September 2018

Authenticity : the cultural history of a political concept

Author: Maiken Umbach, Mathew Humphrey

Call Number: B105.A8 U43 2018

Ted Honderich on consciousness, determinism, and humanity

Author: Gregg D. Caruso, editor

Call Number: B105.D47

Dispositional pluralism

Author: Jennifer Mckitrick

Call Number: B105.D56 M35 2018

The Blackwell companion to substance dualism

Author: edited by Jonathan Loose, Angus Menuge, and J.P. Moreland

Call Number: B105.M53 B53 2018

Hobbes on politics and religion

Author: edited by Laurens van Apeldoorn and Robin Douglass

Call Number: B1248.P65 H63 2018

Locke and Cartesian philosophy

Author: edited by Philippe Hamou and Martine Pécharman

Call Number: B1297 .L594 2018

Logic and society : the political thought of John Stuart Mill, 1827-1848

Author: Yuichiro Kawana

Call Number: B1607 .K39 2018

John Stuart Mill : a secular life

Author: Timothy Larsen

Call Number: B1608.R44 L37 2018

Fable, method, and imagination in Descartes

Author: James Griffith

Call Number: B1878.I5 G73 2018

Baumgarten and Kant on metaphysics

Author: Courtney D. Fugate and John Hymers

Call Number: B2637.Z7

Emancipation, democracy and the modern critique of law : reconsidering Habermas

Author: Mikael Spång

Call Number: B3258.H324 S73 2018eb

The deed is everything : Nietzsche on will and action

Author: Aaron Ridley

Call Number: B3318.A3 R63 2018

Nietzsche's culture war : the unity of the untimely meditations

Author: Shilo Brooks

Call Number: B3318.C8 B76 2018

Reconceiving Spinoza

Author: Samuel Newlands

Call Number: B3999.M45 N49 2018

Søren Kierkegaard : educating for authenticity

Author: Søren Harnow Klausen

Call Number: B4378.I76

Jaakko Hintikka on knowledge and game-theoretical semantics

Author: Hans van Ditmarsch, Gabriel Sandu, editors

Call Number: B4715.H54

Aristotle on emotions in law and politics

Author: Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer, Nuno M.M.S. Coelho, editors

Call Number: B485

Method, substance and the future of African philosophy

Author: Edwin E. Etieyibo, editor

Call Number: B5305

Dividuations : theories of participation

Author: Michaela Ott ; translated by Alison Kirkland

Call Number: B824 .O8813 2018

In the light of experience : new essays on perception and reasons

Author: edited by Johan Gersel, Rasmus Thybo Jensen, Morten S. Thaning, and Søren Overgaard

Call Number: B828.45 .I58 2018

What it is like to perceive : direct realism and the phenomenal character of perception

Author: J. Christopher Maloney, Professor of Philosophy and Member of Cognitive Science Program, University of Arizona

Call Number: B828.45 .M35 2018eb

Perceptual ephemera

Author: edited by Thomas Crowther and Clare Mac Cumhaill

Call Number: B828.45 .P47 2018

The worlds of positivism : a global intellectual history, 1770-1930

Author: Johannes Feichtinger; Franz L. Fillafer, Jan Surman, editors

Call Number: B831 .W67 2018

The many moral rationalisms

Author: edited by Karen Jones and François Schroeter

Call Number: B833

The importance of being rational

Author: Errol Lord

Call Number: B833 .L67 2018

Building theories : heuristics and hypotheses in sciences

Author: David Danks, Emiliano Ippoliti, editors

Call Number: B842 .B85 2018

Seeing, knowing, understanding : philosophical essays

Author: Barry Stroud

Call Number: B945.S89 S44 2018

Criticism and compassion : the ethics and politics of Claudia Card

Author: edited by Robin S. Dillon and Armen T. Marsoobian

Call Number: B948.C374

Practical shape : a theory of practical reasoning

Author: Jonathan Dancy

Call Number: BC177

Semantic singularities : paradoxes of reference, predication, and truth

Author: Keith Simmons

Call Number: BC199.P2 S57 2018

The metaphysics of truth

Author: Douglas Edwards

Call Number: BD111

Knowing humanity in the social world : the path of Steve Fuller's social epistemology

Author: Francis X. Remedios, Val Dusek

Call Number: BD175

Power, culture and situated research methodology : autobiography, field, text

Author: Cecilie Basberg Neumann, Iver B. Neumann

Call Number: BD340 .N486 2018

Formal approach to the metaphysics of perspectives : points of view as access

Author: Juan J. Colomina-Almiñana

Call Number: BD348

Narrow content

Author: Juhani Yli-Vakkuri and John Hawthorne

Call Number: BD418.3 .Y65 2018

Why we disagree about human nature

Author: edited by Elizabeth Hannon and Tim Lewens

Call Number: BD450 .W48 2018

Mountains, mobilities and movement

Author: Christos Kakalis, Emily Goetsch, editors

Call Number: BD581

Evil online

Author: by Dean Cocking, Jeroen van den Hoven

Call Number: BJ1401

The politics and business of self-interest from Tocqueville to Trump

Author: Richard Ned Lebow

Call Number: BJ1535.S4

Moral claims in the age of spectacles : shaping the social imaginary

Author: Brian M. Lowe

Call Number: BJ320 .L69 2018eb