November 2019

Classical Newtonian gravity : a comprehensive introduction, with examples and exercises

Author: Roberto A. Capuzzo Dolcetta

Call Number: QB335 .C37 2019

Jan Hendrik Oort : master of the galactic system

Author: Pieter C. van der Kruit

Call Number: QB36.O578 K78 2019

Satellite dynamics and space missions

Author: Giulio Baù, Alessandra Celletti, Cătălin Bogdan Galeș, Giovanni Federico Gronchi, editors

Call Number: QB500.5

Statistics, data mining, and machine learning in astronomy : a practical Python guide for the analysis of survey data [electronic resource]

Author: Željko Ivezić ... [et al.]

Call Number: QB51.3.E43 S8 2014

Evolving theories on the origin of the Moon

Author: Warren D. Cummings

Call Number: QB581 .C86 2019eb

The dynamics of small solar system bodies

Author: Jeremy Wood

Call Number: QB603.R55

The evolving universe and the origin of life : the search for our cosmic roots

Author: by Pekka Teerikorpi, Mauri Valtonen, Kirsi Lehto, Harry Lehto, Gene Byrd, Arthur Chernin

Call Number: QB981

David Bohm : a life dedicated to understanding the quantum world

Author: Olival Freire Junior

Call Number: QC16.B64

Ernst Mach : life, work, influence

Author: Friedrich Stadler, editor

Call Number: QC16.M33

L.I. Mandelstam and his school in physics

Author: Alexander Pechenkin

Call Number: QC16.M34 P43 2019

Applied general relativity : theory and applications in astronomy, celestial mechanics and metrology

Author: Michael H. Soffel, Wen-Biao Han

Call Number: QC173.6 .S65 2019

The special theory of relativity : Einstein's world in new axiomatics

Author: Helmut Günther, Volker Müller

Call Number: QC173.65

Quanta and mind : essays on the connection between quantum mechanics and the consciousness

Author: J. Acacio de Barros, Carlos Montemayor, editors

Call Number: QC174.12

Constructing quantum mechanics. Volume 1, The scaffold : : 1900-1923

Author: Anthony Duncan, Michel Janssen

Call Number: QC174.12 .D86 2019

Statistical mechanics of classical and disordered systems : Luminy, France, August 2018

Author: Veronique Gayrard, Louis-Pierre Arguin, Nicola Kistler, Irina Kourkova, editors

Call Number: QC174.7

Fundamentals and frontiers of the Josephson Effect

Author: Francesco Tafuri, editor

Call Number: QC176.8.T8

Audible geographies in Latin America : sounds of race and place

Author: Dylon Lamar Robbins

Call Number: QC225.7

Gestalten mit Licht und Schatten : licht sehen und verstehen [electronic resource]

Author: Oliver Rausch

Call Number: QC355.3 .R387 2014

Astronomical polarisation from the infrared to gamma rays

Author: Roberto Mignani, Andrew Shearer, Agnieszka Słowikowska, Silvia Zane, editors

Call Number: QC367.3.P65

Lightspeed : the ghostly aether and the race to measure the speed of light

Author: John C.H. Spence

Call Number: QC407 .S64 2020

Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy of delafossite metals

Author: Veronika Sunko

Call Number: QC454.P48

Engineering of scintillation materials and radiation technologies : selected articles of ISMART2018

Author: Mikhail Korzhik, Alexander Gektin, editors

Call Number: QC476.7

Principles and applications of up-converting phosphor technology

Author: Ruifu Yang, editor

Call Number: QC476.7 .P75 2019

Searching for 2D superconductivity in La2--xSrxCuO4 single crystals

Author: Itzik Kapon

Call Number: QC611.92 .K37 2019

Trapping single ions and Coulomb crystals with light fields

Author: Leon Karpa

Call Number: QC702.7.T73 K37 2019

Quantum collisions and confinement of atomic and molecular species, and photons : select proceedings of the 7th Topical Conference of ISAMP 2018

Author: P.C. Deshmukh, E. Krishnakumar, Stephan Fritzsche, M. Krishnamurthy, Sonjoy Majumder, editors

Call Number: QC770

Geophysical data analysis : discrete inverse theory

Author: William Menke

Call Number: QC802.A1 M46 2018eb

Tropical intraseasonal variability and the stochastic skeleton method

Author: Andrew J. Majda [and 4 more]

Call Number: QC994