December 2021

Physicians of Greene County Ohio, 1803-1988

Call Number: R712.A2 G733p 1988

Critical care psychology and rehabilitation : principles and practice

Author: [edited by] Kirk J. Stucky and Jennifer Stevenson Jutte

Call Number: R726.5

How to practice academic medicine and publish from Developing Countries? : a practical guide

Author: Samiran Nundy, Atul Kakar, Zulfiqar A. Bhutta

Call Number: R854.D44

Fix IT : see and solve the problems of digital healthcare

Author: Harold Thimbleby

Call Number: R855.3

Cardiovascular engineering : technological advancements, reviews, and applications

Author: Dyah Ekashanti Octorina Dewi, Yuan Wen Hau, Ahmad Zahran Mohd Khudzari, Ida Idayu Muhamad, Eko Supriyanto, editors

Call Number: R856

Feature engineering and computational intelligence in ECG monitoring

Author: edited by Chengyu Liu, Jianqing Li

Call Number: R856

Innovations and developments of technologies in medicine, biology and healthcare : proceedings of the IEEE EMBS International Student Conference (ISC)

Author: Natalia Piaseczna, Magdalena Gorczowska, Agnieszka Łach, editors

Call Number: R856.A2 I34 2020

Biosensors and biochips

Author: Alberto Pasquarelli

Call Number: R857.B54 P37 2021

Biomaterials science : an introduction to materials in medicine

Author: edited by William R. Wagner, Shelly E. Sakiyama-Elbert, Guigen Zhang, Michael J. Yaszemski

Call Number: R857.M3 B5735 2020

Nanotechnology in medicine : toxicity and safety

Author: edited by Mahendra Kumar Rai, SGB Amravati University, Maharashtra, India, Mrunali Rashmin Patel, Charotar University of Science and Technology, Gujarat, India, Rashmin Bharatbhai Patel, Charotar University of Science and Technology, Gujarat, India

Call Number: R857.N34

Engineering materials for stem cell regeneration

Author: Faheem A. Sheikh, editor

Call Number: R857.T55

Wearable/personal monitoring devices present to future

Author: Gaetano D. Gargiulo, Ganesh R. Naik, editors

Call Number: R857.W43 W43 2022

Computational intelligence and healthcare informatics

Author: edited by Om Prakash Jena, Alok Ranjan Tripathy, Ahmed A. Elngar, Zdzislaw Polkowski

Call Number: R859.7.A78

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Author: Lalit Garg, Sebastian Basterrech, Chitresh Banerjee, Tarun K. Sharma, editors

Call Number: R859.7.A78 A78 2022

Good Samaritan Hospital and its Department of Surgery : an illustrated history

Author: Scott R. Kelley

Call Number: R982.D32 K45 2011

Essentials of radiofrequency ablation of the spine and joints

Author: Timothy R. Deer, Nomen Azeem, editors

Call Number: RB127 .E77 2021

PET/CT for inflammatory diseases : basic sciences, typical cases, and review

Author: Hiroshi Toyama, Yaming Li, Jun Hatazawa, Guang Huang, Kazuo Kubota, editors

Call Number: RB131 .P48 2020

Follicular lymphoma : current management and novel approaches

Author: Nathan H. Fowler, editor

Call Number: RB45 .F65 2020

Return-to-play after lower limb muscle injury in football : the Italian Consensus Conference guidelines

Author: Gian Nicola Bisciotti, Alessandro Corsini, Piero Volpi

Call Number: RC1220.S57

Tumor microenvironment : novel concepts

Author: Alexander Birbrair, editor

Call Number: RC268.4

Dietary research and cancer

Author: Rajesh N. Gacche

Call Number: RC268.45 .G33 2021

Cancer regional therapy : HAI, HIPEC, HILP, ILI, PIPAC and beyond

Author: Yuman Fong, T. Clark Gamblin, Ernest S. Han, Byrne Lee, Jonathan S. Zager, editors

Call Number: RC270.8

The comprehensive cancer center : development, integration, and implementation

Author: Mahmoud Aljurf, Navneet S. Majhail, Mickey B.C. Koh, Mohamed A. Kharfan-Dabaja, Nelson J. Chao, editors

Call Number: RC270.8 .C66 2022

Controversies in radiation oncology

Author: Simon S. Lo, Bin S. Teh, Guo-Liang Jiang, Nina A. Mayr, editors

Call Number: RC271.R3 C66 2020

Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer : molecular mechanism and clinical practice

Author: Seigo Nakamura, Daisuke Aoki, Yoshio Miki, editors

Call Number: RC280.B8

Modern breast cancer imaging

Author: Su Jin Kim Hsieh, Elizabeth Anne Morris, editors

Call Number: RC280.B8 M63 2022

Tuberculosis in clinical practice

Author: Onn Min Kon, editor

Call Number: RC311 .T83 2021

Fundamentals and clinics of deep brain stimulation : an interdisciplinary approach

Author: Yasin Temel [and 4 others], editors

Call Number: RC350.B72 F86 2020

Multi-modal EEG monitoring of severely neurologically ill patients

Author: Xuefeng Wang, Feng Li, Suyue Pan, editors

Call Number: RC386.6.E43

EEG signal processing and machine learning

Author: Saeid Sanei, Jonathon A. Chambers

Call Number: RC386.6.E43 E54 2021

Cluster headache and other trigeminal autonomic cephalgias

Author: editors: Massimo Leone and Arne May

Call Number: RC392 .C58 2020

Adult ADHD : diagnostic assessment and treatment

Author: J. J. Sandra Kooij

Call Number: RC394.A85

African Americans and mental health : practical and strategic solutions to barriers, needs, and challenges

Author: Mary Olufunmilayo Adekson, editor

Call Number: RC451.5.B53 A47 2021

Perinatal inflammation and adult psychopathology : from preclinical models to humans

Author: Antonio L. Teixeira, Danielle Macedo, Bernhard T. Baune, editors

Call Number: RC454

Mental health, diabetes and endocrinology

Author: edited by Anne M. Doherty, Aoife Egan, Seán Dinneen

Call Number: RC454 .M46 2021

The 15 minute case conceptualization : mastering the pattern-focused approach

Author: Len Sperry, M.D. Ph.D. & Jon Sperry, Ph.D

Call Number: RC480.5

Freedom, responsibility, and therapy

Author: Vlad Beliavsky

Call Number: RC480.5 .B39 2020

The reign of speech : on applied Lacanian psychoanalysis

Author: Dries G. M. Dulsster

Call Number: RC506 .D85 2022

Caring for Latinxs with dementia in a globalized world : behavioral and psychosocial treatments

Author: Hector Y. Adames, Yvette N. Tazeau, editors

Call Number: RC521 .C37 2020,

Seminars in addiction psychiatry

Author: edited by Ed Day

Call Number: RC564 .S455 2021

Neurocognitive complications of HIV-infection : neuropathogenesis to implications for clinical practice

Author: Lucette A. Cysique, Sean B. Rourke, editors

Call Number: RC606.6 .N48 2021

Epicardial adipose tissue : from cell to clinic

Author: Gianluca Iacobellis, editor

Call Number: RC682

Clinical cases in right heart failure

Author: Lana Tsao, Maxwell E. Afari, editors

Call Number: RC682 .C55 2020

Sport-related sudden cardiac death : causes and prevention

Author: Pietro Delise, Paolo Zeppilli, editor

Call Number: RC683

Clinical electrocardiography : a textbook

Author: Antoni Bayés de Luna, Miquel Fiol-Sala, Antoni Bayés-Genís, Adrián Baranchuk ; with contributions from Roberto Elosua, Manuel Martínez-Sellés

Call Number: RC683.5.E5 B3245 2022

Hybrid cardiac imaging

Author: Stephan G. Nekolla, Christoph Rischpler, editors

Call Number: RC683.5.I42 H93 2022

Echocardiography in pediatric and congenital heart disease : from fetus to adult

Author: edited by Wyman W. Lai, Luc L. Mertens, Meryl S. Cohen, Tal Geva

Call Number: RC683.5.U5 E34 2022

Cardiac pacing and ICDs

Author: edited by Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, Karoly Kaszala

Call Number: RC684.P3 C37 2020

Aortic dissection and acute aortic syndromes

Author: Frank W. Sellke, editor-in-chief ; Joseph S. Coselli, Thoralf M. Sundt. Joseph E. Bavaria, Neel R. Sodha, editors

Call Number: RC693 .A67 2021

Multimodal learning for clinical decision support : 11th International Workshop, ML-CDS 2021, held in conjunction with MICCAI 2021, Strasbourg, France, October 1, 2021, Proceedings

Author: Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, Xiang Li, Anant Madabhushi, Hayit Greenspan, Quanzheng Li, Richard Leahy, Bin Dong, Hongzhi Wang (eds.)

Call Number: RC78.7.D53

Whole slide imaging : current applications and future directions

Author: Anil V. Parwani, editor

Call Number: RC78.7.D53 W56 2022

Ultrasound for the generalist : a guide to point of care iImaging

Author: edited by Sarb Clare, Chris Duncan

Call Number: RC78.7.U4 U58 2021

Clinical cases in hepatology

Author: Nora V. Bergasa, editor

Call Number: RC845 .C55 2022

Genetics of male infertility : a case-based guide for clinicians

Author: Mohamed Arafa, Haitham Elbardisi, Ahmad Majzoub, Ashok Agarwal, editors

Call Number: RC889 .G46 2020

Approaches to chronic kidney disease : a guide for primary care providers and non-nephrologists

Author: Jerry McCauley, Seyed Mehrdad Hamrahian, Omar H. Maarouf, editors

Call Number: RC903

Interventional nephrology : principles and practice

Author: Alexander S. Yevzlin, Arif Asif, Loay Salman, Karthik Ramani, Shaker S. Qaqish, Tushar J. Vachharajani, editors

Call Number: RC903

Falls in older people : risk factors, strategies for prevention and implications for practice

Author: edited by Stephen R. Lord, Catherine Sherrington, Vasi Naganathan

Call Number: RC952.5 .L67 2021

Neglected tropical diseases and phytochemicals in drug discovery

Author: edited by Chukwuebuka Egbuna, Muhammad Akram, Jonathan Chinenye Ifemeje

Call Number: RC961

Transradial access in interventional radiology : background, applications and techniques

Author: Aaron M. Fischman, Rahul S. Patel, Robert A. Lookstein, editors

Call Number: RD33.55 .T73 2022

The failed rotator cuff : diagnosis and management

Author: Felix H. Savoie III, Emilio Calvo, Augustus D. Mazzocca, editors

Call Number: RD557.5 .F35 2021

Patellofemoral pain, instability, and arthritis : clinical presentation, imaging, and treatment

Author: David Dejour, Stefano Zaffagnini, Elizabeth A. Arendt, Petri Sillanpää, Florian Dirisamer, editors

Call Number: RD561

Penile implant surgery : contemporary challenges and controversies

Author: Eduardo P. Miranda, John P. Mulhall, editors

Call Number: RD589

Surgical management of advanced pelvic cancer

Author: Edited by Michael E. Kelly and Desmond C. Winter

Call Number: RD669.5

Orthopaedic biomechanics in sports medicine

Author: Jason Koh, Stefano Zaffagnini, Ryosuke Kuroda, Umile Giuseppe Longo, Farid Amirouche, editors

Call Number: RD732

Image guided interventions of the spine : principles and clinical applications

Author: Majid Khan, Sergiy V. Kushchayev, Scott H. Faro, editors

Call Number: RD768

Anesthesia in low-resourced settings : near misses and lessons learned

Author: John G. Brock-Utne

Call Number: RD82 .B76 2021

Difficult decisions in trauma surgery : an evidence based approach

Author: Kenneth Wilson, Selwyn O. Rogers, editors

Call Number: RD93 .D54 2022

Oculoplastic surgery : a practical guide to common disorders

Author: Essam A. El Toukhy, editor

Call Number: RE87

Surgical gynecology : a case-based approach

Author: edited by Todd R. Jenkins, Lisa Keder, Abimbola Famuyide, Kimberly S. Gecsi, David Chelmow

Call Number: RG104 .S87 2022

The EBCOG postgraduate textbook of obstetrics & gynaecology. Volume 2, Gynaecology

Author: edited by Tahir Mahmood, Charles Savona-Ventura, Ioannis Messinis, Sambit Mukhopadhyay

Call Number: RG106 .E23 2022

The EBCOG postgraduate textbook of obstetrics & gynaecology. Volume 1, Obstetrics & maternal-fetal medicine.

Author: edited by Tahir Mahmood, Charles Savona Ventura, Ioannis Messinis, Sambit Mukhopadhyay

Call Number: RG106 .E23 2022

50 big debates in reproductive medicine

Author: edited by Roy Homburg, Adam H. Balen, Robert F. Casper

Call Number: RG136 .F48 2021

Frontiers in gynecological endocrinology. Volume 8, Impact of polycystic ovary, metabolic syndrome and obesity on women health

Author: Andrea R. Genazzani, Lourdes Ibáñez, Andrzej Milewicz, Duru Shah, editors

Call Number: RG480.S7 F76 2021

Anesthesia for maternal-fetal surgery : concepts and clinical practice

Author: edited by Olutoyin A. Olutoye

Call Number: RG732 .A64 2022

Children's palliative care : an international case-based manual

Author: Julia Downing, editor

Call Number: RJ249 .C45 2020eb

Autism : perspectives from Africa.

Author: editors Mary Clasquin-Johnson, Dikeledi Mahlo, Michel Clasquin-Johnson

Call Number: RJ506.A9 A98 2020

Rehabilitation and remediation of internationally adopted children

Author: Boris Gindis

Call Number: RJ507.A36 G56 2021

Biodentine : properties and clinical application

Author: Imad About, editor

Call Number: RK351

Preadjusted edgewise fixed orthodontic appliances : principles and practice

Author: edited by Farhad B. Naini, Daljit S. Gill

Call Number: RK521

Implant restorations : a step by step guide

Author: Carl J. Drago

Call Number: RK667.I45 D73 2014eb

Urticaria and angioedema

Author: Torsten Zuberbier, Clive Grattan, Marcus Maurer, editors

Call Number: RL249 .U78 2021

Atlas of dermatology, dermatopathology and venereology. Inflammatory dermatoses

Author: Bruce Smoller, Nooshin Bagherani, editors

Call Number: RL81 .A85 2022

Essentials of aerosol therapy in critically ill patients

Author: Mohamed E. A. Abdelrahim, Haitham Saeed, Hadeer S. Harb, Yasmin M. Madney

Call Number: RM161

Human drug metabolism

Author: Michael D. Coleman

Call Number: RM301.55.C65 H86 2020

Placebo effects : understanding the mechanisms in health and disease

Author: Fabrizio Benedetti

Call Number: RM331

Medicinal cannabis and CBD in mental heathcare

Author: Kylie O'Brien, Philip Blair

Call Number: RM666.C266 O27 2021

Pharmacy and professionalization in the British Empire, 1780-1970

Author: Stuart Anderson

Call Number: RS67.G7