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Electrical Engineering

Items Acquired in June 2017 for the University Libraries

Leigh's test record

Call Number: TK 1234 .G34 2017

The power grid : smart, secure, green and reliable

edited by Brian W. D'Andrade

Call Number: TK1001

Renewable energy devices and systems with simulations in MATLAB and ANSYS

Frede Blaabjerg, Dan M. Ionel

Call Number: TK1005 .B58 2017

Small modular reactors for electricity generation : an economic and technologically sound alternative

Jorge Morales Pedraza

Call Number: TK1078

Numerical simulation of power plants and firing systems

Heimo Walter, Bernd Epple, editors

Call Number: TK1191

Triboelectric devices for power generation and self-powered sensing applications

Lokesh Dhakar

Call Number: TK2897

Emerging nanotechnologies in rechargeable energy storage systems

edited by Lide M. Rodriguez-Martinez, Noshin Omar

Call Number: TK2941

Advances in energy system optimization : proceedings of the first International Symposium on Energy System Optimization

Valentin Bertsch, Wolf Fichtner, Vincent Heuveline, Thomas Leibfried, editors

Call Number: TK3001

A distributed linear programming models in a smart grid

Prakash Ranganathan, Kendall E. Nygard

Call Number: TK3105

Smart energy grid design for island countries : challenges and opportunities

F.M. Rabiul Islam, Kabir Al Mamun, Maung Than Oo Amanullah, editors

Call Number: TK3105

Inspection and monitoring technologies of transmission lines with remote sensing

Yi Hu, Kai Liu

Call Number: TK3221

Reactive power control in AC power systems : fundamentals and current issues

Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei, Ali Jafari Aghbolaghi, Nicu Bizon, Frede Blaabjerg, editors

Call Number: TK3226

Network analysis and synthesis

S.K. Bhattacharya, Manpreet Singh

Call Number: TK3226

Pulse current gas metal arc welding : characteristics, control and applications

Prakriti Kumar Ghosh

Call Number: TK4660

MQTT essentials : a lightweight IoT protocol : the preferred IoT publish-subscribe lightweight messaging protocol

Gastón C. Hillar

Call Number: TK5102.5

Real-time recursive hyperspectral sample and band processing : algorithm architecture and implementation

Chein-I Chang

Call Number: TK5102.9

Digital signal processing in power electronics control circuits [electronic resource]

Krzysztof Sozański

Call Number: TK5102.9

Handbook of multisensor data fusion : theory and practice

edited by Martin E. Liggins, David L. Hall, James Llinas

Call Number: TK5102.9

Full-duplex communications and networks

Lingyang Song, Risto Wichman, Yonghui Li, Zhu Han

Call Number: TK5103.2

Design and deployment of small cell networks

[edited by] Alagan Anpalagan, Mehdi Bennis, Rath Vannithamby

Call Number: TK5103.2

Key technologies for 5G wireless systems

edited by Vincent W.S. Wong [and three others]

Call Number: TK5103.2

Wireless and satellite systems : 8th International Conference, WiSATS 2016, Cardiff, UK, September 19-20, 2016, Proceedings

Ifiok Otung, Prashant Pillai, George Eleftherakis, Giovanni Giambene (eds.)

Call Number: TK5103.2

Wireless-powered communication networks : architectures, protocols, and applications

[edited by] Dusit Niyato [and 4 others]

Call Number: TK5103.2

Cloud radio access networks : principles, technologies, and applications

edited by Tony Q.S. Quek, Mugen Peng, Osvaldo Simeone, Wei Yu

Call Number: TK5103.2

Wireless networking and mobile data management

R.K. Ghosh

Call Number: TK5103.2

Cloud mobile networks : from RAN to EPC

Mojtaba Vaezi, Ying Zhang

Call Number: TK5103.2

Fading and Shadowing in Wireless Systems [electronic resource]

Call Number: TK5103.2

Building Bluetooth low energy systems : take your first steps in IoT

Muhammad Usama bin Aftab

Call Number: TK5103.3

Design of CMOS RFIC Ultra-wideband impulse transmitters and receivers

Cam Nguyen, Meng Miao

Call Number: TK5103.4515

Spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks : medium access control protocol based approach

Shweta Pandit, Ghanshyam Singh

Call Number: TK5103.4815

Radio resource management in wireless networks : an engineering approach

Ekram Hossain, Mehdi Rasti, Long Bao Le

Call Number: TK5103.4873

Multi-technology positioning

Jari Nurmi, Elena-Simona Lohan, Henk Wymeersch, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Ossi Nykänen, editors

Call Number: TK5103.4895

Digital communications

Mehmet Şafak

Call Number: TK5103.7

Introduction to wireless digital communication : a signal processing perspective

Robert W. Heath, Jr

Call Number: TK5103.7

Whole body interaction with public displays

Robert Walter

Call Number: TK5105.15

Learning Apache Flink : discover the definitive guide to crafting lightning-fast data processing for distributed systems with Apache Flink

Tanmay Deshpande

Call Number: TK5105.386

Proceedings of International Conference on Communication and Networks : ComNet 2016

Nilesh Modi, Pramode Verma, Bhushan Trivedi, editors

Call Number: TK5105.5

Interoperability and open-source solutions for the Internet of Things : second International Workshop, InterOSS-IoT 2016, held in conjunction with IoT 2016, Stuttgart, Germany, November 7, 2016, invited papers

Ivana Podnar Žarko, Arne Broering, Sergios Soursos, Martin Serrano (eds.)

Call Number: TK5105.5

Terraform : up and running : writing infrastructure as code

Yevginiy Brikman

Call Number: TK5105.5

Infrastructure as code (IAC) cookbook : over 90 practical, actionable recipes to automate, test and manage your infrastructure quickly and effectively

Stephane Jourdan, Pierre Pomès

Call Number: TK5105.5

Zabbix : enterprise network montioring [sic] made easy : learn how to gather detailed statistics and data with this one-stop, comprehensive course along with hands-on recipes to get your infrasturcture up and running with Zabbix : a course in three modules

Call Number: TK5105.5

3rd International Winter School and Conference on Network Science : NetSci-X 2017

Erez Shmueli, Baruch Barzel, Rami Puzis, editors

Call Number: TK5105.5

Computer communication, networking and internet security : proceedings of IC3T 2016

Suresh Chandra Satapathy, Vikrant Bhateja, K. Sruhan Raju, B. Janakiramaiah, editors

Call Number: TK5105.5

Passive and active measurement : 18th International Conference, PAM 2017, Sydney, NSW, Australia, March 30-31, 2017, Proceedings

Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Steve Uhlig, Johanna Amann (eds.)

Call Number: TK5105.5 .P35 2017eb

Architectural transformations in network services and distributed systems

Andriy Luntovskyy, Josef Spillner

Call Number: TK5105.52

Cisco CCNA routing and switching 200-120

Michael Valentine, Keith Barker

Call Number: TK5105.543

Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration : Becoming a Router Geek

Mohammed M. Alani

Call Number: TK5105.543

Practical packet analysis : using Wireshark to solve real-world network problems

by Chris Sanders

Call Number: TK5105.55

Sams teach yourself TCP/IP in 24 hours

Joe Casad

Call Number: TK5105.585

The illustrated network : how TCPIP works in a modern network

Walter Goralski

Call Number: TK5105.585

Cyber Security. Simply. Make it Happen : Leveraging Digitization Through IT Security

Call Number: TK5105.59

Guide to computer network security

Joseph Migga Kizza

Call Number: TK5105.59

Applied network security : master the art of detecting and averting advanced network security attacks and techniques

Arthur Salmon, Warun Levesque, Michael McLafferty

Call Number: TK5105.59

Coding for penetration testers : building better tools

Jason Andress, Ryan Linn

Call Number: TK5105.59

Secure ICT service provisioning for cloud, mobile and beyond : ESARIS : the answer to the demands of industrialized IT production balancing between buyers and providers

Eberhard von Faber, Wolfgang Behnsen

Call Number: TK5105.59 .F33 2017eb

ESP8266 Internet of Things cookbook : over 50 recipes to help you master the ESP8266's functionality

Marco Schwartz

Call Number: TK5105.78

New methods to engineer and seamlessly reconfigure time triggered Ethernet based systems during runtime based on the PROFINET IRT example

Lukasz Wisniewski

Call Number: TK5105.8.E83

Troubleshooting OpenVPN : get the solutions you need to troubleshoot any issue you may face to keep your OpenVPN up and running

Eric F. Crist

Call Number: TK5105.875.E87

OpenVPN cookbook : discover over 90 practical and exciting recipes that leverage the power of OpenVPN 2.4 to help you obtain a reliable and secure VPN

Jan Just Keijser

Call Number: TK5105.875.E87

Take control of your online privacy

by Joe Kissell

Call Number: TK5105.875.I57

Deploying SharePoint 2016 : best practices for installing, configuring, and maintaining SharePoint Server 2016

Vlad Catrinescu, Trevor Seward

Call Number: TK5105.875.I6

The SEO battlefield : winning strategies for search marketing programs

Anne Ahola Ward

Call Number: TK5105.884

Mastering Elasticsearch 5.x : Master the intricacies of Elasticsearch 5 and use it to create flexible and scalable search solutions

Bharvi Dixit

Call Number: TK5105.884

Resource management for Internet of Things

Flávia C. Delicato, Paulo F. Pires, Thais Batista

Call Number: TK5105.8857

Managing the web of things : linking the real world to the web

edited by Quan Z. Sheng [and others]

Call Number: TK5105.8857

IoT solutions in Microsoft's Azure IoT suite : data acquisition and analysis in the real world

Scott Klein

Call Number: TK5105.8857

Internet of things : novel advances and envisioned applications

D. P. Acharjya, M. Kalaiselvi Geetha, editors

Call Number: TK5105.8857

IoT solutions in Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite : data acquisition and analysis in the real world : building for the Internet of Things

Scott Klein

Call Number: TK5105.8857

Pro HTML5 with CSS, JavaScript, and multimedia : complete website development and best practices

Mark J. Collins

Call Number: TK5105.888

Pro HTML5 with CSS, JavaScript, and multimedia : complete website development and best practices

Mark J. Collins

Call Number: TK5105.888

Working with static sites : bringing the power of simplicity to modern sites

Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi

Call Number: TK5105.888

Take my money : accepting payments on the Web

by Noel Rappin

Call Number: TK5105.888

Alfresco One 5.x developer's guide : discover what it means to be an expert developer by exploring the latest features available to you in Alfresco One 5.x

Benjamin Chevallereau, Jeff Potts

Call Number: TK5105.888

The Sketch handbook : everything you ever wanted to know about designing with Sketch

Christian Krammer

Call Number: TK5105.888 enterprise architecture : architect and deliver packaged applications that cater to enterprise business needs

Andrew Fawcett ; foreword by Joshua Birk

Call Number: TK5105.88813

Website hosting and migration with Amazon Web Services : a practical guide to moving your website to AWS

Jason Nadon

Call Number: TK5105.88813

Introducing Erlang : getting started in functional programming

Simon St. Laurent

Call Number: TK5105.88813 .S7 2017

Getting started with Varnish Cache : accelerate your web applications

Thijs Feryn

Call Number: TK5105.8883

Analysis and modeling of radio wave propagation

Christopher John Coleman, University of Adelaide

Call Number: TK6553

Communication technologies for vehicles : 12th International Workshop, Nets4CarsNets4TrainsNets4Aircraft 2017, Toulouse, France, May 4-5, 2017, Proceedings

Alain Pirovano, Marion Berbineau, Alexey Vinel, Christophe Guerber, Damien Roque, Jaizki Mendizabal, Hervé Bonneville, Hasnaâ Aniss, Bertrand Ducourthial (eds.)

Call Number: TK6570.M6 N47 2017eb

Infrastructure monitoring with spaceborne SAR sensors

Andrei Anghel, Gabriel Vasile, Remus Cacoveanu

Call Number: TK6592.S95

Transionospheric synthetic aperture imaging

Mikhail Gilman, Erick Smith, Semyon Tsynkov

Call Number: TK6592.S95

Video production handbook

Jim Owens

Call Number: TK6655.V5

Digital TV and Wireless Multimedia Communication : 13th International Forum, IFTC 2016, Shanghai, China, November 9-10, 2016, Revised selected papers

Xiaokang Yang, Guangtao Zhai (eds.)

Call Number: TK6678

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 release

Maxim Jago

Call Number: TK6680.5

Frontiers in electronic technologies : trends and challenges

S.R.S Prabaharan, Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, V. S Kanchana Bhaaskaran, editors

Call Number: TK7801

Basic electrical engineering

S.K. Sahdev

Call Number: TK7816

The hardware hacker : adventures in making and breaking hardware

Andrew "Bunnie" Huang

Call Number: TK7836

Principles of power integrity for PDN design--simplified : robust and cost effective design for high speed digital products

Larry D. Smith, Eric Bogatin

Call Number: TK7867.2

Introduction to logic circuits & logic design with Verilog

Brock J. LaMeres

Call Number: TK7868.L6

Power switching components : theory, applications and future trends

Kaveh Niayesh, Magne Runde

Call Number: TK7868.S9

Fundamentals of electronic systems design

Jens Lienig, Hans Bruemmer

Call Number: TK7870

RF and microwave microelectronics packaging II

Ken Kuang, Rick Sturdivant, editors

Call Number: TK7870.15

Metamaterial inspired electromagnetic applications : role of intelligent systems

Balamati Choudhury, editor

Call Number: TK7871.15.M48

Piezoresistive effect of p-type single crystalline 3C-SiC : silicon carbide mechanical sensors for harsh environments

Hoang-Phuong Phan

Call Number: TK7871.15.S56

Advanced interfacing techniques for sensors : measurement circuits and systems for intelligent sensors

Boby George, Joyanta Kumar Roy, V. Jagadeesh Kumar, Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay, editors

Call Number: TK7871.676

Magnetic resonance of semiconductors and their nanostructures : basic and advanced applications

Pavel G. Baranov [and 3 others]

Call Number: TK7871.85

Nanometer CMOS ICs : from basics to ASICs

Harry J. M. Veendrick

Call Number: TK7871.99.M44

CMOS and beyond : logic switches for terascale integrated circuits

Tsu-Jae King Liu, University of California, Berkeley ; Kelin Kuhn, Intel Corporation

Call Number: TK7871.99.M44 L63 2014eb

Polysaccharide based supercapacitors

Soon Yee Liew, Wim Thielemans, Stefan Freunberger, Stefan Spirk

Call Number: TK7872.C65

Design and control of matrix converters : regulated 3-phase power supply and voltage sag mitigation for linear loads

Anindya Dasgupta, Parthasarathi Sensarma

Call Number: TK7872.C8

Mobile sensors and context-aware computing

Manish J. Gajjar

Call Number: TK7872.D48

Advances in multi-band microstrip filters

edited by Vesna Crnojević-Bengin

Call Number: TK7872.F5

Study of electronic properties of 122 Iron Pnictide through structural, carrier-doping, and impurity-scattering effects [electronic resource]

Tatsuya Kobayashi

Call Number: TK7872.S8

Testing of interposer-based 2.5D integrated circuits

Ran Wang, Krishnendu Chakrabarty

Call Number: TK7874

Electronics for embedded systems

Ahmet Bindal

Call Number: TK7874

Linear integrated circuits

B. Visvesvara Rao

Call Number: TK7874.654

Proceedings of the International Conference on Nano-electronics, Circuits & Communication Systems

Vijay Nath, editor

Call Number: TK7874.84

Next generation spin torque memories

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Shivam Verma, Anant Aravind Kulkarni, Sanjay Prajapati

Call Number: TK7874.887

Efficient biometric indexing and retrieval techniques for large-scale systems [electronic resource]

Ilaiah Kavati, Munaga V.N.K. Prasad, Chakravarthy Bhagvati

Call Number: TK7882.B56

Data visualization with D3 4.x cookbook : discover over 65 recipes to help you create breathtaking data visualizations using the latest features of D3

Nick Zhu

Call Number: TK7882.I6

D3.js : cutting-edge data visualization : turn your raw data into real knowledge by creating and deploying complex data visualizations with D3.js

Ændrew Rininsland, Michael Heydt, Pablo Navarro Castillo

Call Number: TK7882.I6

Reproducible research in pattern recognition : first International Workshop, RRPR 2016, Cancún, Mexico, December 4, 2016, Revised selected papers

Bertrand Kerautret, Miguel Colom, Pascal Monasse (eds.)

Call Number: TK7882.P3

Speech coding : code-excited linear prediction

Tom Bäckström

Call Number: TK7882.S65

Quality of synthetic speech : perceptual dimensions, influencing factors, and instrumental assessment

Florian Hinterleitner

Call Number: TK7882.S65

Solid-state-drives (SSDs) modeling : simulation tools & strategies

Rino Micheloni, editor

Call Number: TK7895.M4

IBM Hyper-Scale Manager for IBM Spectrum Accelerate family : IBM XIV, IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R, and IBM Spectrum Accelerate

Roger Eriksson, Lisa Martinez, Bertrand Dufrasne, Markus Oscheka

Call Number: TK7895.M4

Ti-Sb-Te phase change materials : component optimisation, mechanism and applications

Min Zhu

Call Number: TK7895.M4

Robustness-related issues in speaker recognition

Thomas Fang Zheng, Lantian Li

Call Number: TK7895.S65

Nuclear power plants : innovative technologies for instrumentation and control systems : International Symposium on Software Reliability, Industrial Safety, Cyber Security and Physical Protection of Nuclear Power Plant

Yang Xu, editor

Call Number: TK9152

Design of CMOS analog integrated fractional-order circuits : applications in medicine and biology

Georgia Tsirimokou, Costas Psychalinos, Ahmed Elwakil

Call Number: TK9966