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Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

Pragmemes and theories of language use

Keith Allan, Alessandro Capone, István Kecskés, editors

Call Number: P107

Language and migration in a multilingual metropolis : Berlin lives

Patrick Stevenson

Call Number: P115.5.G3 S74 2017eb

Sourcebook in the history of philosophy of language : primary source texts from the pre-socratics to mill

Margaret Cameron, Benjamin Hill and Robert J. Stainton, editors

Call Number: P116

Motivational regulation in foreign language learning

Kun Li

Call Number: P118.2

The personal world of the language learner

Cristina Ros i Solé

Call Number: P118.2 .R67 2016

Aging in a second language : a case study of aging, immigration, and an English learner speech community

Steven L. Arxer, Maria del Puy Ciriza, Marco Shappeck

Call Number: P118.65 .A79 2017

Language-related conflicts in multinational and multiethnic settings : success and failure of language regimes

by Barbora Moormann-Kimáková

Call Number: P119.3 .M66 2016

A study of attitudes of dialect speakers towards the Speak Mandarin Campaign in Singapore

Patrick Chin Leong Ng

Call Number: P119.32.S55 N4 2017

The sociolinguistics of academic publishing : language and the practices of Homo Academicus

Linus Salö

Call Number: P120.A24 S36 2017

Internal perception : the role of bodily information in concepts and word mastery

Sara Dellantonio, Luigi Pastore

Call Number: P123 .D45 2017eb

Exploring spoken English learner language using corpora : learner talk

Eric Frinigal, Joseph J. Lee, Brittany Polat, Audrey Roberson

Call Number: P129 .F75 2017

Darwinian biolinguistics : theory and history of a naturalistic philosophy of language and pragmatics

Antonino Pennisi, Alessandra Falzone

Call Number: P132

Languages and genes in northwestern China and adjacent regions

Dan Xu, Hui li, editors

Call Number: P140

Contrastiveness in information structure, alternatives and scalar implicatures

Chungmin Lee, Ferenc Kiefer, Manfred Krifka, editors

Call Number: P146 .C66 2017

Psychosyntax : the nature of grammar and its place in the mind

David Pereplyotchik

Call Number: P151 .P47 2017eb

Minimalist syntax for quantifier raising, topicalization and focus movement : a search and float approach for internal merge

Jun Abe

Call Number: P158.28

Perspectives on the architecture and acquisition of syntax : essays in Honor of R. Amritavalli

Gautam Sengupta, Shruti Sircar, Madhavi Gayathri Raman, Balusu Rahul, editors

Call Number: P291

The Palgrave handbook of linguistic (im)politeness

Jonathan Culpeper, Michael Haugh, Dániel Z. Kádár, editors

Call Number: P299.H66

Modality in argumentation : a semantic investigation of the role of modalities in the structure of arguments with an application to Italian modal expressions

Andrea Rocci

Call Number: P299.M6

Handbook of quantifiers in natural language. Volume II

Denis Paperno, Edward L. Keenan, editors

Call Number: P299.Q3 H36 2017

The discourse of peer review : reviewing submissions to academic journals

Brian Paltridge

Call Number: P301.5.A27

Online Hate Speech in the European Union : A Discourse-Analytic Perspective

by Stavros Assimakopoulos, Fabienne H. Baider, Sharon Millar

Call Number: P302

Exploring discourse in context and in action

Chirstopher N. Candlin, Jonathan Crichton, Stephen H. Moore

Call Number: P302

Applied discourse analysis : popular culture, media, and everyday life

Arthur Asa Berger

Call Number: P302 .B47 2016

Text linguistics and classical studies : Dressler and De Beaugrande's procedural approach

Mauro Giuffrè

Call Number: P302 .G58 2017

Genre changes and privileged pedagogic identity in teaching contest discourse

Ning Liu ; Derek Irwin

Call Number: P302 .L58 2017

Narration as argument

Paula Olmos, editor

Call Number: P302.7 .N377 2017eb

Discursive constructions of corporate identities by Chinese banks on Sina Weibo : an integrated sociolinguistics approach

Wei Feng

Call Number: P302.84 .F46 2017eb

Translations in times of disruption : an interdisciplinary study in transnational contexts

edited by David Hook and Graciela Iglesias-Rogers

Call Number: P306

Translating values : evaluative concepts in translation

Piotr Blumczynski

Call Number: P306

Mediating emergencies and conflicts : frontline translating and interpreting

Federico M. Federici, editor

Call Number: P306

Translation and social media : in theory, in training and in professional practice

Renée Desjardins

Call Number: P306.2

Researching audio description : new approaches

Anna Matamala, Pilar Orero, editors

Call Number: P306.2

Translation and the intersection of texts, contexts and politics : historical and socio-cultural perspectives.

edited by Mohammed Albakry

Call Number: P306.2 .T73 2017

Textual and contextual analysis in empirical translation studies

Sara Laviosa, Adriana Pagano, Hannu Kemppanen, Meng Ji

Call Number: P306.5

Challenges and opportunities in public service interpreting

Théophile Munyangeyo, Graham Webb, Marina Rabadán-Gómez, editors

Call Number: P306.947

Semantics and pragmatics : drawing a line

Ilse Depraetere, Raphael Salkie, editors

Call Number: P325

Modern perspectives in type-theoretical semantics

Stergios Chatzikyriakidis, Zhaohui Luo, editors

Call Number: P325 .M58 2017

Linguistic and psycholinguistic approaches on implicatures and presuppositions

Salvatore Pistoia-Reda, Filippo Domaneschi, editors

Call Number: P325.5.C63 L56 2017

Advances in cultural linguistics

Farzad Sharifian, editor

Call Number: P35 .A383 2017

Compositionality and Concepts in Linguistics and Psychology

edited by James A. Hampton, Yoad Winter

Call Number: P37.3 .C66 2017

Articulations of self and politics in activist discourse : a discourse analysis of critical subjectivities in minority debates

Jan Zienkowski

Call Number: P40

Languages and the First World War: Communicating in a Transnational War

edited by Julian Walker, Christophe Declercq

Call Number: P40

Text-based research and teaching : a social semiotic perspective on language in use

Peter Mickan, Elise Lopez, editors

Call Number: P40 .T48 2017

Sociolinguistics in Wales

Mercedes Durham, Jonathan Morris, editors

Call Number: P40.45.W3

Language and literacy in refugee families

Chatwara Suwannamai Duran

Call Number: P40.5.L56 D87 2017

Stimulating student interest in language learning : theory, research and practice

Tan Bee Tin

Call Number: P51 .T47 2016

Beliefs, agency and identity in foreign language learning and teaching

Paula Kalaja, University of Jyväskylä, Finland ; Ana Maria F. Barcelos, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil ; Mari Aro, University of Jyväskylä, Finland Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Call Number: P53 .B425 2015

Interviewing for language proficiency : interaction and interpretation

Steven J. Ross

Call Number: P53.4

Social spaces for language learning : stories from the L-café

edited by Garold Murray and Naomi Fujishima

Call Number: P53.8 .S625 2016

New media and China's social development

Yungeng Xie

Call Number: P92.C7

Children's healthcare and parental media engagement in urban China : a culture of anxiety?

Qian Gong

Call Number: P94.5.C552 C6 2016

Transient mobility and middle class identity : media and migration in Australia and Singapore

Catherine Gomes

Call Number: P94.5.I48 G66 2017

Media events : a critical contemporary approach

edited by Bianca Mitu (University of Wolverhampton, UK), Stamatis Poulakidakos (University of Bournemouth, UK)

Call Number: P94.6

The creative system in action : understanding cultural production and practice

edited by Phillip McIntyre (University of Newcastle, Australia), Janet Fulton (University of Newcastle, Australia) and Elizabeth Paton (Monash University, Australia)

Call Number: P94.6

Culture and communication in Thailand

Patchanee Malikhao

Call Number: P94.65.T5 P38 2017

Childhood and tween girl culture : family, media and locality

Fiona MacDonald

Call Number: P94.G57 M33 2016

The politics of listening : possibilities and challenges for democratic life

Leah Bassel

Call Number: P95.46 .B37 2017

The ethics of silence : an interdisciplinary case analysis approach

Nancy Billias, Sivaram Vemuri

Call Number: P95.53 .B55 2017eb

Mediated identities and new journalism in the Arab World : mapping the "Arab Spring"

Aziz Douai, Mohamed Ben Moussa, editors

Call Number: P95.82.A65

Euroscepticism, democracy and the media : communicating Europe, contesting Europe

Manuela Caiani, Simona Guerra, editors

Call Number: P95.82.E85

Language and Canadian media : representations, ideologies, policies

Rachelle Vessey

Call Number: P96.L342 C2 2016

Semiotics and verbal texts : how the news media construct a crisis

Jane Gravells

Call Number: P96.S43

Handbook of linguistic annotation

Nancy Ide, James Pustejovsky, editors

Call Number: P98

Morphogenesis of the sign : from morphodynamics to neurosciences

David Piotrowski

Call Number: P99 .P56 2017

The intermediality of narrative literature : medialities matter

Jørgen Bruhn

Call Number: P99.4.I58

Interpreting straw man argumentation : the pragmatics of quotation and reporting

Fabrizio Macagno, Douglas Walton

Call Number: P99.4.P72 M334 2017

Research in clinical pragmatics

Louise Cummings, editor

Call Number: P99.4.P72 R474 2017e

Translation and language in nineteenth-century Ireland : a European perspective

Anne O'Connor

Call Number: PB1214

Comprehending and speaking about motion in L2 Spanish : a case of implicit learning in Anglophones

Samuel A. Navarro Ortega

Call Number: PC4066 .N38 2017

Language development and disorders in Spanish-speaking children

Alejandra Auza Benavides, Richard G. Schwartz, editors

Call Number: PC4074.85

The English for Academic Purposes Practitioner : Operating on the Edge of Academia

Alex Ding, Ian Bruce

Call Number: PE1065

Internationalizing teaching, localizing learning : an examination of English language teaching reforms and English use in China

Paul McPherron

Call Number: PE1068.C5 M374 2017

Innovation in language learning and teaching : the case of China

Hayo Reinders, David Nunan, Bin Zou, editors

Call Number: PE1068.C6 I56 2017eb

Learning business English in China : the construction of professional identity

Zuocheng Zhang

Call Number: PE1068.C6 L43 2017eb

Korean Englishes in transnational contexts

Christopher J. Jenks, Jerry Won Lee, editors

Call Number: PE1073

Trans-national English in social media communities

Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain

Call Number: PE1073

English grammar workbook for dummies

by Geraldine Woods

Call Number: PE1112.3 W66 2018

Inclusive teaching strategies for discipline-based English studies : enhancing language attainment and classroom interaction in a multicultural learning environment

Hing Wa (Helena) Sit

Call Number: PE1130.C4

Infinitives and gerunds in recent English : studies on non-finite complements with data from large corpora

Juhani Rudanko

Call Number: PE1311 .R83 2017

Researching Chinese English : the state of the art [electronic resource]

Zhichang Xu, Deyuan He, David Deterding, editors

Call Number: PE3502.C54

Hong Kong English : exploring lexicogrammar and discourse from a corpus-linguistic perspective

May Wong

Call Number: PE3502.C54 H83 2017

Erich Auerbach and the crisis of German philology : the humanist tradition in peril

Avihu Zakai

Call Number: PF3025 .Z35 2017

The literary imagination in Israel-Palestine : orientalism, poetry, and biopolitics

Hella Bloom Cohen

Call Number: PJ5012.I87 C64 2016eb

Jihad in premodern Sufi writings

Harry S. Neale

Call Number: PJ819.S9 N43 2017

The WordNet in Indian languages

editors Niladri Sekhar Dash, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Jyoti D. Pawar

Call Number: PK1508 .W67 2017

Imagining Indianness : cultural identity and literature

Diana Dimitrova, Thomas de Bruijn, editors

Call Number: PK5410.I48 I43 2017eb

Post-lingual Chinese language learning : Hanzi pedagogy

Jinghe Han

Call Number: PL1171 .H33227 2017

The Tangwang language : an interdisciplinary case study in Northwest China [electronic resource]

Dan Xu

Call Number: PL1621.T37

China and the West at the crossroads : essays on comparative literature and culture

Daiyun Yue

Call Number: PL2274 .Y8433 2016

The ecological era and classical Chinese naturalism : a case study of Tao Yuanming

Shuyuan Lu ; translated by Meng Xiangehun

Call Number: PL2665.T3

Dangerous language : Esperanto under Hitler and Stalin

Ulrich Lins ; translated by Humphrey Tonkin

Call Number: PM8263 .L5513 2016

Character focalization in children's novels [electronic resource]

Don K. Philpot

Call Number: PN1009.5.C43 P45 2017

Digital citizenship in twenty-first-century young adult literature : imaginary activism

[edited by] Megan L. Musgrave

Call Number: PN1009.5.P64 D54 2016

Collaboration in performance practice : premises, workings and failures

edited by Noyale Colin and Stefanie Sachsenmaier

Call Number: PN1584 .C63 2016

Risk, participation, and performance practice : critical vulnerabilities in a precarious world

Alice O'Grady, editor

Call Number: PN1584 .R57 2017

Performance, feminism and affect in neoliberal times

Elin Diamond, Denise Varney, Candice Amich, editors

Call Number: PN1590.W64

DVD, blu-ray and beyond : navigating formats and platforms within media consumption

edited by Jonathan Wroot, Andy Willis

Call Number: PN1992.63

The Academic Book of the Future

edited by Rebecca E. Lyons, Samantha J. Rayner

Call Number: PN1992.63

Philosophy and Breaking bad

Kevin S. Decker, David R. Koepsell, Robert Arp, editors

Call Number: PN1992.77.B74 P45 2017eb

History, fiction, and the Tudors : sex, politcs, power, and artistic license in the Showtime television series

edited by William B. Robison

Call Number: PN1992.77.T82 H57 2016eb

The queer film festival : popcorn and politics

Stuart James Richards

Call Number: PN1993.44.G39

Cuban film media, late socialism, and the public sphere : imperfect aesthetics

Nicholas Balaisis

Call Number: PN1993.5.C8 B35 2016

Gender and Islam in Indonesian cinema

Alicia Izharuddin

Call Number: PN1993.5.I84 I94 2017

Urban film and everyday practice : bridging divisions in Johannesburg

Alexandra Parker

Call Number: PN1993.5.S63

Hermeneutics of the film world : a Ricœurian method for film interpretation

Albert Baracco

Call Number: PN1995 .B37 2017

Cinematic philosophy

Tal S. Shamir

Call Number: PN1995 .C533 2016

The absolute and Star trek

George A. Gonzalez

Call Number: PN1995.9 .G66 2017

Modern acting : the lost chapter of American film and theatre

Cynthia Baron

Call Number: PN1995.9.A26 B349 2016

Victorian detectives in contemporary culture : beyond Sherlock Holmes

Lucyna Krawczyk-Żywko, editor

Call Number: PN1995.9.D4 V53 2017

International cinema and the girl : local issues, transnational contexts

edited by Fiona Handyside and Kate Taylor-Jones

Call Number: PN1995.9.G57 I68 2016

New queer sinophone cinema : local histories, transnational connections

Zoran Lee Pecic

Call Number: PN1995.9.H55 P43 2016eb

Gender and sexuality in Latin American horror cinema : embodiments of evil

Gustavo Subero

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 S83 2016eb

Transnational horror cinema : bodies of excess and the global grotesque

Sophia Siddique, Raphael Raphael, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 T735 2016

Visualizing the Palestinian struggle : towards a critical analytic of Palestine solidarity film

Terri Ginsberg

Call Number: PN1995.9.P24 G46 2016

Diagnosing contemporary philosophy with the Matrix movies

O. Bradley Bassler

Call Number: PN1995.9.P42 B377 2017

The American Civil War and the Hollywood war film

John Trafton

Call Number: PN1995.9.W3 T83 2016eb

Digital platforms and feminist film discourse : women's cinema 2.0

Rosanna Maule

Call Number: PN1995.9.W6

Lasting screen stars : images that fade and personas that endure

edited by Lucy Bolton, Julie Lobalzo Wright

Call Number: PN1998

Lindsay Anderson revisited : unknown aspects of a film director

Erik Hedling, Christophe Dupin, editors

Call Number: PN1998.3.A525 L56 2016

Woman in Lars von Trier's cinema, 1996-2014

Ahmed Elbeshlawy

Call Number: PN1998.3.T747 E43 2016

Performance studies and negative epistemology : performance apophatics

Claire Maria Chambers

Call Number: PN2041.A57 P45 2017

Actors and the art of performance : under exposure

Susanne Valerie ; translated from the German by Laura Radosh and Alice Lagaay

Call Number: PN2061 .V3513 2016

The theatre of Romeo Castellucci and Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio : from icon to iconoclasm, from word to image, from symbol to allegory

Dorota Semenowicz

Call Number: PN2686.C46

The language of suspense in crime fiction : a linguistic stylistic approach

Reshmi Dutta-Flanders

Call Number: PN3377.5.D4

Science fiction and the moral imagination : visions, minds, ethics

Russell Blackford

Call Number: PN3433.6

Science fiction, ethics and the human condition

Christian Baron, Peter Nicolai Halvorsen, Christine Cornea, editors

Call Number: PN3433.6 .S35 2017eb

Plant horror : approaches to the monstrous vegetal in fiction and film

Dawn Keetley, Angela Tenga, editors

Call Number: PN3435

New directions in popular fiction : genre, distribution, reproduction

Ken Gelder, editor

Call Number: PN3504 .N49 2016e

Political rhetoric in the Oxford and Cambridge Unions, 1830--1870

Taru Haapala

Call Number: PN4009

Contemporary journalism in the US and Germany : agents of accountability

Matthias Revers

Call Number: PN4788

Shaping online news performance : political news in six western democracies

Edda Humprecht, Senior Research and Teaching Associate, Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Call Number: PN4833 .H86 2016eb

A critical discourse analysis of South Asian women's magazines : undercover beauty

Linda McLoughlin

Call Number: PN4835.5

Sir Philip Gibbs and English journalism in war and peace [electronic resource]

Martin C. Kerby

Call Number: PN5123.G5 K48 2016eb

The emergence of pre-cinema : print culture and the optical toy of the literary imagination

Alberto Gabriele

Call Number: PN53 .G28 2016

The Palgrave handbook of literature and the city

Jeremy Tambling, editor

Call Number: PN56.C55 P35 2016e

Forensic memory : literature after testimony

Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard

Call Number: PN56.M44 B66 2017

The seduction of fiction : a plea for putting emotions back into literary interpretation

Jean-François Vernay ; translated by Carolyne Lee

Call Number: PN56.P93 V4713 2016

9/11 in European Literature : Negotiating Identities Against the Attacks and What Followed

Svenja Frank, editor

Call Number: PN56.T45 A18 2017

Histories of the devil : from Marlowe to Mann and the Manichees

Jeremy Tambling

Call Number: PN57.D4

From aardvarks to zooxanthellae : the definitive lyrical guide to nature's ways

John C. Avise

Call Number: PN6110.A7

Total abandon : a drama

by Larry Atlas

Call Number: PN6120.A52 A82543t 1984

Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon

Call Number: PN6720.U64 S84 1987

Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon

Milton Caniff

Call Number: PN6728.S685 C35 2003

Rewriting history in manga : stories for the nation

Nissim Otmazgin, Rebecca Suter, editors

Call Number: PN6790.J3

American crime fiction : a cultural history of Nobrow literature as art

Peter Swirski

Call Number: PN771

Representing Difference in the Medieval and Modern Orientalist Romance

Amy Burge

Call Number: PN811 .B87 2016eb

Post-war British literature and the 'end of empire'

Matthew Whittle

Call Number: PN849.G74 W45 2016e

Reading the past across space and time : receptions and world literature

edited by Brenda Deen Schildgen and Ralph Hexter

Call Number: PN86

Poetics of prose : literary essays from Lermontov to Calvino

Mark Axelrod

Call Number: PN883

Women's lives in contemporary French and Francophone literature

Florence Ramond Jurney, Karen McPherson, editors

Call Number: PQ149 .W664 2016

Margherita Sarrocchi's letters to Galileo : astronomy, astrology, and poetics in seventeenth-century Italy

Meredith K. Ray

Call Number: PQ4634.S163 Z48 2016

Umberto Eco, The Da Vinci Code, and the intellectual in the age of popular culture

Douglass Merrell

Call Number: PQ4865.C6 Z7556 2017eb

Hermenegildo and the Jesuits : Staging Sainthood in the Early Modern Period

Stefano Muneroni

Call Number: PQ6221

The birth of thought in the Spanish language : 14th century Hebrew-Spanish philosophy

Ilia Galán Díez

Call Number: PQ6433.S2 P7343 2017

Politics and public space in contemporary Argentine poetry : the lyric and the state

Ben Bollig

Call Number: PQ7681.P64 B65 2016

[Official presidential portrait of Donald J. Trump]

Call Number: PR 45.2:T 77/PORTRAIT

Beowulf unlocked : new evidence from lexomic analysis

Michael D.C. Drout, Yvette Kisor, Leah Smith, Allison Dennett, Natasha Piirainen

Call Number: PR1586 .D76 2016

Revisiting Shakespeare's lost play : CardenioDouble falsehood in the eighteenth century

Deborah C. Payne, editor

Call Number: PR2858 .R48 2016

Partial histories : a reappraisal of Colley Cibber

Elaine M. McGirr

Call Number: PR3347 .M37 2016

George Herbert and the mystery of the word : poetry and scripture in seventeenth-century England

Gary Kuchar

Call Number: PR3508 .K83 2017

Civic and medical worlds in early modern England : performing barbery and surgery

Eleanor Decamp

Call Number: PR428.B63 D43 2016

Disease and death in eighteenth-century literature and culture : fashioning the unfashionable

Allan Ingram, Leigh Wetheral Dickson, editors

Call Number: PR448.D57

Landscapes of eternal return : Tennyson to Hardy

Roger Ebbatson

Call Number: PR468.T48 E334 2016e

On Keats's practice and poetics of responsibility : beauty and truth in the major poems

G. Douglas Atkins

Call Number: PR4836 .A85 2016

Bernard Shaw's bridges to Chinese culture

Kay Li

Call Number: PR5368.C47 L55 2016

Fashioning authorship in the long eighteenth century: stylish books of poetic genius

Gerald Egan

Call Number: PR551 .E33 2016eb

The memoirs of John Addington Symonds : a critical edition

Amber K. Regis, editor

Call Number: PR5523

Philosophy and Oscar Wilde

edited by Michael Bennett

Call Number: PR5827.P5 P45 2017

Conrad's sensational heroines : gender and representation in the late fiction of Joseph Conrad

Ellen Burton Harrington

Call Number: PR6005.O4 Z74194 2017

Joyce & betrayal

James Alexander Fraser

Call Number: PR6019.O9 Z5333983 2016e

James Joyce's teaching life and methods : language and pedagogy in A portrait of the artist as a young man, Ulysses, and Finnegans wake

Elizabeth Switaj

Call Number: PR6019.O9 Z8244 2016eb

Animals in the writings of C S. Lewis

Michael J. Gilmour

Call Number: PR6023.E926 Z5 2017eb

The grotesque in contemporary Anglophone drama

Ondřej Pilný

Call Number: PR736 P55 2016eb

The Wordsworth-Coleridge circle and the aesthetics of disability

Emily B. Stanback

Call Number: PR83

Empiricism and the early theory of the novel : Fielding to Austen

Roger Maioli

Call Number: PR851

Irish drama, modernity and the passion play

Alexandra Poulain

Call Number: PR8783 .P685 2016

Haunting modernity and the Gothic presence in British modernist literature

Daniel Darvay

Call Number: PR888.M63 D37 2016

Ethics and human rights in anglophone African women's literature : feminist empathy

Chielozona Eze

Call Number: PR9340.5

Writing Islam from a South Asian Muslim perspective : Rushdie, Hamid, Aslam, Shamsie

Madeline Clements

Call Number: PR9540.4 C57 2015eb

Women of words in Le morte Darthur : the autonomy of speech in Malory's female characters

Siobhán M. Wyatt

Call Number: PR99.W938 2016

[Official vice presidential portrait of Mike Pence]

Call Number: PRVP 45.2:P 37/PORTRAIT

Game theory and minorities in American literature

Michael Wainwright

Call Number: PS153.M56 W35 2016

Reimagining the Middle Passage : Black resistance in literature, television, and song

Tara T. Green

Call Number: PS153.N5 G72 2018

Racism in contemporary African American children's and young adult literature

Suriyan Panlay

Call Number: PS153.N5 P36 2016

Hemingway's geographies : intimacy, materiality, and memory

Laura Gruber Godfrey

Call Number: PS3515.E37 Z59638 2016

Game theory and postwar American literature

Michael Wainwright

Call Number: PS374.G34 W35 2016eb

The Palgrave handbook of the Southern Gothic

Susan Castillo Street, Charles L. Crow, editors

Call Number: PS374.G68 P35 2016

Examining text and authorship in translation : what remains of Christa Wolf?

Caroline Summers

Call Number: PT2685.O36 Z934 2017

When they were boys

by Carroll Everett and Charles Francis Reed ; illustrated by Charles E. Bracker ; edited by Helen Mildred Owen, Mary E. Owen

Call Number: PZ6 1922 .E923