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Fain, Jim, Collection
1929-2009, 4.7 lin. ft.

The Jim Fain Collection consists of materials related to the illustrious career of Jim Fain, a nationally recognized newspaper editor and columnist. The collection consists of biographical material, speeches, news articles, correspondence and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Journalism, Local History



Fairborn United Methodist Church Records
1903-1980, (bulk 1930-1980), 5 lin. ft.

Records consist of minutes of official church boards, reports, financial records, marriage, baptismal, and membership rolls, weekly church programs, publications, women's and youth organization materials, newspaper clippings, historical files, and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History



Farmer's Institute of Bethel Township
1899-1909, 1 folder

This volume records the minutes of an early 20th-century agricultural improvement society from 1899 to 1909.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History


Farmersville Reformed Church Records
1883-1952, 1 reel

Records consist of a church register from 1901-1952, minutes of the Ladies Aid Society (1898-1922), Board of Trustees minutes (1896-1912), and the Record of Joint Consistency (1883-1931). Farmersville is located in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Field and Hangar Pass, Dayton Wright Airplane Co.
1918, 1 folder

Field and hangar pass for Dayton Wright Airplane Company issued to Edwin Bradmiller, September 1918.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Wright Brothers Related, Local History



Finney, Gladys Turner, Papers
1957-2014, 9 lin. ft.

Gladys Tressia Turner was born on September 16, 1935 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Education from AM&N College in Pine Bluff in 1957 and a Master of Social Work from the Atlanta University School of Social Work in Atlanta, Georgia in 1959. Included in the collection are autobiographical articles, brochures, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings and reports that document Gladys Finney's long, distinguished career in social work in the Dayton, Ohio area. There are also materials that concern her private life, her involvement with her church and her personal interests, as well as material relating to the career of her late husband, Frederick Marshall Finney, who was an economist, social scientist and nationally known writer in the field of numismatics.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Women, African-Americans, Local History


First Baptist Church of Centerville Records
1799-1978, 1 reel

Formerly the Baptist Church of Sugarcreek, this church is the fourth-oldest Baptist church in Ohio. Records include meeting minutes, a treasurer's book, Sunday School records, and an indexed membership register.

Subject Area(s): Religion


First Families of Montgomery County Records
Undated, 1 reel

Includes a compilation of family group sheets and copies of vital records that document the ancestors of individuals whose families arrived in Montgomery County before 1830.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers



First Lutheran Church of Dayton Records
1839-1984, 8 lin. ft.

First Lutheran is the first and oldest Lutheran church in Dayton. Records include minutes of the Church Council, financial records, vital statistics containing information on baptisms, marriages, deaths, and confirmations, Sunday School records, newsletters, church bulletins, materials dealing with church history, photographs, and records of various church groups and committees. There is also a complete set of blueprints for the church's current building which was designed in 1905 by the Dayton architectural firm of Peters, Burns, and Pretzinger.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History



First Lutheran Church of Dayton, Ohio Records
1839-1984, 19 reels

A microfilm copy of MS-212.

Subject Area(s): Religion



First National Bank of Troy, Ohio Records
1887, 1 folder

This is a letter listing the bank's stockholders and their shares in the institution.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History


First Presbyterian Church of Wyoming Records
1870-1924, 1 reel

The records of this Cincinnati church include three volumes of church documents detailing baptisms, marriages, communions, and funerals. Also included are Session Minutes and a church history.

Subject Area(s): Religion


First Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio, Records
1804-1919, 1 reel

Collection consists of volumes of trustees minutes from 1804-1919.

Subject Area(s): Religion


First Presbyterian Church, Yellow Springs, Ohio, Records
1855-1988, 2 reels

Records include Trustees minutes (1855-1936) and Session minutes (1899-1988).

Subject Area(s): Religion



First Regular Baptist Church Records
1829-2003, 37 lin. ft.

The First Regular Baptist Church is located in Dayton, Ohio. The collection includes church council minutes, board minutes, annual reports, church publications, constitution, resolutions, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photos, and business record. The records document the creation of the church to present day.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History


First Regular Baptist Church, Dayton, Records
1829-1843, 1 reel

Consists of the records and legal papers pertaining to the Campbellite schism of 1829. See also MS-81.

Subject Area(s): Religion



First Unitarian Church Records
1910-1998, 15 lin. ft.

The First Unitarian Church was formed in Dayton, Ohio, in 1910. This collection covers the Church's history from the beginning as well as their organizational activities and services. Materials included are administrative records and organization records, scrapbooks and photographs about events, and Church publications. There is also information about the building of the church itself since, when the Church first started, they had to use other facilities.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History


First United Church of Christ Records
1857-1983, 1 reel

Contains six volumes of church documents including records of baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death. Early records for this Cincinnati church are in German.

Subject Area(s): Religion



First United Church of Christ Records
1946-1984, 0.42 lin. ft.

This collection contains membership data and attendance records of the First United Church of Christ, which was located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Dayton.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Religion



First United Presbyterian Church of Dayton, OH, Domestic Review
1930, 1 folder

Recipe book with advertising published by the First United Presbyterian Church of Dayton, dated 1930.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History



Five Rivers MetroParks Records (formerly Dayton-Montgomery County Park District Records)
1930-2015, 40 lin. ft.

Formed in 1963 under the name Montgomery County Park District, Five Rivers MetroParks is a conservation organization dedicated to protecting the natural heritage of the Miami Valley, and promoting the use of these lands and waterways by the community. In addition to its core mission, Fiver Rivers MetroParks provides educational opportunities, and encourages healthy living and an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Five Rivers MetroParks preserves open space and natural areas, along with urban parks for events and leisure in downtown Dayton.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History, Nature and Parks



Flaharty, Sonny Collection
1952-1980, 0.25 lin. ft.

This collection contains materials on the musical career of Sonny Flaharty. The collection contains newspaper clippings, photographs and other documents.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Family and Personal Papers, Arts



Flight Magazine
1909-1910, 1 folder

Contains five issues of Flight Magazine dated 1909-1910. Note: Issues are very fragile and researchers should use caution when handling. Please see an archivist if copies are requested.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Flight Nurse Section, Aerospace Medical Association Records
1943-2000, 3.3 lin. ft.

The Flight Nurse Section began in mid-1963 when a group of active duty, retired, and allied nurses met at Brooks AFB, Texas, and petitioned the Aerospace Medical Association to establish an affiliated group. Membership is open to registered nurses who have an interest in aerospace or environmental health nursing and who are members of the Aerospace Medical Association. The collection consists of correspondence, reports of annual meetings, news articles and clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and related administrative records.

Subject Area(s): Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering



Fly to Dayton, Pin-Back Button
1929, 1 folder

Button depicting a high-winged monoplane above a city skyline with the slogan "Fly to Dayton" dated 1929.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Flymen and Inkmen Union of Dayton, Local 616 Records
1963-1972, 1 lin. ft.

Contains minutes, attendance records, arbitration records, agreements, correspondence, and financial records. Local 616 is based in Dayton.

Subject Area(s): Labor Unions, Local History



Focke Family Papers
1924-1971, 1.13 lin. ft.

William Focke and his wife founded their family meat business, William Focke Son's Company, in 1875. The collection contains two folders documenting the Focke family. The collection also documents the family meat packing business through advertisements, patents and agreements, correspondence, price lists, and a scrapbook.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Local History



Ford, Frederic Earl, Collection
1930-1945, 3 lin. ft.

Ford served with the 5th Bomb Wing in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He was the commander of the photography group. The papers in this collection consist primarily of photographs and negatives, most taken during the latter part of World War II, 1943-1945. The photographs show many aspects of camp and military life as well as the customs and traditions of the native peoples where Ford was stationed. All images are identified and dated on back. Also included is a small amount of printed material.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History, World War II



Four Seasons Garden Club Records
1928-2006, 7 lin. ft.

The Four Seasons Garden Club is a women's organization founded in 1928 to raise money for beautification projects around the Dayton area. The records contain meeting minutes, membership records, president's papers, annual reports, financial records, correspondence, program files, yearbooks, and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Women, Local History, Nature and Parks



Framme, Richard Joseph, Papers
1929-1973 (bulk 1940s-1950s), 3 lin. ft.

The collection includes photographs, organizational charts, research notebooks, research data, patent material, biographical information, blueprints and diagrams. Most items are technical reports or material related to Richard Framme's professional affiliation as an engineer with Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Cold War History, Local History



Fraze, Ermal C., Dayton Reliable Tool Company Records
1949-2006, 6 lin. ft.

Ermal C. Fraze was the owner of Dayton Reliable Tool Company and the inventor of the early versions of Pull-Tabs and Pop-Tops. This collection includes newspaper clippings, magazine articles, scrapbooks, correspondences, photographs and personal items. Most of the collection pertains to the Dayton Reliable Tool Company. Some items also relate to the Fraze Pavillion, a 4300-seat outdoor amphitheater in Kettering, Ohio, named after Ermal C. Fraze.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Local History



Frazier, Richard "Dick", Aviation Collection
1938-1986, 11 lin. ft.

Richard E. "Dick" Frazier worked at B.F. Goodrich for most of his career. It is ascertainable that he worked for the Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO) at some point in his career as well. His papers include aviation manuals, journals and magazines, newspaper clippings, photographs, illustrations, blueprints, and correspondence.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Frederick, Jeremy, Dayton Music Scene Collection, 1987-2012
1987-2012, 0.65 lin. ft. (1 oversize folder)

The Jeremy Frederick Dayton Music Scene Collection contains several posters advertising performances by Dayton-area bands, including ones Frederick created or performed in during the late 1980s to the early 2000s. Additionally, the collection includes a newspaper clipping describing a performance by the band "Enon".

Subject Area(s): Local History, Arts



Friday Afternoon Club, The, Records
1893-2014, 4.2 lin. ft.

The Friday Afternoon Club was founded in 1893 as a literary club for women in the Dayton area. Aside from academic and literary studies, the Friday Afternoon club also enjoys social events such as lectures, plays and picnics. Still in existence, the club meets every other Friday at the homes of its members. The collection consists of minutes and membership rosters, financial records, yearly programs, and scrapbooks. Note: please check concerning restrictions on this collection.

Subject Area(s): Women, Civic Organizations, Local History



Friendship Force of Dayton Records
1977-2012, 3.18 lin. ft. and 263.5 MB

The Friendship Force of Dayton, founded in 1979 by Jeanne Comer, is a subgroup of the Friendship Force International, a non-religious and non-profit group dedicated to nurturing international friendships. They do this by planning both outbound trips with Ambassadors, or representatives, from Dayton as well as inbound trips with Ambassadors from other countries. The collection consists of trip planning documentation, newspaper/media articles, photographs, administrative files, and files pertaining directly to founder Jeanne Comer. The collection would be of particular interest to those researching international peace efforts.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Civic Organizations



Fries, Thomas L., Papers
1981-1982, 2 lin. ft.

Fries was a Dayton-area (86th District) state legislator from 1971-1982. His papers contain material pertaining to legislation considered and/or composed by Fries during the 114th General Assembly of 1981-82. Included are copies of legislation, correspondence, memos, and speeches.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



Frigidaire Historical Collection
1913-1989, 6 lin. ft. and 1.46 GB

Collection contains a wide assortment of materials concerning the activities of the Frigidaire Corporation in the Dayton area. Included are materials pertaining to the history of Frigidaire, product manuals and literature, promotional materials, company publications, photographs of executives, plants, and products, clippings, scrapbooks, audio tapes, and films.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Frigidaire Recipe Book
1931, 1 folder

Frigidaire recipe book used as advertising for GM's Frigidaire division, dated 1931.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Frigidaire T.O.M. (Tired Old Men) Club Records
circa 1918-2013 (Bulk 1950-1970), 14.2 linear feet and 468 Megabytes

This collection consists of assorted photographs, documents, publications, and memorabilia, collected by former employees of the Frigidaire Corporation. Within are numerous photographs showing different aspects of early founders and employees, as well as many motivational get-togethers. Also included are a number of technical manuals and training aids, demonstrating the business end of the company. The Tired Old Men (TOM) club is a group of several hundred retired Frigidaire employees and supervisors who meet monthly and keep in touch with one-another.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Civic Organizations, Local History



Frigidaire Warranty, 1932
1932, 2 items

This small collection consists of a 1932 Frigidaire warranty for the "all-white Porcelain Frigidaire, Models W-3, WA-3, W-4, WA-4, W-5, W-6, W-10, W-12, and W-18..." In addition to the warranty the company envelope in which it came is also included. The warranty was donated to Special Collections and Archives by the Onondaga County Public Library in Syracuse, NY, in December, 2013.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History


Frye, Irene Petre, Family Histories Papers
Undated, 2 reels

Consists of a group of family histories collected by Irene Frye of Cincinnati. Included are histories of the Kallam, Houser, Spuenhauer, Vest, Petre, Baub, Flynt, Helsbeck, and McAnally Families of North Carolina and Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers



Fullerton, Richard, Jane Reece Collection
1889-1976 (bulk 1923-1976), 0.5 lin. ft.

Richard Fullerton was a local photographer, historian and collector. His Jane Reece collection consists primarily of images which document the renovation of Reece's home and studio, an old firehouse on 834 Riverside Drive in Dayton, and photographs and information about the surrounding neighborhood. Also included are interior and exterior photographs of Reece's studio and a few examples of her artistic photography.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Women, Local History



Fullerton, Richard, Photographic Collection
ca. 1870-1989 (Bulk 1860-1930), 7.0 lin. ft.

This collection consists of over 2,000 photographs and negatives collected, and in some cases taken by Richard Fullerton, who spent his career in the photography laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The portrait photography in the collection represents predominant photographic processes, portraiture styles, and formats from the second half of the 19th century. The collection contains tintypes, cartes-de-visites, cabinet cards, albumen prints, platinum prints, matte collodion prints, silver gelatin prints, and negatives. Also included is a visual history of Dayton, Ohio with photographs of Dayton railroads and interurban, the local fire departments, Montgomery County Courthouse, Dayton photographers and their studios, Wright Brothers buildings and events, the 1913 flood, street scenes, and aerial photographs. The collection also includes Fullerton's subject files on Dayton history topics, and negatives. Fullerton's family genealogy photographs are included.

Subject Area(s): Photographic Collections, 1913 Flood History, Railroad and Canal History, Local History



Fulton Flight Scrapbook
1908-1910, 1.6 lin. ft.

This collection consists of an individual's scrapbook containing clippings and other memorabilia pertaining to the Fulton Flight Contest sponsored by the Aero Club of America in New York in 1909. Included are announcements of the contest, promotional material and entry form, news clippings describing the contest, commemorative postcards and information on preparation by the aviators. The scrapbook is unbound and the pages housed in three boxes.

Subject Area(s): Aviation


Funeral Home (Unknown) Records
1899-1923, 1 reel

Consists of a typed transcript of the records of an unidentified Cincinnati funeral home.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry



Furnas, Charles, Papers
1880-1941, 1 folder

Charles Furnas was the first airplane passenger, and the collection contains a letter written by Furnas recounting his story. Also included are pictures and newspaper articles about Furnas.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Wright Brothers Related



Furnas, Seth, World War II Papers
1945-1946, 1 folder

Photographs, V-mail and letters from Furnas, who was stationed in Europe during World War II. He saw action at Remagen and witnessed Holocaust atrocities.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Family and Personal Papers, Photographic Collections