Modern Languages

September 2021

Similar languages, varieties, and dialects : a computational perspective

Author: edited by Marcos Zampieri, Preslav Nakov

Call Number: P120.V37 S556 2021

Introducing linguistic research

Author: Svenja Voelkel, Franziska Kretzschmar

Call Number: P126 .V65 2021

Eye-tracking : a guide for applied linguistics research

Author: Kathy Conklin, Ana Pellicer-Sánchez, Gareth Carrol

Call Number: P129 .C625 2018

An introduction to grammar for language learners

Author: Don Ringe

Call Number: P151 .R56 2018

A Unified Theory of Polarity Sensitivity : Comparative Syntax of Arabic

Author: Ahmad Alqassas

Call Number: P299.N4 A57 2021

Explorations in empirical translation process research

Author: Michael Carl, editor

Call Number: P309 .E96 2021

Youth language practices and urban language contact in Africa

Author: edited by Rajend Mesthrie, Ellen Hurst-Harosh, Heather Brookes

Call Number: P40.5.L382 S598 2021

Cognitive film and media ethics

Author: Wyatt Moss-Wellington

Call Number: P94 .M675 2021

Ethics and the media : an introduction

Author: Stephen J. A. Ward

Call Number: P94 .W3 2021

Reporting public opinion : how the media turns boring polls into biased news

Author: Erik Gahner Larsen, Zoltán Fazekas

Call Number: P96.O24

The psychology of journalism

Author: edited by Sharon Coen and Peter Bull

Call Number: P96.P75 P79 2021

Explorations in Latin literature. Volume I, Epic, historiography, religion

Author: Denis Feeney ; with foreword by Stephen Hinds

Call Number: PA6003 .F44 2021

Explorations in Latin literature. Volume 2, Elegy, lyric and other topics

Author: Denis Feeney ; with a foreword by Stephen Hinds

Call Number: PA6003 .F44 2021

The solitary sphere in the age of Virgil

Author: Aaron J. Kachuck

Call Number: PA6029.S58 K33 2021

Continuity and variation in Germanic and Romance

Author: edited by Sam Wolfe and Christine Meklenborg

Call Number: PD74.7 .C65 2021

General extenders : the forms and functions of a new linguistic category

Author: Maryann Overstreet, George Yule

Call Number: PE1442.5 .O84 2021

Quoting in parliamentary question time : exploring recent change

Author: Elisabeth Reber

Call Number: PE1444.5 .R43 2021

The hidden history of coined words

Author: Ralph Keyes

Call Number: PE1574

The Chinese aspectual system : theory and computation

Author: Hongzhi Xu

Call Number: PL1235


Author: Lars Johanson

Call Number: PL21 .J66 2021

The Grey House performing arts industry guide

Author: edited by Laura Mars

Call Number: PN1561 .G749 2021

Pure fatherhood and the Hollywood family film

Author: Denise McNulty Norton

Call Number: PN1995.9.F42

Surrealism and film after 1945 : absolutely modern mysteries

Author: edited by Kristoffer Noheden and Abigail Susik

Call Number: PN1995.9.S85 S87 2021

Soviet art house : Lenfilm studio under Brezhnev

Author: Catriona Kelly

Call Number: PN1999.L4 K45 2021

Theatre and archival memory : Irish drama and marginalised histories 1951-1977

Author: Barry Houlihan

Call Number: PN2601 .H68 2021

Gender, performance, and authorship at the Abbey Theatre

Author: Elizabeth Brewer Redwine

Call Number: PN2602.D82 R43 2021

The pace of fiction : narrative movement and the novel

Author: Brian Gingrich

Call Number: PN3383.N35 G56 2021

The detective's companion in crime fiction : a study in sidekicks

Author: Lucy Andrew, Samuel Saunders, editors

Call Number: PN3448.D4 D48 2021

Storytelling in radio and podcasts : a practical guide

Author: Sven Preger

Call Number: PN4193.I5 P74 2021

Journalism research that matters

Author: edited by Valérie Bélair-Gagnon and Nikki Usher

Call Number: PN4784.R38 J68 2021

Remembered words : essays on genre, realism, and emblems

Author: Alastair Fowler

Call Number: PN511 .F69 2021

Transatlantic modernism and the US lecture tour

Author: Robert Volpicelli

Call Number: PN56.M54 V65 2021eb

The places of early modern criticism

Author: edited by Gavin Alexander, Emma Gilby, and Alexander Marr

Call Number: PN88 .P53 2021

Theatre translation : a practice as research model

Author: Angela Tiziana Tarantini

Call Number: PN886

Villainy in France (1463-1610) : a transcultural study of law and literature

Author: Jonathan Patterson

Call Number: PQ239 .P38 2021eb

The divine vision of Dante's Paradiso : the metaphysics of representation

Author: William Franke

Call Number: PQ4454 .F73 2021

Italo Calvino's animals : Anthropocene stories

Author: Serenella Iovino

Call Number: PQ4809.A45 Z57 2021

Performativity of villainy and evil in Anglophone literature and media

Author: Nizar Zouidi, editor

Call Number: PR151.V56 P47 2021

Landscape in Middle English romance : the medieval imagination and the natural world

Author: Andrew M. Richmond, Southern Connecticut State University

Call Number: PR327 .R53 2021

Bernard Shaw, Sean O'Casey, and the dead James Connolly

Author: Nelson O'Ceallaigh Ritschel

Call Number: PR5367

Elizabeth Bowen : a literary life

Author: Patricia Laurence

Call Number: PR6003.O6757

A set of six

Author: Joseph Conrad ; edited by Allan H. Simmons and Michael Foster ; introduction and notes by Owen Knowles and Allan H. Simmons

Call Number: PR6005.O4 S47 2021

Virginia Woolf and poetry

Author: Emily Kopley

Call Number: PR6045.O72 K67 2021

The sentimental novel in the eighteenth century

Author: edited by Albert J. Rivero

Call Number: PR858.S45 S46 2019

Identification practices in twentieth-century fiction

Author: Rex Ferguson

Call Number: PR888.I3 F47 2021

Mark Twain : preacher, prophet, and social philosopher

Author: Gary Scott Smith

Call Number: PS1342.R4 S65 2021

The poetry of Emily Dickinson : philosophical perspectives

Author: edited by Elisabeth Camp

Call Number: PS1541.Z5 P64 2021

The city in American literature and culture

Author: edited by Kevin R. McNamara

Call Number: PS169.C57 C586 2021

Elizabeth Bishop in context

Author: edited by Angus Cleghorn, Seneca College, Canada, Jonathan Ellis, University of Sheffield

Call Number: PS3503.I785 Z654 2021

Norman Mailer in context

Author: edited by Maggie McKinley

Call Number: PS3525.A4152 Z823 2021

Under a wing : a memoir

Author: Reeve Lindbergh

Call Number: PS3552.R6975 Z475 1998

Poetry and the language of oppression : essays on politics and poetics

Author: Carmen Bugan

Call Number: PS3552.U3868 P64 2021

The elusive everyday in the fiction of Marilynne Robinson

Author: Laura E. Tanner

Call Number: PS3568.O3125 Z88 2021

Gmorning, gnight! : little pep talks for me & you

Author: Lin-Manuel Miranda ; illustrated by Jonny Sun

Call Number: PS3613.I753 A6 2018

Aging masculinities in contemporary U.S. fiction

Author: Josep M. Armengol, editor

Call Number: PS366.M37 A35 2021

The Banner boy scouts afloat, or, The secret of Cedar Island

Author: by George A. Warren

Call Number: PZ7.W252 Ba