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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Portrait of a woman in silk : hidden histories of the British Atlantic world

Zara Anishanslin

Call Number: E18.82 .A55 2016

Asianfail : narratives of disenchantment and the model minority

Eleanor Ty

Call Number: E49.2.A75 T9 2017

Critically sovereign : indigenous gender, sexuality, and feminist studies

Joanne Barker, editor

Call Number: E76.8 .C75 2017

History of American Indians : exploring diverse roots

Robert R. McCoy and Steven M. Fountain

Call Number: E77 .M1147 2017

White birch, red hawthorn : a memoir

Nora Murphy

Call Number: E78.M7 M87 2017

Patriots and Indians : shaping identity in eighteenth-century South Carolina

Jeff W. Dennis

Call Number: E78.S6 D46 2017

The archaeology of houses and households in the Native Southeast

Benjamin A. Steere

Call Number: E78.S65 S725 2017


Call Number: E83.83.B6 N43 2017

Tending the fire : Native voices and portraits

photographs by Christopher Felver ; foreword by Simon J. Ortiz ; introduction by Linda Hogan

Call Number: E89 .F45 2017

I am where I come from : Native American college students and graduates tell their life stories

edited by Andrew Garrod, Robert Kilkenny, and Melanie Benson Taylor ; with a foreword by K. Tsianina Lomawaima

Call Number: E97.65.N4 I24 2017

Prairie rising : indigenous youth, decolonization, and the politics of intervention

Jaskiran Dhillon

Call Number: E98.Y68 D55 2017

Webs of kinship : family in Northern Cheyenne nationhood

Christina Gish Hill

Call Number: E99.C53 H48 2017

Guided by the mountains : Navajo political philosophy and governance

Michael Lerma, with foreword by Avery Denny and afterword by Robert Yazzie

Call Number: E99.N3

Killers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI

David Grann

Call Number: E99.O8 G675 2016

Salish blankets : robes of protection and transformation, symbols of wealth

Leslie H. Tepper, Janice George (Chepximiya Siyam), and Willard Joseph (Skwetsimltexw)

Call Number: E99.S21 T45 2017

Hegemony, mass media, and cultural studies : properties of meaning, power, and value in cultural production

Sean Johnson Andrews

Call Number: E169.1 .A5554 2016

Modernity and the Great Depression : the transformation of American society, 1930-1941

Kenneth J. Bindas

Call Number: E169.1 .B4974 2017

Exceptional America : what divides Americans from the world and from each other

Mugambi Jouet

Call Number: E169.12 .J68 2017

Plotting to kill the president : assassination attempts from Washington to Hoover

Mel Ayton

Call Number: E176.1 .A887 2017

A companion to first ladies

edited by Katherine A. S. Sibley

Call Number: E176.2

Building an American empire : the era of territorial and political expansion

Paul Frymer

Call Number: E179.5 .F79 2017

Global perspectives on the United States : pro-Americanism, anti-Americanism, and the discourses between

edited by Virginia R. Domínguez and Jane C. Desmond

Call Number: E183.7 .G558 2017

American foreign policy : past, present, and future

Glenn P. Hastedt, James Madison University

Call Number: E183.7 .H27 2018

A concise history of U.S. foreign policy

Joyce P. Kaufman

Call Number: E183.7 .K36 2017

American foreign relations

Thomas G. Paterson, J. Garry Clifford, Kenneth J. Hagan

Call Number: E183.7 .P28 1999

American foreign relations

Thomas G. Paterson, J. Garry Clifford, Kenneth J. Hagan

Call Number: E183.7 .P28 1999

Revisiting the UK and Ireland's transatlantic economic relationship with the United States in the 21st century : beyond sentimental rhetoric

Anne Groutel, Marie-Christine Pauwels, Valérie Peyronel, editors

Call Number: E183.7 .R48 2017

Avoiding war with China : two nations, one world

Amitai Etzioni

Call Number: E183.8.C5 E79 2017

Volver : a persistence of memory

Antonio C. Márquez

Call Number: E184.M5 M3566 2017

Islamophobia and racism in America

Erik Love

Call Number: E184.M88 L68 2017

Black Studies and the Democratization of American Higher Education

by Charles P. Henry

Call Number: E184.7

African Americans in the Colonial era : from African origins through the American Revolution

Donald R. Wright

Call Number: E185 .W94 2017

Forging a laboring race : the African American worker in the Progressive imagination

Paul R.D. Lawrie

Call Number: E185.6 .L345 2016

Southern food and civil rights : feeding the revolution

Frederick Douglas Opie

Call Number: E185.61 .O754 2017

Maintaining segregation : children and racial instruction in the South, 1920-1955

LeeAnn G. Reynolds

Call Number: E185.61 .R478 2017

The racial glass ceiling : subordination in American law and culture

Roy L. Brooks

Call Number: E185.615 .B7294 2017

Mainstreaming black power

Tom Adam Davies

Call Number: E185.615 .D3854 2017

Out of Oakland : Black Panther Party internationalism during the Cold War

Sean L. Malloy

Call Number: E185.615 .M275 2017

Violence against Black bodies : an intersectional analysis of how Black lives continue to matter

edited by Sandra E. Weissinger, Dwayne A. Mack, and Elwood Watson

Call Number: E185.615 .V56 2017

American politics and the African American quest for universal freedom

Hanes Walton, Jr., late of University of Michigan ; Robert C. Smith, San Francisco State University ; Sherri L. Wallace, University of Louisville

Call Number: E185.615 .W317 2017

Critical Black studies reader

edited by Rochelle Brock, Dara Nix-Stevenson, Paul Chamness Miller

Call Number: E185.625 .C757 2017

Black for a day : white fantasies of race and empathy

Alisha Gaines

Call Number: E185.625 .G35 2017

American history, race and the struggle for equality : an unfinished journey

Masaki Kawashima

Call Number: E185.86

Maintaining black marriage

Marianne Dainton

Call Number: E185.86 .D35 2017

Bound in wedlock : slave and free Black marriage in the nineteenth century

Tera W. Hunter

Call Number: E185.86 .H86 2017

Spare the kids : why whupping children won't save black America

Stacey Patton, PhD

Call Number: E185.86 .P336 2017

Fugitive science : empiricism and freedom in early African American culture

Britt Rusert

Call Number: E185.89.I56 B78 2017

Beyond respectability : the intellectual thought of race women

Brittney C. Cooper

Call Number: E185.89.I56 C66 2017

Colored no more : reinventing black womanhood in Washington, D.C.

Treva B. Lindsey

Call Number: E185.93.D6 L56 2017

Freedom Summer : a brief history with documents

John Dittmer (DePauw University), Jeffrey Kolnick (Southwest Minnesota State University), Leslie-Burl McLemore (Jackson State University)

Call Number: E185.93.M6 D58 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The last interview : and other conversations

Martin Luther King, Jr

Call Number: E185.97.K5 A3 2017

Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers

Daniel L. Dreisbach

Call Number: E302.1 .D74 2017

The political theory of the American founding : natural rights, public policy, and the moral conditions of freedom

Thomas G. West

Call Number: E302.1 .W467 2017

Benjamin Franklin : the religious life of a founding father

Thomas S Kidd

Call Number: E302.6.F8 K53 2017

The Northwest Ordinance : constitutional politics and the theft of native land

Robert Alexander ; foreword by Staughton Lynd

Call Number: E309 .A44 2017

Jefferson : architect of American liberty

John B. Boles

Call Number: E332 .B65 2017

Thomas Jefferson and the science of republican government : a political biography of Notes on the state of Virginia

Daniel Klinghard, Dustin Gish

Call Number: E332 .G57 2017

John Quincy Adams and the politics of slavery : selections from the diary

David Waldstreicher, Matthew Mason [editors]

Call Number: E377 .A3 2017

Dark Work : the Business of Slavery in Rhode Island [electronic resource]

Call Number: E445.R4

Memories of Lincoln and the splintering of American political thought

Shawn J. Parry-Giles and David S. Kaufer

Call Number: E457.2 .P28 2017

Bloody engagements : John R. Kelso's Civil War

John R. Kelso ; edited by Christopher Grasso

Call Number: E467.1.K295 A3 2017

Lincoln's lieutenants : the high command of the Army of the Potomac

Stephen W. Sears

Call Number: E470 .S43 2017

The Army of Tennessee : organization, strength, casualties, 1862-1865

Darrell L. Collins

Call Number: E470.2 .C658 2017

Fighting Irish in the American Civil War and the invasion of Mexico : essays

edited by Arthur H. Mitchell

Call Number: E540.I6 F54 2017

U.S. colored troops defeat Confederate cavalry : action at Wilson's Wharf, Virginia, 24 May 1864

Edwin W. Besch

Call Number: E540.N3 B47 2017

American imperialism : the territorial expansion of the United States, 1783-2013

Adam Burns

Call Number: E713 .B87 2017

American imperialism and the state, 1893-1921

Colin D. Moore, University of Hawai'i

Call Number: E713 .M84 2017

Democratic empire : the United States since 1945

Jim Cullen

Call Number: E741 .C84 2017

When America liked Ike : how moderates won the 1952 presidential election and reshaped American politics

Gary A. Donaldson

Call Number: E816 .D66 2017

The road to Camelot : inside JFK's five-year campaign

Thomas Oliphant and Curtis Wilkie

Call Number: E837.7 .O45 2017

After Aquarius dawned : how the revolutions of the sixties became the popular culture of the seventies

Judy Kutulas

Call Number: E839 .K88 2017

Origins of the Warfare State : World War II and the Transformation of American Politics

Carl Boggs

Call Number: E840 .B64 2017

Senator Leahy : a life in scenes

Philip Baruth

Call Number: E840.8.L365 B37 2017

My brother's keeper : George McGovern and progressive Christianity

Mark A. Lempke

Call Number: E840.8.M34 L46 2017

Welcome home, who are you? : tales of a foreign service family

Gene and Kathryn Schmiel

Call Number: E840.8 .S34 1998

The destruction of Hillary Clinton

Susan Bordo

Call Number: E887.C55 B66 2017

The bitter taste of hope : ideals, ideologies, and interests in the age of Obama

Stephen Eric Bonner

Call Number: E907 .B76 2017

Reclaiming hope : lessons learned in the Obama White House about the future of faith in America

Michael Wear

Call Number: E908.3 .W43 2017

Daily life in colonial New England

Claudia Durst Johnson

Call Number: F7 .J59 2017

Unfreedom : slavery and dependence in eighteenth-century Boston

Jared Ross Hardesty

Call Number: F73.4 .H37 2016eb

The Newark frontier : community action in the Great Society

Mark Krasovic

Call Number: F144.N657 K73 2016eb

Reordering the landscape of Wye House : nature, spirituality, and social order

Elizabeth Pruitt

Call Number: F187.T2 P78 2017

The resilience of southern identity : why the South still matters in the minds of its people

Christopher A. Cooper and H. Gibbs Knotts

Call Number: F209 .C636 2017

The field of honor : essays on southern character and American identity

edited by John Mayfield and Todd Hagstette ; foreword by Edward L. Ayers

Call Number: F209 .F54 2017

The lost colony of Roanoke : new perspectives

Brandon Fullam

Call Number: F229 .F85 2017

The dream is lost : voting rights and the politics of race in Richmond, Virginia

Julian Maxwell Hayter

Call Number: F234.R59 N446 2017

The Carolina backcountry venture : tradition, capital, and circumstance in the development of Camden and the Wateree Valley, 1740-1810

Kenneth E. Lewis

Call Number: F279.C2 L495 2017

Whites recall the civil rights movement in Birmingham : we didn't know it was history until after it happened

Sandra K. Gill

Call Number: F334.B657 G55 2017

Earline's pink party : the social rituals and domestic relics of a Southern woman

Elizabeth Findley Shores

Call Number: F334.T9 S55 2017

The 88 county maps of Ohio

Call Number: F489 .O3

Black and brown in Los Angeles : beyond conflict and coalition

edited by Josh Kun and Laura Pulido

Call Number: F869.L89 A245 2013

Chino : anti-Chinese racism in Mexico, 1880-1940

Jason Oliver Chang

Call Number: F1392.C45 C43 2017

Latin America : the allure and power of an idea

Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo

Call Number: F1408 .T29 2017

The history of Latin America

Susan Nichols

Call Number: F1410 .N53 2018

The end of Iberian rule on the American continent, 1770-1830

Brian Hamnett, University of Essex

Call Number: F1412 .H36 2017

Architecture and the origins of preclassic Maya politics

James Doyle

Call Number: F1435.3.A6 D68 2017

The only true people" : Linking Maya Identities Past and Present

edited by Bethany J. Beyyette and Lisa J. LeCount

Call Number: F1435.3.E72 O55 2017

Dams, displacement and development : perspectives from Río Negro, Guatemala

Nathan Einbinder

Call Number: F1466.5

The Caribbean before Columbus

William F. Keegan and Corinne L. Hofman

Call Number: F1619

Cuba and revolutionary Latin America : an oral history

Dirk Kruijt

Call Number: F1788 .K72 2017

Exporting revolution : Cuba's global solidarity

Margaret Randall

Call Number: F1788 .R254 2017

Havana : a subtropical delirium

Mark Kurlansky

Call Number: F1799.H35 K87 2017

Surviving Spanish conquest : Indian fight, flight, and cultural transformation in Hispaniola and Puerto Rico

Karen F. Anderson-Córdova

Call Number: F1909 .A53 2017

The Dominican racial imaginary : surveying the landscape of race and nation in Hispaniola

Milagros Ricourt

Call Number: F1941.A1 R53 2016

Mesoamerican religions and archaeology : essays in pre-Columbian civilizations

Aleksandar Bos̆ković

Call Number: F2270.1.R4 B67 2017

Spectacular modernity : dictatorship, space, and visuality in Venezuela, 1948-1958

Lisa Blackmore

Call Number: F2326 .B47 2017

Willoughbyland : England's lost colony

Matthew Parker

Call Number: F2423 .P37 2017

Psychedelic Chile : youth, counterculture, and politics on the road to socialism and dictatorship

Patrick Barr-Melej

Call Number: F3100 .B356 2017

Inka history in knots : reading khipus as primary sources

Gary Urton

Call Number: F3429.3.Q6 U75 2017

The Lima reader : history, culture, politics

Carlos Aguirre and Charles F. Walker, editors

Call Number: F3601.2 .L563 2017

Digital methods and remote sensing in archaeology : archaeology in the age of sensing

Maurizio Forte, Stefano Campana, editors

Call Number: CC76.4

Biotechnology and conservation of cultural heritage

Franco Palla, Giovanna Barresi, editors

Call Number: CC135

Extraordinary ordinariness : everyday heroism in the United States, Germany, and Britain, 1800-2015

Simon Wendt (ed.)

Call Number: CT105 .E98 2016

Colonialism, environment and tribals in South India, 1792-1947

Velayutham Saravanan

Call Number: DS463 .S27 2017

Words in time : a plea for historical re-thinking

Francesco Benigno ; translated by David Fairservice

Call Number: D13 .B418513 2017

Sources and methods in histories of colonialism : approaching the imperial archive

edited by Kirsty Reid and Fiona Paisley

Call Number: D13 .S6236 2017

Twilight of history

Shlomo Sand ; translated by David Fernbach

Call Number: D16.8 .S216513 2017


Call Number: D16.9 .I58 2017

Visions of empire : how five imperial regimes shaped the world

Krishan Kumar

Call Number: D32 .K86 2017

Russia and courtly Europe : ritual and the culture of diplomacy, 1648-1725

Jan Hennings (Central European University)

Call Number: D34.R9 H46 2016

Diodorus Siculus and the world of the late Roman republic

Charles E. Muntz

Call Number: D58.D23

Death, emotion and childhood in premodern Europe

edited by Katie Barclay, Kimberley Reynolds, Ciara Rawnsley

Call Number: D102

The Russian Empire 1450-1801

Nancy Shields Kollmann

Call Number: D250

Revolutionary Europe, 1780-1850

Jonathan Sperber

Call Number: D299 .S64 2017


Call Number: D652

War pictures : cinema, violence, and style in Britain, 1939-1945

Kent Puckett

Call Number: D743.23 .P83 2017

The Waffen-SS : a European history

Jochen Böhler and Robert Gerwarth

Call Number: D757.85

Citizen internees : a second look at race and citizenship in Japanese American internment camps

Linda L. Ivey and Kevin W. Kaatz

Call Number: D769.8.A6 I89 2017

Women in the Holocaust : a feminist history

Zoë Waxman

Call Number: D804.47 .W39 2017

Russia and the West after the Ukrainian Crisis : European vulnerabilities to Russian pressures

F. Stephen Larrabee, Stephanie Pezard, Andrew Radin, Nathan Chandler, Keith Crane, Thomas S. Szayna

Call Number: D1065.R9 L37 2017

Workers and nationalism : Czech and German social democracy in Habsburg Austria, 1890-1918

Jacub S. Beneš

Call Number: DB48

A vision of Europe : Franco-German relations during the Great Depression, 1929-1932

Conan Fischer

Call Number: DC59.8

French revolutionaries in the Ottoman Empire : diplomacy, political culture, and the limiting of universal revolution, 1792-1798

Pascal Firges

Call Number: DC59.8.T9

Louis : the French prince who invaded England

Catherine Hanley

Call Number: DC90.8 .H36 2016eb

Frederick Barbarossa : a prince and the myth

John B. Freed

Call Number: DD149 .F737 2016eb

Absolute war : violence and mass warfare in the German lands, 1792-1820

Mark Hewitson

Call Number: DD198.7

On Hitler's Mein kampf : the poetics of National Socialism

Albrecht Koschorke ; translated by Erik Butler

Call Number: DD247.H5 K66513 2017

Nazi-organized recreation and entertainment in the Third Reich

Julia Timpe

Call Number: DD253.8.K66 T55 2017

Art of suppression : confronting the Nazi past in histories of the visual and performing arts

Pamela M. Potter

Call Number: DD256.6 .P68 2016

The walls of Berlin : urban surfaces : art : film

Stephen Barber

Call Number: DD899 .B37 2011

The classical debt : Greek antiquity in an era of austerity

Johanna Hanink

Call Number: DF77 .H3423 2017

The letters of Psellos : cultural networks and historical realities

Michael Jeffreys and Marc D. Lauxtermann

Call Number: DF600

The economy of Pompeii

edited by Miko Flohr, Andrew Wilson

Call Number: DG70.P7

The sons of Remus : identity in Roman Gaul and Spain

Andrew C. Johnston

Call Number: DG87 .J64 2017

The diary of Queen Maria Carolina of Naples, 1781-1785 : new evidence of queenship at court

Cinzia Recca

Call Number: DG848.37.C3

Russia : the story of war

Gregory Carleton

Call Number: DK18 .C37 2017

Russia's path toward enlightenment : faith, politics, and reason, 1500-1801

G.M. Hamburg

Call Number: DK39

Russia's empires

Valerie A. Kivelson and Ronald Grigor Suny

Call Number: DK43 .K53 2017

The dilemmas of Lenin : terrorism, war, empire, love, revolution

Tariq Ali

Call Number: DK254.L4 A719 2017

October : the story of the Russian Revolution

China Miéville

Call Number: DK265 .M475 2017

Russia in revolution : an empire in crisis, 1890 to 1928

S.A. Smith

Call Number: DK265 .S65 2017

Occupation of Latvia : three occupations 1940-1991 : Soviet and Nazi take-overs and their consequences

edited and compiled by staff members of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, Valters Nollendorfs [and others]

Call Number: DK504.77 .O338 2005

Frustrated democracy in post-Soviet Azerbaijan

Audrey L. Altstadt

Call Number: DK697.68 .A48 2017

Royal favouritism and the governing elite of the Spanish monarchy, 1640-1665

Alistair Malcolm

Call Number: DP185

The Making of Selim : Succession, Legitimacy, and Memory in the Early Modern Ottoman World

H. Erdem Çıpa

Call Number: DR504 .C56 2017

Contemporary Turkey in conflict : ethnicity, Islam and politics

Tahir Abbas

Call Number: DR603 .A12 2017

Urban Muslim migrants in Istanbul : identity and trauma among Balkan immigrants

Frances Trix

Call Number: DR727.B35 T75 2017

Constantinople : capital of Byzantium

Jonathan Harris

Call Number: DR729 .H37 2017

Byzantium and the Bosporus : a historical study, from the seventh century BC until the foundation of Constantinople

Thomas Russell

Call Number: DR729 .R87 2017eb

Bosnia's paralysed peace

Christopher Bennett

Call Number: DR1750 .B46 2017

Turks in the Indian Subcontinent, Central and West Asia : the Turkish presence in the Islamic world

edited by Ismail K. Poonawala

Call Number: DS26 .G56 2010

Nationalism in asia : a history since 1945 (1)

Call Number: DS35

The excellence of the Arabs

Ibn Qutaybah ; edited by James E. Montgomery and Peter Webb ; translated by Sarah Bowen Savant and Peter Webb ; volume editor Michael Cooperson

Call Number: DS36.85 .I28 2017

A history of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Middle East

Heather J. Sharkey

Call Number: DS58 .S52 2017

Palmyra : an irreplaceable treasure

by Paul Veyne ; translated from the French by Teresa Lavender Fagan

Call Number: DS99.P17 V4913 2017

Finding Jerusalem : archaeology between science and ideology

Katharina Galor

Call Number: DS109.15 .G36 2017

Jerusalem 1900 : the Holy City in the age of possibilities

Vincent Lemire ; translated by Catherine Tihanyi and Lys Ann Weiss

Call Number: DS109.925 .L4613 2017

The Naqab bedouins : a century of politics and resistance

Mansour Nasasra

Call Number: DS113.7 .N35 2017

Essential Israel : essays for the 21st century

edited by S. Ilan Troen and Rachel Fish

Call Number: DS119.7 .E86 2017

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict : a history with documents

Charles D. Smith

Call Number: DS119.7 .S618 2017

City on a hilltop : American Jews and the Israeli settler movement

Sara Yael Hirschhorn

Call Number: DS125 .H56 2017

Ten myths about Israel

Ilan Pappe

Call Number: DS125 .P2985 2017

Contemporary Israel : New Insights and Scholarship

edited by Frederick E. Greenspahn

Call Number: DS128.2

A political family : the Kuczynskis, fascism, espionage and the Cold War

by John Green

Call Number: DS134.4.K83 G74 2017

Stealing home : looting, restitution, and reconstructing Jewish lives in France, 1942-1947

Shannon L. Fogg

Call Number: DS135.F84

Extraterritorial dreams : European citizenship, Sephardi Jews, and the Ottoman twentieth century

Sarah Abrevaya Stein

Call Number: DS135.T8 S75 2016eb

Modernity and the Jews in western social thought

Chad Alan Goldberg

Call Number: DS140 .G54 2017

Antisemitism and the left : on the return of the Jewish question

Robert Fine and Philip Spencer

Call Number: DS145 .F549 2017

Blood and oil : inside the Shah's Iran

Manucher Farmanfarmaian and Roxanne Farmanfarmaian

Call Number: DS316.9.F377 A313 1999

The Afghan-Central Asia Borderland : the state and local leaders

Suzanne Levi-Sanchez

Call Number: DS374.B25 L49 2017

Accounts of China and India

by Abū Zayd al-Sīrāfī ; translated by Tim Mackintosh-Smith ; foreword by Zvi Ben-Dor Benite ; volume editor Philip F. Kennedy

Call Number: DS409 .S5713 2017

Dalits : past, present and future

Anand Teltumbde

Call Number: DS422.C3 T45 2017

The roots of the periphery : a history of the Gonds of Deccan India

Bhangya Bhukya

Call Number: DS432.G6

Tamils and the nation : India and Sri Lanka compared

Madurika Rasaratnam

Call Number: DS432.T3

Europe's India : words, people, empires, 1500-1800

Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Call Number: DS446 S78 2017

Aurangzeb : the life and legacy of India's most controversial king

Audrey Truschke

Call Number: DS461.7 .T78 2017

Survival media : the politics and poetics of mobility and the war in Sri Lanka

Suvendrini Perera

Call Number: DS489.84 .P4825 2016

Chinese in Colonial Burma : a migrant community in a multiethnic state

Yi Li

Call Number: DS528.2.C44 L5 2017

The water kingdom : a secret history of China

Philip Ball

Call Number: DS727 .B355 2017

Oil and water : being Han in Xinjiang

Tom Cliff

Call Number: DS793.S62 C55 2016eb

Taiwan's Impact on China : Why Soft Power Matters More than Economic or Political Inputs

Call Number: DS799.63.C6

Afro-Atlantic flight : speculative returns and the Black fantastic

Michelle D. Commander

Call Number: DT16.5 .C63 2017

Art and ritual in the Black diaspora : archetypes of transition

Paul Griffith

Call Number: DT16.5 .G79 2017

Politics of African anticolonial archive

edited by Shiera S. el-Malik and Isaac A. Kamola

Call Number: DT19 .P65 2017

The role of civil society in Africa's quest for democratization

Abadir M. Ibrahim

Call Number: DT30.5 .I273 2015eb

A history of genocide in Africa

Timothy J. Stapleton

Call Number: DT30.5 .S74 2017

China and Africa : A New Paradigm of Global Business

Call Number: DT38.9.C5

Egypt in a time of revolution : contentious politics and the Arab Spring

Neil Ketchley

Call Number: DT107.88 .K42 2017

A history of modern Uganda

Richard J. Reid (SOAS, University of London)

Call Number: DT433.257 .R45 2017

Unsettled : denial and belonging among white Kenyans

Janet McIntosh

Call Number: DT433.545.B74 M35 2016eb

Killing your neighbors : friendship and violence in northern Kenya and beyond

Jon D. Holtzman

Call Number: DT433.545.S26 H645 2017

Negotiating genocide in Rwanda : the politics of history

Erin Jessee

Call Number: DT450.44 .J47 2017

Muslims talking politics : framing Islam, democracy, and law in Northern Nigeria

Brandon Kendhammer

Call Number: DT515.8 .K46 2016eb

Where the roads all end : photography and anthropology in the Kalahari

Ilisa Barbash ; foreword by Paul Theroux

Call Number: DT1558.S38 B37 2016