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Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Items Acquired in June 2017 for the University Libraries

Contact mechanics and friction : physical principles and applications

Valentin L. Popov

Call Number: TA353 .P6713 2017eb

Energy Materials 2014 : conference proceedings : November 4-6, 2014, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China

organized by The Chinese Society for Metals and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

Call Number: TA401.3

PRICM 8 : proceedings of the 8th Pacific Rim International Congress on Advanced Materials and Processing : sponsored by The Chinese Society for Metals (CSM), The Japan Institute of Metals (JIM), The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM), Materials Australi

edited by Fernand Marquis

Call Number: TA401.3 .P335 2013eb

Materials design and applications

Lucas F.M. da Silva, editor

Call Number: TA403.6

Materials for a healthy, ecological and sustainable built environment : principles for evaluation

Emina Kristina Petrović, Brenda Vale, Maibritt Pedersen Zari

Call Number: TA403.6

Mechanics for materials and technologies

Holm Altenbach, Robert V. Goldstein, Evgenii Murashkin, editors

Call Number: TA404.8

Foundations of elastoplasticity : subloading surface model

Koichi Hashiguchi

Call Number: TA418

Wave dynamics and composite mechanics for microstructured materials and metamaterials

Mezhlum A. Sumbatyan, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.C6

Carbon fibre from lignin

Pratima Bajpai

Call Number: TA418.9.C6

On the time and temperature dependent behaviour of laminated amorphous polymers subjected to low-velocity impact

Andreas Rühl

Call Number: TA418.9.C6

High performance natural fiber-nanoclay reinforced cement nanocomposites

It-Meng Low, Ahmad Hakamy, Faiz Shaikh

Call Number: TA418.9.C6

Natural fiber-reinforced biodegradable and bioresorbable polymer composites

edited by Alan Kin-Tak Lau, Ada Pui-Yan Hung

Call Number: TA418.9.C6

Complex magnetic nanostructures : synthesis, assembly and applications

Surender Kumar Sharma, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Mechanical behaviors of carbon nanotubes : theoretical and numerical approaches

K.M. Liew, Jian-Wei Yan, Lu-Wen Zhang

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Inorganic nanosheets and nanosheet-based materials : fundamentals and applications of two-dimensional systems

Teruyuki Nakato, Jun Kawamata, Shinsuke Takagi, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Magnetic characterization techniques for nanomaterials

Challa S.S.R. Kumar, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Recent trends in materials science and applications : nanomaterials, crystal growth, thin films, quantum dots, & spectroscopy (Proceedings ICRTMSA 2016)

edited by Jeyasingh Ebenezar, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Properties and applications of polymer nanocomposites : clay and carbon based polymer nanocomposites [electronic resource]

Deba Kumar Tripathy, Bibhu Prasad Sahoo, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Defect structure and properties of nanomaterials

Jenö Gubicza

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Convection in porous media

Donald A. Nield, Adrian Bejan

Call Number: TA418.9.P6 N54 2017eb

Concrete durability : cementitious materials and reinforced concrete properties, behavior and corrosion resistance

Luis Emilio Rendon Diaz Miron, Dessi A. Koleva, editors

Call Number: TA440

Strengthening of concrete structures using fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) : design, construction and practical applications

Hwai-Chung Wu and Christopher D. Eamon

Call Number: TA443.P58

ICAA13 Pittsburg : proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys

edited by Hasso Weiland, Anthony D. Rollett, William A. Cassada

Call Number: TA480.A6 I55 2012

Discontinuously reinforced titanium matrix composites : microstructure design and property optimization

Lujun Huang, Lin Geng

Call Number: TA481

Fatigue and fracture of fibre metal laminates

René Alderliesten

Call Number: TA481.5

Advances in shape memory materials : in commemoration of the retirement of Professor Hisaaki Tobushi

Qingping Sun, Ryosuke Matsui, Kohei Takeda, Elżbieta A. Pieczyska, editors

Call Number: TA487

2nd International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Plant Engineering

M. Awang, editor

Call Number: TS176

Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2017)

edited by Paul Mason, Charles R. Fisher, Ryan Glamm, Michele V. Manuel, Georg J. Schmitz, Amarendra K. Singh, Alejandro Strachan

Call Number: TS176

Microforming technology : theory, simulation and practice

Zhengyi Jiang, Jingwei Zhao, Haibo Xie

Call Number: TS176

Manufacturing integrated design : sheet metal product and process innovation

Peter Groche, Enrico Bruder, Sebastian Gramlich, editor

Call Number: TS183

Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies : NEWTECH 2017

Vidosav Majstorovic, Zivana Jakovljevic, editors

Call Number: TS183

Advanced manufacturing technologies : modern machining, advanced joining, sustainable manufacturing

Kapil Gupta, editor

Call Number: TS183

Expectations and disappointments of industrial innovations

Gideon Halevi

Call Number: TS183

Construction robots : elementary technologies and single-task construction robots

Thomas Bock, Thomas Linner

Call Number: TS191.8

Advanced graphic communications and media technologies

Pengfei Zhao [and four others], editors

Call Number: TS195.A1

Advances in mechanical engineering : selected contributions from the Conference "Modern Engineering: Science and Education", Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 2016

Alexander N. Evgrafov, editor

Call Number: TJ5

Mathematical modelling in solid mechanics

Francesco dell'Isola, Mircea Sofonea, David Steigmann, editors

Call Number: TJ153

Assessment of Energy Sources Using GIS [electronic resource]

Call Number: TJ163.2

Probabilistic prognostics and health management of energy systems

Stephen Ekwaro-Osire, Aparecido Carlos Gonçalves, Fisseha M. Alemayehu, editors

Call Number: TJ163.2

Green defense technology : triple net zero energy, water and waste models and applications

edited by Michael Goodsite, Sirkku Juhola

Call Number: TJ163.5.M54

Rotating machinery, hybrid test methods, vibro-acoustics & laser vibrometry. Volume 8 : : proceedings of the 35th IMAC, a Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics 2017

Dario Di Maio, Paolo Castellini, editors

Call Number: TJ170

Advances in automation and robotics research in Latin America : proceedings of the 1st Latin American Congress on Automation and Robotics, Panama City, Panama 2017

Ignacio Chang, José Baca, Héctor A. Moreno, Isela G. Carrera, Manuel N. Cardona, editors

Call Number: TJ211

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 : the Mayan adventure

Mark Bell, James Floyd Kelly

Call Number: TJ211.15

Educational robotics in the makers era

Dimitris Alimisis, Michele Moro, Emanuele, editors

Call Number: TJ211.26

Geometric and numerical foundations of movements

Jean-Paul Laumond, Nicolas Mansard, Jean-Bernard Lasserre, editors

Call Number: TJ211.4

Wheeled mobile robotics : from fundamentals towards autonomous systems

Gregor Klancar, Andrej Zdesar, Saso Blazic, Igor Škrjanc

Call Number: TJ211.415

ROS robotics projects : build a variety of awesome robots that can see, sense, move, and do a lot more using the powerful Robot Operating System

Lentin Joseph

Call Number: TJ211.45

Advances in human factors in robots and unmanned systems : proceedings of the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Human Factors in Robots and Unmanned Systems, July 27-31, 2016, Walt Disney World, Florida, USA

Pamela Savage-Knepshield, Jessie Chen, editors

Call Number: TJ211.49

Love and sex with robots : second International Conference, LSR 2016, London, UK, December 19-20, 2016, Revised selected papers

Adrian David Cheok, Kate Devlin, David Levy (eds.)

Call Number: TJ211.49

Smart electromechanical systems : the central nervous system [electronic resource]

Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Vugar G. Kurbanov, editors

Call Number: TJ213

Optimization and Control for Systems in the Big-Data Era : Theory and Applications [electronic resource]

Call Number: TJ213

Cyber-physical system design from an architecture analysis viewpoint : communications of NII Shonan Meetings

Shin Nakajima, Jean-Pierre Talpin, Masumi Toyoshima, Huafeng Yu, editors

Call Number: TJ213

Time Delay Systems : Theory, Numerics, Applications, and Experiments

Call Number: TJ216

Feedback stabilization of controlled dynamical systems : in honor of Laurent Praly

Nicolas Petit, editor

Call Number: TJ216

Applications of sliding mode control in science and engineering

Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Chang-Hua Lien, editors

Call Number: TJ220.5

Arduino programming with .NET and sketch

Agus Kurniawan

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Electronics cookbook : practical electronic recipes with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Simon Monk

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Arduino playground : geeky projects for the experienced maker

Warren Andrews

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Learning C for Arduino : a comprehensive guide that will help you ace C's fundamentals using the powerful Arduino board

Syed Omar Faruk Towaha

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Arduino for kids : a cool guide to help kids develop robots and electronics

Priya Kuber, Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar, Vijay Varada ; foreword by Dhairya Dand, Anirudh Sharma

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Heat recovery steam generator technology

edited by Vernon L. Eriksen

Call Number: TJ319

Combustion engine diagnosis : model-based condition monitoring of gasoline and diesel engines and their components

Rolf Isermann

Call Number: TJ759

Energy harvesting and energy efficiency : technology, methods, and applications

Nicu Bizon, Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei, Frede Blaabjerg, Erol Kurt, editors

Call Number: TJ808

Marine renewable energy : resource characterization and physical effects

Zhaoqing Yang, Andrea Copping, editors

Call Number: TJ808

Complex systems and social practices in energy transitions : framing energy sustainability in the time of renewables

Nicola Labanca, editor

Call Number: TJ808

Integration of large scale renewable energy into bulk power systems : from planning to operation [electronic resource]

Pengwei Du, Ross Baldick, Aidan Tuohy, editors

Call Number: TJ808

Optimization in renewable energy systems : recent perspectives

edited by Ozan Erdinç, PhD, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Call Number: TJ808

Cavitation instabilities and rotordynamic effects in turbopumps and hydroturbines : turbopump and inducer cavitation, experiments and design

Luca d'Agostino, Maria Vittoria Salvetti, editors

Call Number: TJ844

Applications of nanofluid for heat transfer enhancement

Mohsen Sheikholeslami, Davood Domairry Ganji

Call Number: TJ853.4.M53

Nanotribology and nanomechanics : an introduction

Bharat Bhushan, editor

Call Number: TJ1075

Ultraprecision machining of hybrid freeform surfaces using multiple-axis diamond turning

Dennis Wee Keong Neo

Call Number: TJ1185

Electromagnetic seabed logging : a new tool for geoscientists

Stéphane Sainson ; translated from French by Linda Sainson

Call Number: TN269

Oil and gas exploration in Cuba : geological-structural cartography using potential fields and airborne gamma spectrometry

Manuel Enrique Pardo Echarte, Jorge Luis Cobiella Reguera

Call Number: TN271.P4

Deep-sea mining : resource potential, technical and environmental considerations

Rahul Sharma

Call Number: TN291.5

Essential readings in light metals. Volume 2, Aluminum reduction technology

edited by Geoff Bearne, Marc Dupuis and Gary Tarcy

Call Number: TN775

Geostatistical methods for reservoir geophysics

Leonardo Azevedo, Amílcar Soares

Call Number: TN870.53

The control theory and application for well pattern optimization of heterogeneous sandstone reservoirs

Dehua Liu, Jing Sun

Call Number: TN870.57

Integrated reservoir studies for CO2-enhanced oil recovery and sequestration : application to an Indian Mature Oil Field

Shib Sankar Ganguli

Call Number: TN871

Well test analysis for multilayered reservoirs with formation crossflow

Chengtai Gao, Hedong Sun

Call Number: TN871

Petroleum production engineering

Boyun Guo, Xinghui Liu, Xuehao Tan

Call Number: TN871