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Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

Creating shared value : concepts, experience, criticism

Josef Wieland, ed

Call Number: B1

Fighting corruption collectively : how successful are sector-specific coordinated governance initiatives in curbing corruption?

Berta van Schoor

Call Number: B1

Dimensions of practical necessity : here I stand, I can do no other"

Katharina Bauer, Somogy Varga, Corinna Mieth, editors

Call Number: B105.A35 D55 2017

Tadeusz Kotarbiński's action theory : reinterpretive studies

Piotr Tomasz Makowski

Call Number: B105.A35 M35 2017

Over the human : post-humanism and the concept of animal epiphany

Roberto Marchesini

Call Number: B105.A55 M37 2017

The aesthetics of dress

Ian W. King

Call Number: B105.B64 K56 2017

Heidegger, Levinas, Derrida : the question of difference

Lisa Foran, Rozemund Uljée, editors

Call Number: B105.D5 H45 2016eb

Social ontology and collective intentionality : critical essays on the philosophy of Raimo Tuomela with his responses

Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, editors

Call Number: B105.I56 S63 2017

Animals and misanthropy

David E. Cooper

Call Number: B105.M56 C66 2018

Sound poetics : interaction and personal identity

Sean Street

Call Number: B105.S59

Lin Yutang and China's search for modern rebirth

Qian Suoqiao

Call Number: B125.Y87

Anthology of philosophical and cultural issues : an exploration into new frontiers

Yijie Tang

Call Number: B126

Exploring Ātman from the perspective of the Vivekacūdāmani

Walter Menezes

Call Number: B133.S49

Adam Smith's equality and the pursuit of happiness

John E. Hill

Call Number: B1545.Z7 H55 2016

Jainism and Environmental Philosophy : Karma and the Web of Life

Aidan Rankin

Call Number: B162.5 .R345 2018

Ethics, law and the politics of information : a guide to the philosophy of Luciano Floridi

Massimo Durante

Call Number: B1626.F5833 D87 2017

The Chinese philosophy of fate

Yixia Wei

Call Number: B171

Theories of the logos

Ermanno Bencivenga

Call Number: B187.L6

Descartes' Treatise on man and its reception

Delphine Antoine-Mahut, Stephen Gaukroger, editors

Call Number: B1875 .D47 2016

Apeiron : Anaximander on generation and destruction

Radim Kocandrle, Dirk L. Couprie

Call Number: B208.Z7 K63 2017

Althusser and Pasolini : philosophy, Marxism, and film

Agon Hamza

Call Number: B2430.A474 H35 2016

Subjectivity and truth : lectures at the Collége de France, 1980-1981

Michel Foucault ; edited by Frédéric Gros ; general editors, François Ewald and Alessandro Fontana ; translated by Graham Burchell

Call Number: B2430.F723 S83 2017

Critique as critical history

Bregham Dalgliesh

Call Number: B2430.F724

Michel Foucault : a research companion

Sverre Raffnsøe, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Morten Sørensen Thaning, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Marius Gudmand- Høyer, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Call Number: B2430.F724 R335 2016

Merleau-Ponty and the ethics of intersubjectivity

Anya Daly

Call Number: B2430.M3764

Hermeneutics and phenomenology in Paul Ricoeur : between text and phenomenon

Scott Davidson, Marc-Antoine Vallée, editors

Call Number: B2430.R554 H47 2016eb

Tercentenary essays on the philosophy and science of Leibniz

Lloyd Strickland, Erik Vynckier, Julia Weckend, editors

Call Number: B2598

Kant in Imperial Russia

Thomas Nemeth

Call Number: B2798 .N44 2017

Kant's ethics and the same-sex marriage debate : an introduction

Christopher Arroyo

Call Number: B2799.E8 A77 2017

Applications of formal philosophy : the road less travelled

Rafal Urbaniak, Gillman Payette, editors

Call Number: B29 .A67 2017

Hegel and Empire : from Postcolonialism to Globalism

M.A.R. Habib

Call Number: B2949.I47 H33 2017

The doctrine of being in Hegel's Science of logic : a critical commentary

Mehmet Tabak

Call Number: B2949.O5 T33 2017

Nietzsche's nihilism in Walter Benjamin

Mauro Ponzi

Call Number: B3209.B584 P66 2017

Gadamer on tradition : historical context and the limits of reflection

Anders Odenstedt

Call Number: B3248.G34

Heidegger's Black notebooks and the future of theology

Mårten Björk, Jayne Svenungsson, editors

Call Number: B3279.H49

Heidegger and the death of God : between Plato and Nietzsche

Duane Armitage

Call Number: B3279.H49A

Essays on Husserl's logic and philosophy of mathematics

Stefania Centrone, editor

Call Number: B3279.H94 E87 2017

Nietzsche and Montaigne

Robert Miner

Call Number: B3317 .M56 2017

Finding one's way through Wittgenstein's Philosophical investigations : new essays on 1-88

Emmanuel Bermon, Jean-Philippe Narboux, editors

Call Number: B3376.W564

Wittgenstein on aesthetic understanding

Garry L. Hagberg, editor

Call Number: B3376.W564

Wittgenstein's anthropological philosophy

Gunter Gebauer

Call Number: B3376.W564

Colours in the development of Wittgenstein's philosophy

Marcos Silva, editor

Call Number: B3376.W564

Plato and intellectual development : a new theoretical framework emphasising the higher-order pedagogy of the Platonic dialogues

Susanna Saracco

Call Number: B375

The significance of the Lvov-Warsaw school in the European culture [electronic resource]

Anna Bro̊zek, Friedrich Stadler, Jan Woneński, editors

Call Number: B4689

Reflections on human inquiry : science, philosophy, and common life

Nirmalangshu Mukherji

Call Number: B53

How colours matter to philosophy

Marcos Silva

Call Number: B53

Maimonides for moderns : a statement of contemporary Jewish philosophy

Ira Bedzow

Call Number: B5800 .B43 2017

Philosophy and political engagement : reflection in the public sphere

edited by Allyn Fives and Keith Breen

Call Number: B63 .P475 2016

The challenge of chance : a multidisciplinary approach from science and the humanities

Klass Landsman, Ellen van Wolde, editors

Call Number: B67

The world we live in

Alexandru Dragomir ; Gabriel Liiceanu, Catalin Partenie, editors ; translated by James Christian Brown

Call Number: B68 .D72513 2017

Academic scepticism in the development of early modern philosophy

Plínio Junqueira Smith, Sébastien Charles, editors

Call Number: B779

African philosophical illuminations

by John Murungi

Call Number: B790

Sociology, science, and the end of philosophy : how society shapes brains, gods, maths, and logics

Sal Restivo

Call Number: B791

Modal justification via theories

Bob Fischer

Call Number: B804

Innovations in the history of analytical philosophy

Sandra Lapointe, Christopher Pincock, editors

Call Number: B808.5 .I56 2017eb

Epistemic pluralism

Annalisa Coliva, Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen, editors

Call Number: B820.3

Humanism in a non-humanist world

Monica R. Miller, editor

Call Number: B821

Pragmatic idealism and scientific prediction : a philosophical system and its approach to prediction in science

Amanda Guillán

Call Number: B823 .G85 2017eb

Transcendental inquiry : its history, methods and critiques

Halla Kim, Steven Hoeltzel, editors

Call Number: B823 .T673 2016

The power of emotion in politics, philosophy, and ideology

Hanna Samir Kassab

Call Number: B823.3 .K36 2016eb

Processes of believing : the acquisition, maintenance, and change in creditions

Hans-Ferdinand Angel, Lluis Oviedo, Raymond F. Paloutzian, Anne L.C. Runehov, Rüdiger J. Seitz, editors

Call Number: B824.17

Logical empiricism and pragmatism

Sami Pihlström, Friedrich Stadler, Niels Weidtmann, editors

Call Number: B824.6 .L64 2017

Religion and humor as emancipating provinces of meaning [electronic resource]

Michael Barber

Call Number: B829.5

Being, relation, & the re-worlding of intentionality

Jim Ruddy

Call Number: B829.5

Phenomenology and the primacy of the political : essays in honor of Jacques Taminiaux

Véronique M. Fóti, Pavlos Kontos, editors

Call Number: B829.5 .P4538 2017eb

Cadenzas : philosophical notes for postmodernism

Andrea Poma

Call Number: B831.2 .P66 2017

Value reasoning : on the pragmatic rationality of evaluation

Nicholas Rescher

Call Number: B832

Pragmatism in philosophical inquiry : theoretical considerations and case studies

Nicholas Rescher

Call Number: B832 .R473 2016

Encouraging openness : essays for Joseph Agassi on the occasion of his 90th birthday

Nimrod Bar-Am, Stefano Gattei, editor

Call Number: B833

Rationality, representation, and race

Deborah K. Heikes

Call Number: B833 .H455 2016

Scenes, semiotics and the new real : exploring the value of originality and difference

Chris Brown

Call Number: B840 .B76 2016

Interpreting Charles Taylor's social theory on religion and secularization : a comparative study

Germán McKenzie

Call Number: B995.T34

Neighborhood Semantics for Modal Logic

by Eric Pacuit

Call Number: BC1

Meaning in dialogue : an interactive approach to logic and reasoning

James Trafford

Call Number: BC177

On reasoning and argument : essays in informal logic and on critical thinking

David Hitchcock

Call Number: BC177

Meaning and proscription in formal logic : variations on the propositional logic of William T. Parry

Thomas Macaulay Ferguson

Call Number: BC181 .F47 2017

Rohit Parikh on logic, language and society

Can Başkent, Lawrence S. Moss, Ramaswamy Ramanujam, editors

Call Number: BC38

Philosophical logic : current trends in Asia : Proceedings of AWPL-TPLC 2016

edited by Syraya Chin-Mu Yang, Kok Yong Lee, Hiroakira Ono

Call Number: BC71

Science in metaphysics : exploring the metaphysics of properties and laws

Vassilis Livanios

Call Number: BD111

Experience and beyond : the outline of a Darwinian metaphysics

Jan Faye

Call Number: BD111

Kósmos Noetós : the metaphysical architecture of Charles S. Peirce

Ivo Assad Ibri

Call Number: BD113

Kant's radical subjectivism : perspectives on the transcendental deduction

Dennis Schulting

Call Number: BD161

Derived embodiment in abstract language

Theresa Schilhab

Call Number: BD161

Fading foundations : probability and the regress problem

David Atkinson, Jeanne Peijnenburg

Call Number: BD161 .A85 2017

The feeling of certainty : psychosocial perspectives on identity and difference

Nikolay Mintchev, R.D. Hinshelwood, editors

Call Number: BD171 .F383 2017

Modal epistemology after rationalism

Bob Fischer, Felipe Leon, editors

Call Number: BD218.5 .M63 2017

Identity revisited and reimagined : empirical and theoretical contributions on embodied communication across time and space

Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, Aase Lyngvær Hansen, Julie Feilberg, editors

Call Number: BD236

Identity and difference : contemporary debates on the self

Rafael Winkler, editor

Call Number: BD236

Causal nets, interventionism, and mechanisms : philosophical foundations and applications

Alexander Gebharter

Call Number: BD241

Place, space and hermeneutics

Bruce B. Janz, editor

Call Number: BD241 .P533 2017

The ontology of gods : an account of enchantment, disenchantment, and re-enchantment

Jibu Mathew George

Call Number: BD311

An ontology for social reality

Tiziana Andina ; translated by Sarah De Sanctis

Call Number: BD314 .A5313 2016

Real fourdimensionalism : an essay in the ontology of persistence and mind

Ludwig Jaskolla

Call Number: BD331

Natural processes : understanding metaphysics without substance

Andrew M. Winters

Call Number: BD372 .W56 2017eb

Approaching infinity

Michael Huemer

Call Number: BD411

A copernican critique of Kantian idealism

J.T.W. Ryall

Call Number: BD418.3

The non-reificatory approach to belief

Richard Floyd

Call Number: BD418.3 .F56 2017

To be born : genesis of a new human being

Luce Irigaray

Call Number: BD418.3 .I75 2017

Questions on the soul by John Buridan and others : a companion to John Buridan's philosophy of mind

Gyula Klima, editor

Call Number: BD421

Critical posthumanism : planetary futures

Debashish Banerji, Makarand R. Paranjape, editors

Call Number: BD450

Ontologies of nature : continental perspectives and environmental reorientations

Gerard Kuperus, Marjolein Oele, editors

Call Number: BD581

Conceiving nature after Aristotle, Kant, and Hegel : the philosopher's guide to the universe

Richard Dien Winfield

Call Number: BD581 .W56 2017

Artistic visions and the promise of beauty : cross-cultural perspectives

Kathleen M. Higgins, Shakti Maira, Sonia Sikka, editors

Call Number: BH39

Nature, artforms, and the world around us : an introduction to the regions of aesthetic experience

Robert E. Wood

Call Number: BH39

Bioethics and Biopolitics : Theories, Applications and Connections

edited by Péter Kakuk

Call Number: BJ1

The confluence of philosophy and law in applied ethics

Norbert Paulo

Call Number: BJ1031

Parental responsibility in the context of neuroscience and genetics

Kristien Hens, Daniela Cutas, Dorothee Horstkötter, editors

Call Number: BJ1335

Evil, fallenness, and finitude

Bruce Ellis Benson, B. Keith Putt, editors

Call Number: BJ1406 .E95 2017eb

Life and death decisions in the clinical setting : moral decision making through dialogic consensus

Paul Walker, Terence Lovat

Call Number: BJ1419

Varieties of virtue ethics

David Carr, James Arthur, Kristján Kristjánsson, editors

Call Number: BJ1521 .V37 2017

Human dignity : establishing worth and seeking solutions

Edward Sieh, Judy McGregor, editors

Call Number: BJ1533.D45

An anthropological study of hospitality : the innkeeper and the guest

Amitai Touval

Call Number: BJ2023 .T68x 2017@H1

Ethical exploration in a multifaith society

Catherine Shelley

Call Number: BJ47