Modern Languages

September 2018

The philosophy of Charles Travis : language, thought, and perception

Author: edited by John Collins and Tamara Dobler

Call Number: P107 .P45 2018

New speakers of minority languages : linguistic ideologies and practices

Author: Cassie Smith-Christmas, Noel P. Ó Murchadha, Michael Hornsby, Máiréad Moriarty, editors

Call Number: P115

Blending technologies in second language classrooms

Author: Don Hinkelman

Call Number: P118.2

Learning vocabulary strategically in a study abroad context

Author: Isobel Kai-Hui Wang

Call Number: P118.2 .B358 2017

Queering masculinities in language and culture

Author: edited by Paul Baker and Giuseppe Balirano

Call Number: P120.S48

Word order change

Author: edited by Ana Maria Martins and Adriana Cardoso

Call Number: P121

Linguistic prefabrication : a discourse analysis approach

Author: Jianxin Ding

Call Number: P121

History, Features, and Typology of Language Corpor

Author: by Niladri Sekhar Dash, S. Arulmozi

Call Number: P128.C68 D37 2018

Towards post-native-speakerism : dynamics and shifts

Author: Stephanie Ann Houghton, Kayoko Hashimoto, editors

Call Number: P128.I53

Mixed-effects regression models in linguistics

Author: Dirk Speelman, Kris Heylen, Dirk Geeraerts, editors

Call Number: P138.5 .M58 2018

Pronouns in embedded contexts at the syntax-semantics interface

Author: Pritty Patel-Grosz, Patrick Georg Grosz, Sarah Zobel, editors

Call Number: P279 .P76 2018

Pronouns in literature : positions and perspectives in language

Author: Alison Gibbons, Andrea Macrae, editors

Call Number: P279 .P76 2018

Exploring silence and absence in discourse : empirical approaches

Author: edited by Melani Schröter, Charlotte Taylor

Call Number: P302.77

Making way in corpus-based interpreting studies

Author: Mariachiara Russo, Claudio Bendazzoli, Bart Defrancq, editors

Call Number: P306

Consecutive interpreting : an interdisciplinary study

Author: Alexander V. Kozin

Call Number: P306.945

Demographic and socioeconomic basis of ethnolinguistics

Author: Jacob S. Siegel

Call Number: P35

Language as identity in colonial India : policies and politics

Author: Papia Sengupta

Call Number: P35.5.I4 S46 2018

The handbook of dialectology

Author: edited by Charles Boberg, John Nerbonne, and Dominic Watt

Call Number: P367 .H46 2018eb

The sociolinguistics of hip-hop as critical conscience : dissatisfaction and dissent

Author: Andrew S. Ross, Damian J. Rivers, editors

Call Number: P40 .S546 2018

Autonomy in language learning and teaching : new research agendas

Author: Alice Chik, Naoko Aoki, Richard Smith, editors

Call Number: P51

Linguistic and cultural innovation in schools : the languages challenge

Author: Jane Spiro, Eowyn Crisfield

Call Number: P53

The role of self-esteem in foreign language learning and teaching

Author: Agnieszka Habrat

Call Number: P53 .H33 2018

Handbook of research and practice in heritage language education

Author: edited by Peter Pericles Trifonas, Themistoklis Aravossitas

Call Number: P53 .H36 2018

Writing centers in the higher education landscape of the Arabian Gulf

Author: Osman Z. Barnawi, editor

Call Number: P53.27

Longitudinal studies on the organization of social interaction

Author: Simona Pekarek Doehler, Johannes Wagner, Esther González-Martínez, editors

Call Number: P90 .L66 2018

Media logic(s) revisited : Modelling the interplay between media institutions, media technology and societal change

Author: Mario Anastasiadis; Jessica Einspänner-Pflock; Caja Thimm

Call Number: P91

Fundamentals and applications of hardcopy communication : conveying side information by printed media

Author: Joceli Mayer, Paulo V.K. Borges, Steven J. Simske

Call Number: P93.5

Research, ethics and risk in the authoritarian field

Author: Marlies Glasius [and 7 others]

Call Number: P94 .G584 2018

Linguistic pragmatics of intercultural professional and business communication

Author: Elena N. Malyuga, Svetlana N. Orlova

Call Number: P94.6

The politics of Chinese media : consensus and contestation

Author: Bingchun Meng

Call Number: P95.82.C6

Media governance in Korea, 1980--2017

Author: Daeho Kim

Call Number: P95.82.K6

Shifting Nicaraguan mediascapes : authoritarianism and the struggle for social justice

Author: Julie Cupples, Kevin Glynn

Call Number: P95.82.N5

Antisocial media : crime-watching in the internet age

Author: Mark A. Wood

Call Number: P96.C74 W66 2018

Communicative figurations : transforming communications in times of deep mediatization

Author: edited by Andreas Hepp, Andreas Breiter, Uwe Hasebrink

Call Number: P96.M4 C64 2018

Application of graph rewriting to natural language processing

Author: Guillaume Bonfante, Bruno Guillaume, Guy Perrier

Call Number: P98

Formal grammar : 22nd International Conference, FG 2017, Toulouse, France, July 22-23, 2017, Revised Selected Papers

Author: edited by Annie Foret, Reinhard Muskens, Sylvain Pogodalla

Call Number: P98

Quantitative semiotic analysis

Author: Dario Compagno, editor

Call Number: P99

Marginality, canonicity, passion

Author: edited by Marco Formisano and Christina Shuttleworth Kraus

Call Number: PA3001 .M35 2018

Lykophron's Alexandra, Rome, and the Hellenistic world

Author: Simon Hornblower

Call Number: PA4240.L5 H67 2018

The Oedipus plays of Sophocles : philosophical perspectives

Author: edited by Paul Woodruff

Call Number: PA4417 .O345 2018

Voice and discourse in the Irish context

Author: Diana Villanueva Romero, Carolina P. Amador-Moreno, Manuel Sánchez García, editors

Call Number: PB1214

A guide to old Spanish

Author: Steven N. Dworkin

Call Number: PC4715 .D86 2018

International perspectives on teachers living with curriculum change

Author: Martin Wedell, Laura Grassick, editors

Call Number: PE1065

Assessing EFL writing in the 21st century Arab world : revealing the unknown

Author: Abdelhamid Ahmed, Hassan Abouabdelkader, editors

Call Number: PE1068.A65

Language development across the life span : the impact of English on education and work in Iceland

Author: Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir, Hafdís Ingvarsdóttir, editors

Call Number: PE1068.I2 L36 2018

Sociolinguistics in England

Author: edited by Natalie Braber and Sandra Jansen

Call Number: PE1074.75

Languages after Brexit : how the UK speaks to the world

Author: Michael Kelly, editor

Call Number: PE1074.75 .L36 2018

Grammar, philosophy, and logic

Author: Bruce Silver

Call Number: PE1097

Test your personality : have fun and learn useful phrases

Author: Adrian Wallwork

Call Number: PE1128

Wordsearches : widen your vocabulary in English

Author: Adrian Wallwork

Call Number: PE1128

Jokes : have a laugh and improve your English

Author: Adrian Wallwork

Call Number: PE1128

Learner identity and learner beliefs in EFL writing

Author: Olga Majchrzak

Call Number: PE1128.A2

The ELL teacher's toolbox : hundreds of practical ideas to support your students

Author: Larry Ferlazzo and Katie Hull Sypnieski

Call Number: PE1128.A2 F44 2018

International perspectives on teaching the four skills in ELT : listening, speaking, reading, writing

Author: Anne Burns, Joseph Siegel, editor

Call Number: PE1128.A2 I5883 2018

Situating moral and cultural values in ELT materials : the Southeast Asian context

Author: Handoyo Puji Widodo, Marianne Rachel Perfecto, Le Van Canh, Adcharawan Buripakdi, editors

Call Number: PE1130.A2

Discourse readjustment(s) in contemporary English

Author: Blandine Pennec

Call Number: PE1422

Bakhtinian explorations of Indian culture : pluralism, dogma and dialogue through history

Author: Lakshmi Bandlamudi, E.V. Ramakrishnan, editors

Call Number: PG2947.B3

Nature, metaphor, culture : cultural conceptualizations in Hungarian folksongs

Author: Judit Baranyiné Kóczy

Call Number: PH2074.75

Acoustics of Bangla speech sounds

Author: Asoke Kumar Datta

Call Number: PK1665 .D38 2018

Chinese middle constructions : lexical middle formation

Author: Jiajuan Xiong

Call Number: PL1291

Chinese lexical semantics : 18th Workshop, CLSW 2017, Leshan, China, May 18-20, 2017, Revised selected papers

Author: Yunfang Wu, Jia-Fei Hong, Qi Su (eds.)

Call Number: PL1291 .C45 2017eb

A lexical semantic study of Chinese opposites

Author: Ding Jing

Call Number: PL1301

Japanese language and soft power in Asia

Author: Kayoko Hashimoto, editor

Call Number: PL524.73

The social and political history of Southern Africa's languages

Author: Tomasz Kamusella, Finex Ndhlovu, editors

Call Number: PL8005

Remapping African literature

Author: Olabode Ibironke

Call Number: PL8010

Mesearch and the performing body

Author: Mark Edward

Call Number: PN1576

The Writer's market

Call Number: PN161 .W83

Contemporary approaches to adaptation in theatre

Author: edited by Kara Reilly

Call Number: PN171.A33

Multilingualism and modernity : barbarisms in Spanish and American literature

Author: Laura Lonsdale

Call Number: PN171.M93 L66 2018

Westworld and philosophy : if you go looking for the truth, get the whole thing

Author: edited by James B South and Kimberly S. Engels

Call Number: PN1992.77.W45 W47 2018

Doctor Who : a British alien?

Author: Danny Nicol

Call Number: PN1992.8.S35

Local Movie Supply in the German Motion Picture Industry : An Industrial Organization Perspective

Author: Florian Kumb ; with a foreword by prof. Dr. Reinhard Kunz

Call Number: PN1993.5.G3

Searching for new frontiers : Hollywood films in the 1960s

Author: Rick Worland

Call Number: PN1993.5.U6

When Warners brought Broadway to Hollywood 1923-1939

Author: Martin Shingler

Call Number: PN1993.5.U65 S525 2018

American-Australian cinema. Transnational connections

Author: adrian Danks; Stephen Gaunson; Peter C. Kunze

Call Number: PN1994

Screen production research : creative practice as a mode of enquiry

Author: edited by Craig Batty and Susan Kerrigan

Call Number: PN1995.9.P7

Neo-Victorianism on screen : postfeminism and contemporary adaptations of Victorian women

Author: Antonija Primorac

Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 P78 2018

Empathetic space on screen : constructing powerful place and setting

Author: Amedeo D'Adamo

Call Number: PN1996 .D34 2018

Doctor Strange and philosophy : the other book of forbidden knowledge

Author: edited by Mark D. White

Call Number: PN1997.D D63 2018

A companion to D.W. Griffith

Author: edited by Charlie Keil

Call Number: PN1998.3.G76 C66 2018

Performance and civic engagement

Author: Ananda Breed, Tim Prentki, editors

Call Number: PN2039 .P393 2018

Theatre, performance and change

Author: Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Tamara Underiner, editors

Call Number: PN2071.S63

Afrofuturism and black sound studies : culture, technology, and things to come

Author: Erik Steinskog

Call Number: PN3433.5 .S74 2018eb

Writers and their mothers

Author: Dale Salwak, editor

Call Number: PN466

Risk in The New York Times (1987-2014) : a corpus-based exploration of sociological theories

Author: by Jens O. Zinn, Daniel McDonald

Call Number: PN4731 .Z557 2018

Post-truth, fake news : viral modernity & higher education

Author: Michael A. Peters, Sharon Rider, Mats Hyvönen, Tina Besley, editors

Call Number: PN4784.F27 P67 2018

Behind the frontiers of the real : a definition of the fantastic

Author: David Roas ; translated by Simon Breden

Call Number: PN56.F34 R6313 2018

Reading for wonder : ecology, ethics, enchantment

Author: Glenn Willmott

Call Number: PN56.W64 W55 2018

Echo and meaning on early modern English stages

Author: Susan L. Anderson

Call Number: PN57.E26 A53 2018

The tavern : a play in two acts

Author: by George M. Cohan ; suggested by a play entitled "The choice of a super-man", by Cora Dick Gantt

Call Number: PN6120.A52 C6448t 1947

She stoops to conquer

Author: by Oliver Goldsmith

Call Number: PN6120.A52 G65 S5

Stepping out : a comedy in two acts

Author: by Richard Harris

Call Number: PN6120.A52 H3758s 1988

Accomplice : a comedy thriller

Author: by Rupert Holmes

Call Number: PN6120.A52 H65a 1991

Tartuffe : comedy in five acts, 1669

Author: Molière ; translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur

Call Number: PN6120.A52 M645t 1991

Visuality and identity in post-millennial Indian graphic narratives

Author: E. Dawson Varughese

Call Number: PN6790.I4 D28 2018

Movement in Renaissance literature : exploring kinesic intelligence

Author: Kathryn Banks, Timothy Chesters, editors

Call Number: PN721

After marriage in the long eighteenth century : literature, law and society

Author: Jenny DiPlacidi, Karl Leydecker, editors

Call Number: PN751 .A33 2018eb

A companion to literary theory

Author: edited by David H. Richter

Call Number: PN81 .R55 2018

Sartre in Cuba-Cuba in Sartre

Author: by William Rowlandson

Call Number: PQ2637.A82 Z8325 2018

Women in contemporary Latin American novels : psychoanalysis and gendered violence

Author: Beatriz L. Botero, editor

Call Number: PQ7082.N7 W656 2018eb

Clever girls and the literature of women's upward mobility

Author: Mary Eagleton

Call Number: PR111

Spain in British romanticism 1800-1840

Author: Diego Saglia, Ian Haywood, editors

Call Number: PR146

Romanticism and aesthetic life in postcolonial writing

Author: Philip Dickinson

Call Number: PR146

Shakespeare and authority : citations, conceptions and constructions

Author: Katie Halsey, Angus Vine, editors

Call Number: PR2976

British literature 1640-1789 : keywords

Author: by Robert DeMaria Jr

Call Number: PR433

Byron's nature : a romantic vision of cultural ecology

Author: J. Andrew Hubbell

Call Number: PR4392.N2

The vocation of Sara Coleridge : authorship and religion

Author: Robin Schofield

Call Number: PR4489.C2

John Ruskin's politics and natural law : an intellectual biography

Author: Graham A. MacDonald

Call Number: PR5267.P6

A companion to Renaissance poetry

Author: edited by Catherine Bates

Call Number: PR533 .C66 2018

Virginia Woolf's rooms and the spaces of modernity

Author: Suzana Zink

Call Number: PR6045.O72

Terry Pratchett's narrative worlds : from giant turtles to small gods

Author: Marion Rana, editor

Call Number: PR6066.R34

Staging organization : plays as critical commentaries on workplace life

Author: Steven S. Taylor

Call Number: PR6120.A955

Climate change and writing the Canadian Arctic

Author: Renée Hulan

Call Number: PR9184.6

Spirits of place in American literary culture

Author: John Gatta

Call Number: PS169.P53 G38 2018

John Ashbery and Anglo-American exchange : the minor eras

Author: Oli Hazzard

Call Number: PS3501.S475

Twenty-first century Marianne Moore. Essays from a critical Renaissance

Author: elizabeth Gregory; Stacy Carson Hubbard

Call Number: PS3525.O5616

The woolgatherer : a play in two acts

Author: by William Mastrosimone

Call Number: PS3563.A8352 W66 1981b

Geography and the political imaginary in the novels of Toni Morrison

Author: herman Beavers

Call Number: PS3563.O8749

Shaw's Ibsen : a re-appraisal

Author: Joan Templeton

Call Number: PT8895

Infinity and me

Author: written by Kate Hosford ; illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowska

Call Number: PZ7.H79313 Inf 2012

Fairy tales and fables from Weimar days : collected Utopian tales

Author: Jack Zipes, editor

Call Number: PZ8