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Items Acquired in February 2017 for the University Libraries

Congressus numerantium

Call Number: QA1 .C76

Algorithm engineering : selected results and surveys

Lasse Kliemann, Peter Sanders (eds.)

Call Number: QA9.58

The ascent of Mary Somerville in 19th century society [electronic resource]

Elisabetta Strickland

Call Number: QA29.S66

Mathematical methods in the physical sciences

Mary L. Boas

Call Number: QA37.2 .B59 1983

Elementary numerical mathematics for programmers and engineers

Gisbert Stoyan, Agnes Baran

Call Number: QA39.3

Algebra and its Applications : ICAA, Aligarh, India, December 2014

Syed Tariq Rizvi, Asma Ali, Vincenzo De Filippis, editors

Call Number: QA150

Extended abstracts Spring 2015 : interactions between representation theory, algebraic topology and commutative algebra

Dolors Herbera, Wolfgang Pitsch, Santiago Zarzuela, editors

Call Number: QA155

Extended Abstracts Spring 2015 : Interactions between Representation Theory, Algebraic Topology and Commutative Algebra

Call Number: QA155

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college algebra

Murray R. Spiegel, Robert E. Moyer

Call Number: QA157 .S725 1998

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of abstract algebra

Frank Ayres, Jr., Lloyd R. Jaisingh

Call Number: QA162 .A97 2004

Introduction to combinatorics

Walter D. Wallis, John C. George

Call Number: QA164 .W35 2017

Change and invariance : a textbook on algebraic insight into numbers and shapes

Ilya Sinitsky (Gordon Academic College of Education, Shaanan Religious College of Education, Israel) and Bat-Sheva Ilany (Hemdat Hadarom Academic College of Education, Israel)

Call Number: QA174.7.S96 S58 2016eb

Computational analysis : AMAT, Ankara, May 2015 selected contributions

George A. Anastassiou, Oktay Duman, editors

Call Number: QA221 .I542 2015eb

Quadratic residues and non-residues : selected topics

Steve Wright

Call Number: QA242

Nice Numbers

Call Number: QA242

Integral points on algebraic varieties : an introduction to diophantine geometry

Pietro Corvaja

Call Number: QA242.5

Problems in the Theory of Modular Forms

Call Number: QA243

Number theory : an introduction via the distribution of primes

Benjamin Fine, Gerhard Rosenberger

Call Number: QA246 .F55 2007eb

Collected works. Volume I,@Band I, Set Theory, Miscellanea =@Mengenlehre, Varia : Gesammelte Werke.

edited by/Herausgegeben von Heinz-Dieter Ebbinghaus, Akihiro Kanamori

Call Number: QA248 .Z476 2010

Applied algebra : codes, ciphers, and discrete algorithms

Darel W. Hardy, Fred Richman, Carol L. Walker

Call Number: QA268 .H365 2009

Ordered Random Variables : Theory and Applications

Call Number: QA273

Probability logics : probability-based formalization of uncertain reasoning

Zoran Ognjanović, Miodrag Rašković, Zoran Marković

Call Number: QA273 .O36 2016

Introduction to probability models

Sheldon M. Ross

Call Number: QA273 .R84 2003

Probability and statistics with integrated software routines

Ronald Deep

Call Number: QA273.19.E4 D44 2006

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of probability, random variables, and random processes

Hwei P. Hsu

Call Number: QA273.25 .H78 1997

Hilbert's seventh problem : solutions and extensions

Robert Tubbs

Call Number: QA273.6

Essentials of stochastic processes

Richard Durrett

Call Number: QA274

Yosida approximations of stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensions and applications

T.E. Govindan

Call Number: QA274.23

Asymptotic analysis for functional stochastic differential equations

Jianhai Bao, George Yin, Chenggui Yuan

Call Number: QA274.25

Statistical causal inferences and their applications in public health research

Hua He, Pan Wu, Ding-Geng (Din) Chen, editors

Call Number: QA276

Statistical applications from clinical trials and personalized medicine to finance and business analytics : selected papers from the 2015 ICSAGraybill Applied Statistics Symposium, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Jianchang Lin, Bushi Wang, Xiaowen Hu, Kun Chen, Ray Liu, editors

Call Number: QA276.A1

Advanced R : data programming and the cloud

Matt Wiley, Joshua F. Wiley

Call Number: QA276.45.R3

An introduction to data analysis using aggregation functions in R

Simon James

Call Number: QA276.45.R3

Compositional data analysis : CoDaWork, L'Escala, Spain, June 2015

Josep Antoni Martín-Fernández, Santiago Thió-Henestrosa, editors

Call Number: QA278

Statistical learning from a regression perspective

Richard A. Berk

Call Number: QA278.2

Hardy type inequalities on time scales

Ravi P. Agarwal, Donal O'Regan, Samir H. Saker

Call Number: QA295

Numerical mathematics and advanced applications ENUMATH 2015

Bülent Karasözen, Murat Manguoğlu, Münevver Tezer-Sezgin, Serdar Göktepe, Ömür Uğur, editors

Call Number: QA297

Modern trends in hypercomplex analysis

Swanhild Bernstein, Uwe Kähler, Irene Sabadini, Franciscus Sommen, editors

Call Number: QA299.6

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of calculus for business, economics, and the social sciences

Edward T. Dowling

Call Number: QA303 .D768 1990

Calculus problems

Marco Baronti, Filippo De Mari, Robertus van der Putten, Irene Venturi

Call Number: QA303.2

Ergodic theory and dynamical systems

Yves Coudène ; translated by Reinie Erné

Call Number: QA313

The fractional trigonometry : with applications to fractional differential equations and science

Carl F. Lorenzo, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Tom T. Hartley, The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

Call Number: QA314

Fundamentals of functional analysis

by Douglas Farenick

Call Number: QA320

The Kadison-Singer property

Marco Stevens,

Call Number: QA326

A complex analysis problem book

Daniel Alpay

Call Number: QA331

Elementary functions : algorithms and implementation

J.M. Muller

Call Number: QA331

An introduction to special functions

Carlo Viola

Call Number: QA351

The limit shape problem for ensembles of young diagrams

Akihito Hora

Call Number: QA371

Ordinary differential equations : basics and beyond

David G. Schaeffer, John W. Cain

Call Number: QA371

Schaum's outline series of theory and problems of differential equations

F. Ayres

Call Number: QA372 .A52

Exact boundary controllability of nodal profile for quasilinear hyperbolic systems [electronic books]

Tatsien Li, Ke Wang, Qilong Gu

Call Number: QA379

Playing around resonance : an invitation to the search of periodic solutions for second order ordinary differential equations

Alessandro Fonda

Call Number: QA379

Teaching and learning mathematical modelling

Call Number: QA401

Optimal control and estimation

Robert F. Stengel

Call Number: QA402.3 .S76 1994

Advances in stochastic and deterministic global optimization

Panos M. Pardalos, Anatoly Zhigljavsky, Julius Žilinskas, editors

Call Number: QA402.5

Conceptual wavelets in digital signal processing : an in-depth, practical approach for the non-mathematician

D. Lee Fugal

Call Number: QA403.3 .F84 2009

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of Fourier analysis, : with applications to boundary value problems,

by Murray R. Spiegel

Call Number: QA403.5 .S66

An introduction to incidence geometry

Bart De Bruyn

Call Number: QA455

Measurement and geometry in upper primary school

Koeno Gravemeijer, Nisa Figueiredo, Els Feijs, Frans van Galen, Ronald Keijzer and Fokke Munk ; translated into English by Charles Frink

Call Number: QA465 .G81813 2016eb

The Perfect Shape : Spiral Stories

Call Number: QA483

Arbeitstagung Bonn 2013 : in memory of Friedrich Hirzebruch

Werner Ballmann, Christian Blohmann, Gerd Faltings, Peter Teichner, Don Zagier, editors

Call Number: QA564

Topological fixed point theory of multivalued mappings

by Lech Górniewicz

Call Number: QA611.7 .G67 2006eb

Manifolds and K-theory : conference on manifolds, K-theory, and related topics, June 23-27, 2014, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Gregory Arone [and four others], editors

Call Number: QA612.33 .M36 2017

Dynamical systems on 2- and 3-Manifolds

Viacheslav Z. Grines, Timur V. Medvedev, Olga V. Pochinka

Call Number: QA613.2

Geometry of Cauchy-Riemann submanifolds

Sorin Dragomir, Mohammad Hasan Shahid, Falleh R. Al-Solamy, editors

Call Number: QA649

Mathematical methods of classical mechanics

V.I. Arnold ; translated by K. Vogtmann and A. Weinstein

Call Number: QA805 .A6813 1989

The theory of the top. Vol. 1, Introduction to the kinematics and kinetics of the top

Felix Klein, Arnold Sommerfeld ; Raymond J. Nagem, Guido Sandri, translators

Call Number: QA862.T7 K68 2008

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of fluid dynamics : with an introduction to subsonic and supersonic flow ...

William F. Hughes, John A. Brighton

Call Number: QA911 .H88 1967


Call Number: QA911 .I84 2017