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Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

The bioarchaeology of social control : assessing conflict and cooperation in pre-contact Puebloan society

Ryan P. Harrod

Call Number: E99.P9 H33 2017

The American exception. Volume 1

Frank J. Lechner

Call Number: E169.1

The American exception. Volume 2

Frank J. Lechner

Call Number: E169.1 .L43 2017

China's challenge to US supremacy : economic superpower versus rising star

John G. Glenn

Call Number: E183.8.C7

A new chapter in US-Cuba relations : social, political, and economic implications

edited by Eric Hershberg and William M. LeoGrande

Call Number: E183.8.C9 N49 2016

New Eastern European immigrants in the United States

Nina Michalikova

Call Number: E184.E17

The internet and formations of Iranian American-ness : next generation diaspora

Donya Alinejad

Call Number: E184.I5 A45 2017

American Jewish year book 2016 : the annual record of North American Jewish communities

Arnold Dashefsky, Ira M. Sheskin, editors

Call Number: E184.J5

Religious experience among second generation Korean Americans

Mark Chung Hearn

Call Number: E184.K6 H43 2016

Corner-store dreams and the 2008 financial crisis : a true story about risk, entrepreneurship, immigration, and Latino-Anglo friendship

Peter Wogan

Call Number: E184.M5 W64 2017

African American contributions to the Americas' cultures : a critical edition of lectures by Alain Locke

Jacoby Adeshei Carter

Call Number: E185.86 .C37 2016eb

Angry abolitionists and the rhetoric of slavery : moral emotions in social movements

Benjamin Lamb-Books

Call Number: E449 .L36 2016e

Miscellaneous abstracts from pre-Civil War Cheraw, South Carolina newspapers

[James C. Pigg]

Call Number: F279.C495 P54 1996

Whites recall the civil rights movement in Birmingham : we didn't know it was history until after it happened

Sandra K. Gill

Call Number: F334.B657 G55 2017

South side girls : growing up in the great migration

Marcia Chatelain

Call Number: F548.9.N4 C438 2015

Yaqui indigeneity : epistemology, diaspora, and the construction of Yoeme identity

Ariel Zatarain Tumbaga

Call Number: F1221.Y3 T86 2018

Memory, subjectivities, and representation : approaches to oral history in Latin America, Portugal, and Spain

edited by Rina Benmayor, María Eugenia Cardenal de la Nuez, and Pilar Domínguez Prats

Call Number: F1409.7 .M467 2016

Latin America in the era of the Cuban Revolution and beyond

Thomas C. Wright

Call Number: F1414.2 .W75 2018

Foreign policy responses to the rise of Brazil : balancing power in emerging states [electronic resource]

Gian Luca Gardini, Professor of International Relations, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), Germany, Maria Hermínia Tavares de Almeida, Senior Researcher, Centro Brasileiro de Anglise e Planejamento

Call Number: F2232.2.B6

Archaeological and paleontological research in Lagoa Santa : the quest for the first Americans

Pedro Da-Gloria, Walter A. Neves, Mark Hubbe, editors

Call Number: F2519.1.L3 A73 2017eb

On Norbert Elias : becoming a human scientist

Hermann Korte ; edited by Stefanie Ernst ; translated by Stefanie Affeld

Call Number: CB18.E44

Charles Taylor, Michael Polanyi and the critique of modernity : pluralist and emergentist directions

Charles W. Lowney II, editor

Call Number: CB358

The bioarchaeology of socio-sexual lives : queering common sense about sex, gender, and sexuality

Pamela L. Geller

Call Number: CC72.4 .G39 2017

New developments in the bioarchaeology of care : further case studies and expanded theory

Lorna Tilley, Alecia A. Schrenk, editors

Call Number: CC72.4 .N49 2017

Urban archaeology, municipal government and local planning : preserving heritage within the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States

Sherene Baugher, Douglas R. Appler, William Moss, editors

Call Number: CC77.U72 U73 2017e

The bioarchaeology of dissection and autopsy in the United States

Kenneth C. Nystrom, editor

Call Number: CC79.5.H85 B54 2017eb

Bioarchaeology of impairment and disability : theoretical, ethnohistorical, and methodological perspectives

Jennifer F. Byrnes, Jennifer L. Muller, editors

Call Number: CC79.5.H85 B563 2017eb

Social perspectives on ancient lives from paleoethnobotanical data

Matthew P. Sayre, Maria C. Bruno, editors

Call Number: CC79.5.P5 S63 2017e

Archaeology of the Communist era : a political history of archaeology of the 20th century

Ludomir R. Lozny, editor

Call Number: CC101.S65

Going beyond : perceptions of sustainability in heritage studies no. 2

Marie-Theres Albert, Francesco Bandarin, Ana Pereira Roders, editors

Call Number: CC135

Cultural heritage in a changing world

Karol Jan Borowiecki, Neil Forbes, Antonella Fresa, editors

Call Number: CC135 .C85 2016

The memory phenomenon in contemporary historical writing : how the interest in memory has influenced our understanding of history

Patrick H. Hutton

Call Number: D13 .H876 2016

Social media and European politics : rethinking power and legitimacy in the digital era

Mauro Barisione, Asimina Michailidou, editors

Call Number: D32

Cosmopolitan outsiders : imperial inclusion, national exclusion, and the Pan-European idea, 1900-1930 [electronic resource]

Katherine Sorrels

Call Number: D445 .S67 2016

The Holocaust and compensated compliance in Italy : Fossoli di Carpi, 1942-1952

Alexis Herr

Call Number: D805.5.F67 H47 2016eb

Muslim community organizations in the West : history, developments and future perspectives

Mario Peucker, Rauf Ceylan, eds

Call Number: D1056.2.M87

Europeanization in a global context : integrating Turkey into the world polity

Didem Buhari Gulmez

Call Number: D1065.T8 B93 2017

The West and the global power shift : transatlantic relations and global governance

Riccardo Alcaro, John Peterson, Ettore Greco, editors

Call Number: D2025.5.U64 W47 2016

Citizenship and the political integration of muslims : the relational field of French Islam

Manlio Cinalli

Call Number: DC34.5.M87 C56 2017

Nazi Germany and Southern Europe, 1933-45 : science, culture and politics

edited by Fernando Clara, Cláudia Ninhos

Call Number: DD256.8 .N39 2016eb

East German intellectuals and the unification of Germany : an ethnographic view

Dan Bednarz

Call Number: DD257.25 .B35 2017

Antonio de Viti de Marco : a story worth remembering

[edited by] Manuela Mosca

Call Number: DG556.D48 M67 2016eb

Norman kings of Sicily and the rise of the anti-Islamic critique : baptized sultans

Joshua C. Birk

Call Number: DG866.3

Reinterpreting the Dutch Forty Years War, 1672-1713

David Onnekink

Call Number: DJ156 .O56 2016

Post-Soviet racisms

Nikolay Zakharov, Ian Law

Call Number: DK33

Stalin : from theology to the philosophy of socialism in power

Roland Boer

Call Number: DK268.S8

Migration citizenship labour : Latin American world-makers resisting crisis in Madrid

Lara Jüssen

Call Number: DP53.L38

The global cultural capital : addressing the citizen and producing the city in Barcelona

Mari Paz Balibrea

Call Number: DP402.B25

From dictatorship to democracy in twentieth-century Portugal

Raphael Costa

Call Number: DP675

Migration and transnationalism between Switzerland and Bulgaria

edited by Marina Richter, Paolo Ruspini, Dotcho Mihailov, Vesselin Mintchev, Michael Nollert

Call Number: DQ49.B9 M54 2017

The Balkan wars from contemporary perception to historic memory

Katrin Boeckh, Sabine Rutar, editors

Call Number: DR34.8

Titoism, self-determination, nationalism, cultural memory. Volume two, Tito's Yugoslavia, stories untold

Gorana Ognjenovic, Jasna Jozelić, editors

Call Number: DR1300 .T58 2016

Revolutionary totalitarianism, pragmatic socialism, transition. Volume 1, Tito's Yugoslavia, stories untold

Gorana Ognjenović, Jasna Jozelić, editors

Call Number: DR1302 .R48 2016eb

The state of social progress of Islamic societies : social, economic, political, and ideological challenges

Habib Tiliouine, Richard J. Estes, editors

Call Number: DS35.62 S73 2016

The contemporary Islamic governed state : a reconceptualization

Joseph J. Kaminski

Call Number: DS35.77 .K36 2017

Ancient West Asian civilization : geoenvironment and society in the pre-Islamic Middle East

Akira Tsuneki, Shigeo Yamada, Ken-ichiro Hisada, editors

Call Number: DS57 .A43 2017

The Arab World and Iran : a turbulent region in transition

edited by Amin Saikal

Call Number: DS63.1

Detainee abuse during Op TELIC : 'a few rotten apples'?

Timothy Wood (Senior Lecturer, Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University, New Zealand)

Call Number: DS79.76 .W65 2016

Building peace through knowledge : the Israeli-Palestinian case

Alean Al-Krenawi

Call Number: DS119.76

Media and peace in the Middle East : the role of journalism in Israel-Palestine

Giuliana Tiripelli

Call Number: DS119.76 .T75 2016eb

Zionism and the biology of Jews

Raphael Falk

Call Number: DS143 .F2513 2017

The Jew as legitimation : Jewish-gentile relations beyond antisemitism and philosemitism

David J. Wertheim, editor

Call Number: DS145 .J49 2017

Fluctuating transnationalism : social formation and reproduction among Armenians in Germany

Astghik Chaloyan

Call Number: DS172.2 .C43 2017eb

Symbols and the image of the state in Eurasia

Anita Sengupta

Call Number: DS327.5

India-Thailand cultural interactions : glimpses from the past to present

Lipi Ghosh, editor

Call Number: DS423

Survival media : the politics and poetics of mobility and the war in Sri Lanka

Suvendrini Perera

Call Number: DS489.84 .P4825 2016

China's rise and changing order in East Asia

David Arase, editor

Call Number: DS518.15 .C53 2016

Producing China in Southeast Asia : knowledge, identity, and migrant Chineseness

Chih-yu Shih, editor

Call Number: DS523.4.C45 P76 2017

Race, gender, and religion in the Vietnamese diaspora : the new chosen people

Thien-Huong T. Ninh

Call Number: DS559.912 .N56 2017

Borneo studies in history, society and culture

Victor T. King, Zawawi Ibrahim, Noor Hasharina Hassan, editors

Call Number: DS646.3 .B67 2017

Continuity under change in Dayak societies

Cathrin Arenz, Michaela Haug, Stefan Seitz, Oliver Venz (eds.)

Call Number: DS646.32.D9 C66 2017

The core values of Chinese civilization

Lai Chen

Call Number: DS721 .C44 2017

Hong Kong culture and society in the new millennium : Hong Kong as method

Yiu-Wai Chu, editor

Call Number: DS796.H75

China's Hong Kong : a political and cultural perspective

Shigong Jiang

Call Number: DS796.H757

The burial record of prehistoric Liangshan in southwest China : graves as composite objects

Anke Hein

Call Number: DS797.77.L53 H45 2017eb

A grammar of kam revealed in its narrative discourse

Tongyin Yang

Call Number: DS797.82.C47

The turning point in US-Japan relations : Hanihara's cherry blossom diplomacy in 1920-1930

Misuzu Hanihara Chow, Kiyofuku Chuma

Call Number: DS849.U6 C46 2016eb

Okinawa under occupation : McDonaldization and resistance to neoliberal propaganda

Miyume Tanji ; Daniel Broudy

Call Number: DS894.99.O3785 T367 2017

Transforming global governance with middle power diplomacy : South Korea's role in the 21st century

Sook Jong Lee, editor

Call Number: DS922.6

Democratization and human security in postwar Sierra Leone

edited by Marda Mustapha and Joseph J. Bangura

Call Number: DT516.826 .D46 2016eb

Black nationalist thought in South Africa : the persistence of an idea of liberation

Hashi Kenneth Tafira

Call Number: DT1756 .T34 2016eb

Embodying Cape Town : engaging the city through its built edges and contact zones

Shannon M. Jackson

Call Number: DT2405.C364 J33 2017eb

Uncommodified blackness : the African male experience in Australia and New Zealand

Mandisi Majavu

Call Number: DU28.1.A35 M35 2017

Indigenous children growing up strong : a longitudinal study of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

edited by Maggie Walter, Karen L. Martin, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews

Call Number: DU124.C45

Environment, race, and nationhood in Australia : revisiting the empty North

Russell McGregor

Call Number: DU395

Gypsies in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Elena Marushiakova, Vesselin Popov

Call Number: DX289 .M37 2016