December 2021

The Cambridge handbook of lawyering in the digital age

Author: edited by Larry A. DiMatteo, André Janssen, Pietro Ortolani, Francisco de Elizalde, Michel Cannarsa, Mateja Durovic

Call Number: K120 .L395 2019

Fundamental rights and the legal obligations of business

Author: David Bilchitz

Call Number: K1329.5 .B553 2022

State-owned entities and human rights : the role of international law

Author: Mihaela Maria Barnes, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law

Call Number: K1366 .B37 2022

Access to medicines and vaccines : implementing flexibilities under intellectual property law

Author: Carlos M. Correa, Reto M. Hilty, editors

Call Number: K1519.D78 A75 2022

Philosophical foundations of evidence law

Author: Christian Dahlman, Alex Stein, and Giovanni Tuzet

Call Number: K2261

Oxford studies in philosophy of law. Volume 4

Author: edited by John Gardner, Leslie Green, and Brian Leiter

Call Number: K230

Entangled legalities beyond the state

Author: edited by Nico Krisch, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

Call Number: K236 .E58 2022

Democratic law

Author: Seana Valentine Shiffrin ; with commentaries by Niko Kolodny, Richard R.W. Brooks, and Anna Stilz ; edited and introduced by Hannah Ginsborg

Call Number: K240 .S55 2021

Constitutional challenges in the algorithmic society

Author: edited by Hans Wolfgang Micklitz, Oreste Pollicino, Amnon Reichman, Andrea Simoncini, Giovanni Sartor, Giovanni De Gregorio

Call Number: K3165 .C5869 2022

Human rights litigation against multinationals in practice

Author: edited by Richard Meeran

Call Number: K3240

The right to protection from incitement to hatred : an unsettled right

Author: Mona Elbahtimy

Call Number: K3240 .E53 2021

Process-based fundamental rights review : practice, concept, and theory

Author: Leonie M. Huijbers

Call Number: K3240 .H95 2019

The right to science : then and now

Author: edited by Helle Porsdam, University of Copenhagen, Sebastian Porsdam Mann, University of Oxford

Call Number: K3255 .R54 2022

Why privacy matters

Author: Neil Richards

Call Number: K3263 .R53 2021

The privacy fix : how to preserve privacy in the onslaught of surveillance

Author: Robert H. Sloan, Richard Warner

Call Number: K3263 .S56 2021

Reimagining the judiciary : women's representation on high courts worldwide

Author: Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon, Valerie J. Hoekstra, Alice J. Kang, and Miki Caul Kittilson

Call Number: K3367 .E83 2021

Environmental law for transitions to sustainability

Author: edited by Marlon Boeve, Sanne Akerboom, Chris Backes, Marleen van Rijswick

Call Number: K3584.8 .E68 2021

Intergenerational justice in sustainable development treaty implementation : advancing future generations rights through national institutions

Author: edited by Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Marcel Szabo, Alexandra R. Harrington

Call Number: K3585 .I5823 2021

The right of access to environmental information

Author: Sean Whittaker, University of Dundee

Call Number: K3585 .W45 2021

The Anthem companion to Philip Selznick

Author: edited by Paul van Seters

Call Number: K370 .A68 2021

Artificial intelligence and international economic law : disruption, regulation, and reconfiguration

Author: edited by Shin-Yi Peng, National Tsing Hua University, Ching-Fu Lin, National Tsing Hua University, Thomas Streinz, New York University School of Law

Call Number: K3943.A6 A78 2021

The comprehensive and progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership : analysis and commentarythe

Author: edited by Jorge A. Huerta Goldman, TILPA, Geneva, David A. Gantz, University of Arizona

Call Number: K4600.A42018 A53 2022

The comprehensive and progressive agreement for Trans-Pacific partnership : implications for Southeast Asia

Author: edited by Cassey Lee, Pritish Bhattacharya

Call Number: K4600.A42018 C66 2021

Law and culture : reconceptualization and case studies

Author: Mateusz Stępień, Jan Bazyli Klakla, editors

Call Number: K487.C8 L38 2022

Legalising the drug wars : a regulatory history of UN drug control

Author: John Collins, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, Vienna

Call Number: K5282 .C65 2022

Autonomous organizations

Author: Shawn Bayern, Florida State University

Call Number: K564.C6 B384 2021

Essential interoperability standards : interfacing intellectual property and competition in international economic law

Author: Simon Brinsmead, Office of International Law, Attorney-General's Department (Australia)

Call Number: K564.C6 B75 2021

Cybersecurity in Poland : legal aspects

Author: edited by Katarzyna Chałubińska-Jentkiewicz, Filip Radoniewicz, Tadeusz Zieliński

Call Number: K564.C6 C93 2022

The Cambridge handbook of commons research innovations

Author: edited by Sheila R. Foster, Georgetown University School of Law, Chrystie F. Swiney, Georgetown University School of Law

Call Number: K756.A6 C45 2018

Can blockchain solve the hold-up problem in contracts?

Author: Richard Holden, Anup Malani

Call Number: K840 .H76 2021

Founders without limits : dual-class stock and the premium tier of the London Stock Exchange

Author: Bobby V. Reddy, University of Cambridge

Call Number: KD2100 .R43 2021

The law and regulation of medicines and medical devices

Author: Peter Feldschreiber

Call Number: KD3460 .F45 2021

The UK's withdrawal from the EU : a legal analysis

Author: Michael Dougan

Call Number: KD4015 .D68 2021

Pain, penance, and protest : peine forte et dure in medieval England

Author: Sara M. Butler, The Ohio State University

Call Number: KD8225.P45 B88 2022

Closing death's door : legal innovations to end the epidemic of healthcare harm

Author: Michael J. Saks and Stephan Landsman

Call Number: KF3821 .S25 2020

Who decides : states as laboratories of constitutional experimentation

Author: Jeffrey S. Sutton

Call Number: KF4530 .S889 2022

White men's law : the roots of systemic racism

Author: Peter Irons

Call Number: KF4757 .I76 2022

Feminist judgments : rewritten property opinions

Author: edited by Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod, Elena Maria Marty-Nelson

Call Number: KF560 .F46 2022

Saving the Freedom of Information Act

Author: Margaret B. Kwoka

Call Number: KF5753 .K86 2021

Five republics and one tradition : a history of constitutionalism in Chile, 1810-2020

Author: Pablo Ruiz-Tagle ; translated by Ana Luisa Goldsmith

Call Number: KHF2919 .R8513 2021

European Yearbook of Constitutional law 2019 : judicial power: safeguards and limits in a democratic society

Author: Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Gerhard van der Shyff, Maarten Stremler, editors

Call Number: KJC4445 .E8766 2020

Framing a convention community : supranational aspects of the European Convention on Human Rights

Author: Cedric Marti, University of Zurich

Call Number: KJC5132.A4195 M37 2021

Can the European Court of Human Rights shape European public order?

Author: Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou

Call Number: KJC5138 .D94 2022

International law and the European Union

Author: Jed Odermatt, City, University London

Call Number: KJE5057 .O338 2021

Reflexive governance in EU equality law

Author: Emma Lantschner

Call Number: KJE5142 .L36 2021

The evolution of EU law

Author: edited by Paul Craig and Gráinne de Búrca

Call Number: KJE947 .E99 2021

Custom, law, and monarchy : a legal history of early modern France

Author: Marie Seong-Hak Kim

Call Number: KJV263

Freedom of expression : the revolutionary roots of American and French legal thought

Author: Ioanna Tourkochoriti

Call Number: KJV4210 .T69 2022

The politics of legislative debates

Author: edited by Hanna Bäck, Marc Debus and Jorge M. Fernandes

Call Number: KMF251.6

Women and the judiciary in the Asia-Pacific

Author: edited by Melissa Crouch, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Call Number: KNC51 .W66 2022

Constitutional convergence in East Asia

Author: Po Jen Yap, The University of Hong Kong, Chien-Chih Lin, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Call Number: KNC524 .Y368 2022

Hong Kong competition law : comparative and theoretical perspectives

Author: Thomas K. Cheng and Kelvin Hiu Fai Kwok, The University of Hong Kong

Call Number: KNQ9329.3 .C44 2021

Indonesia's Ministry of Religious Affairs under Joko Widodo

Author: Syafiq Hasyim and Norshahril Saat

Call Number: KNW2688 .H37 2020

Challenges in tackling extremism in the Indonesian civil service

Author: A'an Suryana

Call Number: KNW2970 .S87 2020

Tipping points in international law : commitment and critique

Author: edited by John D. Haskell, Jean d'Aspremont

Call Number: KZ1240 .T57 2019

Transnational lawmaking coalitions for human rights

Author: Nina Reiners, University of Potsdam

Call Number: KZ1266 .R445 2022

Transboundary freshwater ecosystems in international law : the role and impact of the UNECE environmental regime

Author: Ruby Moynihan, University College Cork

Call Number: KZ3685 .M69 2021

Nuclear weapons : law, policy, and practice

Author: Stuart Casey-Maslen, University of Pretoria

Call Number: KZ5665 .C37 2021

International procedure in interstate litigation and arbitration : a comparative approach

Author: edited by Eric De Brabandere, Leiden University

Call Number: KZ6010 .I587 2022

The public uses of coercion and force : from constitutionalism to war

Author: edited by Ester Herlin-Karnell and Enzo Rossi

Call Number: KZ6396

Rebellions and civil wars : state responsibility for the conduct of insurgents

Author: Patrick Dumberry, University of Ottawa

Call Number: KZ6397 .D86 2022

Hostages and human rights : towards a victim-centred approach

Author: Sofia Galani, University of Bristol

Call Number: KZ6517 .G35 2021

Global criminal law : postnational criminal justice in the twenty-first century

Author: Adán Nieto Martín

Call Number: KZ7050 .N54 2022

The rights and obligations of states in disputed maritime areas

Author: Youri van Logchem

Call Number: KZA1686 .L64 2021