April 2019

Bhagavad Gītā and leadership : a catalyst for organizational transformation

Author: Satinder Dhiman

Call Number: BL1138.67 .D45 2019

Why I am a Hindu

Author: Shashi Tharoor

Call Number: BL1202 .T43 2018

Faith movements and social transformation : guru charisma in contemporary India

Author: Samta P. Pandya

Call Number: BL1215.C76 P36 2019

Managing by the Bhagavad Gītā : timeless lessons for today's managers

Author: editors, Satinder Dhiman and A. D. Amar

Call Number: BL1215.M33

Keshab : Bengal's forgotten prophet

Author: John A. Stevens

Call Number: BL1274.592.S35 S74 2018

Buddhists, shamans, and Soviets : rituals of history in post-Soviet Buryatia

Author: Justine Buck Quijada

Call Number: BL2370.B87 Q45 2019

Seven types of atheism

Author: John Gray

Call Number: BL2747.3 G68 2018

Secularists, religion and government in nineteenth-century America

Author: Timothy Verhoeven

Call Number: BL2760 .V47 2019

Considering comparison : a method for religious studies

Author: Oliver Freiberger

Call Number: BL41 .F74 2019

God : a new biography

Author: Philip C. Almond

Call Number: BL473 .A46 2018

Near-death experience in indigenous religions

Author: Gregory Shushan

Call Number: BL535 .S58 2018

Religion and the philosophy of life

Author: Gavin Flood

Call Number: BL55 .F56 2019

Between worlds : understanding ritual cave use in later prehistory

Author: editors, Lindsey Büster, Eugène Warmenbol and Dimitrij Mlekuž

Call Number: BL584

Researching religion : why we need social science

Author: Steve Bruce

Call Number: BL60 .B78 2018

Living with the gods : on beliefs and peoples

Author: Neil MacGregor

Call Number: BL60 .M23 2018

Women and religion : contemporary and future challenges in the global era [electronic resource]

Author: edited by Elisabetta Ruspini, Glenda Tibe Bonifacio and Consuelo Corradi

Call Number: BL625.7 .W65 2018eb

Food, farming and religion : emerging ethical perspectives

Author: Gretel Van Wieren

Call Number: BL65.F65 V36 2018

Navigating post-truth and alternative facts : religion and science as political theology

Author: edited by Jennifer Baldwin ; foreword by Lisa Stenmark and Whitney Bauman ; introduction by Antje Jackelén

Call Number: BL65.P7 N38 2018

Confronting religious violence : a counternarrative

Author: Richard A. Burridge, Jonathan Sacks, editors

Call Number: BL65.V55 C66 2018

The warrior and the pacifist : competing motifs in Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Author: edited by Lester R. Kurtz

Call Number: BL65.V55 W38 2018

Tracking Hermes, pursuing Mercury

Author: edited by John F. Miller and Jenny Strauss Clay

Call Number: BL820.M5 T73 2019

Place in modern Jewish culture and society

Author: edited by Richard I. Cohen

Call Number: BM729.S76 P53 2018

The Qur'an and late antiquity : a shared heritage

Author: Angelika Neuwirth ; translated by Samuel Wilder

Call Number: BP131 .N48 2019


Call Number: BP166.14.F85 B48 2019

Contesting the theological foundations of Islamism and violent extremism

Author: Fethi Mansouri, Zuleyha Keskin, editors

Call Number: BP166.14.F85 C66 2019

Political Islam, justice and governance

Author: Mbaye Lo

Call Number: BP173.7 .L6 2019

Islamically integrated psychotherapy : uniting faith and professional practice

Author: edited by Carrie York Al-Karam

Call Number: BP190.5.P79 I85 2018

Islamophobia and radicalization : breeding intolerance and violence

Author: John L. Esposito, Derya Iner, editors

Call Number: BP52 .I85 2019

Recycled lives : a history of reincarnation in Blavatsky's theosophy

Author: Julie Chajes

Call Number: BP573.R5 C43 2019

Dynastic politics and the British reformations, 1558-1630

Author: Michael Questier

Call Number: BR375 .Q34 2019

God and Christ in Irenaeus

Author: Anthony Briggman

Call Number: BR65.I64 B75 2019

The politics of race and ethnicity in Matthew's passion narrative

Author: Wongi Park

Call Number: BS2575.52 .P37 2019

John the theologian and his Paschal Gospel : a prologue to theology

Author: John Behr

Call Number: BS2615.52 .B47 2019

The emancipation of biblical philology in the Dutch Republic, 1590-1670

Author: Dirk van Miert

Call Number: BS500 .M54 2018

Rewriting masculinity : Gideon, men, and might

Author: Kelly J. Murphy

Call Number: BS580.G5 M87 2019

The hiddenness of God

Author: Michael C. Rea

Call Number: BT180.H54

In defense of extended conciliar christology : a philosophical essay

Author: Timothy Pawl

Call Number: BT203 .P393 2019

The sexual politics of ballroom dancing

Author: Vicki Harman

Call Number: BV1751

Flesh reborn : the Saint Lawrence Valley mission settlements through the seventeenth century

Author: Jean-François Lozier

Call Number: BV2059.C2 L69 2018

Norman Anderson and the Christian mission to modernise Islam

Author: Todd M. Thompson

Call Number: BV2626.A53 T46 2017

God in the rainforest : a tale of martyrdom and redemption in Amazonian Ecuador

Author: Kathryn T. Long

Call Number: BV2853.E3 L66 2019

Preaching after Easter : mid-Pentecost, Ascension, and Pentecost in late antiquity

Author: edited by Richard W. Bishop, Johan Leemans, and Hajnalka Tamas ; with the assistance of Liesbeth Van der Sypt

Call Number: BV4207 .P74 2013

Humility, pride, and Christian virtue theory

Author: Kent Dunnington

Call Number: BV4630 .D86 2019

Catholic Bishops in the United States : church leadership in the third millennium

Author: Stephen J. Fichter, Thomas P. Gaunt SJ, Catherine Hoegeman CSJ, Paul M. Perl

Call Number: BX1407.B57 C38 2019

Rome and Irish Catholicism in the Atlantic world, 1622--1908

Author: editor, Matteo Binasco

Call Number: BX1504

The beginnings of the cult of relics

Author: Robert Wiśniewski

Call Number: BX2333 .W57 2019

Pathways to religious life

Author: edited by Thomas P. Gaunt, SJ

Call Number: BX2505 .P38 2018

Migration for mission : international Catholic sisters in the United States

Author: Mary Johnson, S.N.D. de N., Mary L. Gautier, Patricia Wittberg, S.C., and Thu T. Do, L.H.C

Call Number: BX4220.U6 J638 2019

Bonhoeffer : God's conspirator in a state of exception

Author: Petra Brown

Call Number: BX4827.B57

Christ existing as community : Bonhoeffer's ecclesiology

Author: Michael Mawson

Call Number: BX4827.B57 M397 2018eb

A documentary history of the Book of Mormon

Author: Larry E. Morris

Call Number: BX8627.A3 M67 2019