November 2018

Transnational commercial and consumer law : current trends in international business law

Author: Toshiyuki Kono, Mary Hiscock, Arie Reich, editors

Call Number: K1005

Contemporary issues in banking : regulation, governance and performance

Author: Myriam García-Olalla, Judith Clifton

Call Number: K1066 .C66 2018

Multi-dimensional approaches towards new technology : insights on innovation, patents and competition

Author: Ashish Bharadwaj, Vishwas H. Devaiah, Indranath Gupta, Editors

Call Number: K1401 .M85 2018

Authors, users, and pirates : copyright law and subjectivity

Author: James Meese

Call Number: K1420.5 .M44 2018eb

Judges, judging and humour

Author: Jessica Milner Davis, Sharyn Roach Anleu, editors

Call Number: K183 .J82 2018

Handbook of legal reasoning and argumentation

Author: Giorgio Bongiovanni, Gerald Postema, Antonio Rotolo, Giovanni Sartor, Chiara Valentini, Douglas Walton, editors

Call Number: K212 .H36 2018

The responsive judge : international perspectives

Author: Tania Sourdin, Archie Zariski editors

Call Number: K2146 .R47 2018

Law as an artifact

Author: edited by Luka Burazin, Kenneth Einar Himma, Corrado Roversi

Call Number: K235 .L382 2018

Oxford studies in philosophy of law. Volume 3

Author: edited by John Gardner, Leslie Green, Brian Leiter

Call Number: K235 .O94 2018

Proportionality in law : an analytical perspective

Author: David Duarte, Jorge Silva Sampaio, editors

Call Number: K247 .P767 2018

An unamendable constitution? : unamendability in constitutional democracies

Author: Richard Albert, Bertil Emrah Oder, editors

Call Number: K3168 .U53 2018

The rule of law in an era of change : responses to transnational challenges and threats

Author: George J. Anopoulos, Rosemary L. Barberet, Mahesh K. Nalla, editors

Call Number: K3171

Global justice, human rights and the modernization of international law

Author: editors, Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi, Pasquale De Sena, editors

Call Number: K3240 .G56 2018

Collective consciousness and gender

Author: Alexandra Walker

Call Number: K3243

Landscape protection in international law

Author: Amy Strecker

Call Number: K3520 .S87 2018

Emissions trading schemes under international economic law

Author: James Munro

Call Number: K3593.5.C37 M86 2018

Cultural heritage and international law : objects, means and ends of international protection

Author: Evelyne Lagrange, Stefan Oeter, Robert Uerpmann-Wittzack, editors

Call Number: K3791 .C857 2018

Enforcement and effectiveness of consumer law

Author: Hans-W. Micklitz, Geneviève Saumier, editors

Call Number: K3842

Antitrust analysis of online sales platforms & copyright limitations and exceptions

Author: Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Këllezi, editors

Call Number: K3850.A6 A57 2018

Law and regulation of air cargo

Author: Ruwantissa Abeyratne

Call Number: K4095 .A23 2018

The moral conflict of law and neuroscience

Author: Peter A. Alces

Call Number: K487.S3 A85 2018eb

Plea negotiations : pragmatic justice in an imperfect world

Author: Asher Flynn, Arie Freiberg

Call Number: K5458 .F59 2018

International construction contract law

Author: by Lukas Klee, Advisor, Lecturer, Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Expert Witness, Owner at Klee Consulting, Prague, Czech Republic

Call Number: K891.B8 K54 2018

Forward lease sukuk in Islamic capital markets : structure and governing rules

Author: Ahcene Lahnansa, M. Kabir Hassan, Rubi Ahmad

Call Number: KBP880.A32

Flunking democracy : schools, courts, and civic participation

Author: Michael A. Rebell

Call Number: KF4124.5 .R42 2018eb

State constitutional politics : governing by amendment in the American states

Author: John Dinan

Call Number: KF4555.A25 D56 2018

Policy drift : shared powers and the making of U.S. law and policy

Author: Norma M. Riccucci

Call Number: KF4945 .R53 2018eb

Legally straight : sexuality, childhood, and the cultural value of marriage

Author: Joe Rollins

Call Number: KF539 .R65 2018eb

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. and legal logic

Author: Frederic R. Kellogg

Call Number: KF8745.H6 K449 2018eb

Foundational principles of contract law

Author: Melvin A. Eisenberg

Call Number: KF889.85

International Dispute Resolution : Selected Issues in International Litigation and Arbitration

Author: Vesna Lazic, Steven Stuij, editors

Call Number: KJE3802

Remembering and forgetting in the digital age

Author: Florent Thouvenin, Peter Hettich, Herbert Burkert, Urs Gasser ; and with individual contributions from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger [and more]

Call Number: KJE6071

What's left of the law of integration? : decay and resistance in European Union law

Author: Julio Baquero Cruz

Call Number: KJE947 .B37 2018

Chemical regulation in the Middle East

Author: by Michael S. Wenk

Call Number: KMC634

Educational governance in China

Author: Ming Yang, Hao Ni

Call Number: KNQ3138

Indonesian law

Author: Simon Butt and Tim Lindsey

Call Number: KNW68 .B88 2018

The Trump administration and international law

Author: Harold Hongju Koh

Call Number: KZ3410 .K64 2018

Winning together : the natural resource negotiation playbook

Author: Bruno Verdini Trejo

Call Number: KZ6047 .V47 2017eb

The use of force against Ukraine and international law : Jus Ad Bellum, Jus In Bello, Jus Post Bellum

Author: Sergey Sayapin, Evhen Tsybulenko, editors

Call Number: KZ6396 .U74 2018