Quiet Study Room

Room 341 of the Dunbar Library is intended for individual users who need a quiet study environment. The room is open to all during regular library hours. The room may not be booked for private use.

NOTE: The Library does not guarantee a perfectly quiet environment in the Quiet Study Room. People using this space and the space near the room will naturally generate small noises, such as keyboard clicks, pages turning, an occasional cough, and the conversation of passers-by, etc. Please be patient with these minor sounds and show courtesy and respect for other users.

Room Guidelines

Quiet Study
  • The room is not a private study room and may not be booked for private use.
  • Talking, including whispering, is not permitted when using this room.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted; all phones must be set to silent or vibrate.
  • Headphones are required for all electronic devices; volume must be kept low so that sound is not audible to others.
  • Users may not obstruct the window or door in any way.