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Items Acquired in May 2017 for the University Libraries

Frankie and Johnny : race, gender, and the work of African American folklore in 1930s America

Stacy I. Morgan

Call Number: GR111.A47 M67 2017

The original folk & fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm : the complete first edition

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm ; translated & edited by Jack Zipes ; illustrated by Andrea Dezsö

Call Number: GR166 .G54313 2014

Beyond neoliberalism : social analysis after 1989

Marian Burchardt, Gal Kirn, editors

Call Number: H61.15 .B49 2017

Grounded theory and grounded theorizing : pragmatism in research practice

Antony Bryant

Call Number: H61.24 .B79 2017eb

The Palgrave handbook of quantum models in social science : applications and grand challenges

Emmanuel Haven, Andrei Khrennikov, editors

Call Number: H61.25

Life and narrative : the risks and responsibilities of storying experience

edited by Brian Schiff, A. Elizabeth McKim, Sylvie Patron

Call Number: H61.295

Analyzing qualitative data : systematic approaches

H. Russell Bernard, Arizona State University, University of Florida, Amber Wutich, Arizona State University, Gery W. Ryan, RAND Corporation

Call Number: H62 .B438 2017

Quantifying the qualitative : information theory for comparative case analysis

Katya Drozdova (Seattle Pacific University), Kurt Taylor Gaubatz (Old Dominion University)

Call Number: H62 .D76 2017

Group processes : data-driven computational approaches

Andrew Pilny, Marshall Scott Poole, editors

Call Number: HA29

Injury facts

National Safety Council

Call Number: HA217 .A4

U.S. women's history : untangling the threads of sisterhood

edited by Leslie Brown, Jacqueline Castledine, and Anne Valk ; foreword by Deborah Gray White

Call Number: HQ1410 .U177 2017

Gertrude Weil : Jewish progressive in the New South

Leonard Rogoff

Call Number: HQ1413.W4 R64 2017

And the spirit moved them : the lost radical history of America's first feminists

Helen LaKelly Hunt ; foreword by Cornel West

Call Number: HQ1418 .H86 2017

Women politicking politel : advancing feminism in the 1960s and 1970s

Kimberly Wilmot Voss

Call Number: HQ1421 .V67 2017

Womenfolks : growing up down South

Shirley Abbott ; [with a new preface by the author]

Call Number: HQ1438.S63 A33 2017

How great cities happen : integrating people, land use and transport

John Stanley (Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, Business School, University of Sydney, Australia), Janet Stanley (Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne, Australia), Roslynne Hansen (Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Call Number: HT119 .S76 2017

The new urban crisis : how our cities are increasing inequality, deepening segregation, and failing the middle class-- and what we can do about it

Richard Florida

Call Number: HT123 .F6195 2017

Sustainable city management : informal settlements in Surakarta, Indonesia

Christian Obermayr

Call Number: HT147.I54

Gateways to the world : port cities in the Persian Gulf

Mehran Kamrava

Call Number: HT147.5

Global urban politics : informalization of the state

Julie-Anne Boudreau

Call Number: HT151 .B6358 2016

Planning for small town change

Neil Powe and Trevor Hart

Call Number: HT153 .P69 2017

Serene urbanism : a biophilic theory and practice of sustainable placemaking

Philip James Tabb

Call Number: HT153 .T22 2017

Healthy cities : the theory, policy, and practice of value-based urban planning

Evelyne de Leeuw, Jean Simos, editors

Call Number: HT166

Citizen empowerment and innovation in the data-rich city

Chiara Certomà, Mark Dyer, Lorena Pocatilu, Francesco Rizzi, editors

Call Number: HT166

Happy city--how to plan and create the best livable area for the people

Anna Brdulak, Halina Brdulak, editors

Call Number: HT166

Creating low carbon cities

Shobhakar Dhakal, Matthias Ruth, editors

Call Number: HT166

Sustainable Smart Cities : Creating Spaces for Technological, Social and Business Development

edited by Marta Peris-Ortiz, Dag R. Bennett, Diana Pérez-Bustamante Yábar

Call Number: HT166

Complexity, cognition, urban planning and design : post-proceedings of the 2nd Delft International Conference

Juval Portugali, Egbert Stolk, editors

Call Number: HT166 .C667 2016e

Mobilities design : urban designs for mobile situations

Ole B. Jensen and Ditte Bendix Lanng

Call Number: HT166 .J446 2017

Cities of love : roadmap for sustaining future cities

Tai Lee Siang, Valerie Ang

Call Number: HT166 .T33 2017

Within walking distance : creating livable communities for all Philip Langdon

Call Number: HT167 .L323 2017

Towers of New Capital

Call Number: HT169.I5 T69 2016


John Joe Schlichtman, Jason Patch, and Marc Lamont Hill

Call Number: HT170 .S34 2017

Urban regeneration

edited by Peter Roberts, Hugh Sykes, Rachel Granger

Call Number: HT170 .U698 2017

Immigration and metropolitan revitalization in the United States

edited by Domenic Vitiello and Thomas J. Sugrue

Call Number: HT175 .I46 2017

Children in the urban environment : linking social policy and clinical practice

edited by Norma Kolko Phillips and Shulamith Lala Ashenberg Straussner

Call Number: HT206 .C445 2017

Immigration and the city

Eric Fong and Brent Berry

Call Number: HT215 .F66 2017

Unravelling sustainability and resilience in the built environment

Emilio Jose Garcia and Brenda Vale

Call Number: HT241 .G37 2017

Green wedge urbanism : history, theory and contemporary practice

Fabiano Lemes de Oliveira

Call Number: HT241 .L46 2017

Sustainable cities : urban planning challenges and policy

edited by Kimberly Etingoff

Call Number: HT241 .S867 2017

Urban environmental education review

edited by Alex Russ and Marianne E. Krasny

Call Number: HT241 .U72437 2017

Urbanization and climate co-benefits : implementation of win-win interventions in cities

edited by Christopher N.H. Doll and Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira

Call Number: HT241 .U743 2017

Green belts : past ; present ; future?

John Sturzaker and Ian Mell

Call Number: HT243.G7 S78 2017

Metroburbia : the anatomy of Greater London

Paul L. Knox

Call Number: HT352.G72 K66 2017

Agogic maps : from musical phrasing to enhancement of urban spaces

Raffaele Pe

Call Number: HT361

Cities in time : temporary urbanism and the future of the city

Ali Madanipour

Call Number: HT361 .M33 2017

Beijing urban memory : historic buildings and historic sites, central axes and city walls

Fang Wang

Call Number: HT384.C62

Government intervention and suburban sprawl

Call Number: HT384.U5 L49 2017

Labor Transfer in Emerging Economies : A Perspective from China's Reality to Theories

Call Number: HT388

Localism and neighbourhood planning : power to the people?

edited by Sue Brownill and Quintin Bradley

Call Number: HT391.B88 L62 2017

Permanent weekend : nature, leisure, and rural gentrification

John Michels

Call Number: HT443.C22 O665 2017

The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, 1838-1956 : a history

James Heartfield

Call Number: HT861

Symbolic exchange and death

Jean Baudrillard ; translated by Iain Hamilton Grant

Call Number: HM291 .B3413 2017

Familiar stranger : a life between two islands

Stuart Hall ; with Bill Schwarz

Call Number: HM479.H35 A3 2017

Niklas Luhmann : education as a social system

Claudio Baraldi, Giancarlo Corsi

Call Number: HM479.L84

Non-equilibrium social science and policy : introduction and essays on new and changing paradigms in socio-economic thinking

Jeffrey Johnson, Andrzej Nowak, Paul Ormerod, Bridget Rosewell, Yi-Cheng Zhang, editors

Call Number: HM548

The commonalities of global crises : markets, communities and nostalgia

Christian Karner, Bernhard Weicht, editors

Call Number: HM548 .C648 2016

Sociology and the new materialism : theory, research, action

Nick J. Fox, Pam Alldred

Call Number: HM571 .F69 2017

Theory for the working sociologist

Fabio Rojas

Call Number: HM585 .R65 2017

Spinning Popular Culture as Public Pedagogy : Critical Reflections and Transformative Possibilities

Call Number: HM621

The Palgrave Handbook of Creativity and Culture Research [electronic resource]

edited by Vlad Petre Glăveanu

Call Number: HM623

Sex Robots

Call Number: HM623

The Palgrave handbook of creativity and culture research [electronic resource]

Call Number: HM623

Arab subcultures : transformations in theory and practice

edited by Tarik Sabry and Layal Ftouni

Call Number: HM646 .A72 2017

Integrating human capital with human development : the path to a more productive and humane economy

John F. Tomer

Call Number: HM708 .T66 2016eb

Social network analysis : methods and examples

Song Yang, University of Arkansas, Shanghai University, Franziska B. Keller, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lu Zheng, Tsinghua University

Call Number: HM741 .Y37 2017

Crime, justice and social media

Michael Salter

Call Number: HM742 .S254 2017

Social media : culture and identity

edited by Kehbuma Langmia and Tia C. M. Tyree

Call Number: HM742 .S62816 2017

Understanding peace and conflict through social identity theory : contemporary global perspectives

Shelley McKeown, Reeshma Haji, Neil Ferguson, editors

Call Number: HM753

The relativity of deviance

John Curra, Eastern Kentucky University

Call Number: HM811 .C87 2017

The broken ladder : how inequality affects the way we think, live, and die

Keith Payne

Call Number: HM821 .P39 2017

Institutions for future generations

Iñigo González-Ricoy and Axel Gosseries

Call Number: HM826

The great questions of tomorrow

David Rothkopf

Call Number: HM831 .R676 2017

Grassroots innovation movements

Adrian Smith, Mariano Fressoli, Dinesh Abrol, Elisa Around and Adrian Ely

Call Number: HM846 .S57 2017

The future of work in information society : political-economic arguments

Andrzej Piotr Wierzbicki

Call Number: HM851

The stuff of bits : an essay on the materialities of information

Paul Dourish

Call Number: HM851 .D68 2017

Norms in the wild : how to diagnose, measure, and change social norms

Cristina Bicchieri

Call Number: HM866 .B53 2017

Movements for human rights : locally and globally

edited by David L. Brunsma, Keri E. Iyall Smith, Brian K. Gran

Call Number: HM881 .M6726 2017

Identity, violence and power : mobilising hatred, demobilising dissent

Guy Elcheroth, Stephen Reicher

Call Number: HM886 .E43 2017

Conceptual metaphor in social psychology : the poetics of everyday life

Mark J. Landau

Call Number: HM1013 .L36 2017

Excavating memory : sites of remembering and forgetting

edited by Maria Theresia Starzmann and John R. Roby ; foreword by Paul Shackel

Call Number: HM1033 .E93 2016

Social memory technology : theory, practice, action

Karen Worcman and Joanne Garde-Hansen

Call Number: HM1033 .W67 2016

Shared representations : sensorimotor foundations of social life

edited by Sukhvinder S. Obhi and Emily S. Cross

Call Number: HM1088 .S53 2016

Understanding the psychology of diversity

B. Evan Blaine, Kimberly J. McClure Brenchley, St. John Fisher College

Call Number: HM1091 .B54 2018

Social spaces and social relations

Małgorzata Bogunia-Borowska (ed.) ; introduction by Anthony Giddens

Call Number: HM1111 .S5644 2016

Awkward : the science of why we're socially awkward and why that's awesome

Ty Tashiro, PhD

Call Number: HM1111 .T37 2017

Psychological violence in the workplace : new perspectives and shifting frameworks

Emily Schindeler, Janet Ransley and Danielle Reynald

Call Number: HM1116 .S3685 2016

Violence in capitalism : devaluing life in an age of responsibility

James A. Tyner

Call Number: HM1116 .T963 2016

Constructive conflicts : from escalation to resolution

Louis Kriesberg and Bruce W. Dayton

Call Number: HM1121 .K75 2017

Killing others : a natural history of ethnic violence

Matthew Lange

Call Number: HM1121 .L37 2017

I'm right and you're an idiot : the toxic state of public discourse and how to clean it up

James Hoggan with Grania Litwin

Call Number: HM1166 .H64 2016

The ecology of attention

Yves Citton ; translated by Barnaby Norman

Call Number: HM1176 .C5713 2017

Media generations : experience, identity and mediatised social change

Göran Bolin

Call Number: HM1206 .B65 2017

Medialogies : reading reality in the age of inflationary media

David R. Castillo and William Egginton

Call Number: HM1206 .C378 2017

Phenomena of power : authority, domination, and violence

Heinrich Popitz ; translated by Gianfranco Poggi ; edited by Andreas Göttlich and Jochen Dreher

Call Number: HM1251 .P67 2017

Developing culturally relevant leadership learning

Kathy L. Guthrie, Laura Osteen, Tamara Bertrand Jones, editors

Call Number: HM1261 .D477 2016

Respecting toleration : traditional liberalism and contemporary diversity

Peter Balint

Call Number: HM1271

Multiculturalism and interculturalism : debating the dividing lines

edited by Nasar Meer, Tariq Modood and Ricard Zapata-Barrero

Call Number: HM1271 .M85 2016

Incarcerating the crisis : freedom struggles and the rise of the neoliberal state

Jordan T. Camp

Call Number: HN57 .C33 2016eb

We did what?! : offensive and inappropriate behavior in American history

Timothy B. Jay, editor

Call Number: HN57 .W359 2017

Elite white men ruling : who, what, when, where, and how

Joe R. Feagin and Kimberley Ducey

Call Number: HN90.E4 F43 2017

Digital countercultures and the struggle for community

Jessa Lingel

Call Number: HN90.I56 L56 2017

Confident pluralism : surviving and thriving through deep difference

John D. Inazu

Call Number: HN90.M84 I53 2016eb

Battles for freedom : the use and abuse of American history

Eric Foner

Call Number: HN90.R3 F66 2017

Privilege : a reader

Michael S. Kimmel and Abby L. Ferber, editors

Call Number: HN90.S6 P75 2017

Struggles for justice in Canada and Mexico : themes and theories about social mobilization

Linda Snyder

Call Number: HN107 .S58 2017

The populist radical right : a reader

edited by Cas Mudde

Call Number: HN380.Z9 R3575 2017

Community action in a contested society : the story of Northern Ireland

Avila Kilmurray

Call Number: HN398.N6 K55 2017

The new social mobility : how the politicians got it wrong

Geoff Payne

Call Number: HN400.S65 P39 2017

Protest in Putin's Russia

Mischa Gabowitsch ; translated from the German and Russian, and revised and updated, by the author

Call Number: HN530.2.Z9 S62413 2017

Secessionist rule : protracted conflict and configurations of non-state authority

Franziska Smolnik

Call Number: HN656.15.Z9 V5 2016

Contemporary Turkey at a Glance 2

Call Number: HN656.5.A8 C66 2017

Smartland Korea : mobile communication, culture, and society

Dal Yong Jin

Call Number: HN730.5.Z9 I5646 2017

Rural origins, city lives : class and place in contemporary China

Roberta Zavoretti

Call Number: HN740.Z9 S619982 2017

Values, political action, and change in the Middle East and the Arab Spring

edited by Mansoor Moaddel, Michele J. Gelfand

Call Number: HN766.Z9 S6783 2017eb

After marriage equality : the future of LGBT rights

edited by Carlos A. Ball

Call Number: HQ73.3.U6 A38 2015eb

Sexual orientation, gender identity, and schooling : the nexus of research, practice, and policy

edited by Stephen T. Russell, Stacey S. Horn

Call Number: HQ76.27.Y68 S49 2017

Transgender children and youth : cultivating pride and joy with families in transition

Elijah C. Nealy

Call Number: HQ77.9 .N43 2017

Beyond trans : does gender matter?

Heath Fogg Davis

Call Number: HQ77.95.U6 D39 2017

Gringo Gulch : sex, tourism, and social mobility in Costa Rica

Megan Rivers-Moore

Call Number: HQ154.S26 R58 2016

Human trafficking is a public health issue : a paradigm expansion in the United States

Makini Chisolm-Straker, Hanni Stoklosa, editors

Call Number: HQ281

Control and protect : collaboration, carceral protection, and domestic sex trafficking in the United States

Jennifer Musto

Call Number: HQ281 .M87 2016eb

Brothers and friends : kinship in early America

Natalie R. Inman

Call Number: HQ535 .I56 2017

Family stress management : a contextual approach

Pauline Boss, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Chalandra M. Bryant, University of Georgia, Jay A. Mancini, University of Georgia

Call Number: HQ536 .B674 2017

Fatherhood in transition : masculinity, identity and everyday life

Thomas Johansson, Jesper Andreasson

Call Number: HQ756 .J64 2017

Fathering within and beyond the failures of the state with imagination, work and love : the case of the Mexican father Marta Sánchez

Call Number: HQ756 .S36 2017

Grandparents of children with disabilities : theoretical perspectives of intergenerational relationships

Liora Findler, Orit Taubman and Ben Ari ; with Shirley Ben Shlomo and Adi Noy

Call Number: HQ759.9

Divorce, Families and Emotion Work : 'Only Death Will Make Us Part' [electronic resource]

Call Number: HQ759.915

To offer compassion : a history of the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion

Doris Andrea Dirks and Patricia A. Relf

Call Number: HQ767.5.U5 D57 2017

Women against abortion : inside the largest moral reform movement of the twentieth century

Karissa Haugeberg

Call Number: HQ767.5.U5 H397 2017

Childhood and nation : interdisciplinary engagements

edited by Zsuzsa Millei and Robert Imre

Call Number: HQ767.9 .C44557 2016eb

Growing up in a land called Honalee : the Sixties in the lives of American children

Joel P. Rhodes

Call Number: HQ792.U5 R46 2017

American girls and global responsibility : a new relation to the world during the early Cold War

Jennifer Helgren

Call Number: HQ798 .H437 2017

The class : living and learning in the digital age

Sonia Livingstone and Julian Sefton-Green

Call Number: HQ799.G72 L658 2016eb

Plugged in : how media attract and affect youth

Patti M. Valkenburg ; Jessica Taylor Piotrowski

Call Number: HQ799.2.M35 V35 2017

Beyond monogamy : polyamory and the future of polyqueer sexualities

Mimi Schippers

Call Number: HQ980 .S34 2016eb

Marriage vows and racial choices

Jessica Vasquez-Tokos

Call Number: HQ1031 .V27 2017

Population aging, fertility and social security

Call Number: HQ1061

Helping relationships with older adults : from theory to practice

Adelle M. Williams Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Call Number: HQ1061 .W495 2017

Seeing straight : an introduction to gender and sexual privilege

Jean Halley and Amy Eshleman

Call Number: HQ1075 .H345 2017

Questioning gender : a sociological exploration

Robyn Ryle, Hanover College

Call Number: HQ1075 .R95 2018

Why I am not a feminist : a feminist manifesto

Jessa Crispin

Call Number: HQ1155 .C756 2017

Finding feminism : millennial activists and the unfinished gender revolution

Alison Dahl Crossley

Call Number: HQ1155 .C76 2017

The mother of all questions

Rebecca Solnit ; images by Paz de la Calzada

Call Number: HQ1155 .S668 2017

Women's activism and "second wave" feminism : transnational histories

edited by Barbara Molony and Jennifer Nelson

Call Number: HQ1155 .W677 2017


Call Number: HQ1180-1186

Teaching gender : feminist pedagogy and responsibility in times of political crisis

Beatriz Revelles-Benavente and Ana M. González Ramos

Call Number: HQ1180 .T43 2017

Mattering : feminism, science, and materialism

edited by Victoria Pitts-Taylor

Call Number: HQ1190 .M3778 2016

Feminist theory after Deleuze

Hannah Stark

Call Number: HQ1190 .S744 2017

Counseling women across the life span : empowerment, advocacy, and intervention

Jill E. Schwarz, PhD, NCC, editor

Call Number: HQ1206 .C7238 2017

The status of women : violence, identity, and activism

edited by Vivian B. Pender

Call Number: HQ1206 .S73 2017

Gender, politics, news : a game of three sides

Karen Ross

Call Number: HQ1236 .R677 2017

Women's activism in Africa : struggles for rights and representation

edited by Balghis Badri and Aili Mari Tripp

Call Number: HQ1236.5.A35 W66 2017

Gender and Family in European Economic Policy : Developments in the New Millennium [electronic resource]

edited by Diana Auth, Jutta Hergenhan, Barbara Holland-Cunz

Call Number: HQ1381