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Items Acquired in February 2017 for the University Libraries

The Ramayana of Valmiki : an epic of ancient India

introduction and translation by Robert P. Goldman ; annotation by Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland

Call Number: BL1139.22 .E54 1984

Yezidis in Syria : identity building among a double minority

Sebastian Maisel

Call Number: BL1595 .M35 2017

American covenant : a history of civil religion from the Puritans to the present

Philip Gorski

Call Number: BL2525 .G667 2017

Where we dwell in common : the quest for dialogue in the twenty-first century

edited by Gerard Mannion

Call Number: BL410

Contemporary encounters in gender and religion : European perspectives

Lena Gemzöe, Marja-Liisa Keinänen, Avril Maddrell, editors

Call Number: BL458

Desiring divinity : self-deification in early Jewish and Christian mythmaking

M. David Litwa

Call Number: BL465

Religion, philosophy and knowledge

Call Number: BL51

Religious Experience and Self-psychology : Korean Christianity and the 1907 Revival Movement

Call Number: BL53

Marian Devotions, Political Mobilization, and Nationalism in Europe and America [electronic resource]

Call Number: BL60

The rise and fall of the Christian myth : restoring our democratic ideals

Burton L. Mack

Call Number: BL60 .M276 2017

International Theatre Olympics : The Artistic and Intercultural Power of Olympism

Call Number: BL65.C8

Affect Theory, Shame, and Christian Formation

Call Number: BL65.M4

The Gendered Politics of the Korean Protestant Right : Hegemonic Masculinity

Call Number: BL65.S4

Chinese sisters of the precious blood and the evolution of the Catholic Church

Call Number: BL65.S4

Religious war and religious peace in early modern Europe

Wayne P. Te Brake Purchase College, SUNY

Call Number: BL695 .T43 2017

Norse mythology

Neil Gaiman

Call Number: BL860 .G35 2017

Commentary on Midrash rabba in the sixteenth century : the Or ha-sekhel of Abraham Ben Asher

Benjamin Williams

Call Number: BM517.M65

Master narratives of Islamist extremism

Jeffry R. Halverson, H.L. Goodall, Jr., and Steven R. Corman

Call Number: BP166.14.F85 H35 2011eb

Buddhist extremists and Muslim minorities : religious conflict in contemporary Sri Lanka

edited by John Clifford Holt

Call Number: BP173.B9

Advice for callow jurists and gullible mendicants on befriending emirs

, ʻAbd al-Wahhāb ibn Aḥmad ibn ʹAlī al-Shaʹrānī ; translated by Adam Sabra

Call Number: BP188.8.E3 S437 2017

The making of a Salafi Muslim woman : paths to conversion

Anabel Inge

Call Number: BP195.S18

The mosaic of Islam : a conversation with Perry Anderson

Suleiman Mourad

Call Number: BP50 .A56 2016

Afghanistan's Islam : from conversion to the Taliban

edited by Nile Green

Call Number: BP63.A54 A39 2016

Islam in Indonesia : the contest for society, ideas and values

Carool Kersten

Call Number: BP63.I5 K477 2015

Faith-based violence and Deobandi militancy in Pakistan

Jawad Syed, Edwina Pio, Tahir Kamran, Abbas Zaidi, editors

Call Number: BP63.P2

Teaching Buddhism : new insights on understanding and presenting the traditions

edited by Todd Lewis and Gary deAngelis

Call Number: BQ158 .T43 2016

Buddhist Revivalist Movements : Comparing Zen Buddhism and the Thai Forest Movement

Call Number: BQ7080

Buddhist revivalist movements : comparing Zen Buddhism and the Thai forest movement

Alan Robert Lopez

Call Number: BQ7080 .L66 2016

The Buddha party : how the people's Republic of China works to define and control Tibetan Buddhism

John Powers

Call Number: BQ7590

Religion in secular society : fifty years on

Bryan R. Wilson ; edited with commentary by Steve Bruce

Call Number: BR115.W6

House church Christianity in China : from rural preachers to city pastors

Call Number: BR1285

Three Christian martyrdoms from early Islamic Palestine : Passion of Peter of Capitolias, Passion of the Twenty Martyrs of Mar Saba, Passion of Romanos the Neomartyr

parallel Georgian-English and Greek-English texts edited and translated by Stephen J. Shoemaker

Call Number: BR1608.5 .T574 2016

Divine deliverance : pain and painlessness in early Christian martyr texts

L. Stephanie Cobb

Call Number: BR1609 .C63 2017

Conscience and authority in the medieval church

Alexander Murray

Call Number: BR163

The age of reformation : the Tudor and Stewart realms, 1485-1603

Alec Ryrie

Call Number: BR375 .R97 2017

Darkness falls on the land of light : experiencing religious awakenings in eighteenth-century New England

Douglas L. Winiarski

Call Number: BR520 .W56 2017

Evangelical pilgrims from the East : faith fundamentals of Korean American Protestant diasporas

Call Number: BR563.K67

Doctrine and race : African American evangelicals and fundamentalism between the wars

Mary Beth Swetnam Mathews

Call Number: BR563.N4 M294 2017

Miraculous images and votive offerings in Mexico

Frank Graziano

Call Number: BR610

Demonic in the political thought of Eusebius of Caesarea

Hazel Johannessen

Call Number: BR65.E76

An ark on the Nile : beginning of the book of Exodus

Keith Bodner

Call Number: BS1245.52 .B63 2016

Paul Ricoeur's hermeneutics and the discourse of Mark 13 : appropriating the apocalyptic

Peter C. de Vries

Call Number: BS2585.52 .V75 2017

The Acts of the Apostles through the centuries

Heidi J. Hornik and Mikel C. Parsons

Call Number: BS2625.53

David's politics : servant, rebel, king

Paul R. Abramson

Call Number: BS580.D3 A27 2016

Freedom and necessity in modern trinitarian theology

Brandon Gallaher

Call Number: BT111.3

Humanity in God's image : an interdisciplinary exploration

Claudia Welz

Call Number: BT701.3

Innocent ecstasy : how Christianity gave America an ethic of sexual pleasure

Peter Gardella

Call Number: BT708

Caring for souls in a neoliberal age [electronic resource]

Bruce Rogers-Vaughn

Call Number: BV4011.3 .R64 2016

Post-traumatic Public Theology

Call Number: BV4012.2

Material eucharist

David Grumett

Call Number: BV825.3

Voices of conscience : royal confessors and political counsel in seventeenth-century Spain and France

Nicole Reinhardt

Call Number: BX2263.F8 R45 2016

Abbots and priors of late medieval and reformation England

Martin Heale

Call Number: BX2592

Dorothy Day : the world will be saved by beauty : an intimate portrait of my grandmother

Kate Hennessy

Call Number: BX4705.D283 H46 2017

Elise Boulding : writings on feminism, the family and quakerism

Call Number: BX7795

One Mississippi, two Mississippi : Methodists, murder, and the struggle for racial justice in Neshoba County

Carol V.R. George

Call Number: BX8249.N46 G46 2015

A house full of females : plural marriage and women's rights in early Mormonism, 1835-1870

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Call Number: BX8693 .U47 2017