July 2019

Thinking about oneself : the place and value of reflection in philosophy and psychology

Author: Waldomiro J. Silva-Filho, Luca Tateo, editors

Call Number: B105.R27

Dao companion to the excavated Guodian bamboo manuscripts

Author: editor, Shirley Chan

Call Number: B126

Categories, creation and cognition in Vaiśeṣika philosophy

Author: ShashiPrabha Kumar

Call Number: B132.V2 K86 2019

Nietzsche on the decadence and flourishing of culture

Author: Andrew Huddleston

Call Number: B3317

Being and reason : an essay on Spinoza's metaphysics

Author: Martin Lin

Call Number: B3998

Bernard Bolzano : his life and work

Author: Paul Rusnock and Jan S̃ebestík

Call Number: B4805.B654 R87 2019

Hannah Arendt's aesthetic politics : freedom and the beautiful

Author: Jim Josefson

Call Number: B945.A694

Ultralogic as universal? : the Sylvan jungle.

Author: Richard Routley, author ; Zach Weber, editor

Call Number: BC135

Structural rationality and other essays on practical reason

Author: Julian Nida-Rümelin

Call Number: BC177 .N53 2019

Ethically structured processes : thinking world-scale responsibility

Author: Virgil Cristian Lenoir

Call Number: BJ1012

Towards reunion in ethics

Author: Jan Österberg

Call Number: BJ1012 .O88 2019