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Items Acquired in January 2018 for the University Libraries

Pedagogy and content in middle and high school mathematics

edited by G. Donald Allen and Amanda Ross

Call Number: L1-991

Paradoxes in education : learning in a plural society

edited by Rosemary Sage

Call Number: L1-991

Star course : nineteenth-century lecture tours and the consolidation of modern celebrity

Peter Cherches

Call Number: L1-991

Homecoming queens

J.E. Sumerau

Call Number: L1-991

Building a new educational state : foundations, schools, and the American South

Joan Malczewski

Call Number: LA230.5.S6 M35 2016eb

Uruguay, 1968 : student activism from global counterculture to Molotov cocktails

Vania Markarian ; translated by Laura Pérez Carrara ; foreword by Eric Zolov

Call Number: LA603.7

Globalization and change in higher education : the political economy of policy reform in Europe

Beverly Barrett

Call Number: LA628 .B377 2017

Nigeria's University age : reframing decolonisation and development [electronic resource]

Tim Livsey

Call Number: LA1633

Education during the time of the revolution in Egypt : dialectics of education in conflict

edited by Nagwa Megahed (Ain Shams University, Egypt, The American University in Cairo, Egypt)

Call Number: LA1646 .E27 2017

Rethinking education : a conversation with Daniel Goleman and George Lucas

Call Number: LB41

Albert Camus and education

Aidan Hobson

Call Number: LB880.C147 H63 2017

Paulo Freire : his faith, spirituality, and theology

James D. Kirylo and Drick Boyd

Call Number: LB880.F732 K578 2017

Reforms and Innovation in Education : Implications for the Quality of Human Capital

Alexander M. Sidorkin, Mark K. Warford, editors

Call Number: LB1027

Object medleys : interpretive possibilities for educational research

edited by Daisy Pillay, Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan and Inbanathan Naicker

Call Number: LB1027.43

International handbook for policy research on school-based counseling [electronic resource]

John C. Carey, Belinda Harris, Sang Min Lee, Oyaziwo Aluede, editors

Call Number: LB1027.5

Innovation and technology enhancing mathematics education : perspectives in the digital era

Eleonora Faggiano, Francesca Ferrara, Antonella Montone, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Information and communication technologies in education, research, and industrial applications : 12th International Conference, ICTERI 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine, June 21-24, 2016, Revised selected papers

Athula Ginige, Heinrich C. Mayr, Dimitris Plexousakis, Vadim Ermolayev, Mykola Nikitchenko, Grygoriy Zholtkevych, Aleksander Spivakovskiy (eds.)

Call Number: LB1028.3

Ten steps to complex learning : a systematic approach to four-component instructional design

by Jeroen J.G. van Merriënboer & Paul A. Kirschner

Call Number: LB1028.38 .M464 2018

Deploying iPads in the classroom : planning, installing, and managing iPads in schools and colleges

Guy Hart-Davis

Call Number: LB1028.43

Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities in education [electronic resource]

Dejian Liu, Chris Dede, Ronghua Haung, John Richards, editors

Call Number: LB1028.5

E-Learning and Games : 11th International Conference, Edutainment 2017, Bournemouth, UK, June 26-28, 2017, Revised selected papers

Feng Tian, Christos Gatzidis, Abdennour El Rhalibi, Wen Tang, Fred Charles (eds.)

Call Number: LB1028.5 .E38 2017eb

The K-3 guide to academic conversations : practices, scaffolds, and activities

Jeff Zwiers, Sara Hamerla

Call Number: LB1033.5 .Z95 2018

Online teaching at its best

Linda B. Nilson, Ludwika A. Goodson

Call Number: LB1044.87 .N55 2017

The learning power approach : teaching learners to teach themselves

Guy Claxton ; foreword by Carol S. Dweck

Call Number: LB1060 .C546 2018

The probabilistic foundations of rational learning

Simon M. Huttegger

Call Number: LB1060 .H88 2017

Just ask us : kids speak out on student engagement

Heather Wolpert-Gawron ; foreword by Carol Radford

Call Number: LB1065 .W66 2018

The flexible SEL classroom : practical ways to build social emotional learning in grades 4-8

Amber Chandler

Call Number: LB1072 .C48 2018

Unlocking student talent : the new science of developing expertise

Robin J. Fogarty, Gene M. Kerns, Brian M. Pete ; foreword by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool

Call Number: LB1134 .F65 2018

Early childhood literacy teachers in high poverty schools : a study of courage and caring

Melissa Landa

Call Number: LB1139.5.L35 L33 2018

Phonological awareness : from research to practice

Gail T. Gillon

Call Number: LB1573.3 .G48 2018

Wordtamer : activities to inspire creative thinking and writing at KS2

Judy Waite

Call Number: LB1576 .W254 2018

Lesson plans : the institutional demands of becoming a teacher

Judson G. Everitt

Call Number: LB1715 .E94 2017

Teachers, teaching, and reform : perspectives on efforts to improve educational outcomes

edited by Ralph P. Ferretti and James Hiebert

Call Number: LB1715 .T4275 2018

Coaching students in secondary schools : closing the gap between performance and potential

Adam Abdulla

Call Number: LB1731.4 .A29 2018

Quality Assurance and Institutional Transformation : The Chinese Experience [electronic resource]

by Shuiyun Liu

Call Number: LB2300-2799.3

The contemplative mind in the scholarship of teaching and learning

Patricia Owen-Smith

Call Number: LB2331 .O94 2018

Producing pleasure in the contemporary university

edited by Stewart Riddle, Marcus K. Harmes, Patrick Alan Danaher

Call Number: LB2331 .S547 2017eb

The top American research universities : an occasional paper from the Lombardi Program on Measuring University Performance

The Center

Call Number: LB2331.63 .T67

The postdoc landscape : the invisible scholars

edited by Audrey J. Jaeger, Alessandra J. Dinin

Call Number: LB2331.66 .P67 2018

Developing faculty in liberal arts colleges : aligning individual needs and organizational goals

Vicki L. Baker, Laura Gail Lunsford, Meghan J. Pifer

Call Number: LB2331.72 .B35 2017

Milestone moments in getting your PhD in qualitative research

Margaret Zeegers and Deirdre Barron

Call Number: LB2369 .Z44 2015eb

Leading together : teachers and administrators improving student outcomes

Jonathan Eckert ; foreword by Barnett Berry

Call Number: LB2805 .E26 2018

Leading against the grain : lessons for creating just and equitable schools

Jeffrey S. Brooks, Anthony H. Normore, editors ; foreword by William Ayers

Call Number: LB2805 .L333 2018

Deep learning : engage the world, change the world

Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn, Joanne McEachen

Call Number: LB2806 .F7933 2018

7 steps for developing a proactive schoolwide discipline plan : a guide for principals and leadership teams

Geoff Colvin, George Sugai

Call Number: LB3012.2 .C65 2018

Factsheet: The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, 2018

Call Number: LC 19.15:N 21

Physical activity and learning after school : the PAL program

edited by Paula J. Schwanenflugel, Phillip D. Tomporowski

Call Number: LC34 .P49 2018

The market imperative : segmentation and change in higher education

Robert Zemsky and Susan Shaman

Call Number: LC67.62 .Z46 2017

Schools and society : a sociological approach to education

editors, Jeanne H. Ballantine, Wright State University, Joan Z. Spade, the College at Brockport, State University of New York, Jenny Stuber, University of North Florida

Call Number: LC191 .S268 2018

Race at predominantly White independent schools : the space between diversity and equity

Bonnie E. French

Call Number: LC212.52 .F74 2017

Educating the deliberate professional : preparing for future practices

Franziska Trede, Celina McEwen, editors

Call Number: LC1059 .E363 2016

Smart girls : success, school, and the myth of post-feminism

Shauna Pomerantz and Rebecca Raby ; with a foreword by Anita Harris

Call Number: LC1481

The pedagogy of pathologization : disabled girls of color in the school-prison nexus

Subini Ancy Annamma

Call Number: LC3731 .A76 2018

Giftedness and talent : Australasian perspectives

Nadine Ballam, Roger Moltzen, editors

Call Number: LC3999.4

The medicalization of America's schools : challenging the concept of educational disabilities

Joel Macht

Call Number: LC4031 .M218 2017

Education, disability and inclusion : a family struggle against an excluding school

Ignacio Calderón-Almendros, University of Malaga, Spain and Sabina Habegger-Lardoeyt, CIMAS Observatory, Spain

Call Number: LC4036.S7

Negotiating disability : disclosure and higher education

Stephanie L. Kershbaum, Laura T. Eisenman, and James M. Jones, editors

Call Number: LC4812 .N44 2017

College aspirations and access in working-class rural communities : the mixed signals, challenges, and new language first-generation students encounter

Sonja Ardoin

Call Number: LC5051 .A76 2017

The working-class student in higher education : addressing a class-based understanding

Terina Roberson Lathe

Call Number: LC5051 .L384 2018

A time to stir : Columbia '68

Paul Cronin, editor

Call Number: LD1250 .T56 2017


by Farnaz Tabatabaian

Call Number: LD6241

Effects of Myrrh on HSV-1 Using Plaque Assay

by Badrieah Mohammad Alamri

Call Number: LD6241

Enhanced Neurogenesis In Subventricular Zone Of Rats That Voluntarily Ingest Fluoxetine And Simavastatin Combination Treatment

by Tiffany L. Flannery

Call Number: LD6241

Interaction of Very Low Frequency (VLF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Waves in the Ionospheric Plasma and Parametric Antenna Concept

by Tony C. Kim

Call Number: LD6241

Efficient Reasoning Algorithms for Fragments of Horn Description Logics

by David Carral

Call Number: LD6241

The Hypercapnic Ventilatory Response and Behavior in Ca2+-Activated K+ (BK) Channel Knock Out Mice And T-Cell Death-Associated Gene 8 (TDAG8) Receptor Knock Out Mice

by Christine Annette Ratliff-Rang

Call Number: LD6241

Aggression and boxing performance: Testing the channeling hypothesis with multiple statistical methodologies

by Silas G. Martinez

Call Number: LD6241

Feeding Selectivity of an Algivore (Tropheus brichardi) in Lake Tanganyika

by Robin Richardson-Coy

Call Number: LD6241

Survey of a Neotropical anuran assemblage (Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, Peru)

by Eric Woebbe

Call Number: LD6241

Context-dependence of physiological systems: environment-physiology interactions in the respiratory control system

by Joseph M. Santin

Call Number: LD6241

Extraordinary Optical Transmission in Aligned Carbon Nanotube Devices at Terahertz Frequencies.

by Shaikhah F. Almousa

Call Number: LD6241

A novel molecular relationship between PARN and PLD that, when deregulated, contributes to the aggressive phenotype of breast cancer cell lines.

by Taylor Elaine Miller

Call Number: LD6241

On the Thermal and Contact Fatigue Behavior of Gear Contacts under Tribo-dynamic Condition

by Anusha Anisetti

Call Number: LD6241

Investigating the Role of an SK Channel Activator on Survival and Motor Function in the SOD1-G93A, ALS Mouse Model

by Matthew Thomas Dancy

Call Number: LD6241

Thermal Burn Injury Induced Microvesicle Particle Release

by Katherine Erin Fahy

Call Number: LD6241

Assessing Effectiveness of Information Presentation Using Wearable Augmented Display Device for Emergency Response

by Sriram Raju Chandran

Call Number: LD6241

The impacts of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) herbivory on the forage quality of forest vegetation

by Jonathan David Becker

Call Number: LD6241

Analysis and Design of High-Frequency Soft-Switching DC-DC Converter for Wireless Power Charging Applications

by Abhishek V. Danekar

Call Number: LD6241

Removing Homosexuality from Sodom: Contextualizing Genesis 19 with Other Biblical Rape Narratives

by H.R. Downey

Call Number: LD6241

Multi-Class Classification of Textual Data: Detection and Mitigation of Cheating in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

by Naga Sai Nikhil Maguluri

Call Number: LD6241

Novel Implementation of Finite Field Multipliers over GF(2m) for Emerging Cryptographic Applications

by Nazeem Basha Shaik

Call Number: LD6241

Analysis and Sensitivity Study of Zero-Dimensional Modeling of Human Blood Circulation Network

by Roussel Rahman

Call Number: LD6241

Searching for the Unmarked Henry Kinsey Family Graves at the VA Hospital Grounds in Dayton, Ohio, Using Magnetic, Electromagnetic, and Radar Methods

by Andrew William Bergman

Call Number: LD6241

Interface Design for the Supervisory Control of Multiple Heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicles

by Kyle Joseph Behymer

Call Number: LD6241

Settings Protection Add-on: A User-Interactive Browser Extension to Prevent the Exploitation of Preferences

by Venkata Naga Siva Seelam

Call Number: LD6241

Toward The Synthesis of Functionalized Poly (Ether Ether Ketone): Monitoring the meta-Fluorine Displacement in 3,5,4’-trifluorobenzophenone

by Giovanni Covarrubias

Call Number: LD6241

GNSS Receiver Testing and Algorithm Development

by Rachael E. Kolker

Call Number: LD6241

I Saw Something, Do I Say Something? The Role of the Organization, Supervisor, and Coworkers in Encouraging Workers to Peer Report Others’ Counterproductive Work Behavior

by Joseph William Dagosta

Call Number: LD6241

Computational and Experimental Investigations Concerning Rare Gas and DPAL Lasers and a Relaxation Kinetics Investigation of the Br2 + 2NO = 2BrNO Equilibrium

by Joel R. Schmitz

Call Number: LD6241

The Synthesis of 3,5-Difluorobenzophenone Derivatives and their Corresponding PEEK Copolymers

by Rachael Stuck

Call Number: LD6241

Data-Driven Network-Centric Threat Assessment

by Dae Wook Kim

Call Number: LD6241

Development of an Ultra-Portable Non-Contact Wound Measurement System

by Anka Babu Billa

Call Number: LD6241

Extracellular Microvesicles as a Novel Biomarker for Wound Healing

by Walid Omran Mari, Dr.

Call Number: LD6241

Implementation of High Speed and Low Power Radix-4 8*8 Booth Multiplier in CMOS 32nm Technology

by Rishit Navinbhai Patel

Call Number: LD6241

Design and Testing of Scalable 3D-Printed Cellular Structures Optimized for Energy Absorption

by Sagar Dilip Sangle

Call Number: LD6241

Virtuo-ITS: An Interactive Tutoring System to Teach Virtual Memory Concepts of an Operating System

by Venkata Krishna Kanth Musunuru

Call Number: LD6241

On Trial: The Branch Davidians of Waco Texas 1987-1993

by Andrew Michael Pedrotti

Call Number: LD6241

Effects of Abstraction and Assumptions on Modeling Motoneuron Pool Output

by John Michael Allen

Call Number: LD6241

Development of an Android Based Performance Assessment System for Motivational Interviewing Training

by Sowmya Pappu

Call Number: LD6241

Dysregulation of Phospholipase D (PLD) isoforms increases breast cancer cell invasion

by Kristen Fite

Call Number: LD6241

An Investigation on the Stress Intensity Factor of Surface Micro-cracks

by Sirisha Divya Arli

Call Number: LD6241

Identification of Novel Ligands and Structural Requirements for Heterodimerization of the Liver X Receptor Alpha

by Shimpi Bedi

Call Number: LD6241

Athletic Identity and Moral Development: An Examination of NCAA Division I Athletes and Their Moral Foundations

by Danielle N. Graham

Call Number: LD6241

Sched-ITS: An Interactive Tutoring System to Teach CPU Scheduling Concepts in an Operating Systems Course

by Bharath Kumar Koya

Call Number: LD6241

Characterizing Concepts in Taxonomy for Entity Recommendations

by Siva Kumar Cheekula

Call Number: LD6241

Determinants of host use in tachinid parasitoids (Diptera: Tachinidae) of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in Southwest Ohio

by Matthew W. Duncan

Call Number: LD6241

RF CMOS Tunable Gilbert Mixer with Wide Tuning Frequency and Controllable Bandwidth: Design Sythesis and Verification

by Xin Hu

Call Number: LD6241

Processing global properties in Scene Categorization

by Hanshu Zhang

Call Number: LD6241

Experimental Investigation of a Parametric Excitation of Whistler Waves

by Nathan E. Zechar

Call Number: LD6241

Demonic Possession and Fractured Patriarchies in Contemporary Fundamentalist Horror

by Lindsey Slanker

Call Number: LD6241

Linking the Variance of Permeability and Porosity to Newly Interpreted Lithofacies at the Site of the Illinois Basin - Decatur Project, Decatur, Illinois

by Ritu Chaity Ghose

Call Number: LD6241

Multiscale Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Synthesis in a Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor

by Jonathan Troville

Call Number: LD6241

3D CFD Investigation of Low Pressure Turbine Aerodynamics

by Jacob Andrew Sharpe

Call Number: LD6241

Distance Learning and Attribute Importance Analysis by Linear Regression on Idealized Distance Functions

by Rupesh Kumar Singh

Call Number: LD6241

Conditional Correlation Analysis

by Sanjeev Bhatta

Call Number: LD6241

Sampling expertise: Incorporating goal establishment and goal enactment into theories of expertise to improve measures of performance

by Frank Eric Robinson

Call Number: LD6241

Welfare Dependency and Work Ethic: A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment

by Yvonne M. Christopher

Call Number: LD6241

Plasma Property Estimation from Dual-Wavelength Interferometry

by Andrew J. Hamilton

Call Number: LD6241

Mathematical Modeling of a P-N Junction Solar Cell using the Transport Equations

by Surjeet Singh

Call Number: LD6241

One Dimensional Computer Modeling of a Lithium-Ion Battery

by Ashwin S. Borakhadikar

Call Number: LD6241

Enhancing Engineering Education Using Mobile Augmented Devices

by Kushal Abhyankar

Call Number: LD6241

Pre-Mt. Simon Seismic Sequences Below West-Central Indiana: Local Interpretation and Regional Significance

by Andrew Michael Parent

Call Number: LD6241

Methylmercury Bioaccumulation in Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) in Southern Ohio

by Rachel Alex Walker

Call Number: LD6241

Improvement of Continuous Wave Radar Measurements in a Partially Controlled Environment

by Jared Smith

Call Number: LD6241

A novel system for detection of DNA double strand breaks and repair in human cells

by Todd Warren Lewis

Call Number: LD6241

Exploring the Time-Based Resource-Sharing Model of Working Memory Through Computational Modeling

by Joseph Glavan

Call Number: LD6241

Semantics-based Summarization of Entities in Knowledge Graphs

by Kalpa Gunaratna

Call Number: LD6241

Sensorimotor Deficits Following Oxaliplatin Chemotherapy

by Jacob Adam Vincent

Call Number: LD6241

Exploiting Alignments in Linked Data for Compression and Query Answering

by Amit Krishna Joshi

Call Number: LD6241

Is Mitochondrial Development Impaired in Hyperoxic Rats and does this Underpin the Blunting of the Acute Hypoxic Ventilatory Response?

by Tariq Hasan Fayyad

Call Number: LD6241

Analytical-based methodologies to examine In vitro nanokinetics of silver nanoparticles

by Sesha Lakshmi Arathi Paluri

Call Number: LD6241

OCLEP+: One-Class Intrusion Detection Using Length of Patterns

by Sai Kiran Pentukar

Call Number: LD6241

Removal of Select Chlorinated Hydrocarbons by Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron Supported on Powdered Activated Charcoal

by Md Abu Raihan Chowdhury

Call Number: LD6241

Impacts of Invasive Alliaria petiolata on Two Native Pieridae Butterflies, Anthocharis midea and Pieris virginiensis

by Danielle Marie Thiemann

Call Number: LD6241

Extended Kalman Filter and LQR controller design for quadrotor UAVs

by Muneeb Masood Raja

Call Number: LD6241

An Optimization Compiler Framework Based on Polyhedron Model for GPGPUs

by Lifeng Liu

Call Number: LD6241

Is Humanism to blame? Heidegger on Environmental Exploitation

by Jacob A. Litteral

Call Number: LD6241

A Framework for Centralizing Inventory in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

by Kerry Kathleen Ward

Call Number: LD6241

Multi-Gain Control: Balancing Demands for Speed and Precision

by Lucas Warner Lemasters

Call Number: LD6241

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Variable Cycle Turbofan Engine with Controls

by Robert W. Buettner

Call Number: LD6241

Novel Mechanisms Underlying Warm-up and Percussion Myotonia in Myotonia Congenita

by Kevin Richard Novak

Call Number: LD6241

The Role of Peripheral Vision in Configural Spatial Knowledge Acquisition

by Lisa J. Douglas

Call Number: LD6241

Structure Stability and Optical Response of Lead Halide Hybrid Perovskite Photovoltaic Materials: A First-Principles Simulation Study

by Siddharth Narendrakumar Rathod

Call Number: LD6241

Smart EV Charging for Improved Sustainable Mobility

by Ashutosh Shivakumar

Call Number: LD6241

Low-Velocity Impact Behavior of Sandwich Panels with 3D Printed Polymer Core Structures

by Andrew Joseph Turner

Call Number: LD6241

Bistatic SAR Polar Format Image Formation: Distortion Correction and Scene Size Limits

by Davin Mao

Call Number: LD6241

When Words Are Worse Than Bullets: a Study of Corruption as an Unintended Consequence of Threats of Sanctions

by Aleksei Balanov

Call Number: LD6241

Upstream Sources Inhibit Benthic Phosphorus Fluxes in the Lower Great Miami River, Southwest Ohio

by Kortney Mullen

Call Number: LD6241

Synthesis of Alkyl Substituted Phenylated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone Ketone)s

by Matthew Cerone

Call Number: LD6241

Implementation of RF Steganography Based Joint Radar/Communication LFM Waveform Using Software Defined Radio

by Dimitri Dessources

Call Number: LD6241

Role of ERK3 in Regulating RhoGDI1-PAKs Signaling Axis

by Hitham Abdulrahman Aldharee

Call Number: LD6241

Assessing the Conditions for Post-Cold War Conflict Interventions

by Daniel Wesley Clark

Call Number: LD6241

Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping: A Trait Analysis

by Dan Douglas

Call Number: LD6241

Genomic vs. Non-genomic Role of the AhR in Human Immunoglobulin Expression

by Nasser Alhamdan

Call Number: LD6241

The Electrochemical Behavior Of Molybdenum And Tungsten Tri-Nuclear Metal Clusters With Ethanoate Ligands

by Edward Nelson Kennedy

Call Number: LD6241

Persistent Inward Currents Play a Role in Muscle Dysfunction Seen inMyotonia Congenita

by Ahmed Alaa Hawash

Call Number: LD6241

Vitamin D3 and Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling Proteins Reduces Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in an Alzheimer’s Disease Like-Model Consisting of Microglial and Neuronal Co-Cultures

by Alexander Evdokiou

Call Number: LD6241

The Effect of Gram-Positive Staphylococcus aureus Cell Wall Components Lipoteichoic Acid and Peptidoglycan on Cytokine production, Cytoskeletal Arrangement, and Cell Viability on RAW 264.7 Murine Macrophages

by Gabrielle String

Call Number: LD6241

Effects of SOCS1 and SOCS3 Peptide Mimetics on MacrophagePhagocytosis of Malignant Cells

by Colt Dylan Capan

Call Number: LD6241

Synthesis of 4-iodo-3-(2-iodoaryl) and 4-bromo-3-(2-bromoaryl) sydnones and their Reactions with Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Borohydride, and Iodine Monochloride

by Kyle Jacob Liddy

Call Number: LD6241

Improv in International Diplomacy: Creating a Cooperative Narrative

by Preston J. Eberlyn

Call Number: LD6241

Identifying the Impact of Noise on Anomaly Detection through Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) and Eye-tracking

by Ryan Dwight Gabbard

Call Number: LD6241

Incorporating Passive Compliance for Reduced Motor Loading During Legged Walking

by Akhil Sai Pabbu

Call Number: LD6241

Intelligent Tutoring System Effects on the Learning Process

by Ali Talib Qasim Al-Aqbi

Call Number: LD6241

Implicit Leadership and Followership Theories: Does Congruency Matter?

by Daniel Bashore

Call Number: LD6241

Analysis of Well Log Data and a 2D Seismic Reflection Survey in the vicinity of London, Ohio

by Mohammad Mohshin

Call Number: LD6241

DNp63a suppresses cell invasion by targeting rac1 through mir-320a

by Amjad Ahmed Aljagthmi

Call Number: LD6241

A Comparative Study of Bagging and Boosting of Supervised and Unsupervised Classifiers For Outliers Detection

by Yue Dang

Call Number: LD6241

Resilience and Toughness Behavior of 3D-Printed Polymer Lattice Structures: Testing and Modeling

by Mohammed Jamal Al Rifaie

Call Number: LD6241

Cx43 Expression Increases in Response to Increased Temperature Incubation in the Developing Chicken Embryonic Brain

by Erick A. Barrios

Call Number: LD6241

Studies of Ionic Liquid Hybrids: Characteristics and Their Potential Application to Li-ion Batteries and Li-ion Capacitors

by Mengxin Liu

Call Number: LD6241

Design and Demonstration of a Physical, Multi-Agent Autonomous Controller Testbed

by Eric A. Nees

Call Number: LD6241

An Engage or Retreat Differential Game with Two Targets

by Bikash Shrestha

Call Number: LD6241

Implementation and Evaluation of Goal Selection in a Cognitive Architecture

by Sravya Kondrakunta

Call Number: LD6241

Evaluating Mobile Information Display System in Transfer of Care

by Katelyn Berberich

Call Number: LD6241

A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Steady-State and Transient Melt Pool Dimensions in Additive Manufacturing of Invar 36

by Chigozie Nwachukwu Obidigbo

Call Number: LD6241

Governed by Guerrillas: When Armed Insurgents Become Political Leaders

by Megan Patsch

Call Number: LD6241

Hydrothermal Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation of Barite Growth: The Role of Spectator Ions in Elementary Step Edge Growth Kinetics and Hillock Morphology

by Sarah A. Jindra

Call Number: LD6241

Rendering OWL in LaTeX for Improved Readability: Extensions to the OWLAPI

by Cogan M. Shimizu

Call Number: LD6241

Estimating Channel Identification Quality in Passive Radar Using LMS Algorithms

by Michael J. Callahan

Call Number: LD6241

Design of an 8-bit Successive Approximation Pipelined Analog to Digital Converter (SAP-ADC) in 90 nm CMOS

by Vivek Kotti

Call Number: LD6241

Distributed Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Multi-Agent Systems

by Mohsen Khalili

Call Number: LD6241

Predicting Goal Progress and Burnout Using Goal Hierarchies

by Truman J. Gore

Call Number: LD6241

Incorporation of Indeno[2,1-c]fluorenes into Polymers via Nucleophilic AromaticSubstitution

by Nathaniel Brackett

Call Number: LD6241

Efficacy of Real-Time Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Neurofeedback Training (fMRI-NFT) in the Treatment of Tinnitus

by Matthew S. Sherwood

Call Number: LD6241

Functions of the apical Na+/ K+/ 2Cl- Cotransporter 1 in choroid plexus epithelial cells.

by Jeannine Marie Crum Gregoriades

Call Number: LD6241

Deep Learning Approach for Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in the Internet of Things (IoT) Network using Gated Recurrent Neural Networks (GRU)

by Manoj Kumar Putchala

Call Number: LD6241

Dynamic Modeling of Thermal Management System with Exergy Based Optimization

by Marcus J. Bracey

Call Number: LD6241

Detection and Analysis of Polyurethane Biodegradation due to Cryptococcus laurentii

by Tyler Jacob Zicht

Call Number: LD6241

ERK3 as a BRAF-Regulated Tumor Suppressor is a New Potential Cancer Target in Melanoma

by Minyi Chen

Call Number: LD6241

An Engage or Retreat differential game with Mobile Agents

by Swathi Chandrasekar

Call Number: LD6241

Investigating Potential Pollutant Sources Causing Lack of Biodiversity in Lytle Creek and Indian Run

by Amira Moayad Alsenbel

Call Number: LD6241

Infection Prevalence in a Novel Ixodes scapularis Population in Northern Wisconsin

by Mary Lynn Westwood

Call Number: LD6241

Role of Self-Efficacy and Anxiety in Resilience Effects on Performance and Well-Being

by Kathleen Renee Wylds

Call Number: LD6241

Model Preparation and User Interface Aspects for Microsoft Hololens Medical Tutorial Applications

by Andrew J. McNutt

Call Number: LD6241

Last Two Surface Range Detector for Direct Detection Multisurface Flash Lidar in 90nm CMOS Technology

by Douglas Preston

Call Number: LD6241

Terahertz Molecular Spectroscopy as a Tool for Analytical Probing of Cellular Metabolism

by Mitchell Cameron Paul

Call Number: LD6241

Modeling Two Phase Flow Heat Exchangers for Next Generation Aircraft

by Hayder Hasan Jaafar Al-sarraf

Call Number: LD6241

The Effect of Action Video Game Play on the Distribution and Resolution of Visuospatial Attention

by Andrew Thomas Fent

Call Number: LD6241

Effect of hyperglycemia and thiazolidinediones on cardiac angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and neprilysin (NEP) in db/db diabetic mice.

by Rucha Fadnavis

Call Number: LD6241

Diffusion Maps and Transfer Subspace Learning

by Olga L. Mendoza-Schrock

Call Number: LD6241

Post Arab Spring Examination of American Foreign Aid: Libya and Egypt

by Andrew Robert Dickerson

Call Number: LD6241

A 13T Single-Ended Low Power SRAM Using Schmitt-Trigger and Write-Assist

by Praneeth Namala

Call Number: LD6241

The Effect of Aging on the Blood Brain Barrier Permeability and Response to FluoxetineEnantiomers

by Ethar Arkan

Call Number: LD6241

Adaptive Optics System Baseline Modeling for a USAF Quad Axis Telescope

by Nathaniel R. Morris

Call Number: LD6241

Measuring the Effects of High-Fat Diet on Breathing and Oxygen-Sensitivity of the Carotid Body Type I Cell

by Ryan J. Rakoczy

Call Number: LD6241

A Study of Alkali-Resistant Materials for Use in Atomic Physics Based Systems

by Aaron Thomas Fletcher

Call Number: LD6241

Processing of Ultra-Thin Film of Un Modified C60 Fullerene Using the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique. Effect of Structure on Stiffness and Optoelectric Properties

by Hasanain Basim Altalebi

Call Number: LD6241

Breeding Bird and Bat Activity Surveys at Dairymen's Inc.

by Mandy M. Salminen

Call Number: LD6241

Engineering Inpatient Discharges: Disposition Prediction and Day-of-Discharge Planning

by Nicholas A. Ballester

Call Number: LD6241

The Impact of SOCS1 and SOCS3 Peptide Mimetics on Rho and Cdc42 Proteins Expression, F-actin Cytoskeleton Rearrangements, and Cytokines Production of Uninfected and HSV-1 Infected M1 and M2 RAW 264.7 Murine Macrophages

by Maha A. Elwardany

Call Number: LD6241

Null Values and Null Vectors of Matrix Pencils and their Applications in Linear System Theory

by Neel Dalwadi

Call Number: LD6241

Usage of Extracellular Microvesicles as Novel and Promising Therapeutic Tool in Wound Healing

by Sami Gamaleddin F. Alsabri

Call Number: LD6241

Portable Motion Lab for Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Processes

by Yogesh Laxman Chavan

Call Number: LD6241

Rapidly Solving Physics-Based Models for Uncertainty Propagation in Nondestructive Evaluation

by Matthew Ryan Cherry

Call Number: LD6241

Effect of Exposure of Raw264.7 Macrophages to Salmonella typhimuriumComponents on Cell Viability, Cytoskeleton Re-arrangement and Cytokine Secretion

by Khalid Abdullah Alyahya

Call Number: LD6241

Hamiltonicity in Bidirected Signed Graphs and Ramsey Signed Numbers

by Mohammed A. Mutar

Call Number: LD6241

Regulation of the expression and activity of Extracellular signal-regulated kinase 3 (ERK3)

by Lobna Elkhadragy

Call Number: LD6241

Investigation of Residual Stresses in Melt Infiltrated SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites using Raman Spectroscopy

by Kaitlin Noelle Kollins

Call Number: LD6241

Development of Computer Program for Wind Resource Assessment, Rotor Design and Rotor Performance

by Valentina Jami

Call Number: LD6241

Optimal Feature Selection for Spatial Histogram Classifiers

by Mandira Thapa

Call Number: LD6241

Detection of DDoS Attacks against the SDN Controller using Statistical Approaches

by Basheer Husham Ali Al-Mafrachi

Call Number: LD6241

Exploring the role of lipin1 in mitophagy process using lipin1 deficient-EGFP tagged LC3 transgenic mice

by Abdullah Ali Alshudukhi

Call Number: LD6241

Glycolytic Metabolism and Pregnancy Parameters in the Murine Placenta

by Renee Elizabeth Albers

Call Number: LD6241

Configuration and Electronic Properties of the Interface between Lead Iodide Hybrid Perovskite and Self-assembled Monolayers in Solar Cells

by Parin Divya Amlani

Call Number: LD6241

Friction Stir Welding Between Similar and Dissimilar Materials

by Khaled Yousif Ali

Call Number: LD6241

Ab Initio Study of the Effects of Humidity on Perovskite Based Hybrid Solar Cell Interfaces

by Shantanu Rajendra Rachalwar

Call Number: LD6241

Work and Women's Empowerment: An Examination of South Asia

by Kathryn Elise Chaney

Call Number: LD6241

Urinary Metabolomics to Detect Polycystic Kidney Disease at Early Stage

by Amnah Mahmoud Obidan

Call Number: LD6241

Visualization of Carbon Monoxide Particles Released from Firearms

by Sadan Suneesh Menon

Call Number: LD6241

Detecting Information Leakage in Android Malware Using Static Taint Analysis

by Soham P. Kelkar

Call Number: LD6241

Low Velocity Impact and RF Response of 3D Printed Heterogeneous Structures

by Sandeep Keerthi

Call Number: LD6241

Determination of the Shape of a Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Radiation Beam When Modified by a Physical Wedge

by Kalel Alsaeed

Call Number: LD6241

Gait Analysis from Wearable Devices using Image and Signal Processing

by Bradley A. Schneider

Call Number: LD6241

Effects of the Kinematic Model on Forward-Model Based Spotlight SAR ECM

by David T. Pyles

Call Number: LD6241

An Optimization Strategy for Hexapod Gait Transition

by Naga Harika Darbha

Call Number: LD6241

Modifying Some Iterative Methods for Solving Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems

by Ali Hasan Ali

Call Number: LD6241

Collaboratively Detecting HTTP-based Distributed Denial of Service Attack using Software Defined Network

by Ademola A. Ikusan

Call Number: LD6241

Antimicrobial Activity of Fractionated Borohydride-Capped and Electrochemical Colloidal Silver

by Marjorie M. Markopoulos

Call Number: LD6241

Synthesis and Reactivity of Sydnone Derived 1,3,4-Oxadiazol-2(3H)-ones

by Jonathan Michael Tumey

Call Number: LD6241

Association of gut luminal metabolites and allergic responses

by Ghaith Mohammed Fallata

Call Number: LD6241

Witches and Wives: An Analysis of Plutarch's Depiction of Women in the Life of Marc Antony

by Amanda Michelle Kempf

Call Number: LD6241

Cytokine expression, cytoskeleton organization, and viability of SIM-A9 microglia exposed to Staphylococcus aureus-derived lipoteichoic acid and peptidoglycan

by Erin Roberts

Call Number: LD6241

Computational Modeling of A Williams Cross Flow Turbine

by Sajjan Pokhrel

Call Number: LD6241

Cloud Point Extraction in Conjunction with Tangential Flow Filtration (CPE-TFF) for the Enhanced Separation of Silver Nanoparticles and Silver Ions from Aqueous Colloids and Biological Matrices

by Md Ali Akbar

Call Number: LD6241

Turboelectric Distributed Propulsion System for NASA Next Generation Aircraft

by Hashim H. Abada

Call Number: LD6241

Synthesis and Characterizations of Lithium Aluminum Titanium Phosphate (Li1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3) Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Li-ion Batteries

by Jianping Yang

Call Number: LD6241

Web-Delivered Assembly Language Interactive Training and its Sequence Identification for Software Reverse Engineering

by Sunethra Thimmapuram

Call Number: LD6241

A Look at the Optimum Slope of a Fixed Solar Panel for Maximum Energy Collection for a One Year Time Frame

by Salah Alhaidari

Call Number: LD6241

Design of a Programmable Four-Preset Guitar Pedal

by Michael Trombley

Call Number: LD6241

Computational Simulations of Biomechanical Kinematics in WSU Total Ankle Replacement Systems

by Dinesh Gundapaneni

Call Number: LD6241

Data mining techniques and mathematical models for the optimal scholarship allocation problem for a state university

by Shuai Wang

Call Number: LD6241

Layout Implementation of A 10-Bit 1.2 GS/s Digital-to-Analog Converter In 90nm CMOS

by Vinay Kumar Chunchu

Call Number: LD6241

Electrical Power and Storage for NASA Next Generation Aircraft.

by Saif Al-Agele

Call Number: LD6241

Making meaning: Shifts in meaningfulness across three modeling units

by Jeannette Manger

Call Number: LD6241

Development of a Performance Assessment System for Language Learning

by Imen Kasrani

Call Number: LD6241

Architect the industrial internet : the architect's guide to designing industrial internet solutions

Shyam Nath, Robert Stackowiak, Carla Romano

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The ongoing technological system

Smaïl Aït-El-Hadjait

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Springer handbook of nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology : delivering on the promise

H.N. Cheng, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, New Orleans, Louisiana [and three others], editor

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