Modern Languages

December 2021

The Cambridge handbook of the philosophy of language

Author: edited by Piotr Stalmaszczyk

Call Number: P107 .C3826 2022

The Cambridge handbook of heritage languages and linguistics

Author: edited by Silvina Montrul, Maria Polinsky

Call Number: P115 .C38 2021

Researching second language acquisition in the study abroad learning environment : an introduction for student researchers

Author: Christina L. Isabelli-García, Casilde A. Isabelli

Call Number: P118.2 .I854 2020

The language of violent jihad

Author: Paul Baker, Rachelle Vessey, Tony McEnery

Call Number: P120.T47 B35 2021

Strategies for knowledge elicitation : the experience of the Russian School of Field Linguistics

Author: Tatiana B. Agranat, Leyli R. Dodykhudoeva, editors

Call Number: P123 .S87 2021

Discovering intercultural communication : from language users to language use

Author: Hyejeong Kim, Cara Penry Williams

Call Number: P130.5

The Cambridge handbook of phonetics

Author: edited by Rachael-Anne Knight, Jane Setter

Call Number: P221 .C26 2022

The compositional nature of tense, mood and aspect

Author: Henk J. Verkuyl

Call Number: P281 .V395 2022

Sentence comprehension as a cognitive process : a computational approach

Author: Shravan Vasishth, Felix Engelmann

Call Number: P295 .V38 2022

Computational analysis of storylines : making sense of events

Author: edited by Tommaso Caselli, Eduard Hovy, Martha Palmer, Piek Vossen

Call Number: P302.7 .C656 2021

Speech representation in the history of English : topics and approaches

Author: edited by Peter J. Grund and Terry Walker

Call Number: P302.814 .S64 2021

Key issues in translation studies in China : reflections and new insights

Author: Lily Lim and Defeng Li, editors

Call Number: P306

The geography of words : vocabulary and meaning in the world's languages

Author: Danko Šipka

Call Number: P326 .S54 2022

Language teacher agency

Author: Jian Tao, Xuesong (Andy) Gao

Call Number: P51 .T36 2021

The Cambridge handbook of task-based language teaching

Author: edited by Mohammad J. Ahmadian, Michael H. Long

Call Number: P53.82 .C36 2022

The linguistics wars

Author: Randy Allen Harris

Call Number: P85.C47 H34 2021eb

Sharing knowledge : a functionalist account of assertion

Author: Christoph Kelp, Mona Simion

Call Number: P95.56.A88 K45 2022

Digital humour in the COVID-19 pandemic : perspectives from the global south

Author: Shepherd Mpofu, editor

Call Number: P96.C69 D54 2021

The ghost in the image : technology and reality in the horror genre

Author: Cecilia Sayad

Call Number: P96.G56 S29 2021

Hexametrical genres from Homer to Theocritus

Author: Christopher Athanasious Faraone

Call Number: PA3095 .F37 2021

Creating the ancient rhetorical tradition

Author: Laura Viidebaum, New York University

Call Number: PA3265 .V53 2021

The Cambridge Introduction to Mikhail Bakhtin

Author: Ken Hirschkop

Call Number: PG2947.B3 H56 2021

Nikolai Gretsch's travel letters. Volume 1, Letters from England

Author: translated, edited, and annotated by Ben P. Robertson and Ekaterina V. Kobeleva

Call Number: PG3337.G67 Z48 2021

Oriental languages and civilizations

Author: editors Barbara Michalak-Pikulska, Marek Piela, Tomasz  Majtczak

Call Number: PJ25 .O75 2020

The market in poetry in the Persian world

Author: Shahzad Bashir

Call Number: PK6416 .B37 2021

A reference grammar for teaching Chinese : syntax and discourse

Author: Songren Cui, Kuo-ming Sung

Call Number: PL1065 .C85 2022

Threads of the unfolding web : the old Javanese Tantu Panggelaran

Author: translated by Stuart Robson ; with commentary Hadi Sidomulyo

Call Number: PL5158.9.T17 R66 2021

African languages and literatures in the 21st century

Author: Esther Mukewa Lisanza, Leonard Muaka, editors

Call Number: PL8005 .A37 2020

Chaka : Die nuwe Afrikaanse vertaling

Author: Thomas Mofolo ; deur Chris Swanepoel

Call Number: PL8689.9.M57 C5123 2017

Iqonde Kuphi le ndlela

Author: Sikhumbuzo Xaba

Call Number: PL8844.X33 I67 2012

The lingua franca : contact-induced language change in the Mediterranean

Author: Natalie Operstein

Call Number: PM7807.M47 O64 2022

International LGBTQ+ literature for children and young adults

Author: edited by B.J. Epstein and Elizabeth L. Chapman

Call Number: PN1009.A1 I68 2021

Poetry and bondage : a history and theory of lyric constraint

Author: Andrea Brady

Call Number: PN1136 .B726 2021

The art of resonance

Author: Anne Bogart

Call Number: PN1584 .B59 2021

Performing arts and digital humanities : from traces to data

Author: Clarisse Bardiot

Call Number: PN1590.D37

Re-performance, mourning and death : specters of the past

Author: Sarah Julius

Call Number: PN1650.D4 J85 2021

Donahue, My Own Story

Author: by Phil Donahue & Co

Call Number: PN1992.4.D54 A35 1979

The Expanse and philosophy : so far out into the darkness

Author: edited by Jeffery L. Nicholas

Call Number: PN1992.77.E97

A modernist cinema : film art from 1914 to 1941

Author: edited by Scott W. Klein and Michael Valdez Moses

Call Number: PN1993.5.A1 M55 2021

Neurofilmology of the moving image : gravity and vertigo in contemporary cinema

Author: Adriano D'Aloia

Call Number: PN1995 .D45 2021

Moving pictures and Renaissance art history

Author: Patricia Emison

Call Number: PN1995.25 .E65 2021

Drama, politics and evolution : cliodynamics in play

Author: Bruce McConachie

Call Number: PN2039 .M33 2021eb

Your body knows : a movement guide for actors

Author: Meade Andrews and Jana Tift

Call Number: PN2071.M6 A53 2020

The language of fiction

Author: edited by Emar Maier and Andreas Stokke

Call Number: PN3331 .L36 2021

Noir fiction and film : diversions and misdirections

Author: Lee Clark Mitchell

Call Number: PN3448.D4 M58 2021

New adult fiction

Author: Jodi McAlister

Call Number: PN45.5 .M33 2021

News media translation

Author: Federico Zanettin

Call Number: PN4784.T72 Z35 2021

Dear America : notes of an undocumented citizen

Author: Jose Antonio Vargas

Call Number: PN4874.V37 A3 2019

Covering Muslims : American newspapers in comparative perspective

Author: Erik Bleich, A. Maurits van der Veen

Call Number: PN4888.I78 B54 2022

News after Trump : journalism's crisis of relevance in a changed media culture

Author: Matt Carlson, Sue Robinson, and Seth C. Lewis

Call Number: PN4888.P6 C37 2021

Obesity in the news : language and representation in the press

Author: Gavin Brookes, Paul Baker

Call Number: PN5124.O217 B76 2021

Modernism and the practice of Proletarian literature

Author: Simon Cooper

Call Number: PN56.M54

Travel writing in an age of global quarantine

Author: edited by Gary F. Fisher and David Robinson

Call Number: PN56.T7 T73 2021

Romantic dialogues and afterlives

Author: edited by Monika Coghen and Anna Paluchowska-Messing

Call Number: PN603 .R66 2020

Erotic comics in Japan : an introduction to eromanga

Author: Nagayama Kaoru ; translated by Patrick W. Galbraith and Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto

Call Number: PN6790.J3 N3413 2021

Unseen city : the psychic lives of the urban poor

Author: Ankhi Mukherjee

Call Number: PN780.5 M84 2022

The beauty of Baudelaire : the poet as alternative lawgiver

Author: Roger Pearson

Call Number: PQ2191.Z481 P43 2021

Camus' literary ethics : between form and content

Author: Grace Whistler

Call Number: PQ2605.A3734 Z94 2020

Literary geographies in Balzac and Proust

Author: Melanie Conroy

Call Number: PQ2631.R63 Z63 2021

White light : the poetry of Alberto Blanco

Author: Ronald J. Friis

Call Number: PQ7298.12.L27 Z67 2022

World-making renaissance women : rethinking early modern women's place in literature and culture

Author: Pamela Hammons, University of Miami, Brandie R. Siegfried, Brigham Young University

Call Number: PR113 .W73 2022

Old English ecotheology : the Exeter Book

Author: Courtney Catherine Barajas

Call Number: PR1490 .B37 2021

A new companion to critical thinking on Chaucer

Author: edited by Stephanie L. Batkie, Matthew W. Irvin, Lynn Shutters

Call Number: PR1924 .N49 2021

The private life of William Shakespeare

Author: Lena Cowen Orlin

Call Number: PR2895 .O75 2021

Shakespeare and the comedy of enchantment

Author: Kent Cartwright

Call Number: PR2981 .C37 2021

Picturing England between the wars : word and image 1918-1940

Author: Stuart Sillars

Call Number: PR478.S57 S55 2021

Keats and Shelley : winds of light

Author: Kelvin Everest

Call Number: PR4837

Joseph Conrad and terrorism today

Author: Joyce Wexler

Call Number: PR6005.O4 Z85 2021

Games and theatre in Shakespeare's England

Author: edited by Tom Bishop, Gina Bloom and Erika T. Lin

Call Number: PR651 .G36 2021

English language poets in University College Cork, 1970-1980

Author: Clíona Ní Ríordáin

Call Number: PR8771 .N57 2020

The Irish expatriate novel in late capitalist globalization

Author: Joe Cleary, Yale University

Call Number: PR8803 .C58 2021

The collected poetry of Carol Shields

Author: edited by Nora Foster Stovel

Call Number: PR9199.3 .S514 2021

Doing plays for a change : five works

Author: Maishe Maponya ; introduced by Ian Steadman

Call Number: PR9369.3.M355 D65 1995

Big little lies

Author: Liane Moriarty

Call Number: PR9619.4.M67 B54 2014b

Fair copy : relational poetics and antebellum American women's poetry

Author: Jennifer Putzi

Call Number: PS149 .P88 2021

Urban rehearsals and novel plots in the early American city

Author: Betsy Klimasmith

Call Number: PS169.C57 K55 2021

Nineteenth-century American literature and the discourse of natural history

Author: Juliana Chow

Call Number: PS217.E55 C56 2022

Pain and the aesthetics of US literary realism

Author: Cynthia J. Davis

Call Number: PS217.P35

Evaluations of US poetry since 1950. Volume 1, Language, form, and music

Author: edited by Robert von Hallberg and Robert Faggen

Call Number: PS325 .E93 2021

H.D. and Bryher : an untold love story of modernism

Author: Susan McCabe

Call Number: PS3507.O726 Z776 2021

Philosophy for spiders : on the low theory of Kathy Acker

Author: McKenzie Wark

Call Number: PS3551.C44 Z95 2021

Other worlds

Author: Albert Goldbarth

Call Number: PS3557.O354 O84 2021

Emily Mann : rebel artist of the American theater

Author: Alexis Greene

Call Number: PS3563.A5357 Z68 2021

Opus posthumous and other poems

Author: David R. Slavitt

Call Number: PS3569.L3 O68 2021

Be brave to things : the uncollected poetry and plays of Jack Spicer

Author: edited and with an introduction by Daniel Katz

Call Number: PS3569.P47 B4 2021

Truth to post-truth in American detective fiction

Author: David Riddle Watson

Call Number: PS374.D4 W38 2021

Manifest west : women of the west

Author: editor, Caleb Seeling

Call Number: PS561 .M155 2017