July 2019

A shot of justice : priority-setting for addressing child mortality

Author: Ali Mehdi

Call Number: HB1323.C52 M44 2019

Social design : essays in memory of Leonid Hurwicz

Author: editor, Walter Trockel

Call Number: HB135

Advanced macroeconomics

Author: David Romer

Call Number: HB172.5 .R66 2001

Rural-urban migration in Vietnam

Author: editors, Amy Y. C. Liu and Xin Meng

Call Number: HB2104.5.A3

The good crisis : how population stabilization can foster a healthy U.S. economy

Author: John Seager and Lee S. Polansky, editors

Call Number: HB3505 .G66 2016

Patentism replacing capitalism : a prediction from logical economics

Author: Samuel Meng

Call Number: HB3711 .M427 2019

The 2008 global financial crisis in retrospect : causes of the crisis and national regulatory responses

Author: edited by Robert Z. Aliber, Gylfi Zoega

Call Number: HB3717 2008 .A45 2019

Openness to creative destruction : sustaining innovative dynamism

Author: Arthur M. Diamond, Jr

Call Number: HB615 .D515 2019eb

Implementing supplier diversity : driver of entrepreneurship

Author: Kathey K. Porter

Call Number: HB615 .P67 2019

Demand, complexity, and long-run economic evolution

Author: editors, Andreas Chai and Chad M. Baum

Call Number: HB71

Keynesian macroeconomics beyond the IS-LM model

Author: Chandana Ghosh and Ambar Nath Ghosh

Call Number: HB99.7

Industry surveys

Author: CFRA, powered by data from S&P Global

Call Number: HC106.6 .S74

The economics of poverty and discrimination

Author: Bradley R. Schiller

Call Number: HC110.P6 S27 1998

Hunger in war and peace : women and children in Germany, 1914-1924

Author: Mary Elizabeth Cox

Call Number: HC286.2

Managing domestic and international challenges and opportunities in post-conflict development : lessons from Sri Lanka

Author: Dushni Weerakoon, Sisira Jayasuriya, editors

Call Number: HC424 .M36 2019

Jumpstarting South Asia : revisiting economic reforms and look east policies

Author: Pradumna B. Rana, Wai-Mun Chia

Call Number: HC430.6 .R386 2019

Non-banking financial companies role in India's development : a way forward

Author: R. Kannan, K.R. Shanmugam and Saumitra Bhaduri

Call Number: HC433

Infrastructuring publics

Author: Matthias Korn, Wolfgang Reißmann, Tobias Röhl, David Sittler, editors

Call Number: HC79.C3 I54 2019

Theoretical and empirical analysis in environmental economics

Author: Keiko Nakayama and Yuzuru Miyata

Call Number: HC79.E5

Sustainable Development of Water and Environment : Proceedings of the ICSDWE 2019

Author: editors, Rong Sun and Li Fei

Call Number: HC79.E5

Building engagement for sustainable development : challenges of sustainable economy in times of accelerated change

Author: Laurentiu Tăchiciu, Gregor Weber, Markus Bodemann, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5 B85 2019

Energy and environmental strategies in the era of globalization

Author: Muhammad Shahbaz, Daniel Balsalobre, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5 E54 2019

Inequality and poverty : a short critical introduction

Author: S. Subramanian

Call Number: HC79.P6 S83 2019

Value chains in sub-Saharan Africa : challenges of integration into the global economy

Author: Sören Scholvin, Anthony Black, Javier Revilla Diez, Ivan Turok, editors

Call Number: HC800 .V35 2019

Economics of bioresources : concepts, tools, experiences

Author: Yoram Krozer, Michael Narodoslawsky, editors

Call Number: HC85 .E36 2019

Poverty and well-being in East Africa : a multi faceted economic approach

Author: Almas Heshmati, editor

Call Number: HC860.Z9 P616 2016

Industry 4.0 : developments towards the fourth Industrial Revolution

Author: Kaushik Kumar, Divya Zindani and J. Paulo Davim

Call Number: HD2329

Leading a board : chairs' practices across Europe

Author: Stanislav Shekshnia, Veronika Zagieva, editors

Call Number: HD2745 .L43 2019

Local energy autonomy : spaces, scales, politics

Author: edited by Fanny Lopez, Margot Pellegrino, Olivier Coutard

Call Number: HD2763

Information systems for industry 4.0 : proceedings of the 18th Conference of the Portuguese Association for Information Systems

Author: editors, Isabel Ramos, Rui Quaresma, Paulo Silva and Tiago Oliveira

Call Number: HD30.2

Group decision and negotiation - behavior, models, snd support : 19th International Conference, GDN 2019, Loughborough, UK, June 11-15, 2019, Proceedings

Author: Danielle Costa Morais, Ashley Carreras, Adiel Teixeira de Almeida, Rudolf Vetschera (eds.)

Call Number: HD30.2 .G76 2019

Descriptive data mining

Author: David L. Olson

Call Number: HD30.2 .O47 2019

Food and health : actor strategies in information and communication

Author: edited by Viviane Clavier, Jean-Philippe De Oliveira

Call Number: HD30.3

Experimental business research. Volume III, Marketing, accounting and cognitive perspectives

Author: edited by Rami Zwick, Amnon Rapoport

Call Number: HD30.4 .E97 2002eb

Experimental business research. Volume II, Economic and managerial perspectives

Author: edited by Rami Zwick, Amnon Rapoport

Call Number: HD30.4 .E97 2005eb

Sustainable enterprise performance : a comprehensive evaluation method

Author: Jean-Louis Leignel, Emmanuel Ménager, Serge Yablonsky

Call Number: HD31.2

International dimensions of sustainable management : latest perspectives from corporate governance, responsible finance and CSR

Author: René Schmidpeter, Nicholas Capaldi, Samuel O. Idowu, Anika Stürenberg Herrera, editors

Call Number: HD31.2 .I58 2019

Strategic supply chain management

Author: Syed Abdul Rehman Khan and Zhang Yu

Call Number: HD38.5

Sustainable development goals and sustainable supply chains in the post-global economy

Author: Natalia Yakovleva, Regina Frei, Sudhir Rama Murthy, editors

Call Number: HD38.5 .S87 2019

Employee benefit plans industry developments 2019

Call Number: HD4928.N62 U6 2019eb

Mediation in collective labor conflicts

Author: edited by Martin C. Euwema, Francisco J. Medina, Ana Belén García, Erica Romero Pender

Call Number: HD5306

Leadership in the context of religious institutions : the case of Benedictine Monasteries

Author: Günter Müller-Stewens, Notker Wolf, editors

Call Number: HD57.7

Organizational change : creating change through strategic communication

Author: Laurie Lewis

Call Number: HD58.8 .L49 2019

The viability of organizations. Vol. 1, Decoding the "DNA" of organizations

Author: Wolfgang Lassl

Call Number: HD58.9 .L37 2019

The whistleblowing guide : speak-up arrangements, challenges and best practices

Author: Kate Kenny, Wim Vandekerckhove, Marianna Fotaki

Call Number: HD60

Business and the sustainable development goals : measuring and managing corporate impacts

Author: edited by Norma Schönherr, André Martinuzzi

Call Number: HD60 .B87 2019

Opportunities and pitfalls of corporate social responsibility : the Marange diamond mines case study

Author: editors, Shame Mugova and Paul R. Sachs

Call Number: HD60.5.Z55

Liberalism, neutrality, and the gendered division of labor

Author: Gina Schouten

Call Number: HD6060.6 .S36 2019

The future of risk management. Volume II, Perspectives on financial and corporate strategies

Author: Paola De Vincentiis, Francesca Culasso, Stefano A. Cerrato, editors

Call Number: HD61 .I582 2018

Risk management competency development in banks : an integrated approach

Author: Eric H. Y. Koh

Call Number: HD61 .K64 2019

The emergence of start-ups

Author: David Heller, Sylvain de Chadirac, Lana Halaoui, Camille Jouvet

Call Number: HD62.5

Startups and innovation ecosystems in emerging markets : a Brazilian perspective

Author: editors, Moacir de Miranda Oliveira Jr., Fernanda Ribeiro Cahen and Felipe Mendes Borini

Call Number: HD62.5

Economics of child labour

Author: Biswajit Chatterjee and Runa Ray

Call Number: HD6231

Cooperative strategy : managing alliances and networks

Author: John Child, David Faulkner, Stephen Tallman, Linda Hsieh

Call Number: HD69.S8 C44 2019

Workers and margins : grasping erasures and opportunities

Author: Nimruji Jammulamadaka, editor

Call Number: HD70.I4 W67 2019

A guide to vocational assessment

Author: Paul W. Power

Call Number: HD7255 .P68 2006

We're still here : pain and politics in the heart of America

Author: Jennifer M. Silva

Call Number: HD8072.5 .S576 2019

Transforming food systems for a rising India

Author: Prabhu Pingali, Anaka Aiyar, Mathew Abraham, Andaleeb Rahman

Call Number: HD9016.I42 P56 2019

Chinese agriculture in the 1930s : investigations into John Lossing Buck's rediscovered 'Land Utilization in China' microdata

Author: Hao Hu, Funing Zhong, Calum G. Turvey, editors

Call Number: HD925 .C45 2019

Coal mining communities and gentrification in Japan

Author: Tai Wei Lim, Naoko Shimazaki, Yoshihisa Godo, Yiru Lim

Call Number: HD9556.J3 L56 2019

Micro and local power markets

Author: edited by Andreas Sumper

Call Number: HD9685.A2