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Pacernick, Gary, Papers
1965-2009, 2.52 lin. ft.

This collection contains correspondence, publications, and paperwork documenting the career of Jewish poet and Wright State University English professor Gary Pacernick. Pacernick was one of the early members of Wright State's English department faculty, serving from 1967 to 2009. Prominent in the collection are letters to Pacernick from poets and writers nationwide and worldwide.

Subject Area(s): Education and Local Schools, Arts, Wright State University, Family and Personal Papers



Pamphlet Files
circa 1900-2013; 43 lin. ft.

The Pamphlet Files consist of brochures, flyers, newspapers clippings, booklets, reports, serials, and other ephemera documenting the history of aviation, the Miami Valley, and the Wright Brothers. The items' intrinsic values render them unsuitable for individual processing or formal cataloging; however, they are retained primarily for their informational value.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Parkmoor Drive-In Restaurant, Dayton, Ohio
1953-1988, 1 folder

Photographs, newspaper clippings, and newsletters concerning the Parkmoor Drive-In Restaurant chain.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Photographic Collections, Local History



Parrish, Marguerite, Papers
1920-1981, 5 lin. ft.

Parrish was an active Democratic leader for over sixty years. She worked with the Democratic Party at the local, state, and national level. Through her work, she gained many acquaintances with leading political figures such as Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Her papers also include correspondence and informational materials on the workings of the Democratic Party. Some of the most extensive information deals with her work in the Federated Democratic Women of Ohio organization of which she was President.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Women, Local History



Patterson Cooperative High School Booklets and News Clippings
1941-1974, 0.1 lin. ft.

The collection consists of narrative history booklets and news clippings concerning the Patterson Cooperative High School and the earlier Parker School, both vocational schools in the Dayton city school system.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Education and Local Schools



Patterson Family Papers
1780-1970, 9 lin. ft.

A collection of correspondence, family histories, photographs, business records, and scrapbooks from two local pioneer families who played an important part in the early development of the Miami Valley: the Pattersons of Dayton and the Johnstons of Piqua. The business records cover the period 1785-1879 and relate to the operation of the Patterson Family farm and lumber mill. Some of Col. Robert Patterson's land surveys and quartermaster records are also included. The correspondence consists of letters between family members and friends, the bulk of which falls within the years 1820-1900. These letters are a good representation of 19th century life and discuss business, family affairs, daily activities, and politics. Of particular interest are the letters to Julia Johnston Patterson from her sons in the Union Army during the Civil War. The scrapbooks are an eclectic collection of newspaper clippings, programs, and memorabilia concerning John H. Patterson, the National Cash Register Company, and local and family history.

To view items from this collection online, please visit CORE Scholar.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Civil War, Local History



Patterson Family Papers
1785-1960, 10 reels

A microfilm copy of MS-236.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Civil War



Patterson, Edith McClure, Papers
1920-1959, 5 lin. ft.

Edith McClure Patterson served on the Dayton Board of Education during the early 1930s and from 1915-1939 she was the first woman to serve on the Ohio Board of Liquor Control. In 1932, she ran unsuccessfully for Congress. Patterson was active in welfare and education work, and made a lifelong study of problems affecting the home and children. Her papers and scrapbooks are a source of information about local Dayton education, budget and thrift, home management, women's clubs, and liquor control. Also included are materials pertaining to the National Cash Register Company. Mrs. Patterson was a niece, by marriage, of John H. Patterson, founder and first executive officer of NCR.

Subject Area(s): Women, Education and Local Schools, Local History



Patterson, William F., Photograph Collection
1967-1993 (bulk 1980s), 14 lin. ft.

William F. Patterson, a prominent commercial photographer in the Dayton area, has been photographing the work of local architects, businesses, and events since the 1960s. This collection includes approximately 20,000 negatives, slides, transparencies, and photographs taken by Patterson for commercial clients and placement in books, advertisements, catalogs, and brochures. Patterson's work also includes approximately 10,000 images from his travels throughout Europe and North America.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, Local History



Paul Laurence Dunbar Library Dedication Papers
1992, 1 folder

Programs, letters, and clippings relating to the dedication of the WSU library as the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library.

Subject Area(s): Wright State University, Local History



Payne, Clyde Clarkson, M.D., Papers
1908-1939, 1.5 lin. ft.

Dr. Clyde Clarkson Payne was born in 1893. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1920. He was a member of the Ohio State Medical Association and practiced medicine in Dayton. The collection consists of handwritten notes and sketches from medical school, patients' statistics, and office accounts.

Subject Area(s): Medical History, Local History



Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church Records
1955-2012, 8.5 lin. ft.

The Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church is located in Beavercreek, Ohio. The collection includes church council minutes, board minutes, annual reports, church publications, constitution, resolutions, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photos, guest book, and a scrapbook. Most items in the Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church Records are church council and board minutes. The records document the creation of the church to present day.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History



Peacock, Jerusah: To Avoid Her is to Betray Her: The Letters of Jerusha Hall Peacock (1861-1878)
1998, 1 folder

Student paper written by Megan Nealis in December 1998 concerning Jerusha Peacock. See MS-139.

Subject Area(s): Women, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Peacock, Jerusha Hall, Papers
1860-1914 (bulk 1861-1867), 0.5 lin. ft.

Jerusha Peacock was a student at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio in the early 1860s, and later taught at Antioch's Preparatory School from 1865-1873. Her papers consist of letters written primarily to her mother and sisters, essays, a collection of her poetry, and a sketchbook. Peacock's letters colorfully describe her life at Antioch, her travels, acquaintances, and activities.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Women, Local History



Pearl Harbor Collection
circa 1934-1941, 1986, 0.1 lin. ft.

The collection contains twelve 5" x 7" letterpress halftone photographs taken by Navy photographers on December 7, 1941 during and immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Included are photographs of the USS Arizona, USS Maryland, USS Oklahoma, USS West Virginia, USS Tennessee, USS Shaw, USS Downes, USS Cassin, USS Pennsylvania, USS Helena, USS Nevada, and USS Oglala. Two photographs pre-date the attack: Amelia Earhart in Honolulu, Hawaii, and of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his son in Honolulu. Also included are: a pictorial history; a (reproduction) Dec. 7, 1941 issue of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper; and a transcript of an interview by Major Frank H. Lane, the Commander of the Hickam Hospital on Hickam AFB, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

Subject Area(s): World War II



Pearson, Eunice, Papers
1877-1878, 1 folder

Diary dated 1877-1878, also includes information between 1839 to 1877 from other family members. Some sections of the diary have been transcribed.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Women, Local History



Pedrick Family Papers
1860-1960, 8 lin. ft.

The Pedrick Family Papers were compiled over four generations beginning with William E. Pedrick (W.E.P.), who was a prominent entrepreneur in the mining industry and also a lieutenant during the Civil War. His children also participated in the mining industry and land speculation, but soon took interest in other professions such as artwork and design, as well as, electrical engineering. The collection includes blueprints, correspondence, deeds, accounting ledgers, photographs, maps, journals, diaries, and scrapbooks.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Civil War, Local History



Peerless Mayfield Photograph Collection
1913-1979, 3 lin. ft.

William Preston Mayfield's primary interests were in aerial and aviation related photography. This collection includes many images of early Dayton and surrounding communities at a variety of angles from altitudes up to 20,000 feet. The majority of the aerial images are from a low oblique angle, taken at an altitude of under 1000 feet, excellent for close detail of urban industrial and commercial districts. Also included in this collection are photos of Dayton area homes and businesses, advertising art, and various people. Please note: permission to duplicate Mayfield photos is required.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Journalism, Local History



Peerless, Sidney (Dr.), Photographic Collection
1898-1950s (bulk 1900-1940), 2.08 lin. ft.

The collection contains 574 photographs that were collected by Dr. Sidney Peerless. The collection contains photographs from Nancy Ford Cones, Cecil Carey, Richard Tepe, Fritz Henle, and U.S. Navy and Air Force photographers of aircraft. Note: restrictions may apply.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections



Pennsylvania Airline Company Records
ca. 1920, 1 folder

Photographs, map, and copies of records from the Pennsylvania Airline Company.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Business and Industry, Local History


Perkins, Roger Griswold, Diary
1917-1918, 1 reel

Diary covers the period of Dr. Perkins' service in Romania while working with the American Red Cross. He writes about military and civilian conditions in Romania and Russia during the final years of World War I and the early days of the Russian Revolution. He also details the transportation conditions under the Kerensky government in Russia, and the difficulties of working in a country with the government in chaos.

Subject Area(s): World War I



Permanent Building and Savings Association Records
1874-1943, 3 lin. ft. (19 volumes)

Records consist of Board of Trustees minutes, lists of stockholders, cash books, weekly receipts, loan applications, and records of individual borrowers. The early records are in German, and the majority of borrowers and stockholders in the 19th century have German surnames. Permanent Building and Savings Association was taken over by State Fidelity Savings in 1943.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History


Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Records
1908-1982, 7 reels

The bulk of this collection consists of records related to the construction of the Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. The memorial was erected in 1912-1913 to commemorate the Centennial of Oliver Perry's naval victory over the British on Lake Erie in the War of 1812. Also included in the collection are the minutes of the Centennial Commission, correspondence, blueprints, pamphlets, and news clippings.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations



Peters, William, Aviation Photograph Collection
1903-1964 (bulk 1908-1930), 1.5 lin. ft.

The collection compiled by William H. Peters and given to Lieutenant Colonel John Glenn includes 53 photographs of famous aviators and aircrafts from the beginning of man-powered flight through the late 1930s. Included are images of the 1903 Wright Flyer, Glenn Curtiss, Benjamin Foulois, Fiorello Henry LaGuardia, and many others. This collection also contains many signed photographs and documents including signatures from Wilbur Wright, Alberto Santos-Dumont, Dr. Hugo Eckner, Edwin Levick, and M. Salmond.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections


Peterson, Minnie, Papers
1949-1978, 1 reel

Collection includes scrapbooks, correspondence and photographs of a well-known African-American civil rights activist in Dayton.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans


Philippus United Church of Christ Records
1843-1953, 2 reels

The records for this Cincinnati area church consist of five volumes of church documents which were written in German until 1922. Included are records of baptisms, marriages, and funerals.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Photographic Portfolio of Huffman Flying Field, A
2007, 2014-2017, 1.0 lin. ft.

The collection consists of 11 platinum palladium prints of photographs created at Huffman Prairie, featuring flight and architecture. This portfolio is limited edition set #1 out of 16 sets created.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History, Wright Brothers Related, Nature and Parks



Physicians Miscellany
Unknown, 1 folder

Photographs and histories of various notable physicians.

Subject Area(s): Medical History



Piediscalzi, Nick, Papers
1951-2013, 4 lin. ft.

The collected research and written works of Nick Piediscalzi regarding the topic of religion and teaching as it relates to public education. Collection also includes materials related to the founding of the WSU Dept. of Religion and the Public Education Religious Studies Center (PERSC).

Subject Area(s): University Archives, Wright State University, Education and Local Schools, Local History, Religion


Pilgrim United Church of Christ Records
1871-1980, 1 reel

Records include copies of 75th and 120th anniversary celebration publications which contain detailed church histories. Other documents included are records of baptisms, funerals, marriages, and confirmations. This congregation is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Pilot Log Book of John J. Hamilton
1931-1932, 2 items

This collection consists of one log book containing the flight information of John J. Hamilton in his WACO F2 Continental. All flights took off from East Dayton Airport between December, 1931 and September, 1932. In addition to the log book is one newspaper clipping detailing the granting of a pilot's license to Mr. Hamilton.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Pilot's License for Robert Lyle Ward
1926, 1 item

Pilot's license from Fédération Aéronautique Internationale United States of America issued to Robert Lyle Ward for 1926.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Wright Brothers Related



Pioneers of Italian Aviation
2003, 1 folder

This collection contains a celebratory booklet published in 2003 to honor the pioneers of Italian Aviation. Written in Italian, the book provides a brief history of early Italian aviation and aviators. It also includes commemorative stamps issued to honor Italian aviation.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Piqua Voting Records
ca. 1880, 1 folder

An undated list of voting records containing over 300 names of voters in Piqua, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



Pitstick, William, Xenia Tornado Photograph Collection
1974, 1 folder

This collection contains 31 images of the aftermath of the Xenia tornado in April 1974. William Pitstick was the telephone manager who was called in to start the repairs after the 1974 tornado. He shot several rolls of film documenting the damage at street level across Xenia. These photographs offer an in-depth look at the city in the immediate aftermath of the tornado, and the vast majority of the photographs are very thoroughly labeled.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Photographic Collections, Local History



Pittman, Wayne, Aviation Postcard Collection
1970-1990, 13.5 lin. ft.

This collection of over 4,000 aviation postcards was collected and organized by Colonel Wayne Pittman. It contains postcards of commercial and military aircraft, along with airport buildings and locations from around the world.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Pleasant Hill Bank Records
1910-1930, 0.5 lin. ft. (10 volumes and 1 box)

Collection consists of ten volumes of financial records and a box of loose papers which include the minutes of the Bank Directors' regular meetings from 1925 until the bank failed in 1930. Pleasant Hill is located in Miami County, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History


Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Cemetery Records
1800-1987, 1 reel

Consists of one volume of burial records from this Cincinnati cemetery.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries


Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church Records
1814-1925, 1 reel

Contains six volumes of church records including membership listings, baptisms, session minutes, lists of communicants, and miscellaneous church documents. Appended to volume six is a brief history of this Cincinnati-area church.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Poland, Samuel M., Civil War Certificate of Promotion
1863, 1 folder

Certificate of promotion for Samuel Poland, member of the 74th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, dated Feb. 13, 1863. Located in OS18, File 3

Subject Area(s): Civil War



Policsek, Charles (Rev.), Letter
ca. 1915, 1 folder

An original handwritten letter from Rev. Policsek to the Hungarian community of Dayton

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History



Porta, Bruno, World War II Photographs
1942-1943, 0.1 linear foot (13 photographs)

The collection consists of 13 photographs depicting Benito Mussolini, Erwin Rommel, and other Italian and German military officers in North Africa in 1942-1943. Lieutenant Bruno Porta was an Italian Army officer in WWII. Porta later gave the photographs to his friend Richard Dawson, who served in the 415th Night Fighter Squadron.

Subject Area(s): World War II, Photographic Collections



Porter, Ellen Jane Lorenz, Collection
1931-1995, 6 lin. ft.

The Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter Collection is rich in information on church music, especially handbells and hymnology. In addition, it contains many of her original literary writings such as poetry, essays, plays, and short stories.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Women, Religion, Local History



Pretzinger Architectural Collection
1890-1979 (bulk 1900-1940), 31 lin. Ft.

Consists of blueprints, drawings, business records, and photographs from the Albert Pretzinger architectural firm located in Dayton. Collection provides examples of architectural styles of residences, schools, churches, hospitals, and commercial buildings in the Dayton area designed by Pretzinger and his associates from 1890-1950. The business records include correspondence, working papers, memos, and financial records.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Price Brothers Collection
1877-2006 (bulk 1940-1970), 36 lin. ft.

The Price Brothers Company Records documents the history of the Price Brothers Company, products produced by the company and its major components, and construction projects the company completed around the United States and abroad, including China and Libya.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Printing and Pressman's Union, Local 54 Records
1890-1969, 1.5 lin. ft.

Consists of a fairly complete run of meeting minutes for the years 1890-1964 as well as Board of Director's reports and election materials for this Dayton union.

Subject Area(s): Labor Unions, Local History



Procuniar, David, American Civil War Diary
1862-1863, 1 folder

Procuniar was a member of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry in both the 50th and 61st regiments. He fought at several major battles and died at camp in 1864. Contains a photocopy of his entire journal along with biographical data compiled by the family. Note: there are restrictions on photocopying and publication of this material.

Subject Area(s): Civil War, Local History



Progress Place Inc. Records
1981-1988, 4.5 lin. ft.

Records detail the organization's work with mentally disabled adults in the Dayton area. Included are organizational papers, minutes, newsletters, correspondence, and financial records.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



Progressive Mothers' Club Records
1923-2003 (bulk 1985-2003), 15.5 lin. ft.

The mission of the Progressive Mothers' Club was to promote the role and education of mothers within the setting of a social group. The collection documents the club through yearly event books, financial records, membership records, scrapbooks, meeting minutes, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The collection also contains scrapbooks, attendance records, and meeting minutes from the Progressive Mothers' Alumnae.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Women, Local History



Protsman, Oliver, American Civil War Diary
1862-1863, 1 folder

An original diary providing excellent insights on the early years of the Civil War. Also included in a family history and a complete transcription of the diary.

Subject Area(s): Civil War, Family and Personal Papers


Protsman, Oliver, Diary
1961-1863, 1 reel

Diary of a Civil War soldier serving in the First Regiment, Company E, of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. See also, SC-42.

Subject Area(s): Civil War



Public Opinion Center (Dayton, Ohio) Records
1970-1975, 1.67 lin. ft.

The Public Opinion Center Records contains surveys conducted in the Dayton area between 1970 and 1975. The breadth of the surveys is wide covering topics on schools, government, housing, health, and a number of other social, political, and economic issues. Some surveys contain the full raw dataset while others in the collection are summaries compiled by the center for public release.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



Puterbaugh, Rollyn E., Sr., Photograph Collection
mid-20th century

This collection contains photographs and negatives taken by Rollyn E. Puterbaugh Sr., a prominent twentieth-century Dayton photographer.

Subject Area(s): Photographic Collections, Family and Personal Papers, Local History