Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

March 2019

Global nonlinear dynamics for engineering design and system safety

Author: Stefano Lenci, Giuseppe Rega, editors

Call Number: TA352

Vibrations in the Production System : Measurement and Analysis with Water Jet Technology

Author: Stefania Olejarova, Juraj Ruzbarsky, Tibor Krenicky

Call Number: TA355

Active and passive vibration damping

Author: Amr M. Baz

Call Number: TA355 .B368 2019

Additive manufacturing of emerging materials

Author: Bandar AIMangour, editor

Call Number: TA403.6

Mechanics of additive and advanced manufacturing. Volume 8 : : proceedings of the 2018 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics

Author: Sharlotte Kramer, Jennifer L. Jordan, Helena Jin, Jay Carroll, Alison M. Beese, editors

Call Number: TA403.6

Advances in materials and metallurgy : select proceedings of ICEMMM 2018

Author: A. K. Lakshminarayanan, Sridhar Idapalapati, M. Vasudevan, editors

Call Number: TA405

The fracture of brittle materials : testing and analysis

Author: Stephen W. Freiman and John J. Mecholsky, Jr

Call Number: TA409

Dynamic damage and fragmentation

Author: edited by David Edward Lambert, Crystal L. Pasiliao, Benjamin Erzar, Benoit Revil-Baudard, Oana Cazacu

Call Number: TA409

Fracture, fatigue, failure and damage evolution. Volume 6 : : proceedings of the 2018 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics

Author: Jay Carroll, Shuman Xia, Allison M. Beese, Ryan B. Berke, Garrett J. Pataky, editors

Call Number: TA409

Plasticity-damage couplings : from single crystal to polycrystalline materials

Author: Oana Cazacu, Benoit Revil-Baudard, Nitin Chandola

Call Number: TA418.14

Lectures on visco-plastic fluid mechanics

Author: Guillaume Ovarlez, Sarah Hormozi, editors

Call Number: TA418.2

Guide to friction, wear and erosion testing

Author: Kenneth G. Budinski

Call Number: TA418.72 .B83 2007

Advanced coating materials

Author: edited by Liang Li and Qing Yang

Call Number: TA418.76 .A39 2018

Green composites : processing, characterisation and applications for textiles

Author: edited by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu

Call Number: TA418.9.C6

Green composites : sustainable raw materials

Author: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.C6 G74 2019eb

5th International Conference on Geofoam Blocks in Construction Applications : Proceedings of EPS 2018

Author: David Arellano [and 3 others], editors

Call Number: TA418.9.L53

Green and sustainable advanced materials. Volume 2, Applications

Author: edited by Shakeel Ahmed

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Carbon nanomaterials for bioimaging, bioanalysis and therapy

Author: edited by Yuen Yung Hui, Huan-Cheng Chang, Haifeng Dong

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Nanomaterials : ecotoxicity, safety, and public perception

Author: editors, Mahendra Rai and Jayanta Kumar Biswas

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Nanocarbons for energy conversion : supramolecular approaches

Author: Naotoshi Nakashima, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Carbon nanomaterials : synthesis, structure, properties and applications

Author: Rakesh Behari Mathur, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Shailaja Pande

Call Number: TA418.9.N35 M52135 2017

Carbon nanomaterials for biological and medical applications

Author: Sekhar Chandra Ray, Nikhil Ranjan Jana

Call Number: TA418.9.N35 R39 2017

Capillary flows in heterogeneous and random porous media. 1

Author: Rachis Ababou

Call Number: TA418.9.P6

Forest products and wood science : an introduction

Author: Rubin Shmulsky, P. David Jones

Call Number: TA419 .S423 2019eb

Historic mortars : advances in research and practical conservation

Author: John J. Hughes, Jan Válek, Caspar J.W.P. Groot, editors

Call Number: TA436

First RILEM International Conference on Concrete and Digital Fabrication -- Digital Concrete 2018

Author: Timothy Wangler, Robert J. Flatt, editors

Call Number: TA439

Physical properties and behaviour of high-performance concrete at high temperature : state-of-the-art report of the RILEM technical committee 227-HPB

Author: Pierre Pimienta, Robert Jansson McNamee, Jean-Christophe Mindeguia, editors

Call Number: TA440

Systematic approach of characterisation and behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete

Author: M. Chakradhara Rao, Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya, Sudhirkumar V. Barai

Call Number: TA441

RILEM 252-CMB symposium : chemo-mechanical characterization of bituminous materials

Author: Lily D. Poulikakos, Augusto Cannone Falchetto, Michael P. Wistuba, Bernhard Hofko, Laurent Porot, Hervé Di Benedetto, editors

Call Number: TA455.B5

Fractal approach to tribology of elastomers

Author: Ahad Kh Janahmadov, Maksim Javadov

Call Number: TA455.E4

A new generation material graphene : applications in water technology

Author: Mu. Naushad, editor

Call Number: TA455.G65

Printing of graphene and related 2D materials : technology, formulation and applications

Author: Leonard W.T. Ng, Guohua Hu, Richard C.T. Howe, Xiaoxi Zhu, Zongyin Yang, Christopher G. Jones, Tawfique Hasan

Call Number: TA455.G65

Practical testing and evaluation of plastics

Author: Achim Frick, Claudia Stern, and Vibunanthan Muralidharan

Call Number: TA455.P5 F75 2019

Down milling trimming process optimization for carbon fiber-reinforced plastic

Author: Saiful Bahri Mohamed, Radzuwan Ab Rashid, Martini Muhamad, Jailani Ismail

Call Number: TA455.P55

High performance polymers and their nanocomposites

Author: edited by Visakh P.M. and Semkin A.O

Call Number: TA455.P58

High temperature corrosion : fundamentals and engineering

Author: César A.C. Sequeira

Call Number: TA462 .S3948 2019

Liquid metal soft machines : principles and applications

Author: Jing Liu, Lei Sheng, Zhi-Zhu he

Call Number: TA463

Fabrication and processing of shape memory alloys

Author: Kush Mehta, Kapil Gupta

Call Number: TA487

Customization-oriented design of product-service system

Author: Wenyan Song

Call Number: TS176

Best practices in manufacturing processes : experiences from Latin America

Author: Jorge Luis García Alcaraz, Leonardo Rivera Cadavid, Rosa Guadalupe González-Ramírez, George Leal Jamil, Mario Gustavo Chong Chong, editors

Call Number: TS176 .B47 2019

Advances in design, simulation and manufacturing : proceedings of the International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing: The Innovation Exchange, DSMIE-2018, June 12-15, 2018, Sumy, Ukraine

Author: Vitalii Ivanov, Yiming Rong, Justyna Trojanowska, Joachim Venus, Oleksandr Liaposhchenko, Jozef Zajac, Ivan Pavlenko, Milan Edl, Dragan Perakovic, editors

Call Number: TS183

Advances in manufacturing processes : select proceedings of ICEMMM 2018

Author: K.S. Vijay Sekar, Manoj Gupta, A. Arockiarajan, editors

Call Number: TS183

Advances in manufacturing engineering and materials : proceedings of the International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Materials (ICMEM 2018), 18--22 June, 2018, Nový Smokovec, Slovakia

Author: Sergej Hloch, Dagmar Klichová, Grzegorz M. Krolczyk, Somnath Chattopadhyaya, Lucie Ruppenthalová, editors

Call Number: TS183

Modeling and optimization of advanced manufacturing processes

Author: Sumit Bhowmik, Jagadish, Kapil Gupta

Call Number: TS183 .B46 2019

Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2018

Author: Jan Willmann, Philippe Block, Marco Hutter, Kendra Byrne, Tim Schork, editors ; foreword by Sigrid Brell-Çokcan and Johannes Braumann, Association for Robots in Architecture

Call Number: TS191.8 .R47 2018eb

The advances in joining technology

Author: Mokhtar Awang, editor

Call Number: TS227.2

Transactions on intelligent welding manufacturing. Volume II, No. 1 2018

Author: Shanben Chen, Yuming Zhang, Zhili Feng, editors

Call Number: TS227.2

Current trends in friction stir welding (FSW) and friction stir spot welding (FSSW) : an overview and case studies

Author: Mukuna Patrick Mubiayi, Esther Titilayo Akinlabi, Mamookho Elizabeth Makhatha

Call Number: TS228.9

Mechanism, machine, robotics and mechatronics sciences

Author: Rany Rizk, Mariette Awad, editors

Call Number: TJ5

Proceedings of DINAME 2017 : selected papers of the XVII International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics

Author: Agenor de T. Fleury, Domingos A. Rade, Paulo R.G. Kurka, editors

Call Number: TJ5

EuCoMeS 2018 : proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Mechanism Science

Author: Burkhard Corves, Philippe Wenger, Mathias Hüsing, editors

Call Number: TJ5

New trends in educational activity in the field of mechanism and machine theory : 2014-2017

Author: J. C. García-Prada, C. Castejón, editors

Call Number: TJ158

Mathematical geoenergy : discovery, depletion, and renewal

Author: Paul Pukite, Dennis Coyle, Daniel Challou

Call Number: TJ163.2

Constraints and solutions for energy and electricity development

Author: Zhixuan Wang, editor

Call Number: TJ163.2

Energy footprints of the bio-refinery, hotel, and building sectors

Author: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editor

Call Number: TJ163.3

3D kinematics

Author: Thomas Haslwanter

Call Number: TJ175 .H37 2018

Advances in service and industrial robotics : proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, (RAAD 2018)

Author: editors, Nikos A. Aspragathos, Panagiotis N. Koustoumpardis and Vassilis C. Moulianitis

Call Number: TJ210.3 .I59 2018eb


Author: Matjaž Mihelj [and 7 more]

Call Number: TJ211

Robotics and biomimetics : advanced technologies

Author: editor: Rowland Wilson

Call Number: TJ211 .R62 2017

Robotics in education : methods and applications for teaching and learning

Author: Wilfried Lepuschitz, Munir Merdan, Gottfried Koppensteiner, Richard Balogh, David Obdržálek, editors

Call Number: TJ211.26

Robot operating system (ROS) : the complete reference.

Author: Anis Koubaa, editor

Call Number: TJ211.35

Visual guidance of unmanned aerial manipulators

Author: Angel Santamaria-Navarro, Joan Solà, Juan Andrade-Cetto

Call Number: TJ211.35

Dynamics and control of robotic manipulators with contact and friction

Author: Dr. Shiping Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, Professor Gang (Sheng) Chen, Marshall University, Huntington, WV, USA

Call Number: TJ211.4

Advances in Robot Kinematics 2018

Author: Jadran Lenaric, Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli, editors

Call Number: TJ211.4

Biomechanics of anthropomorphic systems

Author: Gentiane Venture, Jean-Paul Laumond, Bruno Watier, editors

Call Number: TJ211.4

Cognitive multi-agent systems : structures, strategies and applications to mobile robotics and robosoccer

Author: Mikuláš Hajduk, Marek Sukop, Matthias Haun

Call Number: TJ211.415

Dynamics of parallel robots

Author: Stefan Staicu

Call Number: TJ211.4152 .S73 2019eb

Human friendly robotics : 10th International Workshop

Author: Fanny Ficuciello, Fabio Ruggiero, Alberto Finzi, editors

Call Number: TJ211.49

Cyber-physical systems : architecture, security and application

Author: Song Guo, Deze Zeng, editors

Call Number: TJ213

Advanced control engineering methods in electrical engineering systems

Author: Mohammed Chadli, Sofiane Bououden, Salim Ziani, Ivan Zelinka, editors

Call Number: TJ213 .B5358 2019eb

Distributed cooperative control : emerging applications

Author: Yi Guo

Call Number: TJ215 .G86 2017eb

Mechanism design for robotics : proceedings of the 4th IFToMM symposium on mechanism design for robotics

Author: Alessandro Gasparetto, Marco Ceccarelli, editors

Call Number: TJ217

Adaptive critic control with robust stabilization for uncertain nonlinear systems

Author: Ding Wang, Chaoxu Mu

Call Number: TJ217 .W36 2019eb

Networked predictive control of systems with communication constraints and cyber attacks

Author: Zhong-Hua Pang, Guo-Ping Liu, Donghua Zhou, Dehui Sun

Call Number: TJ217.6

Handbook of model predictive control

Author: Saša V. Raković, William S. Levine, editors

Call Number: TJ217.6

Electro-hydraulic actuation systems : design, testing, identification and validation

Author: J. Jaidev Vyas, Balamurugan Gopalsamy, Harshavardhan Joshi

Call Number: TJ223.A25

Control strategies and co-design of networked control systems : considering time delay effects

Author: Héctor Benítez-Pérez, Jorge L. Ortega-Arjona, Paul E. Méndez-Monroy, Ernesto Rubio-Acosta, Oscar A. Esquivel-Flores

Call Number: TJ223.T5 .B46 2019eb

Energy transfers by convection. Volume 3 : Abdelhanine Benallou

Author: Abdelhanine Benallou

Call Number: TJ260

Thermal energy storage with phase change materials : a literature review of applications for buildings materials

Author: João M.P.Q. Delgado, Joana C. Martinho, Ana Vaz Sá, Ana S. Guimarães, Vitor Abrantes

Call Number: TJ260

Rotating machineries : aspects of operation and maintenance

Author: Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, editor

Call Number: TJ266

Renewable energy : forecasting and risk management : Paris, France, June 7-9, 2017

Author: Philippe Drobinski, Mathilde Mougeot, Dominique Picard, Riwal Plougonven, Peter Tankov, editors

Call Number: TJ807.2

The maritime dimension of sustainable energy security

Author: Kapil Narula

Call Number: TJ808

Design and analysis of centrifugal compressors

Author: Professor Rene Van den Braembussche

Call Number: TJ990

Tribosystem analysis : a practical approach to the diagnosis of wear problems

Author: Peter J. Blau

Call Number: TJ1075 .B556 2016

Tribology and applications of self-lubricating materials

Author: Emad Omrani, Pradeep K. Rohatgi, and Pradeep L. Menezes

Call Number: TJ1075 .O47 2017

Machining difficult-to-cut materials : basic principles and challenges

Author: Hossam A. Kishawy, Ali Hosseini

Call Number: TJ1185

Micro and Nano Machining of Engineering Materials : Recent Developments

Author: Kaushik Kumar, Divya Zindani, Nisha Kumari, J. Paulo Davim, editors

Call Number: TJ1191.5

The Ni-Cu-(PGE) Aguablanca ore deposit (SW Spain)

Author: Rubén Piña

Call Number: TN87

Proceedings of the 11th International Mine Ventilation Congress

Author: Xintan Chang, editor

Call Number: TN301

Carrying coal to Columbus : mining in the Hocking Valley

Author: David Meyers, Elise Meyers Walker & Nyla Vollmer

Call Number: TN805.O3 M49 2017eb

Oilfield chemistry

Author: Caili Dai, Fulin Zhao

Call Number: TN871

Metallurgy and corrosion control in oil and gas production

Author: by Bob Heidersbach

Call Number: TN871.5 .H45 2011eb

Hydrocarbon potential in Southeastern United States : a review

Author: Robert J. Brewer

Call Number: TN872.A5