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Items Acquired in February 2017 for the University Libraries

Expeditions as experiments : practising observation and documentation

Marianne Klemun, Ulrike Spring, editors

Call Number: Q115 .E935 2016

Chinese dreams? American dreams? : the lives of Chinese women scientists and engineers in the United States

Diane Yu Gu

Call Number: Q130 .G82 2016

Nonlinear dynamics and chaos : with applications to physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering

Steven H. Strogatz

Call Number: Q172.5.C45 S767 2015

Scientific pluralism reconsidered : a new approach to the (dis)unity of science

Stéphanie Ruphy

Call Number: Q175 .R8513 2016

Citizen science in the digital age : rhetoric, science, and public engagement

James Wynn

Call Number: Q175.5 .W96 2017

Cultural policy, innovation and the creative economy : creative collaboration in arts and humanities research

Morag Shiach, Tarek Virani, editors

Call Number: Q180.55.I48 C85 2017

Coordination of Complex Sociotechnical Systems : Selforganisation of Knowledge in Mok [electronic resource]

Call Number: Q325

Multiple Instance Learning : Foundations and Algorithms

Francisco Herrera [and others]

Call Number: Q325.5

Logics in artificial intelligence : 15th European Conference, JELIA 2016, Larnaca, Cyprus, November 9-11, 2016, Proceedings

Loizos Michael, Antonis Kakas (eds.)

Call Number: Q334

Research and development in intelligent systems XXXIII : incorporating applications and innovations in intelligent systems XXIV : proceedings of AI-2016, the Thirty-Sixth SGAI International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Max Bramer, Miltos Petridis, editors

Call Number: Q334

Intelligent information processing VIII : 9th IFIP TC 12 International Conference, IIP 2016, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, November 18-21, 2016, Proceedings

Zhongzhi Shi, Sunil Vadera, Gang Li (eds.)

Call Number: Q334

Wisdom web of things

Ning Zhong, Jianhua Ma, Jiming Liu, Runhe Huang, Xiaohui Tao, editors

Call Number: Q335

A new perspective on nonmonotonic logics

Dov M. Gabbay, Karl Schlechta

Call Number: Q339.2

An introduction to transfer entropy : information flow in complex systems

Terry Bossomaier, Lionel Barnett, Michael Harré, Joseph T. Lizier

Call Number: Q360

Congressus numerantium

Call Number: QA1 .C76

Algorithm engineering : selected results and surveys

Lasse Kliemann, Peter Sanders (eds.)

Call Number: QA9.58

The ascent of Mary Somerville in 19th century society [electronic resource]

Elisabetta Strickland

Call Number: QA29.S66

Mathematical methods in the physical sciences

Mary L. Boas

Call Number: QA37.2 .B59 1983

Elementary numerical mathematics for programmers and engineers

Gisbert Stoyan, Agnes Baran

Call Number: QA39.3

Technologies and innovation : second International Conference, CITI 2016, Guayaquil, Ecuador, November 23-25, 2016, Proceedings

Rafael Valencia-García, Katty Lagos-Ortiz, Gema Alcaraz-Mármol, Javier del Cioppo, Nestor Vera-Lucio (eds.)

Call Number: QA75.5

Advances in services computing : 10th Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference, APSCC 2016, Zhangjiajie, China, November 16-18, 2016, Proceedings

Guojun Wang, Yanbo Han, Gregorio Martínez Pérez (eds.)

Call Number: QA75.5

Digital connectivity -- social impact : 51st Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India, CSI 2016, Coimbatore, India, December 8-9, 2016, Proceedings

S. Subramanian, R. Nadarajan, Shrisha Rao, Shina Sheen (eds.)

Call Number: QA75.5

Digital heritage : progress in cultural heritage: documentation, preservation, and protection : 6th International Conference, EuroMed 2016, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 31-November 5, 2016, Proceedings.

Marinos Ioannides, Eleanor Fink, Antonia Moropoulou, Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Antonella Fresa, Gunnar Liestøl, Vlatka Rajcic, Pierre Grussenmeyer (eds.)

Call Number: QA75.5 .E97 2016eb

Advances in computers

Call Number: QA76 .A3

An introduction to online computation : determinism, randomization, advice [electronic resource]

Dennis Komm

Call Number: QA76.55

Instruction level parallelism

Call Number: QA76.58

Certified OpenStack Administrator study guide

Andrey Markelov

Call Number: QA76.585

Knowledge graph and semantic computing : semantic, knowledge, and linked big data : first China Conference, CCKS 2016, Beijing, China, September 19-22, 2016, Revised selected papers

Huajun Chen, Heng Ji, Le Sun, Haixun Wang, Tieyun Qian, Tong Ruan (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.5913

Internet of things : IoT infrastructures : second International Summit, IoT 360° 2015, Rome, Italy, October 27-29, 2015. Revised selected papers.

Benny Mandler, Johann Marquez-Barja, Miguel Elias Mitre Campista, Dagmar Cagáňová, Hakima Chaouchi, Sherali Zeadally, Mohamad Badra, Stefano Giordano, Maria Fazio, Andrey Somov, Radu-Laurentiu Vieriu (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.5915

Internet of things : IoT infrastructures : second International Summit, IoT 360° 2015, Rome, Italy, October 27-29, 2015. Revised selected papers.

Benny Mandler, Johann Marquez-Barja, Miguel Elias Mitre Campista, Dagmar Cagáňová, Hakima Chaouchi, Sherali Zeadally, Mohamad Badra, Stefano Giordano, Maria Fazio, Andrey Somov, Radu-Laurentiu Vieriu (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.5915

Practical C

Giulio Zambon

Call Number: QA76.73.C15

C++/CLI Primer : For .NET Development

Call Number: QA76.73.C153

Erlang and Elixir for imperative programmers

Wolfgang Loder

Call Number: QA76.73.E75

Erlang and Elixir for Imperative Programmers

Call Number: QA76.73.E75

Go recipes : a problem-solution approach

Shiju Varghese

Call Number: QA76.73.G63

Reactive Java programming

Andrea Maglie

Call Number: QA76.73.J38

Python recipes handbook : a problem-solution approach

Joey Bernard

Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Lean Python : learn just enough Python to build useful tools

Paul Gerrard

Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Hacking secret ciphers with Python

by Al Sweigart

Call Number: QA76.73.P98 S94 2013

Testing R code

Richard Cotton

Call Number: QA76.73.R3 C68 2017

SQL on big data : technology, architecture, and innovation

Sumit Pal

Call Number: QA76.73.S67

Software architecture : 10th European Conference, ECSA 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 28-December 2, 2016, Proceedings

Bedir Tekinerdogan, Uwe Zdun, Ali Babar (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.751

Software architecture in action : designing and executing architectural models with SysADL grounded on the OMG SysML standard

Flavio Oquendo, Jair Leite, Thaís Batista

Call Number: QA76.754

Requirements engineering toward sustainable world : third Asia-Pacific Symposium, APRES 2016, Nagoya, Japan, November 10-12, 2016, Proceedings

Seok-Won Lee, Takako Nakatani (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.758

Conceptual Modeling : 35th International Conference, ER 2016, Gifu, Japan, November 14-17, 2016, Proceedings [electronic resource]

edited by Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau, Katsumi Tanaka, Il-Yeol Song, Shuichiro Yamamoto, Motoshi Saeki

Call Number: QA76.758

Decision and game theory for security : 7th International Conference, GameSec 2016, New York, NY, USA, November 2-4, 2016, Proceedings [electronic resource]

Quanyan Zhu, Tansu Alpcan, Emmanouil Panaousis, Milind Tambe, William Casey (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Samsung Artik reference : the definitive Developers guide

Cliff Wootton

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Android application security : a semantics and context-aware approach

Mu Zhang, Heng Yin

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Appium recipes [electronic resource]

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Beginning Carekit Development [electronic resource]

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Cloud Computing and Security : Second International Conference, ICCCS 2016, Nanjing, China, July 29-31, 2016, Revised Selected Papers, Part II [electronic resource]

edited by Xingming Sun, Alex Liu, Han-Chieh Chao, Elisa Bertino

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Cloud Computing and Security : Second International Conference, ICCCS 2016, Nanjing, China, July 29-31, 2016, Revised Selected Papers, Part I [electronic resource]

edited by Xingming Sun, Alex Liu, Han-Chieh Chao, Elisa Bertino

Call Number: QA76.76.A65

The art of scrum : how Scrum masters bind dev teams and unleash agility

Dave McKenna

Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Software reading techniques : twenty techniques for more effective software review and inspection

Yang-Ming Zhu

Call Number: QA76.76.D47

DevOps for digital leaders : reignite business with a modern DevOps-enabled software factory

Aruna Ravichandran, Kieran Taylor, Peter Waterhouse

Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Knowledge engineering and knowledge management : 20th International Conference, EKAW 2016, Bologna, Italy, November 19-23, 2016, Proceedings

Eva Blomqvist, Paolo Ciancarini, Francesco Poggi, Fabio Vitali (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.E95

Advances in brain inspired cognitive systems : 8th International Conference, BICS 2016, Beijing, China, November 28-30, 2016, Proceedings

Cheng-Lin Liu, Amir Hussain, Bin Luo, Kay Chen Tan, Yi Zeng, Zhaoxiang Zhang (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.I58

Interactive storytelling : 9th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2016, Los Angeles, CA, USA, November 15?18, 2016, Proceedings

Frank Nack, Andrew S. Gordon (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.I59

Beginning Xcode

Matthew Knott

Call Number: QA76.76.O63

Verified software : theories, tools, and experiments : 8th International Conference, VSTTE 2016, Toronto, ON, Canada, July 17-18, 2016, Revised selected papers

Sandrine Blazy, Marsha Chechik (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.V47

Hardware and software : verification and testing : 12th International Haifa Verification Conference, HVC 2016, Haifa, Israel, November 14-17, 2016, Proceedings

Roderick Bloem, Eli Arbel (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.76.V47 I54 2016

Learn CentOS Linux Network Services

Call Number: QA76.77 .V39 2016

Practical LPIC-1 Linux certification study guide

David Clinton

Call Number: QA76.774.L46

Absolute Beginners Guide to Computing

Call Number: QA76.774.M435 W36 2016

Beginning iPhone development with Swift 3 : exploring the iOS SDK

Molly Maskrey, Kim Topley, David Mark, Fredrik Olsson, Jeff Lamarche

Call Number: QA76.8.I64

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Foundation Guide

Sagar Ajay Rahalkar

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Cryptology and network security : 15th International Conference, CANS 2016, Milan, Italy, November 14-16, 2016, Proceedings

Sara Foresti, Giuseppe Persiano (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

From hacking to report writing : an introduction to security and penetration testing

Robert Svensson

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Critical infrastructure protection X : 10th IFIP WG 11.10 International Conference, ICCIP 2016, Arlington, VA, USA, March 14-16, 2016, Revised Selected Papers

Mason Rice, Sujeet Shenoi (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Information security practice and experience : 12th International Conference, ISPEC 2016, Zhangjiajie, China, November 16-18, 2016, Proceedings

Feng Bao, Liqun Chen, Robert H. Deng, Guojun Wang (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Ten laws for security

Eric Diehl

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Security, privacy and anonymity in computation, communication and storage : SpaCCS 2016 International Workshops, TrustData, TSP, NOPE, DependSys, BigDataSPT, and WCSSC, Zhangjiajie, China, November 16-18, 2016, Proceedings

Guojun Wang, Indrakshi Ray, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Sabu M. Thampi (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Advances in cryptology -- ASIACRYPT 2016 : 22nd International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 4-8, 2016, Proceedings.

Jung Hee Cheon, Tsuyoshi Takagi (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Security, privacy, and anonymity in computation, communication, and storage : 9th International Conference, SpaCCS 2016, Zhangjiajie, China, November 16-18, 2016, Proceedings

Guojun Wang, Indrakshi Ray, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Sabu M. Thampi (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Advances in cryptology -- ASIACRYPT 2016 : 22nd International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 4-8, 2016, Proceedings.

Jung Hee Cheon, Tsuyoshi Takagi (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Information theoretic security : 9th International Conference, ICITS 2016, Tacoma, WA, USA, August 9-12, 2016, Revised selected papers

Anderson C.A. Nascimento, Paulo Barreto (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Foundation Guide

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Provable Security : 10th International Conference, ProvSec 2016, Nanjing, China, November 10-11, 2016, Proceedings

edited by Liqun Chen, Jinguang Han

Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Structural information and communication complexity : 23rd International Colloquium, SIROCCO 2016, Helsinki, Finland, July 19-21, 2016, Revised selected papers

Jukka Suomela (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A43

Algorithms and models for the web graph : 13th International Workshop, WAW 2016, Montreal, QC, Canada, December 14-15, 2016, Proceedings

Anthony Bonato, Fan Chung Graham, Paweł Prałat (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A43 W425 2016eb

Ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence : 10th International Conference, UCAmI 2016, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, Spain, November 29-December 2, 2016, Proceedings.

Carmelo R. García, Pino Caballero-Gil, Mike Burmester, Alexis Quesada-Arencibia (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.A48

Implementing operations management suite : a practical guide to OMS, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Backup

Peter De Tender

Call Number: QA76.9.A73

Beginning SQL Server R services : analytics for data scientists

Bradley Beard

Call Number: QA76.9.C55

Interactive modeling and simulation in business system design

Ella Roubtsova

Call Number: QA76.9.C65

Database systems : a pragmatic approach

Elvis C. Foster, with Shripad Godbole

Call Number: QA76.9.D26

Mastering Oracle GoldenGate

Ravinder Gupta

Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Secure data deletion

Joel Reardon

Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Beginning Hibernate : for Hibernate 5

Joseph B. Ottinger, Jeff Linwood, Dave Minter

Call Number: QA76.9.D3

High performance SQL server [electronic resource]

Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Securing SQL Server : DBAs defending the database

Peter A. Carter

Call Number: QA76.9.D314

Apache HBase primer

Deepak Vohra

Call Number: QA76.9.D32

Principles of data mining

Max Bramer

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Advanced data mining and applications : 12th International Conference, ADMA 2016, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, December 12-15, 2016, Proceedings

edited by Jinyan Li, Xue Li, Shuliang Wang, Jianxin Li, Quan Z. Sheng

Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Windows Group Policy Troubleshooting : A Best Practice Guide for Managing Users and PCs Through Group Policy

Kapil Arya ; edited by Andrew Bettany

Call Number: QA76.9.D43

Innovations for community services : 16th International Conference, I4CS 2016, Vienna, Austria, June 27-29, 2016, Revised selected papers

Günter Fahrnberger, Gerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.D5

FM 2016 : formal methods : 21st International Symposium, Limassol, Cyprus, November 9-11, 2016, Proceedings

John Fitzgerald, Constance Heitmeyer, Stefania Gnesi, Anna Philippou (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.F67

Formal methods : foundations and applications : 19th Brazilian Symposium, SBMF 2016, Natal, Brazil, November 23-25, 2016, Proceedings

Leila Ribeiro, Thierry Lecomte (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.F67

Haptic Devices for Studies on Human Grasp and Rehabilitation [electronic resource]

Call Number: QA76.9.H85

Jumpstart Tableau : a step-by-step guide to better data visualization

Call Number: QA76.9.I52

High impact data visualization in Excel with Power View, 3D Maps, Get & Transform and Power BI

Adam Aspin

Call Number: QA76.9.I52

Future data and security engineering : third International Conference, FDSE 2016, Can Tho City, Vietnam, November 23-25, 2016, Proceedings

Tran Khanh Dang, Roland Wagner, Josef Küng, Nam Thoai, Makoto Takizawa, Erich Neuhold (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.M3

Advances in speech and language technologies for Iberian Languages : third International Conference, IberSPEECH 2016, Lisbon, Portugal, November 23-25, 2016, Proceedings

Alberto Abad, Alfonso Ortega, António Teixeira, Carmen García Mateo, Carlos D. Martínez Hinarejos, Fernando Perdigão, Fernando Batista, Nuno Mamede (eds.)

Call Number: QA76.9.N38

Text Analytics with Python : A Practical Real-World Approach to Gaining Actionable Insights from your Data

Call Number: QA76.9.N38

Natural language understanding in a semantic web context

Caroline Barrière

Call Number: QA76.9.N38

Stabilization, safety, and security of distributed systems : 18th International Symposium, SSS 2016, Lyon, France, November 7-10, 2016, Proceedings

edited by Borzoo Bonakdarpour, Franck Petit

Call Number: QA76.9.S54

Build iOS database apps with Swift and SQLite

Kevin Languedoc

Call Number: QA76.9.W43

Algebra and its Applications : ICAA, Aligarh, India, December 2014

Syed Tariq Rizvi, Asma Ali, Vincenzo De Filippis, editors

Call Number: QA150

Extended abstracts Spring 2015 : interactions between representation theory, algebraic topology and commutative algebra

Dolors Herbera, Wolfgang Pitsch, Santiago Zarzuela, editors

Call Number: QA155

Extended Abstracts Spring 2015 : Interactions between Representation Theory, Algebraic Topology and Commutative Algebra

Call Number: QA155

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college algebra

Murray R. Spiegel, Robert E. Moyer

Call Number: QA157 .S725 1998

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of abstract algebra

Frank Ayres, Jr., Lloyd R. Jaisingh

Call Number: QA162 .A97 2004

Introduction to combinatorics

Walter D. Wallis, John C. George

Call Number: QA164 .W35 2017

Change and invariance : a textbook on algebraic insight into numbers and shapes

Ilya Sinitsky (Gordon Academic College of Education, Shaanan Religious College of Education, Israel) and Bat-Sheva Ilany (Hemdat Hadarom Academic College of Education, Israel)

Call Number: QA174.7.S96 S58 2016eb

Computational analysis : AMAT, Ankara, May 2015 selected contributions

George A. Anastassiou, Oktay Duman, editors

Call Number: QA221 .I542 2015eb

Quadratic residues and non-residues : selected topics

Steve Wright

Call Number: QA242

Nice Numbers

Call Number: QA242

Integral points on algebraic varieties : an introduction to diophantine geometry

Pietro Corvaja

Call Number: QA242.5

Problems in the Theory of Modular Forms

Call Number: QA243

Number theory : an introduction via the distribution of primes

Benjamin Fine, Gerhard Rosenberger

Call Number: QA246 .F55 2007eb

Collected works. Volume I,@Band I, Set Theory, Miscellanea =@Mengenlehre, Varia : Gesammelte Werke.

edited by/Herausgegeben von Heinz-Dieter Ebbinghaus, Akihiro Kanamori

Call Number: QA248 .Z476 2010

Applied algebra : codes, ciphers, and discrete algorithms

Darel W. Hardy, Fred Richman, Carol L. Walker

Call Number: QA268 .H365 2009

Ordered Random Variables : Theory and Applications

Call Number: QA273

Probability logics : probability-based formalization of uncertain reasoning

Zoran Ognjanović, Miodrag Rašković, Zoran Marković

Call Number: QA273 .O36 2016

Introduction to probability models

Sheldon M. Ross

Call Number: QA273 .R84 2003

Probability and statistics with integrated software routines

Ronald Deep

Call Number: QA273.19.E4 D44 2006

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of probability, random variables, and random processes

Hwei P. Hsu

Call Number: QA273.25 .H78 1997

Hilbert's seventh problem : solutions and extensions

Robert Tubbs

Call Number: QA273.6

Essentials of stochastic processes

Richard Durrett

Call Number: QA274

Yosida approximations of stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensions and applications

T.E. Govindan

Call Number: QA274.23

Asymptotic analysis for functional stochastic differential equations

Jianhai Bao, George Yin, Chenggui Yuan

Call Number: QA274.25

Statistical causal inferences and their applications in public health research

Hua He, Pan Wu, Ding-Geng (Din) Chen, editors

Call Number: QA276

Statistical applications from clinical trials and personalized medicine to finance and business analytics : selected papers from the 2015 ICSAGraybill Applied Statistics Symposium, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Jianchang Lin, Bushi Wang, Xiaowen Hu, Kun Chen, Ray Liu, editors

Call Number: QA276.A1

Advanced R : data programming and the cloud

Matt Wiley, Joshua F. Wiley

Call Number: QA276.45.R3

An introduction to data analysis using aggregation functions in R

Simon James

Call Number: QA276.45.R3

Compositional data analysis : CoDaWork, L'Escala, Spain, June 2015

Josep Antoni Martín-Fernández, Santiago Thió-Henestrosa, editors

Call Number: QA278

Statistical learning from a regression perspective

Richard A. Berk

Call Number: QA278.2

Hardy type inequalities on time scales

Ravi P. Agarwal, Donal O'Regan, Samir H. Saker

Call Number: QA295

Numerical mathematics and advanced applications ENUMATH 2015

Bülent Karasözen, Murat Manguoğlu, Münevver Tezer-Sezgin, Serdar Göktepe, Ömür Uğur, editors

Call Number: QA297

Modern trends in hypercomplex analysis

Swanhild Bernstein, Uwe Kähler, Irene Sabadini, Franciscus Sommen, editors

Call Number: QA299.6

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of calculus for business, economics, and the social sciences

Edward T. Dowling

Call Number: QA303 .D768 1990

Calculus problems

Marco Baronti, Filippo De Mari, Robertus van der Putten, Irene Venturi

Call Number: QA303.2

Ergodic theory and dynamical systems

Yves Coudène ; translated by Reinie Erné

Call Number: QA313

The fractional trigonometry : with applications to fractional differential equations and science

Carl F. Lorenzo, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Tom T. Hartley, The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

Call Number: QA314

Fundamentals of functional analysis

by Douglas Farenick

Call Number: QA320

The Kadison-Singer property

Marco Stevens,

Call Number: QA326

A complex analysis problem book

Daniel Alpay

Call Number: QA331

Elementary functions : algorithms and implementation

J.M. Muller

Call Number: QA331

An introduction to special functions

Carlo Viola

Call Number: QA351

The limit shape problem for ensembles of young diagrams

Akihito Hora

Call Number: QA371

Ordinary differential equations : basics and beyond

David G. Schaeffer, John W. Cain

Call Number: QA371

Schaum's outline series of theory and problems of differential equations

F. Ayres

Call Number: QA372 .A52

Exact boundary controllability of nodal profile for quasilinear hyperbolic systems [electronic books]

Tatsien Li, Ke Wang, Qilong Gu

Call Number: QA379

Playing around resonance : an invitation to the search of periodic solutions for second order ordinary differential equations

Alessandro Fonda

Call Number: QA379

Teaching and learning mathematical modelling

Call Number: QA401

Optimal control and estimation

Robert F. Stengel

Call Number: QA402.3 .S76 1994

Advances in stochastic and deterministic global optimization

Panos M. Pardalos, Anatoly Zhigljavsky, Julius Žilinskas, editors

Call Number: QA402.5

Conceptual wavelets in digital signal processing : an in-depth, practical approach for the non-mathematician

D. Lee Fugal

Call Number: QA403.3 .F84 2009

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of Fourier analysis, : with applications to boundary value problems,

by Murray R. Spiegel

Call Number: QA403.5 .S66

An introduction to incidence geometry

Bart De Bruyn

Call Number: QA455

Measurement and geometry in upper primary school

Koeno Gravemeijer, Nisa Figueiredo, Els Feijs, Frans van Galen, Ronald Keijzer and Fokke Munk ; translated into English by Charles Frink

Call Number: QA465 .G81813 2016eb

The Perfect Shape : Spiral Stories

Call Number: QA483

Arbeitstagung Bonn 2013 : in memory of Friedrich Hirzebruch

Werner Ballmann, Christian Blohmann, Gerd Faltings, Peter Teichner, Don Zagier, editors

Call Number: QA564

Topological fixed point theory of multivalued mappings

by Lech Górniewicz

Call Number: QA611.7 .G67 2006eb

Manifolds and K-theory : conference on manifolds, K-theory, and related topics, June 23-27, 2014, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Gregory Arone [and four others], editors

Call Number: QA612.33 .M36 2017

Dynamical systems on 2- and 3-Manifolds

Viacheslav Z. Grines, Timur V. Medvedev, Olga V. Pochinka

Call Number: QA613.2

Geometry of Cauchy-Riemann submanifolds

Sorin Dragomir, Mohammad Hasan Shahid, Falleh R. Al-Solamy, editors

Call Number: QA649

Mathematical methods of classical mechanics

V.I. Arnold ; translated by K. Vogtmann and A. Weinstein

Call Number: QA805 .A6813 1989

The theory of the top. Vol. 1, Introduction to the kinematics and kinetics of the top

Felix Klein, Arnold Sommerfeld ; Raymond J. Nagem, Guido Sandri, translators

Call Number: QA862.T7 K68 2008

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of fluid dynamics : with an introduction to subsonic and supersonic flow ...

William F. Hughes, John A. Brighton

Call Number: QA911 .H88 1967


Call Number: QA911 .I84 2017

Observing nebulae

Call Number: QB855

Einstein and twentieth-century politics : 'a salutary moral influence'

Richard Crockatt

Call Number: QC16.E5

The Zakharov system and its soliton solutions [electronic resource]

Boling Guo...[et al.]

Call Number: QC20

Mathematical analysis of physical problems

Philip R. Wallace

Call Number: QC20 .W27 1984

An introduction to computational micromechanics

Tarek I. Zohdi, Peter Wriggers

Call Number: QC176.8.M5 Z64 2008eb

Statistical theory of heat

Florian Scheck

Call Number: QC311.5

A critical edition of Ibn al-Haytham's On the shape of the eclipse : the first experimental study of the camera obscura

Dominique Raynaud

Call Number: QC352

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of optics

by Eugene Hecht

Call Number: QC355.2 .H43

Radioactivity and Radiation : What They Are, What They Do, and How to Harness Them

Call Number: QC475

Electrodynamics : an intensive course

Masud Chaichian, Ioan Merches, Daniel Radu, Anca Tureanu

Call Number: QC631

Plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear reactions driven fusion energy

Bahman Zohuri

Call Number: QC718

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of electromagnetics

Joseph A. Edminister

Call Number: QC760 .E35 1993

Surveys in theoretical high energy physics - 2 : Lecture notes from SERC Schools

Raghavan Rangarajan, M. Sivakumar, editors

Call Number: QC793.2

A practical introduction to beam physics and particle accelerators

Santiago Bernal

Call Number: QC793.3.B4 B477 2016eb

Strong interactions in spacelike and timelike domains : dispersive approach

Alexander V. Nesterenko

Call Number: QC793.5.H32 .N48 2017

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