September 2021

Multimessenger astronomy

Author: John Etienne Beckman

Call Number: QB461 B43 2021

Meteorite mineralogy

Author: Alan E. Rubin, University of California, Los Angeles, Chi Ma, California Institute of Technology

Call Number: QB755 .R83 2021

General relativity : the essentials

Author: Carlo Rovelli

Call Number: QC173.6 .R675 2021

A student's manual for a first course in general relativity

Author: Robert B. Scott

Call Number: QC173.6 .S37 2015

Quantum theory : an information processing approach

Author: Jochen Rau

Call Number: QC174.12

A gentle introduction to homological mirror symmetry

Author: Raf Bocklandt, University of Amsterdam

Call Number: QC174.17.S9 B63 2021

Quantum field theory and critical phenomena

Author: Jean Zinn-Justin

Call Number: QC174.45

Problems in quantum field theory : with fully-worked solutions

Author: François Gelis

Call Number: QC174.45 .G452 2021

Computational statistical physics

Author: Lucas Böttcher, Hans J. Herrmann

Call Number: QC174.8 .B68 2021

Plasmonic catalysis : from fundamentals to applications

Author: edited by Emiliano Cortes and Pedro H.C. Camargo

Call Number: QC176.8.P55 P53 2021

Conversations on quantum gravity

Author: edited by Jácome (Jay) Armas, University of Amsterdam

Call Number: QC178 .C648 2021

The structures of mathematical physics : an introduction

Author: Steven P. Starkovich

Call Number: QC20

The Calabi-Yau landscape : from geometry, to physics, to machine learning

Author: Yang-Hui He

Call Number: QC20.7.M24 H49 2021

The material limits of energy transition : thanatia

Author: Alicia Valero, Antonio Valero, Guiomar Calvo

Call Number: QC318.T47

Quantum optics : taming the quantum

Author: Pierre Meystre

Call Number: QC446.15 .M49 2021

Physics of nonlinear optics

Author: Y. V. G. S. Murti, C. Vijayan

Call Number: QC446.2 .M87 2021eb

Physics and computation

Author: Armond Duwell

Call Number: QC52 .D89 2021

Physics, Structure, and Reality

Author: Jill North

Call Number: QC6 .N67 2021

Superconducting state : mechanisms and materials

Author: Vladimir Z. Kresin, Sergei G. Ovchinnikov, Stuart A. Wolf

Call Number: QC611.92 .K74 2021

Progress in ultrafast intense laser science XVI

Author: Kaoru Yamanouchi, Katsumi Midorikawa, Luis Roso, editors

Call Number: QC689.5.L37 P76 2021

Modern ferrites in engineering : synthesis, processing and cutting-edge applications

Author: Sabrina Arcaro, Janio Venturini

Call Number: QC766.F3 A73 2021

Strongly interacting matter under rotation

Author: Francesco Becattini, Jinfeng Liao, Michael Lisa, editors

Call Number: QC793.5.H32

Climate and culture : multidisciplinary perspectives on a warming world

Author: edited by Giuseppe Feola, Hilary Geoghegan, Alex Arnall

Call Number: QC903 .C438275 2019

Aligning climate change and sustainable development policies in Asia

Author: Hooman Farzaneh, Eric Zusman, Yeora Chae, editors

Call Number: QC903.2.A78 A45 2021

Energy sustainability and climate change in ASEAN

Author: Han Phoumin, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Fukunari Kimura, Jun Arima, editors

Call Number: QC903.2.A785 E44 2021

Cyclones in Southern Africa. Volume 2, Foundational and fundamental topics

Author: Godwell Nhamo, Kaitano Dube, editors

Call Number: QC943.5.A435