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Items Acquired in June 2017 for the University Libraries

Debates in history teaching

edited by Ian Davies

Call Number: D16.2 .D43 2017

Lettow-Vorbeck's soldiers : a book of German fighting spirit and military honor

Walther Dobbertin ; translated from the German by Robert E. Dohrenwend

Call Number: D576.G3 D6 2005

Emden : the last cruise of the chivalrous raider, 1914

Franz Joseph, Prinz von Hohenzollern-Emden ; introduction by Fregattenkapitän d.R. Meinrad, Prinz von Hohenzollern-Emden ; foreword by Sir John Woodward

Call Number: D582.E6 H6413 1989

Zeppelin adventures

collected and compiled by Rolf Marben ; translated from the German by Claud W. Sykes

Call Number: D604 .M32

Der Russlandkrieg, fotografiert von Soldaten : der Bildband zu Unternehmen Barbarossa und Verbrannte Erde

Paul Carell

Call Number: D743.2 S36

Eastern inferno : the journals of a German Panzerjäger on the Eastern Front, 1941-43

edited by Christine Alexander and Mason Kunze

Call Number: D757.32 .R68 2010

Tiger : the history of a legendary weapon 1942-45

by Egon Kleine, Volkmar Kühn ; translated by David Johnston

Call Number: D757.54 .K5513 1989

E-boats and coastal craft : a selection of German wartime photographs from the Budesarchiv, Koblenz

[compiled by] Paul Beaver

Call Number: D771 .E2

Bound for Theresienstadt : love, loss and resistance in a Nazi concentration camp

Vera Schiff, with Jeff McLaughlin ; foreword by E. Randol Schoenberg

Call Number: D805.5.T54 S34 2017

Gender, sexuality, and the Cold War : a global perspective

edited by Philip E. Muehlenbeck

Call Number: D842 .G445 2017

The unruly city : Paris, London and New York in the age of revolution

Mike Rapport

Call Number: DC731 .R37 2017

America in Italy : the United States in the political thought and imagination of the Risorgimento, 1763-1865

Axel Körner

Call Number: DG499.U5 K67 2017

The modern history of Iraq

Phebe Marr, Ibrahim al-Marashi

Call Number: DS79.65 .M37 2017

The origin of the Jews : the quest for roots in a rootless age

Steven Weitzman

Call Number: DS117 .W4485 2017

The merchants of Oran : a Jewish port at the dawn of empire

Joshua Schreier

Call Number: DS135.A3 A3576 2017

The history of Afghanistan

Meredith L. Runion

Call Number: DS356 .R86 2017

The Madhesi Upsurge and the Contested Idea of Nepal

Call Number: DS493.9

Ambivalent engagement : the United States and regional security in Southeast Asia after the Cold War

Joseph Chinyong Liow

Call Number: DS525.9.U6 L56 2017

The Philippine archipelago

Yves Boquet

Call Number: DS655

Tourism and prosperity in Miao land : power and inequality in rural ethnic China

Xianghong Feng

Call Number: DS731.M5 F46 2017

The rhetoric of Mao Zedong : transforming China and its people

Xing Lu

Call Number: DS778.M3 L833 2017

A history of Algeria

James McDougall

Call Number: DT284 .M33 2017

Global, regional and local dimensions of Western Sahara's protracted decolonization : when a conflict gets old [electronic resource]

Raquel Ojeda-Garcia, Irene Fernández-Molina, Victoria Veguilla, editors

Call Number: DT346.S7

Yabar : the alienations of Murik men in a Papua New Guinea modernity

David Lipset

Call Number: DU740.42

Canada's Odyssey : a country based on incomplete conquests

Peter H. Russell

Call Number: F1026 .R937 2017

The lords of Tetzcoco : the transformation of indigenous rule in postconquest central Mexico

Bradley Benton, North Dakota State University

Call Number: F1391.T338 B45 2017

Infrastructures of race : concentration and biopolitics in colonial Mexico

Daniel Nemser

Call Number: F1392.A1 N46 2017

Paisanos Chinos : transpacific politics among Chinese immigrants in Mexico

Fredy González

Call Number: F1392.C45 G67 2017

Empire's guestworkers : Haitian migrants in Cuba during the age of the US Occupation

Matthew Casey

Call Number: F1923 .C37 2017

Modernization and political actions in the Brazilian Amazon : the City of Barcarena, Pará

João Santos Nahum

Call Number: F2651.B373

The Secrets of Hegemony [electronic resource]

by Tai-Yoo Kim, Daeryoon Kim

Call Number: HC10-1085

The diversity of emerging capitalisms in developing countries : globalization, institutional convergence and experimentation

edited by Eric Rougier and François Combarnous

Call Number: HC59.7

Infrastructural ecologies : alternative development models for emerging economies

Hillary Brown and Byron Stigge

Call Number: HC59.72.C3 B76 2017

Seeds of stability : land reform and US foreign policy

Ethan B. Kapstein, Arizona State University and Empirical Studies of Conflict Program, Princeton University

Call Number: HC60 .K348 2017

Economic consequence analysis of disasters : the E-CAT software tool

Adam Rose [and 6 others]

Call Number: HC79.D45

Social and ecological system dynamics : characteristics, trends, and integration in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia

Krystyna Stave, Goraw Goshu, Shimelis Aynalem, editors

Call Number: HC79.E5

A sustainable bioeconomy : the green industrial revolution

Mika Sillanpää, Chaker Ncibi

Call Number: HC79.E5

The give and take of sustainability : archaeological and anthropological perspectives on tradeoffs

edited by Michelle Hegmon

Call Number: HC79.E5 G547 2017

Global cities : urban environments in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and China

Robert Gottlieb and Simon Ng

Call Number: HC79.E5 G6573 2017

Transformative ecological economics : process philosophy, ideology and utopia

Ove Jakobsen

Call Number: HC79.E5 J354 2017

The Challenge of the Digital Econom : Markets, Taxation and Appropriate Economic Models

Call Number: HC79.I55

The quest for subsidy reforms in the Middle East and North Africa Region : a microsimulation approach to policy making

Paolo Verme, Abdelkrim Araar, editors

Call Number: HC79.S9 Q47 2017

The wealth paradox : economic prosperity and the hardening of attitudes

Frank Mols, University of Queensland, Australia, Jolanda Jetten, University of Queensland, Australia

Call Number: HC79.W4 M65 2017

Water, energy & food sustainability in the Middle East : the sustainability triangle

Adnan Badran, chief editor ; Sohail Murad, Elias Baydoun, Nuhad Daghir, editors

Call Number: HC85

Voice of business : the man who transformed the United States Chamber of Commerce

Richard Lesher and Dave Scheiber

Call Number: HC102.5 .L47 2017

The vision of a real free market society : re-imagining American freedom

Marcellus Andrews

Call Number: HC106.84 .A56 2017

Prospects for resilience : insights from New York City's Jamaica Bay

[edited by] Eric W. Sanderson, William D. Solecki, John R. Waldman, and Adam S. Parris

Call Number: HC110.E5 P76 2016eb

Saving for development : how Latin America and the Caribbean can save more and better

edited by Eduardo Cavallo, and Tomás Serebrisky

Call Number: HC125

Household Vulnerability and Conditional Cash Transfers : Consumption Smoothing Effects of PROGRESA-Oportunidades in Rural Mexico, 2003-2007

Call Number: HC135

Britain's political economies : Parliament and economic life, 1660-1800

Julian Hoppit, University College London

Call Number: HC254.5 .H665 2017

Indonesia and ASEAN plus three financial cooperation : domestic politics, power relations, and regulatory regionalism

Eko Saputro

Call Number: HC412

Central Asia and the Silk Road

Call Number: HC420.3

The Evolving Relationship between Economy and Environment : Theory and the Japanese Experience [electronic resource]

by Kazuhiro Okuma

Call Number: HC465.E5

Economics and Finance in Mauritius : a Modern Perspective

by Indranarain Ramlall

Call Number: HC597.5

Studies on economic development and growth in selected African countries [electronic resource]

Almas Heshmati, editor

Call Number: HC800

After Europe

Ivan Krastev

Call Number: JN30 .K73 2017

Populist threats and democracy's fate in Southeast Asia : Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia

William Case

Call Number: JQ750.A91 C37 2017

Europe's eastern crisis : the geopolitics of asymmetry

Richard Youngs, Carnegie Europe and University of Warwick

Call Number: JZ1570.A57 E839 2017

Sustainable development : goals and UN goal-setting

Stephen Browne

Call Number: JZ4972 .B759 2017

Greening democracy : the anti-nuclear movement and political environmentalism in West Germany and beyond, 1968-1983

Stephen Milder

Call Number: JZ5584.G3 M55 2017

Destined for war : can America and China escape Thucydides's trap?

Graham Allison

Call Number: JZ6385 .A45 2017