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Political Science

Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Modernism in the streets : a life and times in essays

Marshall Berman ; edited by David Marcus and Shellie Sclan

Call Number: HX523 .B49 2017

Dystopia : a natural history

Gregory Claeys

Call Number: HX806

Building state capability : evidence, analysis, action

Matt Andrews, Lant Pritchett, and Michael Woolcock

Call Number: JA

Interpretation in political theory

edited by Sean Noah Walsh and Clement Fatovic

Call Number: JA71 .I578 2017

Researching the polity : a handbook of scope and methods

Laurence F. Jones, Edward C. Olson

Call Number: JA71 .J595 2005

Researching the polity : a handbook of scope and methods : workbook

Laurence F. Jones, Edward C. Olson

Call Number: JA71 .J595 2005 wkbk

This is political philosophy : an introduction

Alex Tuckness and Clark Wolf

Call Number: JA71 .T83 2017

Engaging nature : environmentalism and the political theory canon

Peter Cannavò and Joseph H. Lane, Jr., editors ; foreword by John Barry

Call Number: JA75.8 .E56 2014eb

Politics and social theory : the inescapably social, the irreducibly political

Will Leggett

Call Number: JA76 .L429 2017

Small Powers and Trading Security

Call Number: JA77

Governance in turbulent times

Christopher K. Ansell

Call Number: JA78

Political ideologies and the democratic ideal

Terence Ball, Arizona State University, Richard Dagger, University of Richmond, Daniel I. O'Neil, University of Florida

Call Number: JA81 .B25 2017

The ideological origins of the American Revolution

Bernard Bailyn

Call Number: JA84.U5 B3 2017

The language of fear : communicating threat in public discourse

Piotr Cap

Call Number: JA85 .C384 2017

Twitter and elections around the world : campaigning in 140 characters or less

edited by Richard Davis, Christina Holtz-Bacha, and Marion R. Just

Call Number: JA85 .T85 2017

Plutarch's politics : between city and empire

Hugh Liebert (US Military Academy, West Point, New York)

Call Number: JC71.P7 L53 2016

Res publica and the Roman republic : 'without body or form'

Louise Hodgson

Call Number: JC88

Nationalism and the multination state

Alain Dieckhoff ; translated by Cynthia Schoch

Call Number: JC311

Rebel power : why national movements compete, fight, and win

Peter Krause

Call Number: JC311 .K736 2017

The complexity of self government : politics from the bottom up

Ruth Lane

Call Number: JC327 .L24 2017

Cities of power : the urban, the national, the popular, the global

Göran Therborn

Call Number: JC352 .T465 2017

Deliberation across deeply divided societies : transformative moments

Jürg Steiner, Maria Clara Jaramillo, Rousiley C. M. Maia, Simona Mameli

Call Number: JC423 .S8484 2017

The Corporate Commonwealth : Pluralism and Political Fictions in England, 1516-1651

Call Number: JC478

Welfare state transformations and inequality in OECD countries

Melike Wulfgramm, Tonia Bieber, Stephan Leibfried, editors

Call Number: JC479 .W45215 2016

Against the fascist creep

Alexander Reid Ross

Call Number: JC481 .R67 2017

Cuba's revolutionary world

Jonathan C. Brown

Call Number: JC491 .B79 2017

Human rights and cultural diversity : core issues and cases

Andrew Fagan

Call Number: JC571 .F343 2017

Understanding contemporary American conservatism

Joel D. Aberbach

Call Number: JC573.2.U6 A25 2017

The limits of neoliberalism : authority, sovereignty and the logic of competition

William Davies ; with Foreword by Aditya Chakrabortty

Call Number: JC574 .D39 2017

Liberals and cannibals : the implications of diversity

Steven Lukes

Call Number: JC574 .L54 2017

Selfish libertarians and socialist conservatives? : the foundations of the libertarian-conservative debate

Nathan W. Schlueter and Nikolai G. Wenzel

Call Number: JC585 .S337 2017

Privacy and security in the digital age

Anne Cunningham, book editor

Call Number: JC596.U5 P76 2017

States in the developing world

Miguel Centeno, Princeton University ; Atul Kohli, Princeton University ; Deborah J. Yashar, Princeton University ; with Dinsha Mistree, Stanford University

Call Number: JF60 .C46 2017

Debating Scotland : issues of independence and union in the 2014 referendum

edited by Michael Keating

Call Number: JF497.G7 D43 2017

Why politics matter : making democracy work

Gerry Stoker

Call Number: JF799 .S685 2017

A democratic bearing : admirable citizens, uneven injustice, and critical theory

Stephen K. White, University of Virginia

Call Number: JF799 .W56 2017

Electronic voting : first International Joint Conference, E-Vote-ID 2016, Bregenz, Austria, October 18-21, 2016, proceedings

Robert Krimmer, Melanie Volkamer, Jordi Barrat, Josh Benaloh, Nicole Goodman, Peter Y. A. Ryan, Vanessa Teague (eds.)

Call Number: JF1032

The corruption cure : how citizens and leaders can combat graft

Robert I. Rotberg

Call Number: JF1081 .R683 2017

Analytics, policy, and governance

edited by Jennifer Bachner, Benjamin Ginsberg, and Kathryn Wagner Hill

Call Number: JF1351 .A535 2017

Managing digital governance : issues, challenges, and solutions

Yu-Che Chen

Call Number: JF1525.A8 C454 2017

Debating reform : conflicting perspectives on how to fix the American political system

Richard J. Ellis and Michael Nelson, Willamette University Rhodes College

Call Number: JK274 .D398 2017

What American government does

Stan Luger, Brian Waddell

Call Number: JK275 .L84 2017


Call Number: JK275 .W75 2017

The one percent solution : how corporations are remaking America one state at a time

Gordon Lafer

Call Number: JK467 .L34 2017

Captured : the corporate infiltration of American democracy

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse ; with Melanie Wachtell Stinnett

Call Number: JK467 .W54 2017

Social media for government : a practical guide to understanding, implementing, and managing social media tools in the public sphere

Gohar F. Khan

Call Number: JK468.A8

Democracy betrayed : the rise of the surveillance security state

William W. Keller

Call Number: JK468.I6 K376 2017

Intelligence : from secrets to policy

Mark M. Lowenthal

Call Number: JK468.I6 L65 2017

The CIA as organized crime : how illegal operations corrupt America and the world

by Douglas Valentine

Call Number: JK486.I6 V35 2017

The dual executive : unilateral orders in a separated and shared political system

Michelle Belco and Brandon Rottinghaus

Call Number: JK516 .B397 2017

Debating the presidency : conflicting perspectives on the American executive

Richard J. Ellis, Willamette University, Michael Nelson, Rhodes College, editors

Call Number: JK516 .D43 2018

The imperiled presidency : leadership challenges in the twenty-first century

G. Calvin Mackenzie

Call Number: JK516 .M274 2017

US presidential elections and foreign policy : candidates, campaigns, and global politics from FDR to Bill Clinton

edited by Andrew Johnstone and Andrew Priest

Call Number: JK524 .U63 2017

Two paths : America divided or united

John Kasich with Daniel Paisner

Call Number: JK526 2016 .K37 2017

The gatekeepers : how the White House Chiefs of Staff define every presidency

Chris Whipple

Call Number: JK552 .W55 2017

Trailblazing African American public administrators

Beverly C. Edmond and Ron W. Finnell

Call Number: JK723.A34 E35 2017


Call Number: JK1021 .M394 2017

More than a feeling : personality, polarization, and the transformation of the U.S. Congress

Adam J. Ramey, Jonathan D. Klingler, Gary E. Hollibaugh, Jr

Call Number: JK1021 .R36 2017

Agenda crossover : the influence of state delegations in Congress

Sarah A. Treul

Call Number: JK1021 .T74 2017

From inclusion to influence : latino representation in Congress and Latino political incorporation in America

Walter Clark Wilson

Call Number: JK1321.H57 W55 2017

Campaigns on the cutting edge

editor, Richard J. Semiatin, American University

Call Number: JK2281 .C37 2017

The National States Rights Party : a history

Michael Newton

Call Number: JK2391.N396 N48 2017

Steep : the Precipitous Rise of the Tea Party

[edited by] Lawrence Rosenthal and Christine Trost

Call Number: JK2391.T43

Tea party women : mama grizzlies, grassroots leaders, and the changing face of the American right

Melissa Deckman

Call Number: JK2391.T43 D43 2016eb

Why states matter : an introduction to state politics

Gary F. Moncrief and Peverill Squire

Call Number: JK2408 .M64 2017

Soft corruption : how unethical conduct undermines good government and what to do about it

William E. Schluter

Call Number: JK3545 .S45 2017

The European Union : politics and policies

Jonathan Olsen, Texas Woman's University, John McCormick, John McCormic, Indian University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Call Number: JN30 .M37 2017

Constitutional preferences and parliamentary reform : explaining national parliaments' adaptation to European integration

Thomas Winzen

Call Number: JN30 .W57 2017

Russian politics and presidential power : transformational leadership from Gorbachev to Putin

Donald R. Kelley

Call Number: JN6696 .K45 2017

Why democracy deepens : political information and decentralization in India

Anoop Sadanandan, Syracuse University, New York

Call Number: JQ231 .S3255 2017

Votes, Parties, and Seats : a Quantitative Analysis of Indian Parliamentary Elections, 1962-2014

Call Number: JQ292

China's governance puzzle : enabling transparency and participation in a single-party state

Jonathan R. Stromseth, Edmund J. Malesky, and Dimitar D. Gueorguiev ; with Lai Hairong, Wang XiXin, and Carl Brinton

Call Number: JQ1509.5.T69 S77 2017

Sustaining conflict : apathy and domination in Israel-Palestine

Katherine Natanel

Call Number: JQ1830.A91 N37 2016eb

Bullets and bulletins : media and politics in the wake of the Arab uprisings

Mohamed Aayani and Suzi Mirgani

Call Number: JQ1850.A91

The cultural defense of nations : a liberal theory of majority rights

Liav Orgad

Call Number: JV6035 .O74 2015

Spanish legacies : the coming of age of the second generation

Alejandro Portes, Rosa Aparicio, and William Haller

Call Number: JV6344 .P67 2016eb

Border walls gone green : nature and anti-immigrant politics in America

John Hultgren

Call Number: JV6456 .H85 2015

Expelling the poor : Atlantic Seaboard states and the nineteenth-century origins of American immigration policy

Hidetaka Hirota

Call Number: JV6483

Deportation : the origins of U.S. policy

Torrie Hester

Call Number: JV6483 .H46 2017

The politics of immigration : partisanship, demographic change, and American national identity

Tom K. Wong

Call Number: JV6483 .W67 2017

Defectives in the land : disability and immigration in the age of eugenics

Douglas C. Baynton

Call Number: JV6485 .B395 2016eb

The INS on the line : making immigration law on the US-Mexico border, 1917-1954

S. Deborah Kang

Call Number: JV6565

Who is worthy of protection? : gender-based asylum and US immigration politics

Meghana Nayak

Call Number: JV6601 .N38 2015

International migration, transnational politics and conflict : the gendered experiences of Colombian migrants in Europe

Anastasia Bermudez

Call Number: JV7481 .B47 2016

Migration and Social Remittances in a Global Europe

Call Number: JV7590

Transprofessional diplomacy

by Costas M. Constantinou, Noé Cornago, and Fiona McConnell

Call Number: JX1635 .C67 2017

Norms without the great powers : international law and changing social standards in world politics

Adam Bower

Call Number: JZ1242

The globalization of international society

edited by Tim Dunne and Christian Reus-Smit

Call Number: JZ1242

Plural international relations in a divided world

Stephen Chan

Call Number: JZ1305 .C433 2017

The vulnerable subject : beyond rationalism in international relations

edited by Amanda Russell Beattie and Kate Schick

Call Number: JZ1305 .V85 2013

Internationalisms : a twentieth-century history

edited by Glenda Sluga, University of Sydney, Patricia Clavin, University of Oxford

Call Number: JZ1308 .I585 2017

Globalization and migration : a world in motion

Eliot Dickinson

Call Number: JZ1318 .D536 2017

Globalization : debunking the myths

Lui Hebron and John F. Stack Jr

Call Number: JZ1318 .H427 2017

The sociology of globalization

Luke Martell

Call Number: JZ1318 .M37 2016

Globalization in world history

Peter N. Stearns

Call Number: JZ1318 .S73 2016

Logics of American foreign policy : theories of America's world role

Patrick Callahan

Call Number: JZ1480 .C35 2004

Red line : American foreign policy in a time of fractured politics and failing states

P.J. Crowley

Call Number: JZ1480 .C78 2017

U.S. foreign policy and the politics of apology

Loramy Gerstbauer

Call Number: JZ1480 .G47 2017

United States foreign policy : politics beyond the water's edge

Donald M. Snow

Call Number: JZ1480 .S55 2005

The United Nations in international history

Amy L. Sayward

Call Number: JZ4984.5 .S29 2017

The United Nations and changing world politics

Thomas G. Weiss, the CUNY Graduate Center, David P. Forsythe, University of Nebraska, Roger A. Coate, Georgia College, Kelly-Kate Pease, Webster University

Call Number: JZ4984.5 .U5385 2017

The United Nations in the 21st century

Karen A. Mingst, Margaret P. Karns, and Alynna J. Lyon

Call Number: JZ5005 .M56 2017

Critical peace education and global citizenship : narratives from the unofficial curriculum

Rita Verma

Call Number: JZ5534 .V47 2017

The women in blue helmets : gender, policing, and the UN's first all-female peacekeeping unit

Lesley J. Pruitt

Call Number: JZ5578 .P78 2016

People power : fighting for peace from the first world war to the present c Lyn Smith ; with a foreword by Sheila Hancock

Call Number: JZ5584.G7 S65 2017

International and regional security

Benjamin Miller

Call Number: JZ5588 .M53 2017

Practical tools for plant and food biosecurity : results from a European Network of Excellence.

Maria Lodovica Gullino, James P. Stack, Jacqueline Fletcher, John D. Mumford, editors

Call Number: JZ5865.B56

Biosecurity dilemmas : dreaded diseases, ethical responses, and the health of nations

Christian Enemark

Call Number: JZ5865.B56 E54 2017

A rock between hard places : Afghanistan as an arena of regional insecurity

Kristian Berg Harpviken and Shahrbanou Tadjbaksh

Call Number: JZ6009

When conflict resolution fails : an alternative to negotiation and dialogue : engaging radical disagreement in intractable conflicts

Oliver Ramsbotham

Call Number: JZ6010 .R263 2017

Whose peace? : local ownership and United Nations peacekeeping

Sarah B.K. von Billerbeck

Call Number: JZ6374