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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Rāja Yudhiṣṭhira : kingship in epic Mahābhārata

Kevin McGrath

Call Number: BL1138.4.Y83 M34 2017

The Ramayana : a new retelling of Valmiki's ancient epic--complete and comprehensive

Linda Egenes, Kumuda Reddy

Call Number: BL1139.25 .E54 2016

Spiritual despots : modern Hinduism and the genealogies of self-rule

J. Barton Scott

Call Number: BL1153.5 .S33 2016eb

The souls of China : the return of religion after Mao

Ian Johnson

Call Number: BL1803 .J645 2017

Religion and modernity in India

Sekhar Bandyopadhyay and Aloka Parasher Sen

Call Number: BL2007.7

Becoming religious in a secular age

Mark Elmore

Call Number: BL2016.H56 E46 2016eb

The eighteenth century in Sikh history : political resurgence, religious and social life, and cultural articulation

Karamjit K. Malhotra

Call Number: BL2017.6 .M35 2016

Contested holy places in Israel-Palestine : sharing and conflict resolution

Yitzhak Reiter

Call Number: BL2340 .R44 2017

Neglected perspectives on science and religion : historical and contemporary relations

Wayne Viney and William Douglas Woody

Call Number: BL240.3 .V563 2017

Religion, tradition, and restorative justice in Sierra Leone

Lyn S. Graybill

Call Number: BL2470.S55 G73 2017

Humanism and the death of God : searching for the good after Darwin, Marx, and Nietzsche

Ronald E. Osborn

Call Number: BL2747.6

The anatomy of myth : the art of interpretation from the presocratics to the church fathers

Michael Herren

Call Number: BL312 .H47 2017

Teaching religious literacy : a guide to religious and spiritual diversity in higher education

by Ariel Ennis ; foreword by Dr. Marcella Runell Hall

Call Number: BL42 .E56 2017

Learning love from a tiger : religious experiences with nature

Daniel Capper

Call Number: BL439 .C36 2016

The embodied eye : religious visual culture and the social life of feeling

David Morgan

Call Number: BL53 .M66 2017

Hell and its rivals : death and retribution among Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the early Middle Ages

Alan E. Bernstein

Call Number: BL545 .B47 2017

Spirituality and the state : managing nature and experience in America's national parks

Kerry Mitchell

Call Number: BL65.N35 M58 2016

The Wiley Blackwell companion to religion and politics in the U.S.

edited by Barbara A. McGraw

Call Number: BL65.P7

Holy wars & holy alliance : the return of religion to the global political stage

Manlio Graziano ; translated from the French by Brian Knowlton

Call Number: BL65.P7 G69313 2017

The peace of the gods : elite religious practices in the Middle Roman Republic

Craige B. Champion

Call Number: BL803 .C44 2017

Facing the gods : epiphany and representation in Graeco-Roman art, literature and religion

Verity Platt

Call Number: BL810 .P53 2016

A Philosophy of Israel Education : a Relational Approach

by Barry Chazan

Call Number: BM103

Jews, Gentiles, and other animals : the Talmud after the humanities

Mira Beth Wasserman

Call Number: BM506.A17 W37 2017

Jacob's shipwreck : diaspora, translation, and Jewish-Christian relations in medieval England

Ruth Nisse

Call Number: BM535 .N58 2017

Gender and Muslim constructions of exegetical authority : a rereading of the classical genre of Qur'ān commentary

by Aisha Geissinger

Call Number: BP136.485 .G424 2015

What is moderate Islam?

edited by Richard L. Benkin

Call Number: BP161.3 .W33 2017

Islamism : a new totalitarianism

Mehdi Mozaffari

Call Number: BP166.14.F85 M6913 2017

Before orthodoxy : the Satanic Verses in early Islam

Shahab Ahmed

Call Number: BP167.5 .A36 2017

Beyond Shariati : modernity, cosmopolitanism, and Islam in Iranian political thought

Siavash Saffari, Seoul National University

Call Number: BP173.5 .S34 2017

The economic system of the early Islamic period : institutions and policies

Seyed Kazem Sadr

Call Number: BP173.75

Reform and renewal in South Asian Islam : the Chishti-Sabris in 18th-19th century North India

Moin Ahmad Nizami

Call Number: BP189.7.C49

Caravan of martyrs : sacrifice and suicide bombing in Afghanistan

David B. Edwards

Call Number: BP190.5.M3 E39 2017

Salafism after the Arab awakening : contending with people's power

Francesco Cavatorta, Fabio Merone, editors

Call Number: BP195.S18

Politicizing Islam : the Islamic revival in France and India

Z. Fareen Parvez

Call Number: BP60

The Oxford handbook of American Islam

edited by Yvonne Y. Haddad and Jane I. Smith

Call Number: BP67.U6 O94 2014

Strange tales of an Oriental idol : an anthology of early European portrayals of the Buddha

edited by Donald S. Lopez Jr

Call Number: BQ894 .S77 2016

Franciscans and the elixir of life : religion and science in the later Middle Ages

Zachary A. Matus

Call Number: BR115.A57 M38 2017

God hates fags : the rhetorics of religious violence

Michael Cobb

Call Number: BR115.H6 C63 2006

The Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America

Frances FitzGerald

Call Number: BR1642.U5 F565 2017

The labor of faith : gender and power in Black Apostolic Pentecostalism

Judith Casselberry

Call Number: BR1644.3 .C37 2017

Neither Jew nor Greek : a contested identity

James D.G. Dunn

Call Number: BR165 .D863 2015

Ritual sites and religious rivalries in late Roman North Africa

Shira L. Lander, Southern Methodist University

Call Number: BR190 .L36 2016

Heretics and believers : a history of the English Reformation

Peter Marshall

Call Number: BR377 .M34 2017

The production of American religious freedom

Finbarr Curtis

Call Number: BR516 .C945 2016

The social gospel in American religion : a history

Christopher H. Evans

Call Number: BR517 .E824 2017

Richmond's priests and prophets : race, religion, and social change in the Civil Rights era

Douglas E. Thompson

Call Number: BR560.R5 T46 2017

Lordship and faith : the English gentry and the parish church in the Middle Ages

Nigel Saul

Call Number: BR750 .S33 2017

Kingship and memory in ancient Judah

Ian Douglas Wilson

Call Number: BS1199.K5 W55 2016

Marriage by capture in the Book of Judges : an anthropological approach

Katherine E. Southwood

Call Number: BS1305.6.M3 S68 2016

The family romance of martyrdom in Second Maccabees

Naomi Janowitz

Call Number: BS1825.52 .J36 2017

Cognitive science and the New Testament : a new approach to early Christian research

Istvan Czachesz

Call Number: BS2395

Phenomenologies of scripture

Adam Y. Wells, editor

Call Number: BS476 .P48 2017

God being nothing : toward a theogony

Ray L. Hart

Call Number: BT103 .H385 2016eb

Incorruptible bodies : Christology, society, and authority in late antiquity

Yonatan Moss

Call Number: BT198 .M67 2016eb

Mary in early Christian faith and devotion

Stephen J. Shoemaker

Call Number: BT645 .S53 2016eb

To care for creation : the emergence of the religious environmental movement

Stephen Ellingson

Call Number: BT695.5 .E55 2016eb

Longing for Home : Forced Displacement and Postures of Hospitality

Call Number: BV4466 .P375 2016eb

Women in Christian traditions

Rebecca Moore

Call Number: BV639.W7 M594 2015

History and presence

Robert A. Orsi

Call Number: BV825.3 .O76 2016

The mystery of evil : Benedict XVI and the end of days

Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Adam Kotsko

Call Number: BX1378.6 .A3313 2017

Catholic parishes of the 21st century

Charles E. Zech, Mary L. Gautier, Mark M. Gray, Jonathon L. Wiggins, and Thomas P. Gaunt, S.J

Call Number: BX1407.P3 Z43 2017

Faith and fascism : Catholic intellectuals in Italy, 1925-43

Jorge Dagnino

Call Number: BX1545 .D34 2017

Disarming beauty : essays on faith, truth, and freedom

Julián Carrón ; foreword by Javier Prades

Call Number: BX1751.3 .C372413 2017

Migration, transnationalism and Catholicism : global perspectives

Dominic Pasura, Marta Bivand Erdal, editors

Call Number: BX1795.E44 M54 2016eb

Faith with benefits : hookup culture on Catholic campuses

Jason King

Call Number: BX1795.S48 K54 2017

The Papacy and the Orthodox : sources and history of a debate

A. Edward Siecienski

Call Number: BX1805 .S56 2017

Defiant priests : domestic unions, violence, and clerical masculinity in fourteenth-century Catalunya

Michelle Armstrong-Partida

Call Number: BX1912.9 .A76 2017

Pope Francis and the future of Catholicism : Evangelii Gaudium and the papal agenda

edited by Gerard Mannion

Call Number: BX2347.4 .P67 2016

Epiphanius of Cyprus : a cultural biography of late antiquity

Andrew S. Jacobs

Call Number: BX395.E65 J33 2016

Antoine Frédéric Ozanam

Raymond L. Sickinger

Call Number: BX4705.O8 S53 2017

Knowledge, love, and ecstasy in the theology of Thomas Gallus

Boyd Taylor Coolman

Call Number: BX4705.T55 C66 2017

The many captivities of Esther Wheelwright

Ann M. Little

Call Number: BX4705.W47 L58 2016

Theologian of resistance : the life and thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Christiane Tietz ; Victoria J. Barnett, translator

Call Number: BX4827.B57 T54813 2016

Bonhoeffer's black Jesus : Harlem Renaissance theology and an ethic of resistance

Reggie L. Williams

Call Number: BX4827.B57 W545 2014

Approaching the end : eschatological reflections on church, politics, and life

Stanley Hauerwas

Call Number: BX4827.H34 A5 2013b

Kierkegaard's concept of faith

Merold Westphal

Call Number: BX4827.K5 W47 2014

The Oxford history of Anglicanism. Volume 1, Reformation and identity c.1520-1662

edited by Anthony Milton

Call Number: BX5005

Bishops in the political community of England, 1213-1272

S.T. Ambler

Call Number: BX5176

Kimbanguism : an African understanding of the Bible

Aurélien Mokoko Gampiot ; translated by Cécile Coquet-Mokoko

Call Number: BX7435.E44 M635 2017

Chosen nation : Mennonites and Germany in a global era

Benjamin W. Goossen

Call Number: BX8121.3 .G6677 2017

The financing of John Wesley's Methodism c.1740-1800

Clive Murray Norris

Call Number: BX8276

To be cared for : the power of conversion and foreignness of belonging in an Indian slum

Nathaniel Roberts

Call Number: BX8762.A45 I47 2016eb

Unity in Christ and country : American Presbyterians in the Revolutionary era, 1758-1801

William Harrison Taylor

Call Number: BX8936 .T39 2017