Political Science

January 2020

The Statesman's year-book

Call Number: JA51 .S7

Hind swaraj and other writings

Author: M.K. Gandhi ; edited by Anthony Parel

Call Number: JA71 .G255 2009

Metaphors of Brexit : no cherries on the cake?

Author: Jonathan Charteris-Black

Call Number: JA85.2.G7 C53 2019

Political science pedagogy : a critical, radical and utopian perspective

Author: William W. Sokoloff

Call Number: JA86 .S65 2020eb

Everyday resistance : French activism in the 21st century

Author: edited by Bruno Frère, Marc Jacquemain

Call Number: JC328.3

The MacKenzie moment and imperial history : essays in honour of John M. MacKenzie

Author: Stephanie Barczewski, Martin Farr, editors

Call Number: JC359 .M33 2019

The challenges of creating democracies in the Americas : the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Guatemala

Author: Alex Roberto Hybel ; with Zander Weisman Mintz and Elise Hope Dunn

Call Number: JC421 .H93 2020

Experts and the will of the people : society, populism and science

Author: Harry Collins, Robert Evans, Darrin Durant, Martin Weinel

Call Number: JC423 .C65 2020eb

The weariness of democracy : confronting the failure of liberal democracy

Author: Obed Frausto, Jason Powell, Sarah Vitale, editors

Call Number: JC423 .W43 2020

Authoritarian populism and liberal democracy

Author: edited by Ivor Crewe, David Sanders

Call Number: JC480

The rise of authoritarianism in the western Balkans

Author: Florian Bieber

Call Number: JC480 .B54 2020

Neoliberalism in context : governance, subjectivity and knowledge

Author: Simon Dawes, Marc Lenormand, editors

Call Number: JC574

Contestations of liberal order : the West in crisis?

Author: Marko Lehti, Henna-Riikka Pennanen, Jukka Jouhki, editors

Call Number: JC574

Reimagining administrative justice : human rights in small places

Author: Margaret Doyle, Nick O'Brien

Call Number: JC578

Data privacy and GDPR handbook

Author: Sanjay Sharma

Call Number: JC596

The turnout myth : voting rates and partisan outcomes in American national elections

Author: Daron R. Shaw and John R. Petrocik

Call Number: JF1001

Quality of governance : values and violations

Author: Hester Paanakker, Adam Masters, Leo Huberts, editors

Call Number: JF1351

Democracy beyond elections : government accountability in the media age

Author: Gergana Dimova

Call Number: JF1525.A26 D56 2020eb

Personnel management in government agencies and nonprofit organizations

Author: Dennis L. Dresang

Call Number: JF1601 .D7 2017

Brexit : causes and consequences

Author: Rudolf G. Adam ; English text revised by Gill Mertens

Call Number: JF497.G7 A3313 2020

Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood : self, society and the state

Author: Mustafa Menshawy

Call Number: JF799

Lowering the voting age to 16 : learning from real experiences worldwide

Author: Jan Eichhorn, Johannes Bergh, editors

Call Number: JF841

Mobilization, representation, and responsiveness in the American democracy

Author: edited by Michael T. Oswald

Call Number: JK1726 .M63 2020

And yet they persisted : how American women won the right to vote

Author: Johanna Neuman

Call Number: JK1896 .N48 2020eb

When women won the vote : the final decade, 1910-1920

Author: Sandra Opdycke

Call Number: JK1896 .O97 2020

The roads to congress 2018 : American elections in the Trump era

Author: editors, Sean D. Foreman, Marcia L. Godwin and Walter Clark Wilson

Call Number: JK1968 2016 .F67 2020

The future of election administration

Author: editors, Mitchell Brown, Kathleen Hale and Bridgett A. King

Call Number: JK1976

Donald Trump and New Hampshire politics

Author: Christopher J. Galdieri

Call Number: JK2075.N4

Ideas of power : the politics of American party ideology development

Author: Verlan Lewis

Call Number: JK2261 .L49 2019

How America compares

Author: Rodney Tiffen, Anika Gauja, Brendon O'Connor, Ross Gittins, David Smith

Call Number: JK275

Human capital : tools and strategies for the public sector

Author: Sally Coleman Selden

Call Number: JK421 .S45 2009

Participatory citizenship and crisis in contemporary Brazil

Author: Valesca Lima

Call Number: JL2483 .L56 2020eb

Britain's Conservative Right since 1945 : traditional Toryism in a cold climate

Author: Kevin Hickson

Call Number: JN1129.C7 H53 2020eb

The French Parliament and the European Union : backbenchers blues

Author: Olivier Rozenberg

Call Number: JN2863

Re:generation Europe : ten proposals for another Europe

Author: Floris de Witte

Call Number: JN30

Mapping the influencers in EU policies

Author: Dan Luca

Call Number: JN30

Challenging European citizenship : ideas and realities in contrast

Author: Agustín José Menéndez, Espen D.H. Olsen

Call Number: JN30

The European Union in a changing world order : interdisciplinary European studies

Author: edited by Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Niklas Bremberg, Anna Michalski, Lars Oxelheim

Call Number: JN30

Exiting the European Union : legal procedure, dimensions and implications

Author: by Manolis Perakis

Call Number: JN30 .P47 2019

The state of the European Union : fault lines in European integration

Author: editors Stefanie Wöhl, Elisabeth Springler, Martin Pachel and Bernhard Zeilinger

Call Number: JN30 .S73 2020eb

'Moral power' of the European Union in the south Caucasus

Author: Syuzanna Vasilyan

Call Number: JN30 .V37 2020eb

European e-democracy in practice

Author: Leonhard Hennen, Ira van Keulen, Iris Korthagen, Georg Aichholzer, Ralf Lindner, Rasmus Øjvind Nielsen, editors

Call Number: JN40

Political and cultural aspects of Greek exoticism

Author: edited by Panayis Panagiotopoulos, Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos

Call Number: JN5016

Russia, EU and the post-Soviet democratic failure

Author: by Bidzina Lebanidze

Call Number: JN6699.A15

Baltic-Black Sea regionalisms : patchworks and networks at Europe's Eastern margins

Author: Olga Bogdanova, Andrey Makarychev, editors

Call Number: JN6729.A38 R43 2020eb

Political culture in the Baltic States : between national and european integration

Author: Kjetil Duvold, Sten Berglund, Joakim Ekman

Call Number: JN6729.A91

The ideal of parliament in Europe since 1800

Author: Remieg Aerts, Carla van Baalen, Henk te Velde, Margit van der Steen, Marie-Luise Recker, editors

Call Number: JN8 .I34 2019eb

Classifying elections in Britain

Author: Christopher Kirkland

Call Number: JN956

Party leaders in Eastern Europe : personality, behavior and consequences

Author: Sergiu Gherghina, editor

Call Number: JN96.A979

Stabilising the contemporary Middle East and North Africa : regional actors and new approaches

Author: Victor Gervais, Saskia van Genugten, editors

Call Number: JQ1758.A58 S73 2020eb

Arab Spring : modernity, identity and change

Author: edited by Eid Mohamed, Dalia Fahmy

Call Number: JQ1850.A91

Legislative development in Africa : politics and postcolonial legacies

Author: Ken Ochieng' Opalo

Call Number: JQ1877 .O63 2019

Election Commission of India : Institutionalising democratic uncertainties

Author: Ujjwal Kumar Singh and Anupama Roy

Call Number: JQ292 .S56 2019

Party proliferation and political contestation in Africa : Senegal in comparative perspective

Author: Catherine Lena Kelly

Call Number: JQ3396.A979 K45 2020eb

The Indo-Pacific : Trump, China, and the new struggle for global mastery

Author: Richard Javad Heydarian

Call Number: JQ5995

The Dutch empire between ideas and practice, 1600-2000

Author: René Koekkoek, Anne-Isabelle Richard, Arthur Weststeijn, editors

Call Number: JV2527 .D88 2019eb

Questioning indigenous-settler relations : interdisciplinary perspectives

Author: Sarah Maddison, Sana Nakata, editors

Call Number: JV305 .Q84 2020

Justice, migration, and mercy

Author: Michael Blake

Call Number: JV6271 .B53 2020

Migration, borders and citizenship : between policy and public spheres

Author: Maurizio Ambrosini, Manlio Cinalli and David Jacobson, editors

Call Number: JV6342

Quality of life and early British migration

Author: Thomas Jordan

Call Number: JV7622

Intersections of inequality, migration and diversification : the politics of mobility in AotearoaNew Zealand

Author: editors, Rachel Simon-Kumar, Francis L. Collins and Wardlow Friesen

Call Number: JV9262

Pessimism in international relations : provocations, possibilities, politics

Author: edited by Tim Stevens and Nicholas Michelsen

Call Number: JZ1242

Projecting resilience across the Mediterranean

Author: Eugenio Cusumano, Stefan Hofmaier, editors

Call Number: JZ1242

Global diplomacy : an introduction to theory and practice

Author: Thierry Balzacq, Frédéric Charillon, Frédéric Ramel, editors

Call Number: JZ1242

Rogue states as norm entrepreneurs : black sheep or sheep in wolves' clothing?

Author: Carmen Wunderlich

Call Number: JZ1242 .W86 2020eb

Postcolonial Maghreb and the limits of IR

Author: Jessica da Silva C. de Oliveira

Call Number: JZ1305 .O44 2020

Conviviality at the crossroads : the poetics and politics of everyday encounters

Author: Oscar Hemer, Maja Povrzanović Frykman, Per-Markku Ristilammi, editors

Call Number: JZ1308

Soft power : the forces of attraction in international relations

Author: Hendrik W. Ohnesorge

Call Number: JZ1310 .O36 2020

Global governance in transformation : challenges for international cooperation

Author: Leonid Grigoryev, Adrian Pabst, editors

Call Number: JZ1318 .G56 2020eb

Reconfiguring transregionalisation in the Global South : African-Asian encounters

Author: Ross Anthony, Uta Ruppert, editors

Call Number: JZ1320.7

Modern diplomacy in practice

Author: written and edited by Robert Hutchings, Jeremi Suri

Call Number: JZ1394 .H88 2020eb

European Union contested : foreign policy in a new global context

Author: Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués, Martijn C. Vlaskamp, Esther Barbé, editors

Call Number: JZ1570.A5 E97 2020eb

Visions of peace of professional peace workers : the peaces we build

Author: Gijsbert M. van Iterson Scholten

Call Number: JZ5538

The difficult task of peace : crisis, fragility and conflict in an uncertain world

Author: Francisco Rojas Aravena, editor

Call Number: JZ5538 .D54 2020

Gender roles in peace and security : prevent, protect, participate

Author: Manuela Scheuermann, Anja Zürn, editors

Call Number: JZ5578

War-time care work and peacebuilding in Africa : the forgotten one

Author: Fatma Osman Ibnouf

Call Number: JZ5578.2.A35

Children and peace : from research to action

Author: Nikola Balvin, Daniel J. Christie, editors

Call Number: JZ5579

Hybrid peacebuilding in Asia

Author: editor, Yuji Uesugi

Call Number: JZ5584.A78

The rise and fall of peacebuilding in the Balkans

Author: Roberto Belloni

Call Number: JZ5584.B28 B45 2020

The European Union's brand of peacebuilding : acting is everything

Author: Birgit Poopuu

Call Number: JZ5584.E85 P66 2020eb

Imagining disarmament, enchanting international relations

Author: Matthew Breay Bolton

Call Number: JZ5588

Nuclear security summits : a history

Author: Amandeep S. Gill

Call Number: JZ5588 .G55 2020eb

Global activism and humanitarian disarmament

Author: Matthew Breay Bolton, Sarah Njeri, Taylor Benjamin-Britton, editors

Call Number: JZ5588 .G56 2020eb

Nuclear deviance : stigma politics and the rules of the nonproliferation game

Author: Michal Smetana

Call Number: JZ5675 .S64 2020eb

Non-nuclear peace : beyond the nuclear ban treaty

Author: Tom Sauer, Jorg Kustermans, Barbara Segaert, editors

Call Number: JZ5687