September 2021

The Cambridge handbook of privatization

Author: edited by Avihay Dorfman, Alon Harel

Call Number: K1366 .C36 2021

Cultural commons in the digital ecosystem

Author: Maud Pélissier

Call Number: K1401

The function of equity in international law

Author: Catharine Titi

Call Number: K247 .T58 2021

Personalized law : different rules for different people

Author: Omri Ben-Shahar, Leo Herzel Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School, Ariel Porat, Alain Poher Professor of Law and President Tel-Aviv University

Call Number: K258 .B46 2021

Constitutionalism : old dilemmas, new insights, 'proceedings from the XIII academic conference of the Colombian Constitutional Court'

Author: edited by Alejandro Linares-Cantillo ; assistant editors Camilo Valdivieso-León, Santiago García-Jaramillo

Call Number: K3165.A6 C65 2019

Reframing human rights in a turbulent era

Author: Gráinne de Búrca

Call Number: K3240 .D386 2021

Policing human rights : law, narratives and practice

Author: Richard Martin

Call Number: K3240 .M372 2021

Freedom of expression as self-restraint

Author: Matthew H. Kramer

Call Number: K3253

Beyond borders : the human rights of noncitizens at home and abroad

Author: edited by Molly Land, Kathryn Libal, Jillian Chambers

Call Number: K3274.A6 B49 2017

The new fourth branch : institutions for protecting constitutional democracy

Author: Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School

Call Number: K3289 .T848 2021

Defending democracies : combating foreign election interference in a digital age

Author: edited by Duncan B. Hollis, Jens David Ohlin

Call Number: K3304 .D44 2021

Ruling by cheating : governance in illiberal democracy

Author: András Sajó, Central European University, Budapest

Call Number: K3416 .S25 2021

Mental health, legal capacity, and human rights

Author: edited by Michael Ashley Stein, Faraaz Mahomed, Vikram Patel, Charlene Sunkel ; editorial assistant Juliana Lynn Restivo

Call Number: K3608 .M468 2021

Consumer genetic technologies : ethical and legal considerations

Author: edited by I. Glenn Cohen, Harvard Law School, Nita A. Farahany, Duke University School of Law, Henry T. Greely, Stanford Law School, Carmel Schachar, Harvard Law School

Call Number: K3611.G46 C66 2021

Less-lethal weapons under international law : a three dimensional perspective

Author: Elisabeth Hoffberger-Pippan, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Call Number: K3661 .H64 2021

State responsibility and rebels : the history and legacy of protecting investment against revolution

Author: Kathryn Greenman, University of Technology Sydney

Call Number: K3830 .G74 2021

Reforming antitrust

Author: Alan J. Devlin, Georgetown University

Call Number: K3850 .D48 2021

Air transport and pandemic law : legal, regulatory, ethical and economic issues

Author: Ruwantissa Abeyratne

Call Number: K4095 .A24 2021

Natural law theory

Author: Tom Angier

Call Number: K415 .A64 2021

The WTO anti-dumping agreement : a detailed commentary

Author: Philippe De Baere, Clotilde du Parc, Isabelle Van Damme

Call Number: K4635.A41994 B34 2021

Offensive speech, religion, and the limits of the law

Author: Nicholas Hatzis

Call Number: K5305

The Indian yearbook of comparative law 2019

Author: Mathew John, Vishwas H. Devaiah, Pritam Baruah, Moiz Tundawala, Niraj Kumar, editors

Call Number: K559 .I53 2021

Legal barbarians : identity, modern comparative law and the global South

Author: Daniel Bonilla Maldonado

Call Number: K561 .B656 2021

Cloud computing law

Author: edited by Christopher Millard

Call Number: K564.C6 C56 2021

Mental health law : abolish or reform?

Author: Kay Wilson

Call Number: K640 .W55 2021

Wilmot-Smith on construction contracts

Author: Richard Wilmot-Smith, Paul Darling

Call Number: KD1615 .W55 2021

The UK competition regime : a twenty-year retrospective

Author: edited by Barry Rodger, Peter Whelan and Angus Macculloch

Call Number: KD2218 .U5 2021

Fiduciary obligations in business

Author: edited by Arthur B. Laby, Rutgers Law School, Jacob Hale Russell, Rutgers Law School

Call Number: KF1422.A75 F53 2021

Rethinking market regulation : helping labor by overcoming economic myths

Author: John N. Drobak

Call Number: KF1609 .D76 2021

A commercial law of privacy and security for the internet of things

Author: Stacy-Ann Elvy, University of California, Davis

Call Number: KF390.5.C6 E48 2021

Power and liberty : constitutionalism in the American revolution

Author: Gordon S. Wood

Call Number: KF4541 .W659 2021

Family law in America

Author: Sanford N. Katz

Call Number: KF505 .K38 2021

Cases without controversies : uncontested adjudication in Article III courts

Author: James E. Pfander

Call Number: KF8719 .P43 2021

The company they keep : how partisan divisions came to the Supreme Court

Author: Neal Devins, Lawrence Baum

Call Number: KF8748 .D48 2019

Discussions in dispute resolution : the foundational articles

Author: Hinshaw, Schneider, and Cole

Call Number: KF9084

A casebook on the Roman law of contracts

Author: by Bruce W. Frier

Call Number: KJA2544 .F75 2021

The Brexit challenge for Ireland and the United Kingdom : constitutions under pressure

Author: edited by Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg, Jo Murkens

Call Number: KJC4445 .B74 2021

The European Union and human rights : analysis, cases, and materials

Author: Jan Wouters and Michal Ovádek

Call Number: KJC5132 .W68 2021

European Union plant variety protection

Author: Gert Würtenberger, Paul van der Kooij, Bart Kiewiet, Martin Ekvad

Call Number: KJE2751.P55 W87 2021

Fundamental rights in the EU area of freedom, security, and justice

Author: edited by Sara Iglesias, Court of Justice of the European Union; Maribel Pascual, University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona

Call Number: KJE5132 .F8595 2021

Contemporary challenges to EU legality

Author: edited by Claire Kilpatrick and Joanne Scott

Call Number: KJE947 .C66 2021

Problematizing law, rights, and childhood in Israel/Palestine

Author: Hedi Viterbo, Queen Mary University of London

Call Number: KMK1475 .V58 2021

The Asian turn in foreign investment

Author: edited by Mahdev Mohan, Chester Brown

Call Number: KNC747 .A858 2021

Land, the state, and war : property institutions and political order in Afghanistan

Author: Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili, University of Pittsburgh, Ilia Murtazashvili, University of Pittsburgh

Call Number: KNF683 .M87 2021

Implementation of Basel Accords in Bangladesh : the role of institutions

Author: A K M Kamrul Hasan, Yasushi Suzuki

Call Number: KNG885 .H37 2021

Decoding Chinese bilateral investment treaties

Author: Shen Wei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Call Number: KNQ3202 .S54 2021

Groundwater law and management in India : from an elitist to an egalitarian paradigm

Author: Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, Tony George Puthucherril, Sanu Rani Paul, editors

Call Number: KNS2522

Imperial incarceration : detention without trial in the making of British colonial Africa

Author: Michael Lobban, London School of Economics and Political Science

Call Number: KQC982.P65 L63 2021

The archival politics of international courts

Author: Henry Alexander Redwood, London South Bank University

Call Number: KZ1201.A12 R43 2021

Crafting the international order : practitioners and practices of international law since c.1800

Author: edited by Marcus M. Payk and Kim Christian Priemel

Call Number: KZ1242 .C73 2021

Human choice in international law

Author: Anna Spain Bradley, University of California, Los Angeles

Call Number: KZ1249 .S63 2021

Strengthening human rights protections in Geneva, Israel, the West Bank and beyond

Author: edited by Joseph David, Yaël Ronen, Yuval Shany, J.H.H. Weiler

Call Number: KZ1266 .S77 2021

Altruism in international law

Author: Jason Rudall

Call Number: KZ4082 .R83 2021

Commentary on the third Geneva Convention : treatment of prisoners of war

Author: Editorial Committee of the Red Cross ; editorial commitee Knut Dormann [and others] ; project team, Jean-Marie Henckaerts [and others]

Call Number: KZ6490.3 1949 I58 2021