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Modern Languages

Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Multilingual Hong Kong : languages, literacies and identities

David C.S. Li

Call Number: P115.5.C6

Why only us : language and evolution

Robert C. Berwick, Noam Chomsky

Call Number: P118 .B475 2016eb

Standardizing diversity : the political economy of language regimes

Amy H. Liu

Call Number: P119.32.S64 L58 2015

The writing of spirit : soul, system, and the roots of language science

Sarah M. Pourciau

Call Number: P121 .P68 2017

Concepts, syntax, and their interface : the Theta System

Tanya Reinhart ; edited by Martin Everaert, Marijana Marelj, and Eric Reuland

Call Number: P158 .R43 2016

Contiguity theory

Norvin Richards

Call Number: P224 .R43 2016eb

Multiple exponence

Alice C. Harris

Call Number: P241 .H365 2017

The morphosyntax-phonology connection : locality and directionality at the interface

edited by Vera Gribanova and Stephanie S. Shih

Call Number: P290

Gradability in natural language : logical and grammatical foundations

Heather Burnett

Call Number: P299.G69

Rhetorical realism : rhetoric, ethics, and the ontology of things

Scot Barnett

Call Number: P301 .B355 2017

Reclaiming composition for Chicano/as and other ethnic minorities : a critical history and pedagogy

Iris D. Ruiz

Call Number: P301.5.P67 R85 2016eb

Cognitive literary science : dialogues between literature and cognition

edited by Michael Burke and Emily T. Troscianko

Call Number: P302.5 .C64 2017

Style, mediation, and change : sociolinguistic perspectives on talking media

edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland and Jacob Thøgersen

Call Number: P302.84 .S79 2016eb

Machine translation : 12th China Workshop, CWMT 2016, Urumqi, China, August 25-26, 2016, Revised selected papers

Muyun Yang, Shujie Liu (eds.)

Call Number: P308


Veneeta Dayal

Call Number: P325.5

Creating language : integrating evolution, acquisition, and processing

Christiansen, Morten H., and Nick Chater ; foreword by Peter W. Culicover

Call Number: P37 .C547 2016eb

Classroom-Oriented Research : Reconciling Theory and Practice

edited by Mirosław Pawlak

Call Number: P51

Exploratory practice in language teaching : puzzling about principles and practices

Judith Hanks

Call Number: P51

Reflections on qualitative research in language and literacy education

Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini

Call Number: P53

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods

edited by Mike Allen

Call Number: P91.3 .S23 2017eb

Asian American media activism : fighting for cultural citizenship

Lori Kido Lopez

Call Number: P94.5.A752 U656 2016

Mediascape and the state : a geographical interpretation of image politics in Uttar Pradesh, India

Shekh Moinuddin

Call Number: P95.82.I4

Hunting girls : sexual violence from the hunger games to campus rape

Kelly Oliver

Call Number: P96.S45 O45 2016

Terror in Global Narrative : The Representation of 911 in the Age of Late-late Capitalism

Call Number: P96.T472

Distributed agency

N. J. Enfield and Paul Kockelman, editors

Call Number: P99.4.P78

The ancient emotion of disgust

Edited by Donald Lateiner and Dimos Spatharas

Call Number: PA3014.A94 A53 2017

The politics of sacrifice in early Greek myth and poetry

Charles H. Stocking

Call Number: PA3015.R4 S76 2017

The Greek Epic Cycle and its ancient reception : a companion

edited by Marco Fantuzzi and Christos Tsagalis

Call Number: PA3105 .G75 2015

Tragic pleasure from Homer to Plato

Rana Saadi Liebert, Bard College, New York

Call Number: PA3131 .L54 2017

A handbook to the reception of Greek drama

edited by Betine van Zyl Smit

Call Number: PA3133

Athenian comedy in the Roman Empire

edited by C.W. Marshall and Tom Hawkins

Call Number: PA3161 .A86 2016

Appian's Roman History : Empire and Civil War

editor, Kathryn Welch ; Contributors, Andrew Bonnell, Kai Brodersen, Eleanor Cowan, Bronwyn Hopwood, Kit Morrell, Josiah Osgood, Luke Pitcher, Anton Powell, Jonathan Price, John Rich, Tom Stevenson, Martin Stone, Fiona Tweedie, Kathryn Welch, Richard Westall

Call Number: PA3873.A4 A67 2015

Looking at Bacchae

edited by David Stuttard

Call Number: PA3973.B2 L66 2016

Euripides and the boundaries of the human

Mark Ringer

Call Number: PA3978 .R48 2016

Reading fiction with Lucian : fakes, freaks and hyperreality

Karen Ni' Mheallaigh

Call Number: PA4236 .N5 2014

Theology and poetry in early Byzantium : the Kontakia of Romanos the Melodist

Sarah Gador-Whyte

Call Number: PA4407.R6 G33 2017

Roman literary cultures : domestic politics, revolutionary poetics, civic spectacle

edited by Alison Keith and Jonathan Edmondson

Call Number: PA6041 .R64 2016

The poetics of late Latin literature

Jas Elsner and Jesús Hernández Lobato

Call Number: PA6051 .P64 2017eb

Ovid : a poet on the margins

Laurel Fulkerson

Call Number: PA6537 .F85 2016

Prudentius, Spain, and late antique Christianity : poetry, visual culture, and the cult of martyrs

Paula Hershkowitz

Call Number: PA6648.P7 H39 2017

Letters on ethics : to Lucilius

Seneca ; translated with an introduction and commentary by Margaret Graver and A.A. Long

Call Number: PA6665.A1 G73913 2015

The morphosyntax of Portuguese and Spanish in Latin America

edited by Mary A. Kato & Francisco Ordóñez

Call Number: PC4099 .M67 2016eb

International English : a guide to varieties of English around the world

Peter Trudgill and Jean Hannah

Call Number: PE1074.7 .T78 2017

Digital language learning and teaching : research, theory, and practice by Michael Carrier, Ryan M. Damerow, and Kathleen M. Bailey

Call Number: PE1128.3 C37 2017

Faces of English education : students, teachers, and pedagogy

edited by Lillian L.C. Wong and Ken Hyland

Call Number: PE1128.A2 F236 2017

Second language writing in elementary classrooms : instructional issues, content-area writing and teacher education

edited by Luciana C. de Oliveira and Tony Silva

Call Number: PE1128.A2 S34 2016

Phonetics, phonology & pronunciation for the language classroom

Charles Hall, Christopher Hastings

Call Number: PE1133 .H35 2017

Teachers on the edge : the WOE interviews, 1989-2017

edited by John Boe, David Masiel, Eric Schroeder, Lisa Sperber

Call Number: PE1405.U6 T35 2017

Hong Kong English : exploring lexicogrammar and discourse from a corpus-linguistic perspective

May Wong

Call Number: PE3502.C54 H83 2017

Turned inside out : reading the Russian novel in prison

Steven Shankman

Call Number: PG3095 .S44 2017

Rapture : a novel

Iliazd ; translated by Thomas J. Kitson

Call Number: PG3476.I45 V6713 2017

Album for the young (and old)

Vera Pavlova ; translated from the Russian by Steven Seymour

Call Number: PG3485.A875 A2 2017

All the rivers : a novel

Dorit Rabinyan ; translated by Jessica Cohen

Call Number: PJ5054.R257 G3313 2017

The teeth of the comb and other stories

Osama Alomar ; translated from the Arabic by C.J. Collins with the author

Call Number: PJ7914.L586 A2 2017

Foucault and the Kamasutra : the courtesan, the dandy, and the birth of ars erotica as theater in India

Sanjay K. Gautam

Call Number: PK2907.E7 G38 2016eb

Writers and rebels : the literature of insurgency in the Caucasus

Rebecca Gould

Call Number: PK9030 .G68 2016

A new literary history of modern China

edited by David Der-Wei Wang

Call Number: PL2258 .N49 2017

Socialist cosmopolitanism : the Chinese literary universe, 1945-1965

Nicolai Volland

Call Number: PL2303 .V65 2017

City gate, open up

Bei Dao ; translated from the Chinese by Jeffrey Yang

Call Number: PL2892.E525 Z46 2017

The maids

Junichiro Tanizaki ; translated by Michael P. Cronin

Call Number: PL839.A7 D3513 2017

Devils in daylight

Junichiro Tanizaki ; translated by J. Keith Vincent

Call Number: PL839.A7 H313 2017

Men without women : stories

Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen

Call Number: PL856.U673 A2 2017

The Newbery & Caldecott awards : a complete listing of medal and honor books

Call Number: PN1009.A1 N4

A little book on form : an exploration into the formal imagination of poetry

Robert Hass

Call Number: PN1059.A9 H37 2017

The portable poetry workshop

edited by Nigel McLoughlin

Call Number: PN1059.A9 P67 2017

Aesthetic animism : digital poetry's ontological implications

David Jhave Johnston

Call Number: PN1059.C6 J86 2016eb

Playing with words : an introduction to creative writing craft

Paul Williams, Shelley Davidow

Call Number: PN145 .W55 2016

International theatre olympics : the artistic and intercultural power of Olympism

Call Number: PN1575

Nabokov's favorite word is mauve : what the numbers reveal about the classics, bestsellers, and our own writing

Ben Blatt

Call Number: PN165 .B55 2017

Greek fragments in postmodern frames : rewriting tragedy 1970-2005

Eleftheria Ioannidou

Call Number: PN1892

Fridays of rage : Al Jazeera, the Arab Spring, and political Islam

Sam Cherribi

Call Number: PN1992.92.A39 C48 2017

Cinema and art as archive : form, medium, memory

edited by Francesco Federici and Cosetta G. Saba

Call Number: PN1993.4 .C56 2014

Visions of development : films division of India and the imagination of progress, 1948-75

Peter Sutoris

Call Number: PN1993.5.I8

A companion to Russian cinema

edited by Birgit Beumers

Call Number: PN1993.5.R9

Almost Hollywood, nearly New Orleans : the lure of the local film economy

Vicki Mayer

Call Number: PN1993.5.U744 M39 2017

Repertory movie theaters of New York City : havens for revivals, indies and the avant-garde, 1960-1994

Ben Davis

Call Number: PN1993.5.U77 D38 2017

Anti-intellectual representations of American colleges and universities : fictional higher education

Barbara F. Tobolowsky, Pauline J. Reynolds, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.C543

Anti-intellectual representations of American colleges and universities : fictional higher education

Barbara F. Tobolowsky, Pauline J. Reynolds, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.C543 A58 2017

Anti-intellectual representations of American colleges and universities : fictional higher education

Barbara F. Tobolowsky, Pauline J. Reynolds, editors

Call Number: PN1995.9.C543 A58 2017 eb

Hokum! : the early sound slapstick short and Depression-era mass culture

Rob King

Call Number: PN1995.9.C55 K547 2017

Introduction to documentary

Bill Nichols

Call Number: PN1995.9.D6 N539 2017

Out of the Past : Lacan and Film Noir

by Ben Tyrer

Call Number: PN1995.9.F54

Voices of labor : creativity, craft, and conflict in global Hollywood

edited by Michael Curtin & Kevin Sanson

Call Number: PN1995.9.L28 C87 2017

Roadshow! : the fall of film musicals in the 1960s

Matthew Kennedy

Call Number: PN1995.9.M86 K46 2017

Black children in Hollywood cinema : cast in shadow

Debbie Olson

Call Number: PN1995.9.N4 O47 2017

Locating the voice in film : critical approaches and global practices

edited by Tom Whittaker and Sarah Wright

Call Number: PN1995.9.V63

Write to shoot : writing short films for production

Marilyn Beker

Call Number: PN1996 .B4535 2017

The man who knew too much

Murray Pomerance

Call Number: PN1997.M364 P66 2016

'80s action movies on the cheap : 284 low budget, high impact pictures

Daniel R. Budnik

Call Number: PN1998 .B785 2017

André Bazin, the critic as thinker : American cinema from early Chaplin to the late 1950s [electronic resource]

translated and edited by R.J. Cardullo

Call Number: PN1998.3.B39 A64 2017

Conversations with Buñuel : interviews with the filmmaker, family members, friends and collaborators

Max Aub ; translated and edited by Julie Jones

Call Number: PN1998.3.B86 A5 2017

Julien Duvivier

Ben McCann

Call Number: PN1998.3.D93 M33 2017

Riccardo Freda : the life and works of a born filmmaker

Roberto Curti

Call Number: PN1998.3.F7454 C87 2017

Film is like a battleground : Sam Fuller's war movies

Marsha Gordon

Call Number: PN1998.3.F85 G67 2017

Intimations : the cinema of Wojciech Has

Annette Insdorf

Call Number: PN1998.3.H3697 I57 2017

Pasolini requiem

Barth David Schwartz

Call Number: PN1998.3.P367 S39 2017

Fred Schepisi : interviews

edited by Tom Ryan

Call Number: PN1998.3.S3465 A5 2017

Break the rules and get the part : thirty monologues for women

Lira Kellerman

Call Number: PN2080 .B75 2017

The sixties, center stage : mainstream and popular performances in a turbulent decade

edited by James M. Harding and Cindy Rosenthal

Call Number: PN2189 .S59 2017

Imagined theatres : writing for a theoretical stage

edited by Daniel Sack

Call Number: PN2193.E86 I43 2017

Traveler, there is no road : theatre, the Spanish Civil War, and the decolonial imagination in the Americas

Lisa Jackson-Schebetta

Call Number: PN2266.3 .J33 2017

Black movements : performance and cultural politics

Soyica Diggs Colbert

Call Number: PN2270.A35 C65 2017

Improvising out loud : my life teaching Hollywood how to act

Jeff Corey with Emily Corey ; foreword by Leonard Nimoy ; afterword by Janet Neipris

Call Number: PN2287.C6165 A3 2017

He's got rhythm : the life and career of Gene Kelly

Cynthia Brideson & Sara Brideson

Call Number: PN2287.K64 B75 2017

Harry Langdon : king of silent comedy

Gabriella Oldham and Mabel Langdon

Call Number: PN2287.L283 O43 2017

Outside theater : alliances that shape Mexico

Stuart A. Day

Call Number: PN2311 .D39 2017

Pleasing everyone : mass entertainment in Renaissance London and golden-age Hollywood

Jeffrey Knapp

Call Number: PN2596.L6 K647 2017

Life and work : writers, readers, and the conversations between them

Tim Parks

Call Number: PN3331 .P35 2016eb

The age of silver : the rise of the novel East and West

by Ning Ma

Call Number: PN3340.M27 A34 2016eb

The cruft of fiction : mega-novels and the science of paying attention

David Letzler

Call Number: PN3352.P7 L48 2017

Classical traditions in modern fantasy

edited by Brett M. Rogers and Benjamin Eldon Stevens

Call Number: PN3435 .C49 2017

The death and life of American journalism : the media revolution that will begin the world again

Robert W. McChesney, John Nichols

Call Number: PN4867.2 .M33 2011

A man and his presidents : the political odyssey of William F. Buckley Jr.

Alvin S. Felzenberg

Call Number: PN4874.B796 F459 2017

Literature, ethics, and the emotions

Kenneth Asher

Call Number: PN49 .A84 2017

Revolution of the ordinary : literary studies after Wittgenstein, Austin, and Cavell

Toril Moi

Call Number: PN49 .M53 2017

Blasphemous modernism : the 20th-century word made flesh

Steve Pinkerton

Call Number: PN56.M54 P56 2017

Modernity and its discontents : making and unmaking the bourgeois from Machiavelli to Bellow

Steven B. Smith

Call Number: PN56.M54 S74 2016

Late Cold War literature and culture : the nuclear 1980s

Daniel Cordle

Call Number: PN56.N83 C67 2017

Women wanderers and the writing of mobility, 1784 -1814

Ingrid Horrocks

Call Number: PN56.T7 H67 2017

War, politics and superheroes : ethics and propaganda in comics and film

Marc Di Paolo

Call Number: PN6714 .D53 2011

The English lyric tradition : reading poetic masterpieces of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

R. James Goldstein

Call Number: PN691 .G65 2017

Literary criticism : a concise political history

Joseph North

Call Number: PN94 .N67 2017

A reader's guide to contemporary literary theory

Raman Selden, Peter Widdowson and Peter Brooker

Call Number: PN94 .S45 2017

In the skin of a beast : sovereignty and animality in medieval France

Peggy McCracken

Call Number: PQ155.H43 M33 2017

On the happiness of the philosophic life : reflections on Rousseau's Rêveries in two books

Heinrich Meier ; translated by Robert Berman

Call Number: PQ2040.R53 M45613 2016eb

Robinsons de l'air.

Illustrations de G. Dutriac

Call Number: PQ2220.D36 R48

Flaubert in the ruins of Paris : the story of a friendship, a novel, and a terrible year

Peter Brooks

Call Number: PQ2247 .B683 2017

Italian chronicles

Stendhal ; translated by Raymond N. MacKenzie

Call Number: PQ2435.A3 M33 2017

Novels in three lines

Félix Fénéon ; translated and with an introduction by Luc Sante

Call Number: PQ2611.E565 N613 2007

After the fall : war and occupation in Irène Némirovsky's Suite française

Nathan Bracher

Call Number: PQ2627.E4 S8534 2010

Proust & his banker : in search of time squandered

Gian Balsamo

Call Number: PQ2631.R63 Z52514 2017

Mourning and creativity in Proust

Anna Magdalena Elsner

Call Number: PQ2631.R63 Z5793 2017

The end of Eddy

Édouard Louis ; translated from the French by Michael Lucey

Call Number: PQ2712.O895 E513 2017

Rootedness : the ramifications of a metaphor

Christy Wampole

Call Number: PQ307.R63 W36 2016eb

The Art of Survival : France and the Great War Picaresque

Call Number: PQ307.W3

The Algerian new novel : the poetics of a modern nation, 1950-1979

Valérie K. Orlando

Call Number: PQ3988.5.A5 O75 2017

Jazz and palm wine

Emmanuel Dongala ; translated and with a foreword by Dominic Thomas

Call Number: PQ3989.2.D6 J313 2017

Ninette of Sin Street : a novella

by Vitalis Danon ; edited with an introduction and notes by Lia Brozgal and Sarah Abrevaya Stein ; translated by Jane Kuntz

Call Number: PQ3989.D3 N513 2017

Petrarch : a critical guide to the complete works

edited by Victoria Kirkham and Armando Maggi

Call Number: PQ4540 .P48 2009

The subject in question : early contemporary Spanish literature and Modernism

C. Christopher Soufas

Call Number: PQ6073.M6 S68 2009


Call Number: PQ6147.G68 A43 2017

A companion to Miguel de Unamuno

edited by Julia Biggane and John Macklin

Call Number: PQ6639.N3 Z56 2016

Masquerade and social justice in contemporary Latin American fiction

Helene Carol Weldt-Basson

Call Number: PQ7082.N7 W43 2017

Borges and Kafka : sons and writers

Sarah Roger

Call Number: PQ7797


Romina Paula ; translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Croft

Call Number: PQ7798.426.A89 A913 2017


Call Number: PQ8617.E38 L49 2017

Education and the Boarding School Novel : The Work of José Régio [electronic resource]

Call Number: PQ9261.P352


Call Number: PQ9697.M18 Z6333 2015

Questioning nature : British women's scientific writing and literary originality, 1750-1830

Melissa Bailes

Call Number: PR111 .B35 2017

The Routledge anthology of Restoration and eighteenth-century drama

edited by Kristina Straub, Misty Anderson, and Daniel O'Quinn

Call Number: PR1265 .R68 2017

The transmission of Beowulf : language, culture, and scribal behavior

Leonard Neidorf

Call Number: PR1586 .N45 2017

Voice in later medieval English literature : public interiorities

David Lawton

Call Number: PR275

Shakespeare's women and the Fin de Siècle

Sophie Duncan

Call Number: PR2976

Shakespeare for freedom : why the plays matter

Ewan Fernie

Call Number: PR2976 .F45 2017

Members of his body : Shakespeare, Paul, and a theology of nonmonogamy

Will Stockton

Call Number: PR3012 .S66 2017

Shakespeare's legal ecologies : law and distributed selfhood

Kevin Curran

Call Number: PR3028 .C87 2017

Jane Austen, the secret radical

Helena Kelly

Call Number: PR4038.P6 K38 2017

Charlotte Brontë : a fiery heart

Claire Harman

Call Number: PR4168 .H27 2016

Volition's face : personification and the will in Renaissance literature

Andrew Escobedo

Call Number: PR418.P47 E83 2017

Allegory and enchantment : an early modern poetics

Jason Crawford

Call Number: PR421

The lives of girls and women from the Islamic world in early modern British literature and culture

Bernadette Andrea

Call Number: PR428.W63 A54 2017

Hard times : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism

Charles Dickens ; edited by Fred Kaplan, Queens College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

Call Number: PR4561.A2 K36 2017

Forms of empire : the poetics of Victorian sovereignty

Nathan K. Hensley

Call Number: PR468.I49 H46 2016

Victorian pain

Rachel Ablow

Call Number: PR468.P15 A26 2017

Literature, electricity and politics, 1740-1840 : 'electrick communication every where'

Mary Fairclough

Call Number: PR468.S34 F35 2017

Byronic heroes in nineteenth-century women's writing and screen adaptation

Sarah Wootton, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Durham University, UK

Call Number: PR468.W6 W66 2016eb

Thomas Hardy and animals

Anna West

Call Number: PR4757.A625 W47 2017

The great tower of Elfland : the mythopoeic worldview of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, and George MacDonald

Zachary A. Rhone

Call Number: PR478.I54 R48 2017

The substance of shadow : a darkening trope in poetic history

John Hollander ; edited by Kenneth Gross

Call Number: PR508.S53

The evolution of verse structure in Old and Middle English poetry : from the earliest alliterative poems to iambic pentameter

Geoffrey Russom

Call Number: PR508.V45 R87 2017

Wordsworth and the art of philosophical travel

Mark Offord

Call Number: PR5892.T73 O34 2016

Early Auden, later Auden : a critical biography

Edward Mendelson

Call Number: PR6001.U4 Z7584 2017

Manderley forever : a biography of Daphne Du Maurier

Tatiana de Rosnay ; translated from the French by Sam Taylor

Call Number: PR6007.U47 Z8413 2017

Woolf studies annual

Call Number: PR6045.O72 Z4587

Woolf studies annual

Call Number: PR6045.O72 Z4587

Virginia Woolf and the power of story : a literary Darwinist reading of six novels

Linda Nicole Blair

Call Number: PR6045.O72 Z56133 2017

Reappraising Jane Duncan : sexuality, race and colonialism in the my friends novels Rita Elizabeth Rippetoe

Call Number: PR6054.U46 Z75 2017

The purple swamp hen and other stories

Penelope Lively

Call Number: PR6062.I89 A6 2016

Us & them : a novel

Bahiyyih Nakhjavani

Call Number: PR6064.A35 U8 2017

House of names : a novel

Colm Tóibín

Call Number: PR6070.O455 H68 2017

Bad dreams and other stories

Tessa Hadley

Call Number: PR6108.A35 A6 2017

A girl is a half-formed thing

Eimear McBride ; adapted for the stage by Annie Ryan

Call Number: PR6113.C337 G573 2015

40 sonnets

Don Paterson

Call Number: PR6116.A84 A6 2017

Novel politics : democratic imaginations in nineteenth-century fiction

Isobel Armstrong

Call Number: PR871

Victorian dogs, Victorian men : affect and animals in nineteenth-century literature and culture

Keridiana W. Chez

Call Number: PR878.A54 C47 2017

Modernity and the English rural novel

Dominic Head, University of Nottingham

Call Number: PR888.C67 H43 2017

Writing against war : literature, activism, and the British peace movement

Charles Andrews

Call Number: PR888.P42 A53 2017

The making of modern poetry in Canada : essential commentary on Canadian poetry in English

edited by Louis Dudek and Michael Gnarowski

Call Number: PR9190.5 .M35 2017

The English short story in Canada : from the dawn of modernism to the 2013 Nobel Prize

Reingard M. Nischik

Call Number: PR9192.52 .N576 2017

L.M. Montgomery and war

edited by Andrea McKenzie and Jane Ledwell

Call Number: PR9199.3.M6 Z7853 2017

Dust blown side of the journey

Eleonore Schönmaier

Call Number: PR9199.3.S2675 A6 2017

R.K. Narayan : the novelist and his art

Ranga Rao

Call Number: PR9499.3

The golden legend

Nadeem Aslam

Call Number: PR9540.9.A83 G65 2017

Mark Twain and the brazen serpent : how biblical burlesque and religious satire unify Huckleberry Finn

Doug Aldridge

Call Number: PS1305 .A743 2017

The letters of Mark Twain and Joseph Hopkins Twichell

edited by Harold K. Bush, Steve Courtney, and Peter Messent ; supplementary text by Peter Messent

Call Number: PS1331 .A487 2017


Call Number: PS153.I52 S89 2017

The culture of sports in the Harlem Renaissance

Daniel Anderson

Call Number: PS153.N5 A534 2017

The scarlet letter and other writings : authoritative texts, contexts, criticism

Nathaniel Hawthorne ; edited by Leland S. Person, University of Cincinnati

Call Number: PS1868.A2 P47 2016

Archives of labor : working-class women and literary culture in the antebellum United States

Lori Merish

Call Number: PS217.W66 M47 2017

Modernism the morning after

Bob Perelman

Call Number: PS228.M63 P47 2017

Being ugly : Southern women writers and social rebellion

Monica Carol Miller

Call Number: PS261 .M43 2017

From warm center to ragged edge : the erosion of midwestern literary and historical regionalism, 1920-1965

Jon K. Lauck

Call Number: PS273 .L38 2017

American poetry since 1945

edited by Eleanor Spencer

Call Number: PS323.5 .A44 2017

American originality : essays on poetry

Louise Glück

Call Number: PS323.5 .G59 2017

The work of art in the age of deindustrialization

Jasper Bernes

Call Number: PS325 .B47 2017

Notational Experiments in North American Long Poems 1960-2011 : Stave Sightings

Call Number: PS325 .C37 2017

So famous and so gay : the fabulous potency of Truman Capote and Gertrude Stein

Jeff Solomon

Call Number: PS3505.A59 Z878 2017

I'd die for you : and other lost stories

F. Scott Fitzgerald ; edited by Anne Margaret Daniel

Call Number: PS3511.I9 A6 2017

Paradise lost : a life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

David S. Brown

Call Number: PS3511.I9 Z5589 2017

Ernest Hemingway : a biography

Mary V. Dearborn

Call Number: PS3515.E37 Z5849 2017

The Hemingway short story : a critical appreciation

George Monteiro

Call Number: PS3515.E37 Z7427 2017

The ambulance drivers : Hemingway, Dos Passos, and a friendship made and lost in war

James McGrath Morris

Call Number: PS3515.E37 Z74318 2017

The poetry of Weldon Kees : vanishing as presence

John T. Irwin

Call Number: PS3521.E285 Z77 2017

John Joseph Mathews : life of an Osage writer

by Michael Snyder ; foreword by Russ Tall Chief

Call Number: PS3525.A8477 Z75 2017

Nabokov and his books : between late modernism and the literary marketplace

Duncan White

Call Number: PS3527.A15 Z957 2017eb

The collected letters of Charles Olson and J.H. Prynne

edited by Ryan Dobran

Call Number: PS3529.L655 Z48 2017

The message of the city : Dawn Powell's New York novels, 1925-1962

Patricia E. Palermo

Call Number: PS3531.O936 Z85 2016

Wallace Stevens in context

edited by Glen MacLeod

Call Number: PS3537.T4753 Z8737 2017


Bob Hunter ; with a preface by Joe Blundo

Call Number: PS3539.H94 Z725 2017

Behind the moon : a fever dream

by Madison Smartt Bell

Call Number: PS3552.E517 B44 2017

Blackout starlight : new and selected poems, 1997-2015

Bruce Bond

Call Number: PS3552.O5943 A6 2017

Ralph Ellison's invisible theology

M. Cooper Harriss

Call Number: PS3555.L625 I53524 2017

Between them : remembering my parents

Richard Ford

Call Number: PS3556.O713 Z46 2017

There your heart lies

Mary Gordon

Call Number: PS3557.O669 T48 2017


Jorie Graham

Call Number: PS3557.R214 F37 2017

Roads, where there are no roads : a novel

Angela Jackson

Call Number: PS3560.A179 R63 2017

Sallies, romps, portraits, and send-offs : selected prose, 2000-2016

August Kleinzahler

Call Number: PS3561.L38285 A6 2017

Mockingbird songs : my friendship with Harper Lee

Wayne Flynt

Call Number: PS3562.E353 Z63 2017

Poems in the manner of

David Lehman

Call Number: PS3562.E428 A6 2017

Understanding Larry McMurtry

Steven Frye

Call Number: PS3563.A319 Z66 2017

A Grace Paley reader : stories, essays, and poetry

Grace Paley ; edited by Kevin Bowen and Nora Paley ; introduction by George Saunders

Call Number: PS3566.A46 A6 2017

Occupy Pynchon : politics after Gravity's Rainbow

Sean Carswell

Call Number: PS3566.Y55 Z5768 2017


Richard Russo

Call Number: PS3568.U812 A6 2017

The last troubadour : new and selected poems

David St. John

Call Number: PS3569.A4536 A6 2017

The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane : a novel

Lisa See

Call Number: PS3569.E3334 T43 2017

There's a mystery there : the primal vision of Maurice Sendak

Jonathan Cott

Call Number: PS3569.E6 Z65 2017

In memory of an angel

David Shapiro

Call Number: PS3569.H34 A6 2017

The stars are fire : a novel

Anita Shreve

Call Number: PS3569.H7385 S68 2017

Anything is possible

Elizabeth Strout

Call Number: PS3569.T736 A6 2017

Mother Land

Paul Theroux

Call Number: PS3570.H4 M63 2017

Salt houses

Hala Alyan

Call Number: PS3601.L92 S25 2017

Sycamore : a novel

Bryn Chancellor

Call Number: PS3603.H35595 S93 2017

Weary kingdom : poems

DéLana R. A. Dameron, foreward by Ross Gay

Call Number: PS3604.A4398 A6 2017

The dinner party and other stories

Joshua Ferris

Call Number: PS3606.E774 A6 2017

When green becomes tomatoes

poems for all seasons by Julie Fogliano ; pictures by Julie Morstad

Call Number: PS3606.O4225 .A6 2016

Hollywood forever

Harmony Holiday

Call Number: PS3608.O4843 A6 2017

What my last man did

Andrea Lewis

Call Number: PS3612.E9622 A6 2017

The Standard Grand

Jay Baron Nicorvo

Call Number: PS3614.I3548 S73 2017

Music of the ghosts

Vaddey Ratner

Call Number: PS3618.A876 M87 2017


J.T. Rogers

Call Number: PS3618.O463 O86 2017

Understanding Gary Shteyngart

Geoff Hamilton

Call Number: PS3619.H79 Z65 2017

The color of our sky : a novel

Amita Trasi

Call Number: PS3620.R3736 C65 2017

Because when God is too busy : Haïti, me & the world

Gina Athena Ulysse

Call Number: PS3621.L495 A6 2017

Spoils : a novel

Brian Van Reet

Call Number: PS3622.A58573 S66 2017

No one is coming to save us : a novel

Stephanie Powell Watts

Call Number: PS3623.A887 N6 2017


Wendy Xu

Call Number: PS3624.U7 P473 2017

The children's ghost story in America

Sean Ferrier-Watson

Call Number: PS374.G45 F47 2017

The Cambridge companion to postmodern American fiction

edited by Paula Geyh

Call Number: PS374.P64 C36 2017

Bearden's Odyssey : poets respond to the art of Romare Bearden

edited by Kwame Dawes and Matthew Shenoda ; foreword by Derek Walcott

Call Number: PS591.N4 B36 2017

I wish to keep a record" : nineteenth-century New Brunswick women diarists and their world

Gail G. Campbell

Call Number: PS8205 ,C36 2017

German ecocriticism in the anthropocene

Caroline Schaumann, Heather I. Sullivan editors

Call Number: PT139 G47 2017

Das Nibelungenlied : text und einführung : nach der St. Galler Handschrif

herausgegeben und erläutert von Hermann Reichert

Call Number: PT1575 .R44 2017

The Essential Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ; edited and introduced by Matthew Bell

Call Number: PT2026.A2 B44 2016

Investigations of a dog, and other creatures

Franz Kafka ; in a new translation by Michael Hofmann

Call Number: PT2621.A26 A2 2017

Kafka, the early years

Reiner Stach ; translated by Shelley Frisch

Call Number: PT2621.A26 Z88413 2017

Charges (the supplicants)

Elfriede Jelinek ; translated by Gitta Honegger

Call Number: PT2670.E46 S3813 2016


Call Number: PT2671.L84 Z33 2017

Underworlds of memory : W.G. Sebald's epic journeys through the past

Alan Itkin

Call Number: PT2681.E18 Z643 2017

After the Stasi : collaboration and the struggle for sovereign subjectivity in the writing of German unification

Annie Ring

Call Number: PT3710.P64 R56 2017

Hrafnkel or the ambiguities : hard cases, hard choices

William Ian Miller

Call Number: PT7269.H9

The head of the saint

Socorro Acioli ; translation by Daniel Hahnl

Call Number: PZ7.1.A22 He 2016

Outrun the moon

Stacey Lee

Call Number: PZ7.1.L43 Ou 2016

Thieving weasels

Billy Taylor

Call Number: PZ7.1.T384 Th 2016

MWD : hell is coming home

Brian David Johnson and Jan Egleson ; illustrated by Laila Milevski and Karl Stevens

Call Number: PZ7.7.J64128 Mdw 2017


Marina Budhos

Call Number: PZ7.B8827 Wat 2016

Summerlost : a novel

by Ally Condie

Call Number: PZ7.C7586 Su 2016

Over the ocean

Taro Gomi

Call Number: PZ7.G586 Ov 2016

Wish me luck

James Heneghan

Call Number: PZ7.H3865 Wi 1997

Steamboat school : inspired by a true story : St. Louis, Missouri: 1847

by Deborah Hopkinson ; illustrated by Ron Husband

Call Number: PZ7.H778125 Su 2016

My sister Rosa

Justine Larbalestier

Call Number: PZ7.L32073 My 2016

Some kind of happiness

Claire Legrand

Call Number: PZ7.L521297 So 2016

Burn baby burn

Meg Medina

Call Number: PZ7.M512765 Bu 2016

As time went by

José Sanabria ; translated by Audrey Hall

Call Number: PZ7.S1947193 As 2016

The memory of light

Francisco X. Stork

Call Number: PZ7.S88442 Me 2016

Things too huge to fix by saying sorry

Susan Vaught

Call Number: PZ7.V4673 Th 2016