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Randolph Township West Branch Quaker Meeting Records
1807-1859, 1 folder

Transcribed copies of Quaker meeting records dating between 1807 and 1859.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History



Razor, Frances M., Vicki and the Rest Collection
1964-1980, 0.2 lin. ft.

Vicki and the Rest, formed in 1964, was Dayton's first all-girl rock band. The collection consists of a band jacket worn by founding member Frances (Davis) Razor, a memoir written by another band member, and 3 vinyl albums from other musicians.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Local History


Rebold Funeral Home Records
1897-1949, 3 reels

Collection consists of 15 volumes of burial registers from a Cincinnati funeral home. Early registers include name, place and date of interment, and funeral expenses. Beginning in 1906, additional information is recorded including age, occupation, residence, religion, and cause and place of death. After 1918, the name and birthplace of parents are included. All the volumes are indexed.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry



Receipt for Book Purchase and Advertisement for Cuticura
1889, 1 folder

Receipt for a book purchased by J.U Fritz from E.L. Barret & Son, Stationers and Publishers of Books, Blanks, and Legal Forms of Springfield, Ohio; advertisement for Cuticura Antipain Plaster said to subdue inflammation, alleviate pain, and kill disease germs.

Subject Area(s): Medical History



Records of Dayton Together: Advocating for Metro Government
2012-2017, 279 MB

Dayton Together was a 501(c)4 organization with a purpose to advocate for consolidating some or all of the townships, villages, and cities in Montgomery County into a metro government. This collection consists of organizational materials such as dissenting opinions, charter drafts, event flyers, and brand-related files on the organization. There are research studies, commissioned by them and external to the organization, that Dayton Together used. The collection also includes newspaper clippings regarding the organization and city consolidation.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Politics



Records of Student Nurses Association D.10

Transferred -- See FSC-32

Subject Area(s): Medical History



Records of the Space Medicine Branch, Aerospace Medical Association
1964-2000, 3.5 lin. ft.

The Space Medicine Branch was founded in 1950 as a constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association for the express purpose of advancing the science and art of space medicine and the biological sciences, with special emphasis on the problems facing humans at high altitudes and in the space environment. The records document the membership, annual meetings, and the actions of Space Medicine Branch Officers.

Subject Area(s): Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering


Red Oak Presbyterian Church Records
1817-1943, 1 reel

Includes a short narrative history of this Brown County, Ohio, church as well as session records, birth, marriage, baptism, and confirmation records.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Reece, Jane, Photographic Collection
1903-1978 (Bulk 1903-1944), 62 lin. ft.

This collection consists of the glass plate and film negatives of an internationally known Dayton photographer, an associate of Steiglitz and Steichen, and one of the first professional female photographers in the United States. The collection contains nearly 10,000 images of portraits, many of prominent individuals, and the creative photographs of her salon. In addition, there is a small amount of supporting manuscript materials, including: photocopies of Reece's studio registers; a few proof prints; prints of Reece, her home, and studio by photographer Richard Fullerton; and publications referencing Jane Reece's work.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Women, Local History



Reece, Jane, Studio Collection
ca. 1924, 1 folder

Collection of black and white photographs of the remodeling of 834 Riverside Terrace, the studio of Jane Reece. Many are duplicates of photographs located in MS-185 (Fullerton/Jane Reece).

Subject Area(s): Photographic Collections, Local History



Reeder, Margaret Van Cleve, Autobiography
Undated, 1 folder

Three-page typed portion of an autobiography of Margaret Van Cleve, paternal grandmother of the Wright Brothers.

Subject Area(s): Wright Brothers Related, Family and Personal Papers, Women, Local History


Register of Black and Mulatto Persons Records
1804-1856, 1 reel

Records of freed blacks from Greene, Logan, Miami, and Montgomery counties. Information usually includes name, age, birthdate, place and date of freedom, name of former owner, and a short physical description.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans



Rehling, Elizabeth Beck, Papers
1899-2001, 0.5 lin. ft.

The Elizabeth Beck Rehling Papers consist of correspondence, research notes, and photographs related to her research on the relationship between her mother, Agnes Osborn Beck and Katharine Wright, sister of the Wright Brothers. It also includes her unpublished manuscript, The Third Wright Brother, about Katharine Wright, based on her memories as told to her by her mother Agnes and her own research.

Subject Area(s): Wright Brothers Related, Local History, Women



Reichard, William, Notebook
1830, 1 folder

Math notebook from William Reichard, circa 1830.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Reliable Jack Company Ledger
1934-1940, 1 folder

General ledger book for the Reliable Jack Company of Dayton, covering 1934-1940.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Reynolds and Reynolds Company Records
1892-1920, 12 volumes

Consists of ledgers containing departmental account records, cash debits, customer credits, and product information for various products manufactured by the company.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Richardson, P.H., Wright Field Photographs
1945, 1 lin. ft.

The P.H. Richardson Wright Field Photograph Collection features numerous black and white photos of aircraft and aircraft engines that were featured on display for the Armed Forces Day Celebration at Wright Field in October, 1945. Included are several detailed photos of the only Fairchild Ranger powered XAT-6 E built, and several photographs pertaining to Luftwaffe aircraft that were captured in Operation Lusty and brought to Wright Field for testing.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, Local History



Richmond, Laurence p., Papers
1918-1974 (bulk 1930-1960), 0.84 lin. ft.

The collection consists primarily of information on the development of radio technologies at General Electric in the 1920s and of radio and radar technologies at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from the 1930s through 1950s. Some information on the WPAFB Quarter Century Club is also included.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, World War II



Rickard, Victor, General Aviation Collection
1925-2014 (bulk 1925-1940), 0.25 lin. ft. and 1.5 GB

Victor Rickard was an early pilot in Schenectady, New York, and manager of the city's airport from 1927-1931. He was also involved in U.S. Naval aviation during World War I and Army Air Services during World War II. The collection contains a photographs, pilot's licenses and identification cards, newspaper clippings, and video footage.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Ride the Wind Collection
1991, 1 folder

Original typed screenplay about the Wright Brothers, written by Doug McIntyre.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Aviation, Wright Brothers Related, Local History



Riesinger Funeral Home Records
1902-1958 (bulk 1902-1947), 12 lin. ft.

Records of a prominent Dayton, Ohio funeral home which serviced many from the Hungarian and other ethnic groups of the early 20th century. Funeral record and ledger books give a daily account of funerals, and contain information and vital statistics about people buried by the Riesinger Funeral Home in Dayton, Ohio. Also included are financial record books for 1931-1956, and a few photographs.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Riesinger Funeral Home Records
1902-1947, 3 reels

A microfilm copy of MS-75.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, 1913 Flood History, Family and Personal Papers



Rike's Historical Collection
1858-1989 (bulk 1920-1980), 30 lin. ft.

Consists of files kept by the Rike-Kumler Department Store to use as a resource for advertisements and anniversary celebrations. Includes photographs of Rike's stores, window displays, and promotional events, as well as various company publications, audio recordings of both Frederick Rike and David Rike, press releases, executive biographies, and advertisements.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History


Riley Family Papers
1807-1981, 1 reel

Contains Captain James Riley's log of the brig, James Madison, 1832-1835, as well as family letters, legal documents, petitions, clippings, biographical sketches, and photographs. Riley was a ship's captain, Ohio pioneer, and founder of Celina, Ohio. His family subsequently became prominent in Mercer County.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers



Ringelblum Collection of Oral History Memoirs of the Holocaust Records
1977-1991, 6 lin. ft.

Collection consists of audio-taped interviews with accompanying typed transcripts of 34 Dayton-area individuals who were survivors of the Nazi Holocaust. Not all of the interviewees were incarcerated in concentration camps, but each had his or her life greatly altered by the Nazi regime. Also included in this collection are three video-taped programs produced from the original interviews which are for use in local classrooms to supplement Holocaust curriculum.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Oral History Collections, World War II, Local History



Riordan, Dr. Robert, Collection of Miami Valley Archaeological Surveys
1975-2014 (Bulk 1975-1998), 2.31 lin. ft.

This collection consists of approximately 70 archaeological surveys undertaken by Dr. Robert V. Riordan Professor Emeritus in the Wright State University Anthropology Department. A portion of the archaeological surveys were completed by Wright State University students through the Anthropology Department's Archaeological Field School. Dr. Riordan completed the remaining surveys as a private contractor.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Wright State University, Nature and Parks



Ritchie, Malcolm L. (Dr.), Collection
1949-2006 (bulk 1960-1970), 39.5 lin. ft.

The Dr. Malcolm L. Ritchie Collection is composed of documents relating to Dr. Ritchie's career. Journals, reference books, and slides/negatives are included. Additional personal papers have been added.

Subject Area(s): Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering, Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Local History



Roberts, E.W. (Consulting Engineer), pamphlet
Undated, 1 folder

Pamphlet regarding the services of Consulting Engineer E.W. Roberts who worked on numerous projects relating to early aviation engines.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Rockafield Family Papers
1863-1973, 1 folder

Reports and correspondence showing the history of ownership of Wright State University land during the 1800s, a listing of families buried in Rockafield Cemetery, and correspondence from the Rockafield's during their service in the Civil War.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Civil War, Wright State University, Cemeteries, Local History



Rockcliff Ice Wagon Aircraft
1950, 1 folder

This collection contains an original photograph of the Rockcliff Ice Wagon aircraft. Also included are color digital copies of a postcard (front and back) commemorating the first jet mail in the Avro Jetliner and two digital paper copies of photographs, one of the Avro Jetliner prototype and one of G.P. Siddall, the ice guard project engineer at Goodyear Tire & Rubber. All are circa 1950.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Roetman, Don, Papers
1928-2008 (bulk 1960s-1970s), 1.5 lin. ft.

The Don Roetman Papers are a collection of materials primarily concerning helicopters. The collection includes materials concerning various helicopter and aircraft projects from his career, as well as a substantial amount of corporate materials from various helicopter companies.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Roosevelt High School Collection
1924-1925, 1 folder

The dedication program and 2 yearbooks (1924, 1925) from Roosevelt High School, Dayton, Ohio, originally owned by Harold Williams.

Subject Area(s): Education and Local Schools, Civic Organizations, Local History



Rose, John J., Papers
1914-1983, 1.5 lin. ft.

Rose was a self-educated engineer and inventor who worked primarily on aviation engine developments leading to a total of 17 patents of his own invention. During his career with the Air Force, he was associated with aviation propulsion systems at McCook Field's Experimental Test Center from 1917 until his retirement in 1962. His papers cover both personal and technical subjects, however, the bulk of the collection is devoted to work-related materials including blueprints, patents, working notes, photographs, and patents of his inventions. There are also materials that concern his family life, his involvement with his church, and his religious thought and his personal interests.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Rosenbaum, Nick, Photographs
Undated, 6 items

This collection contains six copies of photographs of Nick Rosenbaum and the Wright B floatplane. The photographs are mostly unlabeled and undated

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Roser, John Frederick, American Civil War Papers
1862-1864, 1 folder

Photocopies of records relating to Roser's career in the Union Army.

Subject Area(s): Civil War



Roxanne Post Office Records
1899-1906, 1 folder

This collection contains the postmaster's account and record books for the Roxanne (Greene County), Ohio, post office. Please note that the town of Roxanne no longer exists as it was submerged during the creation of Caesar's Creek State Park.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Russ, Dr. Fritz J., Correspondence
1951-1954, 0.1 lin. ft.

The collection consists mainly of correspondence between Russ and various correspondents, regarding both professional and personal interests, during the time when Russ was Chief of the Missile Guidance and Control Group, Air Technical Intelligence Center, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The collection also includes a copy of Russ's resume, circa 1955, as well as a few other miscellaneous documents.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, Inventors and Inventions