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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Creativity : a new vocabulary

edited by Vlad Petre Glăveanu, Lene Tanggaard, Charlotte Wegener

Call Number: B105.C74 C75 2016

Consciousness and meaning : selected essays

Brian Loar, Katalin Balog, Stephanie Beardman

Call Number: B105.M4

Representation and scepticism from Aquinas to Decartes

Han Thomas Adriaenssen

Call Number: B105.R4 A34 2017

Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume LI, winter 2016

editor: Victor Caston

Call Number: B111

Toleration and understanding in locke

Nicholas Jolley

Call Number: B1297

Locke's image of the world

Michael Jacovides

Call Number: B1297

The happiness philosophers : the lives and works of the great utilitarians

Bart Schultz

Call Number: B1571 .S38 2017

Buddhism : a contemporary philosophical investigation

David Burton

Call Number: B162 .B868 2017

The punitive society : lectures at the College de France 1972-1973

Michel Foucault ; edited by Bernard E. Harcourt ; general editors : François Ewald and Alessandro Fontana ; English series editor : Arnold I. Davidson ; translated by Graham Burchell

Call Number: B2430.F72113 2015

Levinas's rhetorical demand : the unending obligation of communication ethics

Ronald C. Arnett ; foreword by Algis Mickunas

Call Number: B2430.L484 A76 2017

Gabriel Marcel and American philosophy : the religious dimension of experience

David W. Rodick

Call Number: B2430.M254 R63 2017

Resistance of the sensible world : an introduction to Merleau-Ponty

Emmanuel Alloa ; translated by Jane Marie Todd

Call Number: B2430.M3764 A6513 2017

Merleau-Ponty and God : hallowing the hollow

Michael P. Berman

Call Number: B2430.M3764 B46 2017

German idealism as constructivism

Tom Rockmore

Call Number: B2745 .R63 2016eb

Being, freedom, and method : themes from the philosophy of Peter Van Inwagen

John A. Keller

Call Number: B29

Hegel on the proofs and the personhood of God : studies in Hegel's logic and philosophy of religion

Robert R. Williams

Call Number: B2949.G63

Hegel's India : a reinterpretation, with texts

Aakash Singh Rathore and Rimina Mohapatra

Call Number: B2949.I53

Hans-Georg Gadamer : The Hermeneutical Imagination [electronic resource]

Call Number: B3248.G34

Reading Heidegger's "Black notebooks 1931--1941"

edited by Ingo Farin and Jeff Malpas

Call Number: B3279.H49 F37 2016

Making sense of Heidegger : a paradigm shift

Thomas Sheehan

Call Number: B3279.H49 S426 2015

On Nietzsche = : sur Nietzsche

Georges Bataille ; Translated and with an introduction by Stuart Kendall

Call Number: B3317 .B41513 2015

A Croce reader : aesthetics, philosophy, history, and literary criticism

Benedetto Croce ; edited and translated by Massimo Verdicchio

Call Number: B3614.C72 E5 2017

Socrates' request and the educational narrative of the Timaeus

Charles Ives

Call Number: B387 .I94 2016

Socrates and Alcibiades : Plato's drama of political ambition and philosophy

Ariel Helfer

Call Number: B391.A53 H45 2017

Plato on the value of philosophy : the art of argument in the Gorgias and Phaedrus

Tushar Irani, Wesleyan University, Connecticut

Call Number: B395 .I73 2017

The role of exaíphnes in early Greek literature : philosophical transformation in Plato's dialogues and beyond

Joe Cimakasky

Call Number: B398.L42 C56 2017

Kierkegaard's theology of encounter : an edifying and polemical life

David Lappano

Call Number: B4377

Bolzano's logical system

Ettore Casari

Call Number: B4805.B652 C3 2017

The Aristotelian ethics : a study of the relationship between the Eudemian and Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle

Anthony Kenny

Call Number: B491.E7 K46 2017

Intellectual networks in Timurid Iran : Sharaf al-Dīn ʻAlī Yazdī and the Islamicate republic of letters

İlker Evrim Binbaş

Call Number: B5074.S544 B56 2016

A companion to experimental philosophy

edited by Justin Sytsma and Wesley Buckwalter

Call Number: B52 .C7355 2016eb

A discourse on African philosophy : a new perspective on Ubuntu and transitional justice in South Africa

Christian B.N. Gade ; foreword by Michael Onyebuchi Eze

Call Number: B5315.U28 G33 2017

The terror of evidence

Marcus Steinweg ; foreword by Thomas Hirschhorn ; translated by Amanda DeMarco

Call Number: B59 .S7413 2017

Current controversies in values and science

edited by Kevin C. Elliott and Daniel Steel

Call Number: B67 .C87 2017

All from one : a guide to Proclus

Pieter d'Hoine and Marije Martjin

Call Number: B701.Z7

The Trinitarian Christology of St Thomas Aquinas

Dominic Legge

Call Number: B765.T54

Aquinas and the cry of Rachel : Thomistic reflections on the problem of evil

John F.X. Knasas

Call Number: B765.T54 K586 2013

Be like the fox : Machiavelli's lifelong quest for freedom

Erica Benner

Call Number: B785.M24 B455 2017

Counter-history of the present : untimely interrogations into globalization, technology, democracy

Gabriel Rockhill

Call Number: B791 .R635 2017

The analytic tradition in philosophy

Scott Soames

Call Number: B808.5 .S655 2014

The evil of banality : on the life and death importance of thinking

Elizabeth K. Minnich

Call Number: B808.7 .M56 2017

Debating humanity : towards a philosophical sociology

[edited by] Daniel Chernilo

Call Number: B821 .D43 2016

Beyond vision : philosophical essays

Casey O'Callaghan

Call Number: B828.45

Subjectivity and perspective in truth-theoretic semantics

Peter Lasersohn

Call Number: B840

Jefferson's body : a corporeal biography

Maurizio Valsania

Call Number: B885.Z7 V345 2017

Plural logic

Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley

Call Number: BC108 .O43 2016

The square of opposition : a cornerstone of hought

Jean-Yves Béziau, Gianfranco Basti, editors

Call Number: BC199.O6

Combatting disruptive change : beating unruly competition at their own game

Ian I. Mitroff

Call Number: BD161

Inborn knowledge : the mystery within

Colin McGinn

Call Number: BD181 .M38 2015eb

We : reviving social hope

Ronald Aronson

Call Number: BD216 .A765 2017

The natural history of paradigms : science and the process of intellectual evolution

John H. Langdon and Mary E. McGann, editors

Call Number: BD225 .N38 1993

What do philosophers do? : skepticism and the practice of philosophy

Penelope Maddy

Call Number: BD241 .M238 2017

Loving justice, living Shakespeare

Regina Mara Schwartz

Call Number: BD436

Creaturely love : how desire makes us more and less than human

Dominic Pettman

Call Number: BD436 .P424 2017

Identity, authenticity, and humility

by Daniel O. Dahlstrom

Call Number: BD438.5 .D34 2017

Self and opposition : a theory of self

Piotr Hoffman

Call Number: BD438.5 .H558 2017

Self-knowledge : a history

edited by Ursula Renz

Call Number: BD438.5 .S44155 2017

Nature and the artificial : Aristotelian reflections on the operative imperative

Edward M. Engelmann

Call Number: BD581 .E55 2017

Analog und Digital

Otl Aicher ; mit einer Einführung von Wilhelm Vossenkuhl

Call Number: BH39 .A38 2015eb

Art, research, philosophy

Clive Cazeaux

Call Number: BH39 .C387 2017

Oxford studies in normative ethics. Volume 6

edited by Mark Timmons

Call Number: BJ1012

Inclusive ethics : extending beneficence and egalitarian justice

Ingmar Persson

Call Number: BJ1012

Reading Parfit : on what matters

edited by Simon Kirchin

Call Number: BJ1012.P373 R43 2017

Introducing Christian ethics

Samuel Wells and Ben Quash with Rebekah Eklund

Call Number: BJ1251 .W453 2017

The Age of Responsibility : luck, choice, and the welfare state

Yascha Mounk

Call Number: BJ1451 .M68 2017

Ethics is a Daily Deal : Choosing to Build Moral Strength as a Practice

by Leslie E Sekerka

Call Number: BJ1458.3

Self-determination : the ethics of action.

Thomas Pink

Call Number: BJ1461

Modernism, ethics and the political imagination : living wrong life rightly

Ben Ware

Call Number: BJ301 .W374 2017

Words, works, and ways of knowing : the breakdown of moral philosophy in New England before the Civil War

Sara Paretsky ; with a preface by the author and an afterword by Amanda Porterfield

Call Number: BJ68.A53 P37 2016eb