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Political Science

Items Acquired in February 2017 for the University Libraries

The reinvention of populist rhetoric in the digital age : insiders & outsiders in democratic politics [electronic resource]

Call Number: JA71

U.S. political stats

Call Number: JA71.7 .U6

Development Aid and Sustainable Economic Growth in Africa [electronic resource]

Call Number: JA77

Security, Race, Biopower : Essays on Technology and Corporeality [electronic resource]

Call Number: JA80

Global powers of horror : security, politics, and the body in pieces

François Debrix

Call Number: JA80 .D44 2017

The politics and philosophy of Chinese power : the timeless and the timely

R. James Ferguson and Rosita Dellios

Call Number: JA84.C6 F47 2017

Field experiments in political science and public policy : practical lessons in design and delivery

Peter John

Call Number: JA86 .J58 2017

Gilded cage

Vic James

Call Number: JAMES

Plato's Statesman : dialectic, myth, and politics

edited by John Sallis

Call Number: JC71.P314 P53 2017

The shape of the Roman order : the republic and its spaces

Daniel J. Gargola

Call Number: JC83 .G37 2017

Eurasian borderlands : spatializing borders in the aftermath of state collapse

Call Number: JC323

Civil wars : a history in ideas

David Armitage

Call Number: JC328.5 .A75 2017

Non-democratic politics : authoritarianism, dictatorship, and democratization

Xavier Márquez

Call Number: JC480 .M37 2017

The international politics of authoritarian rule

Oisín Tansey

Call Number: JC480 .T36 2016

Egalitarian rights recognition : a political theory of human rights [electronic resource]

Matt Hann

Call Number: JC571

Community, scale, and regional governance : a postfunctionalist theory of governance.

Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks

Call Number: JF197


Call Number: JF229 .B28 2016

Public Accountability and Health Care Governance : Public Management Reforms Between Austerity and Democracy

edited by Paola Mattei

Call Number: JF1525.P6

Business Improvement Districts in the United States : Private Government and Public Consequences

Call Number: JF1525.P6

Public Sector Performance and Development Cooperation in Rwanda : Results-based Approaches

Call Number: JF1525.P6

How America lost its secrets : Edward Snowden, the man and the theft

Edward Jay Epstein

Call Number: JF1525.W45 E67 2017

The art of being free : how Alexis de Tocqueville can save us from ourselves

James Poulos

Call Number: JK216.T7193 P68 2017

Brookings big ideas for America

Michael E. O'Hanlon, editor

Call Number: JK526 2016 .B7 2017

Un-democratic acts : new departures for dialogues in society and schools

Charles Lowery, Anthony Walker, and Cornell Thomas

Call Number: JK1726

Neocitizenship : political culture after democracy

Eva Cherniavsky

Call Number: JK1726 .C43 2017

The Politics of Emotions, Candidates, and Choices

Call Number: JK1967

Governing in a polarized age : elections, parties and political representation in America

Alan S. Gerber, Yale University ; Eric Schickler, University of California, Berkeley

Call Number: JK1976 .G66 2017

Strategic party government : why winning Trumps ideology

Gregory Koger, Matthew J. Lebo

Call Number: JK2265 .K644 2016

Popular Sovereignty and Constituent Power in Latin America : Democracy from Below [electronic resource]

Call Number: JL956.S8

The Political System of Brazil

Call Number: JL2431

Attitudes towards Europe beyond euroscepticism : supporting the European Union through the crisis

Danilo Di Mauro, Vincenzo Memoli

Call Number: JN30

The Impact of Europeanization on Minority Communities

by Katharina Crepaz

Call Number: JN34.7

Governance and security issues of the European Union : challenges ahead [electronic resource]

Call Number: JN40

Mobile Media, Political Participation, and Civic Activism in Asia : Private Chat to Public Communication

Call Number: JQ36

Democratic transitions in the Arab world

edited by Ibrahim Elbadawi and Samir Makdisi

Call Number: JQ1850.A91 D464 2017

The local in governance : politics, decentralization, and environment

Satyajit Singh

Call Number: JS7011 .S28 2016

The Limits of Settler Colonial Reconciliation : Non-indigenous People and the Responsibility to Engage

Call Number: JV305

Migration matters : mobility in a globalising world

Gurucharan Gollerkeri, Natasha Chhabra

Call Number: JV6035 .G65 2016

Diversity and contact : immigration and social interaction in German cities [electronic resource]

Call Number: JV8025.2

Autonomy and negotiation in foreign policy : the Beagle Channel crisis

Andres Villar Gertner

Call Number: JX1531.Z7


Call Number: JZ1305

The return of the theorists : dialogues with great thinkers in international relations

edited by Richard Ned Lebow (King's College London, UK), Peer Schouten (Danish Institute for International Studies, Denmark) and Hidemi Suganami (Aberystwyth University, UK)

Call Number: JZ1305 .R462 2016

Violence and civilization in the Western states-systems

Andrew Linklater

Call Number: JZ1316 .L56 2016

Transnational governance and South American politics : the political economy of norms

Call Number: JZ1324

Security in shared neighbourhoods : foreign policy of Russia, Turkey and the EU

edited by Remi Piet, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Diplomacy and International Political Economy, Qatar University, Qatar, and Licinia Simao, Assistant Professor in International Relations, School of Economics of the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Call Number: JZ1616 .S43 2016

States in Disguise : Causes of State Support for Rebel Groups

Belgin San-Akca

Call Number: JZ4059 .S36 2016

NGOs, Social Capital and Community Empowerment in Bangladesh

Call Number: JZ4841

International security and peacebuilding : Africa, the Middle East, and Europe

edited by Abu Bakarr Bah

Call Number: JZ5588 .I5774 2017

Nuclear Non-proliferation in International Law. Volume III, Legal Aspects of the Use of Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Purposes

Call Number: JZ5675