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Items Acquired in June 2017 for the University Libraries

Ethical health informatics : challenges and opportunities

[edited by] Laurinda Harman, PhD, RHIA, FAHIMA; Frances Cornelius, PhD, MSN, RN-BC, CNE

Call Number: R118.2

Ghostbodies : towards a new theory of invalidism

Maia Dolphin-Krute

Call Number: R726.5 .D657 2017

Health psychology

Shelley E. Taylor, University of California, Los Angeles

Call Number: R726.7 .T39 2017

A guide to psychosocial and spiritual care at the end of life

Henry S. Perkins

Call Number: R726.8

A history of palliative care, 1500-1970 : concepts, practices, and ethical challenges

Michael Stolberg

Call Number: R726.8

Practical strategies and tools to promote treatment engagement [electronic resource]

Call Number: R727.43

Practical guide to the evaluation of clinical competence

[edited by] Eric S. Holmboe, Steven J. Durning, Richard E. Hawkins

Call Number: R837.A2 P73 2017

Continuing professional development in medicine and health care : better education, better patient outcomes

editors, William F. Rayburn, Mary G. Turco, David A. Davis

Call Number: R845 .C66 2017

Extended abstracts Fall 2015 : Biomedical Big Data ; Statistics for Low Dose Radiation Research

Elizabeth A. Ainsbury, M.Luz Calle, Elisabeth Cardis, Jochen Einbeck, Guadalupe Gómez, Pere Puig, editors

Call Number: R853.M3

Measuring and valuing health benefits for economic evaluation

John Brazier, Julie Ratcliffe, Joshua A. Salomon, Aki Tsuchiya

Call Number: R853.O87 M428 2017

3d Printing in Medicine

Call Number: R856

Handbook of photonics for biomedical engineering

Aaron Ho-Pui Ho, Donghyun Kim, Michael G. Somekh, editors

Call Number: R856.15

CMBEBIH 2017 : Proceedings of the International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering 2017

Almir Badnjevic (ed.)

Call Number: R856.A2

The 17th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering : ICBME 2016, 7th to 10th December 2016, Singapore

James Goh, Chwee Teck Lim, Hwa Liang Leo (eds.)

Call Number: R856.A2

Computer-aided design of microfluidic very large scale integration (mVLSI) biochips : design automation, testing, and design-for-testability

Kai Hu, Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Tsung-Yi Ho

Call Number: R857.B5

Short pulse laser systems for biomedical applications

Kunal Mitra, Stephanie Miller

Call Number: R857.L37

The handbook of nanomedicine [electronic resource]

Kewal K. Jain

Call Number: R857.N34

Nanostructures for novel therapy : synthesis, characterization and applications

edited by Denisa Ficai, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu

Call Number: R857.N34

Emerging nanotechnologies for diagnostics, drug delivery and medical devices

editors Ashim K. Mitra, Kishore Cholkar, Abhirup Mandal

Call Number: R857.N34

Organ regeneration based on developmental biology

edited by Takashi Tsuji, editor

Call Number: R857.T55

Informatics for health professionals

Kathleen Garver Mastrian, Dee McGonigle

Call Number: R858

Essentials of health information systems and technology

Jean A. Balgrosky

Call Number: R858

New perspectives in medical records : meeting the needs of patients and practitioners

Giovanni Rinaldi, editor

Call Number: R864

Introduction to health physics

Thomas E. Johnson

Call Number: R895 .C454 2017

Medical coding : what it is and how it works, second edition [electronic resource]

Patricia Aalseth

Call Number: RB115 .A27 2015eb

Pain Medicine : an Essential Review

edited by R. Jason Yong, Michael Nguyen, Ehren Nelson, Richard D. Urman

Call Number: RB127

Urogenital pain : a clinicians guide to diagnosis and interventional treatments

Michael Sabia, Jasjit Sehdev, William Bentley, editors

Call Number: RB127

Facilitating treatment adherence in pain medicine

edited by Martin D. Cheatle, Perry G. Fine

Call Number: RB127 .F33 2017

Atlas of infectious disease pathology

Bryan H. Schmitt, editor

Call Number: RC112

Immunogenetics of fungal diseases

Agostinho Carvalho, editor

Call Number: RC117

Snow sports trauma and safety : conference proceedings of the International Society for Skiing Safety: 21st volume

Irving S. Scher, Richard M. Greenwald, Nicola Petrone, editors

Call Number: RC1220.S5

Injuries and health problems in football : what everyone should know

editor-in-chief: João Espregueira-Mendes ; editors: C. Niek van Dijk, Philippe Neyret, Moises Cohen, Stefano Della Villa, Helder Pereira, J. Miguel Oliveira

Call Number: RC1220.S57

Liquid biopsies in solid tumors

Massimo Cristofanilli, editors

Call Number: RC255

Biological psychiatry of cancer and cancer treatment

Dr Andrew Hodgkiss

Call Number: RC262 .H63 2016

Cancer therapeutic targets

John L. Marshall, editor

Call Number: RC268.4

Chromatin deregulation in cancer

edited by Scott A. Armstrong, Steven Henikoff, Christopher R. Vakoc

Call Number: RC268.4 .C45 2016

Adverse events and oncotargeted kinase inhibitors

Giuseppe Tridente

Call Number: RC271.P76 .T75 2017

Handbook of image-guided brachytherapy

Jyoti Mayadev, Stanley H. Benedict, Mitchell Kamrava, editors

Call Number: RC271.R27

Advances in radiation oncology

Jeffrey Y.C. Wong, Timothy E. Schultheiss, Eric H. Radany, editors

Call Number: RC271.R3

Brainlesion : glioma, multiple sclerosis, stroke and traumatic brain injuries : second International Workshop, BrainLes 2016, with the challenges on BRATS, ISLES and mTOP 2016, held in conjunction with MICCAI 2016, Athens, Greece, October 17, 2016, Revised selected pap

Alessandro Crimi, Bjoern Menze, Oskar Maier, Mauricio Reyes, Stefan Winzeck, Heinz Handels (eds.)

Call Number: RC280.B7

Basic research and clinical aspects of adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma

Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera, Cynthia Lilian Andoniadou, editors

Call Number: RC280.B7

Asbestos and mesothelioma

Joseph R. Testa, editor

Call Number: RC280.L8

Management of lymphomas : a case-based approach

editors: Jasmine Zain, Larry W. Kwak

Call Number: RC280.L9

Mediastinal lesions : diagnostic pearls for interpretation of small biopsies and cytology

Anja C. Roden, Andre L. Moreira, editors

Call Number: RC280.M35

Pancreatic cancer : with special focus on topical issues and surgical techniques

Sun-Whe Kim, Hiroki Yamaue, editors

Call Number: RC280.P25

Squamous cell carcinoma : molecular therapeutic targets

Saman Warnakulasuriya, Zakir Khan, editors

Call Number: RC280.S5

Oncologic imaging : spine and spinal cord tumors

by Heung Sik Kang, Joon Woo Lee, Eugene Lee

Call Number: RC280.S72

Current concepts in endometrial cancer

Ranu Patni, editor

Call Number: RC280.U8

Handbook of tuberculosis

Jacques H. Grosset, Richard E. Chaisson, editors

Call Number: RC311

Proteomic methods in neuropsychiatric research

Paul C. Guest, editor

Call Number: RC337

How and why are some therapists better than others? : understanding therapist effects

edited by Louis G. Castonguay and Clara E. Hill

Call Number: RC337 .H69 2017

Nutrition in neurologic disorders : a practical guide

Ethem Murat Arsava, editor

Call Number: RC346

Muscles, nerves, and pain : a guide to diagnosis, pain concepts and therapy

Wilfred A. Nix

Call Number: RC348

Health issues in women with multiple sclerosis

Maria K. Houtchens, A. Dessa Sadovnick, editors

Call Number: RC377

The independent neuropsychological evaluation

Howard J. Oakes, David W. Lovejoy, Shane S. Bush

Call Number: RC386.6.N48 O25 2017

Interpretation of emergency head CT : a practical handbook

Erskine J. Holmes, Rakesh R. Misra

Call Number: RC386.6.T64 H65 2017

Neurobiological and psychological aspects of brain recovery

Laura Petrosini, editor

Call Number: RC387.5

Acute ischemic stroke : medical, endovascular, and surgical techniques

Jaechan Park, editor

Call Number: RC388.5


Richard I. Lindley ; foreword by Sharon McGowan

Call Number: RC388.5 .L56 2017

Outside the box : rethinking ADDADHD in children and adults : a practical guide

by Thomas E. Brown

Call Number: RC394.A85 B76 2017

Seizures in critical care : a guide to diagnosis and therapeutics

Panayiotis N. Varelas, Jan Claassen, editors

Call Number: RC394.C77

Transient global amnesia : from patient encounter to clinical neuroscience

A.J. Larner

Call Number: RC394.T7

Inflammatory disorders of the nervous system : pathogenesis, immunology, and clinical management [electronic resource]

Alireza Minagar, J. Steven Alexander, editors

Call Number: RC416

The clinician's guide to forensic music therapy : treatment manuals for group cognitive analytic music therapy (G-CAMT) and music therapy anger management (MTAM)

Stella Compton Dickinson and Laurien Hakvoort

Call Number: RC451.4.P68 D53 2017

Kaplan & Sadock's comprehensive textbook of psychiatry

editors, Benjamin J. Sadock, Virginia A. Sadock, Pedro Ruiz

Call Number: RC454 .K37 2017

Computational psychiatry : a systems biology approach to the epigenetics of mental disorders

Rodrick Wallace

Call Number: RC454.4

Complicated grief, attachment, & art therapy : theory, treatment, and 14 ready-to-use protocols

edited by Briana MacWilliam

Call Number: RC455.4.L67 C63 2017

Psychiatric Diagnosis Revisited : From DSM to Clinical Case Formulation [electronic resource]

by Stijn Vanheule

Call Number: RC466.8

Basics of psychotherapy : a practical guide to improving clinical success

by Richard B. Makover

Call Number: RC480 .M35 2017

Evidence-based treatment with older adults : theory, practice, and research

Nancy Kropf, Sherry Cummings

Call Number: RC480.54 .K76 2017

Family therapy with adolescents in residential treatment : intervention and research

Jacob D. Christenson, Ashley N. Merrits, editors

Call Number: RC488.5

How people change : relationships and neuroplasticity in psychotherapy

edited by Marion Solomon and Daniel J. Siegel

Call Number: RC489.B4 H624 2017

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Michelle G. Craske

Call Number: RC489.C63 C73 2017

Learning cognitive-behavior therapy : an illustrated guide

Jesse H. Wright, Gregory K. Brown, Michael E. Thase, Monica Ramirez Basco

Call Number: RC489.C63 W74 2017

The treatment of bipolar disorder ; : integrative clinical strategies and future directions

edited by André F. Carvalho, Eduard Vieta

Call Number: RC516 .T735 2017

Embracing touch in dementia care : a person-centred approach to touch and relationships

Luke J. Tanner ; foreword by Danuta Lipinska

Call Number: RC523 .T3545 2017

The new mind-body science of depression

Vladimir Maletic, Charles Raison

Call Number: RC537 M354 2017

Sleep disorders medicine : basic science, technical considerations and clinical aspects

Sudhansu Chokroverty, editor

Call Number: RC547

Restless legs syndrome/Willis Ekbom disease : long-term consequences and management

Mauro Manconi, Diego García-Borreguero, editors

Call Number: RC548.5

APA handbook of trauma psychology

Steven N. Gold, editor-in-chief ; Joan M. Cook and Constance J. Dalenberg, associate editors

Call Number: RC552.T7 A63 2017

Perversion now!

edited by Diana Caine & Colin Wright

Call Number: RC556

Addictive substances and neurological disease : alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and drugs of abuse in everyday lifestyles

edited by Ronald Ross Watson, Sherma Zibadi

Call Number: RC564 .A33 2017

Immunopathology in toxicology and drug development. Volume 1, Immunobiology, investigative techniques, and special studies

George A. Parker, editor

Call Number: RC582.15

Immunopathology in toxicology and drug development. Volume 2, Organ systems

George A. Parker, editor

Call Number: RC582.15

Molecular allergy diagnostics : innovation for a better patient management

Jörg Kleine-Tebbe, Thilo Jakob, editors

Call Number: RC586

IgG4-related disease

Kazuichi Okazaki, editor

Call Number: RC600

JIMD reports. Volume 33

Eva Morava, editor-in-chief ; Matthias Baumgartner, Marc Patterson, Shamima Rahman, Johannes Zschocke, editors ; Verena Peters, managing editor

Call Number: RC627.8

Chemotherapy for Leukemia : Novel Drugs and Treatment

Takanori Ueda editor

Call Number: RC643

Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma

Toshiki Watanabe, Takuya Fukushima, editors

Call Number: RC643

Harrison's endocrinology

editor, J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD

Call Number: RC648 .H37 2017

Advanced thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound

Mira Milas, Susan J. Mandel, Jill E. Langer, editors

Call Number: RC655.5

Vascular disease in older adults : a comprehensive clinical guide

Rabih Chaer, editor

Call Number: RC669.7

Cardio-oncology : the clinical overlap of cancer and heart disease

Gretchen G. Kimmick, Daniel J. Lenihan, Douglas B. Sawyer, Erica L. Mayer and Dawn L. Hershman, editors

Call Number: RC681

Cardiac management in the frail elderly patient and the oldest old

Andrea Ungar, Niccolò Marchionni, editors

Call Number: RC682

Goldberger's clinical electrocardiography : a simplified approach

Ary L. Goldberger, Zachary D. Goldberger, Alexei Shvilkin

Call Number: RC683.5.E5 .G65 2017

Rapid prototyping in cardiac disease : 3D printing the heart

Kanwal Majeed Farooqi, MD, editor

Call Number: RC683.5.I42

Manual of 3D echocardiography

Eduardo Casas Rojo, Covadonga Fernandez-Golfin, José Luis Zamorano, editors

Call Number: RC683.5.U5

Cases in structural cardiac intervention

Anitha Varghese, Neal Uren, Peter Ludman, editors

Call Number: RC683.8

Surgical implantation of cardiac rhythm devices

Editors, Jeanne E. Poole, Lyle W. Larson

Call Number: RC684.E4 S87 2017

Hypertension : from basic research to clinical practice.

Md. Shahidul Islam, editor

Call Number: RC685.H8

Practical approach to peripheral arterial chronic total occlusions

Subhash Banerjee, editor

Call Number: RC694.3

Algorithmic diagnosis of symptoms and signs : a cost-effective approach

R. Douglas Collins

Call Number: RC71.3 .C645 2017

Specialty imaging : HRCT of the lung

[edited by] Santiago Martínez-Jiménez, Melissa L. Rosado-de-Christenson, Brett W. Carter

Call Number: RC734.T64 S634 2017

Pathobiology of pulmonary disorders

edited by Mieczyslaw Pokorski, editor

Call Number: RC756

Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Davide Chiumello, editor

Call Number: RC776.R38

The complete reference for scimitar syndrome : anatomy, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment

edited by Vladimiro L. Vida

Call Number: RC776.V37 .C66 2017

Incidental radiological findings

Sabine Weckbach, editor

Call Number: RC78

Guide to medical image analysis : methods and algorithms

Klaus D. Toennies

Call Number: RC78.7.D53

Deep learning for medical image analysis

edited by S. Kevin Zhou, Hayit Greenspan, Dinggang Shen

Call Number: RC78.7.D53

Application of infrared to biomedical sciences

Eddie YK Ng, Mahnaz Etehadtavakol, editors

Call Number: RC78.7.T5

Ultrasound in anesthesia, critical care and pain management

edited by Graham Arthurs and Barry Nicholls

Call Number: RC78.7.U4 .U48 2016

Clinical investigations in gastroenterology

Malcolm C. Bateson, Ian A.D. Bouchier

Call Number: RC801

Advanced colonoscopy and endoluminal surgery

Sang W. Lee, Howard M. Ross, David E. Rivadeneira, Scott R. Steele, Daniel L. Feingold, editors

Call Number: RC804.C64 A38 2017eb

Gastrointestinal imaging

Arnold C. Friedman, Stephen D. Scotti, Senthur Thangasamy ; series editor, Roland Talanow

Call Number: RC804.D52 F75 2016

Healthy gut cookbook : 150 stage-by-stage healing recipes to improve your digestive health

Gavin Pritchard and Maya Gangadharan

Call Number: RC806

Pancreatology : a clinical casebook

Timothy B. Gardner, Kerrington D. Smith, editors

Call Number: RC857

Emergency clinical diagnosis

Ashis Banerjee

Call Number: RC86.7

Annual update in intensive care and emergency medicine 2017

Jean-Louis Vincent, editor

Call Number: RC86.7

Damage control management in the polytrauma patient

Hans-Christoph Pape [and 3 others]

Call Number: RC86.7

Avoiding common errors in the emergency department

editors Amal Mattu, Arjun Chanmugam, Stuart Swadron, Dale P. Woolridge, Michael E. Winters ; series editor Lisa Marcucci

Call Number: RC86.7 .A96 2017


Alexander Herold, Paul-Antoine Lehur, Klaus E. Matzel, P. Ronan O'Connell, editors

Call Number: RC864

Genitourinary imaging

Prasanna R.G. Kumar, Arnold C. Friedman, Tarun Pandey

Call Number: RC874 .K86 2016

Fertility preservation and restoration for patients with complex medical conditions

Allison L. Goetsch, Dana Kimelman, Teresa K. Woodruff

Call Number: RC889

Male hypogonadism : basic, clinical and therapeutic principles

Stephen J. Winters, Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi, editors

Call Number: RC898

Surgical aspects of peritoneal dialysis

Stephen Haggerty, editor

Call Number: RC901.7.P48

Kidney development and disease

Rachel K. Miller, editor

Call Number: RC903

Silva's diagnostic renal pathology

edited by Xin Jin (Joseph) Zhou, Zoltan G. Laszik, Tibor Nadasdy, Vivette D. D'Agati

Call Number: RC903.9 .S55 2017

Musculoskeletal Diseases 2017-2020 : diagnostic imaging : 49th International Diagnostic Course in Davos (IDKD), Davos, March 26-30, 2017 ; including the Nuclear Medicine Satellite Course "Diamond" Davos, March 25-26, 2017, Pediatric Radiology Satellite Course "Kangaroo" Davos, March 25, 2017

Juerg Hodler, Rahel A. Kubik-Huch, Gustav K. von Schulthess, editors ; presented by the Foundation for the Advancement of Education in Medical Radiology, Zurich.

Call Number: RC925.7

Osteonecrosis of the femoral head : a clinical casebook

Rafael J. Sierra, editor

Call Number: RC931.N43

Osteoporosis rehabilitation : a practical approach

Christina V. Oleson

Call Number: RC931.O73

Industrial neuroscience in aviation : evaluation of mental states in aviation personnel

Gianluca Borghini, Pietro Aricò, Gianluca Di Flumeri, Fabio Babiloni

Call Number: RC967.5

State of the art in blepharoplasty : from surgery to the avoidance of complications

Paraskevas Kontoes

Call Number: RD119.5.E94

Color atlas of pediatric anatomy, laparoscopy, and thoracoscopy

Merrill McHoney, Edward M. Kiely, Imran Mushtaq, editors

Call Number: RD137

The SAGES manual transitioning to practice [electronic resource]

David B. Renton, Peter Nau, Denise W. Gee, editors

Call Number: RD27.4

Rehabilitative surgery : a comprehensive text for an emerging field

Andrew I. Elkwood, Matthew Kaufman, Lisa F. Schneider, editors

Call Number: RD31.5

Global surgery : the essentials

Adrian Park, Raymond Price, editors

Call Number: RD31.5

NOTES and endoluminal surgery

John R. Romanelli, David J. Desilets, David B. Earle, editors

Call Number: RD33.53

Acute care general surgery : workup and management

Dale A. Dangleben, Firas G. Madbak, editors

Call Number: RD51.5

Atlas of craniocervical junction and cervical spine surgery [electronic resource]

Stefano Boriani, Livio Presutti, Alessandro Gasbarrini, Francesco Mattioli, editors

Call Number: RD533

Evidence-based cosmetic breast surgery

Eric Swanson

Call Number: RD539.8

Case-based lessons in the management of complex hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery

Timothy M. Pawlik, Sharon Weber, T. Clark Gamblin, editors

Call Number: RD540

Acute care surgery handbook. Volume 2, Common gastrointestinal and abdominal emergencies

Salomone Di Saverio, Fausto Catena, Luca Ansaloni, Federico Coccolini, George Velmahos, editors

Call Number: RD540

GI surgery annual. Volume 22

T.K. Chattopadhyay, editor-in-chief ; Peush Sahni, Sujoy Pal, editors

Call Number: RD540

Surgical procedures on the cirrhotic patient

Bijan Eghtesad, John Fung, editors

Call Number: RD546

Groin pain syndrome : a multidisciplinary guide to diagnosis and treatment

Raul Zini, Piero Volpi, Gian Nicola Bisciotti, editors

Call Number: RD550

Shoulder instability across the life span

Andreas B. Imhoff, Felix H. Savoie, editors

Call Number: RD557

Controversies in the technical aspects of ACL reconstruction : an evidence-based medicine approach

Norimasa Nakamura, Stefano Zaffagnini, Robert G. Marx, Volker Musahl, editors

Call Number: RD561

Tutorials in patellofemoral disorders

Simon Donell, Iain McNamara

Call Number: RD561

Soft tissue balancing in total knee arthroplasty

Shuichi Matsuda, Sébastien Lustig, Willem van der Merwe, editors

Call Number: RD561

Insall & Scott surgery of the knee

editor-in-chief, W. Norman Scott ; associate editors, David R. Diduch, Richard Iorio, William J. Long

Call Number: RD561 .I57 2017

Insall & Scott surgery of the knee

editor-in-chief, W. Norman Scott ; associate editors, David R. Diduch, Richard Iorio, William J. Long

Call Number: RD561 .I57 2017

The achilles tendon : an atlas of surgical procedures

Hajo Thermann, Christoph Becher, Michael R. Carmont, Jón Karlsson, Nicola Maffulli, James Calder, C. Niek van Dijk, editors

Call Number: RD563

Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy : a step-by-step guide

Mahesh R. Desai, Arvind P. Ganpule, editors

Call Number: RD575

Urinary diversion

Siamak Daneshmand, editor

Call Number: RD578

Vascular neurosurgery : in multiple-choice questions

Samer S. Hoz

Call Number: RD593

Atlas of endoscopic neurosurgery of the third ventricle : basic principles for ventricular approaches and essential intraoperative anatomy

Roberto Alexandre Dezena

Call Number: RD593

Nursing care of the pediatric neurosurgery patient

Cathy C. Cartwright, Donna C. Wallace, editors

Call Number: RD593

Endovascular aortic repair : current techniques with fenestrated, branched and parallel stent-grafts

Gustavo S. Oderich, editor ; illustrated by David Factor

Call Number: RD598

Nursing care and ECMO

Chirine Mossadegh, Alain Combes, editors

Call Number: RD598.35.A77

Clinical guide to heart transplantation

Jon Kobashigawa, editor

Call Number: RD598.35.T7

Evidence-based therapy in vascular surgery

E. Sebastian Debus, Reinhart T. Grundmann

Call Number: RD598.5

Surgery of the inferior vena cava : a multidisciplinary approach

Daniel Azoulay, Chetana Lim, Chady Salloum editors

Call Number: RD598.5

Textbook of hernia

William W. Hope, William S. Cobb, Gina L. Adrales, editors

Call Number: RD621

Unusual cases in peritoneal surface malignancies

Emel Canbay, editor

Call Number: RD651

Muscle and tendon injuries : evaluation and management

Gian Luigi Canata, Pieter d'Hooghe, Kenneth J. Hunt, editors

Call Number: RD688

Pediatric orthopedics : symptoms, differential diagnosis, supplementary assessment and treatment

Jan Douwes Visser

Call Number: RD732.3.C48

The orthopedic consult survival guide

Jonathan D. Hodax, Adam E.M. Eltorai, Alan H. Daniels, editors

Call Number: RD732.5

BodyMindCore work for movement therapists

Noah Karrasch with Robert White and Elizabeth Buri

Call Number: RD736.M25 K37 2017

Computational methods and clinical applications for spine imaging : 4th international workshop and challenge, CSI 2016 : held in conjunction with MICCAI 2016 Athens, Greece, October 17, 2016 ; revised selected papers

Jianhua Yao [and five others] (Eds.)

Call Number: RD768 .C647 2016

Acute care surgery handbook. Volume 1, General aspects, non-gastrointestinal and critical care emergencies

Salomone Di Saverio, Fausto Catena, Luca Ansaloni, Federico Coccolini, George Velmahos, editors

Call Number: RD93

Sports first aid and injury prevention

Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Alton Thygerson, Nicholas F. Palmieri

Call Number: RD97 .P44 2017

Complications in corneal laser surgery

Stephan J. Linke, Toam Katz, editors

Call Number: RE336

Atlas of swept source optical coherence tomography

Zofia Michalewska, Jerzy Nawrocki, editors

Call Number: RE551

Peripheral retinal degenerations : optical coherence tomography and retinal laser coagulation

Venera A. Shaimova, editor

Call Number: RE661.D3

Diabetic retinopathy : current pharmacologic treatment and emerging strategies

Michael W. Stewart, MD

Call Number: RE661.D5

Neuro-ophthalmology : illustrated case studies

Desmond P. Kidd

Call Number: RE725

Textbook of ocular trauma : evaluation and treatment

Stephen C. Kaufman, Douglas R. Lazzaro, editors

Call Number: RE831

Advances in vision research. Volume I, Genetic eye research in Asia and the Pacific

Gyan Prakash, Takeshi Iwata, editors

Call Number: RE906

Homonymous visual field defects

Karolína Skorkovská, editor

Call Number: RE91

ENT in primary care : a concise guide

Edoardo Cervoni, Kim Leech

Call Number: RF46.5

Aging voice

Kiyoshi Makiyama, Shigeru Hirano, editors

Call Number: RF47.A35

Native tissue repair for incontinence and prolapse

Philippe E. Zimmern, Elise J. B. De, editors

Call Number: RG104

Netter's obstetrics & gynecology

Roger P. Smith ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Carlos A.G. Machado, John A. Craig, Kristen Wienandt Marzejon, Joe Chovan, James A. Perkins, Tiffany S. DaVanzo

Call Number: RG110 .S53 2017

Development of in vitro maturation for human oocytes : natural and mild approaches to clinical infertility treatment

Ri-Cheng Chian, Geeta Nargund, Jack Y. J. Huang, editors

Call Number: RG133.5

Complications and outcomes of assisted reproduction

[edited by] Botros Rizk, Jan Gerris

Call Number: RG133.5 .C6685 2017

Complications of female incontinence and pelvic reconstructive surgery [electronic resource]

Howard B. Goldman, editor

Call Number: RG484

Atlas of differential diagnosis in breast pathology

Puay Hoon Tan, Aysegul A. Sahin

Call Number: RG493

Breast MRI teaching atlas

Richard Ha, Christopher E. Comstock, Elizabeth A. Morris, editors

Call Number: RG493.5.M33

Prenatal diagnosis of orofacial malformations

Gabriele Tonni, Waldo Sepulveda, Amy E. Wong, editors

Call Number: RG627

Fetal monitoring in practice

Donald Gibb, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran

Call Number: RG628 .G5 2017

Viral infections in children. Volume I [electronic resource]

Robin J. Green, editor

Call Number: RG629.V57

Perineal trauma at childbirth

Khaled M.K. Ismail, editor

Call Number: RG713

Anesthesia for cesarean section

Giorgio Capogna, editor

Call Number: RG732

Freestanding birth centers : innovation, evidence, optimal outcomes

Linda J. Cole, Melissa D. Avery, editors

Call Number: RG960 .F74 2017

Retinopathy of prematurity : current diagnosis and management

B. Andrés Kychenthal, S. Paola Dorta, editors

Call Number: RJ313

Assessing and Treating Pediatric Obesity in Neurodevelopmental Disorders [electronic resource]

Call Number: RJ399.C6

Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Ajay Vora, editor

Call Number: RJ416.L4

Pediatric endocrinology and inborn errors of metabolism

editors, Kyriakie Sarafoglou, Georg F. Hoffmann, Karl S. Roth

Call Number: RJ418 .P43 2017

From an association to a royal college : the history of the British Paediatric Association and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 1988-2016

Alan Craft, Keith Dodd, editors

Call Number: RJ42.G7

Esophageal and gastric disorders in infancy and childhood

edited by John Foker [and others]

Call Number: RJ456.E84

Understanding sensory processing disorders in children : a guide for parents and professionals

Matt Mielnick

Call Number: RJ486 .M54 2017

Functional communication training for problem behavior

Joe Reichle, David P. Wacker

Call Number: RJ496.C67 R45 2017

Nelson pediatric symptom-based diagnosis

[edited by] Robert M. Kliegman, Patricia S. Lye, Brett J. Bordini, Heather Toth, Donald Basel

Call Number: RJ50 .N45 2017

An integrative approach to treating babies and children : a multidisciplinary guide

edited by John Wilks ; foreword by Franklyn Sills

Call Number: RJ504 .I68 2017

Melanie Klein : early analysis, play, and the question of freedom

Deborah P. Britzman

Call Number: RJ504.2 .B75 2016

Autism spectrum disorders in adults

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