September 2018

History of universities. Volume XXXI/1

Author: editor: Mordechai Feingold

Call Number: LA173

Transforming assessment : through an interplay between practice, research and policy

Author: Jens Dolin, Robert Evans, editors

Call Number: LA622

Higher education in Germany : recent developments in an international perspective

Author: Otto Hüther, Georg Krücken

Call Number: LA728

Researching higher education in Asia : history, development and future

Author: Jisun Jung, Hugo Horta, Akiyoshi Yonezawa, editors

Call Number: LA1058 .R43 2018

Navigating educational change in China : contemporary history and lived experiences

Author: Fang Wang, Leslie N.K. Lo

Call Number: LA1131.82 .W353 2018

Reform and development of educational system : history, policy and cases

Author: Ling Li, Jiafu Zheng, Zeyuan Yu, editors

Call Number: LA1133

Quality of secondary education in India : concepts, indicators, and measurement

Author: Charu Jain, Narayan Prasad

Call Number: LA1152 .J35 2018

Mothering, education and culture : Russian, Palestinian and Jewish middle-class mothers in Israeli society

Author: Deborah Golden, Lauren Erdreich, Sveta Roberman

Call Number: LA1441

Higher education in Ethiopia : structural inequalities and policy responses

Author: Tebeje Molla

Call Number: LA1516 .M65 2018

Understanding Education : History, Politics and Practice

Author: by Stephen Kemmis, Christine Edwards-Groves

Call Number: LB14.7 .K46 2018

Rethinking curriculum in times of shifting educational context

Author: Kaustuv Roy

Call Number: LB14.7 .R689 2018

A philosophy of schooling : care and curiosity in community

Author: Julian Stern

Call Number: LB14.7 .S74 2018

Plato's Socrates, philosophy and education

Author: James M. Magrini

Call Number: LB85.P7 M347 2018

Wittgenstein's education : 'a picture held us captive'

Author: Michael A. Peters, Jeff. Stickney

Call Number: LB775.W592

Moving INTO the Classroom : a Handbook for Movement Integration in the Elementary Classroom

Author: edited by Stacia C Miller, Suzanne F Lindt

Call Number: LB1024.2

Innovation and society

Author: Françoise Cros

Call Number: LB1027

Smart education and e-learning 2017

Author: Vladimir L. Uskov, Robert J. Howlett, Lakhmi C. Jain, editors

Call Number: LB1027

Deep active learning : toward greater depth in university education

Author: Kayo Matsushita, editor

Call Number: LB1027.23 .D44 2018

Playing to learn with reacting to the past : research on high impact, active learning practices

Author: C. Edward Watson, Thomas Chase Hagood, editors

Call Number: LB1027.23 .P59 2018

Equity and quality dimensions in educational effectiveness

Author: Leonidas Kyriakides, Bert Creemers, Evi Charalambous

Call Number: LB1028 .K973 2018eb

Constructing a paradigm for children's contextualized learning

Author: Li Jilin ; translated by Jing Liu

Call Number: LB1028.25.C6

Educational technology and narrative : story and instructional design

Author: Brad Hokanson, Gregory Clinton, Karen Kaminski, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Teaching and learning in a digital world : proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning.

Author: Michael E. Auer, David Guralnick, Istvan Simonics, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Interactive mobile communication technologies and learning : proceedings of the 11th IMCL Conference

Author: Michael E. Auer, Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Teaching and learning in a digital world : proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning.

Author: Michael E. Auer, David Guralnick, Istvan Simonics, editors

Call Number: LB1028.3

Visualization tools for learning environment development

Author: Joseph Frantiska, Jr

Call Number: LB1028.3 .F73 2017

Leading and managing e-Learning : what the e-Learning leader needs to know

Author: Anthony A. Piña, Victoria L. Lowell, Bruce R. Harris, editors

Call Number: LB1028.35

The development of MOOCs in China

Author: Qinhua Zheng, Li Chen, Daniel Burgos

Call Number: LB1028.43

Case method and pluralist economics : philosophy, methodology and practice

Author: Kavous Ardalan

Call Number: LB1029.C37 A73 2018

Innovations in flipping the language classroom : theories and practices

Author: Jeffrey Mehring, Adrian Leis, editors

Call Number: LB1029.F55

Differentiated instruction : a guide for foreign language teachers

Author: Deborah Blaz

Call Number: LB1031 .B63 2006

Web-based learning : design, implementation and evaluation

Author: Gayle V. Davidson-Shivers, Karen L. Rasmussen, Patrick R. Lowenthal

Call Number: LB1044.87 .D38 2018

E-learning in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

Author: Alan S. Weber, Sihem Hamlaoui, editors

Call Number: LB1044.87 .E46 2018

AI injected e-learning : the future of online education

Author: Matthew Montebello

Call Number: LB1044.87 .M66 2018

Alterity, values, and socialization : human development within educational contexts

Author: Angela Uchoa Branco, Maria Cláudia Lopes-de-Oliveira, editors

Call Number: LB1051

Enhancing reflection within situated learning : incorporating mindfulness as an instructional strategy

Author: Alexis M. Stoner, Katherine S. Cennamo

Call Number: LB1051 .S76 2018

Positive learning in the age of information : a blessing or a curse?

Author: Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Gabriel Wittum, Andreas Dengel, editors

Call Number: LB1060

Generative conversations for creative learning : reimagining literacy education and understanding

Author: Glorai Latham, Robyn Ewing

Call Number: LB1062 .L375 2018eb

Empathy, emotion, and education

Author: Helen Demetriou

Call Number: LB1072 .D46 2018

Paranoid pedagogies : education, culture, and paranoia

Author: Jennifer A. Sandlin, Jason J. Willin, editors

Call Number: LB1091

The dialogical self theory in education : a multicultural perspective

Author: Frans Meijers, Hubert Hermans, editors

Call Number: LB1092

International handbook of early childhood education

Author: Marilyn Fleer, Bert van Oers, editors

Call Number: LB1139.23 .I58 2018

Professional development and quality in early childhood education : comparative european perspectives

Author: Athanasios Gregoriadis, Vasilis Grammatikopoulos, Evridiki Zachopoulou, editors

Call Number: LB1139.3.E85

Communities of practice : art, play, and aesthetics in early childhood

Author: Christopher M. Schulte, Christine Marmé Thompson, editors

Call Number: LB1139.5.A78

Curriculum and practice for children's contextualized learning

Author: Li Jilin ; translated by Kan Wei

Call Number: LB1564.C6 J55 2018

The theory and practice for children's contextualized learning of their first language

Author: Li Jilin ; translated by Yi Jin

Call Number: LB1577.C5

Creativity, technology & education : exploring their convergence

Author: Punya Mishra, Danah Henriksen ; with contributions by The Deep-Play Research Group

Call Number: LB1590.3

Constructivist education in an age of accountability

Author: David W. Kritt, editor

Call Number: LB1590.3 .C66 2018

The 7 transdisciplinary cognitive skills for creative education

Author: Danah Henriksen ; with contributions by the Deep-Play Research Group

Call Number: LB1590.3 .H46 2018eb

Promising practices in indigenous teacher education

Author: Paul Whitinui, Carmen Roguez de France, Onowa McIvor, editors

Call Number: LB1707

Uncertainty in teacher education futures : scenarios, politics and STEM

Author: Sandy Schuck, Peter Aubusson, Kevin Burden, Sue Brindley

Call Number: LB1707

Real-time coaching and pre-service teacher education

Author: Garth Stahl, Erica Sharplin, Benjamin Kehrwald

Call Number: LB1731.4

Early career academics in New Zealand : challenges and prospects in comparative perspective

Author: by Kathryn A. Sutherland

Call Number: LB1778.4.N45 S88 2017

Universities and the Production of Elites : Discourses, Policies, and Strategies of Excellence and Stratification in Higher Education

Author: edited by Roland Bloch, Alexander Mitterle, Catherine Paradeise, Tobias Peter

Call Number: LB2300

Diversity and inclusion in higher education and societal contexts : international and interdisciplinary approaches

Author: SunHee Kim Gertz, Betsy Huang, Lauren Cyr, editors

Call Number: LB2324

Identity-trajectories of early career researchers : unpacking the post-PhD experience

Author: Lynn McAlpine, Cheryl Amundsen

Call Number: LB2326.3 .M35 2018eb

Arts-based methods and organizational learning : higher education around the world

Author: edited by Tatiana Chemi & Xiangyun Du

Call Number: LB2331 .A6499 2018eb

Heidegger and the lived experience of being a university educator

Author: Joshua Spier

Call Number: LB2331 .S69 2018

Theatricalising narrative research on women casual academics

Author: Gail Crimmins

Call Number: LB2332.3 .C73 2018eb

International scholarships in higher education : pathways to social change

Author: Joan R. Dassin, Robin R. Marsh, Matt Mawer, editors

Call Number: LB2338

Competition in higher education branding and marketing : national and global perspectives

Author: Antigoni Papadimitriou, editor

Call Number: LB2342.82

Understanding branding in higher education : marketing identities

Author: Anthony Lowrie

Call Number: LB2342.82

Applied interdisciplinarity in scholar practitioner programs : narratives of social change

Author: Siomonn Pulla, Bernard Schissel, editors

Call Number: LB2372.3

Authentic virtual world education : facilitating cultural engagement and creativity

Author: Sue Gregory, Denise Wood, editors

Call Number: LB2395.7

The digital turn in higher education : international perspectives on learning and teaching in a changing world

Author: David Kergel, Birte Heidkamp, Patrik Kjærsdam Telléus, Tadeusz Rachwal, Samue Nowakowski, editors

Call Number: LB2395.7

Flipping the college classroom : an evidence-based guide

Author: Patricia V. Roehling

Call Number: LB2395.7

Initiation of educators into educational management secrets

Author: Christos Saitis, Anna Saiti

Call Number: LB2801.A1 S35 2018

Transforming education : design & governance in global contexts

Author: Leon Benade, Mark Jackson, editors

Call Number: LB2805

Quandaries of school leadership : voices from principals in the field

Author: Debra J. Touchton, Mariela A. Rodríguez, Gary Ivory, Michele Acker-Hocevar, editors

Call Number: LB2805 .Q36 2018

Critical analyses of educational reforms in an era of transnational governance

Author: Elisabeth Hultqvist, Sverker Lindblad, Thomas S. Popkewitz, editors

Call Number: LB2806

Childhood and schooling in (post)socialist societies : memories of everyday life

Author: Iveta Silova, Nelli Piattoeva, Zsuzsa Millei, editors

Call Number: LB2806

The nature of school leadership : global practice perspectives

Author: Paul W. Miller

Call Number: LB2806 .M444 2018

Intercultural studies of curriculum : theory, policy and practice

Author: edited by Carmel Roofe and Christopher Bezzina

Call Number: LB2806.15

The Data Team procedure : a systematic approach to school improvement

Author: Kim Schildkamp, Adam Handelzalts, Cindy L. Poortman, Hanadie Leusink, Marije Meerdink, Maaike Smit, Johanna Ebbeler, Mireille D. Hubers

Call Number: LB2806.25 .S35 2018

Staff governance and institutional policy formation

Author: [edited by] Michael T. Miller and John W. Murry, Jr

Call Number: LB2806.45 .S73 2011

Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills : research and applications

Author: Esther Care, Patrick Griffin, Mark Wilson, editors

Call Number: LB2822.75

Onward : cultivating emotional resilience in educators

Author: Elena Aguilar

Call Number: LB2840 .A38 2018

Primary school leadership in post-conflict Rwanda : a narrative arc

Author: Gilbert Karareba, Simon Clarke, Thomas O'Donoghue

Call Number: LB2977.R93

Classroom management in teacher education programs

Author: Jonathan Ryan Davis

Call Number: LB3013

The Wiley handbook on violence in education : forms, factors, and preventions

Author: edited by Harvey Shapiro

Call Number: LB3013.32 .W544 2018

Multiple alterities : views of others in textbooks of the Middle East

Author: edited by Elie Podeh and Samira Alayan

Call Number: LB3044.74.M628

The search for better educational standards : a cautionary tale

Author: Martin Thrupp ; with responses from Bob Lingard, Meg Maguire and David Hursh

Call Number: LB3058.N45 T46 2017

Nutritional adequacy, diversity and choice among primary school children : policy and practice in India

Author: Shreelata Rao Seshadri, Jyoti Ramakrishna

Call Number: LB3479.I43

Psychologized language in education : denaturalizing a regime of truth

Author: Zvi Bekerman and Michalinos Zembylas

Call Number: LB3609

Teaching the entrepreneurial mindset to engineers

Author: by Lisa Bosman, Stephanie Fernhaber

Call Number: LC8

Surviving, thriving and reviving in adolescence : research and narratives from the School for Student Leadership

Author: Michael Dyson, Margaret Plunkett, editors

Call Number: LC46.8.A788 S87 2018

Alternative schooling and new education : European concepts and theories

Author: Ralf Koerrenz, Annika Blichmann, Sebastian Engelmann

Call Number: LC46.8.E85 K63 2018eb

Evolutions of the complex relationship between education and territories

Author: edited by Angela Barthes, Pierre Champollion, Yves Alpe

Call Number: LC71

Globalisation and education reforms : paradigms and ideologies

Author: Joseph Zajda, editor

Call Number: LC71

Higher education and post-conflict recovery

Author: Sansom Milton

Call Number: LC171 .M55 2018

Redesigning learning for greater social impact : Taylor's 9th Teaching and Learning Conference 2016 proceedings

Author: Siew Fun Tang, Swi Ee Cheah, editors

Call Number: LC189.85 .T38 2016

The university in its place : social and cultural perspectives on the regional role of universities

Author: John Brennan, Allan Cochrane, Yann Lebeau, Ruth Williams

Call Number: LC191.9 .B74 2018

The evaluators' eye : impact assessment and academic peer review

Author: Gemma Derrick

Call Number: LC191.9 .D47 2018

Feeling academic in the neoliberal University : feminist flights, fights and failures

Author: Yvette Taylor, Kinneret Lahad, editors

Call Number: LC197

Mapping queer space(s) of praxis and pedagogy

Author: Elizabeth McNeil, James E. Wermers, Joshua O. Lunn, editors

Call Number: LC212.9

Christian faith and university life : stewards of the academy

Author: T. Laine Scales, Jennifer L. Howell, editors

Call Number: LC383

Researching Catholic education : contemporary perspectives

Author: Sean Whittle, editor

Call Number: LC473

Transitions to post-school life : responsiveness to individual, social and economic needs

Author: Margarita Pavlova, John Chi-Kin Lee, Rupert Maclean, editors

Call Number: LC1037

Rethinking school-to-work transitions in Australia : young people have something to say

Author: Barry Down, John Smyth, Janean Robinson

Call Number: LC1037.8.A8

The entrepreneurial intellectual in the corporate university

Author: Clyde W. Barrow

Call Number: LC1085

Open and distance non-formal education in developing countries

Author: Colin Latchem

Call Number: LC1090

African democratic citizenship education revisited

Author: Yusef Waghid, Nuraan Davids, editors

Call Number: LC1091 .A347 2018eb

Educating for citizenship and social justice : practices for community engagement at research universities

Author: Tania D. Mitchell, Krista M. Soria, Editors

Call Number: LC1091 .E38413 2018

Advancing multicultural dialogues in education

Author: Richard Race, editor

Call Number: LC1099

Women's higher education in the United States : new historical perspectives

Author: Margaret A. Nash, editor

Call Number: LC1756

Education law, strategic policy, and sustainable development in Africa : Agenda 2063

Author: A.C. Onuora-Oguno, W.O. Egbewole, T.E. Kleven, editors

Call Number: LC2808.A2 E53 2018

Understanding international students from Asia in American universities : learning and living globalization

Author: Yingyi Ma, Martha A. Garcia-Murillo, editors

Call Number: LC3015

Language practices of indigenous children and youth : the transition from home to school

Author: Gillian Wigglesworth, Jane Simpson, Jill Vaughan, editors

Call Number: LC3715

The multilingual edge of education

Author: edited by Piet Van Avermaet [and four others]

Call Number: LC3715

Elite education and internationalisation : from the early years to higher education

Author: Claire Maxwell, Ulrike Deppe, Heinz-Hermann Krüger, Werner Helsper, editors

Call Number: LC4931 .E45 2018

The Palgrave international handbook on adult and lifelong education and learning

Author: Marcella Milana, Sue Webb, John Holford, Richard Waller, Peter Jarvis

Call Number: LC5215

Mobile and ubiquitous learning : an international handbook

Author: Shengquan Yu, Mohamed Ally, Avgoustos Tsinakos, editors

Call Number: LC5803.C65

Handbook of technology education

Author: Marc J. de Vries, editor

Call Number: T65.3 .H36 2018

Industry interactive innovations in science, engineering and technology : proceedings of the International Conference, I3SET 2016

Author: Swapan Bhattacharyya, Sabyasachi Sen, Meghamala Dutta, Papun Biswas, Himadri Chattopadhyay, editors

Call Number: T173.8

Technology trends : third International Conference, CITT 2017, Babahoyo, Ecuador, November 8-10, 2017, Proceedings

Author: Miguel Botto-Tobar, Nelly Esparza-Cruz, Joffre León-Acurio, Narcisa Crespo-Torres, Marola Beltrán-Mora (eds.)

Call Number: T173.8

Nanotechnology for energy and water : proceedings of the International Conference NEW-2017

Author: Gagan Anand, Jitendra Kumar Pandey, Sarvendra Rana, editors

Call Number: T174.7

Nanotechnology in oil and gas industries : principles and applications

Author: edited by Tawfik Abdo Saleh, editors

Call Number: T174.7

Valuing corporate innovation : strategies, tools, and best practice from the energy and technology sector

Author: Gunther Friedl, Horst J. Kayser, editors

Call Number: T175.5 .V34 2018