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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Intoxication, Modernity, and Colonialism : Freud's Industrial Unconscious, Benjamin's Hashish Mimesis

Call Number: BF39.9

Handbook of Consumer Finance Research

edited by Jing Jian Xiao

Call Number: BF76.5

The seven deadly sins of psychology : a manifesto for reforming the culture of scientific practice Chris Chambers

Call Number: BF76.5 .C43 2017

Methodological issues of longitudinal surveys : the example of the National Educational Panel Study

Hans-Peter Blossfeld ... and others (eds.)

Call Number: BF76.6.L65

A History of "Relevance" in Psychology

by Wahbie Long

Call Number: BF81

The not-two : logic and God in Lacan

Lorenzo Chiesa

Call Number: BF109.L28 C45 2016eb

Vygotsky and Marx : toward a Marxist psychology

edited by Carl Ratner and Daniele Nunes Henrique Silva

Call Number: BF109.V95 V9474 2017

Developing Sustainable Careers Across the Lifespan : European Social Fund Network on 'Career and AGE (Age, Generations, Experience)

Call Number: BF121

Embodiment, enaction, and culture : investigating the constitution of the shared world

edited by Christoph Durt, Thomas Fuchs, and Christian Tewes

Call Number: BF161 .E428 2017

The trouble with pleasure : Deleuze and psychoanalysis

Schuster, Aaron

Call Number: BF175 .S3868 2016eb

The cyber effect : a pioneering cyber-psychologist explains how human behavior changes online

Mary Aiken, PhD

Call Number: BF199 .A37 2016

More human : designing a world where people come first

Steve Hilton with Scott Bade and Jason Bade

Call Number: BF199 .H55 2016

Catching Up With Aristotle : A Journey in Quest of General Psychology [electronic resource]

Call Number: BF201

Psychology of perception

by Simon Grondin

Call Number: BF201

Designing for Life : a Human Perspective on Technology Development

by Pertti Saariluoma, José J. Cañas, Jaana Leikas

Call Number: BF201

The Effects of Framing in Gamification : A Study of Failure [electronic resource]

Call Number: BF201

The qualitative vision for psychology : an invitation to a human science approach

edited by Constance T. Fischer, Leswin Laubscher & Roger Brooke

Call Number: BF204.5 .Q83 2016

Positive psychology in the clinical domains : research and practice

Chiara Ruini

Call Number: BF204.6

Feeling good : an evolutionary perspectives on life choices

Menelaos Apostolou

Call Number: BF204.6 .A66 2016

The Wiley Blackwell handbook of the psychology of positivity and strengths-based approaches at work

edited by Lindsay G. Oades, Michael F. Steger, Antonella Delle Fave, and Jonathan Passmore

Call Number: BF204.6 .W56 2016eb

Ayahuasca reader : encounters with the Amazon's sacred vine

edited by Luis Eduardo Luna, Steven F. White

Call Number: BF209.A93 A95 2016

The rationality of perception

Susanna Siegel

Call Number: BF311

Cognitive mechanisms of belief change

Aaron C.T. Smith

Call Number: BF311 .S578 2016eb

Schema re-schematized : a space for prospective thought

Harwood Fisher

Call Number: BF313 .F57 2017

Cognitive illusions : intriguing phenomena in thinking, judgment and memory

edited by Rüdiger F. Pohl

Call Number: BF323.E7 C64 2017

Social cognition : from brains to culture

Susan T. Fiske & Shelley E. Taylor

Call Number: BF323.S63 F55 2017

Coping and the challenge of resilience

Erica Frydenberg

Call Number: BF335 .F79 2017

The Role of Trust in Conflict Resolution : The Israeli-Palestinian Case and Beyond

Call Number: BF353

Maritime psychology : research in organizational & health behavior at sea

Malcolm MacLachlan, editor

Call Number: BF353

Research methods for environmental psychology

edited by Robert Gifford

Call Number: BF353 .R46 2016

The evolution of memory systems

Elisabeth A. Murray, Steven P. Wise, and Kim S. Graham

Call Number: BF371

Creativity & innovation : theory, research, and practice

edited by Jonathan A. Plucker, Ph. D

Call Number: BF408 .C75454 2017

Problem solving : perspectives from cognition and neuroscience

S. Ian Robertson

Call Number: BF449 .R63 2017

Understanding "I" : language and thought

José Luis Bermúdez

Call Number: BF455

Handbook of competence and motivation : theory and application

edited by Andrew J. Elliot, Carol S. Dweck, David S. Yeager

Call Number: BF504 .H36 2017

Emotions in the history of witchcraft

edited by Laura Kounine and Michael Ostling

Call Number: BF531

Born anxious : the lifelong impact of early life adversity-- and how to break the cycle

Daniel P. Keating

Call Number: BF575.A6 K43 2017

Development of self-determination through the life-course

Michael L. Wehmeyer, Karrie A. Shogren, Todd D. Little, Shane J. Lopez, editors

Call Number: BF575.A88

Compassion : concepts, research and applications

edited by Paul Gilbert

Call Number: BF575.E55 .C66 2017

Developing empathy : a biopsychosocial approach to understanding compassion for therapists and parents

Katharina Manassis

Call Number: BF575.E55 M355 2017

Art-of-living : a concept to enhance happiness

Bernhard Schmitz

Call Number: BF575.H27

The agony of eros

Byung-Chul Han ; foreword by Alain Badiou ; translated by Erik Butler

Call Number: BF575.L8 H334 2017

Routine Outcome Monitoring in Couple and Family Therapy : The Empirically Informed Therapist [electronic resource]

edited by Terje Tilden, Bruce E. Wampold

Call Number: BF636.4

Integrative Health through Music Therapy : Accompanying the Journey from Illness to Wellness

by Suzanne B. Hanser

Call Number: BF636.4

Child and adolescent counseling case studies : developmental, relational, multicultural, and systemic perspectives

Brenda L. Jones, Thelma Duffey, Shane Haberstroh, editors

Call Number: BF636.6 .C545 2017

The counseling practicum and internship manual : a resource for graduate counseling students

Shannon Hodges

Call Number: BF636.65 .H63 2016

Ethical and legal issues in counseling children and adolescents

edited by Teri Ann Sartor, Bill McHenry and Jim McHenry

Call Number: BF636.67 .E85 2017

Ethics in psychotherapy and counseling : a practical guide

Kenneth S. Pope, Melba J. T. Vasquez

Call Number: BF636.67 .P67 2016

Culturally sensitive supervision and training : diverse perspectives and practical applications

edited by Kenneth V. Hardy, Toby Bobes

Call Number: BF636.7.C76 C86 2016

Handbook of multicultural counseling

J. Manuel Casas, University of California, Santa Barbara, Lisa A. Suzuki, New York University, Charlene M. Alexander, Ball State University, Margo A. Jackson, Fordham University

Call Number: BF636.7.C76 H36 2017

Addressing cultural complexities in practice : assessment, diagnosis, and therapy

Pamela A. Hays, PhD

Call Number: BF636.7.C76 H39 2016

The convergence of race, ethnicity, and gender : multiple identities in counseling

Tracy Robinson-Wood, Northeastern University

Call Number: BF636.7.C76 R583 2017

Skilled interpersonal communication : research, theory and practice

Owen Hargie

Call Number: BF637.C45 H33 2017

Transformational learning experiences : a conversation with counselors about their personal and professional developmental journeys

edited by Michelle Kelley Shuler, Elizabeth Keller-Dupree, and Katrina Cook

Call Number: BF637 .C6 2017

Culture and identity : life stories for counselors and therapists

Anita Jones Thomas, University of Indianapolis, Sara E. Schwarzbaum, Northeastern Illinois University

Call Number: BF637.C6 T489 2017

Communicating interpersonal conflict in close relationships : contexts, challenges, and opportunities

edited by Jennifer A. Samp

Call Number: BF637.I48 .C626 2017

Personality at work : the drivers and derailers of leadership

Ron Warren, PhD

Call Number: BF637.L4 W37 2017

Living mindfully : discovering authenticity through mindfulness coaching

Gary Heads

Call Number: BF637.M56 H43 2017

Nonverbal messages tell more : a practical guide to nonverbal communication

Teri Kwai Gamble and Michael Gamble

Call Number: BF637.N66 G43 2017

Very brief cognitive behavioural coaching (VBCBC)

Windy Dryden

Call Number: BF637.P36 D793 2017

Stand firm : resisting the self-improvement craze

Svend Brinkman ; translated by Tam McTurk

Call Number: BF637.S4 B746 2017

The quantified self : a sociology of self-tracking

Deborah Lupton

Call Number: BF637.S4 L85 2016

Built for growth : how builder personality shapes your business, your team, and your ability to win

Chris Kuenne and John Danner

Call Number: BF637.S8 K84 2017

Sex scandal : the drive to abolish male and female

Ashley McGuire

Call Number: BF692.2 .M385 2017

I, me, mine : back to Kant, and back again

Béatrice Longuenesse

Call Number: BF697

Beauty sick : how the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women

Renee Engeln, PhD

Call Number: BF697.5.B63 E555 2017

Reasonable self-esteem : a life of meaning

Richard Keshen

Call Number: BF697.5.S46 K47 2017

The Wiley handbook of personality assessment

edited by Updesh Kumar

Call Number: BF698.4

Handbook on positive development of minority children and youth

Natasha J. Cabrera, Birgit Leyendecker, editors

Call Number: BF721

Studying babies and toddlers : relationships in cultural contexts

Liang Li, Gloria Quiñones, Avis Ridgway, editors

Call Number: BF721

Applied behavior analysis : fifty case studies in home, school, and community settings

Kimberly Maich, Darren Levine, CarmenHall

Call Number: BF721

Individual differences in judgment and decision-making : a developmental perspective

edited by Maggie E. Toplak and Joshua A. Weller

Call Number: BF723.J8 I53 2017

The end of heaven : disaster and suffering in a scientific age

Sidney Dekker

Call Number: BF789.S8 D44 2017

John of God : the globalization of Brazilian faith healing

Cristina Rocha

Call Number: BF1275.F3 R53 2017

Conceptual metaphor in social psychology : the poetics of everyday life

Mark J. Landau

Call Number: HM1013 .L36 2017

Excavating memory : sites of remembering and forgetting

edited by Maria Theresia Starzmann and John R. Roby ; foreword by Paul Shackel

Call Number: HM1033 .E93 2016

Social memory technology : theory, practice, action

Karen Worcman and Joanne Garde-Hansen

Call Number: HM1033 .W67 2016

Shared representations : sensorimotor foundations of social life

edited by Sukhvinder S. Obhi and Emily S. Cross

Call Number: HM1088 .S53 2016

Understanding the psychology of diversity

B. Evan Blaine, Kimberly J. McClure Brenchley, St. John Fisher College

Call Number: HM1091 .B54 2018

Social spaces and social relations

Małgorzata Bogunia-Borowska (ed.) ; introduction by Anthony Giddens

Call Number: HM1111 .S5644 2016

Awkward : the science of why we're socially awkward and why that's awesome

Ty Tashiro, PhD

Call Number: HM1111 .T37 2017

Psychological violence in the workplace : new perspectives and shifting frameworks

Emily Schindeler, Janet Ransley and Danielle Reynald

Call Number: HM1116 .S3685 2016

Violence in capitalism : devaluing life in an age of responsibility

James A. Tyner

Call Number: HM1116 .T963 2016

Constructive conflicts : from escalation to resolution

Louis Kriesberg and Bruce W. Dayton

Call Number: HM1121 .K75 2017

Killing others : a natural history of ethnic violence

Matthew Lange

Call Number: HM1121 .L37 2017

I'm right and you're an idiot : the toxic state of public discourse and how to clean it up

James Hoggan with Grania Litwin

Call Number: HM1166 .H64 2016

The ecology of attention

Yves Citton ; translated by Barnaby Norman

Call Number: HM1176 .C5713 2017

Media generations : experience, identity and mediatised social change

Göran Bolin

Call Number: HM1206 .B65 2017

Medialogies : reading reality in the age of inflationary media

David R. Castillo and William Egginton

Call Number: HM1206 .C378 2017

Phenomena of power : authority, domination, and violence

Heinrich Popitz ; translated by Gianfranco Poggi ; edited by Andreas Göttlich and Jochen Dreher

Call Number: HM1251 .P67 2017

Developing culturally relevant leadership learning

Kathy L. Guthrie, Laura Osteen, Tamara Bertrand Jones, editors

Call Number: HM1261 .D477 2016

Respecting toleration : traditional liberalism and contemporary diversity

Peter Balint

Call Number: HM1271

Multiculturalism and interculturalism : debating the dividing lines

edited by Nasar Meer, Tariq Modood and Ricard Zapata-Barrero

Call Number: HM1271 .M85 2016