Urban Affairs

September 2018

Moving cities - contested views on urban life

Author: Ligia Ferro, Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, M. Victoria Gómez, Sebastian Kurtenbach, Patricia Pereira, Juan José Villalón (eds.)

Call Number: HT108 .M68 2017eb

Information innovation technology in smart cities

Author: edited by Leila Ismail, Liren Zhang

Call Number: HT119

Sustainable urbanization in India : challenges and opportunities

Author: Jenia Mukherjee, editor

Call Number: HT147.I4

Urban planning education : beginnings, global movement and future prospects

Author: Andrea I. Frank, Christopher Silver, editors

Call Number: HT165.5

Essential methods for planning practitioners : skills and techniques for data analysis, visualization, and communication

Author: Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Jochen Albrecht ; foreword by Mike Batty

Call Number: HT165.5

Designing cooler cities : energy, cooling and urban form : the Asian perspective

Author: Ali Cheshmehzangi, Chris Butters, editors

Call Number: HT165.53.A7

Transdisciplinary urbanism and culture : from pedagogy to praxis

Author: Quazi Mahtab Zaman, Igea Troiani, editors

Call Number: HT166

Smart cities : applications, technologies, standards, and driving factors

Author: Stan McClellan, Jesus A. Jimenez, George Koutitas, editors

Call Number: HT166

Towards green cities : urban biodiversity and ecosystem services in China and Germany

Author: Karsten Grunewald, Junxiang Li, Gaodi Xie, Lennart Kümper-Schlake, editors

Call Number: HT166

Big data support of urban planning and management : the experience in China

Author: Zhenjiang Shen, Miaoyi Li, editors

Call Number: HT166

Urban disaster resilience and security : addressing risks in societies

Author: Alexander Fekete, Frank Fiedrich, editors

Call Number: HT166

Urban heritage management : planning with history

Author: Anna Maria Colavitti

Call Number: HT166

Resilience-oriented urban planning : theoretical and empirical insights

Author: Yoshiki Yamagata, Ayyoob Sharifi, editors

Call Number: HT166

An ordinary city : planning for growth and decline in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Author: Justin B. Hollander

Call Number: HT168.N345 H65 2018

New York neighborhoods : addressing sustainable city principles

Author: Raymond CHarles Rauscher

Call Number: HT168.N5

Urban sustainability transitions : Australian cases- international perspectives

Author: Trivess Moore, Fjalar de Haan, Ralph Horne, Brendan James Gleeson, editors

Call Number: HT169.A8

Mainstreaming climate co-benefits in Indian cities : post-Habitat III innovations and reforms

Author: Mahendra Sethi, Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira, editors

Call Number: HT169.I4 M35 2018

Urban culture in Tehran : urban processes in unofficial cultural spaces

Author: Seyed Hossein Iradj Moeini, Mehran Arefian, Bahador Kashani, Golnar Abbasi

Call Number: HT169.I72 T446 2018

Mega-events and legacies in post-metropolitan spaces : expos and urban agendas

Author: Stefano Di Vita, Corinna Morandi

Call Number: HT169.I8 M44 2018eb

One hundred years of zoning and the future of cities

Author: Amnon Lehavi, editor

Call Number: HT169.6

Chicago's Redevelopment Machine and Blues Clubs

Author: David Wilson

Call Number: HT177.C

Intercultural cities : policy and practice for a new era

Author: Bob W. White, editor

Call Number: HT221 .I58 2018

Urban transformations : sustainable urban development through resource efficiency, quality of life and resilience

Author: Sigrun Kabisch, Florian Koch, Erik Gawel, Annegret Haase, Sonja Knapp, Kerstin Krellenberg, Jaime Nivala, Andreas Zehnsdorf. editors

Call Number: HT241

Co-creating sustainable urban futures : a primer on applying transition management in cities

Author: Niki Frantzeskaki, Katharina Hölscher, Matthew Bach, Flor Avelino, editors

Call Number: HT241

Enabling eco-cities : defining, planning, and creating a thriving future

Author: Dominique Hes, Judy Bush, editors

Call Number: HT241

Building urban resilience through change of use

Author: edited by Sara J Wilkinson, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, Hilde Remøy, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Call Number: HT241 .B83 2018

Megacities 2050 : environmental consequences of urbanization : proceedings of the VI International Conference on Landscape Architecture to Support City Sustainable Development

Author: Viacheslav I. Vasenev, Elvira Dovletyarova, Zhongqi Cheng, Riccardo Valentini, editors

Call Number: HT241 .M436 2018

Suburban remix : creating the next generation of urban places

Author: edited by Jason Beske and David Dixon

Call Number: HT352.U6 S83 2018

Emerging urban spaces : a planetary perspective

Author: Philipp Horn, Paola Alfaro d'Alencon, Ana Claudia Cardoso, editors

Call Number: HT361 .E64 2018

The urban political : ambivalent spaces of late neoliberalism

Author: Theresa Enright, Ugo Rossi, editors

Call Number: HT371

Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies for coastal communities

Author: Walter Leal Filho, editor

Call Number: HT391

Beach management tools : concepts, methodologies and case studies

Author: Camilo M. Botero, Omar Cervantes, Charles W. Finkl, editors

Call Number: HT391

Outcome-based performance management in the public sector

Author: Elio Borgonovi, Eugenio Anessi-Pessina, Carmine Bianchi, editors

Call Number: JF1351

Policy capacity and governance : assessing governmental competences and capabilities in theory and practice

Author: Xun Wu, Michael Howlett, M. Ramesh, editors

Call Number: JF1351 .P65 2018eb

Smart technologies for smart governments : transparency, efficiency and organizational issues

Author: Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar, editor

Call Number: JF1525.A8

International e-government development : policy, implementation and best practice

Author: Laura Alcaide Muñoz, Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar, Editors

Call Number: JF1525.A8 I5736 2018

Policy analytics, modelling, and informatics : innovative tools for solving complex social problems

Author: J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, Theresa A. Pardo, Luis F. Luna-Reyes, editors

Call Number: JF1525.A8 P65 2018

Public sector communication : closing the gaps between public organizations and citizens

Author: by Maria Jose Canel, Vilma Luoma-aho

Call Number: JF1525.C59

Institutional entrepreneurship and policy change : theoretical and empirical explorations

Author: Caner Bakir, Darryl S.L. Jarvis, editors

Call Number: JF1525.P6

Democracy and the cartelization of political parties

Author: Richard S. Katz and Peter Mair

Call Number: JF2051 .K328 2018

Internet election campaigns in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

Author: Shoko Kiyohara, Kazuhiro Maeshima, Diana Owen, editors

Call Number: JF2112.C3

Fiscal policies in high debt Euro-area countries

Author: Antonella Cavallo, Pietro Dallari, Antonio Ribba

Call Number: HJ1000 .C38 2018

Rethinking taxation in Latin America : reform and challenges in times of uncertainty

Author: Jorge Atria, Constantin Groll, Maria Fernanda Valdés, editors

Call Number: HJ2460.5 .R45 2018

A fair share of tax : a fiscal anthropology of contemporary Sweden

Author: Lotta Björklund Larsen

Call Number: HJ2835 .L37 2018

Form 990 : exploring the form's complex schedules

Author: Eve Rose Borenstein, Jane M Searing

Call Number: HJ4652

Sovereign defaults before domestic courts

Author: Hayk Kupelyants

Call Number: HJ8011 .K87 2018

Adopted budget

Call Number: HJ9298.M66 M66

Montgomery County Ohio ... budget in brief

Call Number: HJ9298.M66 M668

Fraud risk in governmental and not-for-profit organizations

Author: by Lynda Dennis

Call Number: HJ9733

Frequent frauds found in governments and not-for-profits

Author: Lynda Dennis

Call Number: HJ9733

Audits of state and local governments : what you need to know

Author: by Jack F. Georger, CPA

Call Number: HJ9816 .A96 2017

Political leaders and changing local democracy : the European mayor

Author: Hubert Heinelt, Annick Magnier, Marcello Cabria, Herwig Reynaert, editors

Call Number: JS3000

Inter-municipal cooperation in Europe : institutions and governance

Author: Filipe Teles, Pawel Swianiewicz, editors

Call Number: JS3000 .I59 2018

Sub-municipal governance in Europe : decentralization beyond the municipal tier

Author: Nikolaos-Komninos Hlepas, Norbert Kersting, Sabine Kuhlmann, Pawel Swianiewicz, Filipe Teles, editors

Call Number: JS3000.2

Political culture and participation in urban China

Author: Yang Zhong

Call Number: JS7357.A15