April 2019

Applying indigenous research methods : storying with peoples and communities

Author: edited by Sweeney Windchief and Timothy San Pedro

Call Number: E76.7 .A66 2019

Red states : indigeneity, settler colonialism, and southern studies

Author: Gina Caison

Call Number: E78.S65 C35 2018

Documents of American Indian removal

Author: Donna Martinez

Call Number: E98.R4 M37 2019

The western Delaware Indian nation, 1730-1795 : warriors and diplomats

Author: Richard S. Grimes

Call Number: E99.D2 G75 2017

The Yamasee Indians : from Florida to South Carolina

Author: edited and with an introduction by Denise I. Bossy ; foreword by Alan Gallay

Call Number: E99.Y22 Y36 2018

The Spanish craze : America's fascination with the Hispanic world, 1779-1939

Author: Richard L. Kagan

Call Number: E169.1 .K215 2019

Performing history : how to research, write, act, and coach historical performances

Author: Ann E. Birney and Joyce M. Thierer

Call Number: E175.7 .B57 2018

Age of fear : othering and American identity during World War I

Author: Zachary Smith

Call Number: E183.8.G3 S56 2019


Call Number: E184.A1 R645 2018

Lighting the fires of freedom : African American women in the civil rights movement

Author: Janet Dewart Bell

Call Number: E185.61 .B375 2018

Black resistance in the Americas

Author: edited by D.A. Dunkley and Stephanie Shonekan

Call Number: E185.61 .B6125 2019

A state-by-state history of race and racism in the United States

Author: Patricia Reid-Merritt, editor

Call Number: E185.61 .S7937 2019

The Universal Ethiopian Students' Association, 1927-1948 : mobilizing diaspora

Author: TaKeia N. Anthony

Call Number: E185.615 .A58 2019

Racist America : roots, current realities, and future reparations

Author: Joe R. Feagin and Kimberley Ducey

Call Number: E185.615 .F387 2019

VOICES OF CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYERS : Reflections from the Deep South, 1964-1980

Author: edited by Kent Spriggs

Call Number: E185.615 .V63 2018

Jim Crow capital : women and Black freedom struggles in Washington, D.C., 1920-1945

Author: Mary-Elizabeth B. Murphy

Call Number: E185.86 .M9525 2018

Segregation by design : conversations and calls for action in St. Louis

Author: Catalina Freixas, Mark Abbott, editors

Call Number: E185.93.M7

Black New Jersey : 1664 to the present day

Author: Graham Russell Gao Hodges

Call Number: E185.93.N54 H64 2019

Political pioneer of the press : Ida B. Wells-Barnett and her transnational crusade for social justice

Author: edited by Lori Amber Roessner and Jodi L. Rightler-McDaniels

Call Number: E185.97.W55 P65 2018

Naval documents of the American Revolution

Author: editor, William Bell Clark ; with a foreword by President John F. Kennedy and an introd. by Ernest McNeill Eller

Call Number: E271 .U583

Eliza Hamilton : the extraordinary life and times of the wife of Alexander Hamilton

Author: Tilar J. Mazzeo

Call Number: E302.6.H22 M29 2018

The new man : twenty-nine years a slave, twenty-nine years a free man : recollections of H.C. Bruce

Author: introduction to the Bison Books edition by Willard B. Gatewood

Call Number: E444 .B9 1996

Interpreting the Civil War at museums and historic sites

Author: edited by Kevin M. Levin

Call Number: E646 .L48 2017

Unsurpassed : the popular appeal of Franklin Roosevelt

Author: Helmut Norpoth

Call Number: E806 .N67 2018

The Reagan administration, the Cold War, and the transition to democracy promotion

Author: edited by Robert Pee, William Michael Schmidli

Call Number: E876

Looking back on President Barack Obama's legacy : hope and change

Author: Wilbur C. Rich

Call Number: E908.3 .L66 2019

The resistance : the dawn of the anti-Trump opposition movement

Author: edited by David S. Meyer and Sidney Tarrow ; afterword by Jacob Hacker

Call Number: E912 .R47 2018

Faking the news : what rhetoric can teach us about Donald J. Trump

Author: edited by Ryan Skinnell

Call Number: E913.3 F355 2018

Leigh's test record: : With a really long subtitle for testing purposes

Author: Duncan, Leigh A

Call Number: EE234 .U834 2003

Guido culture and Italian American youth : from Bensonhurst to Jersey shore

Author: Donald Tricarico

Call Number: F128.9.I8 T75 2019

Canada-US relations : sovereignty or shared institutions?

Author: David Carment, Christopher Sands, editors

Call Number: F1029.5.U6 C36 2019

Latin America

Author: Blair P. Turner

Call Number: F1410 .T87 2018

The third century : U.S.-Latin American relations since 1889

Author: Mark T. Gilderhus, David C. LaFevor, and Michael J. LaRosa

Call Number: F1418 .G4873 2017

Afro-Latin American studies : an introduction

Author: edited by Alejandro de la Fuente, George Reid Andrews

Call Number: F1419.N4 A394 2018

Indigenous life projects and extractivism : ethnographies from South America

Author: edited by Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard, Juan Javier Rivera Andía

Call Number: F2230.1.S68 I53 2019

The Chaco air war, 1932-35 : the first modern air war in Latin America

Author: Antonio Sapienza

Call Number: F2688.5 .S26 2018

Renaissance responses to technological change

Author: Sheila J. Nayar

Call Number: CB478 .N38 2019

Forensic archaeology : multidisciplinary perspectives

Author: Kimberlee Sue Moran, Claire L. Gold, editors

Call Number: CC79.F67 F67 2019

Bioarchaeologists speak out : deep time perspectives on contemporary issues

Author: Jane E. Buikstra, editor

Call Number: CC79.5.H85 B45 2019

The Jewish experience of the First World War

Author: editors, Edward Madigan and Gideon Reuveni

Call Number: D639.J4

Autocratization in post-Cold War political regimes

Author: Andrea Cassani, Luca Tomini

Call Number: D843 .C37 2019

Media and the Cold War in The 1980s : between Star Wars and Glasnost

Author: Henrik G. Bastiansen, Martin Klimke, Rolf Werenskjold, editors

Call Number: D843 .M43 2019

The world disorder : US hegemony, proxy wars, terrorism and humanitarian catastrophes

Author: Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira ; [translated by Américo Lucena Lage]

Call Number: D863

When the United States spoke French : five refugees who shaped a nation

Author: François Furstenberg

Call Number: DC158.1 .F87 2015

Napoleon : a very short introduction

Author: David A. Bell

Call Number: DC203

The war guilt problem and the Ligue des roits de l'homme, 1914-1944

Author: Norman Ingram

Call Number: DC389 .I54 2019

Antiquity matters

Author: Frederic Raphael

Call Number: DE59 .R374 2017

How to do things with history : new approaches to Ancient Greece

Author: edited by Danielle Allen, Paul Christesen, and Paul Millett

Call Number: DF78 .H69 2018

Serving Byzantium's emperors : the courtly life and career of Michael Attaleiates

Author: Dimitris Krallis

Call Number: DF505.7.A88 K73 2019

Rome resurgent : war and empire in the age of Justinian

Author: Peter Heather

Call Number: DF572 .H43 2018

Ancient Rome : a new history

Author: David Potter (University of Michigan)

Call Number: DG209 .P67 2018

Brutus : the noble conspirator

Author: Kathryn Tempest

Call Number: DG260.B83 T46 2017

Servilia and her family

Author: Susan Treggiari

Call Number: DG260.S47 T74 2019

Borderology : cross-disciplinary insights from the border zone : along the Green Belt

Author: Jan Selmer Methi, Andrei Sergeev, Małgorzata Bieńkowska and Basia Nikiforova, editors

Call Number: DJK12

Encounters at the edge of the Muslim world : a political memoir of Kyrgyzstan

Author: Eugene Huskey

Call Number: DK918.6 .H88 2018

Convivencia and medieval Spain : essays in honor of Thomas F. Glick

Author: Mark T. Abate, editor

Call Number: DP99

Myths and realities of secessionisms : a constitutional approach to the Catalonian crisis

Author: Miguel Beltrán de Felipe

Call Number: DP302.C68 .B45 2019

The Taliban reader : war, Islam and politics

Author: Alex Strick van Linschoten, Felix Kuehn (editors)

Call Number: DS35.69

Break all the borders : separatism and the reshaping of the Middle East

Author: Ariel I. Ahram

Call Number: DS39.3 .A36 2019

Beyond Sunni and Shia : the roots of sectarianism in a changing Middle East

Author: Frederic Wehrey (editor)

Call Number: DS63.123 .B49 2017eb

Global responses to conflict and crisis in Syria and Yemen

Author: Amanda Guidero, Maia Carter Hallward

Call Number: DS63.123 .G85 2019

China and the Islamic world : how the new Silk Road is transforming global politics

Author: Robert R. Bianchi

Call Number: DS63.2.C5 B53 2019

Iraq after ISIS : the challenges of post-war recovery

Author: editors, Jacob Eriksson and Ahmed Khaleel

Call Number: DS79.76 .I73 2019

Syria : from national independence to proxy war

Author: editors, Linda Matar and Ali Kadri

Call Number: DS98.4

Palestine and rule of power : local dissent vs. international governance

Author: Alaa Tartir, Timothy Seidel, editors

Call Number: DS119.76 .P35 2019

Contemporary Israeli-Turkish relations in comparative perspective

Author: Ayşegül Sever, Orna Almog, editors

Call Number: DS119.8.T9 C66 2019

Hate : the rising tide of anti-Semitism in France (and what it means for us)

Author: Marc Weitzmann

Call Number: DS146.F8 W45 2019

Yemen and the world : beyond insecurity

Author: Laurent Bonnefoy ; translated by Cynthia Schoch

Call Number: DS247.Y48 B6613 2018eb

The Shah, the Islamic Revolution and the United States

Author: Darioush Bayandor

Call Number: DS318 .B338 2019

Pan-Islamic connections : transnational networks between South Asia and the Gulf

Author: edited by Christophe Jaffrelot and Laurence Louër

Call Number: DS341 .P365 2017eb

Your country, our war : the press and diplomacy in Afghanistan

Author: Katherine A. Brown

Call Number: DS371.4135 .B76 2019

Taliban Narratives : the use and power of stories in the Afghanistan conflict

Author: Thomas H. Johnson ; with Matthew DuPee and Wali Shaaker

Call Number: DS371.4135 .J646 2017eb

Persian Gulf 2018 : India's relations with the region

Author: P.R. Kumaraswamy, Md. Muddassir Quamar, Manjari Singh

Call Number: DS450.P35 K86 2019

Speaking the nation : the oratorical making of secular, neoliberal India

Author: Anandita Bajpai

Call Number: DS481.A1 B35 2018

An imperial disaster : the Bengal cyclone of 1876

Author: Benjamin Kingsbury

Call Number: DS485.B49 K56 2018

The rise of international capital : Indonesian conglomerates in ASEAN

Author: Faris Al-Fadhat

Call Number: DS525.9.I5 A44 2019

Thirteen months in China : a subaltern Indian and the colonial world : an annotated translation of Thakur Gadadhar Singh's Chīn me terah mās

Author: edited by Anand A. Yang ; translated by Anand A. Yang, Kamal Sheel, and Ranjana Sheel

Call Number: DS709 .G25 2017

Red at heart : how Chinese communists fell in love with the Russian Revolution

Author: Elizabeth McGuire

Call Number: DS740.5.S65 M38 2018

Imperial twilight : the opium war and the end of China's last golden age

Author: Stephen R. Platt

Call Number: DS757.5 .P55 2018

Development of China's cultural industry

Author: Chang Jiang [and three others], editors

Call Number: DS779.43 .D48 2019

South Korea's 70-year endeavor for foreign policy, national defense, and unification

Author: Sung-Wook Nam [and six others]

Call Number: DS917.444

The Korean War : an international history

Author: Wada Haruki (University of Tokyo) ; translated by Frank Baldwin

Call Number: DS918 .W33613 2018

The end of China's non-intervention policy in Africa

Author: Obert Hodzi

Call Number: DT38.9.C5 H63 2019

The cauldron : NATO's campaign in Libya

Author: Rob Weighill and Florence Gaub

Call Number: DT236 .W45 2018

The contexts of diaspora citizenship : Somali communities in Finland and the United States

Author: Päivi Armila, Marko Kananen, Yasemin Kontkanen, editors

Call Number: DT402.45 .C66 2019

We are the voice of the gras : interfaith peace activism in northern Uganda

Author: David A. Hoekema

Call Number: DT433.285 .H64 2019

Tribal politics in the borderland of Egypt and Libya

Author: Thomas Hüsken

Call Number: DT825.L8

The geography of South Africa : contemporary changes and new directions

Author: Jasper Knight, Christian M. Rogerson, editors

Call Number: DT1728 .G46 2019

Contested migration : Tswana women "running away" from the "land of the desert"

Author: Camilla May Cockerton

Call Number: DT1768.T89 C63 2019

When political transitions work : reconciliation as interdependence

Author: Fanie du Toit

Call Number: DT1971 .D8 2018

Australia and Africa : a new friend from the south?

Author: Nikola Pijović

Call Number: DU113.5.A35 P55 2019

Gypsy and traveller girls : silence, agency and power

Author: Geetha Marcus

Call Number: DX215 .M37 2019