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Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

Dialogues at the edge of American psychological discourse : critical and theoretical perspectives

Heather Macdonald, David Goodman, Brian Becker, editors

Call Number: BF21 .D53 2017eb

The storied nature of human life : the life and work of Theodore R. Sarbin

Karl E. Scheibe, Frank J. Barrett

Call Number: BF109.S27

Doing poetic inquiry

Helen Owton

Call Number: BF204.5

The phenomenology of learning and becoming : enthusiasm, creativity, and self-development

Eugene Mario DeRobertis

Call Number: BF204.5 .D476 2017

The perceptual structure of three-dimensional art

Paul M.W. Hackett

Call Number: BF241 .H33 2017

Philosophy of olfactory perception

Andreas Keller

Call Number: BF271

The abductive structure of scientific creativity : an essay on the ecology of cognition

Lorenzo Magnani

Call Number: BF311 .M34 2017

Schema re-schematized : a space for prospective thought

Harwood Fisher

Call Number: BF313 .F57 2017

Unconsciousness between phenomenology and psychoanalysis [electronic resource]

Dorothěe Legrand, Dylan Trigg, editors

Call Number: BF315

Informational environments : effects of use, effective designs

Jürgen Buder, Friedrich W. Hesse, editors

Call Number: BF318

Consensus on Peirce's concept of habit : before and beyond consciousness

Donna E. West, Myrdene Anderson, editors

Call Number: BF335 .W45 2016

Handbook of environmental psychology and quality of life research

Ghozlane Fleury-Bahi, Enric Pol, Oscar Navarro, editors

Call Number: BF353 .H265 2017

Extended cognition and the dynamics of algorithmic skills

Simone Pinna

Call Number: BF456.N7 P56 2017eb

Being somewhere : egocentric spatial representation as self-representation [electronic resource]

Ferdinand Pöhlmann

Call Number: BF469

Mindful Prevention of Burnout in Workplace Health Management

editor, Ingrid Pirker-Binder

Call Number: BF481

Precarity and loss : on certain and uncertain properties of life and work

Tadeusz Rachwał

Call Number: BF575.D35 R33 2017

The changing nature of happiness : an in-depth study of a town in north west England 1938-2016

Sandie McHugh, editor

Call Number: BF575.H27

The pursuit of human well-being : the untold global history

Richard J. Estes, M. Joseph Sirgy, editors

Call Number: BF575.H27

Happiness riddle and the quest for a good life

Mark Cieslik

Call Number: BF575.H27 C575 2017

Romantic love in cultural contexts

Victor Karandashev

Call Number: BF575.L8 K373 2017

Narcissism, melancholia and the subject of community

Barry Sheils, Julie Walsh, editors

Call Number: BF575.N35

Religious beliefs, evolutionary psychiatry, and mental health in America : evolutionary threat assessment systems theory

Call Number: BF575.T45

Supervision of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

edited by Arlene Vetere, Jim Sheehan

Call Number: BF636.4

Bullying and violence in South Korea : from home to school and beyond

Trent Bax

Call Number: BF637.B85

Applied cyberpsychology : practical applications of cyberpsychological theory and research

edited by Alison Attrill and Chris Fullwood

Call Number: BF637.C45

Leader development deconstructed

Matthew G. Clark, Craig W. Gruber, editors

Call Number: BF637.L4

Shine : rediscovering your energy, happiness & purpose

Andy Cope & Gavin Oattes

Call Number: BF637.S4

Cut the noise : better results, less guilt

Chris Helder

Call Number: BF637.S4

The freetime formula : finding happiness, focus, and productivity no matter how busy you are

Jeff Sanders

Call Number: BF637.T5 S345 2018

Disability and masculinities : corporeality, pedagogy and the critique of otherness

Cassandra Loeser, Vicki Crowley, Barbara Pini, editors

Call Number: BF692.5

Re-evaluating creativity : the individual, society, and education

Hernández-Romero Lili

Call Number: BF698.9.C74

Handbook of Applied Developmental Science in Sub-Saharan Africa

edited by Amina Abubakar, Fons J.R. van de Vijver

Call Number: BF721

Conditional citizens : rethinking children and young people's participation

Catherine Hartung

Call Number: BF721 .H37 2017

Handbook of social behavior and skills in children

Johnny L. Matson, editor

Call Number: BF723.I646

Young people's perspectives on end-of life : death, culture and the everyday

Sarah Coombs

Call Number: BF724.3.D43 C66 2017

Identities and subjectivities

Nancy Worth, Claire Dwyer editors ; Tracey Skelton editor-in-chief

Call Number: BF724.3.I3 I34 2016

Perspectives on the experience of sudden, unexpected child death : the very worst thing?

Denise Turner

Call Number: BF789.D4

Disaster mental health counseling : a guide to preparing and responding

edited by Jane M. Webber, J. Barry Mascari

Call Number: BF789.D5 D565 2017

The Seybert report : rhetoric, rationale, and the problem of psi research

Elizabeth Schleber Lowry

Call Number: BF1031

Contemporary alternative spiritualities in Israel

Shai Feraro, James R. Lewis, editors

Call Number: BF1242.I75

Styrian witches in European perspective : ethnographic fieldwork

Mirjam Mencej

Call Number: BF1584

Gender and memory in the globital age

Anna Reading

Call Number: HM1033

Risk, power, and inequality in the 21st century

Dean Curran

Call Number: HM1101

Social interactions and networking in cyber society

Ford Lumban Gaol, Fonny Dameaty Hutagalung, editors

Call Number: HM1111 .S635 2017

Louis Kriesberg : pioneer in peace and constructive conflict resolution studies

Louis Kriesberg ; with a foreword by George A. Lopez

Call Number: HM1121 .K75 2016

Intercultural communication with China : beyond (reverse) essentialism and culturalism?

Fred Dervin, Regis Machart, editors

Call Number: HM1211 .I5728 2017

Challenging leadership stereotypes through discourse : power, management and gender

Cornelia Ilie, Stephanie Schnurr, editors

Call Number: HM1261 .C43 2017

The fragility of tolerant pluralism

Andrew Fitz-Gibbon

Call Number: HM1271 .F58 2017

The public life of Australian multiculturalism : building a diverse nation

Anthony Moran

Call Number: HM1271 .M667 2017