December 2021

Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume LIX, Winter 2020

Author: editor, Victor Caston

Call Number: B1 .O9 2021

Appearance in reality

Author: John Heil

Call Number: B105.A66 H45 2021

Aftermath : the fall and the rise after the event

Author: edited by Robert Kusek, Beata Piatek and Wojciech Szymanski

Call Number: B105.E7 A48 2019

Home -- lived experiences : philosophical reflections

Author: John Murungi, Linda Ardito, editors

Call Number: B105.P53

How things are : an introduction to Buddhist metaphysics

Author: Mark Siderits

Call Number: B162 .S533 2022

Leibniz and Kant

Author: edited by Brandon C. Look

Call Number: B2598

Kant's Prolegomena : a critical guide

Author: edited by Peter Thielke

Call Number: B2787.Z7 K355 2022

Beyond duty : Kantian ideals of respect, beneficence, and appreciation

Author: Thomas E. Hill, Jr

Call Number: B2799.E8

Hegel's century : alienation and recognition in a time of revolution

Author: Jon Stewart

Call Number: B3181 .S94 2021

Stoic wisdom : ancient lessons for modern resilience

Author: Nancy Sherman

Call Number: B528 .S2993 2021

Celsus in his world : philosophy, polemic and religion in the second century

Author: edited by James Carleton-Paget, University of Cambridge, Simon Gathercole, University of Cambridge

Call Number: B538.C24 C45 2021

Scientific epistemology : an introduction

Author: Hilary Kornblith

Call Number: B67 .K67 2021


Author: John Heil

Call Number: B836 .H45 2021

Normativity, rationality, and reasoning : selected essays

Author: John Broome

Call Number: BC177 .B76 2021

The range of reasons : in ethics and epistemology

Author: Daniel Whiting

Call Number: BC177 .W45 2021

Learning from our mistakes : epistemology for the real world

Author: William J. Talbott

Call Number: BD161 .T255 2021

Foundations and applications of social epistemology : collected essays

Author: Sanford C. Goldberg

Call Number: BD175 .G65 2021

Appearance and explanation : phenomenal explanationism in epistemology

Author: Kevin McCain and Luca Moretti

Call Number: BD212 .M33 2021

Belief and counterfactuals : a study in means-end philosophy

Author: Franz Huber, University of Toronto

Call Number: BD215

Material objects

Author: Thomas Sattig

Call Number: BD331 .S28 2021

Absence and nothing : the philosophy of what there is not

Author: Stephen Mumford

Call Number: BD398 .M86 2021

The embodied philosopher : living in pursuit of boundary questions

Author: Konrad Werner

Call Number: BD418.3 .W47 2022

Life and death in early modern philosophy

Author: edited by Susan James

Call Number: BD435

Powers : a history

Author: edited by Julia Jorati

Call Number: BD541 .P69 2021

Causation with a human face : normative theory and descriptive psychology

Author: James Woodward

Call Number: BD541 .W66 2021

Brain, beauty, and art : essays bringing neuroaesthetics into focus

Author: Anjan Chatterjee and Eileen R. Cardillo (editors)

Call Number: BH301.P78

Happiness and well-being

Author: Chris Heathwood

Call Number: BJ1012 .H43 2021

Future morality

Author: edited by David Edmonds

Call Number: BJ1031 .F88 2021

Moral progress

Author: Philip Kitcher ; with commentaries by Amia Srinivasan, Susan Neiman, Rahel Jaeggi ; edited and introduced by Jan-Christoph Heilinger

Call Number: BJ1311 .K535 2021

Agency, negligence and responsibility

Author: edited by Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, George Pavlakos

Call Number: BJ1451 .A454 2022

Freedom and responsibility in context

Author: Ann Whittle

Call Number: BJ1461

Compassionate reasoning : changing the mind to change the world

Author: Marc Gopin

Call Number: BJ1475 .G67 2022

The moral habitat

Author: Barbara Herman

Call Number: BJ21