January 2020

Narrative productions of meanings : exploring the work of stories in social life

Author: Donileen R. Loseke

Call Number: H61.295 .L67 2019

Participatory research with young children

Author: Angela Eckhoff, editor

Call Number: H62 .P37 2019

Computer supported qualitative research : New Trends on Qualitative Research (WCQR2019)

Author: António Pedro Costa, Luís Paulo Reis, António Moreira, editors

Call Number: H62.A3

Wellbeing, resilience and sustainability : the new trinity of governance

Author: Jonathan Joseph, J. Allister McGregor

Call Number: H97 .J67 2020eb

Data envelopment analysis with R

Author: Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Mohsen Vaez-Ghasemi, Zohreh Moghaddas

Call Number: HA31.38 .H67 2020

Zhongguo tong ji nian jian

Author: Zhongguo guo jia tong ji ju bian

Call Number: HA4631 .S83

Social mentality in contemporary China

Author: Yiyin Yang, editor

Call Number: HM1027.C5 S63 2019

New voices in psychosocial studies

Author: Stephen Frosh, editor

Call Number: HM1033 .N48 2019eb

Social comparison, judgment, and behavior

Author: edited by Jerry Suls, Rebecca L. Collins, and Ladd Wheeler

Call Number: HM1041 .S63 2020

Understanding risk-taking

Author: Jens O. Zinn

Call Number: HM1101 .Z56 2020eb

Romantic relationships in a time of 'cold intimacies'

Author: Julia Carter, Lorena Arocha, editors

Call Number: HM1106

Supercomplexity in interaction : an introduction to the 4Es

Author: Victoria Orange

Call Number: HM1111 .O73 2019eb

The fascination with violence in contemporary society : when crime is sublime

Author: Oriana Binik

Call Number: HM1116 .B56 2020eb

The Nagorno-Karabakh deadlock : insights from successful conflict settlements

Author: Azer Babayev, Bruno Schoch, Hans-Joachim Spanger, editors

Call Number: HM1126

Communication and conflict studies : disciplinary connections, research directions

Author: Adrienne P. Lamberti, Anne R. Richards, editors

Call Number: HM1126 .C66 2019eb

Invisibilization of suffering : the moral grammar of disrespect

Author: Benno Herzog

Call Number: HM1131 .H47 2020eb

A sociology of shame and blame : insiders versus outsiders

Author: Graham Scambler

Call Number: HM1131 .S33 2020

Advances in Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation and Testing

Author: edited by Paul C. Beatty, Debbie Collins, Lyn Kaye, Jose-Luis Padilla, Gordon B. Willis, Amanda Wilmot

Call Number: HM1236

Servant leadership, social entrepreneurship and the will to serve : spiritual foundations and business applications

Author: Luk Bouckaert, Steven C. van den Heuvel, editors

Call Number: HM1261 .S47 2019

The praxis of diversity

Author: Christoph Lütge, Christiane Lütge, Markus Faltermeier, editors

Call Number: HM1271

The Christian roots of individualism

Author: Maureen P. Heath

Call Number: HM1276 .H43 2019

The nonkilling paradigm : for world peace and enlightenment

Author: Katyayani Singh, Anoop Swarup

Call Number: HM1281

Mind and society : from Indian studies to general sociology

Author: J.P.S. Uberoi ; edited by Khalid Tyabji

Call Number: HM477.I4 U24 2019

The new materialism : Althusser, Badiou, Žižek

Author: Geoff Pfeifer

Call Number: HM480 .P44 2015

Theorising culture : a Chinese perspective

Author: Jinghe Han

Call Number: HM621

Modernity and cultural decline : a biobehavioral perspective

Author: Matthew Alexander Sarraf, Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie, Colin Feltham

Call Number: HM621

Cultural studies in the classroom and beyond : critical pedagogies and classroom strategies

Author: Jaafar Aksikas, Sean Johnson Andrews, Donald Hedrick, editors

Call Number: HM623 .C85 2019

Mediated time : perspectives on time in a digital age

Author: Maren Hartmann, Elizabeth Prommer, Karin Deckner, Stephan O. Görland, editors

Call Number: HM656

Spatial resistance : literary and digital challenges to neoliberalism

Author: Christian Beck

Call Number: HM671 .B43 2019

Advances in network clustering and blockmodeling

Author: Patrick Doreian, Vladimir Batagelj, Anuska Ferligoj

Call Number: HM741

The evolution of communitarian ideas : history, theory and practice

Author: Henry Tam

Call Number: HM758 .T36 2019eb

Digital transformation in business and society : theory and cases

Author: Babu George, Justin Paul, editors

Call Number: HM851 .D54 2020eb

Social informatics : 11th International Conference, SocInfo 2019, Doha, Qatar, November 18-21, 2019, Proceedings

Author: Ingmar Weber, Kareem M. Darwish, Claudia Wagner, Emilio Zagheni, Laura Nelson, Samin Aref, Fabian Flöck (eds.)

Call Number: HM851 .I58 2019

Practices in social ecological research : interdisciplinary collaboration in 'adaptive doing'

Author: Andrea Rawluk, Ruth Beilin, Helena Bender, Rebecca Ford

Call Number: HM861

Violence and meaning

Author: Lode Lauwaert, Laura Katherine Smith, Christian Sternad, editors

Call Number: HM886

Computational conflict research

Author: Emanuel Deutschmann, Jan Lorenz, Luis G. Nardin, Davide Natalini, Adalbert F. X. Wilhelm, editors

Call Number: HM886

Well-being in Latin America : drivers and policies

Author: Mariano Rojas

Call Number: HN110.5

Human well-being and policy in South Asia

Author: Vijay Kumar Shrotryia

Call Number: HN25

A universal declaration of human well-being

Author: Annie Austin

Call Number: HN25

Good health and well-being

Author: Walter Leal Filho, Tony Wall, Anabela Marisa Azul, Luciana Brandli, Pinar Gökcin Özuyar, editors

Call Number: HN25

Teaching quality of life in different domains

Author: Graciela H. Tonon, editor

Call Number: HN25 .T43 2020eb

Evidence, policy and wellbeing

Author: Ian Bache

Call Number: HN386 .B33 2020eb

Urban studies and entrepreneurship

Author: Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar, Jonathan B. Justice, David B. Audretsch, editors

Call Number: HN49.C6

The radical right : biopsychosocial roots and international variations

Author: Klaus Wahl

Call Number: HN49.R33 .W34 2020eb

Investigating radicalization trends : case studies in Europe and Asia

Author: Babak Akhgar, Douglas Wells, José María Blanco, editors

Call Number: HN49.R33 I58 2020eb

Quality of life in Japan : contemporary perspectives on happiness

Author: Ming-Chang Tsai, Noriko Iwai, editors

Call Number: HN724 .Q35 2020eb

China's solution to its ethno-national issues

Author: Shiyuan Hao

Call Number: HN733

Social welfare in transitional China

Author: by Keqing Han

Call Number: HN733.5

The Internet society in China : a 2016 report

Author: Shaojie Liu, Jianmin Wang, editors

Call Number: HN740.Z9 I56 2020eb

Gender roles in American life : a documentary history of political, social, and economic changes

Author: Constance L. Shehan, editor

Call Number: HQ1075.5.U6 G4674 2018

Double-edged politics on women's rights in the MENA Region

Author: Hanane Darhour, Drude Dahlerup, editors

Call Number: HQ1236.5.M65


Call Number: HQ1236.5.U6 D635 2020

#MeToo, Weinstein and feminism

Author: Karen Boyle

Call Number: HQ1237 .B69 2019

Women and sustainable human development : empowering women in Africa

Author: editors, Maty Konte and Nyasha Tirivayi

Call Number: HQ1240.5.A35

Representing rural women

Author: edited by Margaret Thomas-Evans and Whitney Womack Smith

Call Number: HQ1410 .R465 2019

Women's everyday lives in war and peace in the South Caucasus

Author: Ulrike Ziemer, editor

Call Number: HQ1662 .W66 2020eb

Women in the Kurdish movement : mothers, comrades, goddesses

Author: by Handan Çağlayan ; translated by Simten Coşar

Call Number: HQ1726.7 .C34313 2020eb

Gender and family in Japan

Author: Nobuko Okuda, Tetsuhiko Takai, editors

Call Number: HQ1762

The fight against human trafficking : drivers and spoilers

Author: Maria Ravlik

Call Number: HQ281

Representing kink : fringe sexuality and textuality in literature, digital narrative, and popular culture

Author: edited by Sara K. Howe and Susan E. Cook

Call Number: HQ460 .R477 2019

Negotiating fatherhood : sport and family practices

Author: Thomas Fletcher

Call Number: HQ756

Fatherhood and love : the social construction of masculine emotions

Author: Alexandra Macht

Call Number: HQ756 .M33 2020

Motherhood, social policies and women's activism in Latin America

Author: edited by Alejandra Ramm, Jasmine Gideon

Call Number: HQ759

Immigrants on Grindr : race, sexuality and belonging online

Author: Andrew DJ Shield

Call Number: HQ76.3.D4 S55 2019eb

Sexual culture in Germany in the 1970s : A golden age for Queers?

Author: Janin Afken, Benedikt Wolf, editors

Call Number: HQ76.3.G4

LGBTQ+ activism in Central and Eastern Europe : resistance, representation and identity

Author: Radzhana Buyantueva, Maryna Shevtsova, editors

Call Number: HQ76.8.C36 L43 2020eb

Transcendent parenting : raising children in the digital age

Author: Sun Sun Lim

Call Number: HQ769 .L56 2020

Ending the physical punishment of children : a guide for clinicians and practitioners

Author: edited by Elizabeth T. Gershoff and Shawna J. Lee

Call Number: HQ770.4 .E584 2020

Children, poverty and nationalism in Lithuania, 1900-1940

Author: Andrea Griffante

Call Number: HQ792.L78 G75 2019eb

Urban youth trauma : using community intervention to overcome gun violence

Author: Melvin Delgado

Call Number: HQ799.2.V5 D45 2019

America the beautiful and violent : black youth & neighborhood trauma in Chicago

Author: Dexter R. Voisin

Call Number: HQ799.2.V56 V65 2019

How friendship, love, and truth survived the American Civil War

Author: Peter V. Sellars

Call Number: HS987 .S45 2019

3rd EAI International Conference on IoT in Urban Space

Author: Rui José, Kristof Van Laerhoven, Helena Rodrigues, editors

Call Number: HT107 .E35 2018eb

Foregrounding urban agendas : the new urban issue in European experiences of policy-making

Author: edited by Simonetta Armondi, Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado

Call Number: HT131

New urban agenda in Asia-Pacific : governance for sustainable and inclusive cities

Author: editors, Bharat Dahiya and Ashok Das

Call Number: HT147.P16

Placemaking fundamentals for the built environment

Author: Dominique Hes, Cristina Hernandez-Santin, editors

Call Number: HT151

Inequality and uncertainty : current challenges for cities

Author: Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, M. Victoria Gómez, Patrícia Pereira, Laura Guarino, Sebastian Kurtenbach, Juan José Villalón, editors

Call Number: HT151

Making smart cities more playable : exploring playable cities

Author: Anton Nijhot, editor

Call Number: HT153 .M35 2020eb

Doing research in urban and regional planning : lessons in practical methods

Author: Diana MacCallum, Courtney Babb and Carey Curtis

Call Number: HT165.5 .M28 2019

Urban and transit planning : a culmination of selected research papers from IEREK Conferences on Urban Planning, Architecture and Green Urbanism, Italy and Netherlands (2017)

Author: editors, Hocine Bougdah, Antonella Versaci, Adolf Sotoca, Ferdinando Trapani, Marco Migliore and Nancy Clark

Call Number: HT166

ICSBE 2018 : Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment

Author: edited by Ranjith Dissanayake, Priyan Mendis

Call Number: HT166

Nature driven urbanism

Author: Rob Roggema, editor

Call Number: HT166

Social urbanism in Latin America : cases and instruments of planning, land policy and financing the city transformation with social inclusion

Author: Carlos Leite, Claudia Acosta, Fernanda Militelli, Guillermo Jajamovich, Mariana Wilderom, Nabil Bonduki, Nadia Somekh, Tereza Herling

Call Number: HT166

Values and functions for future cities

Author: Giulio Mondini, Alessandra Oppio, Stefano Stanghellini, Marta Bottero, Francesca Abastante, editors

Call Number: HT166

Techniques and methods in urban remote sensing

Author: Qihao Wang, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

Call Number: HT166

Redeploying urban infrastructure : the politics of urban socio-technical futures

Author: Jonathan Rutherford

Call Number: HT166 .R88 2020

The Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of urban and regional studies

Author: editor-in-chief: Anthony M. Orum ; associate editors, Dennis Judd, Marisol Garcia Cabeza, Pow Choon-Piew, Bryan Roberts

Call Number: HT166 .W55 2019

Greenspace-oriented development : reconciling urban density and nature in suburban cities

Author: Julian Bolleter, Cristina E. Ramalho

Call Number: HT169.A8 B65 2020

City development and internationalization in China : Quanzhou, Yiwu, and Nanning

Author: Qianyi Wang, Kee Cheok Cheong, Ran Li

Call Number: HT169.C6 W36 2019

Building resilient neighbourhoods in Singapore : the convergence of policies, research and practice

Author: Chan-Hoong Leong, Lai-Choo Malone-Lee, editors

Call Number: HT169.S55

Form, space and design : from the Persian to the European experience

Author: by Mahmoud Tavassoli

Call Number: HT185

Data-driven multivalence in the built environment

Author: [edited by] Nimish Biloria

Call Number: HT241 .D38 2020

Urbanization and regional sustainability in South Asia : socio-economic drivers, environmental pressures and policy responses

Author: edited by Sumana Bandyopadhyay, Chitta Ranjan Pathak, Tomaz Ponce Dentinho

Call Number: HT321

Metropolitan regions, planning and governance

Author: Karsten Zimmermann, Daniel Galland, John Harrison, editors

Call Number: HT330

Functional urban areas in Poland : demographic trends and migration patterns

Author: Sławomir Kurek, Mirosław Wójtowicz, Jadwiga Gałka

Call Number: HT334.P7

Cities of dragons and elephants : urbanization and urban development in China and India

Author: edited by Guanghua Wan and Ming Lu

Call Number: HT384.C6 C58 2019

China's development under a differential urbanization model

Author: Qiang Li

Call Number: HT384.C6 L5 2020eb

The great change in the regional economy of China under the new normal

Author: Xiaowu Song, Shiguo Wu, Xin Xu

Call Number: HT395.C6

Shaping regional futures : designing and visioning in governance rescaling

Author: Valeria Lingua, Verena Balz, editors

Call Number: HT395.E85

The story of Rufino : slavery, freedom, and Islam in the black Atlantic

Author: João José Reis, Flávio dos Santos Gomes, and Marcus J. M. de Carvalho

Call Number: HT731