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Earhart, Amelia, and Giovanni Caproni, Autographs
1928, 1 folder

This collection contains two aviation-related items. The first is the business card of Giovanni Caproni, the Italian manufacturer of the Caproni bomber. The second is a pass to the 25th Anniversary of the First Flight, December 17, 1928, belonging to C.C. Frost Jr., and autographed on the back by Amelia Earhart and G. Caproni.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Earhart, Amelia, and Wright Brothers, Photographs
Undated, 1 folder

Contains original photographs of Amelia Earhart and photographs of the Wright Brothers.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, Local History



Early Aviation Scrapbook
1925-1931. .5 lin. ft.

Photographs in the scrapbook highlight a number of aviation events between 1925 and 1931, including the crash of the airship Shenandoah and the National Air Races in Cleveland of 1929 and, especially, 1931. The photographs were taken by George Chapley, of Warren, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Early Farm Machinery Advertisements
1878-1879, 1 folder

Late 19th-century advertisements for agricultural machinery.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



East Dayton Housing Opportunities Corporation Collection
1969-1996, 2.5 lin. ft.

The East Dayton Housing Opportunities Corporation (EDHOC) was founded in 1972 as a product of the Eastern Area Council Housing Committee and the East Dayton Church Cluster. Founding members included community leaders and activists and local clergymen. EDHOC functioned under the administration of a president, Board of Trustees and a treasurer through 1996. The corporation provided low-income housing for selected families in the East Dayton community, assisting their clients in becoming homeowners through permanent financing and property rehabilitation. The collection includes correspondence, and financial and administrative records.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



Edelman, Oscar, Papers
1910-1987, 6.0 lin. ft. and 35.9 MB

Edelman was a long-time, active member of the Socialist Party in Dayton, Ohio and for a period, served as business manager for the local Socialist newspaper, Miami Valley Socialist. His papers include correspondence, clippings, political literature, Socialist campaign materials, working papers, a minute book of the Young Socialist League in Dayton (1915), scattered copies of Miami Valley Socialist, and a collection of state and national Socialist Party literature.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Politics, Labor Unions, Local History



Edwards, Randolph, Photographs
ca. 19190, 1 folder

Photographs and postcards of Wright Flyers

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, Wright Brothers Related, Local History



Egbert's William Preston Mayfield Photograph Collection
1910-1960, 3.5 lin. ft.

This collection visually documents early flight history in Dayton as well as the larger impact of the first flights on America and the world. It also contains vivid photographs of the growth of the city of Dayton and the homes in the area, as well as a vast collection of aerial photographs of Columbus, Ohio. Please note: permission to duplicate Mayfield photos is required.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Aviation, Journalism, Local History



Egbert, Randle H., Aviation Papers
1908-2004, 1.5 lin. ft.

The Randle H. Egbert Aviation Papers consist of journals, news and periodical clippings, and memorabilia related to the Wright Brothers and early aviation.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Wright Brothers Related



Ehlers, Gerhard, Recollections of
1913-1957, 1 folder

Copy of a book of recollections by Gerhard Ehlers, made for his children, concerning his life in Germany before moving to the U.S. to work for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers



Eid, Philip, Aviation Collection
1918-1967, 0.25 lin. ft. (55 photographs)

The Philip Eid Collection consists of 55 photographs taken between 1918 and 1967. Seventeen photographs are of McCook Field, Ohio, and were taken between 1918 and 1927. Twenty-six photographs are of Wilbur Wright Field, Ohio, and are for the period 1918-1931. Five photographs are of Patterson Field, Ohio, from 1940 to 1967. Seven photographs are of the Fairfield Air Depot Reservation, Ohio, from 1923 to 1930.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, Local History



Elder-Beerman Staff Photos
1962, 1 folder

Two staff photographs from 1962 documenting the 20-Year and 25-year club members, who are identified under the photos.

Subject Area(s): Photographic Collections, Business and Industry, Local History



Engineers Club of Dayton Records
1914-2011, 40 lin. ft.

The purpose of the Engineers Club of Dayton is to advance the field of engineering through furnishing facilities for the educational and professional improvement of its members. Requirements for membership include working in the field of engineering or other work related to engineering, science, technology, and allied arts. The records include meeting minutes, membership files, financial records, publications, correspondence, photographs, film, and reports.

Subject Area(s): Inventors and Inventions, Civic Organizations, Local History


Episcopal Church of Our Savior Records
1876-1986, 1 reel

Included are seven volumes of church records detailing baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals. The Episcopal Church of our Savior is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Religion


Epworth United Methodist Church Records
1852-1925, 1 reel

The three volumes of records for this Cincinnati church contain membership listings and documents detailing baptisms, marriages, and funerals.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Esplanade Hotel Records
1912-1915, 1 folder

Collection contains the minutes from the hotel owners' meetings from 1912 to 1915.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History


Espy, Daniel H., Diary
1862, 1 reel

Diary of a Civil War soldier who served in the Sixty-sixth Regiment, Company G, of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

Subject Area(s): Civil War


Evergreen Cemetery Records
1860-1957, 20 reels

The bulk of the records consist of volumes of cemetery statistics. These books list name, date of birth, date of death, birthplace, date of interment, cause of death, and parent's names for individuals buried in Evergreen Cemetery. The books are arranged chronologically, by date of interment, and are not indexed. Also included in this collection are Grave Plat Books, Single Grave Section Books (listing mostly children and infants), Soldier and Sailor Books, and Family Plot Books which lists the name and date of death of persons buried in group plots. Evergreen Cemetery is located in Southgate, Kentucky.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries



Exchange Club of Dayton Records
1928-2006, 7.3 lin. ft.

In 1911 the National Exchange Club was founded for the purpose that professional men could exchange ideas and serve their community. The Dayton Chapter of the Exchange Club was started in 1919. Today, the Exchange Clubs are an all-volunteer, national service organization of professional men and women who strive to make communities better places through programs of service in youth activities, community service, and their national project, the prevention of child abuse. This collection consists of membership rosters, budget/expense reports, and minutes from various meetings of the Dayton Chapter of The Exchange Club. Information on local programs and events as well as the history of the national organization are included. Newsletters (local, regional, and national), photographs and other memorabilia are also contained in this collection.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



Explorer Post 72 Records
1958-2002, 39.75 lin. ft.

Explorer Post 72 was chartered in November 1958 by the First Presbyterian Church in Fairborn, Ohio, and was active until 2002. From 1971 onward, the group was coed, and members engaged in a variety of camping trips, outdoor activities, sports, and social gatherings. Records include administrative and financial records, files on trips and other activities, newspaper clippings, photographs and slides, and audiovisual materials.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Local Sports, Education and Local Schools, Nature and Parks



Ezekiel, Judith, "Feminism in the Heartland" Research Collection
1965-1999, 9 lin. ft.

The collection consists of materials created and collected by Judith Ezekiel in the course of her research to complete her book, Feminism in the Heartland, published in 2002 by The Ohio State University Press. The materials consist of correspondence, subject files, PhD dissertation notes, index cards covering significant events and people associated with the feminist movement in Dayton during the 1970s, and oral history interviews of over fifty-eight activists.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Politics, Women