January 2020

Critical terms in futures studies

Author: Heike Paul, editor

Call Number: CB158

Managing culture : reflecting on exchange in global times

Author: Victoria Durrer, Raphaela Henze, editors

Call Number: CB430

Climate change and conservation of coastal built heritage

Author: Maya Hassan, Hui Xie

Call Number: CC135

The UNESCO Memory of the World Programme : Key Aspects and Recent Developments

Author: edited by Ray Edmondson, Lothar Jordan, Anca Claudia Prodan

Call Number: CC135 .U54 2020

Exploring the archaeology of the modern city in nineteenth-century Australia

Author: Tim Murray, Penny Crook

Call Number: CC77.U72

The politics of public memories of forced migration and bordering in Europe

Author: Karina Horsti, editor

Call Number: D1053 .P65 2019eb

Cultural diplomacy in Europe : between the domestic and the international

Author: Caterina Carta and Richard Higgott, editors

Call Number: D1058 .C85 2020

The politics of recognition and engagement : EU member state relations with Kosovo

Author: Ioannis Armakolas, James Ker-Lindsay, editors

Call Number: D1065.K67 P65 2020

EU-Turkey relations : civil society and depoliticization

Author: Özge Zihnioğlu

Call Number: D1065.T8 Z55 2020

Doing global history : an introduction in six concepts

Author: Roland Wenzlhuemer

Call Number: D13 .W46 2020

No straight path : becoming women historians

Author: edited by Elizabeth Jacoway ; with a foreword by Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore

Call Number: D14 .N6 2019

Joint ownership in EU-Tunisia relations : power and negotiation

Author: Federica Zardo

Call Number: D2025.5.T8

Interpreting early modern Europe

Author: edited by C. Scott Dixon and Beat Kümin

Call Number: D206 .I68 2020

The development of global legislative politics : Rousseau and Locke writ global

Author: Takashi Inoguchi, Lien Thi Quynh Le

Call Number: D443

Australian war graves workers and World War One : devoted labour for the lost, the unknown but not forgotten dead

Author: Fred Cahir, Sara Weuffen, Matt Smith, Peter Bakker, Jo Caminiti

Call Number: D639.D4 C34 2019

Fascist warfare, 1922-1945 : aggression, occupation, annihilation

Author: Miguel Alonso, Alan Kramer, Javier Rodrigo, editors

Call Number: D726.5

War in the air : the Second World War in colour

Author: Ian Carter

Call Number: D785 .C36 2019

Keepers of memory : the Holocaust and transgenerational identity

Author: Jennifer Rich

Call Number: D804.3 .R53 2020

The Jews, the Holocaust, and the public : the legacies of David Cesarani

Author: Larissa Allwork, Rachel Pistol, editors

Call Number: D804.348

Commemorating the children of World War II in Poland : combative remembrance

Author: Ewa Stańczyk

Call Number: D810.C4 S73 2019eb

The US role in NATO's survival after the Cold War

Author: Julie Garey

Call Number: D845.2

Czech security dilemma : Russia as a friend or enemy?

Author: Jan Holzer, Miroslav Mareš, editors

Call Number: DB2245 .C94 2020

The Habsburg monarchy, 1618-1815

Author: Charles W. Ingrao

Call Number: DB36.3.H3 I54 2019

French emigrants in revolutionised Europe : connected histories and memories

Author: Laure Philip, Juliette Reboul, editors

Call Number: DC158 .F74 2019

Napoleon, symbol for an age : a brief history with documents

Author: Rafe Blaufarb

Call Number: DC203 .B62 2008

Broken lives : how ordinary Germans experienced the twentieth century

Author: Konrad H. Jarausch

Call Number: DD232 .J37 2018

Stormtroopers : a new history of Hitler's Brownshirts

Author: Daniel Siemens

Call Number: DD253.7 .S54 2017

A companion to the archaeology of early Greece and the Mediterranean

Author: edited by Irene S Lemos, Antonis Kotsonas

Call Number: DF214

The frontiers of Imperial Rome

Author: David J. Breeze ; maps prepared by CHC, University of Salzburg, Austria

Call Number: DG59.A2 B74 2019

The Russian Revolution as ideal and practice : failures, legacies, and the future of revolution

Author: Thomas Telios, Dieter Thomä, Ulrich Schmid, editors

Call Number: DK265 .R87 2020

Putin's totalitarian democracy : ideology, myth, and violence in the twenty-first century

Author: Kate C. Langdon and Vladimir Tismaneanu

Call Number: DK295 .L36 2020eb

Baltic Region -- the region of cooperation

Author: Gennady Fedorov, Alexander Druzhinin, Elena Golubeva, Dmitry Subetto, Tadeusz Palmowski, editors

Call Number: DK502.35

Russia in the changing international system

Author: Emel Parlar Dal, Emre Erşen, editors

Call Number: DK510.764

Russia's public diplomacy : evolution and practice

Author: edited by Anna A. Velikaya, Greg Simons

Call Number: DK510.764 .R87 2020

Institutions and organizations of refugee integration : Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Syrian refugees in Sweden

Author: Gregg Bucken-Knapp, Vedran Omanović, Andrea Spehar

Call Number: DL641.S95

The geography of Spain : a complete synthesis

Author: Francisco J. Tapiador

Call Number: DP27.3 .T36 2020eb

The geography of Slovenia : small but diverse

Author: editors, Drago Perko, Rok Ciglič and Matija Zorn

Call Number: DR1369

The geopolitics of memory : a journey to Bosnia

Author: James Riding

Call Number: DR1752 .R53 2019

Crisis and ontological insecurity : Serbia's anxiety over Kosovo's secession

Author: Filip Ejdus

Call Number: DR1976.K67 E33 2020

Inclusion in post-conflict legislatures : the Kosovo and Northern Ireland assemblies

Author: Michael Potter

Call Number: DR2088.19 .P68 2020eb

EU influence beyond conditionality : Turkey plusminus the EU

Author: Mario Zucconi

Call Number: DR479.E85 Z83 2020eb

Eternal dawn : Turkey in the age Atatürk

Author: Ryan Gingeras

Call Number: DR590 .G56 2019

Legacy of blood : Jews, pogroms, and ritual murder in the lands of the Soviets

Author: Elissa Bemporad

Call Number: DS135.E83 B45 2019

The Palgrave handbook of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Author: P. R. Kumaraswamy, editor

Call Number: DS154 .P35 2019

A history of Jordan

Author: Philip Robins

Call Number: DS154.5 .R63 2019

Art of the Hellenistic kingdoms : from Pergamon to Rome

Author: edited by Seán Hemingway and Kiki Karoglou

Call Number: DS156.P4 A78 2019

Annihilation of caste : the annotated critical edition

Author: B.R. Ambedkar ; edited and annotated by S. Anand ; introduced with the essay The doctor and the saint by Arundhati Roy

Call Number: DS422.C3 A67 2016

Himalaya on the threshold of change

Author: Vishwambhar Prasad Sati

Call Number: DS485.H6

Dustoff & medevac Vietnam

Author: Phil Marshall

Call Number: DS559.44 .M37 2017

The forgotten years of Kurdish nationalism in Iran

Author: Abbas Vali

Call Number: DS59.K86

A general history of the Chinese in Singapore

Author: edited by Kwa Chong Guan, Kua Bak Lim

Call Number: DS610.25.C5 G46 2019

The new regional order in the Middle East : changes and challenges

Author: Sara Bazoobandi, editor

Call Number: DS63.123

Changing ethnicity : contemporary ethno-politics in China

Author: Zhitian Guo

Call Number: DS731.Y5 G86 2020

The Cambridge history of China

Author: general editors, Denis Twitchett and John K. Fairbank

Call Number: DS735 .C3145

China's power in Africa : a new global order

Author: Olayiwola Abegunrin, Charity Manyeruke

Call Number: DS740.5.A35 A34 2020

A short history of Sino-Soviet relations, 1917-1991

Author: Zhihua Shen, editor

Call Number: DS740.5.S65

Across the great divide : the sent-down youth movement in Mao's China, 1968-1980

Author: Emily Honig, Xiaojian Zhao

Call Number: DS778.7 .H665 2019

How China sees the world : insights from China's international relations scholars

Author: Huiyun Feng, Kai He, Xiaojun Li

Call Number: DS779.27

Narrating China's governance : stories in Xi Jinping's speeches

Author: People's Daily, Department of Commentary ; translated by Jing Luo

Call Number: DS779.46

On China's road : in search of a new modernity

Author: editor, Honghua Men

Call Number: DS779.46 .O5 2019eb

Government performance management in China : theory and practice

Author: Bin Wu

Call Number: DS779.46 .W82 2020

China's Hong Kong : the politics of a global city

Author: Tim Summers

Call Number: DS796.H757 S86 2019

Luis Frois : first Western accounts of Japan's gardens, cities and landscapes

Author: Cristina Castel-Branco, Guida Carvalho

Call Number: DS871.77

China's war in Korea : strategic culture and geopolitics

Author: Xiaobing Li

Call Number: DS919.5

The Korean war in Asia : a hidden history

Author: edited by Tessa Morris-Suzuki

Call Number: DS921.5.S63 K67 2018

Socioeconomic protests in MENA and Latin America : Egypt and Tunisia in interregional comparison

Author: Irene Weipert-Fenner, Jonas Wolff, editors

Call Number: DT107.88

North Africa, colonialism and the EU

Author: Volkan Ipek

Call Number: DT197.5.E8

Sustainability, emerging technologies, and Pan-Africanism

Author: Thierno Thiam, Gilbert Rochon

Call Number: DT21

Inherent and contemporary challenges to African security

Author: Manu Lekunze

Call Number: DT30.5

Contemporary French security policy in Africa : on ideas and wars

Author: Benedikt Erforth

Call Number: DT33.7 .E74 2020eb

Political mobilizations and democratization in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author: Wolfgang Stuppert

Call Number: DT353

Reimagining historic house museums : new approaches and proven solutions

Author: edited by Kenneth C. Turino and Max A. van Balgooy

Call Number: E159 .R45 2019

A new Cold War? : assessing the current US-Russia relationship

Author: Nicholas Ross Smith

Call Number: E183.8.R9 S65 2020

Rising out of hatred : the awakening of a former white nationalist

Author: Eli Saslow

Call Number: E184.A1 S245 2018

Revisiting the elegy in the Black Lives Matter era

Author: edited by Tiffany Austin, Sequoia Maner, Emily Ruth Rutter, and darlene anita scott

Call Number: E185.86 .R486 2020

Citizen of the world : the late career and legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois

Author: edited by Phillip Luke Sinitiere

Call Number: E185.97.D73 C58 2019

No useless mouth : waging war and fighting hunger in the American Revolution

Author: Rachel B. Herrmann

Call Number: E269.I5 H47 2019

Presidential leadership and the Trump presidency : executive power and democratic government

Author: Charles M. Lamb, Jacob R. Neiheisel, editors

Call Number: E457.2

The art of Mesoamerica : from Olmec to Aztec

Author: Mary Ellen Miller

Call Number: E59.A73 M55 2019

The archaeology of Native North America

Author: Dean R. Snow, Nancy Gonlin, and Peter E. Siegel

Call Number: E77.9 .S565 2020

Districts, documentation, and population in Rupert's Land (1740-1840)

Author: Aaron James Henry

Call Number: E78.C2 H47 2020eb

Practical lessons from US foreign policy : the itinerant years

Author: James E. Goodby, Kenneth Weisbrode

Call Number: E895

A democratic foreign policy : regaining American influence abroad

Author: Richard Ned Lebow

Call Number: E912 .L43 2020

Lakota America : a new history of indigenous power

Author: Pekka Hämäläinen

Call Number: E99.T34 H35 2019

Mexico : from the Olmecs to the Aztecs

Author: Michael D. Coe, Javier Urcid, Rex Koontz

Call Number: F1219.7 .C63 2019

Changing Cuba-U.S. relations : implications for CARICOM states

Author: Jacqueline Laguardia Martinez, Georgina Chami, Annita Montoute, Debbie A. Mohammed

Call Number: F1776.3.U6

Cuba, from Fidel to Raúl and beyond

Author: by Vegard Bye

Call Number: F1788

Beyond Charlottesville : taking a stand against white nationalism

Author: Terry McAuliffe

Call Number: F234.C47 M338 2019

Status and the rise of Brazil : global ambitions, humanitarian engagement and international challenges

Author: Paulo Esteves, Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert, Benjamin de Carvalho, editors

Call Number: F2523 .S83 2020

Circa 1903 : North Carolina's Outer Banks at the dawn of flight

Author: Larry E. Tise

Call Number: F262.O96 T57 2019


Call Number: F2659.N4 M55 2020

Pilauco : a late Pleistocene archaeo-paleontological site : Osorno, northwestern Patagonia and Chile

Author: Mario Pino, Giselle A. Astorga, editors

Call Number: F3069.1.O86 P55 2020

The Hispanic-Mapuche Parlamentos : interethnic geo-politics and concessionary spaces in colonial America

Author: José Manuel Zavala, Tom D. Dillehay, Gertrudis Payàs, editors

Call Number: F3126