December 2021

History of Chinese folk literature

Author: Zhenduo Zheng

Call Number: GR335 .Z54 2021

Personal networks : classic readings and new directions in egocentric analysis

Author: edited by Mario L. Small, Brea L. Perry, Bernice A. Pescosolido, Edward B. Smith

Call Number: H61 .P525 2021

The savvy academic : publishing in the social and health sciences

Author: Seth J. Schwartz, PhD

Call Number: H61.8 .S38 2022

Qualitative comparative analysis using R : a beginner's guide

Author: Ioana-Elena Oana, Carsten Q. Schneider, Eva Thomann

Call Number: H62 .O225 2021

Social memory as a force for social and economic transformation

Author: edited by Muxe Nkondo

Call Number: HM1033 .S63 2021

The cognitive basis of social interaction across the lifespan

Author: edited by Heather J. Ferguson and Elisabeth E.F. Bradford

Call Number: HM1111

Overcoming the retributive nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Author: Thomas L. Saaty, H.J. Zoffer, Luis G. Vargas, Amos Guiora

Call Number: HM1126 .S33 2022

Problem-solving sociology : a guide for students

Author: Monica Prasad

Call Number: HM511 .P73 2021

Nostalgia and hope : intersections between politics of culture, welfare, and migration in Europe

Author: Ov Cristian Norocel, Anders Hellström, Martin Bak Jørgensen, editors

Call Number: HM621

Culture as process : a tribute to Jaan Valsiner

Author: Brady Wagoner, Bo Allesøe Christensen, Carolin Demuth, editors

Call Number: HM621 .C85 2021

The sociology of time : a critical overview

Author: Jirí Šubrt

Call Number: HM656 .S83 2021

The case for rage : why anger is essential to anti-racist struggle

Author: Myisha Cherry

Call Number: HM671 .C44 2021

Together in music : coordination, expression, participation

Author: edited by Renee Timmers, Freya Bailes, and Helena Daffern

Call Number: HM716 .T64 2021

Social networks of meaning and communication

Author: Jan Fuhse

Call Number: HM741 .F84 2022

Deepening the understanding of social media's impact in Southeast Asia

Author: Ross Tapsell

Call Number: HM742 .T36 2020

Science, technology and modernity : an interdisciplinary approach

Author: Kavita S. Jerath ; with contributions by Kiran Govind Kushal and Samreen Khan

Call Number: HM846 .J47 2021

Redesigning organizations : concepts for the connected society

Author: Denise Feldner, editor

Call Number: HM846 .R43 2020

The Survival nexus : science, technology, and world affairs

Author: Charles Weiss

Call Number: HM846 .W45 2022

Sustainable digital communities : 15th International Conference, iConference 2020, Boras, Sweden, March 23-26, 2020, Proceedings

Author: Anneli Sundqvist, Gerd Berget, Jan Nolin, Kjell Ivar Skjerdingstad (eds.)

Call Number: HM851

Digitalization cases. Vol. 2, Mastering digital transformation for global business

Author: Nils Urbach, Maximilian Röglinger, Karlheinz Kautz, Rose Alinda Alias, Carol Saunders, Martin Wiener, editors

Call Number: HM851 .D54 2021

Digital mediatization and the sharpening of Malaysian political contests

Author: Pauline Pooi Yin Leong

Call Number: HM851 .L46 2021

Love and revolution in the twentieth-century colonial and postcolonial world : perspectives from South Asia and Southern Africa

Author: G. Arunima, Patricia Hayes, Premesh Lalu, editors

Call Number: HM876 .L68 2021

Poverty, solidarity, and poor-led social movements

Author: Monique Deveaux

Call Number: HM881 .D47 2021

How Generation Z galvanized a revolutionary movement against Myanmar's 2021 military coup

Author: Ingrid Jordt, Tharaphi Than and Sue Ye Lin

Call Number: HM883 .J67 2021

Media futures : theory and aesthetics

Author: Christoph Ernst, Jens Schröter

Call Number: HM901 .E76 2021

Human flourishing : scientific insight and spiritual wisdom in uncertain times

Author: Andrew Briggs and Michael J. Reiss

Call Number: HN25

Peace and violence in Brazil : reflections on the roles of state, organized crime and civil society

Author: Marcos Alan Ferreira, editor

Call Number: HN290.V5 P43 2022

From traitor to zealot : exploring the phenomenon of side-switching in extremism and terrorism

Author: Daniel Koehler, German Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies (GIRDS)

Call Number: HN49.R33 K64 2022

Cultivating democracy : politics and citizenship in agrarian India

Author: Mukulika Banerjee

Call Number: HN683.5 .B2746 2021

The growing salience of online Vietnamese nationalism

Author: Dien Nguyen An Luong

Call Number: HN700.5 .L96 2021

Community disaster recovery : moving from vulnerability to resilience

Author: Deserai A. Crow, Elizabeth A. Albright

Call Number: HN79.C63 C637 2021

Choosing the future : technology and opportunity in communities

Author: Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, and Scott J. LaCombe

Call Number: HN90.C6 M677 2021

We need to talk : how cross-party dialogue reduces affective polarization

Author: Matthew S. Levendusky, Dominik A. Stecula

Call Number: HN90.P57 L48 2021

The rainbow after the storm : marriage equality and social change in the U.S.

Author: Michael J. Rosenfeld

Call Number: HQ1034 .R67 2021

Music, wellness, and aging : defining, directing, and celebrating life

Author: Scott F. Madey, Dean D. VonDras

Call Number: HQ1061 .M3223 2021

Materializing silence in feminist activism

Author: Jessica Rose Corey

Call Number: HQ1233 .C67 2021

The Palgrave handbook of African women's studies

Author: Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso, Toyin Falola, editors

Call Number: HQ1787 .P35 2021

Why gender?

Author: edited by Jude Browne, University of Cambridge

Call Number: HQ18.55 .W49 2021

State and family in China : filial piety and its modern reform

Author: Yue Du

Call Number: HQ684 .A246 2022

Cultural methods in psychology : describing and transforming cultures

Author: edited by Kate C. McLean

Call Number: HQ73 .C85 2022

An anthropology of gender variance and trans experience in Naples : beauty in transit

Author: Marzia Mauriello

Call Number: HQ77.95.I8 M38 2021

Feeling terrified? : the emotions of online violent extremism

Author: Lise Waldek, Julian Droogan, Catharine Lumby

Call Number: HQ799.2.V56 W35 2021

City living : how urban dwellers and urban spaces make one another

Author: Quill R Kukla

Call Number: HT111 .K67 2021

Theorising urban development from the global south

Author: edited by Anjali Karol Mohan, Sony Pellissery, Juliana Gómez Aristizábal

Call Number: HT166 .T54 2021

Public values for cities and city policy

Author: Jari Stenvall [and four others]

Call Number: HT241 .S84 2021

Rural-urban transformation geography

Author: Yansui Liu

Call Number: HT384.C6 L58 2021

Urban transition in Hanoi : huge challenges ahead

Author: Danielle Labbé

Call Number: HT384.V5 L33 2021