September 2021

Digital health communications

Author: edited by Benoit Cordelier, Olivier Galibert

Call Number: R118

Uncertainty in medicine : a framework for tolerance

Author: Paul K.J. Han

Call Number: R723 .H36 2021

A cultural safety approach to health psychology

Author: Pauline B. Thompson, Kerry Taylor

Call Number: R726.7 .T56 2021

The mental health and wellbeing of healthcare practitioners : research and practice

Author: edited by Esther Murray, Jo Brown

Call Number: R727.3

Using predictive analytics to improve healthcare outcomes

Author: edited by John W. Nelson, Jayne Felgen, Mary Ann Hozak

Call Number: R850

Identification of biomarkers, new treatments, and vaccines for COVID-19

Author: Paul C. Guest, editor

Call Number: R853.B54

The digital revolution in health

Author: edited by Jérôme Béranger, Roland Rizoulières

Call Number: R855.3

Advanced systems for biomedical applications

Author: Olfa Kanoun, Nabil Derbel, editors

Call Number: R856 .A38 2021

Detection and analysis of SARS Coronavirus : advanced biosensors for pandemic viruses and related pathogens

Author: edited by Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Sudheesh K. Shukla

Call Number: R857.B54

Bioprinting : to make ourselves anew

Author: Kenneth Douglas

Call Number: R857.T55 D68 2021

Computational biomechanics for medicine : solid and fluid mechanics informing therapy

Author: Karol Miller, Adam Wittek, Martyn Nash, Poul M.F. Nielsen, editors

Call Number: R858 .C66 2021

Smart healthcare system design

Author: edited by SK Hafizul Islam and Debabrata Samanta

Call Number: R859.7.A78

Deep learning for biomedical data analysis : techniques, approaches, and applications

Author: Mourad Elloumi, editor

Call Number: R859.7.A78 D44 2021

Comprehensive healthcare simulation : improving healthcare systems

Author: Ellen S. Deutsch, Shawna J. Perry, Harshad G. Gurnaney, editors

Call Number: R859.7.C65

Mitochondrial diseases : theory, diagnosis and therapy

Author: Placido Navas, Leonardo Salviati, editors

Call Number: RB147.5

In vitro diagnostic industry in China

Author: Haibo Song, Jian'er Yao, editors

Call Number: RB37 .I4 2021

Integrated omics approaches to infectious diseases

Author: Saif Hameed, Zeeshan Fatima, editors

Call Number: RC112 .I58 2021

Tumor microenvironment : the role of chemokines.

Author: Alexander Birbrair, editor

Call Number: RC254.5

Bladder cancer : a practical guide

Author: Ashish M. Kamat, Peter C. Black, editors

Call Number: RC280.B5

Resistance to targeted therapies in multiple myeloma

Author: Silvia CW Ling, Steven Trieu, editors

Call Number: RC280.B6

Mesenchymal tumors of the breast and their mimics : a diagnostic approach

Author: J. Jordi Rowe, Erinn Downs-Kelly, editors

Call Number: RC280.B8

The future of prevention and treatment of breast cancer

Author: Jose Russo

Call Number: RC280.B8 R87 2021

Neuroendocrine neoplasia management : new approaches for diagnosis and treatment

Author: Giordano Beretta, Alfredo Berruti, Emilio Bombardieri, Nicola Fazio, Orlando Goletti, editors

Call Number: RC280.E55 N48 2021

Evidence based practice in neuro-oncology

Author: Supriya Mallick, Prashanth Giridhar, Goura K. Rath, editors

Call Number: RC280.N4

Management of pancreatic cancer and cholangiocarcinoma

Author: Hiroyuki Isayama, Yousuke Nakai, Takashi Sasaki, editors

Call Number: RC280.P25 M36 2021

Biomarkers and biosensors for cervical cancer diagnosis

Author: John Bosco Balaguru Rayappan, Jung Heon Lee, editors

Call Number: RC280.U8 B56 2021

Essential tuberculosis

Author: Giovanni Battista Migliori, Mario C. Raviglione, editors

Call Number: RC311 .E77 2021

Chordoma of the spine : a comprehensive review

Author: Daniel M. Sciubba, Joseph H. Schwab, editors

Call Number: RC346

Perinatal neuropathology

Author: Mirna Lechpammer, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, Davis, Marc Del Bigio, M.D., Ph.D., University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Rebecca Folkerth, M.D., New York University School of Medicine, New York City ; chapter contributors, Sanda Alexandrescu, M.D., Harvard Medical School, Boston, Steven A. Moore, M.D., Ph.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City

Call Number: RC346 .L428 2021

Examining neurocritical patients

Author: Eelco F.M. Wijdicks

Call Number: RC348 .W55 2021

Post-traumatic epilepsy

Author: edited by Marco Mula

Call Number: RC372.5 .P67 2021

Psychopathology of rare and unusual syndromes

Author: Femi Oyebode

Call Number: RC454 .O94 2021

And now I spill the family secrets : an illustrated memoir

Author: Margaret Kimball

Call Number: RC464.A1 K56 2021

Moral responsibility and the psychopath : the value of others

Author: Jim Baxter

Call Number: RC480.8 .B39 2021

Arts therapies in psychiatric rehabilitation

Author: Umberto Volpe, editor

Call Number: RC489.A72 A78 2021

Mindfulness : an eight-week plan for finding peace in a frantic world

Author: Mark Williams and Danny Penman ; foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Call Number: RC489.M43 W55 2012

Get out of my head : inspiration for overthinkers in an anxious world

Author: by Meredith Arthur ; art by Leah Rosenberg

Call Number: RC489.M53 A78 2020

Increase your brainability : and reduce your risk of dementia

Author: Charles Alessi, Larry W. Chambers, Muir Gray

Call Number: RC521 .A44 2021

Management of patients with dementia : the role of the physician

Author: Kristian Steen Frederiksen, Gunhild Waldemar, editors

Call Number: RC521 .M36 2021

The neurobiology and treatment of OCD : accelerating progress

Author: Naomi A. Fineberg, Trevor W. Robbins, editors

Call Number: RC533

Depression and personality dysfunction : an integrative functional domains perspective

Author: Guillermo de la Parra, Paula Dagnino, Alex Behn, editors

Call Number: RC537

The neuroscience of suicidal behavior

Author: Kees van Heeringen

Call Number: RC569 .H44 2018

Hoarding disorder : a practical guide to an interdisciplinary treatment

Author: Nassim Agdari-Moghadam

Call Number: RC569.5.H63

Haematology : from the image to the diagnosis

Author: Mike Leach, Barbara J. Bain

Call Number: RC636

Medicinal plants for lung diseases : a pharmacological and immunological perspective

Author: Kamal Dua, Srinivas Nammi, Dennis Chang, Dinesh Kumar Chellappan, Gaurav Gupta, Trudi Collet, editors

Call Number: RC756

Computational molecular magnetic resonance imaging for neuro-oncology

Author: Michael O. Dada, Bamidele O. Awojoyogbe

Call Number: RC78.7.N83 D33 2021

Interpretation basics of cone beam computed tomography

Author: edited by Shawneen M. Gonzalez

Call Number: RC78.7.T6

Best of five MCQs for the European specialty examination in gastroenterology and hepatology

Author: edited by Thomas Marjot, Colleen McGregor, Tim Ambrose

Call Number: RC802 .B47 2021

Burket's oral medicine

Author: edited by Michael Glick, Martin S. Greenberg, Peter B. Lockhart, Stephen J. Challacombe

Call Number: RC815 .B83 2021

Salivary gland pathology

Author: edited by Eric C. Carlson, Robert A. Ord

Call Number: RC815.5

Interventional critical care : a manual for advanced practice providers

Author: Dennis A. Taylor, Scott P. Sherry, Ronald F. Sing, editors

Call Number: RC868.8 .I58 2021

Applied peritoneal dialysis : improving patient outcomes

Author: Anjay Rastogi, Edgar V. Lerma, Joanne M. Bargman, editors

Call Number: RC901.7.P48

Outcome measures and metrics in systemic lupus erythematosus

Author: Zahi Touma, editor

Call Number: RC924.5.L85


Author: edited by Alfonso J Cruz-Jentoft and John E. Morley

Call Number: RC925.53

The knee made easy

Author: Charalambos Panayiotou Charalambous

Call Number: RC951 .C53 2022

Robotics in plastic and reconstructive surgery

Author: Jesse C. Selber, editor

Call Number: RD118

Practical microsurgery cases : repair, replantation and reconstruction

Author: Chunlin Hou, Shimin Chang, Juyu Tang, Zhigang Cai, editors

Call Number: RD33.6 .P73 2021

Study surgery : a guidance to pass the board clinical exam

Author: Haifa Alotaibi

Call Number: RD37.2 .A46 2021

Color atlas of laparoscopic liver resection

Author: Ho-Seong Han, Jai Young Cho

Call Number: RD546

Applied anatomy in liver resection and liver transplantation

Author: W.Y. Lau

Call Number: RD546 .L38 2021

Recent progress in the management of cerebrovascular diseases : treatment strategies, techniques and complication avoidance

Author: Yoko Kato, Xiaohua Zhang, Jiong Dai, Ahmed Ansari, editors

Call Number: RD594.2 .R43 2021

Cardiac catheterization for congenital heart disease : from fetal life to adulthood

Author: Gianfranco Butera, Massimo Chessa, Andreas Eicken, John Thomson, editors

Call Number: RD598.35.C35

Surgery of pelvic bone tumors

Author: Pietro Ruggieri, Andrea Angelini, editors

Call Number: RD669.5

Principles of orthopedic practice for primary care providers

Author: Andrew J. Schoenfeld, Cheri A. Blauwet, Jeffrey N. Katz, editors

Call Number: RD732.8 .S36 2021

Evidence-based orthopedics

Author: edited by Mohit Bhandari

Call Number: RD755

Prosthetic designs for restoring human limb function

Author: William Craelius

Call Number: RD756 .C73 2021

Wound healing research : current trends and future directions

Author: Prasun Kumar, Vijay Kothari, editors

Call Number: RD94 .W68 2021

Fractures in sport

Author: Greg A.J. Robertson, Nicola Maffuli, editors

Call Number: RD97 .F73 2021

Eye yield : ophthalmology basics for Board and FRCS Part 1 exams

Author: Saif Aldeen Saleh AlRyalat

Call Number: RE49 .A47 2021

Vitreoretinal surgery

Author: Thomas H. Williamson

Call Number: RE501

Manual for eye examination and diagnosis

Author: Mark W. Leitman, MD

Call Number: RE75 .L45 2021

Resolving dilemmas in perimetry : illustrated manual of visual field defects

Author: Sagarika Patyal, Monica Gandhi, editors

Call Number: RE79.P4

Sports-related eye injuries

Author: edited by Hua Yan

Call Number: RE827 .S66 2020

Pathologic myopia

Author: Richard F. Spaide, Kyoko Ohno-Matsui, Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, editors

Call Number: RE938 .P38 2021

Rhinology and anterior skull base surgery : a case-based approach

Author: Marios Stavrakas, Hisham S. Khalil, editors

Call Number: RF342 .R55 2021

Lessons learned from rhinologic procedure complications : a case-based review

Author: Rakesh K. Chandra, Kevin C. Welch, editors

Call Number: RF51.3 .L47 2022

Assisted reproductive technology surveillance

Author: edited by Dmitry M. Kissin, G. David Adamson, Georgina M. Chambers, Christian De Geyter

Call Number: RG133.5 .A77 2019

Assisted reproduction techniques : challenges and management options

Author: edited by Khaldoun Sharif, Arri Coomarasamy

Call Number: RG133.5 .A7857 2021

Part 1 MRCOG revision notes and sample SBAs

Author: edited by Neelanjana Mukhopadhaya, Jyotsna Pundir, Mala Arora

Call Number: RG532 .P37 2020

Prevention, recognition and management of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Author: Raja A. S. Mukherjee, Neil Aiton, editors

Call Number: RG629.F45

Depression in children's kives

Author: Keith Crnic, Betty Lin

Call Number: RJ506.D4 C76 2021

Machine learning in dentistry

Author: Ching-Chang Ko, Dinggang Shen, Li Wang, editors

Call Number: RK240

Physical evaluation and treatment planning in dental practice

Author: Géza T. Terézhalmy, Michaell A. Huber, Lily T. García, Ronald L. Occhionero

Call Number: RK308

Clinical atlas of retreatment in endodontics

Author: edited by Viresh Chopra, BDS, MDS

Call Number: RK351 .C55 2021


Author: Richard Palmer, Peter Floyd, editors

Call Number: RK361

Innovative perspectives in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Author: Mark R. Stevens, Shohreh Ghasemi, Reza Tabrizi, editors

Call Number: RK529

Wright's behavior management in dentistry for children

Author: edited by Ari Kupietzky

Call Number: RK55.C5

Handbook of clinical techniques in pediatric dentistry

Author: edited by Jane A. Soxman

Call Number: RK63

Practical procedures in implant dentistry

Author: edited by Christopher C.K. Ho

Call Number: RK667.I45 P73 2022

Opioid use in critical care : a practical guide

Author: Jose L. Pascual, Timothy G. Gaulton, editors

Call Number: RM328

Chemistry of biologically potent natural products and synthetic compounds

Author: edited by Shahid Ul-Islam and Javid Ahmad Banday

Call Number: RS403 .C44 2021