April 2019


Author: Alain Badiou ; Translated with foreword by A.J. Bartlett and Justin Clemens

Call Number: B105.H36 B3313 2018

Harmonism as an alternative

Author: Keping Wang

Call Number: B105.H37

Non-propositional intentionality

Author: edited by Alex Grzankowski and Michelle Montague

Call Number: B105.I56 N66 2018


Author: edited by Mark LeBar

Call Number: B105.J87 J87 2018

Qualitative freedom : autonomy in cosmopolitan responsibility

Author: Claus Dierksmeier

Call Number: B105.L45 D5413 2019

Adam Smith : a very short introduction

Author: Christopher J. Berry

Call Number: B1545.Z7 B47 2018

Austin's way with skepticism : an essay on philosophical method

Author: Mark Kaplan

Call Number: B1618.A84 K37 2018

Isaiah Berlin's Cold War liberalism

Author: Jan-Werner Müller, editor

Call Number: B1618.B454 I83 2019

McDowell and Hegel : perceptual experience, thought and action

Author: Federico Sanguinetti, Andre J. Abath, editors

Call Number: B1647.M144

Heidegger with Derrida : being written

Author: Dror Pimentel

Call Number: B3279.H49

Heidegger : a very short introduction

Author: Michael Inwood

Call Number: B3279.H49 I59 2019

First philosophy : lectures 192324 and related texts from the manuscripts (1920-1925)

Author: Edmund Husserl ; translated by Sebastian Luft, Thane M. Naberhaus

Call Number: B3279.H93 E7713 2019

A Philosophical Autofiction : Dolor's Youth

Author: Spencer Golub

Call Number: B3376.W564

Psychology and ontology in Plato

Author: editors, Luca Pitteloud and Evan Keeling

Call Number: B398.O5

Spinoza and Biblical philology in the Dutch Republic, 1660-1710

Author: Jetze Touber

Call Number: B3999.R4 T68 2018

What is philosophy for?

Author: by Mary Midgley

Call Number: B53 .M49 2018

Paulin Hountondji : African philosophy as critical universalism

Author: Franziska Dübgen, Stefan Skupien

Call Number: B5320 .D83 2019

Neoplatonism in late antiquity

Author: Dmitri Nikulin

Call Number: B645 .N55 2019

A history of western philosophy : from the pre-Socratics to postmodernism

Author: C. Stephen Evans

Call Number: B72 .E925 2018

Jewish philosophy in the Middle Ages : science, rationalism, and religion

Author: T. M. Rudavsky

Call Number: B755 .R824 2018

The philosophy of affordances

Author: Manuel Heras-Escribano

Call Number: B818.5 .H47 2019

Rethinking existentialism

Author: Jonathan Webber

Call Number: B819 .W43 2018

Performance phenomenology : to the thing itself

Author: editors, Stuart Grant, Jodie McNeilly-Renaudie and Matthew Wagner

Call Number: B829.5

Virtue, happiness, knowledge : themes from the work of Gail Fine and Terence Irwin

Author: edited by David O. Brink, Susan Sauvé Meyer, and Christopher Shields

Call Number: B948.F564 V57 2018

The logic of information : a theory of philosophy as conceptual design

Author: Luciano Floridi

Call Number: BD161 .F56 2019

Oxford studies in epistemology. Volume 6

Author: edited by Tamar Szabó Gendler and John Hawthorne

Call Number: BD161 .O966 2019

Identity : a very short introduction

Author: Florian Coulmas

Call Number: BD236 .C68 2019

On evidence in philosophy

Author: William G. Lycan

Call Number: BD241 .L93 2019

The death of the ethic of life

Author: John Basl

Call Number: BD435 .B385 2019

Know thyself : the value and limits of self-knowledge

Author: Mitchell S. Green

Call Number: BD438.5 .G74 2018

The sea : a philosophical encounter

Author: David Farrell Krell

Call Number: BD450 .K74 2019

Oxford studies in agency and responsibility. Volume 5, Themes from the philosophy of Gary Watson

Author: edited by D. Justin Coates and Neal A. Tognazzini

Call Number: BD450 .O94 2019

Demonising the other : the criminalisation of morality

Author: Philip Whitehead

Call Number: BD460.O74 W45 2018

Combining minds : how to think about composite subjectivity

Author: by Luke Roelofs

Call Number: BD560 .R64 2019eb

Tragedy as philosophy in the Reformation world

Author: Russ Leo

Call Number: BH301.T7 L45 2019

Oxford studies in metaethics. Volume 13

Author: edited by Russ Shafer-Landau

Call Number: BJ1012

Marxism, ethics and politics : the work of Alasdair MacIntyre

Author: John Gregson

Call Number: BJ1012 .G74 2019

Articulating the moral community : toward a constructive ethical pragmatism

Author: Henry S. Richardson

Call Number: BJ1031 .R53 2018

The evil within : why we need moral philosophy

Author: Diane Jeske

Call Number: BJ1401 .J47 2018

Saving people from the harm of death

Author: edited by Espen Gamlund and Carl Tollef Solberg ; with a foreword by Jeff McMahan

Call Number: BJ1409.5 .S28 2019

Manipulated agents : a window to moral responsibility

Author: Alfred R. Mele

Call Number: BJ1451 .M44 2019

Determinism and free will : new insights from physics, philosophy, and theology

Author: Fabio Scardigli, Gerard 't Hooft, Emanuele Severino, Piero Coda

Call Number: BJ1461

Euthanasia, abortion, death penalty and religion : the right to life and its limitations : international empirical research

Author: Hans-Georg Ziebert, Francesco Zaccaria, editors

Call Number: BJ1469 .E98 2019

Hard questions : facing the problems of life

Author: John Kekes

Call Number: BJ1521 .K38 2019

The public life of friendship : work, neighborhood and civil society

Author: Jennifer Wilkinson

Call Number: BJ1533.F8 W55 2019

The radical demand in Løgstrup's ethics

Author: Robert Stern

Call Number: BJ874.L643 S74 2019