December 2021

Psychology in modern India : historical, methodological, and future perspectives

Author: Girishwar Misra, Nilanjana Sanyal, Sonali De, editors

Call Number: BF108.I4 P79 2021

Psychoanalysis, fatherhood, and the modern family

Author: Liliane Weissberg, editor

Call Number: BF175.5.F38 P79 2022

Handbook of embodied psychology : thinking, feeling, and acting

Author: Michael D. Robinson, Laura E. Thomas, editors

Call Number: BF201 .H36 2021

Sensing in social interaction : the taste for cheese in gourmet shops

Author: Lorenza Mondada, University of Basel

Call Number: BF233 .M575 2021

Elements of scene perception

Author: Monica S. Castelhano, Carrick C. Williams

Call Number: BF241 .C37 2021

Perception and action in a social context

Author: Shaheed Azaad, Günther Knoblich, Natalie Sebanz

Call Number: BF323.S63 A93 2021

Place and post-pandemic flourishing : disruption, adjustment, and healthy behaviors

Author: Victor Counted, Richard G. Cowden, Haywantee Ramkissoon

Call Number: BF353.5.P53 C68 2021

The Cambridge handbook of lifespan development of creativity

Author: edited by Sandra W. Russ, Case Western Reserve University, Jessica D. Hoffmann, Yale University, James C. Kaufman, University of Connecticut

Call Number: BF408 .C1735 2022

Wisdom : the psychology of wise thoughts, words, and deeds

Author: Robert J. Sternberg, Judith Glück

Call Number: BF441 .S7746 2022

Executive Functions and Writing

Author: edited by Teresa Limpo, Thierry Olive

Call Number: BF456.W8

Finding meaning : an existential quest in post-modern Israel

Author: edited by Ofra Mayseless and Pninit Russo-Netzer

Call Number: BF463.M4 F56 2022

Burnout and trauma related employment stress : acceptance and commitment strategies in the helping professions

Author: Melissa L. Holland, Stephen E. Brock, Taylor Oren, Maciel van Eckhardt

Call Number: BF481 .H65 2022

A decent meal : building empathy in a divided America

Author: Michael Carolan

Call Number: BF575.E55 C357 2021

Regret : a study in ancient moral psychology

Author: James Warren

Call Number: BF575.R33 W37 2022

The Wiley Blackwell handbook of bullying : a comprehensive and international review of research and intervention

Author: edited by Peter K. Smith and James O'Higgins Norman

Call Number: BF637.B85 W53 2021

Collective forgiveness : the constructive power of an enigmatic feeling

Author: Oliver Errichiello

Call Number: BF637.F67

The Cambridge handbook of identity

Author: edited by Michael Bamberg, Clark University, Massachusetts, Carolin Demuth, Aalborg University, Denmark, Meike Watzlawik, Sigmund Freud University, Berlin

Call Number: BF697 .C258 2022

Causality and neo-stages in development : toward unifying psychology

Author: Gerald Young

Call Number: BF713 .Y68 2022

Food insecurity in families with children : integrating research, practice, and policy

Author: Barbara H. Fiese, Anna D. Johnson, editors

Call Number: BF723.F66 F66 2021

Multiple pathways of cognitive aging : motivational and contextual influences

Author: edited by Grzegorz Sedek, Thomas M. Hess, Dayna R. Touron

Call Number: BF724.55.C63 M85 2022

Explaining the evidence : how the mind investigates the world

Author: David A. Lagnado

Call Number: BF761 .L34 2022

American tabloid media and the satanic panic, 1970-2000

Author: Sarah A. Hughes

Call Number: BF1548 .H84 2021

Social memory as a force for social and economic transformation

Author: edited by Muxe Nkondo

Call Number: HM1033 .S63 2021

The cognitive basis of social interaction across the lifespan

Author: edited by Heather J. Ferguson and Elisabeth E.F. Bradford

Call Number: HM1111

Overcoming the retributive nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Author: Thomas L. Saaty, H.J. Zoffer, Luis G. Vargas, Amos Guiora

Call Number: HM1126 .S33 2022