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Modern Languages

Items Acquired in August 2017 for the University Libraries

The price of linguistic productivity : how children learn to break the rules of language

Charles Yang

Call Number: P118.65 .Y36 2016eb

The economics of language policy

Michele Gazzola and Bengt-Arne Wickström

Call Number: P119.3 .E36 2017

The verbal domain

edited by Roberta D'Alessandro, Irene Franco, and Ángel J. Gallego

Call Number: P121

Parts of a whole : distributivity as a bridge between aspect and measurement

Lucas Champollion

Call Number: P123

Impossible languages

Andrea Moro

Call Number: P132

The phonetics and phonology of geminate consonants [electronic resource]

edited by Haruo Kubozono

Call Number: P217 .P447 2017

Impossible persons

Daniel Harbour

Call Number: P240.85 .H37 2016eb

Morphological length and prosodically defective morphemes [electronic resource]

Eva Zimmermann

Call Number: P242

The structure of words at the interfaces

edited by Heather Newell ... [and others]

Call Number: P245 .S77 2017eb

The semantics of nouns [electronic resource]

edited by Zhengdao Ye

Call Number: P271

Building and interpreting possession sentences

Neil Myler

Call Number: P299.P67 M95 2016

Rhetorical style : the uses of language in persuasion [electronic resource]

Jeanne Fahnestock

Call Number: P301.5.P47

Graded Modality : Qualitative and Quantitative Perspectives [electronic resource]

Daniel Lassiter

Call Number: P325

Semantics of evidentials [electronic resource]

Sarah E. Murray

Call Number: P325.5.E96

How to kill a dragon : aspects of Indo-European poetics [electronic resource]

Calvert Watkins

Call Number: P569

Mercury's wings : exploring modes of communication in the ancient world

edited by F.S. Naiden and Richard J.A. Talbert

Call Number: P90 .M435 2017

Getting through : the pleasures and perils of cross-cultural communication

Roger Kreuz and Richard Roberts

Call Number: P94.6 K74 2017

The monologic imagination

edited by Matt Tomlinson and Julian Millie

Call Number: P95.455 .M66 2017

Best laid plans : cultural entropy and the unraveling of AIDS media campaigns

Terence E. McDonnell

Call Number: P96.A392

Storytelling for virtual reality : methods and principles for crafting immersive narratives

John Bucher

Call Number: P96.A86

Curated stories : the uses and misuses of storytelling

Sujatha Fernandes

Call Number: P96.N35

Classics from papyrus to the internet : an introduction to transmission and reception

Jeffrey M. Hunt, R. Alden Smith, Fabio Stok ; foreword by Craig Kallendorf

Call Number: P96.T42 H866 2017

Semiotics : the basics

Daniel Chandler

Call Number: P99 .C463 2018

The development of Latin Clause structure : a study of the extended verb phrase [electronic resource]

Lieven Danckaert

Call Number: PA2293

Greek tragedy on the move : the birth of a Panhellenic art form c. 500-300 BC

Edmund Stewart

Call Number: PA3027

Tragedy's endurance : performances of Greek tragedies and cultural identity in Germany since 1800

Erika Fischer-Lichte

Call Number: PA3131 .F45 2017

Rhetoric in tooth and claw : animals, language, sensation

Debra Hawhee

Call Number: PA3265 .H35 2016eb


with an English translation by Carleton L. Brownson ; revised by John Dillery

Call Number: PA3612 .X32 2001

Scholia in Claudii Aeliani libros de natura animalium

edidit et apparatu critico instruxit Claudio Meliadò

Call Number: PA3821.Z5 S44 2017

The poems of Hesiod : Theogony, Works and days, and the Shield

a new translation by Barry B. Powell

Call Number: PA4010 .E5 2017

Hesiod and classical Greek poetry : reception and transformation in the Fifth Century BCE

Zoe Stamatopoulou, Washington University, St Louis

Call Number: PA4011 .S73 2016

Biblical epics in late antiquity and Anglo-Saxon England : divina in laude voluntas

Patrick McBrine

Call Number: PA6053 .M33 2017

Ovid's Heroides : a new translation and critical essays

Paul Murgatroyd, Bridget Reeves and Sarah Parker

Call Number: PA6522.H4 M87 2017

The Lives of Ovid in Seventeenth-Century French Culture [electronic resource]

Helena Taylor

Call Number: PA6537

Stealing the club from Hercules : on imitation in Latin poetry Gian Biagio Conte

Call Number: PA6826 .C66 2017

Classroom commentaries : teaching the Poetria nova across medieval and Renaissance Europe [electronic resource]

Marjorie Curry Woods

Call Number: PA8442.V5

English as a medium of instruction in higher education : implementations and classroom practices in Taiwan

Wenli Tsou, Shin-Mei Kao, editors

Call Number: PE1068.T28 E55 2017eb

Communicative behaviour of a language learner : exploring willingness to communicate

Dagmara Gałajda

Call Number: PE1128.A2

A brief history of English syntax

Olga Fischer, Hendrik De Smet, Wim van der Wurff

Call Number: PE1361 .F57 2017

Composing research, communicating results : writing the communication research paper

Kurt Lindemann

Call Number: PE1478 .L47 2018

Remade in France : Anglicisms in the lexicon and morphology of French

Valérie Saugera

Call Number: PE1582.F5

The American Heritage dictionary of the English language

Call Number: PE1628 .A623 2000

From drag queens to leathermen : language, gender, and gay male subcultures

Rusty Barrett

Call Number: PE3727.G39 B37 2017

Written in blood : revolutionary terrorism and Russian literary culture, 1861-1881

Lynn Ellen Patyk

Call Number: PG2975 .P38 2017

Economies of feeling : Russian literature under Nicholas I

Jillian Porter

Call Number: PG3012 .P67 2017

Molière, or The cabal of hypocrites and Don Quixote : two plays by Mikhail Bulgakov

translated from the Russian by Richard Nelson, Richard Pevear, and Larissa Volokhonsky

Call Number: PG3476.B78 A2 2017

On the surface of silence : the last poems of Lea Goldberg

translated and introduced by Rachel Tzvia Back ; [afterword by Tzvia Ruebner]

Call Number: PJ5053.G6 A26 2017

Transitive nouns and adjectives : evidence from early Indo-Aryan

John J. Lowe

Call Number: PK121 .L69 2017

Burying the beloved : marriage, realism, and reform in modern Iran [electronic resource]

Amy Motlagh

Call Number: PK6423

Explorations into Chinese as a second language

Istvan Kecskes, editor

Call Number: PL1065

Interculturality in Chinese language education

Tinghe Jin, Fred Dervin, editors

Call Number: PL1065

Women's poetry and poetics in late imperial China : a dialogic engagement

Haihong Yang

Call Number: PL2327 .Y3455 2017

The songs of Chu : an ancient anthology of works by Qu Yuan and others

edited and translated by Gopal Sukhu

Call Number: PL2661 .A2 2017

Vengeance is mine, all others pay cash

Eka Kurniawan ; translated by Annie Tucker

Call Number: PL5089.K78 S4713 2017

The Open Book : Stories of Academic Life and Writing or Where We Know Things

Ninna Meier and Charlotte Wegener

Call Number: PN145

Time slips : queer temporalities, contemporary performance, and the hole of history

Jaclyn I. Pryor

Call Number: PN1590.S6 P79 2017

Expanding adaptation networks : from illustration to novelization

Kate Newell

Call Number: PN171.A33 N49 2017

Theatre of the book, 1480-1880 : print, text, and performance in Europe

Julie Stone Peters

Call Number: PN1821 .P48 2000eb

The corporate media toolkit : advanced techniques for producers, writers and directors

Ray DiZazzo

Call Number: PN1992.94

House full : Indian cinema and the active audience

Lakshmi Srinivas

Call Number: PN1993.5.I8 S674 2017

Cosmopolitan film cultures in Latin America, 1896-1960

edited by Rielle Navitski and Nicolas Poppe

Call Number: PN1993.5.L3 C68 2017

Fade in, crossroads : a history of the southern cinema

Robert Jackson

Call Number: PN1993.5.U7775

The tenth muse : writing about cinema in the modernist period [electronic resource]

Laura Marcus

Call Number: PN1995

The age of new waves : art cinema and the staging of globalization [electronic resource]

James Tweedie

Call Number: PN1995

Talking pictures : how to watch movies

Ann Hornaday

Call Number: PN1995 .H66 2017

Nollywood : the creation of Nigerian film genres

Jonathan Haynes

Call Number: PN1995.67.N6

Imperial affects : sensational melodrama and the attractions of American cinema

Jonna Eagle

Call Number: PN1995.9.A3 E24 2017

How the essay film thinks

Laura Rascaroli

Call Number: PN1995.9.E96

Twisted visions : interviews with cult horror filmmakers

[edited by] Matthew Edwards

Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 T95 2017

The makeup artist handbook : techniques for film, television, photography, and theatre

Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall

Call Number: PN1995.9.M25

Investing in movies : strategies for investors and producers

Joseph N. Cohen

Call Number: PN1995.9.P7

Scheduling and budgeting your film : a panic-free guide

Paula Landry

Call Number: PN1995.9.P7

Film directing fundamentals : see your film before shooting

Nicholas T. Proferes

Call Number: PN1995.9.P7

Smutty little movies : the creation and regulation of adult video

Peter Alilunas

Call Number: PN1995.9.S45 A44 2016

The heart of the film : writing love stories in screenplays

Cynthia Whitcomb

Call Number: PN1996

Screenwriting for profit : writing for the global marketplace

Andrew Stevens

Call Number: PN1996 .S795 2017

Screenwriting for profit : writing for the global marketplace

Andrew Stevens

Call Number: PN1996 .S795 2017


Call Number: PN1997.H5675 S26 2017

Kubrick's monolith : the art and mystery of 2001: a space odyssey

Joe R. Frinzi

Call Number: PN1997.T86 F75 2017

The cinema of Wes Anderson : bringing nostalgia to life

Whitney Crothers Dilley

Call Number: PN1998.3.A526 D55 2017

Opening Bazin : postwar film theory and its afterlife [electronic resource]

edited by Dudley Andrew ; with Hervé Joubert-Laurencin

Call Number: PN1998.3.B39

The philosophy of Christopher Nolan

edited by Jason T. Eberl and George A. Dunn

Call Number: PN1998.3.N65 P55 2017

Days of twilight, nights of frenzy : a memoir

Werner Schroeter ; with Claudia Lenssen ; translated from the German by Anthea Bell

Call Number: PN1998.3.S359 A313 2017

Wong Kar-Wai : interviews

edited by Silver Wai-ming Lee and Micky Lee

Call Number: PN1998.3.W65 A5 2017

Warner Bros : the making of an American movie studio

David Thomson

Call Number: PN1999.W3 T46 2017

Acting exercises for non-traditional staging : Michael Chekhov reimagined

Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson

Call Number: PN2061

Acting exercises for non-traditional staging : Michael Chekhov reimagined

Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson

Call Number: PN2061 .H88 2018

Digital costume design and collaboration : applications in academia, theatre, and film

Rafael Jaen

Call Number: PN2067

The Kilroys List : 97 monologues and scenes by female and trans playwrights.

edited by Annah Feinberg for The Kilroys ; foreword by Paula Vogel

Call Number: PN2080 .K45 2017

Theatrical design : an introduction

Kevin Lee Allen with Kathleen McDonough

Call Number: PN2091.S8

Behind the laughs : community and inequality in comedy

Michael P. Jeffries

Call Number: PN2272 .J44 2017

The scene of foreplay : theater, labor, and leisure in 1960s New York

Giulia Palladini

Call Number: PN2277.N5 P255 2017

Trans/acting : Latin American and Latino performing arts [electronic resource]

edited by Jacqueline Bixler and Laurietz Seda

Call Number: PN2309

Theatre and governance in Britain, 1500-1900 : democracy, disorder and the state

Tony Fisher, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Call Number: PN2596.L6 F485 2017

In the eye of the storm : contemporary theater in Barcelona [electronic resource]

Sharon G. Feldman

Call Number: PN2786.B3

Comic performance in Pakistan : the bhānd

Claire Pamment

Call Number: PN2944.2 .P36 2017

Putting process drama into action : the dynamics of practice

Pamela Bowell and Brian S. Heap

Call Number: PN3171 .B638 2017

The really useful drama book : using picturebooks to inspire imaginative learning

Roger McDonald

Call Number: PN3171 .M3325 2017

Psychoanalytic perspectives on women and power in contemporary fiction : malice, the victim, and the couple

Rossella Valdŕé

Call Number: PN3401 .V35 2017

Broadcast news writing, reporting, and producing

Frank Barnas

Call Number: PN4784.B75 W5 2018

From madman to crime fighter : the scientist in western culture

Roslynn D. Haynes

Call Number: PN56.5.S35 H395 2017

The new woman : literary modernism, queer theory, and the trans feminine allegory

Emma Heaney

Call Number: PN56.G45 H43 2017

The Broken Voice : Reading Post-Holocaust Literature

Robert Eaglestone

Call Number: PN56.H55

New directions in law and literature [electronic resource]

edited by Elizabeth S. Anker, Bernadette Meyler

Call Number: PN56.L33

Ordinary pleasures : couples, conversation, and comedy [electronic resource]

Kay Young

Call Number: PN56.M255

Word toys : poetry and technics

Brian Kim Stefans

Call Number: PN56.T37 S74 2017

Brown Romantics : poetry and nationalism in the global nineteenth century

Manu Samriti Chander

Call Number: PN603 .C47 2017

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court

adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from the novel by Mark Twain

Call Number: PN6120.A52 .H313c 2017


by John Cariani

Call Number: PN6120.A52 C37514Lo 2016

Boston marriage

by David Mamet

Call Number: PN6120.A52 M34b 2000

The Cambridge companion to the graphic novel

edited by Stephen E. Tabachnick, University of Memphis

Call Number: PN6710 .C34 2017

Comic book film style : cinema at 24 panels per second

Dru Jeffries

Call Number: PN6725 .J43 2017

Sweet science : romantic materialism and the new logics of life

Amanda Jo Goldstein

Call Number: PN751 .G65 2017

Dancing with disaster : environmental histories, narratives, and ethics for perilous times

Kate Rigby

Call Number: PN98.E36 R66 2015eb

Robur the conqueror

Jules Verne ; translated with introduction and notes by Alex Kirstukas ; edited by Arthur B. Evans

Call Number: PQ2469.R6 E5 2017

The seventh function of language

Laurent Binet ; translated from the French by Sam Taylor

Call Number: PQ2702.I57 S4713 2017

The transcontinental Maghreb : Francophone literature across the Mediterranean

Edwige Tamalet Talbayev

Call Number: PQ3897 .T35 2017

Odious Caribbean women and the palpable aesthetics of transgression

Gladys M. Francis

Call Number: PQ3940 .F725 2017

Staging creolization : women's theater and performance from the French Caribbean

Emily Sahakian

Call Number: PQ3943 .S24 2017

Seven plays of Koffi Kwahulé : in and out of Africa

translated by Chantal Bilodeau and Judith G. Miller ; edited with Introductions by Judith G. Miller

Call Number: PQ3989.2.K87 A2 2017

Laughing matters : farce and the making of absolutism in France [electronic resource]

Sara Beam

Call Number: PQ584

Like a fading shadow

Antonio Muñoz Molina ; translated from the Spanish by Camilo A. Ramirez

Call Number: PQ6663.U4795 C6613 2017

Out of bounds : islands and the demarcation of identity in the Hispanic Caribbean [electronic resource]

Dara E. Goldman

Call Number: PQ7361

The moral electricity of print : transatlantic education and the Lima women's circuit, 1876-1910

Ronald Briggs

Call Number: PQ8492.L5 B75 2017

Troilus and Cressida

William Shakespeare ; edited by Anthony B. Dawson ; introduction by Gretchen Minton

Call Number: PR2836.A2 D38 2017

Shakespeare's reading audiences : early modern books and audience interpretation

Cyndia Susan Clegg, Pepperdine University, Malibu

Call Number: PR2976 .C53 2017

How Shakespeare put politics on the stage : power and succession in the history plays

Peter Lake

Call Number: PR2982 .L35 2016eb

Stage, stake, and scaffold : humans and animals in Shakespeare's theatre [electronic resource]

Andreas Höfele

Call Number: PR3044

Acting Shakespeare is outrageous! : playing the bard for beginners

Herb Parker

Call Number: PR3091

Milton's angels : the early-modern imagination [electronic resource]

Joad Raymond

Call Number: PR3592.A5

Jane Austen at home : a biography

Lucy Worsley

Call Number: PR4036 .W67 2017

Eighteen hundred and eleven : poetry, protest and economic crisis

E. J. Clery, University of Southampton

Call Number: PR4057.B7 Z63 2017

Literature and the Great War, 1914-1918 [electronic resource]

Randall Stevenson

Call Number: PR408.W37

The secret history of Jane Eyre : how Charlotte Brontë wrote her masterpiece

John Pfordresher

Call Number: PR4167.J5 P46 2017

Postcards from the trenches : negotiating the space between modernism and the First World War [electronic resource]

Allyson Booth

Call Number: PR478.W65

Pamela Hansford Johnson : a writing life [electronic resource]

David Deirdre

Call Number: PR6019.O3938 Z573 2017eb

Irish divorce / Joyce's Ulysses

Peter Kuch

Call Number: PR6019.O9 .U6733 2017

The unaccompanied : poems

Simon Armitage

Call Number: PR6051.R564 A6 2017

Blue pearl

Lesley Harrison

Call Number: PR6058.A68837 A6 2017

Sex and sensibility in the novels of Alan Hollinghurst

Mark Mathuray, editor

Call Number: PR6058.O4467 Z84 2017

The burning ground

Adam O'Riordan

Call Number: PR6065.R684 A6 2017

Literary allusion in Harry Potter

Beatrice Groves

Call Number: PR6068.O93 Z6785 2017

A boy in winter

Rachel Seiffert

Call Number: PR6069.E345 B69 2017

Devastation road : a novel

Jason Hewitt

Call Number: PR6108.E95 D48 2017

Modern gods : a novel

Nick Laird

Call Number: PR6112.A35 M63 2017

Grace : a novel

Paul Lynch

Call Number: PR6112.Y534 G73 2017

Golden Hill : a novel of old New York

Francis Spufford

Call Number: PR6119.P84 G65 2017

Playwriting playgoers in Shakespeare's theater

Matteo A. Pangallo

Call Number: PR646 .P36 2017

Stage and picture in the English Renaissance : the mirror up to nature

John H. Astington, University of Toronto

Call Number: PR658.A73 A88 2017

The invention of suspicion : law and mimesis in Shakespeare and Renaissance drama [electronic resource]

Lorna Hutson

Call Number: PR658.L38

Object lessons : the novel as a theory of reference

Jami Bartlett

Call Number: PR821 .B37 2016

Family likeness : sex, marriage, and incest from Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf [electronic resource]

Mary Jean Corbett

Call Number: PR868.F29

Perils of the night : a feminist study of nineteenth-century Gothic [electronic resource]

Eugenia C. DeLamotte

Call Number: PR868.T3


Call Number: PR9082 .S84 2017

The Cambridge companion to Canadian literature

edited by Eva-Marie Kröller

Call Number: PR9184.3 .C34 2017

Pathologies of paradise : Caribbean detours [electronic resource]

Supriya M. Nair

Call Number: PR9205

Different shades of green : African literature, environmental justice, and political ecology [electronic resource]

Byron Caminero-Santangelo

Call Number: PR9340.5

Present imperfect : contemporary South African writing

Andrew van der Vlies

Call Number: PR9354.3

The last laugh : a novel

Lynn Freed

Call Number: PR9369.3.F68 L37 2017

Gender, madness, and colonial paranoia in Australian literature : Australian psychoses

Laura Deane

Call Number: PR9612.6.W6 D43 2017

Mark Twain and money : language, capital, and culture

edited by Henry B. Wonham and Lawrence Howe

Call Number: PS1342.E25 M37 2017

Roman fever : domesticity and nationalism in nineteenth-century American women's writing [electronic resource]

Annamaria Formichella Elsden

Call Number: PS147

The semblance of identity : aesthetic mediation in Asian American literature [electronic resource]

Christopher Lee

Call Number: PS153.A84

Medical imagery and fragmentation : modernism, scientific discourse, and the Mexicanindigenous body, 1870-1940s

Dora Alicia Ramírez

Call Number: PS153.M4 R36 2017

Writing through Jane Crow : race and gender politics in African American literature [electronic resource]

Ayesha K. Hardison

Call Number: PS153.N5

Ragged revolutionaries : the lumpenproletariat and African American Marxism in Depression-era literature

Nathaniel Mills

Call Number: PS153.N5 M557 2017

Cultivation and catastrophe : the lyric ecology of modern Black literature

Sonya Posmentier

Call Number: PS153.N5 P675 2017

Captains of charity : the writing and wages of postrevolutionary Atlantic benevolence

Mary Kathleen Eyring

Call Number: PS169.B54 E97 2017

American road narratives : reimagining mobility in literature and film [electronic resource]

Ann Brigham

Call Number: PS169.T74

Paper money men : commerce, manhood, and the sensational public sphere in antebellum America [electronic resource]

David Anthony

Call Number: PS217.E35

Moby-Dick and Melville's anti-slavery allegory

Brian R. Pellar ; Foreword by J. Hillis Miller

Call Number: PS2384.M62 P45 2017

Writing in real time : emergent poetics from Whitman to the digital

Paul Jaussen

Call Number: PS303 .J38 2017

Henry David Thoreau : a life

Laura Dassow Walls

Call Number: PS3053 .W28 2017

Killing poetry : blackness and the making of slam and spoken word communities

Javon Johnson

Call Number: PS310.N4 J64 2017

American drama : in dialogue, 1714-present

Jacqueline Foertsch

Call Number: PS332 .F64 2017

William Faulkner in Hollywood : screenwriting for the studios

Stefan Solomon

Call Number: PS3511.A86 Z972725 2017

The subversive art of Zelda Fitzgerald

Deborah Pike

Call Number: PS3511.I9234 Z84 2017

The short stories of Ernest Hemingway : the Hemingway library edition

Ernest Hemingway ; foreword by Patrick Hemingway ; edited with an introduction by Seán Hemingway

Call Number: PS3515.E37 A6 2017

Chester B. Himes : a biography

Lawrence P. Jackson

Call Number: PS3515.I713 Z635 2017

New perspectives on James Weldon Johnson's The autobiography of an ex-colored man

edited by Noelle Morrissette

Call Number: PS3519.O2625 A9535 2017

Without lying down : Frances Marion and the powerful women of early Hollywood [electronic resource]

Cari Beauchamp

Call Number: PS3525.A6549

A girl called Vincent : the life of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay

Krystyna Poray Goddu

Call Number: PS3525.I495 Z6365 2016

New collected poems

Marianne Moore ; edited by Heather Cass White

Call Number: PS3525.O5616 A6 2017

Rough fugue : poems

Betty Adcock

Call Number: PS3551.D396 A6 2017

Moving kings : a novel

Joshua Cohen

Call Number: PS3553.O42434 M68 2017

The locals : a novel

Jonathan Dee

Call Number: PS3554.E355 L63 2017

Curiouser and curiouser : essays

Nicholas Delbanco

Call Number: PS3554.E442 A6 2017

Less : a novel

Andrew Sean Greer

Call Number: PS3557.R3987 L47 2017

The zoo at night

Susan Gubernat

Call Number: PS3557.U234 A6 2017

Morningstar : growing up with books

Ann Hood

Call Number: PS3558.O537 Z46 2017

The linguistics of Stephen King : layered language and meaning in the fiction

James Arthur Anderson

Call Number: PS3561.I483 Z516 2017

Who is Rich? : a novel

Matthew Klam ; drawings by John Cuneo

Call Number: PS3561.L22 W48 2017

Charles Ludlam lives! : Charles Busch, Bradford Louryk, Taylor Mac, and the queer legacy of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company

Sean F. Edgecomb

Call Number: PS3562.U258 Z34 2017

Distant mandate

Ange Mlinko

Call Number: PS3563.L58 A6 2017

A political companion to Flannery O'Connor

edited by Henry T. Edmondson III

Call Number: PS3565.C57 Z835 2017

Hook's tale : being the account of an unjustly villainized pirate written by himself

emended and edited by John Leonard Pielmeier

Call Number: PS3566.I3815 H66 2017

Before everything

Victoria Redel

Call Number: PS3568.E3443 B44 2017

Square inch hours : poems

Sherod Santos

Call Number: PS3569.A57 A6 2017

Careers for women : a novel

Joanna Scott

Call Number: PS3569.C636 C37 2017

A life of adventure and delight : stories

Akhil Sharma

Call Number: PS3569.H34287 A6 2017

The humility of the brutes : poems

Ron Smith

Call Number: PS3569.M537963 A6 2017

River under the road

Scott Spencer

Call Number: PS3569.P455 R58 2017

Brave deeds : a novel

David Abrams

Call Number: PS3601.B7346 B73 2017

Live from Cairo : a novel

Ian Bassingthwaighte

Call Number: PS3602.A8492 L59 2017

Black Jesus and other superheroes : stories

Venita Blackburn

Call Number: PS3602.L325289 A6 2017

Arrival : poems

Cheryl Boyce-Taylor

Call Number: PS3602.O9275 A77 2017

What we lose : a novel

Zinzi Clemmons

Call Number: PS3603.L472 W48 2017

The misfortune of Marion Palm : a novel

by Emily Culliton

Call Number: PS3603.U5848 M57 2017

The Graybar Hotel : stories

Curtis Dawkins

Call Number: PS3604.A97833 A6 2017

Glory Days

Melissa Fraterrigo

Call Number: PS3606.R426 G58 2017

Red light run : linked stories

Baird Harper

Call Number: PS3608.A7744 R43 2017

The dark dark : stories

Samantha Hunt

Call Number: PS3608.U585 A6 2017

Some say

Maureen N. McLane

Call Number: PS3613.C5687 A6 2017

Gather the daughters : a novel

Jennie Melamed

Call Number: PS3613.E44442 G38 2017

Equipment for living : on poetry and pop music

Michael Robbins

Call Number: PS3618.O315244 A6 2017

South Pole Station : a novel

Ashley Shelby

Call Number: PS3619.H45228 S68 2017

The Green Line runner : a novel of Cyprus

John Stewart

Call Number: PS3619.T49454 G74 2017

The wrong way to save your life : essays

Megan Stielstra

Call Number: PS3619.T53549 W76 2017

Promise : poems

Sally Van Doren

Call Number: PS3622.A58548 A6 2017

God, the moon, and other megafauna : stories

by Kellie Wells

Call Number: PS3623.E47 A6 2017

The mountain : stories

Paul Yoon

Call Number: PS3625.O54 A6 2017

The digital age detective : mysteries in a changing landscape of literacy

Brendan Riley

Call Number: PS374.D4 R55 2017

Bleak liberalism

Amanda Anderson

Call Number: PS374.L42 A53 2016eb

The story upon a hill : the Puritan myth in contemporary American fiction

Christopher Leise

Call Number: PS374.P8 L45 2017

LGBTQ young adult fiction : a critical survey, 1970s-2010s

Caren J. Town

Call Number: PS374.Y57 T69 2017

The written dead : essays on the literary zombie

edited by Kyle William Bishop and Angela Tenga ; afterword by Robert G. Weiner

Call Number: PS374.Z66 W75 2017

The Cambridge introduction to contemporary American fiction

Stacey Olster, Stony Brook University

Call Number: PS379 .O57 2017

Wilhalm von Wenden : text, Übersetzung, Kommentar

Ulrich von Etzenbach ; Herausgegeben und übersetzt von Mathias Herweg

Call Number: PT1661.U3 W533 2017

Cosmopolitan parables : trauma and responsibility in contemporary Germany

David D. Kim

Call Number: PT415 .K56 2017

Finding wonders : three girls who changed science

Jeannine Atkins

Call Number: PZ7.5.A85 Fi 2016

Wolf in the snow

Matthew Cordell

Call Number: PZ7.C815343 Wol 2017

Salt to the sea : a novel

Ruta Sepetys

Call Number: PZ7.S47957 Sal 2016

There is a tribe of kids

Lane Smith

Call Number: PZ7.S6538 Th 2016

In-between days

Vikki Wakefield

Call Number: PZ7.W13355 In 2016

The Christmas boot

by Lisa Wheeler ; illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

Call Number: PZ7.W5657 Chr 2016

The haunting of Falcon House

written by Prince Lev Lvov with pictures drawn in his own hand ; translated from Russian by Eugene Yelchin ; [Written and illustrated by Eugene Yelchin]

Call Number: PZ7.Y3766 Hau 2016