September 2018

The black social economy in the Americas : exploring diverse community-based markets

Author: Caroline Shenaz Hossein, editor

Call Number: E29.N3 B53 2018

Native cultural competency in mainstream schooling : outsider" teachers with insider knowledge

Author: Sharon Vegh Williams, Joni M. Cole

Call Number: E97 .W565 2018

Race, justice and American intellectual traditions

Author: Stuart Rosenbaum

Call Number: E169.1 .R77545 2018

Religion and the American presidency

Author: Mark J. Rozell, Gleaves Whitney, editors

Call Number: E176.1 .R37 2018

Enemies of the state : the radical right in America from FDR to Trump

Author: D.J. Mulloy

Call Number: E183 .M878 2018

US foreign policy in a challenging world : building order on shifting foundations

Author: Marco Clementi, Matteo Dian, Barbara Pisciotta, editors

Call Number: E183.7

Jefferson on display : attire, etiquette, and the art of presentation

Author: G.S. Wilson

Call Number: E332.2 .W576 2018

Henry Clay : the man who would be president

Author: James C. Klotter

Call Number: E340.C6 K57 2018

Eunice : the Kennedy who changed the world

Author: Eileen McNamara

Call Number: E843.S56 M35 2018

The contest : the 1968 election and the war for America's soul

Author: Michael Schumacher

Call Number: E851 .S38 2018

North Carolina : change and tradition in a Southern state

Author: William A. Link, Richard J. Milbauer Professor of History, University of Florida, Gainsville, FL, USA

Call Number: F254 .L56 2018

Redeeming La Raza : transborder modernity, race, respectability, and rights

Author: Gabriela González

Call Number: F395.M5 G665 2018

Sustainable Conservation and Urban Regeneration : the Luxor Example

Author: Maria Grazia Folli, editor

Call Number: CC76

Ground-penetrating radar and magnetometry for buried landscape analysis

Author: Lawrence B. Conyers

Call Number: CC76.3

Reconstructing archaeological sites : understanding the geoarchaeological matrix

Author: Panagiotis (Takis) Karkanas, Paul Goldberg

Call Number: CC77.5

Digital geoarchaeology : new techniques for interdisciplinary human-environmental research

Author: Christoph Siart, Markus Forbriger, Olaf Bubenzer, editors

Call Number: CC77.5

Zooarchaeology in practice : case studies in methodology and interpretation in archaeofaunal analysis

Author: Christina M. Giovas, Michelle J. Lefebvre, editors

Call Number: CC79.5.A5 Z658 2018

Sociopolitics of migrant death and repatriation : perspectives from forensic science

Author: Krista E. Latham, Alyson J. O'Daniel, editors

Call Number: CC79.5.H85

Engaging archaeology : 25 case studies in research practice

Author: edited by Stephen W. Silliman

Call Number: CC83

Shared knowledge, shared power : engaging local and indigenous heritage

Author: Veysel Apaydin, editor

Call Number: CC135

Advances in digital cultural heritage : International Workshop, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, June 28, 2017, Revised selected papers

Author: Marinos Ioannides, João Martins, Roko Žarnić, Veranika Lim (eds.)

Call Number: CC135

Contemporary American memoirs in action : how to do things with memoir

Author: Jane Danielewicz

Call Number: CT25 .D36 2018eb

Fame and fortune : Sir John Hill and London ife in the 1750s

Author: Clare Brant, George Rousseau, editors

Call Number: CT788.H54

Edmund Burke as historian : war, order and civilisation

Author: Sora Sato

Call Number: D14.B87

The Wiley international handbook of history teaching and learning

Author: edited by Scott Alan Metzger, Penn State University ; Lauren McArthur Harris, Arizona State University

Call Number: D16.2 .W49 2018

A genealogical history of society

Author: Miguel A. Cabrera

Call Number: D16.8

Hypotheses and Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science : Homage to Alexandre Koyré 1892-1964

Author: Raffaele Pisano, Joseph Agassi, Daria Drozdova, editors

Call Number: D16.8

Internationalism, imperialism and the formation of the contemporary world : the pasts of the present

Author: Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, José Pedro Monteiro, editors

Call Number: D31

Queens matter in early modern studies

Author: Anna Riehl Bertolet, editor

Call Number: D107.3

European overseas empire, 1879-1999 : a short history

Author: Matthew G. Stanard

Call Number: D397 .S656 2018

The Palgrave handbook of state-sponsored history after 1945

Author: Berber Bevernage, Nico Wouters, editors

Call Number: D413.5 .P35 2018

Personal narratives, peripheral theatres : essays on the Great War (1914-18)

Author: Anthony Barker, Maria Eugénia Pereira, Maria Teresa Cortez, Paulo Alexandre Pereira, Otília Martins, editors

Call Number: D509

The academic world in the era of the Great War

Author: edited by Marie-Eve Chagnon and Tomás Irish

Call Number: D639.E2 A23 2018

Men, masculinities and male culture in the Second World War

Author: Linsey Robb, Juliette Pattinson, editors

Call Number: D652

Captured eagles : secrets of the Luftwaffe

Author: Frederick A. Johnsen

Call Number: D787 .J64 2014

Political mistakes and policy failures in international relations

Author: Andreas Kruck, Kai Oppermann, Alexander Spencer, editors

Call Number: D863.3 .P65 2018

Grand Strategies of Weak States and Great Powers

Author: Hanna Samir Kassab

Call Number: D887

Western Europe

Call Number: D901 .W47

Traitors, collaborators and deserters in contemporary European politics of memory : formulas of betrayal

Author: Gelinada Grinchenko, Eleonora Narvselius, editors

Call Number: D1053 .T73 2018eb

Memory and securitization in contemporary Europe

Author: Vlad Strukov, Victor Apryshchenko, editors

Call Number: D2003 .M43 2018

The language question under Napoleon

Author: Stewart McCain

Call Number: DC202 .M37 2018

Napoleon's hundred days and the politics of legitimacy

Author: Katherine Astbury, Mark Philp, editors

Call Number: DC238

Charles De Gaulle and the media : leadership, TV and the birth of the Fifth Republic

Author: Riccardo Brizzi ; translated by Jon Kear

Call Number: DC420 .B75813 2018

The 2017 French presidential elections : a political reformation?

Author: Jocelyn Evans, Gilles Ivaldi

Call Number: DC434

The middle paleolithic site of Pech de l'Azé IV

Author: Harold L. Dibble, Shannon J.P. McPherron, Paul Goldberg, Dennis M. Sandgathe, editors

Call Number: DC611.D7

The return of Alsace to France, 1918-1939

Author: Alison Carrol

Call Number: DC650.5 .C36 2018

Paris and the cliché of history : the city and photographs, 1860-1970

Author: Catherine E. Clark

Call Number: DC733 .C49 2018

The Greco-German affair in the Euro crisis : mutual recognition lost?

Author: Claudia Sternberg, Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni, Kalypso Nicolaïdis

Call Number: DD120.G9

Transnational encounters between Germany and Korea : affinity in culture and politics since the 1880s

Author: edited by Joanne Miyang Cho and Lee M. Roberts

Call Number: DD120.K6

A companion to Nazi Germany

Author: edited by Shelley Baranowski, Armin Nolzen, Claus-Christian W. Szejnmann

Call Number: DD256.5

Italy in the international system from Détente to the end of the Cold War : the underrated ally

Author: Antonio Varsori; Benedetto Zaccaria, Editors

Call Number: DG576.8

The annexation of Eupen-Malmedy : becoming Belgian, 1919-1929

Author: Vincent O'Connell

Call Number: DH801.E8 O26 2018

Russia's turn to the East : domestic policymaking and regional cooperation

Author: Helge Blakkisrud, Elana Wilson Rowe, editors

Call Number: DK510.764 .R887 2018

The white redoubt, the great powers and the struggle for southern Africa, 1960-1980

Author: Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses, Robert McNamara

Call Number: DP557.S6

Turkish cultural policies in a global world

Author: Muriel Girard, Jean-François Polo, Clémence Scalbert-Yücel, editors

Call Number: DR432

To kill a sultan : a transnational history of the attempt on Abdülhamid II (1905)

Author: Houssine Alloul, Edhem Eldem, Henk de Smaele, editors

Call Number: DR568.8.A23

Diaspora of the city : stories of cosmopolitanism from Istanbul and Athens

Author: Ilay Romain Örs

Call Number: DR728 O77 2018

Democratisation and institutional reform in Albania

Author: by Elvin Gjevori

Call Number: DR978.3

Inter-regional relations and the Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM)

Author: Bart Gaens, Gauri Khandekar, editors

Call Number: DS33.4.E85

The Middle and Upper Paleolithic archeology of the Levant and beyond

Author: Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Takeru Akazawa, editors

Call Number: DS56

The Dialectics of Orientalism in Early Modern Europe

Author: Marcus Keller, Javier Irigoyen-García, editors

Call Number: DS61.85 .D53 2018

The destruction of cultural property as a weapon of war : ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Author: Helga Turku

Call Number: DS79.767.C85 T87 2018

Precarious imaginaries of Beirut : a city's suspended now

Author: Judith Naeff

Call Number: DS89.B4

Post-conflict power-sharing agreements : options for Syria

Author: Imad Salamey, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Elie Abouaoun, editors

Call Number: DS98.6 .P67 2018

The myth of the medieval Jewish moneylender : Volume II

Author: by Julie L. Mell

Call Number: DS135.E81 M45 2018

Connectivity in motion : Island Hubs in the Indian Ocean World

Author: Burkhard Schnepel, Edward A. Alpers, editors

Call Number: DS336

Partition and the practice of memory

Author: Churnjeet Mahn, Anne Murphy, editors

Call Number: DS480.842

Politics of gross national happiness : governance and development in Bhutan

Author: Kent Schroeder

Call Number: DS492 .S37 2018

East and Southeast Asia

Call Number: DS502 .H53

The future of East Asia

Author: edited by Peter Hayes and Chung-In Moon

Call Number: DS504.5

The politics of securitization in democratic Indonesia

Author: Yandry Kurniawan

Call Number: DS644.5 .I533 2018

East Timor's independence, Indonesia and ASEAN

Author: Jean A. Berlie, editor

Call Number: DS649.7

China : a historical geography of the urban

Author: Yannan Ding, Maurizio Marinelli, Xiaohong Zhang, editors

Call Number: DS706.5

Managing expatriates in China : a language and identity perspective

Author: Ling Eleanor Zhang, Anne-Wil Harzing, Shea Zuejiao Fan

Call Number: DS730

The Uyghur community : diaspora, identity and geopolitics

Author: Güljanat Kurmangaliyeva Ercilasun, Konuralp Ercilasun, editors

Call Number: DS731.U4 U94 2017

Culture, cognition, and emotion in China's religious ethnic minorities : voices of suffering among the Yi

Author: Rachel Sing-Kiat Ting, Louise Sundararajan

Call Number: DS731.Y5

An historical sketch of Chinese historiography

Author: Huaiqi Wu

Call Number: DS734.7

Korea-China relations in history and contemporary implications

Author: Robert Kong Chan

Call Number: DS740.5.K6

International relations and Asia's northern tier : Sino-Russia relations, North Korea, and Mongolia

Author: Gilbert Rozman, Sergey Radchenko, editors

Call Number: DS740.5.R8

Hong Kong 20 years after the handover : emerging social and institutional fractures after 1997

Author: edited by Brian C.H. Fong, Tai-Lok Lui

Call Number: DS796.H757HON

The evolution and preservation of the old city of Lhasa

Author: Qing Li

Call Number: DS797.82.L537

Japan's foreign policy making : central government reforms, decision-making processes, and diplomacy

Author: Karol Zakowski, Beata Bochorodycz, Marcin Socha

Call Number: DS891.2

The political economy of xenophobia in Africa

Author: Adeoye O. Akinola, editor

Call Number: DT15

The Palgrave handbook of African colonial and postcolonial history

Author: Martin S. Shanguhyia, Toyin Falola, editors

Call Number: DT20 .P35 2018

Africa now! : emerging issues and alternative perspectives

Author: Adebusuyi Adeniran, Lanre Ikuteyijo, editors

Call Number: DT30.5

Recentering Africa in international relations : beyond lack, peripherality, and failure

Author: Marta Iñiguez de Heredia, Zubairu Wai, editors

Call Number: DT30.5

Contemporary issues in African society : historical analysis and perspective

Author: George Klay Kieh, Jr., editor

Call Number: DT30.5 .C667 2018

Africa and the world : bilateral and multilateral international diplomacy

Author: Dawn Nagar, Charles Mutasa, editors

Call Number: DT31 .A4354 2018

China and African : building peace and security cooperation on the continent

Author: edited by Chris Alden, Abiodun Alao, Chun Zhang & Laura Barber

Call Number: DT38.9.C5

Ancient Egyptian imperialism

Author: by Ellen Morris

Call Number: DT83

Egypt in crisis : the fall of Islamism and prospects of democratization

Author: Alaa Al-Din Arafat

Call Number: DT107.88

Political power and tribalism in Kenya

Author: Westen K. Shilaho

Call Number: DT433.562

Conceiving Mozambique

Author: John A. Marcum, author ; Edmund Burke III, Michael W. Clough, editors

Call Number: DT3387

Rethinking Roma : identities, politicisation and new agendas

Author: Ian Law, Martin Kovats

Call Number: DX115