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Items Acquired in January 2018 for the University Libraries

What is an event?

Robin Wagner-Pacifici

Call Number: B105.E7 W34 2017eb

The well-ordered universe : the philosophy of Margaret Cavendish

Deborah Boyle

Call Number: B1299.N274

Ancient philosophy : textual paths and historical explorations

edited by Lorenzo Perilli, Daniela P. Taormina

Call Number: B171 .A47 2018

The concept of presocratic philosophy : its origin, development, and significance

André Laks ; translated by Glenn W. Most

Call Number: B187.5 .L3513 2018

The motif of the Messianic : law, life, and writing in Agamben's reading of Derrida

Arthur Willemse

Call Number: B2430.D484 W545 2017

Foucault on painting

Catherine M. Soussloff

Call Number: B2430.F724 S68 2017

Formulas of the moral law

Allen Wood (Indiana University, Stanford University (emeritus))

Call Number: B2766.Z7 W66 2017

Will and grace : meditations on the dialogical philosophy of Martin Buber

Hune Margulies

Call Number: B3213.B84 M37 2017

The Cambridge companion to Wittgenstein

edited by Hans Sluga, University of California at Berkeley and David G. Stern, University of Iowa

Call Number: B3376.W564 C345 2017

Wittgenstein and modernism

edited by Michael LeMahieu and Karen Zumhagen-Yekplé

Call Number: B3376.W564 W54325 2017eb

Virtue and law in Plato and beyond

Julia Annas

Call Number: B398.V57 A56 2017

Aristotle on Religion

Mor Segev (University of South Florida)

Call Number: B491.R46 S44 2017

Taking back philosophy : a multicultural manifesto

Bryan W. Van Norden

Call Number: B53 .V28 2017

The Palgrave handbook of African philosophy [electronic resource]

edited by Adeshina Afolaya and Toyin Falola

Call Number: B5305

Political philosophy and the challenge of revealed religion

Heinrich Meier ; translated by Robert Berman

Call Number: B65

What makes a philosopher great? : thirteen arguments for twelve philosophers

edited by Stephen Hetherington

Call Number: B72 .W49 2018

Religion as critique : Islamic critical thinking from Mecca to the marketplace

Irfan Ahmad

Call Number: B745.R4 A36 2017

Twenty chapters = : ʻIshrūn maqālah

Dāwūd ibn Marwān al-Muqammaṣ ; an edition of the Judeo-Arabic text transliterated into Arabic characters, with a parallel English translation, notes, and introduction, by Sarah Stroumsa

Call Number: B759.M85 S775 2016

Thomas Aquinas on bodily identity

Antonia Fitzpatrick

Call Number: B765 .T54 2017

The passions : a study of human nature

by P. M. S. Hacker

Call Number: B815

The passions : a study of human nature

P.M.S. Hacker

Call Number: B815 .H33 2018

The religion of existence : asceticism in philosophy from Kierkegaard to Sartre

Noreen Khawaja

Call Number: B819 .K484 2016eb

Visual phenomenology

Michael Madary

Call Number: B828.45 .M335 2017eb

Transcendentalism and the cultivation of the soul

Barry M. Andrews

Call Number: B905 .A77 2017

Young William James thinking

Paul J. Croce

Call Number: B945.J24 C76 2017

The logical legacy of Nikolai Vasiliev and modern logic

Vladimir Markin, Dmitry Zaitsev, editors

Call Number: BC15 .L64 2013

The mark of theory : inscriptive figures, poststructuralist prehistories

Andrea Bachner

Call Number: BD161 .B33 2018

Making space for knowing : a capacious approach to comparative epistemology

Aaron B. Creller

Call Number: BD161 .C685 2017

Making sense of the world : new essays on the philosophy of understanding

edited by Stephen R. Grimm

Call Number: BD181.5

A process model

Eugene T. Gendlin ; foreword by Robert A. Parker

Call Number: BD214.5 .G46 2018

Sibling action : the genealogical structure of modernity

Stefani Engelstein

Call Number: BD236 .E54 2017

Disappointment : toward a critical hermeneutics of worldbuilding

Jarrett Zigon

Call Number: BD241 .Z54 2018

From plural to institutional agency : collective action.

Kirk Ludwig

Call Number: BD394 .L83

Giving a damn : essays in dialogue with John Haugeland

edited by Zed Adams and Jacob Browning

Call Number: BD418.3 .G58 2017eb

Life : a modern invention

Davide Tarizzo ; translated by Mark William Epstein

Call Number: BD431 .T14925 2017

Personal identity and applied ethics : a historical and philosophical introduction

by Andrea Sauchelli

Call Number: BD438.5 .S28 2018

Anthropology's interrogation of philosophy from the eighteenth to the twentieth century

Jerome Carroll

Call Number: BD450 .C37 2018

The teleology of action in Plato's Republic

Andrew Payne

Call Number: BD541

Nature's transcendence and immanence : a comparative interdisciplinary ecstatic naturalism

edited by Marilynn Lawrence and Jea Sophia Oh ; foreword by Robert S. Corrington

Call Number: BD581 .N377 2017

The fascination with unknown time [electronic resource]

Sibylle Baumbach, Lena Henningsen, Klaus Oschema, editors

Call Number: BD638

Levinas, Kant and the problematic of temporality [electronic resource]

Adonis Frangeskou

Call Number: BD638

Aesthetic experiences and classical antiquity : the significance of form in narratives and pictures

Jonas Grethlein, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Call Number: BH108 .G74 2017

The emergence of modern aesthetic theory : religion and morality in Enlightenment Germany and Scotland

Simon Grote

Call Number: BH151 .G76 2017

Women, camp, and popular culture : serious excess

Katrin Horn

Call Number: BH301.C36 P67 2008

The outward mind : materialist aesthetics in Victorian science and literature

Benjamin Morgan

Call Number: BH301.P78 M67 2017eb

Uncertainty in post-Reformation Catholicism : a history of probabilism

Stefania Tutino

Call Number: BJ1278.P76

Encountering China : Michael Sandel and Chinese philosophy

edited by Michael J. Sandel and Paul J. D'Ambrosio

Call Number: BJ1289.3 .E53 2018

Oxford studies in Normative ethics. Volume 7

edited by Mark Timmons

Call Number: BJ1458.3

The beneficiary

Bruce Robbins

Call Number: BJ1475.3 .R633 2017

Inner virtue

by Nicolas Bommarito

Call Number: BJ1521 .B66 2017eb

Hannah Arendt and the fragility of human dignity

John Douglas Macready

Call Number: BJ1533.D45 M33 2017

It all matters : 125 strategies to achieve maximum confidence, clarity, certainty, and creativity

Paul Cummings

Call Number: BJ1589

The social turn in moral psychology

Mark Fedyk

Call Number: BJ45 .F43 2017eb