September 2021

Antioch in Syria : a history from coins (300 BCE-450 CE)

Author: Kristina M. Neumann

Call Number: CJ1089.A5 N48 2021

When money talks : a history of coins and numismatics

Author: Frank L. Holt

Call Number: CJ59 .H693 2021

Supplementum epigraphicum graecum

Call Number: CN360 .S95

How to make a database in historical studies

Author: Taigo Luís Gil

Call Number: D16.12 .G5513 2021

Historical justice and history education

Author: Matilda Keynes, Henrik Åström Elmersjö, Daniel Lindmark, Björn Norlin, editors

Call Number: D16.2

The later Middle Ages

Author: edited by Isabella Lazzarini

Call Number: D200 .L38 2021eb

Projecting imperial power : new nineteenth century emperors and the public sphere

Author: Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly

Call Number: D359.7 .W38 2021

The Italian empire and the Great War

Author: Vanda Wilcox

Call Number: D569.A2 W55 2021

Zero hour in Broome : the untold story of the attacks on Northwest Australia in 1942

Author: Tom Lewis & Peter Ingman

Call Number: D754.A8 L49 2010

The Battle of Britain

Author: by Ira Peck

Call Number: D756.5.B7 P43 1970

Fortress Rabaul : the battle for the Southwest Pacific, January 1942-April 1943

Author: Bruce Gamble

Call Number: D767.99.N444 G36 2010

WWII Pacific war eagles : ChinaPacific aerial conflict in original color

Author: Jeffrey L. Ethell ; Warren M. Bodie

Call Number: D785 .E83 1997

A higher call

Author: Adam Makos with Larry Alexander

Call Number: D785 .M34 2013

Aces over the oceans : the great pilots of World War II

Author: Edward H. Sims

Call Number: D785 .S498 1987

Great American fighter aces

Author: Dan Bauer

Call Number: D790 .B37 1992

World War II fighter-bomber pilot

Author: Bill Colgan

Call Number: D790 .C64 1985

WWII, flying the B-26 Marauder over Europe

Author: by Carl H. Moore

Call Number: D790 .M58 1980

Decision at Nagasaki : The Mission That Almost Failed

Author: by Fred J. Olivi with William R. Watson, Jr

Call Number: D790 .O443 1998

Angels twenty : a young American flyer a long way from home

Author: Edwards Park

Call Number: D790 .P358 1997

God is my co-pilot

Author: with a foreword by Major General C.L. Chennault

Call Number: D790 .S35

Once they were eagles : the men of the Black Sheep Squadron

Author: Frank E. Walton

Call Number: D790 .W32 1986

Ken's men against the empire. Volume I, Prewar to October 1943, the B-17 era : : the illustrated history of the 43rd Bomb Group January 1941-October 1943

Author: Lawrence J. Hickey, with Steve Birdsall, Madison D. Jonas, Edward M. Rogers, Osamu Tagaua ; color artwork by Jack Fellows

Call Number: D790.253 43rd .H53 2016

Finnish Air Force, 1939-1945

Author: by Kalevi Keskinen and Kari Stenman ; color by Don Greer

Call Number: D792.F5 K47 1998

Aichi D3A1/2 Val

Author: Peter C. Smith

Call Number: D792.J3 S65 1999

The Dyess story; : the eye-witness account of the death march from Bataan and the narrative of experiences in Japanese prison camps and of eventual escape,

Author: by Lt. Col. Wm. E. Dyess, edited, with a biographical introduction, by Charles Leavelle

Call Number: D805.J3 D9 1944

The final hours : the Luftwaffe plot against Göring

Author: Johannes Steinhoff ; foreword by Dennis E. Showalter

Call Number: D811 .S794513 2005

Representing the life and legacy of Renée de France : from Fille de France to Dowager Duchess

Author: Kelly Digby Peebles, Gabriella Scarlatta, editors

Call Number: DC112.R4

The last great war of antiquity

Author: James Howard-Johnston

Call Number: DF574

The eternal decline and fall of Rome : the history of a dangerous idea

Author: Edward J. Watts

Call Number: DG205 .W38 2021

Julius Caesar and the Roman people

Author: Robert Morstein-Marx, University of California, Santa Barbara

Call Number: DG261 .M67 2021

Urban transformation in ancient Molise : the integration of Larinum into the Roman state

Author: Elizabeth C. Robinson

Call Number: DG70.L365 R63 2021

Empire and religion in the Roman world

Author: edited by Harriet I. Flower

Call Number: DG77 .E53 2021

Rome : an empire of many nations : new perspectives on ethnic diversity and cultural identity

Author: edited by Jonathan J. Price, Margalit Finkelberg, Yuval Shahar

Call Number: DG78 .R5838 2021

Russia and the right to self-determination in the post-Soviet space

Author: Johannes Socher

Call Number: DK288 .S63 2021

The Russian Federation in global knowledge warfare : influence operations in Europe and its neighbourhood

Author: Holger Mölder, Vladimir Sazonov, Archil Chochia, Tanel Kerikmäe, editors

Call Number: DK510.764

The legal status of the Caspian Sea : current challenges and prospects for future development

Author: Barbara Janusz-Pawletta

Call Number: DK511.C07 J36 2021

Return of Eurasia : continuity and change

Author: Glenn Diesen, Alexander Lukin, editors

Call Number: DK68.7.C5

Understanding insurgency : popular support for the PKK in Turkey

Author: Francis O'Connor

Call Number: DR435.K87 O367 2021

Why do people discriminate against Jews?

Author: Jonathan Fox and Lev Topor

Call Number: DS145 .F683 2021

The son king : reform and repression in Saudi Arabia

Author: Madawi Al-Rasheed

Call Number: DS244.63 .A47 2021

A companion to the Achaemenid Persian Empire

Author: edited by Bruno Jacobs, Robert Rollinger

Call Number: DS281 .C66 2021

The American war in Afghanistan : a history

Author: Carter Malkasian

Call Number: DS371.412 .M327 2021

In search of lost glory : Sindhi nationalism in Pakistan

Author: Asma Faiz

Call Number: DS380.S53

Bureaucratic archaeology : state, science and past in postcolonial India

Author: Ashish Avikunthak

Call Number: DS418 .A95 2021

The making of the Indo-Islamic world : c.700-1800 CE

Author: André Wink

Call Number: DS451 .W545 2020

India's first dictatorship : the emergency, 1975 -1977

Author: Christophe Jaffrelot, Pratinav Anil

Call Number: DS480.852 .J34 2020

Materiality and visuality in North East India : an interdisciplinary perspective

Author: Tiplut Nongbri, Rashi Bhargava, editors

Call Number: DS483.4 .M38 2021

Air war - Vietnam

Author: introduction by Drew Middleton

Call Number: DS558.8 .A36 1978

Quoth the raven

Author: Jim Roper

Call Number: DS558.8 .R67 2001

Overcoming Orientalism : essays in honor of John L. Esposito

Author: edited by Tamara Sonn

Call Number: DS61.85 .O64 2021

Flying Tigers : a pictorial history of the American Volunteer Group

Author: by Sidney P. Chivers

Call Number: DS777.53 .C5

Tales of the Flying Tigers

Author: Daniel Ford

Call Number: DS777.533.A35 F67 2016

Roman Egypt : a history

Author: edited by Roger S Bagnall ; with contributions from Mona Haggag [and others]

Call Number: DT93 .R66 2021

Worlds apart : a documentary history of US-Iranian relations, 1978-2018

Author: Malcolm Byrne, Kian Byrne

Call Number: E183.8.I55 B97 2022

Beyond civil disobedience : social nullification and black citizenship

Author: Charles F. Peterson

Call Number: E185.61

Conversations with Angela Davis

Author: edited by Sharon Lynette Jones

Call Number: E185.97.D23 C66 2021

The compleat victory : Saratoga and the American Revolution

Author: Kevin J. Weddle

Call Number: E241.S2 W43 2021

Benjamin Franklin : Cultural Protestant

Author: D.G. Hart

Call Number: E302.6.F8 H36 2021

Teacher, preacher, soldier, spy : the civil wars of John R. Kelso

Author: Christopher Grasso

Call Number: E467.1.K295 G73 2021

Commander-in-Tweet : Donald Trump and the deformed presidency

Author: Klaus Kamps

Call Number: E912 .K36 2021