January 2020

Theological ethics through a multispecies lens : the evolution of wisdom.

Author: Celia E. Deane-Drummond

Call Number: B105.A55 D43 2019

Somatic desire : recovering corporeality in contemporary thought

Author: edited by Sarah Horton, Stephen Mendelsohn, Christine Rojcewicz, and Richard Kearney

Call Number: B105.B64 S66 2019

Sharing the fire : outline of a dialectics of sensitivity

Author: Luce Irigaray

Call Number: B105.D44

Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume LVI, Summer 2019

Author: editor, Victor Caston

Call Number: B111

Anscombe's Intention : a guide

Author: John Schwenkler

Call Number: B1618.A573 I587 2019eb

Descartes and the ontology of everyday life

Author: Deborah J. Brown and Calvin G. Normore

Call Number: B1878.M5 B739 2019

Kantian subjects : critical philosophy and late modernity

Author: Karl Ameriks

Call Number: B2798 .A6372 2019eb

The Palgrave Fichte handbook

Author: Steven Hoeltzel, editor

Call Number: B2848

The ethics of joy : Spinoza on the empowered life

Author: Andrew Youpa

Call Number: B3999.E8

Between psychology and philosophy : East-West themes and beyond

Author: Michael Slote

Call Number: B799 .S56 2020eb

New approaches to religion and the Enlightenment

Author: editors, Brett C. McInelly, Paul E. Kerry

Call Number: B802 .N49 2018

A multisensory philosophy of perception

Author: Casey O'Callaghan

Call Number: B828.45 .O25 2019

The extended theory of cognitive creativity : interdisciplinary approaches to performativity

Author: Antonino Pennisi, Alessandra Falzone, editors

Call Number: B828.47

Are we postmodern yet? : and were we ever?

Author: Reinhold Kramer

Call Number: B831.2 .K73 2019eb

HabitusAnalysis 2 : praxeology and meaning

Author: Heinrich Wilhelm Schäfer ; With a preface by Franz Schultheis

Call Number: B832.2

From argument schemes to argumentative relations in the wild : a variety of contributions to argumentation theory

Author: Frans H. van Eemeren, Bart Garssen, editors

Call Number: BC177 .F76 2020eb

The metaphysics of the material world : Suárez, Descartes, Spinoza

Author: Tad M. Schmaltz

Call Number: BD111 .S3225 2020

Acquaintance : new essays

Author: edited by Jonathan Knowles and Thomas Raleigh

Call Number: BD161 .A3345 2019

Morality and epistemic judgement : the argument from analogy

Author: Christopher Cowie

Call Number: BD161 .C659 2019

The epistemic benefits of disagreement

Author: Kirk Lougheed

Call Number: BD161 .L68 2020eb

Before the collapse : a guide to the other side of growth

Author: Ugo Bardi

Call Number: BD373 .B37 2020eb

Ethics and deviations in decision-making : an applied study

Author: by Gagari Chakrabarti, Tapas Chatterjea

Call Number: BJ1419

Divine omniscience and human free will : a logical and metaphysical analysis

Author: Ciro De Florio, Aldo Frigerio

Call Number: BJ1461 .D4 2019

Discretion and the quest for controlled freedom

Author: Tony Evans, Peter Hupe, editors

Call Number: BJ1533.D5

The science of generosity : causes, manifestations, and consequences

Author: Patricia Snell Herzog

Call Number: BJ1533.G4

The self, relational sociology, and morality in practice

Author: Owen Abbott

Call Number: BJ51