September 2018

The Wiley handbook of psychometric testing : a multidisciplinary reference on survey, scale and test development

Author: edited by Paul Irwing, Tom Booth, David J. Hughes

Call Number: BF39 .W55 2018

Vygotsky's notebooks : a selection

Author: Ekaterina Zavershneva, René van der Veer, editors

Call Number: BF109.V95

Lacan and the nonhuman

Author: Gautam Basu Thakur, Jonathan Michael Dickstein, editors

Call Number: BF175.4.S65

Elicitation : the science and art of structuring judgement

Author: Luis C. Dias, Alec Morton, John Quigley, editors

Call Number: BF311

Cognition, metacognition, and culture in STEM education : learning, teaching and assessment

Author: Yehudit Judy Dori, Zemira R. Mevarech, Dale R. Baker, editors

Call Number: BF311

Likelihood-free methods for cognitive science

Author: James J. Palestro, Per B. Sederberg, Adam F. Osth, Trisha Van Zandt, Brandon M. Turner

Call Number: BF311

State-trace analysis

Author: John C. Dunn, Michael L. Kalish

Call Number: BF378.R4 D85 2018

Cultivating creativity in methodology and research : in praise of detours

Author: editors, Charlotte Wegener, Ninna Meier, Elina Maslo

Call Number: BF408

Caribbean achievement in Britain : psychosocial resources and lived experiences

Author: Winniey E. Maduro

Call Number: BF410 .M338 2018

Bounded Rationality in Decision Making Under Uncertainty : Towards Optimal Granularity

Author: Joe Lorkowski, Vladik Kreinovich

Call Number: BF448

Affective and emotional economies in medieval and early modern Europe

Author: Andreea Marculescu, Charles-Louis Morand Métivier, editors

Call Number: BF511

The social foundations of emotion : developmental, cultural, and clinical dimensions

Author: Stefan G. Hofmann and Stacey N. Doan

Call Number: BF531 .H6423 2018

In the orbit of love : affection in ancient Greece and Rome

Author: David Konstan

Call Number: BF575.L8 K65 2018

Narcissism at work : personality disorders of corporate leaders

Author: Marie-Line Germain

Call Number: BF575.N35

Self-tracking : empirical and philosophical investigations

Author: Btihaj Ajana, editor

Call Number: BF632

The Wiley handbook on the aging mind and brain

Author: [edited] by Matthew Rizzo, Steven Anderson

Call Number: BF724.55.C63

Fairies, demons, and nature spirits : 'Small Gods' at the margins of christendom

Author: edited by Michael Ostling

Call Number: BF1584.E85

Cultures of witchcraft in Europe from the middle ages to the present : essays in Honour of Willem de Blécourt

Author: Jonathan Barry, Owen Davis, Cornelie Usborne, editors

Call Number: BF1584.E85 C85 2018

Bourdieu's field theory and the social sciences

Author: James Albright, Deborah Hartman, Jacqueline Widin, editors

Call Number: HM1033

Memory politics, identity and conflict : historical memory as a variable

Author: Zheng Wang

Call Number: HM1033 .W363 2018

Community-based disaster risk management in Azerbaijan

Author: Rovshan Abbasov

Call Number: HM1101

Bursty human dynamics

Author: Márton Karsai, Hang-Hyun Jo, Kimmo Kaski

Call Number: HM1106

Peace ethology : behavioral processes and systems of peace

Author: edited by Peter Verbeek, Benjamin A. Peters

Call Number: HM1126

Avoiding war, making peace

Author: Richard Ned Lebow

Call Number: HM1126

Reconciliation in Conflict-Affected Communities : Practices and Insights from the Asia-Pacific

Author: Bert Jenkins, D.B. Subedi, Kathy Jenkins, editors

Call Number: HM1126

Minimal English for a global world : improved communication using fewer words

Author: Cliff Goddard, editor

Call Number: HM1166 .M56 2018

Emergence of communication in socio-biological networks

Author: Anamaria Berea

Call Number: HM1206

Authentic leadership and followership : international perspectives

Author: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, editor

Call Number: HM1261 .A88 2018eb

Mixed-race politics and neoliberal multiculturalism in South Korean media

Author: Ji-Hyun Ahn

Call Number: HM1271 .A37 2018