January 2020

An institutional history of Italian economics in the interwar period. Volume I, Adapting to the fascist regime

Author: Massimo M. Augello, Marco E.L. Guidi, Fabrizio Bientinesi, editors

Call Number: HB109.A2 I57 2019

Allyn Abbott Young

Author: by Ramesh Chandra

Call Number: HB119.A2

Rethinking input-output analysis : a spatial perspective

Author: Jan Oosterhaven

Call Number: HB142

Games in management science : essays in honor of Georges Zaccour

Author: Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Simon Sigué, Sihem Taboubi, editors

Call Number: HB144

The future of economic design : the continuing development of a field as envisioned by its researchers

Author: Jean-François Laslier, Hervé Moulin, M. Remzi Sanver, William S. Zwicker, editors

Call Number: HB171

Digitisation and precarisation : redefining work and redefining society

Author: Vyacheslav Bobkov, Peter Herrmann, editors

Call Number: HB171

Alternative approaches to economic theory : complexity, post Keynesian and ecological economics

Author: edited by Victor A. Beker

Call Number: HB171 .A468 2020

The principle of trading economics

Author: Zhenying Wang

Call Number: HB172.5 .W36 2019

Africa on the move : migration, translocal livelihoods and rural development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Malte Steinbrink, Hannah Niedenführ

Call Number: HB2121.A3

Migration, social capital, and health : insights from Ghana and Uganda

Author: Raymond Asare Tutu, Janice Desire Busingye

Call Number: HB2126.8.A3

Work and family in Japanese society

Author: by Junya Tsutsui

Call Number: HB3651

Family demography and post-2015 development agenda in Africa

Author: Clifford O. Odimegwu, editor

Call Number: HB3661.A3

The wealth effect : how the great expectations of the middle class have changed the politics of banking crises

Author: Jeffrey M. Chwieroth, London School of Economics and Political Science, Andrew Walter, University of Melbourne

Call Number: HB3722 .C586 2019

Systemic risk in the financial sector : ten years after the great crash

Author: editors, Douglas W. Arner, Emilios Avgouleas, Danny Busch, Steven L. Schwarcz

Call Number: HB3722 .S973 2019

A brief history of doom : two hundred years of financial crises

Author: Richard Vague

Call Number: HB3722 .V338 2019

Economics of a crowded planet

Author: Fraser Murison Smith

Call Number: HB3730 .M87 2019eb

UK business and financial cycles since 1660. Volume I, A narrative overview

Author: Nicholas Dimsdale, Ryland Thomas

Call Number: HB3783 .D56 2019eb

Whither capitalism? : internalizing the market and free investment

Author: Makoto Nishibe

Call Number: HB501 .N57 2019

Workbook for Entrepreneurship and Innovation : Theory, Practice and Context

Author: Tim Mazzarol, Sophie Reboud

Call Number: HB615

Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific : case studies

Author: Jing Wang, Michitaka Kosaka, Ke Xing, Hua Bai, editor

Call Number: HB615

Entrepreneurship and innovation : theory, practice and context

Author: by Tim Mazzarol, Sophie Reboud

Call Number: HB615 .M39 2020eb

Transnational entrepreneurship in South East Asia : Japanese self-initiated expatriate entrepreneurs

Author: Kazuko Yokoyama, Sarah Louisa Birchley

Call Number: HB615 .Y65 2020eb

Property rights : The argument for privatization

Author: Walter E. Block

Call Number: HB711

Agency and causal explanation in economics

Author: Peter Róna, László Zsolnai, editors

Call Number: HB72

Narrative economics : how stories go viral & drive major economic events

Author: Robert J. Shiller

Call Number: HB74.P8 S47 2019

Sustainable consumption : the right to a healthy environment

Author: Alberto do Amaral Junior, Lucila de Almeida, Luciane Klein Vieira, editors

Call Number: HB820

Population, place, and spatial interaction : essays in honor of David Plane

Author: Rachel S. Franklin, editor

Call Number: HB849.49

Finance and democracy : towards a sustainable financial system

Author: Alessandro Vercelli

Call Number: HB95 .V47 2019

Classical Marxism in an age of capitalist crisis : the past is prologue

Author: William Briggs

Call Number: HB97.5 .B6487 2019

Keynes against capitalism : his economic case for liberal socialism

Author: James Crotty

Call Number: HB99.7.K38 C76 2019

Industry surveys

Author: CFRA, powered by data from S&P Global

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

Regional renaissance : how New York's Capital Region became a nanotechnology powerhouse

Author: Charles W. Wessner, Thomas R. Howell

Call Number: HC107.N7

Regional integration, development, and governance in Mesoamerica

Author: Alina Gamboa

Call Number: HC141 .G36 2020eb

Anti-Europeanism : critical perspectives towards the European Union

Author: Marco Baldassari, Emanuele Castelli, Matteo Truffelli, Giovanni Vezzani, editors

Call Number: HC240

EU bioeconomy economics and policies. Volume I

Author: Liesbeth Dries, Wim Heijman, Roel Jongeneel, Kai Purnhagen, Justus Wesseler, editors

Call Number: HC240 .E9 2019eb

EU bioeconomy economics and policies. Volume II

Author: Liesbeth Dries... [et al.], editors

Call Number: HC240 .E9 2019eb

Resilience and the EU's eastern neighbourhood countries : from theoretical concepts to a normative agenda

Author: Gilles Rouet, Gabriela Carmen Pascariu, editors

Call Number: HC240.25.E852 R47 2019eb

How to finance cohesion in Europe?

Author: edited by Ewald Nowotny, Doris Ritzberger-Grünwald, Helen Schuberth

Call Number: HC241.2 .H63 2019

Regional success after Brexit : the need for new measures

Author: by David Hearne and Alex de Ruyter

Call Number: HC256.7 .H43 2019

Russian economic development over three centuries : new data and inferences

Author: Masaaki Kuboniwa, Yasushi Nakamura, Kazuhiro Kumo, Yoshisada Shida, editors

Call Number: HC340.12.Z9

The theory of crisis and the Great Recession in Spain

Author: by Juan Pablo Mateo Tomé

Call Number: HC385.5

Asian transformations : an inquiry into the development of nations

Author: edited by Deepak Nayyar

Call Number: HC412 .A85 2019

The financial implications of China's belt and road initiative : a route to more sustainable economic growth

Author: Piotr Łasak, René W.H. van der Linden

Call Number: HC427 .L37 2019

China 40 years infrastructure construction

Author: Xin Qiu

Call Number: HC427.92 .Q58 2020eb

China's globalization and the Belt and Road Initiative

Author: Jean A. Berlie, editor

Call Number: HC427.95

One road, many dreams : China's bold plan to remake the global economy

Author: Daniel Drache, A.T. Kingsmith & Duan Qi

Call Number: HC427.95 .D72 2019

Overview of low-carbon development

Author: Xiangwan Du [and 5 more]

Call Number: HC430.E5

Green transformation and development

Author: Shunzhong Gu, Meie Xie, Xinhua Zhang

Call Number: HC430.E5

Population and sustainable development in India

Author: Aalok Ranjan Chaurasia

Call Number: HC440.E5

Energy, environment and globalization : recent trends, opportunities and challenges in India

Author: Anshuman Gupta, Narendra N. Dalei, editors

Call Number: HC440.E5

The economic consequences of the peace

Author: John Maynard Keynes ; with a new introduction by Michael Cox

Call Number: HC57 .K4 2019eb

Growth and transformation of emerging powers : research on BRICS economies

Author: Yao Ouyang, Xianzhong Yi, Lingxiao Tang

Call Number: HC59.7

Natural resources and economic development

Author: Edward B. Barbier (Colorado State University)

Call Number: HC59.7 .B3355 2019

Advances in spatial and economic modeling of disaster impacts

Author: Yasuhide Okuyama, Adam Rose, editors

Call Number: HC79.D45

Energy economics : concepts, issues, markets and governance

Author: Subhes C. Bhattacharyya

Call Number: HC79.E5

Environmental concerns and sustainable development. Volume 1, Air, water and energy resources

Author: editors, Vertikla Shukla and Narendra Kumar

Call Number: HC79.E5

Sustainable development : knowledge and education about standardisation

Author: edited by Samuel O. Idowu, Henk J. de Vries, Ivana Mijatovic, Donggeun Choi

Call Number: HC79.E5

Environmental sustainability in a time of change

Author: Robert Brinkmann

Call Number: HC79.E5

Actioning the global goals for local impact : towards sustainability science, policy, education and practice

Author: Isabel B. Franco, Tathagata Chatterji, Ellen Derbyshire, James Tracey, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Framing in sustainability science : theoretical and practical approaches

Author: Takashi Mino, Shogo Kudo, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

The future of the UN sustainable development goals : business perspectives for global development in 2030

Author: editors, Samuel O. Idowu, René Schmidpeter and Liangong Zu

Call Number: HC79.E5

International development and the environment : social consensus and cooperative measures for sustainability

Author: Shiro Hori, Yukari Takamura, Toshiyuki Fujita, Norichika Kanie, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Cleaner production : toward a better future

Author: Francisco José Gomes da Silva and Ronny Miguel Gouveia

Call Number: HC79.E5

Sustaining our environment for better future : challenges and opportunities

Author: Abdelnaser Omran, Odile Schwarz-Herion, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Universities and sustainable communities : meeting the goals of the Agenda 2030

Author: Walter Leal Filho, Ubiratã Tortato, Fernanda Frankenberger, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

Bioeconomy for sustainable development

Author: Chetan Keswani, editor

Call Number: HC79.E5

Climate action

Author: editors: Walter Leal Filho, Anabela Marisa Azul, Luciana Brandli, Pinar Gökcin Özuyar, Tony Wall

Call Number: HC79.E5

Sustainable development in changing complex earth systems

Author: Attila Kerényi, Richard William McIntosh

Call Number: HC79.E5

Environmental concerns and sustainable development. Volume 2, Biodiversity, soil and waste management

Author: editors, Vertika Shukla and Narendra Kumar

Call Number: HC79.E5 E5758 2020

The UN sustainable development goals for the textile and fashion industry

Author: Miguel Angel Gardetti, Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5 U57 2020

The cyber economy : opportunities and challenges for artificial intelligence in the digital workplace

Author: Vladimir M. Filippov [and 3 more], editors

Call Number: HC79.I55

Digital age : chances, challenges and future

Author: edited by Svetlana Igorevna Ashmarina, Marek Vochozka, Valentina Vyacheslavovna Mantulenko

Call Number: HC79.I55 D55 2020

Paradigm shift in technologies and innovation systems

Author: John Cantwell, Takabumi Hayashi, editors

Call Number: HC79.R4 P37 2019

Structural change in Africa : misperceptions, new narratives and development in the 21st century

Author: Carlos Lopes and George Kararach

Call Number: HC800 .L6723 2020

Africa and the sustainable development goals

Author: Maano Ramutsindela, David Mickler, editors

Call Number: HC800.Z9

Participatory research and planning in practice

Author: Janez Nared, David Bole, editors

Call Number: HD108.6 .P37 2020eb

Science and technology parks and regional economic development : an international perspective

Author: Sara Amoroso, Albert N. Link, Mike Wright, editors

Call Number: HD1393.5

The economy of Chinese rural households

Author: Wenrong Qian et al

Call Number: HD1476.C6

Adaptive strategies for water heritage : past, present and future

Author: Carola Hein, editor

Call Number: HD1691 .A33 2020eb

Governance of a transboundary river : the Rhône

Author: Christian Bréthaut, Géraldine Pflieger

Call Number: HD1691 .B74 2020eb

Water availability and management in Mexico

Author: Elena María Otazo-Sánchez, Amado Enrique Navarro-Frómeta, Vijay P. Singh, editors

Call Number: HD1696.M6 W38 2020

Evolution and water resources utilization of the Yangtze River

Author: Jin Chen

Call Number: HD1698.C52 Y343 2020

The political economy of agrarian change in Latin America : Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

Author: by Matilda Baraibar Norberg

Call Number: HD1856 .B37 2020eb

New paradigm of industry 4.0 : Internet of things, big data & cyber physical systems

Author: Srikanta Patnaik, editor

Call Number: HD2326 .N48 2020eb

Innovation, technology, and market ecosystems : managing industrial growth in emerging markets

Author: Rajagopal, Ramesh Behl, editors

Call Number: HD2329 .I56 2020eb

The social meaning of extra money : capitalism and the commodification of domestic and leisure activities

Author: Sidonie Naulin, Anne Jourdain, editors

Call Number: HD2331 .S63 2020eb

Governing digital transformation : guidance for corporate board members

Author: Steven De Haes, Laura Caluwe, Tim Huygh, Anant Joshi

Call Number: HD2745 .H34 2020eb

Emerging market multinationals and Europe : challenges and strategies

Author: Andreas Breinbauer, Louis Brennan, Johannes Jäger, Andreas G. M. Nachbagauer, Andreas Nölke, editors

Call Number: HD2755.5

International business and emerging economy firms. Volume II, European and African perspectives

Author: Jorma A. Larimo, Marin A. Marinov, Svetla T. Marinova, Tiina Leposky, editors

Call Number: HD2755.5

International business and emerging economy firms Volume I, Universal issues and the Chinese perspective

Author: Marin A. Marinov, Svetla T. Marinova, Jorma A. Larimo, Tiina Leposky, editors

Call Number: HD2755.5

Virtuous cycles in humanistic management : from the classroom to the corporation

Author: Ricardo Aguado, Almudena Eizaguirre, editors

Call Number: HD30.19

Enterprise governance of information technology : achieving alignment and value in digital organizations

Author: Steven De Haes, Win Vam Grembergen, Anant Joshi, Tim Huygh

Call Number: HD30.2

Knowledge construction methodology : fusing systems thinking and knowledge management

Author: Yoshiteru Nakamori

Call Number: HD30.2 .N35 2020eb

Information governance : concepts, strategies, and best practices

Author: Robert F. Smallwood

Call Number: HD30.2 .S617 2020

Information systems and neuroscience : NeuroIS Retreat 2019

Author: Fred D. Davis, René Riedl, Jan vom Brocke, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Adriane Randolph, Thomas Fischer, editors

Call Number: HD30.213

INFORMS analytics body of knowledge

Author: edited by James J. Cochran

Call Number: HD30.215 .I54 2019

New paradigm in decision science and management : proceedings of ICDSM 2018

Author: Srikanta Patnaik, Andrew W. H. Ip, Madjid Tavana, Vipul Jain, editors

Call Number: HD30.23

Decision and inhibitory trees and rules for decision tables with many-valued decisions

Author: Fawaz Alsolami, Mohammad Azad, Igor Chikalov, Mikhail Moshkov

Call Number: HD30.23 .A47 2020

Managerial decision making : a holistic approach

Author: Jeffrey Yi-Lin Forrest, Jeananne Nicholls, Kurt Schimmel, Sifeng Liu

Call Number: HD30.23 .F67 2020

Proceedings of the sixth International Forum on Decision Sciences

Author: Xiang Li, Xiaofeng Xu, editors

Call Number: HD30.23 .I58 2018eb

Improving human performance in dynamic tasks : applications in management and industry

Author: Hassan Qudrat-Ullah

Call Number: HD30.23 .Q37 2020eb

International business, trade and institutional sustainability

Author: Walter Leal Filho, Paulo R. Borges de Brito, Fernanda Frankenberger, editors

Call Number: HD30.255

Global aspects of reputation and strategic management

Author: editied by David L. Deephouse, Naomi A. Gardberg, and William Newburry

Call Number: HD30.28 .G58 2019

Using paired constraints to solve the innovation problem

Author: Patricia D. Stokes, Michael Gibbert

Call Number: HD30.29 .S76 2020eb

Television at work : industrial media and American labor

Author: Kit Hughes

Call Number: HD30.34 .H74 2019

Business background investigations : tools and techniques for solution driven due diligence

Author: by Cynthia Hetherington

Call Number: HD30.4 .H48 2010

The Cambridge handbook of stakeholder theory

Author: edited by Jeffrey S. Harrison (University of Richmond) [and three others]

Call Number: HD31 .C326 2019

Tactical management in complexity : managerial and informational aspects

Author: Renata Petrevska Nechkoska

Call Number: HD31.2

Innovation and Industrial Policies

Author: Joël-Thomas Ravix, Marc Deschamps

Call Number: HD3611

Supply chain management : strategy and organization

Author: Mikihisa Nakano

Call Number: HD38.5

Risk management in supply chains : using linear and non-linear models

Author: Mohammad Heydari, Kin Keung Lai and Xiaohu Zhou

Call Number: HD38.5 .H49 2020

Integration of information flow for greening supply chain management

Author: Adam Kolinski, Davor Dujak, Paulina Golinska-Dawson, editors

Call Number: HD38.5 .I58 2020eb

Successful construction supply chain management : concepts and case studies

Author: edited by Stephen Pryke

Call Number: HD38.5 .S83 2020

Techniques, tools and methodologies applied to global supply chain ecosystems

Author: Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz, Cuauhtémoc Sánchez-Ramírez, Liliana Avelar-Sosa, Giner Alor-Hernández, editors

Call Number: HD38.5 .T43 2020eb

Corruption in the public construction sector : a holistic view

Author: Ming Shan, Yun Le, Albert P. C. Chan and Yi Hu

Call Number: HD4318

Digitalization in industry : between domination and emancipation

Author: Uli Meyer, Simon Schaupp, David Seibt, editors

Call Number: HD45

Sustainable innovation : trends in marketing and management

Author: Anshu Saxena Arora, Sabine Bacouel-Jentjens, Mohamad Sepehri, Amit Arora, editors

Call Number: HD45

Open innovation results : going beyond the hype and getting down to business

Author: Henry Chesbrough

Call Number: HD45 .C44 2020

Managing innovation in a global and digital world : meeting societal challenges and enhancing competitiveness

Author: Rajnish Tiwari, Stephan Buse, editors

Call Number: HD45 .M36 2020

Crises, inquiries and the politics of blame

Author: Sandra L. Resodihardjo

Call Number: HD49

The new ideal worker : organizations between work-life balance, gender and leadership

Author: editors, Mireia las Heras Maestro, Nuria Chinchilla Albiol and Marc Grau Grau

Call Number: HD4904.25

Human capital and economic growth : the impact of health, education and demographic change

Author: Alberto Bucci, Klaus Prettner, Alexia Prskawetz, editors

Call Number: HD4904.7 .H86 2019

Essays on wage bargaining in dynamic macroeconomics

Author: Oliver Claas

Call Number: HD4909

Empirical research on an unconditional basic income in Europe

Author: Lei Delsen, Editor

Call Number: HD4928.A52 E67 2019

Leadership OS : the operating system you need to succeed

Author: Nik Kinley, Shlomo Ben-Hur

Call Number: HD57.7 .K56 2019

Inclusive leadership

Author: Gloria Moss

Call Number: HD57.7 .M678 2019

Running with scissors : leading in uncertainty

Author: edited by Jennifer Moss Breen, Creighton University, Haytham Abduljawad, Knowledge to Power, Jacqueline N. Font-Guzman, Creighton University

Call Number: HD57.7 .R864 2019

Why do people migrate? : labour market security and migration decisions

Author: edited by Maciej Duszczyk

Call Number: HD5717.5.E85 W48 2019

Transforming organizations through flexible systems management

Author: P.K. Suri, Rajan Yadav, editors

Call Number: HD58.8

The viability of organizations. Vol. 3, Designing and changing organizations

Author: Wolfgang Lassl

Call Number: HD58.8 .L37 2020eb

Project action learning (PAL) guidebook : practical learning in organizations

Author: Kris M.Y. Law, Kong Bieng Chuah, editors

Call Number: HD58.82

The migration industry in Asia : brokerage, gender and precarity

Author: Michiel Baas, editor

Call Number: HD5856.A78

Methodological issues in social entrepreneurship knowledge and practice

Author: Satyajit Majumdar, Edakkandi Meethal Reji, editors

Call Number: HD60

New approaches to CSR, sustainability and accountability. Volume I

Author: Kıymet Tunca Çalıyurt, editor

Call Number: HD60

Social business models in the digital economy : new concepts and contemporary challenges

Author: Adam Jabłoński, Marek Jabłoński

Call Number: HD60 .J33 2020eb

Scaling strategies for social entrepreneurs : a market approach

Author: Urs Jäger, Felipe Symmes, Guillermo Cardoza

Call Number: HD60 .J34 2020eb

Intrinsic CSR and competition : doing well amongst European SMEs

Author: Walter Wehrmeyer, Stephanie Looser, Mara Del Baldo, editors

Call Number: HD60.5.E85

Mandated corporate social responsibility : evidence from India

Author: Nayan Mitra, René Schmidpeter, editors

Call Number: HD60.5.I4 M36 2020eb

Gender, textile work, and Tunisian women's liberation : deviating patterns

Author: Claire Oueslati-Porter

Call Number: HD6073.T42 T8 2020eb

Data analytics for engineering and construction project risk management

Author: Ivan Damnjanovic, Kenneth Reinschmidt

Call Number: HD61

Family firm internationalisation : a network perspective

Author: Tanja Leppäaho, Jaakko Metsola

Call Number: HD62.25

Management across cultures : challenges, strategies, and skills

Author: Richard M. Steers, Joyce S. Osland

Call Number: HD62.4 .S735 2020

Entrepreneurship and organizational innovation

Author: Carolina Machado and J. Paulo Davim

Call Number: HD62.5

Small business management : theory and practice

Author: Tim Mazzarol, Sophie Reboud

Call Number: HD62.7

Workbook for small business management : Theory and Practice

Author: Tim Mazzarol, Sophie Reboud

Call Number: HD62.7

Youth and jobs in rural Africa : beyond stylized facts

Author: edited by Valerie Mueller and James Thurlow

Call Number: HD6276.A32 Y68 2019

Current and emerging trends in aging and work

Author: Sara J. Czaja, Joseph Sharit, Jacquelyn B. James, editors

Call Number: HD6279

Cognitive readiness in project teams : reducing project complexity and increasing success in project management

Author: edited by Carl Belack, Daniele Di Filippo, Ivano Di Filippo

Call Number: HD69.P75 B436 2019

Frontiers of strategic alliance research : negotiating, structuring and governing partnerships

Author: edited by Farok Contractor, Rutgers University, New Jersey, Jeffrey Reuer, University of Colorado Boulder

Call Number: HD69.S8 F765 2019

Managing trust in strategic alliances

Author: edited by T.K. Das City University of New York

Call Number: HD69.S8 M32726 2018

The future of pension plans in the EU internal market : coping with trade-offs between social rights and capital markets

Author: edited by Nazaré da Costa Cabral, Nuno Cunha Rodrigues

Call Number: HD7105.45.E85

Employing people with disabilities : good organisational practices and socio-cultural conditions

Author: Ewa Giermanowska, Mariola Racław, Dorota Szawarska

Call Number: HD7255 .G54 2020eb

Autism in the workplace : creating positive employment and career outcomes for Generation A

Author: Amy E. Hurley-Hanson, Cristina M. Giannantonio, Amy Jane Griffiths

Call Number: HD7255 .H87 2020eb

Senior cohousing : a new way forward for active older adults

Author: Sherry Cummings and Nancy P. Kropf

Call Number: HD7287.7

Warsaw Housing Cooperative : city in action

Author: Magdalena Matysek-Imielińska

Call Number: HD7287.72.P72 W37 2020eb

Data collection in fragile states : innovations from Africa and beyond

Author: Johannes Hoogeveen, Utz Pape, editors

Call Number: HD77 .D38 2020eb

Theorising professions

Author: Edgar A Burns

Call Number: HD8038

The 21st century from the positions of modern science : intellectual, digital and innovative aspects

Author: Elena G. Popkova, Bruno S. Sergi, editors

Call Number: HD82

International development assistance and the BRICS

Author: Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira, Yijia Jing, editors

Call Number: HD82

Growth poles of the global economy : emergence, changes and future perspectives

Author: Elena G. Popkova, editor

Call Number: HD82 .G76 2020eb

Economic perspectives on government

Author: by Keith Dowding, Brad R. Taylor

Call Number: HD87

Innovation in food ecosystems : entrepreneurship for a sustainable future

Author: by Paola De Bernardi, Danny Azucar

Call Number: HD9000.5

Move towards zero hunger

Author: Basanta Kumara Behera, Pramod Kumar Rout, Shyambhavee Behera

Call Number: HD9000.5 .B44 2019

Experiences of hunger and food insecurity in college

Author: Lisa Henry

Call Number: HD9000.5 .H46 2020eb

Food, culture and identity in Germany's century of war

Author: Heather Merle Benbow, Heather R. Perry, editors

Call Number: HD9013.5 .F66 2019eb

Food security in small island states

Author: editors, John Connell and Kristen Lowitt

Call Number: HD9018.P16

Social sustainability in the global wine industry : concepts and cases

Author: Sharon L. Forbes, Tracy-Anne De Silva, Armand Gilinsky Jr., editors

Call Number: HD9370.5

A history of wine in Europe, 19th to 20th centuries. Volume II, Markets, trade and regulation of quality

Author: Silvia A. Conca Messina, Stéphane Le Bras, Paolo Tedeschi, Manuel Vaquero Piñeiro, editors

Call Number: HD9385.A2

A history of wine in Europe, 19th to 20th centuries. Volume I, Winegrowing and regional features

Author: Silvia A. Conca Messina, Stéphane Le Bras, Paolo Tedeschi, Manuel Vaquero Piñeiro, editors

Call Number: HD9385.A2 H58 2019

Global meat : social and environmental consequences of the expanding meat industry

Author: edited by Bill Winders and Elizabeth Ransom

Call Number: HD9410.5 .G56 2019

Enabling sustainable energy transitions : practices of legitimation and accountable governance

Author: Siddharth Sareen, editor

Call Number: HD9502 .E53 2020eb

The Palgrave handbook of managing fossil fuels and energy transitions

Author: edited by Geoffrey Wood, Keith Baker

Call Number: HD9502.A2

Guidelines for community energy planning

Author: Hang Yu, Zishuo Huang, Yiqun Pan, Weiding Long

Call Number: HD9502.A2

Energy justice across borders

Author: Gunter Bombaerts, Kirsten Jenkins, Yekeen A. Sanusi, Wang Guoyu, editors

Call Number: HD9502.A2 E54 2020eb

South Africa's energy transition

Author: Andrew Lawrence

Call Number: HD9502.S56

Innovations and breakthroughs in the gold and silver industries : concepts, applications and future trends

Author: Vaikuntam Iyer Lakshmanan, Barun Gorain, editors

Call Number: HD9536.A2


Call Number: HD9560.5 .R44 2019

Balancing petroleum policy : toward value, sustainability, and security

Author: Alexander Huurdeman and Anastasiya Rozhkova, editors

Call Number: HD9560.6 .B235 2019

The politics of public accountability : policy design in Latin American oil exporting countries

Author: Guillaume Fontaine, Cecilia Medrano, Iván Narváez

Call Number: HD9574.L3

Software business : 10th International Conference, ICSOB 2019, Jyväskylä, Finland, November 18-20, 2019, Proceedings

Author: Sami Hyrynsalmi, Mari Suoranta, Anh Nguyen-Duc, Pasi Tyrväinen, Pekka Abrahamsson (eds.)

Call Number: HD9696.C62 I85 2019eb

China's white-collar wave : service industry trends

Author: Changyun Jiang, Qun Lian Hong, Ling Qiu

Call Number: HD9987.C6

Understanding luxury fashion : from emotions to brand building

Author: Isabel Cantista, Teresa Sádaba, editors

Call Number: HD9999.L852

Transportation research : proceedings of CTRG 2017

Author: edited by Tom V. Mathew, Gaurang J. Joshi, Nagendra R. Velaga, Shriniwas Arkatkar

Call Number: HE11

The future of gas networks : the role of gas networks in a low carbon energy system

Author: Meysam Qadrdan, Muditha Abeysekera, Jianzhong Wu, Nick Jenkins, Bethan Winter

Call Number: HE199.5.G3 Q33 2019eb

Modelling of the interaction of the different vehicles and various transport modes

Author: editor, Aleksander Sładkowski

Call Number: HE199.A2

Air power and freight : the view from the European Union and China

Author: David Bonilla

Call Number: HE199.A2 B66 2020eb

Paving the way for better governance in urban transport : the transport governance initiative

Author: Kala Seetharam Sridhar, Ranjit Gadgil, Chhavi Dhingra

Call Number: HE305

Channel aggregation and fragmentation for traffic flows

Author: Lei Jiao

Call Number: HE336.T7

Shipping and globalization in the post-war era : contexts, companies, connections

Author: Niels P. Petersson, Stig Tenold, Nicholas J. White, editors

Call Number: HE571

BBC World Service : overseas broadcasting, 1932 -2018

Author: Gordon Johnston, Emma Robertson

Call Number: HE8697.45.G7

Radio, race, and audible difference in post-1945 America : the citizens band

Author: Art M. Blake

Call Number: HE8698 .B53 2019eb

Values, ergonomics and risk management in aviation business strategy

Author: Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz, Triant G. Flouris

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