Mathematics & Statistics

December 2021

Computing and combinatorics : 27th International Conference, COCOON 2021, Tainan, Taiwan, October 24-26, 2021, Proceedings

Author: Chi-Yeh Chen, Wing-Kai Hon, Ling-Ju Hung, Chia-Wei Lee (eds.)

Call Number: QA164 .C63 2021eb

Line graphs and line digraphs

Author: Lowell W. Beineke, Jay S. Bagga

Call Number: QA166 .B45 2021

A handbook of model categories

Author: Scott Balchin

Call Number: QA169 .B35 2021

Homological theory of representations

Author: Henning Krause

Call Number: QA169 .K73 2022

Online learning in mathematics education

Author: Karen Hollebrands, Robin Anderson, Kevin Oliver, editors

Call Number: QA20.C65 O55 2021

Interval-valued methods in classifications and decisions

Author: Urszula Bentkowska

Call Number: QA248.5 .B46 2020

Graphs from rings

Author: David F. Anderson, T. Asir, Ayman Badawi, T. Tamizh Chelvam

Call Number: QA251.3 .A43 2021

Computational cryptography : algorithmic aspects of cryptology

Author: edited by Joppe W. Bos, NXP Semiconductors, Belgium, Martijn Stam, Simula UiB, Norway

Call Number: QA268 .C693 2021

Stochastic partial differential equations : an introduction

Author: Étienne Pardoux

Call Number: QA274.25 .P37 2021

Orthogonal polynomials in the spectral analysis of Markov processes : birth-death models and diffusion

Author: Manuel Domínguez de la Iglesia

Call Number: QA274.75 .I42 2022

Scheduling and control of queueing networks

Author: Gideon Weiss

Call Number: QA274.8 .W43 2022

Eserciziario di Statistica Inferenziale

Author: Francesca Gasperoni, Francesca Ieva, Anna Maria Paganoni

Call Number: QA276

Applied regression modeling

Author: Iain Pardoe, Thompson Rivers University, The Pennsylvania State University

Call Number: QA278.2 .P363 2021

Algorithmic decision theory : 7th international conference, ADT 2021, Toulouse, France, November 3-5, 2021 : proceedings

Author: Dimitris Fotakis, David Ríos Insua (eds.)

Call Number: QA279.4 .A38 2021

Mathematical control and numerical applications : JANO13, Khouribga, Morocco, February 22-24, 2021

Author: Abdeljalil Nachaoui, Abdelilah Hakim, Amine Laghrib, editors

Call Number: QA297 .N86 2021

From analysis to visualization : a celebration of the life and legacy of Jonathan M. Borwein, Callaghan, Australia, September 2017

Author: David H. Bailey, Naomi Simone Borwein, Richard P. Brent, Regina S. Burachik, Judy-anne Heather Osborn, Brailey Sims, Qiji J. Zhu, editors

Call Number: QA3

Sharpening mathematical analysis skills

Author: Alina Sîntămărian, Ovidiu Furdui

Call Number: QA300 .S56 2021

Generalized ordinary differential equations in abstract spaces and applications

Author: edited by Everaldo M. Bonotto, Márcia Federson, Jacqueline G. Mesquita

Call Number: QA372

Studies in evolution equations and related topics

Author: Gaston M. N'Guérékata, Bourama Toni, editors

Call Number: QA377.3 .S78 2021

Mathematical methods and modelling in applied sciences

Author: Mehmet Zeki Sarıkaya, Hemen Dutta, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir, Hari M. Srivastava, editors

Call Number: QA401

Systems with persistent memory : controllability, stability, identification

Author: Luciano Pandolfi

Call Number: QA401 .P36 2021

Linear time-invariant systems, behaviors and modules

Author: Ulrich Oberst, Martin Scheicher, Ingrid Scheicher

Call Number: QA402

Linear algebra based controllers : design and applications

Author: Gustavo Scaglia, Mario Emanuel Serrano, Pedro Albertos

Call Number: QA402.3 .S32 2020eb

Learning decision sequences for repetitive processes--selected algorithms

Author: Wojciech Rafajłowicz

Call Number: QA402.5 .R34 2022

A course on integral equations with numerical analysis : advanced numerical analysis

Author: Tofigh Allahviranloo, Armin Esfandiari

Call Number: QA431 .A45 2022

Non-Euclidean Laguerre geometry and incircular nets

Author: Alexander I. Bobenko, Carl O.R. Lutz, Helmut Pottmann, Jan Techter

Call Number: QA551 .B63 2021

Topological data analysis with applications

Author: Gunnar Carlsson, Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson

Call Number: QA611 .C29 2022

Equivariant topology and derived algebra

Author: edited by Scott Balchin, David Barnes, Magdalena Kędziorek, Markus Szymik

Call Number: QA611.3 .E68 2022

Topological, differential and conformal geometry of surfaces

Author: Norbert A'Campo

Call Number: QA649 .A33 2021

Kant's mathematical world : mathematics, cognition, and experience

Author: Daniel Sutherland, University of Illinois, Chicago

Call Number: QA8.4 .S945 2022

Introduction to Lagrangian dynamics

Author: Aron Wolf Pila

Call Number: QA871 .P55 2020

Paradoxes and inconsistent mathematics

Author: Zach Weber

Call Number: QA9 .W43 2021

An introduction to proof theory : normalization, cut-elimination, and consistency proofs

Author: Paolo Mancosu, Sergio Galvan, Richard Zach

Call Number: QA9.54 .M36 2021

Modelling puzzles in first order logic

Author: Adrian Groza

Call Number: QA95 .G76 2021