November 2018

Making time : astronomical time measurement in Tokugawa Japan

Author: Yulia Frumer

Call Number: QB213 .F795 2018eb

Tools of radio astronomy -- problems and solutions

Author: T.L. Wilson, Susanne Hüttemeister

Call Number: QB475

Millimeter astronomy : Saas-Fee advanced course 38

Author: T. L. Wilson, Stéphane Guilloteau ; Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy ; edited by Miroslava Dessauges-Zavadsky, Daniel Pfenniger

Call Number: QB479.4

Low frequency radio observations of galaxy clusters and groups

Author: Thérèse Cantwell

Call Number: QB479.55.R34

Granite skyscrapers : how rock shaped earth and other worlds

Author: David S. Stevenson

Call Number: QB603.G46

Stargazing under suburban skies : a star-hopper's guide

Author: Malcolm Zack, Andrew Gannon, John McRoberts

Call Number: QB63 .Z33 2018

Astrophysics of exoplanetary atmospheres : 2nd advanced school on exoplanetary science

Author: Valerio Bozza, Luigi Mancini, Alessandro Sozzetti, editors

Call Number: QB820 .A38 2017

Lecture notes in cosmology

Author: Oliver Piattella

Call Number: QB981

Cosmological Implications of Quantum Anomalies

Author: Neil David Barrie

Call Number: QB991.Q36

Physics of oscillations and waves : with use of Matlab and Python

Author: Arnt Inge Vistnes

Call Number: QC157

Relativity in modern physics

Author: Nathalie Deruelle, Jean-Philippe Uzan

Call Number: QC173.55 .D47 2018

On graph approaches to contextuality and their role in quantum theory

Author: Barbara Amaral, Marcelo Terra Cunha

Call Number: QC174.12

A first introduction to quantum physics

Author: Pieter Kok

Call Number: QC174.12

Physics of quantum rings

Author: Vladimir M. Fomin, editor

Call Number: QC174.12

Theory of sum frequency generation spectroscopy

Author: Akihiro Morita

Call Number: QC174.17.S77

Superschool on derived categories and d-branes : Edmonton, Canada, July 17-23, 2016

Author: Matthew Ballard, Charles Doran, David Favero, Eric Sharpe, editors

Call Number: QC174.17.S9

Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics

Author: by John von Neumann ; translated from the German by Robert T. Beyer ; edited by Nicholas A. Wheeler

Call Number: QC174.3 .V613 2018eb

Topological quantum matter : a field theoretical perspective

Author: Thomas Klein Kvorning

Call Number: QC174.45

Electrical properties of materials

Author: L. Solymar, D. Walsh, R. R. A. Syms

Call Number: QC176.8.E35 S65 2019

Narrow plasmon resonances in hybrid systems

Author: Philip A. Thomas

Call Number: QC176.8.P55

Nonlinear adiabatic evolution of quantum systems : geometric phase and virtual magnetic monopole

Author: Jie Liu, Sheng-Chang Li, Li-Bin Fu, Di-Fa Ye

Call Number: QC20.7.A34 L58 2018

Kinetics of evaporation

Author: Denis N. Gerasimov, Eugeny I. Yurin

Call Number: QC304 .G47 2018

Out-of-Equilibrium Physics of Correlated Electron Systems

Author: Roberta Citro, Ferdinando Mancini, editors

Call Number: QC318.T47

Classical electrodynamics : a modern perspective

Author: Kurt Lechner

Call Number: QC631

Real-time quantum dynamics of electron-phonon systems

Author: Valerio Rizzi

Call Number: QC680

Resonance enhancement in laser-produced plasmas : concepts and applications

Author: by Rashid A. Ganeev

Call Number: QC718.5.L3

The role of exergy in energy and the environment

Author: Sandro Nižetić, Agis Papadopoulos, editors

Call Number: QC73.8.C6

Nonlinear and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics : PIERS 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 22-25

Author: L. Beilina, Yu. G. Smirnov, editors

Call Number: QC760.4.M37

Dynamic spin fluctuation theory of metallic magnetism

Author: Nikolai B. Melnikov, Boris I. Reser

Call Number: QC761.5

Spinning strings and correlation functions in the AdS/CFT correspondence

Author: Juan Miguel Nieto

Call Number: QC793.3.G38

Quantum chromodynamics sum rules

Author: Cesareo A. Dominguez

Call Number: QC793.3.Q35

Spin dynamics in radical pairs

Author: Alan Lewis

Call Number: QC793.3.S6

Microwave cavities and detectors for axion research : proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop

Author: Gianpaolo Carosi, Gray Rybka, Karl van Bibber, editor

Call Number: QC793.5.B62

Photons : the history and mental models of light quanta

Author: Klaus Hentschel

Call Number: QC793.5.P42

Characterizing space plasmas : a data driven approach

Author: George K. Parks

Call Number: QC809.P5

The Palgrave Handbook of climate history

Author: Sam White, Christian Pfister, Franz Mauelshagen, editors

Call Number: QC855

Drought : science and policy

Author: edited by Dr. Ana Iglesias, Professor Dionysis Assimacopoulos, Dr. Henny A. Van Lanen

Call Number: QC929.24