Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

January 2020

ACMSM25 : proceedings of the 25th Australasian Conference on Mechanics of Structures and Materials

Author: Chien Ming Wang, Johnny C.M. Ho, Sritawat Kitipornchai, editors

Call Number: TA350

Introduction to the variational formulation in mechanics : fundamentals and applications

Author: Edgardo O. Taroco (HeMoLab, Hemodynamics Modeling Laboratory, LNCC/MCTIC, National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Brazil, INCT-MACC, National Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine Assisted by Computing), Pablo J. Blanco (HeMoLab, Hemodynamics Modeling Laboratory, LNCC/MCTIC, National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Brazil, INCT-MACC, National Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine Assisted by Computing), Raúl A. Feijóo (HeMoLab, Hemodynamics Modeling Laboratory, LNCC/MCTIC, National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Brazil, INCT-MACC, National Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine Assisted by Computing)

Call Number: TA350

Modeling and simulation of tribological problems in technology

Author: Marco Paggi, David Hills, editors

Call Number: TA353 .M64 2020

Mechanical behavior and fracture of engineering materials

Author: Jorge Luis González-Velázquez

Call Number: TA404.8

Higher gradient materials and related generalized continua

Author: Holm Altenbach, Wolfgang H. Müller, Bilen Emek Abali, editors

Call Number: TA405

Mechanics of materials

Author: Anthony Bedford, Kenneth M. Liechti

Call Number: TA405

Plasticity, damage and fracture in advanced materials

Author: Holm Altenbach, Michael Brünig, Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, editors

Call Number: TA405

Advances in mechanics of high-temperature materials

Author: Konstantin Naumenko and Manja Krüger, editors

Call Number: TA405 .A48 2020

Ductile mode cutting of brittle materials

Author: Kui Liu, Hao Wang, Xinquan Zhang

Call Number: TA407

Dry gross fretting of rough surfaces : influential parameters

Author: by Pawel Pawlus, Andrzej Dzierwa, Agnieszka Lenart

Call Number: TA407

Structural integrity assessment of engineering components under cyclic contact

Author: Oleksandra Datsyshyn, Volodymyr Panasyuk

Call Number: TA418.4

Advanced thermal stress analysis of smart materials and structures

Author: Zengtao Chen, Abdolhamid Akbarzadeh

Call Number: TA418.54

Geometry of surfaces : a practical guide for mechanical engineers

Author: Stephen P. Radzevich

Call Number: TA418.7

Granular materials under shock and blast loading

Author: Padmanabha Vivek, T. G. Sitharam

Call Number: TA418.78

Mechanics of fibrous materials and applications : physical and modeling aspects

Author: Catalin Picu, Jean-Francois Ganghoffer, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.C6

Light weighting for defense, aerospace, and transportation

Author: Amol A. Gokhale, N. Eswara Prasad, Biswajit Basu, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.L53

Carbon nanotubes for targeted drug delivery

Author: Md Saquib Hasnain, Amit Kumar Nayak

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Biological and bio-inspired nanomaterials : properties and assembly mechanisms

Author: Sarah Perrett, Alexander K. Buell, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Advanced functional materials from nanopolysaccharides

Author: Ning Lin, Juntao Tang, Alain Dufresne, Michael K.C. Tam, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Nanotechnology characterization tools for tissue engineering and medical therapy

Author: Challa S.S.R. Kumar, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Nanotechnology characterization tools for environment, health, and safety

Author: Challa S.S.R. Kumar, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Nanostructured materials for treating aquatic pollution

Author: Gil Alberto Batista Gonçalves, Paula Marques, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Black phosphorus : synthesis, properties and applications

Author: Inamuddin, Rajender Boddula, Abdullah M. Asiri, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Nanomaterials for regenerative medicine

Author: Ayse Begum Tekinay, editor

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Artificially intelligent nanomaterials : for environmental engineering

Author: Peng Wang, Jian Chang, Lianbin Zhang

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Potential method in mathematical theories of multi-porosity media

Author: Merab Svanadze

Call Number: TA418.9.P6

Mechanically responsive materials for soft robotics

Author: edited by Hideko Koshima

Call Number: TA418.9.S62

Arsenic in drinking water and food

Author: Sudhakar Srivastava, editor

Call Number: TA427.A77

Proceedings of the International Conference of Sustainable Production and Use of Cement and Concrete : ICSPCC 2019

Author: edited by Jose Fernando Martirena-Hernandez, Adrian Alujas-Díaz, Meylin Amador-Hernandez

Call Number: TA434

Rheology and processing of construction materials : RheoCon2 & SCC9

Author: Viktor Mechtcherine, Kamal Khayat, Egor Secrieru, editors

Call Number: TA445.7 .R55 2019eb

Springer handbook of glass

Author: J. David Musgraves, Juejun Hu, Laurent Calvez (eds.)

Call Number: TA450

Advances in ceramics for environmental, functional, and energy applications II

Author: edited by Amar Bhalla, Morsi Mahmoud, Narottam Bansal, Danilo Suvorov, Ruyan Guo, Rick Ubic, Jake Amoroso, Cory Trivelpiece, Navin Manjooran, Gary Pickrell, Dinesh Agrawal

Call Number: TA455.C43 A393 2019eb

Circular economy and fly ash management

Author: Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, Vimal Kumar, editors

Call Number: TA455.F55

Surface engineering of graphene

Author: Sumanta Sahoo, Santosh Kumar Tiwari, Ganesh Chandra Nayak, editors

Call Number: TA455.G65

Advances in sustainable polymers : processing and applications

Author: Vimal Katiyar, Raghvendra Gupta, Tabli Ghosh, editors

Call Number: TA455.P58

Shape memory polymers, blends and composites : advances and applications

Author: Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai, Suchart Siengchin, Jinu Jacob George, Seno Jose, editors

Call Number: TA455.P585

Shape memory alloys for seismic resilience

Author: Cheng Fang and Wei Wang

Call Number: TA487

CTI SYMPOSIUM 2018 : 17th International Congress and Expo 3-6 December 2018, Berlin, Germany

Author: Euroforum Deutschland GmbH, editor

Call Number: TJ1045

VFD challenges for shipboard electrical power system design

Author: Mohammed M. Islam

Call Number: TJ1051 .I85 2020

Fault-tolerant traction electric drives : reliability, topologies and components design

Author: by Igor Bolvashenkov, Hans-Georg Herzog, Flyur Ismagilov, Vyacheslav Vavilov, Lev Khvatskin, Ilia Frenkel, Anatoly Lisnianski

Call Number: TJ1095

Advances in simulation, product design and development : proceedings of AIMTDR 2018

Author: M. S. Shunmugam, M. Kanthababu, editors

Call Number: TJ1180

Materials forming, machining and post processing

Author: edited by Kapil Gupta

Call Number: TJ1185

Advances in Micro and Nano Manufacturing and Surface Engineering : roceedings of AIMTDR 2018

Author: M. S. Shunmugam, M. Kanthababu, editors

Call Number: TJ1191.5

The drum motor : the all-rounder in modern unit handling conveyor technology

Author: Stefan Hamacher

Call Number: TJ1350 .H36 2020

Proceedings of the Seventh Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics. Volume I

Author: Baoyan Duan, Kazunori Umeda, Woonbong Hwang, editors

Call Number: TJ163.12

Proceedings of the Seventh Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics. Volume II

Author: Baoyan Duan, Kazunori Umeda, Woonbong Hwang, editors

Call Number: TJ163.12

Mechatronics 2019 : recent advances towards industry 4.0

Author: Roman Szewczyk, Jiří Krejsa, Michał Nowicki, Anna Ostaszewska-Liżewska, editors

Call Number: TJ163.12 .I58 2019eb

Smart environment for smart cities

Author: T.M. Vinod Kumar, editor

Call Number: TJ163.2 .S63 2020

Advances in energy and built environment : select proceedings of TRACE 2018

Author: editors, Guoqiang Zhang, N.D. Kaushika, S.C. Kaushik and R. K. Tomar

Call Number: TJ163.5.B84

Energy efficiency in mobility systems

Author: Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, editor

Call Number: TJ163.5.T7

Multibody Dynamics 2019 : Proceedings of the 9th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics

Author: editors, Andrés Kecskeméthy and Francisco Geu Flores

Call Number: TJ170 .E325 2019eb

Condition monitoring with vibration signals : compressive sampling and learning algorithms for rotating machines

Author: Asoke K. Nandi and Hosameldin Ahmed, Brunel University London, UK

Call Number: TJ177

Robotics and mechatronics : proceedings of the 6th IFToMM International Symposium on Robotics and Mechatronics (ISRM 2019)

Author: Chin-Hsing Kuo, Pei-Chun Lin, Terence Essomba, Guan-Chen Chen, editors

Call Number: TJ210.3

Applications of robotics in industry using advanced mechanisms : proceedings of International Conference on Robotics and Its Industrial Applications 2019

Author: Janmenjoy Nayak, Valentina E. Balas, Margarita N. Favorskaya, Bibhuti Bhusan Choudhury, S. Krishna Mohan Rao, Bighnaraj Naik, editors

Call Number: TJ210.3

Robot 2019 : Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference ; Advances in Robotics.

Author: Manuel F. Silva [and more], editors

Call Number: TJ210.3

Robot 2019 : Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference ; Advances in Robotics.

Author: Manuel F. Silva [and more], editors

Call Number: TJ210.3

Social Robotics : 11th International Conference, ICSR 2019, Madrid, Spain, November 26-29, 2019, Proceedings

Author: Miguel A. Salichs, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Emilia Ivanova Barakova, John-John Cabibihan, Alan R. Wagner, Álvaro Castro-González, Hongsheng He (eds.)

Call Number: TJ210.3 .I58 2019eb

RoboCup 2019 : Robot World Cup XXIII

Author: Stephan Chalup, Tim Niemueller, Jackrit Suthakorn, Mary-Anne Williams (eds.)

Call Number: TJ210.3 .R6153 2019eb

Advances in robotics research : from lab to market : ECHORD++: robotic science supporting innovation

Author: Antoni Grau, Yannick Morel, Ana Puig-Pey, Francesca Cecchi, editors

Call Number: TJ211

Geometric method for type synthesis of parallel manipulators

Author: by Qinchuan Li, Jacques M. Hervé, Wei Ye

Call Number: TJ211

Reliable robot localization : a constraint-programming approach over dynamical systems

Author: Simon Rohou, Luc Jaulin, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Fabrice Le Bars, Sandor M. Veres

Call Number: TJ211

Robotics in education : current research and innovations

Author: Munir Merdan, Wilfried Lepuschitz, Gottfried Koppensteiner, Richard Balogh, David Obdržálek, editors

Call Number: TJ211.26

Robot operating system (ROS) : the complete reference.

Author: Anis Koubaa, editor

Call Number: TJ211.35

Motion control of biomimetic swimming robots

Author: Junzhi Yu and Min Tan

Call Number: TJ211.4

Reinforcement learning of bimanual robot skills

Author: Adrià Colomé, Carme Torras

Call Number: TJ211.412 .C65 2020eb

Smart electromechanical systems : situational control

Author: Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Irina L. Tarasova, editors

Call Number: TJ213

Dissipative systems analysis and control : theory and applications

Author: Bernard Brogliato, Rogelio Lozano, Bernhard Maschke and Olav Egeland

Call Number: TJ213

Cyber-physical systems : industry 4.0 challenges

Author: Alla G. Kravets, Alexander A. Bolshakov, Maxim V. Shcherbakov, editors

Call Number: TJ213

Control instrumentation systems : Proceedings of CISCON 2018

Author: C. Shreesha, Ravindra D. Gudi, editors

Call Number: TJ213 .C66 2018eb

Control performance assessment : theoretical analyses and industrial practice

Author: Paweł D. Domański

Call Number: TJ213 .D66 2020eb

Sliding mode control methodology in the applications of industrial power systems

Author: by Jianxing Liu, Yabin Gao, Yunfei Yin, Jiahui Wang, Wensheng Luo, Guanghui Sun

Call Number: TJ220.5

Discrete-time stochastic sliding mode control using functional observation

Author: Satnesh Singh, S. Janardhanan

Call Number: TJ220.5

Fractional-order systems and PID controllers : using Scilab and Curve fitting based approximation techniques

Author: Kishore Bingi, Rosdiazli Ibrahim, Mohd Noh Karsiti, Sabo Miya Hassan, Vivekananda Rajah Harindran

Call Number: TJ223.P55

Delay controlled partial synchronization in complex networks

Author: Jakub Sawicki

Call Number: TJ223.T5 S29 2019

Solving problems in thermal engineering : a toolbox for engineers

Author: Viktor Józsa, Róbert Kovács

Call Number: TJ255 .J69 2020eb

Performance evaluation criteria in heat transfer enhancement

Author: Sujoy Kumar Saha, Hrishiraj Ranjan, Madhu Sruthi Emani, Anand Kumar Bharti

Call Number: TJ260

Electric fields, additives and simultaneous heat and mass transfer in heat transfer enhancement

Author: by Sujoy Kumar Saha, Hrishiraj Ranjan, Madhu Sruthi Emani, Anand Kumar Bharti

Call Number: TJ260

Introduction to enhanced heat transfer

Author: Sujoy Kumar Saha, Hrishiraj Ranjan, Madhu Sruthi Emani, Anand Kumar Bharti

Call Number: TJ260

Heat transfer enhancement in plate and fin extended surfaces

Author: Sujoy Kumar Saha, Hrishiraj Ranjan. Madhu Sruthi Emani, Anand Kumar Bharti

Call Number: TJ260

Heat pumps for sustainable heating and cooling

Author: Y. H. Venus Lun, S. L. Dennis Tung

Call Number: TJ262

Recent advances in mechanisms, transmissions and applications : proceedings of the fifth MeTrApp Conference 2019

Author: Delun Wang, Victor Petuya, Yan Chen, Shudong Yu, editors

Call Number: TJ5

Recent advances in mechanical infrastructure : proceedings of ICRAM 2019

Author: Ajit Kumar Parwani, PL. Ramkumar, editors

Call Number: TJ5

Simulations and optical diagnostics for internal combustion engines : current status and way forward

Author: Akhilendra Pratap Singh, Pravesh Chandra Shukla, Joonsik Hwang, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, editors

Call Number: TJ751

Advanced combustion techniques and engine technologies for the automotive sector

Author: Akhilendra Pratap Singh, Nikhil Sharma, Ramesh Agarwal, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, editors

Call Number: TJ751

Gas turbine design, components and system design integration

Author: Meinhard T. Schobeiri

Call Number: TJ778 .S36 2019

Design and development of heavy duty diesel engines : a handbook

Author: P. A. Lakshminarayanan, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, editors

Call Number: TJ795

Renewable Energy and Climate Change : proceedings of REC 2019

Author: Dipankar Deb, Ambesh Dixit, Laltu Chandra, editors

Call Number: TJ807.2

The renewable energy transition : realities for Canada and the world

Author: John Erik Meyer

Call Number: TJ807.9.C2

Innovations in sustainable energy and cleaner environment

Author: editors, Ashwani K. Gupta, Ashoke De, Suresh K. Aggarwal, Abhijit Kushari and Akshai Runchal

Call Number: TJ808

Sustaining resources for tomorrow

Author: Jacqueline A. Stagner, David S.-K. Ting, editors

Call Number: TJ808

Environmentally-benign energy solutions

Author: Ibrahim Dincer, Can Ozgur Colpan, Mehmet Akif Ezan, editors

Call Number: TJ808

Nanostructured materials for next-generation energy storage and conversion : photovoltaic and solar energy

Author: Tulay Aygan Atesin, Sajid Bashir, Jingbo Louise Liu, editors

Call Number: TJ810

Solar energy : systems, challenges, and opportunities

Author: Himanshu Tyagi, Prodyut R. Chakraborty, Satvasheel Powar, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, editors

Call Number: TJ810

The age of wind energy : progress and future directions from a global perspective

Author: Ali Sayigh, David Milborrow, editors

Call Number: TJ820 .A44 2020eb

Abrasive water jet machining of engineering materials

Author: Jagadish, Kapil Gupta

Call Number: TJ840

Designing droplet microfluidic networks : a toolbox for designers

Author: Andreas Grimmer, Robert Wille

Call Number: TJ853.4.M53

Microscale flow and heat transfer : mathematical modelling and flow physics

Author: Amit Agrawal, Hari Mohan Kushwaha, Ravi Sudam Jadhav

Call Number: TJ853.4.M53 A57 2020

Centrifugal Pumps

Author: by Johann Friedrich Gülich

Call Number: TJ919

Rockburst evolutionary process and energy dissipation characteristics

Author: Dazhao Song, Xueqiu He, Enyuan Wang, Zhenlei Li and Jie Liu

Call Number: TN317

Mining machines and earth-moving equipment : problems of design, research and maintenance

Author: Marek Sokolski, editor

Call Number: TN345 .M56 2020eb

Intelligent optimization and control of complex metallurgical processes

Author: Min Wu, Weihua Cao, Xin Chen, Jinhua She

Call Number: TN665

Agglomeration in metallurgy

Author: Aitber Bizhanov, Valentina Chizhikova

Call Number: TN665

Aerospace alloys

Author: Stefano Gialanella, Alessio Malandruccolo

Call Number: TN690

Petro-physics and rock physics of carbonate reservoirs : likely elucidations and way forward

Author: Kumar Hemant Singh, Ritesh Mohan Joshi, editors

Call Number: TN870.5

Carbonate reservoir heterogeneity : overcoming the challenges

Author: Vahid Tavakoli

Call Number: TN870.57

Fundamentals of reservoir rock properties

Author: Tarek Al-Arbi Omar Ganat

Call Number: TN870.57 G36 2020eb

Geomechanics of oil and gas wells

Author: Vladimir Karev, Yuri Kovalenko, Konstantin Ustinov

Call Number: TN871

Formation control : approaches for distributed agents

Author: Hyo-Sung Ahn

Call Number: TN871.24

Chemical additives for gas hydrates

Author: Bhajan Lal, Omar Nashed

Call Number: TN884 .L35 2020

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE 2019). Volume II, Part 2

Author: Andrey A. Radionov, Oleg A. Kravchenko, Victor I. Guzeev, Yurij V. Rozhdestvenskiy, editors

Call Number: TS176

Advances in material sciences and engineering

Author: Mokhtar Awang, Seyed Sattar Emamian, Farazila Yusof, editors

Call Number: TS176

Optimization of manufacturing processes

Author: edited by Kapil Gupta, Munish Kumar Gupta

Call Number: TS183

Progress in digital and physical manufacturing : proceedings of ProDPM'19

Author: Henrique A. Almeida, Joel C. Vasco, editors

Call Number: TS183

iMEC-APCOMS 2019 : proceedings of the 4th International Manufacturing Engineering Conference and The 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Manufacturing Systems

Author: Muhammed Nafis Osman Zahid, Radhiyah Abd. Aziz, Ahmad Razlan Yusoff, Nafrizuan Mat Yahya, Fazilah Abdul Aziz, Mohd Yazid Abu, editors

Call Number: TS183

A roadmap to industry 4.0 : smart production, sharp business and sustainable development

Author: edited by Anand Nayyar, Akshi Kumar

Call Number: TS183

Service oriented, holonic and multi-agent manufacturing systems for industry of the future : proceedings of SOHOMA 2019

Author: Theodor Borangiu, Damien Trentesaux, Paulo Leitão, Adriana Giret Boggino, Vicente Botti, editors

Call Number: TS183

Trends in manufacturing processes : select proceedings of ICFTMM 2018

Author: Inderdeep Singh, Pramendra Kumar Bajpai, Kuldeep Panwar, editors

Call Number: TS183

Value based and intelligent asset management : mastering the asset management transformation in industrial plants and infrastructures

Author: Adolfo Crespo Márquez, Marco Macchi, Ajith Kumar Parlikad, editors

Call Number: TS186

Cold micro metal forming : research report of the Collaborative Research Center "Micro Cold Forming" (SFB 747), Bremen, Germany : final report of the DFG Collaborative Research Center 747

Author: Frank Vollertsen, Sybille Friedrich, Bernd Kuhfuß, Peter Maaß, Claus Thomy, Hans-Werner Zoch, editors

Call Number: TS207.3.C65

Heat transfer enhancement in externally finned tubes and internally finned tubes and annuli

Author: Sujoy Kumar Saha, Hrishiraj Ranjan, Madhu Sruthi Emani, Anand Kumar Bharti

Call Number: TS280