author: Allen H. Hu, Mitsutaka Matsumoto, Tsai Chi Kuo, Shana Smith, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Technologies and eco-innovation towards sustainability. II, Eco design assessment and management

Author: editors, Allen H. Hu, Mitsutaka Matsumoto, Tsai Chi Kuo and Shana Smith

Call Number: HC79.E5

Shocks, states, and sustainability : the origins of radical environmental reforms

Author: Thomas K. Rudel

Call Number: HC79.E5 R813 2019

Emerging champions in the digital economy : new theories and cases on evolving technologies and business models

Author: Xiaoming Zhu ; [translated by Xuehui Cao et al]

Call Number: HC79.I55

Geographies of disruption : place making for innovation in the age of knowledge economy

Author: Tan Yigitcanlar, Tommi Inkinen

Call Number: HC79.I55 Y54 2019

Poverty reduction through non-timber forest products : personal stories

Author: Deepa Pullanikkatil, Charlie M. Shackleton, editors

Call Number: HC79.P6

Representations of poverty and place : using geographical text analysis to understand discourse

Author: Laura L Paterson and Ian N Gregory

Call Number: HC79.P6 P3528 2019

Africa in transformation : economic development in the age of doubt

Author: Carlos Lopes

Call Number: HC800 .L674 2019

Making the Tunisian resurgence

Author: Mahmoud Sami Nabi

Call Number: HC820 .N33 2019

The water paradox : overcoming the global crisis in water management

Author: Edward B. Barbier

Call Number: HD1691 .B37 2019eb

Water resources in Slovakia. Part II, Climate change, drought and floods

Author: volume editors: Abdelazim M. Negm, Martina Zeleňáková ; with contributions by D. Barková [and more]

Call Number: HD1697.S56

Water Resources in Slovakia. Part I, Assessment and development

Author: volume editors: Abdelazim M. Negm, Martina Zeleňáková ; with contributions by P. Andráš [and more]

Call Number: HD1697.S56

Urban drought : emerging water challenges in Asia

Author: Bhaswati Ray, Rajib Shaw, editors

Call Number: HD1698.A78 U73 2019

Water and power : environmental governance and strategies for sustainability in the Lower Mekong Basin

Author: Mart A. Stewart, Peter A. Coclanis, editors

Call Number: HD1698.M4 W398 2019

Unconventional water resources and agriculture in Egypt

Author: volume editor: Abdelazim M. Negm ; with contributions by M.A.M. Abdelrahman [and more]

Call Number: HD1699.E3

Conventional water resources and agriculture in Egypt

Author: volume editor: Abdelazim M. Negm ; with contributions by M.S. Abbas [and more]

Call Number: HD1699.E3

Global outsourcing discourse : exploring modes of it governance

Author: Eleni Lioliou, Leslie P. Willcocks

Call Number: HD2365 .L56 2019

Japanese outbound acquisitions : explaining what works

Author: Shigeru Matsumoto

Call Number: HD2746.5

The views of Japanese employees on cross-border M&As

Author: Kai Oliver Thiele

Call Number: HD2746.55.J3 T554 2018

Internationalizing firms : international strategy, trends and challenges

Author: Adriana Calvelli and Chiara Cannavale

Call Number: HD2755.5 .C366 2019

Contemporary influences on international business in Latin America : environmental, firm and individual-level factors

Author: William Newburry, Leonardo Liberman, Moacir de Miranda Oliveira Jr, editors

Call Number: HD2810.5 .C66 2019

Sharing economy : making supply meet demand

Author: Ming Hu, editor

Call Number: HD2963 .S53 2019

Information and communication technologies of Ecuador (TIC.EC)

Author: Miguel Botto-Tobar, Lida Barba-Maggi, Javier González-Huerta, Patricio Vallacrés-Cevallos, Omar S. Gómez, María I. Uvidia-Fassler, editors

Call Number: HD30.2

Business innovation and ICT strategies

Author: Sriram Birudavolu, Biswajit Nag

Call Number: HD30.2

History and theory of knowledge production : an introductory outline

Author: Rajan Gurukkal

Call Number: HD30.2 .R35 2019

Negotiating control : organizations and mobile communication

Author: Keri K. Stephens

Call Number: HD30.2 .S74 2018

Decision economics : designs, models, and techniques for boundedly rational decisions

Author: editors, Edgardo Bucciarelli, Shu-Heng Chen and Juan Manuel Corchado

Call Number: HD30.23

Strategic approach in multi-criteria decision making : a practical guide for complex scenarios

Author: Nolberto Munier, Eloy Hontoria, Fernando Jiménez-Sáez

Call Number: HD30.23 .M86 2019

Optimal control theory : applications to management science and economics

Author: Suresh P. Sethi

Call Number: HD30.25 .S47 2019

Implanting strategic management

Author: H. Igor Ansoff [and 4 others]

Call Number: HD30.28

Strategy formation and policy making in government

Author: Jan-Erik Johanson

Call Number: HD30.28 .J64 2019

Business transformation through blockchain. Volume I

Author: edited by Horst Treiblmaier, Roman Beck

Call Number: HD30.38

Downfall of large German listed companies : a two-dimensional analysis of failure factors

Author: Sebastian Frericks ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gregor Weiß

Call Number: HD31.2 .F74 2019

Managing hybrid organizations : governance, professionalism and regulation

Author: Susanna Alexius, Staffan Furusten, editors

Call Number: HD31.2 .M36 2019

Manufacturing advantage : war, the state, and the origins of American industry, 1776-1848

Author: Lindsay Schakenbach Regele

Call Number: HD3616.U46 R414 2019

CEO succesion, leadership, and (dis)similarity : a mixed methods approach

Author: Cristina Pratelli

Call Number: HD38.2 .P73 2019

Lean and green supply chain management : optimization models and algorithms

Author: Turan Paksoy, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Sandra Huber, editors

Call Number: HD38.5 .L43 2019

Revisiting supply chain risk

Author: George A. Zwieiwin, Michael Henke, editors

Call Number: HD38.5 .S87 2019eb

Managing innovation and standards : a case in the European heating industry

Author: Paul Moritz Wiegmann

Call Number: HD45 .W54 2019

Social media use in crisis and risk communication : emergencies, concerns, awareness

Author: edited by Harald Hornmoen (Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo, Norway), Klas Backholm (Åbo Akademi University, Vasa, Finland)

Call Number: HD49.3 .S63 2018

The Palgrave handbook of the sociology of work in Europe

Author: edited by Paul Stewart, Jean-Pierre Durand, Maria-Magdalena Richea

Call Number: HD4904 .P27 2019

Agency theory and executive pay : the remuneration committee's dilemma

Author: Alexander Pepper

Call Number: HD4965.2 .P46 2019

Advances in systematic creativity : creating and managing innovations

Author: edited by Leonid Chechurin, Mikael Collan

Call Number: HD53 .A38 2019

Down the rabbit hole of leadership : leadership pathology in everyday life

Author: Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries

Call Number: HD57.7

Leadership without ego : how to stop managing and start leading

Author: Bob Davids, Brian M. Carney, Isaac Getz

Call Number: HD57.7 .D38 2019

Effective and creative leadership in diverse workforces : improving organizational performance and culture in the workplace

Author: edited by Bethany K. Mickahail, Carlos Tasso Eira de Aquino

Call Number: HD57.7 .E44 2019

Teams and their leaders : a communication perspective

Author: J. David Johnson

Call Number: HD57.7 .J6437 2017eb

Leading in a VUCA world : integrating leadership, discernment and spirituality

Author: Jacobus (Kobus) Kok, Steven C. van den Heuvel, editors

Call Number: HD57.7 .L43 2019

Learning factories : concepts, guidelines, best-practice examples

Author: Eberhard Abele, Joachim Metternich, Michael Tisch

Call Number: HD5715

Life cycle of clusters in designing smart specialization policies

Author: Guseppe Pronestì

Call Number: HD58

The Palgrave handbook of cross-cultural business negotiation

Author: Mohammad Ayub Khan, Noam Ebner, editors

Call Number: HD58.6 .P35 2019

Solving the change paradox by means of trust : leveraging the power of trust to provide continuity in times of organizational change

Author: Katharina de Biasi ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek

Call Number: HD58.8 .D43 2019

Sensuous learning for practical judgment in professional practice. Volume 1, Arts-based methods

Author: Elena P. Antonacopoulou and Steven S. Taylor, editors

Call Number: HD58.82

Manufacturing towns in China : the governance of rural migrant workers

Author: Yue Gong

Call Number: HD5856.C6 G66 2019

Corporate social responsibility in the manufacturing and services sectors

Author: Paulina Golinska, Małgorzata Spychała, editors

Call Number: HD60

Quakers, business and corporate responsibility : lessons and cases for responsible management

Author: Nicholas Burton, Richard Turnbull, editors

Call Number: HD60 .Q83 2019

Winning sustainability strategies : finding purpose, driving innovation and executing change

Author: Benoit Leleux, Jan van der Kaaij

Call Number: HD60.3 .L45 2019

Corporate governance in the banking sector in China

Author: Weikang Zou

Call Number: HD60.5.C6

Practising CSR in the Middle East

Author: Belaid Rettab, Kamel Mellahi, editors

Call Number: HD60.5.M628 P73 2019

Global women's work : perspectives on gender and work in the global economy

Author: edited by Beth English, Mary E. Frederickson and Olga Sanmiguel-Valderrama

Call Number: HD6053 .G56 2019

Collective bargaining and gender equality

Author: Jane Pillinger and Nora Wintour

Call Number: HD6079 .P55 2019

The family business group phenomenon : emergence and complexities

Author: Marita Rautiaine [and 4 others], editors

Call Number: HD62.25

German family enterprises : a sourcebook of structure, diversity, growth and downfall

Author: Laura K.C. Seibold, Maximilian Lantelme, Hermut Kormann

Call Number: HD62.25 .S45 2019

The changing strategies of international business : how MNEs manage in a changing commercial and political landscape

Author: Agnieszka Chidlow, Pervez N. Ghauri, Thomas Buckley, Emma C. Gardner, Amir Qamar, Emily Pickering, editors

Call Number: HD62.4

Scaling your startup : mastering the four stages from idea to $10 billion

Author: by Peter S. Cohan

Call Number: HD62.5 .C64 2019

Observing acceleration : uncovering the effects of accelerators on impact-oriented entrepreneurs

Author: Peter W. Roberts and Saurabh A. Lall

Call Number: HD62.5 .R63 2019

Lifelong employability : thriving in an ageing society

Author: Philippa Dengler ; with a foreword by Dr. Stefan Ryf

Call Number: HD6279 .D46 2019

Advances in consulting research : recent findings and practical cases

Author: Volker Nissen, editor

Call Number: HD69.C6 A38 2019

The Palgrave handbook of workers' participation at plant level

Author: edited by Stefan Berger, Ludger Pries, Manfred Wannöffel

Call Number: HD6955

Workplace justice : rights and labour resistance in Vietnam

Author: Tu Phuong Nguyen

Call Number: HD6971.3

Navigating social security options

Author: Danny Pieters

Call Number: HD7091 .P54 2019

The dream revisited : contemporary debates about housing, segregation, and opportunity in the twenty-first century

Author: edited by Ingrid Gould Ellen and Justin Peter Steil

Call Number: HD7288.76.U5 D74 2019

Segregation by design : local politics and inequality in American cities

Author: Jessica Trounstine, University of California, Merced

Call Number: HD7293 .T735 2018

Essays on housing and pensions : a European perspective

Author: Thomas Müller ; with a foreword by Professor Dr. Nico B. Rottke

Call Number: HD7332.A3 M85 2019

Developmental state building : the politics of emerging economies

Author: edited by Yusuke Takagi, Veerayooth Kanchoochat, Tetsushi Sonobe

Call Number: HD75

Growth and distribution

Author: Duncan K. Foley, Thomas R. Michl, Daniele Tavani

Call Number: HD75 .F65 2019

Health and safety in contemporary Britain : society, legitimacy, and change since 1960

Author: Paul Almond, Mike Esbester

Call Number: HD7695 .A72 2019

The fight for time : migrant day laborers and the politics of precarity

Author: Paul Apostolidis

Call Number: HD8081.H7 A66 2019

Building development studies for the new millennium

Author: editors Isa Baud, Elisabetta Basile, Tiina Kontinen and Susanne von Itter

Call Number: HD82 .B85 2019

Immiserizing growth : when growth fails the poor

Author: edited by Paul Shaffer, Ravi Kanbur, and Richard Sandbrook

Call Number: HD82 .I293 2019

Employment and development : how work can lead from and into poverty

Author: Gary S. Fields ; edited by Janneke Pieters

Call Number: HD8943 .F54 2019

Remote sensing for food security

Author: Felix Kogan

Call Number: HD9000.5

Sustainable solutions for food security : combating climate change by adaptation

Author: Atanu Sarkar, Suman Ranjan Sensarma, Gary W. vanLoon, editors

Call Number: HD9000.5

Law and the political economy of hunger

Author: Anna Chadwick

Call Number: HD9000.6 .C43 2019

Meet the food radicals

Author: F. Bailey Norwood and Tamara L. Mix

Call Number: HD9006 .N67 2019

Energy security : policy challenges and solutions for resource efficiency

Author: editors, Nikolai Mouraviev and Anastasia Koulouri

Call Number: HD9502

Robust energy procurement of large electricity consumers

Author: Sayyad Nojavan, Mahdi Shafieezadeh, Noradin Ghadimi, editors

Call Number: HD9502

China as a global clean energy champion : lifting the veil

Author: Philip Andrews-Speed, Sufang Zhang

Call Number: HD9502.5.C543 A53 2019

Environmental water footprints : energy and building sectors

Author: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor

Call Number: HD9502.A2

Energy transition : financing consumer co-ownership in renewables

Author: Jens Lowitzsch

Call Number: HD9502.A2

Understanding risks and uncertainties in energy and climate policy : multidisciplinary methods and tools for a low carbon society

Author: Haris Doukas, Alexandros Flamos, Jenny Lieu, editors

Call Number: HD9502.A2 U53 2019

EU-Russia energy relations : a discursive approach

Author: Lukáš Tichý

Call Number: HD9502.A4

Energy resources in Bangladesh : trends and contemporary issues

Author: Sakib Bin Amin and Saanjaana Rahman

Call Number: HD9502.B3

Climate and energy protection in the EU and China : 5th Workshop on EU-Asia Relations in Global Politics

Author: Peter Hefele, Michael Palocz-Andresen, Maximilian Rech, Jan-Henrik Kohler, editors

Call Number: HD9502.E85

Mapping power : the political economy of electricity in India's states

Author: Navroz K. Dubash, Sunila S. Kale, and Ranjit Bharvirkar

Call Number: HD9502.I42 M37 2018

Gold mining and the discourses of corporate social responsibility in Ghana

Author: Nathan Andrews

Call Number: HD9536 .A53 2019

The revolution in energy technology : innovation and the economics of the solar photovoltaic industry

Author: Xue Han (Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Business Administration, Lakehead University, Canada and Science Policy and Innovation Network), and Jorge Niosi (Professor Emeritus, Department of Management and Technology, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada)

Call Number: HD9681.A2 H39 2018

Urban shrinkage, industrial renewal and automotive plants

Author: Andreas Luescher, Sujata Shetty

Call Number: HD9710.A2 L84 2019

Creating economy : enterprise, intellectual property, and the valuation of goods

Author: Barbara Townley, Philip Roscoe, and Nicola Searle

Call Number: HD9999.C9472

Persistent creativity : making the case for art, culture and the creative industries

Author: Peter Campbell

Call Number: HD9999.C9472 C36 2019

Cultural and creative industries : a path to entrepreneurship and innovation

Author: Marta Peris-Ortiz, Mayer Rainiero Cabrera-Flores, Arturo Serrano-Santoyo, editors

Call Number: HD9999.C9472 C65 2019

Public service broadcasting and media systems in troubled european democracies

Author: Eva Połońska, Charlie Beckett, editors

Call Number: HE8689.7.P82 P83358 2019

Landside, airside : why airports are the way they are

Author: Victor Márquez

Call Number: HE9797