Social Work

September 2018

Family caregiving : fostering resilience across the life course

Author: Whitney A. Bailey, Amanda W. Harrist, editors

Call Number: HV1451

Gender, care and migration in East Asia

Author: Reiko Ogawa, Raymond K.H. Chan, Akiko S. Oishi, Lih-Rong Wang, editors

Call Number: HV1484.E18

Disability, health and human development

Author: Sophie Mitra

Call Number: HV1559.D44 M58 2018

Assistive augmentation

Author: Jochen Huber, Roy Shilkrot, Pattie Maes, Suranga Nanayakkara, editors

Call Number: HV1569.5

Breaking down barriers : usability, accessibility and inclusive design

Author: Pat Langdon, Jonathan Lazar, Ann Heylighen, Hua Dong, editors

Call Number: HV1569.5

Mobility of visually impaired people : fundamentals and ICT assistive technologies

Author: Edwige Pissaloux, Ramiro Velázquez, editors

Call Number: HV1758

Evaluating reforms of local public and social services in Europe : more evidence for better results

Author: Ivan Koprić, Hellmut Wollmann, Gérard Marcou, editors

Call Number: HV238

Welfare state reforms seen from below : comparing public attitudes and organized interests in Britain and Germany

Author: Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Elias Naumann, editors

Call Number: HV245 .W463 2018

A transnational history of the Australian animal movement, 1970-2015

Author: Gonzalo Villanueva

Call Number: HV4890.A3

New directions in treatment, education, and outreach for mental health and addiction

Author: Thalia MacMillan, Amanda Sisselman-Borgia, editors

Call Number: HV4998

Modern emergency management

Author: Jie Cao, Li Zhu, He Han, Xiaodong Zhu

Call Number: HV551.2

Recent trends in control and sensor systems in emergency management

Author: Roman Szewczyk, Denis Havlik, editors

Call Number: HV551.2

Handbook of disaster research

Author: Havidán Rodríguez, William Donner, Joseph E. Trainor, editors

Call Number: HV551.2

Disaster risk management in the Republic of Korea

Author: Yong-kyun Kim, Hong-Gyoo Sohn

Call Number: HV551.5.K6

Disaster risk governance in India and cross cutting issues

Author: Indrajit Pal, Rajib Shaw, editors

Call Number: HV551.56.I4

The Palgrave handbook of humanitarian logistics and supply chain management

Author: Gyöngyi Kovács, Karen Spens, Mohammad Moshtari, editors

Call Number: HV553

Psychoactive drug use in Hong Kong : life satisfaction and drug use

Author: Yuet Wah Cheung, Nicole Wai-ting Cheung

Call Number: HV5840.H85

The 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami : reconstruction and restoration : insights and assessment after 5 years

Author: Vicente Santiago-Fandiño, Shinji Sato, Norio Maki, Kanako Iuchi, editors

Call Number: HV600 2011.T64 A122 2018

Flood risk management strategies and governance

Author: Tom Raadgever, Dries Hegger, editors

Call Number: HV609 .F56 2018

Political asylum deceptions : the culture of suspicion

Author: Carol Bohmer, Amy Shuman

Call Number: HV640

Religion in the European refugee crisis

Author: Ulrich Schmil, Graeme Smith, editors

Call Number: HV640.4.E85

Disability and vocational rehabilitation in rural settings : challenges to service delivery

Author: Debra A. Harley, Noel A. Ysasi, Malachy L. Bishop, Allison R. Fleming, editors

Call Number: HV67 .D57 2018

Adoption-specific therapy : a guide to helping adopted children and their families thrive

Author: Jill Waterman, Audra K. Langley, Jeanne Miranda, Debbie B. Riley

Call Number: HV875 .W38 2018

Street-frequenting young people in Fiji : theory and practice

Author: Patrick Vakaoti

Call Number: HV887.F4

The Palgrave handbook of disabled children's childhood studies

Author: Katherine Runswick-Cole, Tillie Curran- Kirsty Liddiard, editors

Call Number: HV888 .P35 2018

Political social work : using power to create social change

Author: Shannon R. Lane, Suzanne Pritzker ; foreword by Charles E. Lewis, Jr

Call Number: HV91 .L353 2018@HV40