May 2019

The International Astronomical Union : uniting the community for 100 years

Author: Johannes Andersen, David Baneke and Claus Madsen

Call Number: QB1.I627 A53 2019

Relativistic geodesy : foundations and applications

Author: Dirk Puetzfeld, Claus Lämmerzahl, editors

Call Number: QB281

Understanding GAIA : a mission to map the galaxy

Author: Gabriella Bernardi and Alberto Vecchiato

Call Number: QB43.3

From protoplanetary disks to planet formation : Saas-Fee advanced course 45 ; Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy

Author: Philip J. Armitage, Wilhelm Kley ; edited by Marc Audard, Michael R. Meyer, Yann Alibert

Call Number: QB466.D58

Critical space infrastructures : risk, resilience and complexity

Author: Alexandru Georgescu, Adrian V. Gheorghe, Marius-Ioan Piso, Polinpapilinho F. Katina

Call Number: QB500.262

Planetary cartography and GIS

Author: Henrik Hargitai, editor

Call Number: QB600.33

Introducing the star : formation, structure and evolution

Author: Martin Beech

Call Number: QB801 .B44 2019

Complex dynamics of glass-forming liquids : a mode-coupling theory

Author: Wolfgang Götze

Call Number: QC145.4.V5 G67 2009eb

Einstein and Heisenberg : the controversy over quantum physics

Author: Konrad Kleinknecht

Call Number: QC15

Wilhelm Conrad Ro·ntgen : the birth of radiology

Author: Gerd Rosenbusch, Annemarie de Knecht-van Eekelen

Call Number: QC16.R66

Applied gas dynamics

Author: Ethirajan Rathakrishnan

Call Number: QC168 .R38 2010eb

Introduction to reactive gas dynamics

Author: Raymond Brun

Call Number: QC168.85.R45 B78 2009eb

31st International Symposium on Shock Waves. 1, Fundamentals

Author: Akihiro Sasoh, Toshiyuki Aoki, Masahide Katayama, editors

Call Number: QC168.85.S45

Classical relaxation phenomenology

Author: Ian M. Hodge

Call Number: QC173.4.R44 H63 2019

The manga guide to relativity [electronic resource]

Author: Hideo Nitta, Masafumi Yamamoto, Keita Takatsu ; Trend-pro Co., Ltd

Call Number: QC173.57 .N5813 2010

General relativity and the Einstein equations

Author: Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat

Call Number: QC173.6 .C474 2009eb

Quantum physics and geometry

Author: editors Edoardo Ballico, Alessandra Bernardi, Iacopo Carusotto, Sonia Mazzucchi and Valter Moretti

Call Number: QC174.12

Quantum reality and theory of Śūnyata

Author: Siddheshwar Rameshwar Bhatt, editor

Call Number: QC174.12

Quantum mechanics : axiomatic theory with modern applications

Author: Nelson Bolivar, PhD, Gabriel Abellán, BSc

Call Number: QC174.12 .B66 2018

Quantum mechanics demystified [electronic resource]

Author: David McMahon

Call Number: QC174.12 .M379 2013

Quantum magnetism, spin waves, and optical cavities

Author: Silvia Viola Kusminskiy

Call Number: QC174.13

Geometric methods in physics XXXVI : Workshop and Summer School, Białowieża, Poland, 2017

Author: Piotr Kielanowski, Anatol Odzijewicz, Emma Previato, editors

Call Number: QC174.17.G46

Manipulation of surface waves through metasurfaces

Author: Mario Junior Mencagli

Call Number: QC174.2

A dynamical perspective on the x4 model : past, present and future

Author: editors, Panayotis G. Kevrekidis and Jesús Cuevas-Maraver

Call Number: QC174.26.W28

Schrödinger equations in nonlinear systems

Author: Wu-Ming Liu, Emmanuel Kengne

Call Number: QC174.26.W28

From classical field theory to perturbative quantum field theory

Author: Michael Dütsch

Call Number: QC174.45

The Dirac equation in curved spacetime : a guide for calculations

Author: Peter Collas, David Klein

Call Number: QC174.45

Statistical mechanics of lattice systems : a concrete mathematical introduction

Author: S. Friedli, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil, Y. Velenik, Université de Genève

Call Number: QC174.8 .F65 2018

Mechanics of biological systems & micro- and nanomechanics. Volume 4 : : proceedings of the 2018 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics

Author: Martha Grady, Majid Minary, La Vern Starman, Jenny Hay, Jacob Notbohm, editors

Call Number: QC176.8.M5 A56 2018

Advanced research in nanosciences for water technology

Author: editors, Ram Prasad and Thirugnanasambandham Karchiyappan

Call Number: QC176.8.N35

Quantum phononics : introduction to ultrafast dynamics of optical phonons

Author: Kazutaka Nakamura

Call Number: QC176.8.P5

The bending theory of fully nonlinear beams

Author: Angelo Marcello Tarantino, Luca Lanzoni and Federico Oyedeji Falope

Call Number: QC191

Master handbook of acoustics

Author: F. Alton Everest, Ken C. Pohlmann

Call Number: QC225.15

Underwater acoustic signal processing : modeling, detection, and estimation

Author: Douglas A. Abraham ; foreword by Martin Siderius

Call Number: QC242.2

Newton and modern physics

Author: Peter Rowlands

Call Number: QC28 .R68 2018

Upgrading physics education to meet the needs of society

Author: editor, Maurício Pietrocola

Call Number: QC30

The statistical foundations of entropy

Author: John D. Ramshaw

Call Number: QC318.E57 R36 2018

Modern lens design [electronic resource]

Author: Warren J. Smith

Call Number: QC385.2.D47 S65 2005

Design and development of optical dispersion characterization systems

Author: Iraj Sadegh Amiri and Masih Ghasemi

Call Number: QC431

Quantum photonics : pioneering advances and emerging applications

Author: Robert W. Boyd, Svetlana G. Lukishova, Victor N. Zadkov, editors

Call Number: QC446.2

An introduction to quantum optics and quantum fluctuations

Author: Peter W. Milonni

Call Number: QC446.2

Characterization of cavitation bubble and sonoluminescence

Author: Rachel Pflieger, Sergey I. Nikitenko, Carlos Cairós, Robert Mettin

Call Number: QC480.2

What is fundamental?

Author: Anthony Aguirre, Brendan Foster, Zeeya Merali, editors

Call Number: QC6

Molecular beam epitaxy : materials and applications for electronics and optoelectronics

Author: edited by Hajime Asahi (ISIR, Osaka University, Japan), Yoshiji Horikoshi (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan)

Call Number: QC611.6.M64 M65 2019

Attosecond and strong-field physics : principles and applications

Author: C.D. Lin (Kansas State University), Anh-Thu Le (Kansas State University), Cheng Jin (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), Hui Wei (Kansas State University)

Call Number: QC689.5.L37 L56 2018

Astrophysical lasers

Author: Vladilen Letokhov, Sveneric Johansson

Call Number: QC689.55.P53 L48 2009eb

Electric potential in toroidal plasmas

Author: A.V. Melnikov ; edited by S.E. Lysenko

Call Number: QC718

The history and science of the Manhattan Project

Author: Bruce Cameron Reed

Call Number: QC773.A1

Emergence of temperature in examples and related nuisances in field theory

Author: Tamás Sándor Biró, Antal Jakovác

Call Number: QC793.3.F5

An introduction to synchrotron radiation : techniques and applications

Author: Philip Willmott

Call Number: QC793.5.E627 W55 2019

Light : the physics of the photon

Author: Ole Keller

Call Number: QC793.5.P42

An introduction to the standard model of particle physics for the non-specialist

Author: Gerald E. Marsh, formerly of Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago

Call Number: QC794.6.S75 M37 2018

On significant applications of geophysical methods : proceedings of the 1st Springer Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (CAJG-1), Tunisia 2018

Author: Narasimman Sundararajan, Mehdi Eshagh, Hakim Saibi, Mustapha Meghraoui, Mansour Al-Garni, Bernard Giroux, editors

Call Number: QC801

Encyclopedia of climate and weather

Call Number: QC854 .E523 2011eb

Mass metrology : the newly defined kilogram

Author: S. V. Gupta

Call Number: QC88 .G87 2019

People and climate change : vulnerability, adaptation, and social justice

Author: edited by Lisa Reyes Mason and Jonathan Rigg

Call Number: QC903 .P444 2019

Confronting climate change in Bangladesh : policy strategies for adaptation and resilience

Author: Saleemul Huq, Jeffrey Chow, Adrian Fenton, Clare Stott, Julia Taub, Helena Wright, editors

Call Number: QC903.2.B3

Urban climate change adaptation in developing countries : policies, projects, and scenarios

Author: Mohsen M. Aboulnaga, Amr F. Elwan, Mohammed R. Elsharouny

Call Number: QC903.2.D44

Socio-economic issues of climate change : a livelihood analysis from Nepal

Author: Luni Piya, Keshav Lall Maharjan, Niraj Prakash Joshi

Call Number: QC903.2.N35

Climate change and coastal resources in Tanzania : studies on socio-ecological systems' vulnerability, resilience and governance

Author: Pius Zebhe Yanda, Ian Bryceson, Haji Mwevura, Claude Gasper Mung'ong'o, editors

Call Number: QC903.2.T34

Hurricane risk

Author: edited by Jennifer M. Collins, Kevin Walsh

Call Number: QC944

Radar polarimetry for weather observations

Author: Alexander V. Ryzhkov, Dusan S. Zrnic

Call Number: QC973.5

Optical waves and laser beams in the irregular atmosphere

Author: edited by N. Blaunstein and N. Kopeika

Call Number: QC975.2 .O67 2018

Urban climates in Latin America

Author: Cristián Henríquez, Hugo Romero, editors

Call Number: QC981.7.U7

Climate change and energy dynamics in the Middle East : modeling and simulation-based solutions

Author: Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, Aymen A. Kayal, editors

Call Number: QC990.M53

Meteorology and climatology of the Mediterranean and Black Seas

Author: edited by Ivica Vilibić, Kristian Horvath, José Luis Palau

Call Number: QC993.8