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Modern Languages

Items Acquired in October 2017 for the University Libraries


Juliane House

Call Number: P306 .H68 2018

English language ideologies in Korea : interpreting the past and present

Jinhyun Cho

Call Number: P40

Greek tragedies as plays for performance

David Raeburn

Call Number: PA3131 .R28 2017eb

Communication, love, and death in Homer and Virgil : an introduction

Stephen Ridd

Call Number: PA4037 .R526 2017

The woman question in Plato's Republic

Mary Townsend

Call Number: PA4279.R7 T69 2017

Silenced voices : the poetics of speech in Ovid

Bartolo A. Natoli

Call Number: PA6537 .N38 2017

American and British English : divided by a common language?

Paul Baker

Call Number: PE2808 .B37 2017

City folk and country folk

Sofia Khvoshchinskaya ; translated by Nora Seligman Favorov

Call Number: PG3447.V47 G6713 2017

Judgment : a novel

David Bergelson ; translated from the Yiddish by Harriet Murav and Sasha Senderovich

Call Number: PJ5129.B45 M513 2017

Two halves of the world apple : poems

by Yang Ke ; translation by Denis Mair, Chao, Simon Patton, Ouyang Yu, and Ning Yang ; foreword by Jonathan Stalling

Call Number: PL2922.K6 A2 2017

Translation in African contexts : postcolonial texts, queer sexuality, and cosmopolitan fluency

Evan Maina Mwangi

Call Number: PL8010 .M89 2017

Childhood years : a memoir

Tanizaki Jun'ichirō ; translated by Paul McCarthy

Call Number: PL839.A7 Z46 2017

Sea, land, shadow

Kazuko Shiraishi ; translated from the Japanese by Yumiko Tsumura

Call Number: PL861.H57 A2 2017

Poet's market

Call Number: PN1059.M3 P63

Draft no. 4 : on the writing process

John McPhee

Call Number: PN149 .M43 2017

Performing animals : history, agency, theater

edited by Karen Raber and Monica Mattfeld

Call Number: PN1590.A54 P474 2017

Theatre & disability

Petra Kuppers

Call Number: PN1590.H36 K88 2017

Referencing & understanding plagiarism

Call Number: PN167 .W55 2017

Not according to plan : filmmaking under Stalin

Maria Belodubrovskaya

Call Number: PN1993.5.R9 B385 2017

Localising Hollywood

Courtney Brannon Donoghue

Call Number: PN1993.5.U65 D66 2017

History on film/film on history

Robert A. Rosenstone

Call Number: PN1995.2 .R665 2018

Religion and film : cinema and the re-creation of the world

S. Brent Plate

Call Number: PN1995.5 .P53 2017

Hollywood soundscapes : film sound style, craft and production in the classical era

Helen Hanson

Call Number: PN1995.7 .H26 2017

Film, fashion, and the 1960s

edited by Eugenia Paulicelli, Drake Stutesman, and Louise Wallenberg

Call Number: PN1995.9.C56 F545 2017

Egyptomania goes to the movies : from archaeology to popular craze to Hollywood fantasy

Matthew Coniam

Call Number: PN1995.9.E32 C57 2017

Urbanization and the migrant in British cinema : spectres of the city

Gareth Millington

Call Number: PN1995.9.E44 M56 2016

The art of horror movies : an illustrated history

edited by Stephen Jones ; foreword by John Landis

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 A68 2017

It's alive! : classic horror and sci-fi movie posters from the Kirk Hammett Collection

edited by Daniel Finamore ; with contributions by Steve Almond, Daniel Finamore, Joseph LeDoux

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 I87 2017


Call Number: PN1995.9.P3 C43 2017

Phenomenology of film : a Heideggerian account of the film experience

Shawn Loht

Call Number: PN1995.9.P42 L64 2017

Lewd looks : American sexploitation cinema in the 1960s

Elena Gorfinkel

Call Number: PN1995.9.S45 G67 2017

The Hollywood war film : critical observations from World War I to Iraq

Daniel Binns

Call Number: PN1995.9.W3 B56 2017

Apocalypse then : American and Japanese atomic cinema, 1951-1967

Mike Bogue ; foreword by Allen A. Debus

Call Number: PN1995.9.W3 B64 2017

Future Noir : the making of Blade runner

Paul M. Sammon

Call Number: PN1997.B596 S26 2017

Clueless : American youth in the 1990s

Lesley Speed

Call Number: PN1997.C65558 S64 2018

Abel Gance and the end of silent cinema : sounding out Utopia

Paul Cuff

Call Number: PN1997.F56 C84 2016

You ain't heard nothin' yet : interviews with stars from Hollywood's golden era

James Bawden and Ron Miller

Call Number: PN1998.2 .Y67 2017

The cinema of Tom Dicillo : include me out

Wayne Byrne

Call Number: PN1998.3.D484 B97 2017

Ishiro Honda : a life in film, from Godzilla to Kurosawa

Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski ; with Yuuko Honda-Yun ; foreword by Martin Scorsese

Call Number: PN1998.3.H68 R94 2017

Workshopping the new play : a guide for playwrights, directors, and dramaturgs

George Sapio

Call Number: PN2053 .S255 2017

Acting and character animation : the art of animated films, acting, and visualizing

Rolf Giesen and Anna Khan

Call Number: PN2061 .G54 2018

Theatre & protest

Lara Shalson

Call Number: PN2193.P65 S53 2017

Sense of occasion

Harold Prince

Call Number: PN2287.P73 A3 2017

Musical response in the early modern playhouse, 1603-1625

Simon Smith

Call Number: PN2592.13.M88 S65 2017

Shakespeare's two playhouses : repertory and theatre space at the Globe and the Blackfriars, 1599-1613

Sarah Dustagheer

Call Number: PN2596.L6 D87 2017

Shakespearean star : Laurence Olivier and national cinema

Jennifer Barnes, University of Dundee

Call Number: PN2598.O55 B38 2017

Aesthetic citizenship : immigration and theater in twenty-first-century Paris

Emine Fişek

Call Number: PN2636.P3 F55 2017

Performing unification : history and nation in German theater after 1989

Matt Cornish

Call Number: PN2654 .C67 2017

Playwriting and young audiences : collected wisdom and practical advice from the field

Matt Omasta and Nicole B. Adkins

Call Number: PN3157 .O43 2017

Fictional translators : rethinking translation through literature

Rosemary Arrojo

Call Number: PN3352.T74 A77 2018

Framing fan fiction : literary and social practices in fan fiction communities

Kristina Busse

Call Number: PN3377.5.F33 B87 2017

Editing the soul : science and fiction in the genome age

Everett Hamner

Call Number: PN3433.6 .H364 2017

How to read world literature

David Damrosch

Call Number: PN524

Climate change fictions : representations of global warming in American literature

Antonia Mehnert

Call Number: PN56.C612 M44 2016

The Cambridge companion to erotic literature

edited by Bradford K. Mudge

Call Number: PN56.E7 C36 2017

Textual silence : unreadability and the Holocaust

Jessica Lang

Call Number: PN56.H55 L36 2017

A great literature guide to the DSM-5

Eric L. Altschuler

Call Number: PN56.M45 A47 2018

Thinking continental : writing the planet one place at a time

edited by Tom Lynch, Susan Naramore Maher, Drucilla Wall, and O. Alan Weltzien

Call Number: PN6071.P56 T55 2017

The best of poetry in motion : celebrating twenty-five years on subways and buses

edited by Alice Quinn ; foreword by Billy Collins

Call Number: PN6101 .B397 2017


Jon Robin Baitz

Call Number: PN6120.A52 B3246v 2017

Two class acts : two one-act plays

by A.R. Gurney

Call Number: PN6120.A52 G876t 2017

Farce of habit

Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

Call Number: PN6120.A52 J66345far 2017

No villain

by Arthur Miller

Call Number: PN6120.A52 M553n 2017

Latinx superheroes in mainstream comics

Frederick Luis Aldama ; foreword by John Jennings ; afterword by Javier Hernandez

Call Number: PN6725 .A37 2017

Slugfest : inside the epic fifty-year battle between Marvel and DC

Reed Tucker

Call Number: PN6725 .T83 2017

Neoliberalism and contemporary literary culture

edited by Mitchum Huehls and Rachel Greenwald Smith

Call Number: PN98.P67 N35 2017

Disturbing attachments : Genet, modern pederasty, and queer history

Kadji Amin

Call Number: PQ2613.E53 Z539 2017

Maigret's world : a reader's companion to Simenon's famous detective

Murielle Wenger and Stephen Trussel

Call Number: PQ2637.I53 Z95 2017

Unreconciled : poems, 1991-2013 : a bilingual edition

Michel Houellebecq ; translated from the French by Gavin Bowd

Call Number: PQ2668.O77 A2 2017

The complete poetry of Aimé Césaire

translated by A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman ; introduction, notes and glossary by A. James Arnold

Call Number: PQ3949.C44 A2 2017

The silence of the spirits

Wilfried N'Sondé ; translated by Karen Lindo

Call Number: PQ3989.3.N76 S5513 2017

Inscribed power : amulets and magic in early Spanish literature

Ryan D. Giles

Call Number: PQ6060 .G55 2017

Reviewing blindness in French fiction, 1789-2013

Hannah Thompson

Call Number: PQ637.B57 T46 2017

Sovereign acts : performing race, space, and belonging in Panama and the Canal Zone

Katherine A. Zien

Call Number: PQ7523 .Z54 2017


Rodrigo Hasbún ; translated by Sophie Hughes

Call Number: PQ7822.H37 A4413 2017


melographed by César Vallejo ; edited and translated by Joseph Mulligan

Call Number: PQ8497.V35 A2 2017

The life and creative works of Paulo Coelho : a psychobiography from a positive psychology perspective

Claude-Hélène Mayer

Call Number: PQ9698.13.O3546 Z73 2017

Living in the future : sovereignty and internationalism in the Canterbury Tales

Susan Nakley

Call Number: PR1874 .N35 2017

John Donne and baroque allegory : the aesthetics of fragmentation

Hugh Grady, Arcadia University, Pennsylvania

Call Number: PR2248 .G67 2017

Twelfth night or what you will

[William Shakespeare] ; edited by Elizabeth Story Donno ; with an updated introduction by Penny Gay

Call Number: PR2837.A2 D66 2017

Shakespeare in the marketplace of words

Jonathan P. Lamb

Call Number: PR3077 .L36 2017

Milton's Socratic rationalism : the conversations of Adam and Eve in Paradise lost

David Oliver Davies

Call Number: PR3562 .D35 2017

Milton and the making of Paradise lost

William Poole

Call Number: PR3581 .P64 2017

Jane Austen : writer in the world

edited by Kathryn Sutherland

Call Number: PR4036 .J34 2017

John Clare : nature, criticism and history

Simon Kövesi

Call Number: PR4453.C6 Z464 2017

Literature and sustainability : concept, text and culture

edited by Adeline Johns-Putra, John Parham and Louise Squire

Call Number: PR448.E58 L58 2017

Genres of doubt : science fiction, fantasy and the Victorian crisis of faith

Elizabeth M. Sanders

Call Number: PR468.F35 S26 2017

Oscar Wilde : the unrepentant years

Nicholas Frankel

Call Number: PR5823 .F67 2017

The plural of us : poetry and community in Auden and others

Bonnie Costello

Call Number: PR6001.U4 Z6377 2017

Beckett's political imagination

Emilie Morin

Call Number: PR6003.E282 Z78163 2017

Walking Virginia Woolf's London : an investigation in literary geography

Lisbeth Larsson ; translated by David Jones

Call Number: PR6045.O72 Z768 2017

Poetry and theology in the modernist period

Anthony Domestico

Call Number: PR605.M63 D66 2017

A legacy of spies

John le Carré

Call Number: PR6062.E33 L44 2017

Midwinter break

Bernard MacLaverty

Call Number: PR6063.A2474 M53 2017


Annalean McAfee

Call Number: PR6063.C214 H36 2017

The golden house : a novel

Salman Rushdie

Call Number: PR6068.U757 G65 2017


Call Number: PR6101.L43 L53 2017

The Shakespearean forest

Anne Barton, Emeritus Professor of English, University of Cambridge, Fellow of Trinity College

Call Number: PR658.F73 B38 2017

Shadow and substance : Eucharistic controversy and English drama across the Reformation divide

Jay Zysk

Call Number: PR658.R43 Z97 2017

Apocalypse and anti-Catholicism in seventeenth-century English drama

Adrian Streete, University of Glasgow

Call Number: PR678.R43 S87 2017

Crime writing in interwar Britain : fact and fiction in the Golden Age

Victoria Stewart, University of Leicester

Call Number: PR830.D4 S55 2017

Kiss kiss, bang bang : the boom in British thrillers from Casino royale to The eagle has landed : how Britain lost an empire but its secret agents saved the world

Mike Ripley ; foreword by Lee Child

Call Number: PR830.S87 R57 2017

A secret sisterhood : the literary friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronté, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf

Emily Midorikawa, Emma Claire Sweeney ; foreword by Margaret Atwood

Call Number: PR830.W6 M53 2017

All we saw : poems

Anne Michaels

Call Number: PR9199.3.M453 A6 2017

The Lazarus poems

Kamau Brathwaite

Call Number: PR9230.9.B68 A6 2017

Stay with me

Ayobami Adebayo

Call Number: PR9387.9.A319 S73 2017

Nine continents : a memoir in and out of China

Xiaolu Guo

Call Number: PR9450.9.G86 Z46 2017b

The good people

Hannah Kent

Call Number: PR9619.4.K467 G66 2017

The awakening : an authoritative text, biographical and historical contexts, criticism

Kate Chopin ; edited by Margo Culley, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Call Number: PS1294.C63 A64 2018


Call Number: PS1332 .C73 2017

Indigenous cities : urban Indian fiction and the histories of relocation

Laura M. Furlan

Call Number: PS153.I52 F87 2017

Black aesthetics and the interior life

Christopher Freeburg

Call Number: PS153.N5 F74 2017

American literature and the new Puritan studies

edited by Bryce Traister

Call Number: PS153.P87 A44 2017

The origin of others

Toni Morrison ; with a foreword by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Call Number: PS173.N4 M667 2017

The portrait of a lady : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism

Henry James ; edited by Michael Gorra

Call Number: PS2116 .P6 2018

Sissy! : the effeminate paradox in postwar US literature and culture

Harry Thomas Jr

Call Number: PS228.E44 T56 2017

Uncle Tom's cabin : authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism

Harriet Beecher Stowe ; edited by Elizabeth Ammons

Call Number: PS2954 .U5 2018

A wider view of the universe : Henry Thoreau's study of nature

Robert Kuhn McGregor

Call Number: PS3057.N3 M28 2017

Here I stand : the life and legacy of John Beecher

Angela J. Smith

Call Number: PS3503.E233 Z86 2017

Ernest Haycox and the western

Richard W. Etulain

Call Number: PS3515.A9327 Z645 2017

21 poems

George Oppen ; edited by David B. Hobbs

Call Number: PS3529.P54 A6 2017

James Still : a life

Carol Boggess

Call Number: PS3537.T5377 Z4664 2017

Some bright morning, I'll fly away : a memoir

Alice Anderson

Call Number: PS3551.N353 Z46 2017

Men on boats

Jaclyn Backhaus

Call Number: PS3552.A2583 M46 2017


by Seth Bockley and Anne Hamburger

Call Number: PS3552.L925 W55 2017

The relive box and other stories

T. Coraghessan Boyle

Call Number: PS3552.O932 R45 2017

Girl after girl after girl : poems

Nicole Cooley

Call Number: PS3553.O5647 A6 2017


Call Number: PS3553.R87 G67 2017

Manhattan Beach : a novel

Jennifer Egan

Call Number: PS3555.G292 M36 2017

W.D. Ehrhart in conversation : Vietnam, America and the written word

edited by Jean-Jacques Malo

Call Number: PS3555.H67 Z46 2017

Dinner at the center of the earth

Nathan Englander

Call Number: PS3555.N424 D56 2017

Fresh complaint : stories

Jeffrey Eugenides

Call Number: PS3555.U4 A6 2017

Heating & cooling : 52 micro-memoirs

Beth Ann Fennelly

Call Number: PS3556.E489 A6 2017

In the province of the gods

Kenny Fries

Call Number: PS3556.R568 Z46 2017

The tragedy of Brady Sims

Ernest J. Gaines

Call Number: PS3557.A355 T73 2017

The new and collected poems of Jane Gentry

edited by Julia Johnson ; foreword by Mary Ann Taylor-Hall

Call Number: PS3557.E462 A6 2017

The mirror diary : selected essays

Garrett Hongo

Call Number: PS3558.O48 A6 2017

Understanding Chang-rae Lee

Amanda M. Page

Call Number: PS3562.E3347 Z73 2017


Call Number: PS3563.A4333 A6 2017

Logical family : a memoir

Armistead Maupin

Call Number: PS3563.A878 Z46 2017

The ninth hour

Alice McDermott

Call Number: PS3563.C355 N56 2017

Never coming back

Alison McGhee

Call Number: PS3563.C36378 N49 2017

Love in the last days : after Tristan and Iseult

D. Nurkse

Call Number: PS3564.U76 A6 2017

The exact nature of our wrongs

Janet Peery

Call Number: PS3566.E284 E93 2017

Good for Otto

by David Rabe

Call Number: PS3568.A23 G59 2017

Where the past begins : a writer's memoir

Amy Tan

Call Number: PS3570.A48 Z46 2017


by Lucy Teitler

Call Number: PS3570.E438 E54 2017

Alice Walker : a woman for our times

Deborah G. Plant

Call Number: PS3573.A425 Z85 2017

Lanford Wilson : early stories, sketches, and poems

edited by David A. Crespy ; with an afterword by Marshall W. Mason

Call Number: PS3573.I458 A6 2017


by Leah Nanako Winkler

Call Number: PS3573.I675 K46 2017

The Codex Mojaodicus

Steven Alvarez

Call Number: PS3601.L878 A6 2017

Please excuse my dear aunt Sally

by Kevin Armento

Call Number: PS3601.R572 P54 2017

Old love, new love / Laura Brienza

Call Number: PS3602.R526 O63 2017

Critical assembly : poems of the Manhattan Project

John Canaday

Call Number: PS3603.A524 C75 2017

The last ballad

Wiley Cash

Call Number: PS3603.A86525 L37 2017


by Julia Cho

Call Number: PS3603.H6 A83 2017

Subcortical : stories

by Lee Conell

Call Number: PS3603.O5329 A6 2017

What counts as love

Marian Crotty

Call Number: PS3603.R6797 A6 2017

The child finder : a novel

Rene Denfeld

Call Number: PS3604.E54 C55 2017


Call Number: PS3604.O35 P66 2017

Radioactive starlings : Poems

Myronn Hardy

Call Number: PS3608.A7285 A6 2017

The Twelve-Mile Straight

Eleanor Henderson

Call Number: PS3608.E5259 T94 2017

An excess male : a novel

Maggie Shen King

Call Number: PS3611.I583363 E93 2017

Forest dark : a novel

Nicole Krauss

Call Number: PS3611.R38 F67 2017

I'll be your mirror : essays & aphorisms

David Lazar ; illustrated by Heather Frise

Call Number: PS3612.A973 A6 2017

The girls of the Golden West : a novel

James Ward Lee

Call Number: PS3612.E2238 G57 2017

Straight white men

by Young Jean Lee

Call Number: PS3612.E228 S77 2017

Bluebird, bluebird : a novel

Attica Locke

Call Number: PS3612.O247 B58 2017

The world of tomorrow

Brendan Mathews

Call Number: PS3613.A8267 W67 2017

Caroline : Little House, revisited

Sarah Miller, with the full approval of Little House Heritage Trust

Call Number: PS3613.I527 C37 2017


Call Number: PS3615.B48 A6 2017

Sun in days : poems

Meghan O'Rourke

Call Number: PS3615.R586 A6 2017

Through a long absence : words from my father's wars

Joy Passanante

Call Number: PS3616.A85 Z46 2017

George & Lizzie : a novel

Nancy Pearl

Call Number: PS3616.E252 G46 2017

Ordinary beast : poems

Nicole Sealey

Call Number: PS3619.E25515 A6 2017

Pike St. : a play

Nilaja Sun

Call Number: PS3619.U495 P55 2017

You, me, and the violence

Catherine Taylor

Call Number: PS3620.A93583 Y68 2017

The age of perpetual light : stories

Josh Weil

Call Number: PS3623.E4273 A6 2017

Echoes of Emerson : rethinking realism in Twain, James, Wharton, and Cather

Diana Hope Polley

Call Number: PS374.R37 P55 2017

Hope isn't stupid : utopian affects in contemporary American literature

Sean Austin Grattan

Call Number: PS374.U8 G73 2017

Resistance, rebellion, life : 50 poems now

edited and introduced by Amit Majmudar

Call Number: PS595.P634 R47 2017

Lock & load : armed fiction

edited by Deirdra McAfee and BettyJoyce Nash

Call Number: PS648.F574 L63 2017

At the burning abyss : experiencing the Georg Trakl poem

Franz Fühmann ; translated by Isabel Fargo Cole

Call Number: PT2611.U436 V6613 2017

Collected poems

Thomas Bernhard ; translated by James Reidel

Call Number: PT2662.E7 A2 2017

Go, went, gone

Jenny Erpenbeck ; translated by Susan Bernofsky

Call Number: PT2665.R59 G3713 2015


Pascal Mercier ; translated from the German by Shaun Whiteside

Call Number: PT2673.E6827 L4315 2017

Unser vrouwen klage, der Spiegel

herausgegeben von Edgar Büttner

Call Number: PT621 .U57 2017