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Items Acquired in February 2017 for the University Libraries

The experience of history

Kenneth Bartlett

Call Number: D16 .B23 2017

The Rights and Aspirations of the Magna Carta

Call Number: D117.A2

Age of anger : a history of the present

Pankaj Mishra

Call Number: D217 .M45 2017

The Holocaust and European Societies : Social Processes and Social Dynamics

Call Number: D804.3

New horizons of Muslim diaspora in North America and Europe

edited by Moha Ennaji

Call Number: D842.42.M87

Challenge and Change : Global Threats and the State in Twenty-first Century International Politics

Call Number: D863

Hearts, minds, voices : U.S. Cold War public diplomacy and the formation of the Third World

Jason C. Parker

Call Number: D888.U6


Call Number: D1065.T8 B93

Europe since 1989 : a history

Philipp Ther ; translated by Charlotte Hughes-Kreutzmüller

Call Number: D2003 .T447 2016

Tangible belonging : negotiating Germanness in twentieth-century Hungary

John C. Swanson

Call Number: DB919.2.G3 S93 2016

Yolande of Aragon (1381-1442) family and power : the reverse of the tapestry

Zita Eva Rohr

Call Number: DC101.7.Y65

The mistress of Paris : the 19th-century courtesan who built an empire on a secret

Catherine Hewitt

Call Number: DC280.5.L28 H49 2017


Call Number: DC415 .G65 2017

Ernst Kantorowicz : a life

Robert E. Lerner

Call Number: DD86.7.K3 L47 2017

Heimat, region and empire : spatial identities under National Socialism

edited by Claus-Christian W. Szejnmann, Maiken Umbach

Call Number: DD256.7 .H45 2012eb

The age of Caesar : five Roman lives

Plutarch ; translated by Pamela Mensch ; edited, with preface and notes, by James Romm ; introduction by Mary Beard

Call Number: DG260.A1 P53 2017

Claretta : Mussolini's last lover

R.J.B. Bosworth

Call Number: DG575.P455 B78 2017

Mobilizing the Russian nation : patriotism and citizenship in the First World War

Melissa Kirschke Stockdale, University of Oklahoma

Call Number: DK264.8 .S76 2016

Caught in the revolution : Petrograd, Russia, 1917-- a world on the edge

Helen Rappaport

Call Number: DK265.8.L4 R37 2017

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan : life and politics during the Soviet era

Timur Dadabaev, Hisao Komatsu, editors

Call Number: DK266 .K393 2017

Homo sovieticus : brain waves, mind control, and telepathic destiny

Wladimir Velminski ; translated by Erik Butler

Call Number: DK269.5 .V45 2017

Bears in the streets : three journeys across a changing Russia

Lisa Dickey

Call Number: DK510.76 .D53 2017


Call Number: DK510.766.L58 H37 2017

Poland's Security Policy : the West, Russia, and the Changing International Order

Call Number: DK4450

Dead letters : a novel

Caite Dolan-Leach

Call Number: DOLAN

Local politics and contemporary transformations in the Arab world : governance beyond the centre

edited by Malika Bouziane, Cilja Harders, Anja Hoffmann

Call Number: DS39

Tribes and states in a changing Middle East

Uzi Rabi (editor)

Call Number: DS63.123 .T75 2016

Revolutions in the desert : the rise of mobile pastoralism in the Southern Levant

Steven A Rosen

Call Number: DS111 .R585 2017


Call Number: DS113.7 1853 2016

Orientalizing the Jew : religion, culture, and imperialism in nineteenth-century France

Julie Kalman

Call Number: DS125 .K265 2017

The creation of the German-Jewish diaspora : interwar German-Jewish immigration to Palestine, the USA, and England

Hagit Lavsky

Call Number: DS134.255 .L387 2017

What I know now

by Eleanor Hambury Must

Call Number: DS134.4 .M87 2015

Roads taken : the great Jewish migrations to the new world and the peddlers who forged the way

Hasia Diner

Call Number: DS140 .D56 2015eb

From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism : ancient and medieval Christian constructions of Jewish history

Robert Chazan, New York University

Call Number: DS146.E85 C43 2016

Inside the antisemitic mind : the language of Jew-hatred in contemporary Germany

Monika Schwarz-Friesel and Jehuda Reinharz

Call Number: DS146.G4 S39513 2017

The Armenian Genocide legacy

edited by Alexis Demirdjian

Call Number: DS195.5 .A7395 2016

Power, politics, and tradition in the Mongol Empire and the Ilkhanate of Iran

Michael Hope

Call Number: DS289 .H67 2016eb

Trading worlds : Afghan merchants across modern frontiers

Magnus Marsden

Call Number: DS380.P8 M36 2016

India Bangladesh Domestic Politics : The River Ganges Water Issues

Call Number: DS395.5

Towards Another Reason : Identity Politics and Ethical Worlds in South India

Ulrich Demmer

Call Number: DS430

Of gardens and graves : Kashmir, poetry, politics

Suvir Kaul ; photographs: Javed Dar

Call Number: DS485.K27 K38 2017


Call Number: DS511 .H65 2017

Vietnam's communist revolution : the power and limits of ideology

Tuong Vu, University of Oregon

Call Number: DS556.8 .V85 2017


Call Number: DS559.62.U6 H39 2017

A history of Malaysia

Barbara Watson Andaya and Leonard Y. Andaya

Call Number: DS596 .A76 2017

Intertidal history in island Southeast Asia : submerged genealogy and the legacy of coastal capture

Jennifer L. Gaynor

Call Number: DS632.B24 G39 2016

A world trimmed with fur : wild things, pristine places, and the natural fringes of Qing

Jonathan Schlesinger

Call Number: DS754.12 .S35 2017

China's new foreign policy : military modernisation, multilateralism and the China threat

Call Number: DS779.47

Redefining Japaneseness : Japanese Americans in the ancestral homeland

Jane H. Yamashiro

Call Number: DS832.7.A6 Y37 2017

Ethnic politics and state power in Africa : the logic of the coup-civil war trap

Philip Roessler (College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia)

Call Number: DT30.5 .R64 2016

Sorcerer's burden : the ethnographic saga of a global family [electronic resource]

Paul Stoller

Call Number: DT547.42

An African Volk : the apartheid regime and its search for survival

Jamie Miller

Call Number: DT1768.A57

Democratic South Africa's foreign policy : voting behaviour in the United Nations

Suzanne Graham

Call Number: DT1971 .G73 2016eb

Islamophobia : Understanding Anti-Muslim Racism through the Lived Experiences of Muslim Youth

Call Number: F1035.M87

The woman who turned into a jaguar, and other narratives of native women in archives of colonial Mexico

Lisa Sousa

Call Number: F1219.3.W6 S68 2017

The empirical empire : Spanish colonial rule and the politics of knowledge

Arndt Brendecke ; translated by Jeremiah Riemer

Call Number: F1411 .B745129 2016

Latin American Foreign Policies Towards the Middle East [electronic resource]

Call Number: F1416.M628

Moral ecology of a forest : the nature industry and Maya post-conservation

José E. Martínez-Reyes

Call Number: F1435.1.Q78 M365 2016

Intimations of modernity : civil culture in nineteenth-century Cuba

Louis A. Pérez Jr

Call Number: F1760 .P477 2017

America's forgotten colony : Cuba's Isle of Pines

Michael E. Neagle, Nichols College

Call Number: F1799.I8 N43 2016

Seeking imperialism's embrace : national identity, decolonization, and assimilation in the French Caribbean

Kristen Stromberg Childers

Call Number: F2151 .C53 2016

Brazil in the world : the international relations of a South American giant

Sean W. Burges

Call Number: F2523 .B74 2017

Race and the Brazilian body : Blackness, Whiteness, and everyday language in Rio de Janeiro

Jennifer Roth-Gordon

Call Number: F2659.N4 R68 2017

In the long run we are all dead : Keynesianism, political economy, and revolution,

Geoff Mann

Call Number: HC59 .M2486 2017

International relations in the post-industrial era : rephrasing the third world

Arthur A. Natella, Jr

Call Number: HC59.7 .N3143 2010

International development policy : aid, emerging economies and global policies

editor-in-chief, Gilles Carbonnier ; Coordinator, Marie Thorndahl ; editorial board, Jean-Louis Arcand [and others]

Call Number: HC60 .I58 2012eb

Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Katsuhisa Uchiyama

Call Number: HC79.E5

Quantitative Regional Economic and Environmental Analysis for Sustainability in Korea

Call Number: HC79.E5

Global sustainability as a business imperative

edited by James A.F. Stoner and Charles Wankel

Call Number: HC79.E5 G597148 2010eb

From science to startup : the inside track of technology entrepreneurship

Anil Sethi

Call Number: HC79.H53

Technology differences over space and time

Francesco Caselli

Call Number: HC79.I52 C37 2017

The Public Economy in Crisis : a Call for a New Public Economics

by June A. Sekera

Call Number: HC103

Human Rights Trade-Offs in Times of Economic Growth : the Long-Term Capability Impacts of Extractive-Led Development

Call Number: HC228.L36

Risk analysis and governance in EU policy making and regulation : an introductory guide

Bernardo Delogu

Call Number: HC240

Models of capitalism in the european union : post -crisis perspectives

Beáta Farkas

Call Number: HC240

The Marshall Plan and the shaping of American strategy

Bruce Jones, editor ; with a foreword by Strobe Talbott

Call Number: HC240 .M26 2017

Citizens, Europe and the media : have new media made citizens more Eurosceptical? [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC241

The socioeconomic evolution of the European Union : exploring the electronic frontier

Mirela Mărcuț

Call Number: HC241 .M37 2016

Economic inequality and political representation in Switzerland

Jan Rosset

Call Number: HC397

Doing business in China

Tim Ambler, Morgen Witzel and Chao Xi

Call Number: HC427.95 .A65 2017

End of hyper growth in China?

Jun Zhang

Call Number: HC427.95 .Z43 2016eb

Dictators, democrats, and development in Southeast Asia : implications for the rest

Michael T. Rock

Call Number: HC447

Technology Transfer and Economic Growth in Sub-Sahara African Countries : lessons from East Asia

Call Number: HC800

Poverty and Well-Being in East Africa : a multi-faceted economic approach [electronic resource]

Call Number: HC860

Digital Kenya : an entrepreneurial revolution in the making

Bitange Ndemo, Tim Weiss, editors

Call Number: HC865

Popular Sovereignty and Constituent Power in Latin America : Democracy from Below [electronic resource]

Call Number: JL956.S8

The Political System of Brazil

Call Number: JL2431

Attitudes towards Europe beyond euroscepticism : supporting the European Union through the crisis

Danilo Di Mauro, Vincenzo Memoli

Call Number: JN30

The Impact of Europeanization on Minority Communities

by Katharina Crepaz

Call Number: JN34.7

Governance and security issues of the European Union : challenges ahead [electronic resource]

Call Number: JN40

Mobile Media, Political Participation, and Civic Activism in Asia : Private Chat to Public Communication

Call Number: JQ36

Democratic transitions in the Arab world

edited by Ibrahim Elbadawi and Samir Makdisi

Call Number: JQ1850.A91 D464 2017

Autonomy and negotiation in foreign policy : the Beagle Channel crisis

Andres Villar Gertner

Call Number: JX1531.Z7


Call Number: JZ1305

The return of the theorists : dialogues with great thinkers in international relations

edited by Richard Ned Lebow (King's College London, UK), Peer Schouten (Danish Institute for International Studies, Denmark) and Hidemi Suganami (Aberystwyth University, UK)

Call Number: JZ1305 .R462 2016

Violence and civilization in the Western states-systems

Andrew Linklater

Call Number: JZ1316 .L56 2016

Transnational governance and South American politics : the political economy of norms

Call Number: JZ1324

Security in shared neighbourhoods : foreign policy of Russia, Turkey and the EU

edited by Remi Piet, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Diplomacy and International Political Economy, Qatar University, Qatar, and Licinia Simao, Assistant Professor in International Relations, School of Economics of the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Call Number: JZ1616 .S43 2016

States in Disguise : Causes of State Support for Rebel Groups

Belgin San-Akca

Call Number: JZ4059 .S36 2016

NGOs, Social Capital and Community Empowerment in Bangladesh

Call Number: JZ4841

International security and peacebuilding : Africa, the Middle East, and Europe

edited by Abu Bakarr Bah

Call Number: JZ5588 .I5774 2017

Nuclear Non-proliferation in International Law. Volume III, Legal Aspects of the Use of Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Purposes

Call Number: JZ5675