April 2019

Critical schooling : transformative theory and practice

Author: Francisco J. Villegas, Janelle Brady, editors

Call Number: LA412 .C75 2019

European higher education area : the impact of past and future policies

Author: edited by Adrian Curaj, Ligia Deca, Remus Pricopie

Call Number: LA628

Creating the future? : the 1960s new English universities

Author: Ourania Filippakou and Ted Tapp

Call Number: LA636.8

Equity in excellence : experiences of East Asian high-performing education systems

Author: Siao See Teng, Maria Manzon, Kenneth K. Poon, editors

Call Number: LA1051 .E685 2019

Gender and the changing face of higher education in Asia Pacific

Author: Deane E. Neubauer, Surinderpal Kaur, editors

Call Number: LA1058.7

Education in Japan : a comprehensive analysis of education reforms and practices

Author: Yuto Kitamura, Toshiyuki Omomo, Masaaki Katsuno, editors

Call Number: LA1312 .E38 2019

Sustainability, human well-being, and the future of education

Author: edited by Justin W. Cook

Call Number: LB41.5 .S87 2019

Decolonial pedagogy : examining sites of resistance, resurgence, and renewal

Author: Njoki Nathani Wane, Kimberly L. Todd, editors

Call Number: LB45

Examining the phenomenon of teaching out-of-field : international perspectives on teaching as a non-specialist

Author: Linda Hobbs, Günter Törner, editors

Call Number: LB1025.3 .E94 2019

Looking in classrooms

Author: Thomas L. Good and Alyson L. Lavigne

Call Number: LB1025.3 .G66 2018

The handbook for the new art and science of teaching

Author: Robert J. Marzano

Call Number: LB1025.3 .M3424 2019

Pathways to personalization : a framework for school change

Author: Shawn C. Rubin and Cathy Sanford

Call Number: LB1027.23 .R86 2018

Information systems and technologies to support learning : proceedings of EMENA-ISTL 2018

Author: Álvaro Rocha, Mohammed Serrhini, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Agile and Lean concepts for teaching and learning : bringing methodologies from industry to the classroom

Author: David Parsons, Kathryn MacCallum, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Didactics of smart pedagog : smart pedagogy for technology enhanced learning

Author: editor, Linda Daniela

Call Number: LB1028.3

Seamless learning : perspectives, challenges and opportunities

Author: Chee-Kit Looi, Lung-Hsiang Wong, Christian Glahn, Su Cai, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Contemporary technologies in education : maximizing student engagement, motivation, and learning

Author: Olusola O. Adesope and A.G. Rud, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3 .C66 2018

Instructional design principles for high-stakes problem solving environments

Author: Chwee Beng Lee, José Hanham, Jimmie Leppink

Call Number: LB1028.38 .L44 2019

Mind, brain and technology : learning in the age of emerging technologies

Author: Thomas D. Parsons, Lin Lin, Deborah Cockerham, editors

Call Number: LB1028.5

The power of play in higher education : creativity in tertiary learning

Author: editors, Alison James and Chrissi Nerantzi

Call Number: LB1029.G3

Young people, learning and storytelling

Author: Emma Parfitt

Call Number: LB1042 .P37 2019

VR, simulations and serious games for education

Author: editors: Yiyu Cai, Wouter van Joolingen and Zachary Walker

Call Number: LB1044.87

Designing instruction for open sharing

Author: Shalin Hai-Jew

Call Number: LB1044.87 .H35 2019

Online education : foundations, planning, and pedagogy

Author: Anthony G. Picciano

Call Number: LB1044.87 .P515 2019

Worth a thousand words : using graphic novels to teach visual and verbal literacy

Author: Meryl J. Jaffe and Talia Hurwich

Call Number: LB1044.9.C59 J35 2019

Transactional psychology of education : toward a strong version of the social

Author: Wolff-Michael Roth

Call Number: LB1051 .R68 2019

Behavioral interventions in schools : evidence-based positive strategies

Author: edited by Steven G. Little and Angeleque Akin-Little

Call Number: LB1060.2 .B443 2019

Creativity under duress in education? : resistive theories, practices, and actions

Author: Carol A. Mullen editor

Call Number: LB1062 .C74 2019

Embedded deep learning : algorithms, architectures and circuits for always-on neural network processing

Author: Bert Moons, Daniel Bankman, Marian Verhelst

Call Number: LB1065

Resisting education : a cross-national study on systems and school effects

Author: Jannick Demanet, Mieke van Houtte, editors

Call Number: LB1065 .R47 2019

Perceptual learning : the flexibility of the senses

Author: Kevin Connolly

Call Number: LB1067 .C65 2019

Dive into UDL : immersive practices to develop expert learners

Author: Kendra Grant and Luis Perez

Call Number: LB1201 .G73 2018

Dynamic perspectives on creativity : new directions for theory, research, and practice in education

Author: Ronald A. Beghetto, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza, editors

Call Number: LB1590.5 .D96 2019

Getting started : a path to success to teaching English to middle school students and beyond

Author: Anna J. Small Roseboro

Call Number: LB1631 .R632 2019

International research, policy and practice in teacher education : insider perspectives

Author: Jean Murray, Anja Swennen, Clare Kosnik, editors

Call Number: LB1707

Social support, well-being, and teacher development

Author: Bick-har LAM

Call Number: LB1731

A brief history of universities

Author: John C. Moore

Call Number: LB2322.2 .M65 2019

Institutional change from within : teaching and learning in higher education

Author: edited by David Silverberg

Call Number: LB2331 .I57 2018

English for research publication purposes : critical plurilingual pedagogies

Author: Karen Englander, James N. Corcoran

Call Number: LB2369 .E356 2019

Utilizing learning analytics to support study success

Author: Dirk Ifenthaler, Dana-Kristin Mah, Jane Yin-Kim Yau, Editors

Call Number: LB2395.7 .U85 2019

School turnaround policies and practices in the US : learning from failed school reform

Author: Joseph F. Murphy, Joshua F. Bleiberg

Call Number: LB2805 .M87 2019

Internationalizing curriculum studies : histories, environments, and critiques

Author: Cristyne Hébert, Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Awad Ibrahim, Bryan Smith, editors

Call Number: LB2806.15 .I56 2019

Accountability policies in education : a comparative and multilevel analysis in France and Quebec

Author: editors, Christian Maroy and Xavier Pons

Call Number: LB2806.22

The conditions for school success : examining educational exclusion and dropping out

Author: Aina Tarabini ; translated by Dean Wang

Call Number: LB2822.75 .T3713 2019

Leaders and leadership in Serbian primary schools : perspectives across two worlds

Author: Jelena Raković, Tom O'Donoghue, Simon Clarke

Call Number: LB2831.626.S4 R35 2019

Educational leadership in policy : challenges and implementation within Europe

Author: edited by Ágúst Hjörtur Ingþórsson, Nikša Alfirevic, Jurica Pavicic, Dijana Vican

Call Number: LB2900 .E38 2019

Learning to trust : attachment theory and classroom management

Author: Marilyn Watson in collaboration with Laura Ecken ; foreword by Alfie Kohn

Call Number: LB3013 .W382 2019

Creating trauma-informed schools : a guide for school social workers and educators

Author: Eileen A. Dombo, Christine Anlauf Sabatino

Call Number: LB3013.4

Library of Congress magazine : LCM

Call Number: LC 1.18:

Resisting neoliberalism in higher education. Volume II, Prising open the cracks

Author: Catherine Manathunga, Dorothy Bottrell, editors

Call Number: LC67.6 .R47 2019

Ears, eyes, and hands : reflections on language, literacy, and linguistics

Author: Deborah L. Wolter

Call Number: LC151 .W655 2018

Youth studies in transition : culture, generation and new learning processes

Author: Thomas Johansson, Marcus Herz

Call Number: LC191 .J64 2019

Resisting neoliberalism in higher education. Volume I, Seeing through the cracks

Author: edited by Dorothy Bottrell, Catherine Manathunga

Call Number: LC191.9

St. Louis school desegregation : patterns of progress and peril

Author: Hope C. Rias

Call Number: LC212.522.M8 R53 2019

Shattering inequities : real world wisdom for school and district leaders

Author: Robin Avelar La Salle, Ruth S. Johnson

Call Number: LC213.2 .L385 2019

Doing liberal arts education : the global case studies

Author: Mikiko Nishimura, Toshiaki Sasao, editors

Call Number: LC1011 .D65 2019

Classics : why it matters

Author: Neville Morley

Call Number: LC1011 .M68 2018

Ensuring quality in professional education. Volume II, Engineering pedagogy and international knowledge structures

Author: edited by Karen Trimmer, Tara Newman, Fernando F. Padró

Call Number: LC1051

Ensuring quality in professional education. Volume I, Human client fields pedagogy and knowledge structures

Author: edited by Karen Trimmer, Tara Newman, Fernando F. Padró

Call Number: LC1051

Researching the global education industry : commodification, the market and business involvement

Author: editors: Marcelo Parreira do Amaral, Gita Steiner-Khamsi and Christiane Thompson

Call Number: LC1090

Polygamy, women, and higher education : life after Mormon fundamentalism

Author: Laura Parson

Call Number: LC1664.U8 P37 2019

Unsung legacies of educators and events in African American education

Author: Andrea D. Lewis, Nicole A. Taylor, editors

Call Number: LC2741 .U57 2019

Bilingualism and bilingual education : politics, policies and practices in a globalized society

Author: B. Gloria Guzmán Johannessen, editor

Call Number: LC3715 .B55 2019

Teaching migrant children in West Germany and Europe, 1949--1992

Author: Brittany Lehman

Call Number: LC3747.G3

Being an adult learner in austere times : exploring the contexts of higher, further and community education

Author: Ellen Boeren, Nalita James, editors

Call Number: LC5225.S64 B45 2019