September 2018

Communicating across cultures and languages in the health care setting : voices of care

Author: Claire Penn, Jennifer Watermeyer

Call Number: R118

Misery to mirth : recovery from illness in early modern England

Author: Hannah Newton

Call Number: R486 .N49 2018

Mothers in medicine : career, practice, and life lessons learned

Author: Katherine Chretien, editor

Call Number: R692

The resilient physician : a pocket guide to stress management

Author: John D. Kelly IV ; with contributions by Ann Marie Kelly

Call Number: R707

Care in healthcare : reflections on theory and practice

Author: Franziska Krause, Joachim Boldt, editors

Call Number: R723 .C416 2018

Choice matters : how healthcare consumers make decisions (and why clinicians and managers should care)

Author: Gordon Moore, John A. Quelch, Emily Boudreau

Call Number: R723.5 .M66 2018

Principles and practice of case-based clinical reasoning education : a method for preclinical students

Author: Olle ten Cate, Eugène J.F.M. Custers, Steven J. Durning: editors

Call Number: R723.5 .P75 2018

Moral distress in the health professions

Author: Connie M. Ulrich, Christine Grady, editors

Call Number: R724

Leading an academic medical practice

Author: Lee Bach Lu, [and 4 others], editors

Call Number: R728 .L43 2018

Organizing patient safety : failsafe fantasies and pragmatic practices

Author: Kirstine Zinck Pedersen

Call Number: R729.8

The CLES-scale : an evaluation tool for healthcare education

Author: Mikko Saarikoski, Camilla Strandell-Laine, editors

Call Number: R834

Pocket book for simulation debriefing in healthcare

Author: by Denis Oriot, Guillaume Alinier

Call Number: R837.S55

Sample size tables for clinical studies

Author: David Machin, Michael J. Campbell, Say Beng Tan, Sze Huey Tan

Call Number: R853.C55

Network meta-analysis for decision making

Author: by Sofia Dias, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK [and four others]

Call Number: R853.M48 D53 2018eb

A practical approach to using statistics in health research : from planning to reporting

Author: Adam Mackridge, Philip Rowe

Call Number: R853.S7 M33 2018eb

Biomedical engineering challenges : a chemical engineering insight

Author: edited by Vincenzo Piemonte, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy, Angelo Basile, Italian National Research Council, Rende, Italy, Taichi Ito, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, Luigi Marelli, University Campus Biomedico of Rome, Rome, Italy

Call Number: R856

Body Sensors and Electrocardiography

Author: by Roman Trobec, Ivan Tomašić, Aleksandra Rashkovska, Matjaž Depolli, Viktor Avbelj

Call Number: R856

Frugal innovation in bioengineering for the detection of infectious diseases

Author: Arvind K. Chavali, Ramesh Ramji, editors

Call Number: R856

Advanced technologies for the rehabilitation of gait and balance disorders

Author: Giorgio Sandrini, Volker Homberg, Leopold Saltuari, Nicola Smania, Alessandra Pedrocchi, editors

Call Number: R856 .A628 2018

Innovations in biomedical engineering

Author: Marek Gzik, Marek Gzik, Ewaryst Tkacz, Zbigniew Paszenda, Ewa Piętka, editors

Call Number: R856 .I55 2017

Quantified lives and vital data : exploring health and technology through personal medical devices

Author: Rebecca Lynch, Conor Farrington, editors

Call Number: R856 .Q36 2018

Inspection of medical devices : for regulatory purposes

Author: Almir Badnjević, Mario Cifrek, Ratko Magjarević, Zijad Džemić, editors

Call Number: R856.4

2nd International Conference for Innovation in Biomedical Engineering and Life Sciences : ICIBEL 2017 (in conjunction with APCMBE 2017),10-13 December 2017, Penang, Malaysia

Author: Fatimah Ibrahim, Juliana Usman, Mohd Yazed Ahmad, Norhamizan Hamzah, Swe Jyan Teh, editors

Call Number: R856.A2

6th International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam (BME6)

Author: Toi Vo Van, Thanh An Nguyen Le, Thang Nguyen Duc, editors

Call Number: R856.A2 .F548 2016eb

CMOS readout chips for implantable multimodal smart biosensors

Author: Moustafa Nawito

Call Number: R857.B54

Biosensors based on sandwich assays

Author: Fan Xia, Xiaojin Zhang, Xiaoding Lou, Quan Yuan, editors

Call Number: R857.B54

Miniature fluidic devices for rapid biological detection

Author: edited by Sang-Hyun Oh, Carlos Escobedo, Alexandre G. Brolo

Call Number: R857.B54 M56 2018

Biomaterials in clinical practice : advances in clinical research and medical devices

Author: Fatima Zivic, Saverio Affatato, Miroslav Trajanovic, Matthias Schnabelrauch, Nenad Grujovic, Kwang Leong Choy, editors

Call Number: R857.M3

Bio-based materials as applicable, accessible, and affordable healthcare solutions

Author: Adam A. Tracy, Sujata K. Bhatia, Krish W. Ramadurai

Call Number: R857.M3

Biomedical applications of metals

Author: Mahendra Rai, Avinash P. Ingle, Serenella Medici, editors

Call Number: R857.M37

Nanobiomaterials : classification, fabrication and biomedical applications

Author: edited by XiuMei Wang, Murugan Ramalingam, Xiangdong Kong, and Lingyun Zhao

Call Number: R857.N34

Behaviors and persistence of nanomaterials in biomedical applications

Author: Domenico Cassano and Valerio Voliani

Call Number: R857.N34 C38 2018

Seamless healthcare monitoring : advancements in wearable, attachable, and invisible devices

Author: Toshiro Tamura, Wenxi Chen, editors

Call Number: R857.P36

New trends in medical and service robots : design, analysis and control

Author: Manfred Husty, Michael Hofbaur, editors

Call Number: R857.R63

Electromagnetic actuation and sensing in medical robotics

Author: Hongliang Ren, Jinji Sun, editors

Call Number: R857.R63

Cellular and molecular approaches to regeneration and repair

Author: Paul A. Lapchak, John H. Zhang, editors

Call Number: R857.T55

Clinical regenerative medicine in urology

Author: Bup Wan Kim, editor

Call Number: R857.T55

Principles of regenerative medicine

Author: edited by Anthony Atala, Robert Lanza, Antonios G. Mikos, Robert Nerem

Call Number: R857.T55 P75 2019eb

Ontology engineering applications in healthcare and workforce management systems

Author: David E. Forbes, Pornpit Wongthongtham, Chamonix Terblanche, Udsanee Pakdeetrakulwong

Call Number: R858

Cognitive science and health bioinformatics : advances and applications

Author: Raghu B. Korrapati, Ch. Divakar, G. Lavanya Devi

Call Number: R858

Digital health : scaling healthcare to the world

Author: Homero Rivas, Katarzyna Wac, editors

Call Number: R858

E-health care in dentistry and oral medicine : a clinician's guide

Author: Nicolas Giraudeau, editor

Call Number: R858

Clinical informatics board review and self assessment

Author: editor, Scott Mankowitz

Call Number: R858

Precision medicine powered by pHealth and connected health : ICBHI 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece, 18-21 November 2017

Author: Nicos Maglaveras, Ioanna Chouvarda, Paulo de Carvalho, editors

Call Number: R858.A2

Biomedical technology : modeling, experiments and simulation

Author: Peter Wriggers, Thomas Lenarz, editors

Call Number: R859.7.C65

Pervasive computing paradigms for mental health : selected papers from MindCare 2016, Fabulous 2016, and IIoT 2015

Author: Nuria Oliver, Silvia Serino, Aleksandar Matic, Pietro Cipresso, Nenad Filipovic, Liljana Gavrilovska (eds.)

Call Number: R859.7.U27

Nuclear medicine technology : review questions for the board examinations

Author: Eleanor Mantel, Janet S. Reddin, Gang Cheng, Abass Alavi

Call Number: R898 .M36 2018

Multiple choice questions in pain management

Author: Rajesh Gupta

Call Number: RB127

Painscapes : communicating pain

Author: EJ Gonzalez-Polledo, Jen Tarr, editors

Call Number: RB127

Challenging cases and complication management in pain medicine

Author: Magdalena Anitescu, Honorio T. Benzon, Mark S. Wallace, editors

Call Number: RB127

Essentials of interventional techniques in managing chronic pain

Author: Laxmaiah Manchikanti, editor-in-chief ; Alan D. Kaye, Frank J.E. Falco, Joshua A. Hirsch, editors

Call Number: RB127

Fundamentals of pain medicine

Author: Jianguo Cheng, Richard W. Rosenquist, editors

Call Number: RB127 .F86 2018

Inflammation : from molecular and cellular mechanisms to the clinic

Author: edited by Jean-Marc Cavaillon and Mervyn Singer

Call Number: RB131 .I54 2018eb

Metabolic disorders and critically ill patients : from pathophysiology to treatment

Author: Carole Ichai, Hervé Quintard, Jean-Christophe Orban, editors

Call Number: RB147

Coma and disorders of consciousness

Author: Caroline Schnakers, Steven Laureys, editors

Call Number: RB150.C6

Fluorescent tools for imaging oxidative stress in biology

Author: Amandeep Kaur

Call Number: RB170

Introduction to statistical methods in pathology

Author: Amir Momeni, Matthew Pincus, Jenny Libien

Call Number: RB38.3

Coupling and decoupling of diverse molecular units in glycosciences

Author: Zbigniew J. Witczak, Roman Bielski, editors

Call Number: RB40

Immunohistochemistry in tumor diagnostics

Author: Muin S.A. Tuffaha, Hans Guski, Glen Kristiansen

Call Number: RB46.6

Sport and physical activity in the heat : maximizing performance and safety

Author: Douglas J. Casa, editor

Call Number: RC103.H4

The management of chronic diseases

Author: Pierre Huard

Call Number: RC108

Chronic illness care : principles and practice

Author: Timothy P. Daaleman, Margaret R. Helton, editors

Call Number: RC108

Evidence-based infectious diseases

Author: edited by Dominik Mertz, Fiona Smaill, Nick Daneman

Call Number: RC112

The infectious disease diagnosis : a case approach

Author: Michael David, Jean-Luc Benoit, editors

Call Number: RC113.3

The leishmaniases : old neglected tropical diseases

Author: Fabrizio Bruschi, Luigi Gradoni, editors

Call Number: RC153

Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis

Author: Paolo Campisi, editor

Call Number: RC168.P15


Author: Guillermo Ortiz-Ruiz, Carmelo Dueñas-Castell, editors

Call Number: RC182.S4

Atlas of sexually transmitted diseases : clinical aspects and differential diagnosis

Author: Mauro Romero Leal Passos, editor in chief

Call Number: RC200

Syphilis and subjectivity : from the Victorians to the present

Author: Kari Nixon, Lorenzo Servitje, editors

Call Number: RC201.47 .S97 2018eb

Retroperitoneal tumors : clinical management

Author: Cheng-Hua Luo, editor

Call Number: RC254

The American Cancer Society's principles of oncology

Author: edited by the American Cancer Society

Call Number: RC261

The American Cancer Society's oncology in practice : clinical management

Author: edited by American Cancer Society

Call Number: RC263

D-type cyclins and cancer

Author: Philip W. Hinds, Nelson E. Brown, editors

Call Number: RC268.5

Tumor organoids

Author: Shay Soker, Aleksander Skardal, editors

Call Number: RC269

Molecular diagnosis and targeting for thoracic and gastrointestinal malignancy

Author: Yutaka Shimada, Katsuhiko Yanaga, editors

Call Number: RC270

Handbook of practical fine needle aspiration and small tissue biopsies

Author: Fan Lin, Haiyan Liu, Jun Zhang

Call Number: RC270.3.N44

Anticancer therapeutics : from drug discovery to clinical applications

Author: Dr. Adam A. Todd, Professor Paul W. Groundwater, Dr. Jason Gill

Call Number: RC270.8

Modern dose-finding designs for cancer phase I trials : drug combinations and molecularly targeted agents

Author: Akihiro Hirakawa, Hiroyuki Sato, Takashi Daimon, Shigeyuki Matsui

Call Number: RC271.C5 H57 2018

A beginner's guide to targeted cancer treatments

Author: by Elaine Vickers

Call Number: RC271.C5 V53 2018

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for the pediatric hematologist/oncologist

Author: Valerie I. Brown, editor

Call Number: RC271.H45

Immunotherapy in translational cancer research

Author: [edited by] Laurence J.N. Cooper, Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, Judy Moyes, Sabitha Prabhakaran

Call Number: RC271.I45

Early phase cancer immunotherapy

Author: Sandip Pravin Patel, Razelle Kurzrock, editors

Call Number: RC271.I45

Immunotherapy for pediatric malignancies

Author: Juliet C. Gray, Aurélien Marabelle, editors

Call Number: RC271.I45

Oncoimmunology : a practical guide for cancer immunotherapy

Author: Laurence Zitvogel, Guido Kroemer, editors

Call Number: RC271.I45

The basics of cancer immunotherapy

Author: Haidong Dong, Svetomir N. Markovic, editors

Call Number: RC271.I45 B37 2018

Target volume delineation and treatment planning for particle therapy : a practical guide

Author: Nancy Y. Lee, Jonathan E. Leeman, Oren Cahlon, Kevin Sine, Guoliang Jiang, Jiade J. Lu, Stefan Both, editor

Call Number: RC271.R3

Precision molecular pathology of bladder cancer

Author: Donna E. Hansel, Seth P. Lerner, editors

Call Number: RC280.B5

Personalized therapy for multiple myeloma

Author: Saad Z. Usmani, Ajay K. Nooka, editors

Call Number: RC280.B6

Multiple myeloma and other plasma cell neoplasms

Author: Meletios A. Dimopoulos, Thierry Facon, Evangelos Terpos, editors

Call Number: RC280.B6

Ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast

Author: Carlo Mariotti, editor

Call Number: RC280.B8

Diagnosis and management of breast tumors : a practical handbook and multidisciplinary approach

Author: edited by Michael Ola Idowu, Priti Anilkumar Shah, Mary Helen Hackney, Margaret Mary Grimes, Charles Edward Geyer, Jr., Douglas William Arthur, Harry Douglas Bear

Call Number: RC280.B8

Triple-negative breast cancer : a clinician's guide

Author: Antoinette R. Tan, editor

Call Number: RC280.B8

Optimizing breast cancer management

Author: William J. Gradishar, editor

Call Number: RC280.B8

Changing paradigms in the management of breast cancer

Author: Marissa Howard-McNatt, editor

Call Number: RC280.B8

Timely diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Author: Louise Olsson, editor

Call Number: RC280.C6

Gastrointestinal malignancies : a practical guide on treatment techniques

Author: Suzanne Russo, Sarah Hoffe, Edward Kim, editors

Call Number: RC280.D5

Abdominal neuroendocrine tumors

Author: Massimo Carlini, editor ; forewords by Marco Montorsi, Eugenio Santoro

Call Number: RC280.E55

Neuroendocrine tumors in real life : from practice to knowledge

Author: Annamaria Colao, Antongiulio Faggiano, Wouter de Herder, editors

Call Number: RC280.E55

Focus on gynecologic malignancies

Author: Nathan A. Berger, Ann H. Klopp, Karen H. Lu, editors

Call Number: RC280.G5

Principles of gynecologic oncology surgery

Author: [edited by] Pedro T. Ramirez, Michael Frumovitz, Nadeem R. Abu-Rustum

Call Number: RC280.G5 P75 2019eb

Clinical radiology of head and neck tumors

Author: Umanath Nayak, Ravikanti Satya Prasad, Shobana Sekhar

Call Number: RC280.H4

Contemporary management of jugular araganglioma

Author: George B. Wanna, Matthew L. Carlson, James L. Netterville, editors

Call Number: RC280.H4

PET/CT in head and neck cancer

Author: Wai Lup Wong, editor

Call Number: RC280.H4

Multidisciplinary care of the head and neck cancer patient

Author: Ellie Maghami, Allen S. Ho, editors

Call Number: RC280.H4

Surgical techniques for kidney cancer

Author: edited by Rakesh V. Khanna, Gennady Bratslavsky, Robert J. Stein

Call Number: RC280.K5

PET/CT in hepatobiliary and pancreatic malignancies

Author: Nilendu Purandare, Sneha Shah, editors

Call Number: RC280.L5

Precision molecular pathology of liver cancer

Author: Chen Liu, editor

Call Number: RC280.L5

Precision molecular pathology of lung cancer

Author: Philip T. Cagle [and others], editors

Call Number: RC280.L8

Early-stage lung cancer : screening and management

Author: Xiangpeng Zheng, Ming Li, Guozhen Zhang, editors

Call Number: RC280.L8

PET/CT in lung cancer

Author: Archi Agrawal, Venkatesh Rangarajan, editors

Call Number: RC280.L8

Atlas of diagnostically challenging melanocytic neoplasms

Author: Caterina Longo, Giuseppe Argenziano, Aimilios Lallas, Elvira Moscarella, Simonetta Piana

Call Number: RC280.M37

Radiation oncology for pediatric CNS tumors

Author: Anita Mahajan, Arnold Paulino, editors

Call Number: RC280.N4

The management of small renal masses : diagnosis and management

Author: Kamran Ahmed, Nicholas Raison, Ben Challacombe, Alexandre Mottrie, Prokar Dasgupta, editors

Call Number: RC280.N4

Current and emerging therapies in pancreatic cancer

Author: Tanios Bekaii-Saab, Bassel El-Rayes, editors

Call Number: RC280.P25

Atlas of multiparametric prostate MRI : with PI-RADS approach and anatomic-MRI-pathological correlation

Author: Joan C. Vilanova, Violeta Catalá, Ferran Algaba, Oscar Laucirica, editors

Call Number: RC280.P7

Precision molecular pathology of prostate cancer

Author: Brian D. Robinson, Juan Miguel Mosquera, Jae Y. Ro, Mukul Divatia, editors

Call Number: RC280.P7

Rectal cancer : modern approaches to treatment

Author: George J. Chang, editor

Call Number: RC280.R37

Atlas of thyroid and neuroendocrine tumor markers

Author: Luca Giovanella, editor

Call Number: RC280.T6

Uterine fibroids : a clinical casebook

Author: Nash S. Moawad, editor

Call Number: RC280.U8

Skin tumors and reactions to cancer therapy in children

Author: Jennifer T. Huang, Carrie C. Coughlin

Call Number: RC281.C4

Small volume biopsy in pediatric tumors : an atlas for diagnostic pathology

Author: Jerzy Klijanienko, Živa Pohar Marinšek, Henryk A. Domanski, editors

Call Number: RC281.C4

Pediatric radiation oncology

Author: Thomas E. Merchant, Rolf-Dieter Kortmann, editors

Call Number: RC281.C4

A practical approach to the care of adolescents and young adults with cancer

Author: Julia Chisholm, Rachael Hough, Louise Soanes, editors

Call Number: RC281.C4 P73 2018eb

Dynamic neuroscience : statistics, modeling, and control

Author: Zhe Chen, Sridevi V. Sarma, editors

Call Number: RC337

Neurologic emergencies : how to do a fast, focused evaluation of any neurologic complaint

Author: Latha Ganti, Joshua N. Goldstein, editors

Call Number: RC346

Polyglutamine disorders

Author: Clévio Nóbrega, Luís Pereira de Almeida, editors

Call Number: RC346.4

Developmental neuropathology

Author: [edited] by Homa Adle-Biassette, Brian Harding, Jeffrey Golden

Call Number: RC347

Diagnostic and therapeutic neuroradiology : a case-based guide to good practice

Author: João Xavier, Cristiana Vasconcelos, Cristina Ramos, editors ; foreword by Mario Muto

Call Number: RC349.R3

Intracranial pressure & neuromonitoring XVI

Author: Thomas Heldt, editor

Call Number: RC349.R3

Acute and Chronic Neural Stimulation via Mechano-Sensitive Ion Channels

Author: Andy Kah Ping Tay

Call Number: RC350.N48

Neurocritical care for the advanced practice clinician

Author: Jessica L. White, Kevin N. Sheth, editors

Call Number: RC350.N49

CNS infections : a clinical approach

Author: Juan Carlos García-Moncó, editor

Call Number: RC359.5

Central pain syndrome

Author: Sergio Canavero, Vincenzo Bonicalzi

Call Number: RC368

Status epilepticus : a clinical perspective

Author: Frank W. Drislane, Peter W. Kaplan, editors

Call Number: RC372

Progressive multiple sclerosis

Author: Alastair Wilkins, editor

Call Number: RC377 .P763 2018

Perturbation treadmill training in Parkinson's disease : a novel approach for neurological rehabilitation

Author: Sarah Klamroth ; with a preface by Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer and Dr. Simon Steib

Call Number: RC382

Low power active electrode ICs for wearable EEG acquisition

Author: Jiawei Xu [and 3 others]

Call Number: RC386.6.E43

Neurorehabilitation for central nervous system disorders

Author: Frans van der Brugge

Call Number: RC387.5

Handbook of cerebrovascular disease and neurointerventional technique

Author: Mark R. Harrigan, John P. Deveikis

Call Number: RC388.5

European psychiatric/mental health nursing in the 21st century : a person-centred evidence-based approach

Author: José Carlos Santos, John R. Cutcliffe, editors

Call Number: RC440

Sims' symptoms in the mind : textbook of descriptive psychopathology

Author: Femi Oyebode

Call Number: RC454 .O93 2019eb

Clinical handbook of bereavement and grief reactions

Author: Eric Bui, editor

Call Number: RC455.4.L67

Davidson's principles and practice of medicine

Author: edited by Start H. Ralson, Ian D. Penman, Mark W.J. Strachan, Richard P. Hobson ; illustrations by Robert Britton

Call Number: RC46 .D38 2018eb

Unusual diseases with common symptoms : a clinical casebook

Author: Anthony M. Szema, editor

Call Number: RC48.8

Evidence-based psychotherapy : the state of the science and practice

Author: edited by Daniel David, Steven Jay Lynn, Guy H. Montgomery

Call Number: RC480 .E95 2018

Developing the therapeutic relationship : integrating case studies, research, and practice

Author: [edited by] Orya Tishby, Hadas Wiseman

Call Number: RC480.8 .D48 2018

Delirium in elderly patients

Author: Ahmet Turan Isik, George T. Grossberg, editors

Call Number: RC520.7

Moodiness in ADHD : a clinician's guide

Author: W. Burleson Daviss, editor

Call Number: RC537

Treating depression, anxiety, and stress in ethnic and racial groups : cognitive behavioral approaches

Author: edited by Edward C. Chang, Christina A. Downey, Jameson K. Hirsch, and Elizabeth A. Yu

Call Number: RC537 .T7343 2018

Handbook of outpatient medicine

Author: Elana Sydney, Eleanor Weinstein, Lisa M. Rucker, editors

Call Number: RC55

Sleep and combat-related post traumatic stress disorder

Author: Eric Vermetten, Anne Germain, Thomas C. Neylan, editors

Call Number: RC552.P67

Autism and environmental factors

Author: Omar Bagasra, Cherilyn Heggen ; illustrations by Muhammad Hossain

Call Number: RC553.A88 B34 2018

The Wiley handbook of memory, autism spectrum disorder, and the law

Author: edited by Jonni L. Johnson, Gail S. Goodman, Peter C. Mundy

Call Number: RC553.A88 W55 2018

Textbook of female sexual function and dysfunction : diagnosis and treatment

Author: edited by Sue W. Goldstein, Noel N. Kim, Anita H. Clayton, Andrew T. Goldstein, Sheryl A. Kingsberg

Call Number: RC556

Pedophilia and sexual offending against children : theory, assessment, and intervention

Author: by Michael C. Seto

Call Number: RC560.C46 S478 2018

Substance use disorders : a guide for the primary care provider

Author: H. Thomas Milhorn

Call Number: RC564

Opioid dependence : a clinical and epidemiologic approach

Author: Heath B. McAnally

Call Number: RC568.O45

Phenomenology of suicide : unlocking the suicidal mind

Author: Maurizio Pompili, editor

Call Number: RC569

Severe asthma : toward personalized patient management

Author: Yong Chul Lee, So Ri Kim, Seong Ho Cho, editors

Call Number: RC591

Food allergens : best practices for assessing, managing and communicating the risks

Author: Tong-Jen Fu, Lauren S. Jackson, Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, Wendy Bedale, editors

Call Number: RC596 .F66 2018

Imaging and metabolism

Author: edited by Jason S. Lewis, Kayvan R. Keshari

Call Number: RC627.6 .I43 2018

Imaging in bariatric surgery

Author: Andrea Laghi, Marco Rengo, editors

Call Number: RC628

Management of anemia : a comprehensive guide for clinicians

Author: Robert Provenzano, Edgar V. Lerma, Lynda Szczech, editors

Call Number: RC641

Precision molecular pathology of myeloid neoplasms

Author: Chung-Che (Jeff) Chang, Robert S. Ohgami, editors

Call Number: RC643

Precision molecular pathology of Hodgkin lymphoma

Author: S. David Hudnall, Ralf Küppers, editors

Call Number: RC644

Atlas of bone marrow pathology

Author: Tracy I. George, Daniel A. Arber, editors

Call Number: RC645.7

Lymphedema : a concise compendium of theory and practice

Author: Byung-Boong Lee, Stanley G. Rockson, John Bergan, editors

Call Number: RC646.3

Consultative hemostasis and thrombosis

Author: editors, Craig S. Kitchens, Craig M. Kessler, Barbara A. Konkle, David A. Garcia

Call Number: RC647.C55 C66 2019eb

Endocrine and metabolic medical emergencies : a clinician's guide

Author: edited by Glenn Matfin

Call Number: RC649 .E53 2018

Thyroid nodules : diagnosis and management

Author: Hossein Gharib, editor

Call Number: RC655

Thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound and ultrasound-Guided FNA

Author: Daniel S. Duick, Robert A. Levine, Mark A. Lupo, editors

Call Number: RC655.5

Adrenal disorders : physiology, pathophysiology and treatment

Author: Alice C. Levine, editor

Call Number: RC659

Diabetes and aging-related complications

Author: Sho-ichi Yamagishi, editor

Call Number: RC660

Dermatology and diabetes

Author: Emilia Noemí Cohen Sabban, Félix Miguel Puchulu, Kenneth Cusi, editors

Call Number: RC660

Practical diabetes care

Author: by David Levy

Call Number: RC660 .L48 2018eb

Diabetes and exercise : from pathophysiology to clinical implementation

Author: Jane E. B. Reusch, Judith G. Regensteiner, Kerry J. Stewart, Aristidis Veves, editors

Call Number: RC661.E94

Osteocardiology : cardiac bone formation

Author: Nalini M. Rajamannan

Call Number: RC667

Netter's cardiology

Author: edited by George A. Stouffer, Marschall S. Runge, Cam Patterson, Joseph S. Rossi ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrations, Carlos A.G. Machado [and 6 others]

Call Number: RC667 .N48 2019eb

Cardiovascular genetics and genomics : principles and clinical practice

Author: Dhavendra Kumar, Perry Elliott, editors

Call Number: RC669

Cardiology board review

Author: by Ramdas G. Pai, Padmini Varadarajan, Sudha M. Pai

Call Number: RC669.2

Comparative cardiac imaging : a case-based guide

Author: editors Jing Ping Sun, Xing Sheng Yang, Bryan P. Yan

Call Number: RC670 .C66 2018

Hemodynamic rounds : interpretation of cardiac pathophysiology from pressure waveform analysis

Author: edited by Morton J. Kern, Michael J. Lim, James A. Goldstein

Call Number: RC670.5.H45 H45 2018

Early repolarization syndrome : etiology and therapeutics

Author: Wataru Shimizu, editor

Call Number: RC682

Right ventricular physiology, adaptation and failure in congenital and acquired heart disease

Author: Mark K. Friedberg, Andrew N. Redington, editors

Call Number: RC682

Protocols and methodologies in basic science and clinical cardiac MRI

Author: Christakis Constantinides, editor

Call Number: RC683.5.M35

Atlas of coronary intravascular optical coherence tomography

Author: Annapoorna Kini, Jagat Narula, Yuliya Vengrenyuk, Samin Sharma

Call Number: RC683.5.T66

How-to manual for pacemaker and ICD devices : procedures and programming

Author: edited by Amin Al-Ahmad, Andrea Natale, Paul J. Wang, James P. Daubert, Luigi Padeletti

Call Number: RC684.P3 H69 2018

Catheter ablation : a current approach on cardiac arrhythmias

Author: Kenzo Hirao, editor

Call Number: RC685.A65

Arrhythmia essentials

Author: Brian Olshansky, Mina K. Chung, Steven M. Pogwizd, Nora Goldschlager

Call Number: RC685.A65 O48 2017eb

Therapeutic strategies for heart failure

Author: Naoki Sato, editor

Call Number: RC685.C53

Coronary imaging and physiology

Author: Myeong-Ki Hong, editor

Call Number: RC685.C6

Essentials of hypertension : the 12080 paradigm

Author: Flávio Danni Fuchs

Call Number: RC685.H8

Hypertension and renal organ damage

Author: Roberto Pontremoli

Call Number: RC685.H8

Disorders of blood pressure regulation : phenotypes, mechanisms, therapeutic options

Author: Adel E. Berbari, Giuseppe Mancia, editors

Call Number: RC685.H8

Practical manual of tricuspid valve diseases

Author: Osama I. Soliman, Folkert J. ten Cate, editors

Call Number: RC685.V2

Coronary artery CTA : a case-based atlas

Author: Claudio Smuclovisky, editor

Call Number: RC691.6.A53

Current management of venous diseases

Author: Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar, editor

Call Number: RC695

Independent medical evaluation : a practical guide

Author: Douglas W. Martin

Call Number: RC71.4 .M37 2018

Interventions in pulmonary medicine

Author: Jose Pablo Díaz-Jimenez, Alicia N. Rodriguez, editors

Call Number: RC734.B7

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Maxillofacial Imaging

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Skull base imaging

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ESSKA Instructional course lecture book : Glasgow 2018

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Robotic urology

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Breast surgery

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Modern Thoraco-Lumbar Implants for Spinal Fusion

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Anesthesia in high-risk patients

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Principles and practice of lacrimal surgery

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Ocular emergency

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Diabetes in pregnancy : the complete guide to management

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Self-powered SoC platform for analysis and prediction of cardiac arrhythmias

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Hematology, immunology, and genetics

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Toys and communication

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Trauma responsive child welfare systems

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Diseases and conditions in dentistry : an evidence-based reference

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