September 2021

What are mental representations?

Author: edited by Joulia Smortchkova, Krzysztof Dołęga, and Tobias Schlicht

Call Number: B105.R4 W44 2020

Hobbes's political philosophy : interpretation and interpretations

Author: A.P. Martinich

Call Number: B1248.P6

Newton's metaphysics : essays

Author: Eric Schliesser

Call Number: B1299.N34

Ancient ethics and the natural world

Author: edited by Barbara M. Sattler, Ursula Coope

Call Number: B171 .A455 2021

Essays in ancient epistemology

Author: Gail Fine

Call Number: B187.K7 F56 2021

Kant's Doctrine of virtue : a guide

Author: Mark Timmons

Call Number: B2785.5.Z7

Hegel's Encyclopedia of the philosophical sciences : a critical guide

Author: edited by Sebastian Stein, Joshua Wretzel

Call Number: B2919 .H38 2021

Frege : the pure business of being true

Author: Charles Travis

Call Number: B3245.F24 T73 2021

Nietzsche's philosophical psychology

Author: Mattia Riccardi

Call Number: B3313.A44 R53 2021


Author: Benedict de Spinoza ; edited by Matthew J. Kisner, University of South Carolina ; translated by Michael Silverthorne and Matthew J. Kisner

Call Number: B3973.E5 S55 2018

Spinoza and the freedom of philosophizing

Author: Mogens Lærke

Call Number: B3998 .L34 2021

Aristotle's Empiricism

Author: Marc Gasser-Wingate

Call Number: B491.P38 G37 2021

The formation of post-classical philosophy in Islam

Author: Frank Griffel

Call Number: B741 .G675 2021

Erasmus : intellectual of the 16th century

Author: Nathan Ron

Call Number: B785.E64 R66 2021

Oxford studies in early modern philosophy. Volume X

Author: edited by Donald Rutherford

Call Number: B791 .O94 2021

Phenomenology of the object and human positioning : human, non-human and posthuman

Author: Calley A. Hornbuckle, Jadwiga S. Smith, William S. Smith, editors

Call Number: B829.5

Reasons First

Author: Mark Schroeder

Call Number: B833

Hope under oppression

Author: Katie Stockdale

Call Number: BD216 .S76 2021

The language of ontology

Author: edited by J.T.M. Miller

Call Number: BD301

Strokes of luck : a study in moral and political philosophy

Author: Gerald Lang

Call Number: BJ1012 .L36 2021

Oxford studies in metaethics. Volume 16

Author: edited by Russ Shafer-Landau

Call Number: BJ1012 .O89 2021

Principles and persons : the legacy of Derek Parfit

Author: edited by Jeff McMahan, Tim Campbell, James Goodrich and Ketan Ramakrishnan

Call Number: BJ1012 .P75 2021

Third-party peacemakers in Judaism : text, theory, and practice

Author: Daniel Roth

Call Number: BJ1286.C65 R68 2021

Fair opportunity and responsibility

Author: David O. Brink

Call Number: BJ1451 .B75 2021

Determinism, freedom and moral responsibility : essays in ancient philosophy

Author: Susanne Bobzien

Call Number: BJ146 .B73 2021

The scope of consent

Author: Tom Dougherty

Call Number: BJ1468.5 .D68 2021

Forgiveness and its moral dimensions

Author: edited by Brandon Warmke, Dana Kay Nelkin, and Michael McKenna

Call Number: BJ1476 .F66 2021

The mismeasure of the self : a study in vice epistemology

Author: Alessandra Tanesini

Call Number: BJ1534

Everyday greed : analysis and appraisal

Author: Michael S. Pritchard, Elaine E. Englehardt, editors

Call Number: BJ1535.A8 E94 2021