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Items Acquired in January 2018 for the University Libraries

Pan-tribal activism in the Pacific Northwest : the power of indigenous protest and the birth of Daybreak Star Cultural Center

Vera Parham

Call Number: E78.N77 P37 2017


Call Number: E78.Y8 N33 2017

Sovereign stories and blood memories : Native American women's autobiography

Annette Angela Portillo

Call Number: E89.5 .P67 2017

Truth and indignation : Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian residential schools

Ronald Niezen

Call Number: E96.5 .N54 2017

Ojibwe stories from the Upper Berens River : A. Irving Hallowell and Adam Bigmouth in conversation

edited and with an introduction by Jennifer S.H. Brown

Call Number: E99.C6 B54 2018

Mimbres life and society : the Mattocks Site of southwestern New Mexico

Patricia A. Gilman and Steven A. LeBlanc

Call Number: E99.M76 G55 2017

Exceptional America : what divides Americans from the world and from each other

Mugambi Jouet

Call Number: E169.12 .J68 2017eb

Roads not take : an intellectual biography of William C. Bullitt

Alexander Etkind

Call Number: E183.7 .E85 2017

The US vs China : Asia's new Cold War?

Jude Woodward

Call Number: E183.8.C5 W66 2017

Race and ethnicity in America

John Iceland

Call Number: E184.A1 I124 2017

Flashpoints for Asian American studies

Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, editor ; afterword by Viet Thanh Nguyen

Call Number: E184.A75 F55 2018

Toward a Chican hip hop anticolonialism

Pancho McFarland

Call Number: E184.M5 M24 2018

Beyond expectations : second-generation Nigerians in the United States and Britain

Onoso Imoagene

Call Number: E184.N55 I46 2017

Making black history : the color line, culture, and race in the age of Jim Crow

Jeffrey Aaron Snyder

Call Number: E185.61 .S658 2018

The legend of the Black mecca : politics and class in the making of modern Atlanta

Maurice J. Hobson

Call Number: E185.615 .H53 2017

Strategies for success among African-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans : overachieve, be cheerful, or confront

Chrystal Y. Grey and Thomas Janoski

Call Number: E185.86 .G755 2017

Bury my heart in a free land : Black women intellectuals in modern U.S. history

Hettie V. Williams, editor

Call Number: E185.89.I56 B87 2018

Sentiments of a British-American woman : Esther DeBerdt Reed and the American Revolution

Owen S. Ireland

Call Number: E302.6.R29 I74 2017

Bound to the fire : how Virginia's enslaved cooks helped invent American cuisine

Kelley Fanto Deetz

Call Number: E445.V8 D44 2017

I remain yours : common lives in Civil War letters

Christopher Hager

Call Number: E468 .H22 2018

Bloody engagements : John R. Kelso's Civil War

John R. Kelso ; edited by Christopher Grasso

Call Number: E470

Turning points of the American Civil War

edited by Chris Mackowski and Kristopher D. White ; foreword by Thomas A. Desjardin

Call Number: E470 .T87 2017

Phantoms of the South Fork : Captain McNeill and his Rangers

Steve French

Call Number: E581.6.M36 F74 2017

This grand experiment : when women entered the federal workforce in Civil War-era Washington, D.C.

Jessica Ziparo

Call Number: E628 .Z58 2017

In the wake of war : military occupation, emancipation, and Civil War America

Andrew F. Lang

Call Number: E668 .L269 2018

Theodore Roosevelt's ghost : the history and memory of an American icon

Michael Patrick Cullinane

Call Number: E757.2 .C85 2017

The last 100 days : FDR at war and at peace

David B. Woolner

Call Number: E807 .W69 2017

Eisenhower : becoming the leader of the free world

Louis Galambos

Call Number: E836 .G35 2018

Collusion : secret meetings, dirty money, and how Russia helped Donald Trump win

Luke Harding

Call Number: E901.1.T78 H37 2017

The public in peril : Trump and the menace of American authoritarianism

Henry A. Giroux

Call Number: E912 .G57 2018

Do you need money for college? the guide to Federal student aid

Call Number: ED 1.2/15:AI 2/

Federal Student Aid: Financial Aid for Graduate or Professional Students, Printed: September 2017 Braille: November 2017

Call Number: ED 1.2/15:F 49

My future, my way, first steps toward college

U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid

Call Number: ED 1.2/15:F 98/

Federal student loans basics for students

Federal Student Aid

Call Number: ED 1.2/15:L 78/2/

FAFSA on the Web worksheet

Call Number: ED 1.2/15:W 38/


Call Number: F232.M7 T47 2017

Haines Dayton city & suburban criss-cross directory

Call Number: F499.D2 H3

AHA guide to the health care field

Call Number: F499.D2 H3

The Ohio : the historic river in vintage postcard art, 1900-1960

John A. Jakle, Dannel McCollum

Call Number: F516 .J35 2017

The paradox of preservation : wilderness and working landscapes at Point Reyes National Seashore

Laura Alice Watt ; foreword by David Lowenthal

Call Number: F868.P9

La nueva California : Latinos from pioneers to post-millennials

David E. Hayes-Bautista

Call Number: F870.S75 H385 2017

The Campbell revolution? : power, politics, and policy in British Columbia

edited by J.R. Lacharite and Tracy Summerville

Call Number: F1088 .C36 2017

Studying Arctic fields : cultures, practices, and environmental sciences

Richard C. Powell

Call Number: F1090.5@Q180.C2 P69 2017

Constructing power and place in Mesoamerica : pre-Hispanic paintings from three regions

edited by Merideth Paxton and Leticia Staines Cicero

Call Number: F1219.3.P25 C66 2017

The Mexican heartland : how communities shaped capitalism, a nation, and world history, 1500-2000

John Tutino

Call Number: F1226 .T88 2018

The other California : land, identity and politics on the Mexican borderlands

Verónica Castillo-Muñoz

Call Number: F1246 .C195 2016

Kuxlejal politics : indigenous autonomy, race, and decolonizing research in Zapatista communities

Mariana Mora

Call Number: F1256 .M718 2017

Before mestizaje : the frontiers of race and caste in colonial Mexico

Ben Vinson III

Call Number: F1392.A1 V46 2018

The Mexican Mahjar : transnational Maronites, Jews, and Arabs under the French Mandate

Camila Pastor

Call Number: F1392.A7 P37 2017

Latin America : the allure and power of an idea

Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo

Call Number: F1408 .T29 2017eb

New approaches to Latin American studies : culture and power

edited by Juan Poblete

Call Number: F1409.9 .N49 2018

When worlds collide

a co-production of Red Hill Productions & KCET ; written by Ruben Martinez & Carl Byker ; directed and produced by Carl Byker

Call Number: F1410 .W44 2010

Latin America since the left turn

edited by Tulia G. Falleti and Emilio A. Parrado

Call Number: F1414.3 .L38 2017


Call Number: F1418 .M3727 2018

Before Kukulkán : bioarchaeology of Maya life, death, and identity at classic period Yaxuná

Vera Tiesler, Andrea Cucina, Travis W. Stanton, and David A. Freidel ; foreword by Traci Ardren

Call Number: F1435.1.Y89 T57 2017

Philosophy of the ancient Maya : lords of time

Alexus McLeod

Call Number: F1435.3.P5 M43 2017

Corpus of Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions

Ian Graham

Call Number: F1435.3.P6 G72 1975

Cuba on the verge : 12 writers on continuity and change in Havana and across the country

edited by Leila Guerriero

Call Number: F1788.2 .C834 2017

At the mountains' altar : anthropology of religion in an Andean community

Frank Salomon

Call Number: F2230.2.K4 S26 2018

The politics of Blackness : racial identity and political behavior in contemporary Brazil

Gladys L. Mitchell-Walthour

Call Number: F2659.N4 M58 2017

Race and the Brazilian body : blackness, whiteness, and everyday language in Rio de Janeiro

Jennifer Roth-Gordon

Call Number: F2659.N4 R68 2017eb

To belong in Buenos Aires : Germans, Argentines, and the rise of a pluralist society

Benjamin Bryce

Call Number: F3001.9.G3 B79 2018

The wars inside Chile's barracks : remembering military service under Pinochet

Leith Passmore

Call Number: F3100 .P375 2017

Neoliberal reform in Machu Picchu : protecting a community, heritage site, and tourism destination in Peru

Pellegrino A. Luciano

Call Number: F3429.1.M3 L83 2018

Studying Arctic fields : cultures, practices, and environmental sciences

Richard C. Powell

Call Number: F1090.5@Q180.C2 P69 2017

A history of the future : prophets of progress from H.G. Wells to Isaac Asimov

Peter J. Bowler, Queen's University Belfast

Call Number: CB158 .B69 2017

The European heritage : a critical re-interpretation

Gerard Delanty

Call Number: CB203 .D37 2018

Oceanic histories

edited by David Armitage, Alison Bashford, Sujit Sivasundaram

Call Number: CB465 .O25 2018

Heritage and archaeology in the DigitalAge : acquisition, curation, and dissemination of spatial cultural heritage data [electronic resource]

Matthew L. Vincent, Víctor Manuel López-Menchero Bendicho, Marinos Ioannides, Thomas E. Levy, editors

Call Number: CC135

Supplementum epigraphicum graecum

Call Number: CN360 .S95

Genealogy for dummies

Matthew L. Helm, April Leigh Helm

Call Number: CS16

Chase's ... calendar of events

Call Number: D11.5 .C48

History after Hobsbawm : writing the past for the twenty-first century

edited by John H. Arnold, Matthew Hilton, and Jan Rüger

Call Number: D16

Nature and culture in the early modern Atlantic

Peter C. Mancall

Call Number: D210 .M29 2018

Cultivating commerce : cultures of botany in Britain and France, 1760-1815

Sarah Easterby-Smith (University of St Andrews, Scotland)

Call Number: D250

Europe from war to war, 1914-1945

Alice-Catherine Carls and Stephen D. Carls

Call Number: D424 .C29 2018

Disintegrative tendencies in global political economy : exits and conflicts

Heikki Patomäki

Call Number: D445 .P37 2018

1917 : Lenin, Wilson, and the birth of the new world disorder

Arthur Herman

Call Number: D523 .H3478 2017

Ottoman women during World War I : everyday experiences, politics, and conflict

Elif Mahir Metinsoy, Galatasaray University

Call Number: D524.7.T8 M47 2017


Call Number: D652

Our Germans : Project Paperclip and the national security state

Brian E. Crim

Call Number: D810.S2 C784 2018

Nazi-looted art and the law : the American cases [electronic resource]

Bruce L. Hay

Call Number: D818


Call Number: D843 .L8413 2018

Rising powers and foreign policy revisionism : understanding BRICS identity and behavior through time

Cameron G Thies and Mark David Nieman

Call Number: D887 .T43 2018

Royal responsibility in Anglo-Norman historical writing

Emily A. Winkler

Call Number: D900

History as a kind of writing : textual strategies in contemporary French historiography

Philippe Carrard

Call Number: DC36.9 .C37913 2017

France's long reconstruction : in search of the modern republic

Herrick Chapman

Call Number: DC404 .C464 2018

In the children's best interests : unaccompanied children in American-occupied Germany, 1945-1952

Lynne Taylor

Call Number: DD257.2 .T39 2017

Colonization and subalternity in Classical Greece : experience of the nonelite population

Gabriel Zuchtriegel

Call Number: DF78 .Z83 2018

A companion to Sparta

edited by Anton Powell

Call Number: DF261.S8

The Landmark Julius Caesar : the complete works : Gallic War, Civil War, Alexandrian War, African War, and Spanish War : in one volume, with maps, annotations, appendices, and encyclopedic index

edited and translated by Kurt A. Raaflaub ; series editor, Robert B. Strassler

Call Number: DG261 .L36 2017

The Cambridge companion to the age of Nero

edited by Shadi Bartsch, University of Chicago, Illinois, Kirk Freudenburg, Yale University, Connecticut, Cedric Littlewood, University of Victoria, British Columbia

Call Number: DG285 .C35 2017

Mussolini's nation-empire : sovereignty and settlement in Italy's borderlands,1922-1943

Roberta Pergher

Call Number: DG571 .P4575 2018

Overtaken by the night : one Russian's journey through peace, war, revolution, & terror

Richard G. Robbins, Jr

Call Number: DK254.D96 R63 2017

Illness and inhumanity in Stalin's Gulag

Golfo Alexopoulos

Call Number: DK268.S8

Nation-building and personality cult in Turkmenistan : the Türkmenbasy phenomenon

Fabio De Leonardis

Call Number: DK938.8657 .D45 2018

The rise and fall of Khoqand, 1709-1876 : Central Asia in the global age

Scott C. Levi

Call Number: DK948.82 .L48 2017

Producing history in Spanish Civil War exhumations : from the archive to the grave

Zahira Aragüete-Toribio

Call Number: DP257

Memory battles of the Spanish Civil War : history, fiction, photography

Sebastiaan Faber

Call Number: DP269.A56 F333 2018

Caliphate redefined : the mystical turn in Ottoman political thought

Hüseyin Yılmaz

Call Number: DR473 .Y55 2018

The Mongols & the Islamic world : from conquest to conversion

Peter Jackson

Call Number: DS19

The merchant's tale : Yokohama and the transformation of Japan

Simon Partner

Call Number: DS31-35.2

Sea of the caliphs : the Mediterranean in the medieval Islamic world

Christophe Picard ; translated by Nicholas Elliott

Call Number: DS37.8 .P52813 2018

Middle East studies for the new millennium : infrastructures of knowledge

edited by Seteney Shami and Cynthia Miller-Idriss

Call Number: DS61.9.U6

In search of the Phoenicians

Josephine Crawley Quinn

Call Number: DS81 .Q56 2018


Call Number: DS109.95 .C66 2018

The limits of the land : how the struggle for the West Bank shaped the Arab-Israeli conflict

Avshalom Rubin

Call Number: DS110.W47 R835 2017

The Arab-Israeli conflict, 1956-1975 : from violent conflict to a peace process

Moshe Gat

Call Number: DS119.7 .G375 2018

The Balfour declaration : empire, the mandate and resistance in Palestine

Bernard Regan

Call Number: DS125.5 .R42 2017

The road to September 1939 : Polish Jews, Zionists, and the Yishuv on the eve of World War II

Jehuda Reinharz and Yaacov Shavit ; translated by Michal Sapir

Call Number: DS134.55 .S4313 2018

The Iași pogrom, June-July 1941 : a photo documentary from the Holocaust in Romania

Radu Ioanid ; foreword by Elie Wiesel ; introduction by Alexandru Florian

Call Number: DS135.R72 I276613 2017


Call Number: DS135.S7 O45 2017

Persian interventions : the Achaemenid Empire, Athens, and Sparta, 450-386 BCE

John O. Hyland

Call Number: DS281 .H95 2018

Modern South Asia : history, culture, political economy

Sugata Bose and Ayesha Jalal

Call Number: DS340 .B66 2018

The Indonesian way : ASEAN, Europeanization, and foreign policy debates in a new democracy

Jürgen Rüland

Call Number: DS525.9.I5 R85 2018

The ethno-narcotic politics of the Shan people : fighting with drugs, fighting for the nation on the Thai-Burmese border

Thitiwut Boonyawongwiwat

Call Number: DS528.2.S5 T46 2017

American imperial pastoral : the architecture of US colonialism in the Philippines

Rebecca Tinio McKenna

Call Number: DS689.B2 M35 2017eb

China : a history in objects

Jessica Harrison-Hall

Call Number: DS706 .H373 2017

Poverty and exclusion of minorities in China and India

A.S. Bhalla, Dan Luo

Call Number: DS731.M87 B43 2017eb

Forming the early Chinese court : rituals, spaces, roles

Luke Habberstad

Call Number: DS747.42 .H34 2017

The origins of the Chinese nation : Song China and the forging of an East Asian world order

Nicolas Tackett, University of California, Berkeley

Call Number: DS751.3 .T33 2017

The China questions : critical insights into a rising power

edited by Jennifer Rudolph, Michael Szonyi

Call Number: DS779.4 .C463 2018

Changing security policies in postwar Japan : the political biography of Japanese Defense Minister Sakata Michita

by Sase Masamori ; translated and edited by Robert D. Eldridge with Graham B. Leonard

Call Number: DS889 .S2865 2018

African dominion : a new history of empire in early and medieval West Africa

Michael A. Gomez

Call Number: DT476 .G66 2018

Neoliberal apartheid : PalestineIsrael and South Africa after 1994

Andy Clarno

Call Number: DT1756 .C55 2017eb

Historian : an autobiography

Hermann Giliomee

Call Number: DT1778.G55 A3 2017

Cradock : how segregation and apartheid came to a South African town

Jeffrey Butler ; edited by Richard Elphick and Jeannette Hopkins

Call Number: DT2060 .B88 2017