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Items Acquired in March 2018 for the University Libraries

Improvising improvisation : from out of philosophy, music, dance, and literature

Gary Peters

Call Number: B105.A35 .P39 2017

Chinese surplus : biopolitical aesthetics and the medically commodified body

Ari Larissa Heinrich

Call Number: B105.B64 H456 2018

The ontology of emotions

edited by Hichem Naar, University of Geneva, Fabrice Teroni, University of Bern

Call Number: B105.E46 O58 2018

A mark of the mental : in defense of informational teleosemantics

Karen Neander

Call Number: B105.I56 N43 2017eb

Judgment and Strategy

Robin Holt

Call Number: B105.S68

Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume LIII, winter 2017

editor: Victor Caston

Call Number: B111

From humanism to Hobbes : studies in rhetoric and politics

Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary University of London)

Call Number: B1247 .S545 2018

A concise companion to Confucius

edited by Paul Goldin

Call Number: B128.C8 C573 2017

No morality, no self : Anscombe's radical skepticism

James Doyle

Call Number: B1618.A574 D69 2018

Rereading ancient philosophy : old chestnuts and sacred cows

edited by Verity Harte, Raphael Woolf

Call Number: B171 .R47 2017

The aporetic tradition in ancient philosophy

edited by George Karamanolis, University of Crete, Vasilis Politis, Trinity College, Dublin

Call Number: B187.A66 A655 2018

Jean Baudrillard : the rhetoric of symbolic exchange

Brian Gogan

Call Number: B2430.B33974 G64 2017

Biodeconstruction : Jacques Derrida and the life sciences

by Francesco Vitale ; translated by Mauro Senatore

Call Number: B2430.D484 V5613 2018

Rancière's sentiments

Davide Panagia

Call Number: B2430.R274 P363 2018

Kant on persons and agency

edited by Eric Watkins, University of California, San Diego

Call Number: B2798 .K223645 2018

Statement on the true relationship of the philosophy of nature to the revised Fichtean doctrine : an elucidation of the former, 1806

F. W. J. Schelling ; translated with an introduction and notes by Dale E. Snow

Call Number: B2848 .S286 2018

Rigorism of truth : Moses the Egyptian" and other writings on Freud and Arendt

Hans Blumenberg ; edited, with commentary and an afterword, by Ahlrich Meyer ; translated by Joe Paul Kroll

Call Number: B3209.B833 R5413 2018

Husserl's legacy : phenomenology, metaphysics, and transcendental philosophy

Dan Zahavi

Call Number: B3279.H94

Plato's moral psychology : intellectualism, the divided soul, and the desire for good

Rachana Kamtekar

Call Number: B398.E8 K36 2017

Plato's persona : Marsilio Ficino, Renaissance humanism, and Platonic traditions

Denis J.-J. Robichaud

Call Number: B785.F434 R63 2018

Deconstruction machines : writing in the age of cyberwar

Justin Joque ; foreword by Catherine Malabou

Call Number: B809.6 .J67 2018

Idealism : new essays in metaphysics

edited by Tyron Goldschmidt and Kenneth L. Pearce

Call Number: B823

Peirce on realism and idealism

Robert Lane, University of West Georgia

Call Number: B945.P44 L36 2018

Best explanations : new essays on inference to the best explanation

edited by Kevin McCain and Ted Poston

Call Number: BC199.I47 B417 2017

The epistemic lightness of truth : deflationism and its logic

Cezary Cieśliński

Call Number: BD171 .C584 2017

Introduction to the study of philosophy

Call Number: BD21 .S88

Strange histories : the trial of the pig, the walking dead, and other matters of fact from the medieval and Renaissance worlds

Darren Oldridge

Call Number: BD215 .O53 2018

Categories for the working philosopher

edited by Elaine Landry

Call Number: BD331

Attention, not self

Jonardon Ganeri

Call Number: BD418.3 .G36 2017

Evolving enactivism : basic minds meet content

Daniel D. Hutto and Erik Myin

Call Number: BD418.3 .H88 2017eb

Explanation and integration in mind and brain science

edited by David M. Kaplan

Call Number: BD418.3 .K36 2017

Philosophy of love, sex, and marriage : an introduction

Raja Halwani

Call Number: BD436 .H257 2018

The paradoxes of time travel

Ryan Wasserman

Call Number: BD632 .W38 2018