Political Science

December 2021

30 years on : a reflection on Southeast Asia's fight against Communism during the Cold War years

Author: Daljit Singh an Lye Liang Fook

Call Number: HX395.8.A6 S56 2021

Marxism and the origins of international relations : a hidden history

Author: José Ricardo Villanueva Lira

Call Number: HX550.I5

Universal politics

Author: Ilan Kapoor and Zahi Zalloua

Call Number: JA71 .K37 2022

Environmental movements and politics of the Asian Anthropocene

Author: edited by Paul Jobin, Ming-sho Ho and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

Call Number: JA75.8 .E61 2021

The utopian constellation : future-oriented social and political thought today

Author: Chamsy el-Ojeili

Call Number: JA76 .E4 2020eb

Political thought in Portugal and its empire, c.1500-1800

Author: edited by Pedro Cardim, Nuno Goncalo Monteiro ; Translation: Igor Knezevic with the assistance of Rich Lizardo

Call Number: JA84.P8 P66 2021

Political branding in turbulent times

Author: Mona Moufahim, editor

Call Number: JA85 .P65 2022

Morality and legality of secession : a theory of national self-determination

Author: Pau Bossacoma Busquets

Call Number: JC327 .B67 2020

Identifying the complex causes of civil war : a machine learning approach

Author: Atin Basuchoudhary, James T. Bang, John David, Tinni Sen

Call Number: JC328.5 .B37 2021

Social and civic competencies against radicalization in schools

Author: Marcin Sklad, Mona Irrmischer, Eri Park, Inge Versteegt, Jantine Wignand

Call Number: JC328.6

The Oxford world history of empire. Volume 1, The imperial experience

Author: edited by Peter Fibiger Bang, C.A. Bayly, Walter Scheidel

Call Number: JC359 .O939 2021

Democracy on demand : holding power to account

Author: Matt Qvortrup

Call Number: JC423 .Q86 2021

Liberty and landscape : in search of life chances with Ralf Dahrendorf

Author: Olaf Kühne, Karsten Berr, Corinna Jenal, Kai Schuster

Call Number: JC574 .K84 2021

What is freedom? : conversations with historians, philosophers, and activists

Author: edited by Toby Buckle

Call Number: JC585 .W44 2021

A republican theory of free speech : critical civility

Author: Suzanne Whitten

Call Number: JC591 .W45 2021

Secret government : the pathologies of publicity

Author: Brian Kogelmann

Call Number: JC598 .K64 2022

Human rights and transitional justice in Chile

Author: Hugo Rojas, Miriam Shaftoe

Call Number: JC599.C5 T65 2022

Rethinking human rights and peace in post-independence Timor-Leste through local perspectives

Author: Khoo Ying Hooi, Antero Benedito da Silva, Therese Nguyen Thi Phuong Tam, editors

Call Number: JC599.T56 R48 2022

Popular dictatorships : crises, mass opinion, and the rise of electoral authoritarianism

Author: Aleksandar Matovski, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California

Call Number: JF1001 .M286 2021

Reflective public administration : context, knowledge and methods

Author: edited by J.S. Wessels, J.C. Pauw., X.C. Thani

Call Number: JF1351 .R4623 2014

Intelligence relations in the 21st century

Author: Tom Røseth, John Michael Weaver, editors

Call Number: JF1525.I6 I587 2020

Exploring political legacies

Author: Stephen Farrall, Colin Hay, Emily Gray

Call Number: JF1525.P6

Truth and post-truth in public policy : interpreting the arguments

Author: Frank Fischer

Call Number: JF1525.P6 F57 2021

Life in the middle : marginalized moderate senators in the era of polarization

Author: Neilan S. Chaturvedi

Call Number: JF2051 .C43 2021

Political cleavages and social inequalities : a study of fifty democracies, 1948-2020

Author: [edited by] Amory Gethin, Clara Martínez-Toledano, Thomas Piketty

Call Number: JF2071 .C5513 2021

Comparing cabinets : dilemmas of collective government

Author: Patrick Weller, Dennis C. Grube, and R. A. W. Rhodes

Call Number: JF331 .W45 2021

Democratic resilience : can the United States withstand rising polarization?

Author: edited by Robert C. Lieberman, Johns Hopkins University, Suzanne Mettler, Cornell University, Kennneth M. Roberts, Cornell University

Call Number: JK1726 .D457 2022

Trust in government agencies in the time of COVID-19

Author: Scott E. Robinson [and six others]

Call Number: JK1764 .R63 2021

Deplorable : the worst presidential campaigns from Jefferson to Trump

Author: Mary E. Stuckey

Call Number: JK524 .S88 2021

Origins of the mass party : dispossession and the party-form in Mexico and Bolivia

Author: Edwin F. Ackerman

Call Number: JL1298.R45 A35 2022

Patronage at work : public jobs and political services in Argentina

Author: Virginia Oliveros

Call Number: JL2081 .O44 2021

Populist governance in Brazil : Bolsonaro in theoretical and comparative perspective

Author: Carina Barbosa Gouvêa, Pedro H. Villas Bôas Castelo Branco

Call Number: JL2481 .G68 2022

The modern British party system

Author: Paul Webb and Tim Bale

Call Number: JN1121 .W43 2021

Contentious episodes in the age of austerity : studying the dynamics of government-challenger interactions

Author: edited by Abel Bojar, Theresa Gessler, Swen Hutter, Hanspeter Kriesi

Call Number: JN30 .C5795 2021

The European Union and the return of the nation state : interdisciplinary European studies

Author: Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Karin Leijon, Anna Michalski, Lars Oxelheim, editors

Call Number: JN30 .E87 2020

Europe's transformations : essays in honour of Loukas Tsoukalis

Author: edited by Helen Wallace, Nikos Koutsiaras and George Pagoulatos

Call Number: JN30 .E97 2021

Prussian conservatism 1815-1856 : ecclesiastical origins and political strategies

Author: Laura Claudia Achtelstetter

Call Number: JN4445 .A35 2021

Reason and experience in Renaissance Italy

Author: Christine Shaw

Call Number: JN5231 .S53 2022

The new Kremlinology : understanding regime personalization in Russia

Author: Alexander Baturo and Jos Elkink

Call Number: JN6695

Malay politics : parlous condition, continuing problems

Author: Khoo Boo Teik

Call Number: JQ1062.A58 K46 2020

From Pakatan Harapan to Perikatan Nasional : a mssed opportunity for reforms for East Malaysia?

Author: Anantha Raman Govindasamy

Call Number: JQ1062.A58 R36 2021

Federal-state relations under the Pakatan Harapan government

Author: Tricia Yeoh

Call Number: JQ1062.A58 Y46 2020

Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) : unifier of the Ummah?

Author: Wan Saiful Wan Jan

Call Number: JQ1062.A98 S25 2020

Will Pakatan Harapan's hold on Selangor continue?

Author: Tricia Yeoh

Call Number: JQ1062.S45 Y46 2021

Political stability, democracy and agenda dynamics in Turkey

Author: Alper T. Bulut and T. Murat Yildirim

Call Number: JQ1807.9.P53 B85 2020

Revolutionary life : the everyday of the Arab Spring

Author: Asef Bayat

Call Number: JQ1850.A91 B38 2021

The Arab Spring abroad : diaspora activism against authoritarian regimes

Author: Dana M. Moss

Call Number: JQ1850.A91 M68 2022

New public management in Africa : contemporary issues

Author: Robert E. Hinson [and five others], editors

Call Number: JQ1875 .N48 2022

Governance, human rights, and political transformation in Africa

Author: edited by Michael Addaney, Michael Gyan Nyarko, Elsabé Boshoff

Call Number: JQ1879.A15 G68 2020

Openness in practice : understanding attitudes to open government data

Author: Suneel Jethani, Dale Leorke

Call Number: JQ4029.S4 J38 2021

Political marketing and management in the 2020 New Zealand general election

Author: Edward Elder, Jennifer Lees-Marshment, editors

Call Number: JQ5892

Masks of authoritarianism : hegemony, power and public life in Bangladesh

Author: Arild Engelsen Ruud, Mubashar Hasan, editors

Call Number: JQ633.5.A58

From grassroots activism to disinformation : social media in Southeast Asia

Author: edited by Aim Sinpeng, Ross Tapsell

Call Number: JQ750.A58 F76 2021

Party mergers in Myanmar : a new development

Author: Su Mon Thant

Call Number: JQ751.A979 T43 2020

Alternatives in development : local politics and NGOs in China and India

Author: Liyiyu, Abhijit Dasgupta

Call Number: JS7353.A8

Money matters in migration : policy, participation, and citizenship

Author: edited by Tesseltje de Lange, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Willem Maas, York University, Toronto, Annette Schrauwen, University of Amsterdam

Call Number: JV6217 .M58 2021

Escape from Lubumbashi : a refugee's journey on foot to teunite her family

Author: Estelle Neethling

Call Number: JV8882 .N44 2019

Opposing Australia's first assisted immigrants, 1832-42

Author: Melanie Burkett

Call Number: JV9124 .B87 2021

Theorizing world orders : cognitive evolution and beyond

Author: edited by Piki Ish-Shalom, Markus Kornprobst, Vincent Pouliot

Call Number: JZ1242 .T44 2021

Diplomacy, organisations and citizens : a European communication perspective

Author: Sónia Pedro Sebastião, Susana de Carvalho Spínola, editors

Call Number: JZ1305

The story of international relations. Part one : : cold -blooded idealists

Author: Jo-Anne Pemberton

Call Number: JZ1305 .P46 2020

Cosmopolitanism as nonrelationism : who is cosmopolitan now?

Author: Barbara Elisabeth Müller

Call Number: JZ1308

Partial hegemony : oil politics and international order

Author: Jeffrey D. Colgan

Call Number: JZ1480 .C645 2021

Minding the grassroots : celebrating 70 years of Sino-Indonesia relations amid the coronavirus pandemic

Author: Ardhitya Eduard Yeremia and Klaus Heinrich Raditio

Call Number: JZ1730.A57 I64 2020

Flying blind : Vietnam's decision to join ASEAN

Author: Nguyen Vu Tung

Call Number: JZ1769.A57 S69 2021

The NGO moment : the globalisation of compassion from Biafra to Live Aid

Author: Kevin O'Sullivan

Call Number: JZ4841 .O78 2021

Peacebuilding and the arts

Author: edited by Jolyon Mitchell, Giselle Vincett, Theodora Hawksley and Hal Culbertson

Call Number: JZ5538 .P43 2020

Tranforming security : a new balance-of-power doctrine

Author: Ursula Werther-Pietsch

Call Number: JZ5588 .W47 2022

Bringing global governance home : NGO mediation in the BRICS states

Author: Laura A. Henry, Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom

Call Number: JZ6045 .H46 2021

Incredible commitments : how UN peacekeeping failures shape peace processes

Author: Anjali Kaushlesh Dayal, Fordham University

Call Number: JZ6374 .D39 2021