Electrical Engineering

December 2021

Electrical equipment : a field guide

Author: B. Koti Reddy

Call Number: TK2000

Harmonic modeling of voltage source converters using basic numerical methods

Author: Ryan Kuo-Lung Lian, Ramadhani Kurniawan Subroto, Victor Andrean, Bing Hao Lin

Call Number: TK2796

Materials for solar energy conversion : materials, methods and applications

Author: edited by R. Rajasekar, C. Moganapriya and A. Mohankumar

Call Number: TK2960

Modeling and optimization of interdependent energy infrastructures

Author: Wei Wei, Jianhui Wang

Call Number: TK3101 .M63 2020

Active electrical distribution network : a smart approach

Author: edited by Baseem Khan, Hawassa University, Hawasa, Ethiopia, Josep M. Guerrero, Aalborg University, Denmark, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Aalborg University, Denmark, Hassan Haes Alhelou, Tishreen University, Syria, Om Prakash Mahela, Power System Study Division, RVPN, Jaipur, India, Sudeep Tanwar, Nirma University, India

Call Number: TK3105

Smart grid telecommunications : fundamentals and technologies in the 5G era

Author: Alberto Sendin, Javier Matanza, Ramon Ferrús

Call Number: TK3105

Proceedings of Purple Mountain Forum 2019 : International Forum on Smart Grid Protection and Control.

Author: Yusheng Xue, Yuping Zheng, Saifur Rahman, editors

Call Number: TK3105 .P871 2020eb

Cyber-physical microgrids

Author: Yan Li

Call Number: TK3106

Real-time electromagnetic transient simulation of AC-DC networks

Author: Venkata Dinavahi, Ning Lin

Call Number: TK3226

Queuing theory and telecommunications : networks and applications

Author: Giovanni Giambene

Call Number: TK5102.5 .G53 2021

Mean field game and its applications in wireless networks

Author: Reginald A. Banez, Lixin Li, Chungang Yang, Zhu Han

Call Number: TK5102.83 .B36 2021

Progress in computer recognition systems

Author: Robert Burduk, Marek Kurzynski, Michał Wozniak, editors

Call Number: TK5102.9 .P76 2020

Wireless coexistence : standards, challenges, and intelligent solutions

Author: Daniel Chew, Andrew Adams, Jason Uher

Call Number: TK5103.2

Secure communication for 5G and IoT networks

Author: S. Velliangiri, M. Gunasekaran, P. Karthikeyan, editors

Call Number: TK5103.25 .S43 2022

Millimeter-wave networks : beamforming design and performance analysis

Author: Peng Yang, Wen Wu, Ning Zhang, Xuemin Shen

Call Number: TK5103.4835 .Y36 2021

Communication networks and service management in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Author: edited by Nur Zincir-Heywood, Marco Mellia, and Yixin Diao

Call Number: TK5105.5

Smart trends in computing and communications : proceedings of SmartCom 2021

Author: Yu-Dong Zhang, Tomonobu Senjyu, Chakchai So-In, Amit Joshi, editors

Call Number: TK5105.5 .I58 2021

Anomaly-detection and health-analysis techniques for core router systems

Author: Shi Jin, Zhaobo Zhang, Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Xinli Gu

Call Number: TK5105.543 .A56 2020eb

Game theory and machine learning for cyber security

Author: edited by Charles A. Kamhoua, Christopher D. Kiekintveld, Fei Fang, Quanyan Zhu

Call Number: TK5105.59 .G353 2021

Computer networks and the internet : a hands-on approach

Author: Gerry Howser

Call Number: TK5105.875.I57

Intelligent connectivity : AI, IoT, and 5G

Author: Abdulrahman Yarali

Call Number: TK5105.8857

Mobility Internet of Things 2018 : Mobility IoT

Author: edited by Dagmar Cagáňová, Natália Horňáková

Call Number: TK5105.8857

Data intensive industrial asset management : IoT-based algorithms and implementation

Author: Farhad Balali, Jessie Nouri, Adel Nasiri, Tian Zhao

Call Number: TK5105.8857 .B35 2020

The 2021 International Conference on Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics for IoT Security and Privacy : SPIoT-2021.

Author: John Macintyre, Jinghua Zhao, Xiaomeng Ma, editors

Call Number: TK5105.8857 .I58 2021

Intelligence of things : AI-IoT based critical-appllications and innovations

Author: Fadi Al-Turjman, Anand Nayyar, Ajantha Devi, Piyush Kumar Shukla, editors

Call Number: TK5105.8857 .I58 2021

Web and big data : 4th International Joint Conference, APWeb-WAIM 2020, Tianjin, China, September 18-20, 2020 : proceedings.

Author: Xin Wang, Rui Zhang, Young-Koo Lee, Le Sun, Yang-Sae Moon (eds.)

Call Number: TK5105.888 .A692 2019

Web and big data : 4th International Joint Conference, APWeb-WAIM 2020, Tianjin, China, September 18-20, 2020 : proceedings.

Author: Xin Wang, Rui Zhang, Young-Koo Lee, Le Sun, Yang-Sae Moon (eds.)

Call Number: TK5105.888 .A692 2019

RF and microwave circuit design : theory and applications

Author: Charles E. Free, Letchworth, UK, Colin S. Aitchison, UK

Call Number: TK6560 .F68 2022

Digital logic design using Verilog : coding and RTL synthesis

Author: Vaibbhav Taraate

Call Number: TK7868.L6 T37 2022

Spinel nanoferrites : synthesis, properties and applications

Author: Surender K. Sharma, editor

Call Number: TK7871.15.F4 S65 2021

Advanced antenna array engineering for 6G and beyond wireless communications

Author: Y. Jay Guo, Richard W Ziolkowski

Call Number: TK7871.6

Smart sensors and systems : technology advancement and application demonstrations

Author: Yongpan Liu, Youn-Long Lin, Chong-Min Kyung, Hiroto Yasuura

Call Number: TK7871.676 .L58 2020

From LED to solid state lighting : principles, materials, packaging, characterization, and applications

Author: Shi-Wei Ricky Lee, Jeffery C.C. Lo, Mian Tao, Huaiyu Ye

Call Number: TK7871.89.L53

Handbook of supercapacitor materials

Author: edited by Rajender Boddula, Anish Khan, Abdullah M. Asiri, Aleksandr Kolosov

Call Number: TK7872.C65

Pulsewidth modulated DC-to-DC power conversion : circuits, dynamics, control, and DC power distribution systems

Author: Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea

Call Number: TK7872.C8

Localization in underwater sensor networks

Author: Jing Yan, Haiyan Zhao, Yuan Meng, Xinping Guan

Call Number: TK7872.D48 Y36 2021

Smart wireless sensing : from IoT to AIoT

Author: Zheng Yang, Kun Qian, Chenshu Wu, Yi Zhang

Call Number: TK7872.D48 Y36 2021

Advances in terahertz technology and its applications

Author: Sudipta Das, N. Anveshkumar, Joydeep Dutta, Arindam Biswas, editors

Call Number: TK7877 .A38 2021

Fundamentals of pattern recognition and machine learning

Author: Ulisses Braga-Neto

Call Number: TK7882.P3 B73 2020

Hybrid perovskite solar cells : characteristics and operation

Author: edited by Hiroyuki Fujiwara

Call Number: TK8322

Nuclear micro reactors

Author: Bahman Zohuri

Call Number: TK9202 .Z64 2020eb