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Items Acquired in January 2018 for the University Libraries

Intellectual property and innovation protection : new practices and new policy issues

Rémi Lallement

Call Number: K1401

The subject matter of intellectual property

Justine Pila

Call Number: K1401 .P63 2017

Copyright user rights : contracts and the erosion of property

Pascale Chapdelaine

Call Number: K1420.5 .C43 2017eb

Artistic license : the philosophical problems of copyright and appropriation

Darren Hudson Hick

Call Number: K1420.5 .H53 2017eb

Experiencing other minds in the courtroom

Neal Feigenson

Call Number: K2261 .F457 2016eb

The laws protecting animals and ecosystems

Paul A. Rees

Call Number: K3620 .R44 2018

Solving the Internet jurisdiction puzzle

Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

Call Number: K564.C6 S88 2017

Subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in domestic courts [electronic resource]

Katharina Berner

Call Number: K672

The dignity of commerce : markets and the moral foundations of contract law

Nathan B. Oman

Call Number: K840 .O57 2016eb

Defaming the dead

Don Herzog

Call Number: K930 .H47 2017

The legal thought of Jalāl al-Din al-Suyūmī : authority and legacy

Rebecca Skreslet Hernandez

Call Number: KBP330.S97 S57 2017

The criterion for distinguishing legal opinions from judicial rulings and the administrative acts of judges and rulers

Shihāb al-Dīn Aḥmad ibn Idrīs al-Qarāfī al-Mālikī ; translated by Mohammad H. Fadel

Call Number: KBP440.25.Q37 I35 2017

The JCT minor works building contracts 2016

by Dr. David Chappell, BA(Hons Arch), MA(Arch) MA(Law), PhD RIBA David Chappell Consultancy Limited, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Call Number: KD1615

Insurance regulation in the European Union : Solvency II and beyond [electronic resource]

Pierpaolo Marano, Michele Siri, editors

Call Number: KD1859

Family law and personal life

John Eekelaar

Call Number: KD750

EU General data protection regulation (GDPR) : an implementation and compliance guide

IT Governance Privacy Team

Call Number: KF1263.C65

Creativity without law : challenging the assumptions of intellectual property

edited by Kate Darling and Aaron Perzanowski

Call Number: KF2979

Music rights unveiled : a filmmaker's guide to music rights and licensing

Brooke Wentz & Maryam Battaglia

Call Number: KF3035

Vaccine court : the law and politics of injury [electronic resource]

Anna Kirkland

Call Number: KF3808

The new eugenics : selective breeding in an era of reproductive technologies

Judith Daar

Call Number: KF3830 .D325 2017eb

Supreme injustice : slavery in the nation's highest court

Paul Finkelman

Call Number: KF4545.S5 F567 2018

Litigating across the color line : civil cases between black and white southerners from the end of slavery to civil rights

Melissa Milewski

Call Number: KF4757

Self-evident truths : contesting equal rights from the Revolution to the Civil War

Richard D. Brown

Call Number: KF4764 .B76 2017

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the feminist foundations of family law

Tracy A. Thomas

Call Number: KF505 .T46 2016eb

Tax research techniques

Robert L. Gardner, Dave N. Stewart, Ronald G. Worsham

Call Number: KF6289

J.K. Lasser's small business taxes 2018 : your complete guide to a better bottom line

Barbara Weltman

Call Number: KF6491

Evidence of the law : proving legal claims

Gary Lawson

Call Number: KF8935

Habeas corpus in wartime : from the Tower of London to Guantánamo Bay

Amanda L. Tyler

Call Number: KF9011 .T958 2017eb

Blaming mothers : American law and the risks to children's health

Linda C. Fentiman

Call Number: KF9323

From the democratic deficit to a democratic surplus : constructing administrative democracy in Europe

Athanasios Psygkas

Call Number: KJE5307 .P79 2017eb

EU Internet law : regulation and enforcement [electronic resource]

Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou, Philippe Jougleux, Christiana Markou, Thalia Prastitou, editors

Call Number: KJE959.5.C65

Subnational authorities in EU law

Michèle Finck

Call Number: KJE969

Child rights in India : law, policy, and practice

Asha Bajpai

Call Number: KNS1475 .B35 2017

Large-scale land investments in least developed countries : legal conflicts between investment and human rights protection [electronic resource]

Luis Tomás Montilla Fernández

Call Number: KPV3057

A conviction in question : the first trial at the International Criminal Court

Jim Freedman

Call Number: KZ1216.D95 F74 2017

World peace through law : replacing war with the global rule of law

James Taylor Ranney

Call Number: KZ6010 .R366 2018

The International Criminal Court and Africa

edited by Charles Chernor Jalloh and Ilias Bantekas

Call Number: KZ7312 .I57799 2017