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Katz, Paul, Papers
1917-1994, 15.5 lin. ft.

The collection consists of materials relating to Katz's long career as a musician, composer, teacher, and conductor. Katz organized the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in 1933 and held the post of Musical Director until he retired in 1975. Papers in this collection include personal correspondence, a complete set of Dayton Philharmonic concert programs for 1933-1975, conductor scores, photographs, clippings, speeches, and articles by Katz. Also included are audio recordings of DPO performances and an interview with Paul and Phyllis Katz.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Local History


Katz, Paul, Papers
1917-1977, 1 reel

Papers include clippings and scrapbooks which follow Paul Katz's (1907-1988) musical career as a performer and composer as well as the founder and Musical Director of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. See also MS-102.

Subject Area(s): Arts



Kay, Victor and Mary, Plassenthal Funeral Cards Collection
1937-2009 (bulk 1980-2009), 1 lin. Ft.

The collection consists of approximately 168 funeral cards, also known as Mass cards or remembrance cards, for the family and friends of Victor and Mary Kay Plassenthal, most of whom were Catholic and Miami Valley residents. The cards usually include the person's name; birth, death, funeral, and burial information; a prayer or religious verse; and sometimes a photograph or additional information about family members.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Religion



Keen, James, Photographic Collection
1933-1946 (Bulk 1941-1945), 13 lin. ft.

James Keen was a newspaper photographer for a number of newspapers throughout the country, including the Dayton Journal-Herald. This collection consists of approximately 9,300 black and white negatives and black and white photographs. These photographs were taken from 1937 to 1946 in and around the Miami Valley, including Dayton, Wright and Patterson Fields and other nearby Ohio areas. As a newspaper photographer, many of these photographs were taken to accompany news in the Dayton Journal Herald.

Subject Area(s): Photographic Collections, Journalism, Local History



Kelly, O. S., Company Records
1881-1965, 130 lin. ft.

Collection contains Board of Directors' minutes, financial records, correspondence, subject files, photographs, and production records of a Springfield-based manufacturer of steam tractors and threshing machines. Also included in a large collection of drawings and blueprints. Note: Collection stored off-site and needs to be requested prior to visit.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Kenley Players Programs
1974-1982, 0.21 lin. ft.

The Kenley Players was a summer stock theatre company that cast famous actors and actresses in well-known plays and musicals, then brought the productions to cities throughout the Midwest, including Dayton, Ohio. This collection includes programs from several local Kenley Players productions.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Kennedy, Louise, Collection
1870-1947, 3 lin. ft.

Louise Achey Kennedy was a prominent member in Dayton society during the late 19th and early 20th century. She was a charter member of the Jonathan Dayton Chapter of the DAR, and a genealogical researcher. The collection consists of personal correspondence, travel souvenirs, religious pamphlets, photographs, and miscellaneous ephemera from the late 1880s to the early 1900s.

Subject Area(s): Women, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Kent, Rockwell, Print Collection
1874-1964, 2 lin. ft.

The collection contains nine portfolios of Rockwell Kent Prints and History of Medicine in Art Prints. Subjects of the prints include famous figures and scenes from medical history.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Medical History



Ketcham, Hiram, Civil War Diary
1864-1865, .25 lin. ft.

The collection consists of an original Civil War pocket diary written by Hiram Ketcham of Buchanan, Ohio, and a typed transcript. The diary begins with Ketcham reporting for duty at Circleville in the 12th District of Ohio after being drafted into U.S. Service on September 27, 1864. Ketcham was assigned to Company G of the 67th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry (O.V.I.). He wrote of his travels to the battleground, camp life and news, troop movement, fighting at Fort Gregg near Petersburg in April 1865, the surrender of Lee's Army at Appomattox C.H., and eventually his journey home at the end of the Civil War.

Subject Area(s): Civil War, Local History



Keto, Dr. John, Papers
1951-1981, 4.5 lin. ft.

The Dr. John Keto Papers consists of materials collected throughout his professional career as a research scientist. Dr. Keto was known for his work developing airborne radar equipment during World War II, pioneering the field of bionics, and heading the Aeronautical Systems Division on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio as the Chief Scientist in the 1960s. The collection includes correspondence, pamphlets, research reports, speeches, and symposium papers covering such topics as United States Air Force history, bionics, technical education, and scientific research and development in the military, universities, and other private companies.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Kettering Children's Choir 25th Anniversary Book
2010, 2 items

This collection contains one copy of the 25th Anniversary commemorative document for the Kettering Children's Choir, including CD, published in 2010.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Civic Organizations, Local History



Kettering Children's Choir Records
1986-2016, 16.18 lin. ft. and 493 GB

The Kettering Children's Choir Records, co-founded in 1986 by Natalie Dehorn, details the history of the choir including many local, national, and worldwide events the organization has been a part of. Within this collection are grant proposals, board minutes, fliers, photographs, scrapbooks, audio/visual material, newspaper clippings and newsletters. The collection shows the dedication of one organization to educate and connect young people through their love of music. There is additional information on organizations and individuals that have collaborated with the organization including but not limited to: Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Bach Society of Dayton, Dayton Opera, and the Victoria Theatre.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Local History



Kettering Family Collection
1876-2006, 75 lin. ft.

The Kettering Family Papers contain materials documenting the life of Charles F. Kettering, as well as his son Eugene, daughter-in-law Virginia, and their children. The Kettering family was heavily involved in the industrial make-up of the city of Dayton during the 20th century. Beginning in the early 1900s when Charles F. Kettering began his career at NCR, through today, the Ketterings have been influential in shaping the industrial, cultural, and financial landscape of Dayton. Because of its financial success, the family also became known for its many important philanthropic and charitable deeds which continue today through its various foundations.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Local History



Keystone Aviation Stereocards
1927-1931, 1 folder

This collection contains seven aviation-themed stereocards produced by the Keystone View Company. Six of the seven are of airships, including the USS Akron and the Graf Zeppelin.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections



Kinnane, Adrian, Papers
1982, .25 lin. ft.

Adrian Kinnane is a researcher and manager for historical projects at History Associates Incorporated. Dr. Kinnane has published works on urban police, a history of the DuPont Company, and the Wright brothers' invention of the airplane. The collection contains Kinnane's unpublished manuscript "The Crucible of Flight," which is an in-depth look at what outside influences helped the Wright Brothers become the first to be successful in the quest for flight.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Wright Brothers Related, Local History



Kiraly , Frank A., Aviation Postcard and Photo Collection
1911-1977, 0.5 lin. ft.

The collection consists of aviation postcards, primarily of airports throughout the country, and also of photographs of famous aviators from the 1930s.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections



Kirk, Ann, Diary
1933-1934, 1 folder

Diary provides details on the foundation of the Dayton Chamber Orchestra, later the Dayton Philharmonic.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Women, Local History



Kirkpatrick, Matthew C., Collection
1904-1974, 1 lin. ft.

The Matthew C. Kirkpatrick collection consists of photographs, correspondence, arrest logs, identification cards, books, and a scrapbook. It was created by Matthew C. Kirkpatrick who was a Dayton policeman and Chief of Police during the mid-20th century.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Civic Organizations, Local History



Kite Craze, The, Pamphlet
ca. 1899, 1 folder

Scientific Kites and how to Fly them - a 15-page illustrated pamphlet used as a sales catalogue for E.I. Horsman

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Business and Industry



Kiwanis Club of Xenia, Ohio, Records
1922-2016, 7.35 lin. ft.

The Kiwanis Club of Xenia is a service club founded in Xenia, Ohio, in 1922. The academics, athletics, and health of youth are central to many of its efforts and activities. The collection includes narrative histories, meeting minutes, membership rosters, annual and monthly reports, correspondence, financial records, bulletins (newsletters), news clippings, and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Civic Organizations



Klein, Lewis D., Architecture Collection
1957-1983, 30 lin. ft.

Lewis D. Klein was an architect in the Dayton, Ohio, area from 1957 to 1983. The collection consists of drawings for 230 different architecture design jobs he bid on. The collection includes from proposed or conceptual drawings up to full sets of plans. Of the 230 jobs, 27 are for residences and 49 are for apartment complexes. The rest are commercial buildings, including shopping plazas, churches, and various business facilities.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Kline, Charles A., Papers
1917-1922, .25 lin. ft.

Contains correspondence to and from Charles A. Kline during his time as a soldier in WWI. Also included is a CD which contains scans of the Charles A. Kline Papers.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War II, World War I, Local History



Kline, Peter B., Papers
1822-1986 (bulk 1917-1986), 20 lin. ft.

The Peter B. Kline Papers is a large collection of files and information on a wide variety of aviation subjects. Kline was an Aeronautical Engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and a collector of aviation materials. The collection contains clippings, journal articles, photographs, mechanical specifications, illustrations, and miscellaneous information about particular aircraft. The papers also includes technical manuals, correspondence with other aviation collectors and book dealers, information on aircraft and military insignia, aviation ephemera, scrapbooks, and a small amount of family and personal papers.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Koch, Reinhold, War Memories Scrapbook
1917, 1 folder

Scrapbook of photos from Abteilung (Detachment) 212 in the German Air Force during World War I, Most depict daily life on base, but also include some German and Allied aircraft and observation balloons.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War I, Photographic Collections



Korn, Edward A., Collection
1908-1979, 3.62 lin. ft.

This collection documents the aviation careers of early aviator Edward A. Korn and his brother Milton H. Korn. The bulk of the collection is comprised of aviation photographs. It also includes some of Korn's correspondence about his experiences in aviation and selected clippings and articles that were published about him and other early aviators. It also documents Korn's background in farming, including photographs, catalogs, and postcards related to farming and threshing machines.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, Local History



Krebs, Frank, Collection
1900-1965, 1 lin. ft.

Frank Krebs was a successful Dayton businessman, who was also politically active. Between 1942-1945, Krebs served as the Mayor of Dayton, and throughout his life held various political offices. The collection consists of personal correspondence, mayoral related materials, newspaper clippings and photographs.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



Krekler, William H., Letter
1975, 1 folder

This is a copy of a typed letter written by Krekler describing his relationship with the Wright Family, dated March 24, 1975.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Wright Brothers Related, Local History



Kress, Lloyd, Papers
1945-1995, 1 folder

V-mail written by Kress home and photocopies of newspaper clippings, both from 1945 and from 1995, as part of a retrospective series. Kress witnessed the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Family and Personal Papers



Krieger, Art, Aviation Collection
1909-1993 (bulk 1940-1980), 36 lin. ft.

The Art Krieger Aviation Collection is the personal collection of Adolph (Art) Krieger. This collection contains materials from all over the world on nearly every kind of plane and building company, pilots, handbooks and manuals along with various other items about aviation. Emphasis is on the 1940s through the late 1980s.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Kuhns, Miles S., Papers
1929-1939, .75 lin. ft.

The Miles S. Kuhns Papers consist mainly of correspondence related to Kuhns' political career. It contains many lobbying letters from citizens and organizations. Almost half of the collection relates to Kuhns' work with the Ohio Revolutionary War Memorial Commission. A third section consists of personal correspondence and ephemera Kuhns received throughout his career.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



Kuntz Family Scrapbook
1918-1981, 2 lin. ft.

The Kuntz Family Scrapbook, assembled by Leona Kling Kuntz, features newspaper clippings documenting the lives and activities of prominent Dayton-area families, especially the Kuntz family, over the course of 60 years.

Subject Area(s): Local History



Kverne, Einar, Aviation Print
Undated, 1 item

Collection consists of one Einar Kverne print reproduced from his painting entitled We. The print depicts Charles Lindbergh flying across the Atlantic in 1927. The painting and print were completed shortly after Lindbergh's historic flight.

Subject Area(s): Aviation