April 2019

Developing your theoretical orientation for counseling and psychotherapy

Author: Duane A. Halbur, Walden University, Kimberly Vess Halbur, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Call Number: BF38 .H33 2019

Neoliberal psychology

Author: Carl Ratner

Call Number: BF39.9 .R38 2019

Mind-society : from brains to social sciences and professions

Author: Paul Thagard

Call Number: BF57 .T534 2019eb

Consulting psychology in national security organizations

Author: Laurie B. Moret and Carroll H. Greene, III

Call Number: BF76 .M665 2019

Racism and psychiatry : contemporary issues and interventions

Author: Morgan M. Medlock, Derri Shtasel, Nhi-Ha T. Trinh, David R. Williams, editors

Call Number: BF175.4.R34 R33 2019

Tests and assessments in counseling : a case by case exploration

Author: edited by Bill McHenry, Kathryn C. MacCluskie, and Jim McHenry

Call Number: BF176 .T47 2018

How the body shapes knowledge : empirical support for embodied cognition

Author: Rebecca Fincher-Kiefer

Call Number: BF201 .F56 2019

Positive psychology : the science of happiness and flourishing

Author: William C. Compton, Edward Hoffman

Call Number: BF204.6 .C66 2020

Positive psychology coaching in practice

Author: edited by Suzy Green and Stephen Palmer

Call Number: BF204.6 .P6586 2019

Audio Processing and Speech Recognition : Concepts, Techniques and Research Overviews

Author: Soumya Sen, Anjan Dutta and Nilanjan Dey

Call Number: BF251

The erotic cloth : seduction and fetishism in textiles

Author: edited by Lesley Millar and Alice Kettle

Call Number: BF275 .E76 2018

Concepts in the brain : the view from cross-linguistic diversity

Author: David Kemmerer

Call Number: BF311 .K3766 2019

Knowing by perceiving

Author: Alan Millar

Call Number: BF311 .M5157 2019

Cognitive science and the social : a primer

Author: Stephen P. Turner

Call Number: BF311 .T79 2018

Joint models of neural and behavioral data

Author: Brandon M. Turner, Birte U. Forstmann, Mark Steyvers

Call Number: BF311 .T87 2019

The psychology of attitudes & attitude change

Author: Gregory R. Maio, Geoffrey Haddock & Bas Verplanken

Call Number: BF327 .M35 2019

Cognitive dissonance : reexamining a pivotal theory in psychology

Author: edited by Eddie Harmon-Jones

Call Number: BF337.C63 C64 2019

Doing memory research : new methods and approaches

Author: Danielle Drozdzewski, Carolyn Birdsall, editors

Call Number: BF378.S65 D65 2019eb

Sex, drugs, and creativity : searching for magic in a disenchanted world

Author: Dustin Kahoud and Danielle Knafo

Call Number: BF408 .K34 2019

The Cambridge handbook of expertise and expert performance

Author: edited by K. Anders Ericsson [and 3 others]

Call Number: BF431 .C26835 2018

Psychology of performance

Author: Stewart T. Cotterill

Call Number: BF481 .C685 2018

Clocking in : the psychology of work

Author: Rudy Nydegger

Call Number: BF481 .N93 2018

The psychology of working life

Author: Toon Taris

Call Number: BF481 .T327 2018

Promoting healthy attachments : hands-on techniques to use with your clients

Author: Deborah D. Gray

Call Number: BF575.A86 G73 2019

Jealousy : developmental, cultural, and clinical realms

Author: edited by Mary Kay O'Neil and Salman Akhtar

Call Number: BF575.J4 J42 2018

Love understood : the science of who, how and why we love

Author: Laura Mucha

Call Number: BF575.L8 M83 2019

The incurable romantic : and other tales of madness and desire

Author: Frank Tallis

Call Number: BF575.L8 T35 2018

Clinical mental health counseling in community and agency settings

Author: Samuel T. Gladding, Deborah W. Newsome

Call Number: BF636.6

Individual counseling and therapy : skills and techniques

Author: Mei-whei Chen and Nan J. Giblin

Call Number: BF636.6 .C486 2018


Call Number: BF636.6 .K74 2018

The art of dialogue in coaching : towards transformative change

Author: Reinhard Stelter

Call Number: BF636.6 .S74 2019

Preparing the educator in counselor education : a comprehensive guide to building knowledge and developing skills

Author: edited by Laura R. Haddock, Joy S. Whitman

Call Number: BF636.65 .P74 2019

Skill development in counselor education : a comprehensive workbook

Author: edited by Joy S. Whitman and Laura R. Haddock

Call Number: BF636.65 .S55 2019

Spirituality and religion in counseling : competency-based strategies for ethical practice

Author: edited by Carman S. Gill and Robert R. Freund

Call Number: BF636.68 .S65 2018

Foundations of group counseling

Author: David Capuzzi, Walden University, Mark Stauffer, Walden University

Call Number: BF636.7.G76 C36 2019

Embodied conflict : the neural basis for conflict and communication

Author: Tim Hicks

Call Number: BF637.I48 H53 2018

Mindfulness and meditation : your questions answered

Author: Blaise Aguirre

Call Number: BF637.M4 A385 2018

Cognitive behavioural coaching : distinctive features

Author: Michael Neenan

Call Number: BF637.P36 N43 2018

Ireland and masculinities in history

Author: Rebecca Anne Barr, Sean Brady, Jane McGaughey, editors

Call Number: BF692.5 .I74 2019

Resilience : the science of mastering life's greatest challenges

Author: Steven M. Southwick, Yale University School of Medicine, Dennis S. Charney, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Call Number: BF698.35.R47 S68 2018

Diversity-sensitive personality assessment

Author: edited by Steven R. Smith and Radhika Krishnamurthy

Call Number: BF698.4 .D58 2018

The development of play

Author: David Cohen

Call Number: BF717 .C63 2019

Sustaining childhood natures : the art of becoming with water

Author: Sarah Crinall

Call Number: BF721 .C75 2019

The happiness curve : why life gets better after 50

Author: Jonathan Rauch

Call Number: BF724.6 .R38 2018

Suffering and virtue

Author: Michael S. Brady

Call Number: BF789 .S84 2018

Subjectivity within cultural-historical approach : theory, methodology and research

Author: Fernando González Rey, Albertina Mitjáns Martínez, Daniel Magalh̋aes Goulart, editors

Call Number: HM1011 .S83 2019

The digital uncanny

Author: Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli

Call Number: HM1041 .R38 2019

The science and practice of resilience

Author: Igor Linkov, Benjamin D. Trump

Call Number: HM1101 .S35 2019

The Nile development game : tug-of-war or benefits for all?

Author: Mina Michel Samaan

Call Number: HM1126

Marginality in the urban center : the costs and challenges of continued whiteness in the Americas and beyond

Author: edited by Peary Brug, Zachary S. Ritter, Kenneth R. Roth

Call Number: HM1136 .M3657 2019

The nonviolent struggle for Indian freedom, 1905-19

Author: David Hardiman

Call Number: HM1281 .H37 2018