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Items Acquired in May 2018 for the University Libraries

Women's authority and leadership in a Hindu goddess tradition

Nanette R. Spina

Call Number: BL1237.46

Confucianism and the Chinese self : re-examining Max Weber's China

Jack Barbalet

Call Number: BL1830

Confucianism and modernization in East Asia : critical reflections

Kim Kyong-Dong

Call Number: BL1852

Reconceptualizing Confucian philosophy in the 21st century

Xinzhong Yao, editor

Call Number: BL1852 .R43 2017


Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair

Call Number: BL2017.3 .S55 2017

Belief and practice in imperial Japan and colonial Korea

Emily Anderson, editor

Call Number: BL2208.5 .B45 2017

A Shamanic pneumatology in a mystical age of sacred sustainability : the spirit of the sacred Earth

Jojo M. Fung ; preface by Peter C. Phan

Call Number: BL2370.S5 F83 2017

Issues in science and theology : are we special? : human uniqueness in science and theology

Michael Fuller, Dirk Evers, Anne Runehov, Knut-Willy Sæther, editors

Call Number: BL240.3 .I87 2017

Religious cognition in China : Homo religiosus" and the dragon

edited by Ryan G. Hornbeck, Justin L. Barrett, Madeleine Kang

Call Number: BL240.3 .R454 2017

Religion and development in the global South

Rumy Hasan

Call Number: BL2400

Religious indifference : new perspectives from studies on secularization and nonreligion

Johannes Quack, Cora Schuh, editors

Call Number: BL2747 .R45 2017

Secularisms in a postsecular age? : religiosities and subjectivities in comparative perspective

José Mapril, Ruy Blanes, Emerson Giumbelli, Erin K. Wilson, Editors

Call Number: BL2747.8 .S355 2017

The sources of secularism : enlightenment and beyond

Anna Tomaszewska, Hasse Hämäläinen, editors

Call Number: BL2747.8 .S63 2017

Frontiers in spiritual leadership : discovering the better angels of our nature

edited by Scott T. Allison, Craig T. Kocher, and George R. Goethals

Call Number: BL325.L4 F76 2016

Invention of tradition and syncretism in contemporary religions : sacred creativity

Stefania Palmisano, Nicola Pannofino, editors

Call Number: BL410 .I59 2017

Ineffability: an exercise in comparative philosophy of religion

Timothy D. Knepper, Leah E. Kalmanson, editors

Call Number: BL51

The human being, the world and God : studies at the interface of philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind and neuroscience

Anne L.C. Runehov

Call Number: BL51

The Palgrave handbook of mimetic theory and religion

James Alison, Wolfgang Palaver, editors

Call Number: BL53 .P354 2017

The Palgrave handbook of the afterlife

edited by Yujin Nagasawa and Benjamin Matheson

Call Number: BL535 .P35 2017

Place/no-place in urban Asian religiosity

Joanne Punzo Waghorne, editor

Call Number: BL582 .P53 2016

The sacred in exile : what it really means to lose our religion

Gillian McCann, Gitte Bechsgaard

Call Number: BL60

Diffused religion : beyond secularization

Roberto Cipriani

Call Number: BL60 .C559 2017

Religion and human enhancement : death, values, and morality

edited by Tracy J. Trothen and Calvin Mercer

Call Number: BL604.B64

Uncovering the life of your dreams : an enlightening story

Bruce D. Schneider

Call Number: BL624

Women, religion, and the gift : an abundance of riches

Morny Joy, editor

Call Number: BL625.7 .W66 2017

Human rights and religion in educational contexts

Manfred L. Pirner, Johannes Lähnemann, Heiner Bielefeldt, editors

Call Number: BL65.H78 H86 2016eb

Religious perspectives on bioethics and human rights

Joseph Tham, Kai Man Kwan, Alberto Garcia, editors

Call Number: BL65.H78 R45 2017eb

Devotional fitness : an analysis of contemporary Christian dieting and fitness programs

Martin Radermacher

Call Number: BL65.M4

Politics, religion and political theology

C. Allen Speight, Michael Zank, editors

Call Number: BL65.P7

Religion, culture, and the public sphere in China and Japan

Albert Welter, Jeffrey Newmark, editors

Call Number: BL65.P7

Churches in the Ukrainian crisis

edited by Andrii Krawchuk and Thomas Bremer

Call Number: BL65.P7

The appropriation of religion in Southeast Asia and beyond

Michel Picard, editor

Call Number: BL65.P7 A67 2017

New religions and state's response to religious diversification in contemporary Vietnam : tensions from the reinvention of the sacred

Chung Van Hoang

Call Number: BL65.S8

Violent trauma, culture, and power : an interdisciplinary exploration in lived religion

Michelle Walsh

Call Number: BL65.V55 W355 2017

Handbook of religion and spirituality in social work practice and research

Sana Loue

Call Number: BL65.W67 H36 2017

Religious genius : appreciating inspiring individuals across traditions

Alon Goshen-Gottstein

Call Number: BL85 .G67 2017

Religions and migrations in the Black Sea Region

edited by Eleni Sideri, Lydia Efthymia Roupakia

Call Number: BL980.B49 R45 2016

Lived religion and the politics of (in)tolerance

R. Ruard Ganzevoort, Srdjan Sremac, editors

Call Number: BL99.5

The going : a meditation on Jewish law

Leon Wiener Dow

Call Number: BM520.3

Jewish conscience of the church : Jules Isaac and the Second Vatican Council

Norman C. Tobias

Call Number: BM535 .T553 2017

Rabbi Akiva's philosophy of love

Naftali Rothenberg ; translated by Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel

Call Number: BM645.L68 R68 2017

Converting to Islam : understanding the experiences of white American females

Amy Melissa Guimond

Call Number: BP170.5.A1

Entangled pieties : Muslim-Christian relations and gendered sociality in Java, Indonesia

En-Chieh Chao

Call Number: BP172

Civil disobedience in Islam : a contemporary debate

Muhammad Haniff Hassan

Call Number: BP173.63

Troubling Muslim youth identities : nation, religion, gender

Máiréad Dunne, Naureem Durrani, Kathleen Fincham, Barbara Crossouard

Call Number: BP188.18.Y68 D86 2017eb

Religion and violence : Muslim and Christian theological and pedagogical reflections

Ednan Aslan, Marcia Hermansen (eds.)

Call Number: BP190.5.V56

The making of Islamic heritage : Muslim pasts and heritage presents

Trinidad Rico, editor

Call Number: BP60 .M276 2017

Female leaders in new religious movements

Inga Bårdsen Tøllefsen, Christian Giudice, editors

Call Number: BP603 .F45 2017

Cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and modern paganism

Kathryn Rountree, editor

Call Number: BP605.N46

Mainstreaming Islam in Indonesia : television, identity, and the middle class

Inaya Rakhmani

Call Number: BP63.I5

Post-Islamist political theory : Iranian intellectuals and political liberalism in dialogue

Meysam Badamchi

Call Number: BP63.I68

An Islamic worldview from Turkey : religion in a modern, secular and democratic state

John Valk, Halis Albayrak, Mualla Selçuk

Call Number: BP63.T8

Spirit of the arts : towards a pneumatological aesthetics of renewal

Steven Félix-Jäger

Call Number: BR115.A8

Elasticized ecclesiology : the concept of community after Ernst Troeltsch

Ulrich Schmiedel

Call Number: BR115.W6

Comparative theology among multiple modernities : cultivating phenomenological imagination

Paul S. Chung

Call Number: BR127 .C49 2017

The care of the self in early Christian texts

Deborah Niederer Saxon

Call Number: BR1609 .S29 2017

The Christian survivor : how Roman Christianity defeated its early competitors

Robert Crotty

Call Number: BR162.3 .C76 2017

Christianity, wealth, and spiritual power in Ghana

Karen Lauterbach

Call Number: BR1644.5.G4 L38 2017

Saint Perpetua across the Middle Ages : mother, gladiator, saint

Margaret Cotter-Lynch

Call Number: BR1720.P42 C68 2016

Managing financial resources in late antiquity : Greek fathers' views on hoarding and saving

Gerasimos Merianos, George Gotsis

Call Number: BR195.W4

Martin Luther's legacy : reforming Reformation theology for the 21st century

Mark Ellingsen

Call Number: BR333.3 .E49 2017

Economic ethics & the Black church

Wylin D. Wilson

Call Number: BR563.N4

Laicidad and religious diversity in Latin America

Juan Marco Vaggione, José Manuel Morán Faúndes, editors

Call Number: BR600 .L353 2017

Marginal(ized) prospects through biblical ritual and law : lections from the threshold

Bernon Lee

Call Number: BS1199.L3

'Now I know' : five centuries of aqedah exegesis

Albert van der Heide

Call Number: BS1238.S24 H45 2017

Esther in early modern Iberia and the Sephardic Diaspora : queen of the conversas

Emily Colbert Cairns

Call Number: BS580.E8

God and ultimate origins : a novel cosmological argument

Andrew Ter Ern Loke

Call Number: BT103

Religious epiphanies across traditions and cultures

James Kellenberger

Call Number: BT127.3

God and abstract objects : the coherence of theism : aseity

William Lane Craig

Call Number: BT148 .C73 2017

Christianity, plasticity, and spectral heritages

Victor E. Taylor

Call Number: BT198 .T39 2017eb

Jesus' crucifixion beatings and the Book of Proverbs

David H. Wenkel

Call Number: BT450 .W46 2017

Prophecy and eschatology in the transatlantic world, 1550-800

Andrew Crome, editor

Call Number: BT819.5.P767 2016

Contemporary debates in negative theology and philosophy

Nahum Brown, J. Aaron Simmons

Call Number: BT83.585

Purgatory : philosophical dimensions [electronic resource]

Kristof K.P. Vanhoutte, Benjamin W. McCraw, editors

Call Number: BT843 .P87 2017

Discourses of religion and secularism in religious education classrooms

Karin Kittelmann Flensner

Call Number: BV1470.S8

Studies in late Medieval wall paintings, manuscript illuminations, and texts

Clifford Davidson

Call Number: BV153.E85

China's last Jesuit : Charles J. McCarthy and the end of the mission in Catholic Shanghai

Amanda C.R. Clark

Call Number: BV3427.C37

Korean women, self-esteem, and practical theology : transformative care

Jaeyeon Lucy Chung

Call Number: BV4445 .C49 2017

The immediacy of mystical experience in the European tradition

Miklos Vassanyi, Eniko Sepsi, Aniko Droczi, editors

Call Number: BV5075 .V37 2017

The history of Catholic intellectual life in Scotland, 1918--1965

Clifford Williamson

Call Number: BX1499

Orthodox Christian renewal movements in Eastern Europe

edited by Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović, Radmila Radić

Call Number: BX310

Animals in Tillich's philosophical theology

Abbey-Anne Smith

Call Number: BX4827.T53

Hope in the ecumenical future

Mark D. Chapman, editor

Call Number: BX8.3 .H67 2017eb

Money, migration and family : India to Australia

Supriya Singh

Call Number: BX8526.S564 2016

The Hillsong movement examined : you call me out upon the waters

Tanya Riches, Tom Wagner, editors

Call Number: BX8765.6.Z7 H55 2017eb

John Owen : trajectories in Reformed Orthodox theology

Ryan M. McGraw

Call Number: BX9422.3