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Salem Lutheran Church of Ellerton Records
1818-1990, 2 reels

Records include a constitution and articles of incorporation as well as records of baptism, marriages, funerals, and confirmations. In addition, there are financial records, minutes of the Women's Missionary Society, and copies of the church's newsletters. Salem Lutheran Church of Ellerton is located in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Religion


Salem United Church of Christ Records
1857-1987, 1 reel

Consists of four volumes of records which list baptisms, marriages, funerals, and confirmations. Also included are 50th and 125th Anniversary booklets for this Cincinnati area church.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Sandler, Harold, Papers
1934-1998, 7 lin. ft.

This collection contains photocopies of aerospace medical research articles, periodical articles, and books, along with data, photographs, journals of proceedings, and Russian aerospace medicine pamphlets. Included are four bound books containing articles written by Dr. Sandler. The majority of the information within the collection was used by Dr. Sandler to write review articles and to supply background information for his research.

Subject Area(s): Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering


Sarver, Albert F. (Dr.), Diary
1918-1919, 1 reel

Diary of Dr. Albert F. Sarver (1890-1978), a World War I Army medical doctor.

Subject Area(s): World War I, Medical History



Savage, Jack, Papers
1861-1993, 1.5 lin. ft.

Papers consist primarily of materials documenting Savage's military career in the Signal Corps during World War II and include his letters home, a scrapbook, photographs, a narrative of his experiences, and his basic training book. Also included are materials from his father who served in World War I, as well as a small collection of Civil War letters and papers from Savage's ancestors who fought in Ohio regiments.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, World War II, Civil War, Local History



Save the Victoria Theater Association Records
1976-1977, 1 folder

Minutes, agendas, press releases and other items relating to the preservation efforts regarding the Victoria Theater during the 1970s.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Civic Organizations, Local History



Scarff, Max M., Collection
1909-1978, .5 lin. ft.

The collection consists of the personal papers and photographs of Max M. Scarff, a resident of New Carlisle, Ohio. Max M. Scaff is recognized for his innovative improvement of hybrid corn and grains. While working at the family business, Scarff Nursery, he received many awards and honors through the years, and was elected president of The American Seed Trade Association in 1952. In 1973, Scarff was also elected to the Ohio Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Schantz, Adam, Sr., Estate Records
1903-1956, 17 lin. ft. (58 volumes)

After his father's death in 1903, Adam Schantz, Jr. took over the brewery and real estate interests of Adam Schantz, Sr. The records from the Adam Schantz, Sr. Estate include account books, cash books, ledgers, and financial journals which record the extensive business, financial, and real estate interests of the Schantz Family in the Dayton area. These interests included the Moraine Development Company, Gem City Realty, Reliable Insurance Company, the Citizen's Lighting Company (later DP&L), the Mead Engine Company, and the Dayton Breweries Company.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Schenck Family Papers
1860-1985, 4 lin. ft.

The Schenck family was one of the most prominent families in the Dayton area. General William C. Schenck, a pioneer of the Miami Valley, helped lay out Licking County in 1801. William's son, Robert C. Schenck, was a State Representative in Ohio from 1843-1850, U.S. Minister to Brazil from 1851-1854, Brigadier General of Volunteers during the Civil War (1862), elected to the 3rd Congressional District in 1862, served as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee from 1867-1871, and was appointed U.S. Minister to Great Britain from 1871-1876. The main focus of this collection is on Joseph Graham Crane Schenck, Jr. ("Sonny"). This collection contains correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Schlafman, Merritt E. (Judge), Papers
1937-1943, 6 lin. ft.

Schlafman was a judge in Dayton, Ohio, during the 1930s and 1940s. His papers contain transcripts of trials broadcast from his courtroom, mostly on gambling offenses.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



Schneider, Harley R., Northwest Vandalia Modification Center Collection
1943-1944, 2000, 0.25 lin. ft.

Harley R. Schneider was an employee of Northwest Airlines Corp. Schneider was a civil engineer employed to modify World War II bombers at Northwest Airlines Corp. Modification Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Northwest Airlines expanded their facilities in 1943 which included a new Modification Center in Vandalia, Ohio. Schneider was reassigned to the Vandalia location in 1943. This collection consists of various materials from his time working at the Vandalia Modification Center including a detailed listing of the plant's project activities, parts and projects lists, a photograph, housing information, telephone directories, and forms from 1943-1944, as well as correspondence from 2000 with some of Schneider's later recollections.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, World War II



Scholl, J. Edgar, Diary
1901-1902, 1 folder

A transcription of Scholl's diary, includes brief information about his life and the weather, from Fayette County, Indiana.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Schwarz, Josephine, Jane Reece Photograph Collection
1912-1944, 5 lin. ft.

Collection consists of 89 photographs of Dayton photographer, Jane Reece, owned by Josephine Schwarz. Included are images of Dayton Ballet founders, Josephine and Hermene Schwarz, the Schwarz Family, Reece self-portraits, and nature photographs.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Women, Local History



Schwarz, Josephine, Papers
1876-2004, 28 lin. ft.

The Josephine Schwarz Papers consist of a collection of the personal correspondence, photographs, writings, and memorabilia of Josephine and, to a lesser extent, the personal papers of her sister Hermene Schwarz. The collection encompasses a wide range of topics, including the Schwarz School of Dance, the Dayton Ballet, correspondence concerning dance and ballet-related issues, personal correspondence with family, friends, and students, her journals, diaries, and scrapbooks, ballet and family photographs, and memorabilia.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Family and Personal Papers, Women, World War II, Local History



Scientific Articles about Wright Brothers
1918-1929, 1 folder

Six articles describing the scientific work of the Wright Brothers, dating between 1918 and 1929.

Subject Area(s): Wright Brothers Related, Aviation, Local History



Sebastian, Stuart, Papers
1966-1991, 7 lin. ft.

Sebastian, a dancer and nationally known choreographer, was the Artistic Director of the Dayton Ballet Company during the 1980s. His papers include correspondence, both personal and professional from colleagues in the dance world, Dayton Ballet administrative materials and performance records, photographs, clippings, materials pertaining to his dance teaching activities, and personal items including diplomas and school papers.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Seifried Civil War Materials
ca. 1865, 1 folder

This collection contains three Civil War related items including a diary, a hymn book, and a letter, donated to Special Collections and Archives by Richard Seifried.

Subject Area(s): Civil War, Family and Personal Papers



Seifried, Richard D., Papers
1946-2010, 3 lin. ft.

Richard Seifried was born in Piqua, Ohio in 1927. He is a Korean War veteran who served from 1951-1952. Mr. Seifried received military training at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky and is an alumni of the Ohio State University. He lives in Eureka Springs, Arkansas where he continues to write both novels and memoirs. This collection contains correspondence, personal memoirs, numerous photographs, and ephemera. Note: restrictions may apply.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Sertoma Club of Dayton Records
1925-1997, 9.5 lin. ft.

Includes meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, memos, newsletters, program files, and other miscellaneous items relating to the activities of the Sertoma Club, whose motto is "Service to Mankind."

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History


Seward Funeral Home Records
1887-1899, 1 reel

Consists of a volume of indexed records from a Cincinnati funeral home.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry


Shaker Collection Papers
1833-1850, 1 reel

Collection consists of three items: the Benjamin Dunlavy Hymnal, handwritten in 1933 with an index; a history of the Shakers written by Richard N'Memar in 1846; and The Vocalist, another Shaker hymnal, written by Sussana M. Brady in 1850.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Shaker, Rose Mary Lawson, Research Collection
1980-2001 (bulk 1990-2000), 4.24 lin. ft.

This collection contains various documents, photographs, maps, correspondences, books, and audio-visual materials pertaining to Shaker religious communities in Ohio and Kentucky. Materials in this collection were either used or produced by Rose Mary Lawson, or her colleague, Martha Boice, during their research of Shaker communities. Rose Mary Lawson, née Haley, was an archivist, author, teacher, and researcher of Shaker religious communities. Lawson produced many written works on the Shakers, including various articles, a children's Shaker paper doll book, and a book on the Watervliet Shaker community that was once located in Dayton, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Religion


Sharrit-Gross Family Scrapbook
1886-1979, 1 reel

Scrapbook contains family photographs, obituaries, notes, and genealogical materials for a family from the Germantown and Dayton area.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers



Shivell Family, Jane Reece Collection
1911-1944, 1 lin. ft.

This collection highlights the work and family of Dayton poet, Paul Shivell. An accomplished poet published in the late 19th- and early 20th centuries, Shivell was recognized for his pastoral poems which were published in several books and collections. Included in the collection are several original portraits by noted Dayton photographer Jane Reece, who was a close family friend of the Shivells and who took portraits of them throughout several decades. Other documents note the Shivells' activities in Dayton society and the arts. Of special interest is the 1916 letter to Shivell from Robert Frost, complimenting him on his recent publication, and a print of one of Jane Reece's photographs of Matilda Dunbar, mother of Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Photographic Collections, Family and Personal Papers, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Local History



Shock, James R., Airship Collection
1908-2010 (bulk 1994-1999), 18 lin. ft.

The James R. Shock Airship Collection documents the progression of airships from the early experimental prototypes of the late 19th century to the surveillance blimps used by the United States government today. The collection includes numerous photographs of military and civilian airships, blimps, and barrage balloons, along with detailed descriptions of the photographs. Included is Mr. Shock's research for the airship books and articles he wrote over the years, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, military and civilian regulations, airship calendars, and slide presentations.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Shoemaker, F. Glen, Letter
1926, 0.05 lin. ft. (1 letter)

The collection consists of a single letter dated January 18, 1926, from F. Glen Shoemaker, an aeronautical engineer at McCook Field, to a friend, describing a long-distance flight he took in November 1925. Shoemaker was the passenger in an open-cockpit plane ("a regular D.H. [De Havilland aircraft] with a Liberty 12 engine") piloted by Lt. C. H. Ridenour, Chief of the Power Plant division. They traveled from Dayton to Washington, D.C., and Langley Field; New York City; Sidney, N.Y. (near Binghamton), and Philadelphia. Shoemaker describes the weather, the scenery from the plane, his impressions of the places visited, and general activities during the trip.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation



Siebenthaler Nursery Company Records
1877-1944, 3.5 lin. ft.

The Siebenthaler Nursery played an important part in the development of the nursery business in the United States. As such, it would prove valuable to any student of the nursery and landscape business, students interested in business history, or many aspects of local history. The business, founded in 1870, is still in operation today under the same family. The major strengths of the collection are its financial, employment, and operating records.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Family and Personal Papers, Local History, Nature and Parks



Simmons, Lt. Bennett C., Drawing
1944, 0.1 lin. ft. (1 oversized drawing)

Collection consists of one oversize pencil portrait drawing of Lt. Bennett C. Simmons, a B-17 Bombardier-Navigator, Army Air Corps, WWII. The drawing was created by renowned portrait artist William Van Dresser at Boca Raton Field (Florida) in 1944.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, World War II



Simms, Charles V., Papers
1972-1976, 8.5 lin. ft.

Includes correspondence, subject files, memos, reports, clippings, and working papers of Simms, who was a Montgomery County Commissioner during the early 1970s.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



Sjogren, Jody, Aviation Art Collection
1983-2006, 1.4 lin. ft.

This collection of aviation artwork consists of 10 artists' proof prints of the original water color and Prismacolor pencil renderings. The collection includes works from her series "Metamorphosis" (7 pieces) as well as "Metaphors" (3 pieces), both of which depict aircraft with their namesake creatures or activities. Individual pieces are signed and numbered. In addition to the prints, there is a folder containing information about each of the 10 pieces and some biographical information about the artist Jody Sjogren.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Arts



Skardon, Phillip C., Papers
1959-1996 (bulk 1970-1976), 2 lin. ft.

Skardon was a prominent Dayton businessman with an interest in civic and cultural affairs. His papers relate to his service in three organizations: the Metropolitan Church, the Dayton-Montgomery County Bicentennial Committee, and the Dayton Council on World Affairs. Included are minutes, correspondence, newsletters, and printed materials.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Civic Organizations, Local History



Skylab Collection
1960-1990, 11 lin. ft.

The Skylab Collection comes from the library of Dr. Shiro Furukawa, who was a NASA scientist that worked under the supervision of Skylab physician Dr. Paul Buchanan. Dr. Furukawa was a flight surgeon on the Skylab Medical Team and later investigated space station era life sciences, medicine programs, manned operations, as well as automated/robotic space construction operations at Kennedy Space Center. This collection houses publications, reference material, NASA reports, journal, magazine, and newspaper clippings related to the research he conducted throughout his career.

Subject Area(s): Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering



Slipstream Monthly, June 1924-January 1927, The
1924-1927, 1 folder

Volumes of Slipstream Monthly dating between 1924 and 1927. See also MS-53 and the volumes located in the SC&A reading room.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Smell, Margaret, Diary
1901-1915, 1 folder

Diary of Margaret Smell who was visiting Dayton from Michigan during the 1913 flood. Transcription of flood related sections available.

To view items from this collection online, please visit CORE Scholar.

Subject Area(s): Women, Family and Personal Papers, 1913 Flood History, Local History



Smeltzer, Sterling B., Curtiss-Wright Airplane Division Collection
1918-1950 (bulk 1930-1950), .75 lin. ft.

Collected by an employee of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, the collection includes handbooks, brochures, files from Curtiss-Wright's Engineering Department, blueprints, photographs, and other published materials. The collection documents early aviation advertising, the development of reference materials for the maintenance of airplanes, and the Curtiss-Wright Engineering Department.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Smith, Dale D., Architectural Collection
1970-2007, 105 linear feet (including about 80 linear feet of architectural drawings)

Dale D. Smith was a Dayton, Ohio architect who began working at Richard Levin Associates in 1966 and later founded Dale D. Smith Architects in 1982. The Dale D Smith Architectural Collection comprises architectural drawings, plans and sketches, photographs, notes, correspondence and other paperwork pertaining mainly to projects worked on by Dale D. Smith at Dale D. Smith Associates. Some architectural drawings were created by Smith whilst working as a consultant for other companies.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Smith, Erastus, Papers
1846-1853, 1 folder

Variety of materials concerning Erastus Smith, a Kentucky man who served as a Major in the Mexican War. Note: some materials are located in the oversize collection.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Smith, Frederick C. and Ruth P., Papers
1951-2007 (bulk 1985-2000), 3 lin. ft.

This collection is comprised of papers, photographs, and awards concerning Frederick Coe Smith's work at the Huffman Manufacturing Company as President and Chairman of the Board from 1951 until his retirement in 1976, as well as his work in leadership positions of local civic organizations until 2007. These other organizations include The Dayton Foundation, Sinclair Community College, Miami Valley Hospital, and the United Way. At The Dayton Foundation Frederick C. Smith worked on several of their programs including The Dayton Self-Sufficiency, Out-of-School Youth, and the creation of the Montgomery County Job Center. The papers also include his work for Governor Voinovich's welfare reform, the merger of Society Bank and Key Bank, and his work for Pitney Bowes. The collection also includes personal materials including a partial memoir, as well as resumes and awards from Frederick C. Smith and Ruth P. Smith.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Business and Industry, Local History



Smith, Reed Wright State University Peace Studies Collection
1972-1996 (bulk 1980-1992), 6 lin. ft.

Dr. Reed Smith was a professor at Wright State University from 1969-1995. In that time he built up a Peace Studies program at WSU and held several conferences on Peace Activism. This collection contains grant applications and proposals, biographies of speakers at conferences, research papers that he and others had written, and a large collection of periodicals on Peace Activism or relating to the Peace Movement.

Subject Area(s): University Archives, Wright State University, Politics, Education and Local Schools



Snyder, Charles, Aeroplane Photographs
Undated, 1 folder

Photos of an airplane designed and built by Charles Snyder of Osborn, Ohio

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections, Local History



Socialist Feminist Conference Records
1974-1975, 0.5 lin. ft. and 4.34 GB

Records in this collection document the planning and organization of a national Socialist Feminist conference held in July, 1975, at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Materials include organizational papers, steering committee minutes, correspondence, working papers, registration details, women's movement pamphlets, and printed materials relating to the conference. Nine socialist-feminist organizations sponsored this event.

Subject Area(s): Women, Local History


Society of Friends (Quakers) Records
1776-1988, 10 reels

Collection consists of records from the Society of Friends Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting and includes records from the following Quarterly and Monthly Meetings: Alum Creek, Miami, Short Creek, Green Plain, Campus, Milford, Springboro, Fall Creek, Goshen, Elk Creek, Whitewater, Westfield, Yellow Springs, Lafayette, Lexington, and Louisville. Records consist of membership rolls, marriages, births, deaths, removals, minutes of Men's and Women's Meetings, the minutes of various committees, and newsletters. A detailed listing of the contents of each reel is provided at the front of each reel of microfilm.

Subject Area(s): Religion


Society of Friends, Elk Creek Meeting Records
1828-1852, 1 reel

Records consist of Men's and Women's meeting minutes, anti-slavery Friends minutes, and miscellaneous papers.

Subject Area(s): Religion



Somers, Frank, Papers
1860-1981 (bulk 1958-1965), 2 lin. ft.

Frank Somers served as the mayor of Dayton, Ohio from 1962-1965. Before and after his political career, he and his wife were involved in Dayton civic affairs. The papers of Frank Somers cover the political life of Frank Somers approximately from the years 1958 to 1966 as well as family information and world travels.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



Sons of Veterans U.S.A. Colonel G.W. Andrews Camp 254 Records
1891-1893, .5 lin. ft.

Contains various organizational records including a minute book, ledger, cashbook, descriptive book, and roll of members. Camp 254 served the Wapakoneta, Ohio area.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



Sons of Veterans U.S.A. Earnshaw Camp No. 89 Records
1890-1910, 0.5 lin. ft.

Consists of a volume of minutes for 1890-1899 which includes quartermaster's reports and resolutions of respect for deceased members. Also included is a folder of loose materials containing quarterly reports, receipts, and a list of suspended members.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



South Park Preservation Works Records
1982-1999, 2.96 lin. ft.

The collection consists primarily of business records for South Park Preservation Works (SPPW), a corporation which purchased and rehabilitated historic properties within the historic district of South Park, Dayton, Ohio. The records include articles of incorporation, membership rosters, meeting minutes, financial records, grants, National Trust reports, correspondence, and information concerning their various properties. Property information largely consists of associated financial documents, permits for construction activities, as well as floor plan designs.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Civic Organizations



Southwest Ohio School Nurses Association Records
1965-2015, 4.36 lin. ft.

The Southwest Ohio School Nurses Association (SWOSNA) was founded in late 1967, with a primary purpose of developing strategies to obtain mandatory school health services and certification. It includes school nurses from southwestern Ohio, including Dayton, Springfield, Middletown, and Cincinnati. The organization's goals include promoting health knowledge and advancing the quality of health services for school aged children in southwestern Ohio; fostering professional attitudes and adhering to the Scope and Standards of Professional School Nurses as defined by the National Association of School Nurses (NASN); developing networks with school nurses throughout the region; supporting the purposes of, and working in concert with, the Ohio Association of School Nurses (OASN) and the NASN; and working on a non-profit basis. The records include general history, scrapbooks, constitution and by-laws, membership lists, meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, and newsletters.

Subject Area(s): Women, Medical History, Local History, Education and Local Schools



Special Libraries Association, Central Ohio Chapter Records
1955-1998, 7 lin. ft.

Consists of chapter bylaws, membership lists, business meetings, correspondence, reports, committees, workshops, chapter bulletins, manuals, guidelines, and library related pamphlets. The object of the S.L.A. has been to "promote the interest of commercial, industrial, technical, civic, municipal and legislative reference libraries, the special departments of public libraries, universities, welfare associations and business organizations."

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



Special Wish Foundation Records, A
1989-2011, 7.5 lin. ft.

A Special Wish Foundation, Inc. was the first wish-granting organization in the State of Ohio and the third such organization in the nation, when it was founded in 1982. This records collection largely contains the meeting minutes from 1989-2011, media coverage from approximately 2000-2009 and photographs from numerous wishes. The collection also contains audio-visual media including pictures, negatives, VHS, CDs, and DVDs.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History


Springdale Cemetery Statistics Records
ca. 1775-1940 1 reel

Records consist of a name card index file of those buried in Springdale Cemetery, Hamilton County, Ohio. The information provided is erratic and includes name and date of death, age at death, birth date, occupation, place of birth, and parent's names.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries



Springfield (Ohio) Chamber of Commerce Booklet
ca. 1924, 1 folder

Booklet contains information regarding the history, architecture, businesses, schools, organizations, government, agriculture, manufacturing and residential areas of Springfield, published around 1924.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Springfield (Ohio) Municipal Airport Papers
1949, 1 folder

Contains papers regarding the construction of a new hanger at the local Springfield (Ohio) airport, dated 1949.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Aviation, Local History


Springfield Conservancy District Records
1929-1985, 16 reels

Contains a complete run of the Board of Director's minutes (1929-1985) as well as administrative files (1935-1944) consisting of correspondence, financial records, reports, legal papers, and public notices. There are also plans and reports of the Chief Engineer (1930-1932). The last reel contains a scrapbook of newspaper clippings pertaining to the 1929 Springfield, Ohio, flood and photo albums which document the flood and construction of the Conservancy's flood protection works.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations



Springfield Typographical Union, Local 117 Records
1901-1976 (bulk 1930-1958), 4 lin. ft.

The records of the Springfield Typographical Union No. 117 cover the period 1901 1976 and consist of minutes of regular meetings, minutes of various committees, including the Business Committee, correspondence, conference reports, and material concerning strikes and lockouts.

Subject Area(s): Labor Unions, Local History



Springfield Urban League Records
1915-1970 (bulk 1961-1970), 5.0 lin. ft.

Records include constitution and by-laws, Board of Directors' minutes, reports, correspondence, financial records, subject files, news releases, clippings and other related materials of this chapter of the National Urban League.

Subject Area(s): African-Americans, Civic Organizations, Local History



Springfield Young Men's Christian Association Records
1854-1979, 17 lin. ft.

Records document the history of the YMCA in Springfield, Ohio, and include extensive subject files, photographs, clippings, ledgers, and blueprints of the YMCA building. Subject files contain a variety of materials including correspondence, annual reports, budgets, Board of Director's minutes, newsletters, programs, activity reports, and historical information.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History


St. Andrews Episcopal Church Records
1889-1923, 1 reel

Records consist of vestry meeting minutes as well as records of baptisms, marriages, burials, and confirmations. St. Andrews is located in Dayton, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Religion



St. Anne's Hill Historical Society Collection
1858-2011 (bulk 1970s-80s), 26 lin. ft.

The collection contains primarily administrative records for the St. Anne's Hill Historic Society. These records includes Board of Trustees and General Membership; posters, bulletins and invitations for various events; the Society's monthly newsletter and other publications; scrapbooks on various subjects; photographs; news clippings, and information on various topics of interest to the Society and residents of St. Anne's Hill.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History



St. Elizabeth Hospital Records
1878-2000 (bulk 1940-2000), 34 lin. ft.

The St. Elizabeth Hospital Records document the growth and expansion of the Franciscan Health Network in Dayton. The hospital was established in 1878 and founded as Dayton's first community hospital by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. Expansion and construction began in 1882 and continued throughout the hospital's existence. The collection includes photographs and negatives documenting this development overtime. The Nursing School was established at St. Elizabeth Hospital in 1929 and closed permanently in 1974. Class photographs of nursing school students are included in the main collection. St. Elizabeth Hospital became St. Elizabeth Medical Center in 1969, creating new publications and departments. Nineteen handwritten ledgers were used from 1878 through 1940 to document the admission, diagnosis, and discharge of patients. The collection also includes news articles, minutes for various meetings, financial reports, and additional photographs and negatives covering the period from 1878 to 2000. The hospital officially closed in 1999 and is now the Medical Center at Elizabeth Place. The collection does not include medical records.

Subject Area(s): Medical History, Education and Local Schools, Religion, Local History


St. Jacob United Church of Christ Records
1837-1982, 1 reel

Includes a church history, membership register, Sunday School records, baptisms, marriages, funerals, and confirmations. St. Jacob is located in Sunman, Indiana.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Jacob's Evangelical Lutheran Church Records
1826-1985, 1 reel

Records of this Miamisburg church include the original constitution and minutes, records of baptisms, marriages, funerals, confirmations, ministerial acts, and membership lists. The early 19th-century records are written in both German and English.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. James Episcopal Church Records
1832-1986, 2 reels

Records include vestry minutes, parish registers, the records of three early female missionary societies, and a service record book. St. James Episcopal Church is in Piqua, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. John's Catholic Cemetery Records
1849-1899, 1 reel

Contains seven volumes of cemetery records, written in German, from this Cincinnati-area Catholic Church.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries


St. John's Catholic Cemetery Records
1860-1980, 8 reels

Consists of alphabetical records of the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society of St. John's Cemetery. Statistics include name, age, date of death, place of death, date of interment, home parish, last residence, and marital status.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries


St. John's Cemetery Association Records
1865-1938, 1 reel

The records for this Cincinnati cemetery association consist of three volumes written in German.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries


St. John's Community Church Records
1974-1986, 1 reel

The early records of St. John's are in German, a practice which continued until 1918. Three volumes of records deal with baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and funerals. Originally known as the St. John's Evangelical Congregational Church and located in Mt. Auburn, a neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. St. John's Community Church moved to Northern Hills in 1966.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. John's Evangelical Church Records
1864-1986, 1 reel

The records of this Hamilton County church include listings of members as well as births, confirmations, marriages, communion, and funerals. Early documents are in German.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Records
1873-1957, 1 reel

Consists of two volumes of births, deaths, marriages, confirmations, and baptisms, as well as a listing of ministers of this Cincinnati-area church. All but a few of the later entries are in German

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. John's Unitarian Church Records
1839-1935, 2 reels

Formerly known as St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church, St. John's Unitarian Church is located in the Clifton area of Cincinnati. The early records are written in German, a practice which continued until 1918. Five volumes of church records document baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and funerals of the congregation.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. John's United Church of Christ Records
1864-1964,1 reel

Consists of a published Centennial History and seven volumes of church records which include baptism, marriage, confirmation, funeral, and membership records. St. John's is located in Cincinnati.

Subject Area(s): Religion



St. John's United Church of Christ Records
1840-2015 (Bulk 1920-2000), 25.5 lin. ft.

This collection documents over one hundred and fifty years of the church, from its beginnings around 1840 as The German Evangelical Church, then as the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dayton, then St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church to its modern iteration as the St. John's United Church of Christ. The records document all aspects of the church, including administrative functions, finances, membership, ministers, social clubs and organizations, services, and outreach programs. Of note are the vital records including confirmations, births, deaths, marriages and baptism records. The records document early Lutheran and German history in the Dayton area and is a rich source of information on religion and early German culture in the Dayton area.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Religion


St. John's United Church of Christ, Dayton, Ohio, Records
1851-1982, 2 reels

Records include confirmations, deaths, marriages, and baptisms.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Joseph Cemetery Association Records
1845-1917, 1 reel

Contains three volumes of cemetery records which are written in German until 1912. The association is located in Cincinnati.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries


St. Joseph New Cemetery Association Records
1868-1947, 4 reels

Consists of fourteen volumes of the records of a Cincinnati-area cemetery.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries


St. Joseph's Catholic Church Records
1845-1875, 1 reel

Consists of one volume of burial records from St. Joseph's Catholic Church, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The records are written in German.

Subject Area(s): Religion



St. Joseph's Orphanage Society Children's Treatment Center Records
1849-2004, 40 lin. ft.

Established in 1849, the German Roman Catholic St. Joseph Orphan Society of Dayton, Ohio, was a subscription society that placed the children of deceased or indigent members in Catholic foster homes. The institution changed its mission, bylaws, and name numerous times but remained a child-caring institution run by a Board of Trustees and exists in Dayton, Ohio, as the St. Joseph Children's Treatment Center. The collection consists of printed materials, minutes and proceedings, financial documents, legal documents, photographic material, scrapbooks, and audio recordings.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Local History


St. Luke's United Church of Christ Records
1865-1936, 1 reel

The records for this Cincinnati church consist of two volumes listing baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and funerals. Before 1906, the records are written in German.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Mary's and St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery Records
ca. 1850-1980, 48 reels

Consists of alphabetical records of the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society for St. Mary's and St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery. Statistics include name, age, date of death, date of interment, home parish, last residence, and marital status.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries


St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery Records
1877-1907, 1 reel

Consists of two volumes of a Cincinnati cemetery. Records are in German until 1904.

Subject Area(s): Cemeteries



St. Mattaeus Evangelical Protestant Records
1843-1918, 1 reel

Records of this church include: v. 1. Constitution, baptisms, marriages, deaths, communicants, 1843-1857 -- v. 2. Baptisms, 1858-1869 -- v. 3. Baptisms, 1870-1880 -- v. 4. Baptisms, 1881-1918.5 volumes of marriages, baptisms, funerals, and confirmations. Documents are in German.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Matthaeus German Evangelical Church Records
1843-1918, 1 reel

Records of this Cincinnati church include 5 volumes of marriages, baptisms, funerals, and confirmations. Documents are in German.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Matthew United Church of Christ Records
1887-1954, 1 reel

Includes two volumes which record baptisms, marriages, funerals, and communicants. The early records of this Cincinnati church, originally known as St. Matthew Evangelical, are written in German.

Subject Area(s): Religion



St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Records
1852-2018, 32.3 lin. ft. and 3.54 GB

The collection consists of a wide variety of records documenting the congregation's 165-year history on Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio, from its founding through its closure. Records include general history, vital records, administrative records, publications, and audiovisual materials. Vital records include baptisms, confirmations, communions, marriages, and burials. Records are primarily in German through the early 20th century. The collection documents early Lutheran and German history and German culture in the Dayton area.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Religion



St. Paul Lutheran Sunday School Record Book
1959-1960, 1 folder

Typed and handwritten record book including names of teachers and students at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Port Clinton, Ohio, 1959-60 school year.

Subject Area(s): Religion, Local History


St. Paul United Church of Christ Records
1856-1986, 1 reel

Six volumes of records contain a church history as well as records of baptism, marriage, confirmation, membership, and funerals. The records of this Cincinnati church were written in German until 1915.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Paul's Lutheran Church Records
1866-1964, 1 reel

Includes three volumes of church records detailing baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals, as well as 1865 and 1868 constitutions (in German), and an 1890 constitution (in English). Also included is a church history (1868-1943). The records of this Cincinnati-area church are in German until 1916.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Peter and Paul United Church of Christ Records
1845-1923, 1 reel

The records for this Cincinnati church include a 2-volume published history as well as a listing of members and the minutes of the Church Council.

Subject Area(s): Religion


St. Peter's United Church of Christ Records
1877-1953, 1 reel

Consists of two volumes of baptism, marriage, funeral, confirmation, and communion records, as well as the constitution of the church and a listing of members. Documents are written in German until 1911.

Subject Area(s): Religion


Staley, Isaac, Diary
1864-1916, 4 reels

Consists of a diary kept by Montgomery County farmer, Isaac Staley. The diary, which spans fifty years, is a detailed account of the day-to-day life of this Ohio farmer who also worked on the Miamisburg-West Carrollton Toll Road.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers



Stanley, Joseph P., Papers
1863, 1 folder

Photocopy of a scouting report made by Stanley while encamped in Tennessee, dated May 28, 1863.

Subject Area(s): Civil War



State Election Ticket Collection
1863, 1 folder

The collection includes approximately 150 miscellaneous Union and Democratic election tickets from the election of 1863.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Local History



State of Ohio v Alfred Artis
1852-1855, 1 folder

An official court report for a sexual assault case tried in Shelby County during the 1850s.

Subject Area(s): Politics, Women, Local History



Steele High School Class of 1915 Portraits
1915, 1 folder

This collection contains one large composite print containing the portraits of the Class of 1915 from Steele High School in Dayton, Ohio. No pictures are identified.

Subject Area(s): Education and Local Schools, Local History



Stevenson, Albert William, Photographs
Undated, 1 folder

Ten oversize photographs taken by Lt. Col. Albert William Stevenson, include aerial photographs and aviation photographs.

Subject Area(s): Photographic Collections



Stewart, D. L., Papers
1975-2012, 3.75 lin. ft.

This collection documents the career of Dayton Daily News columnist and Kettering resident, D. L. Stewart. The collection is entirely made up of Stewart's column from 1975 to 2012. The column was nationally syndicated in 1980 and featured over fifty newspapers nationwide. In the column Stewart discusses popular culture, sports, and family in a humorous and sometimes sincere tone. Stewart has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize five times and is the author of four books.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Journalism, Local History



Stillwater Valley Bank Records
1872-1929, 3 lin. ft. (12 volumes)

Consists of financial records, including daily statements, discount registers, journals, and ledgers of an Auglaize County, Ohio, bank that failed in 1929.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Stinson 105 at Dayton Airport
1939, 1 item

This collection contains a black and white, side-view photograph of the Stinson "105" 3-place cabin plane at the Dayton Municipal Airport, dated December 10, 1939. Aircraft number is shown as NC-21162.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Stivers High School Directories
1934-1937, 1 folder

Created by the Ten Tigers Club, the Stivers Directories contain advertisements from surrounding businesses and information about the graduating class.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Education and Local Schools, Local History



Stivers High School Directory
1927, 1 folder

Stivers directory from 1927.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Education and Local Schools, Local History


Stone, Thomas R., Diary
1861-1862, 1 reel

Diary of a Civil War soldier who served with the First Arkansas Infantry, Company G.

Subject Area(s): Civil War


Stout, Henry, Papers
1950-1961, 1 reel

Scrapbooks of Henry Stout (1893-1976), a former Dayton mayor and Democratic Party activist.

Subject Area(s): Politics



Stout, Henry, Wright Brothers Collection
1903-1973 (bulk 1948-1971), 0.25 lin. ft.

This collection includes clippings, articles, pamphlets, photographs, postcards, and correspondence pertaining to Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Wright Brothers Related, Local History



Strayer General Store Records
1855-1915, 4 lin. ft. (19 volumes)

Consists primarily of financial records including sales journals, a cashbook, customer ledger and general journals of a small general store in DeGraff, a village in Logan County, Ohio.

Subject Area(s): Business and Industry, Local History



Studebaker, Samuel S., Papers
1939-1978 (Bulk 1958-1978), 2.5 lin. ft.

A nationally recognized leader of soil, water, and land conservation movements, Studebaker served as president of the National Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. He was also a Miami County educator and a farmer. His papers consist of printed materials, speeches, and correspondence dealing with conservation efforts both locally and nationally. Also included are some local soil surveys, farm credit information, and minutes of committees appointed to deal with specific conservation problems.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Student Nurses' Association of Ohio, District Ten
1958-1975, 2 lin. ft.

This collection, containing the records of both ONA and SNOA, District 10, provides information concerning the daily conduct of these two organizations; their projected programs, such as Continuing Education; their activities, such as banquets; writing contests; and their business, such as nurses registry. In 1952, District 10 Student Nurses' Association of Ohio was formed under the sponsorship of the district with a main purpose of standardizing nursing students. The district covered the area of Springfield, Dayton, and Middletown with members from the following nursing schools: Good Samaritan, St. Elizabeth's, Miami Valley, Sinclair Community, Middletown Hospital, and Springfield Community.

Subject Area(s): Medical History, Local History



Studies in Soviet Air Power
1974-1979, 1 folder

Two studies on modern air power in the 1970s.

Subject Area(s): Aviation



Sullivan, H. Allan, Air Force Aviation Scrapbook
1919-1953, 1 lin. ft.

Collection consists of 1 scrapbook assembled by H. Allan Sullivan. The materials contained therein are related to Sullivan's work with the U.S. Army Air Corps and the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command, his work at McCook Field, and as the editor of the Slipstream aviation magazine. The Scrapbook contains many commendations and merit awards. Also included are clippings and photographs. Scrapbook was purchased at an estate auction by Christine Stadium of Dayton, OH.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Local History



Sullivan, James E. P., Aviation Drawing Collection
1918-1951 (bulk 1940-1946), 0.42 lin. ft.

The collection pertains mainly to James E. P. Sullivan's work as a designer at United Aircraft Products in Dayton, Ohio, during World War II, including such materials as company history, product literature, newsletters, and many parts drawings and designs. The collection also includes some material on the development of the Douglas A-26 Invader aircraft, a project for which James Sullivan's father was chief engineer. A few photographs of people and aircraft are included also.

Subject Area(s): Local History, Aviation, World War II



Survivors of the Holocaust Oral History Project Records (Dr. Charles Berry’s Papers)
1977-1985, 1.5 lin. ft.

The Survivors of the Holocaust Oral History Project was established in 1977 as a joint effort by Antioch College and Wright State University. Its purpose was to interview and preserve stories of survivors of the Nazi Holocaust who settled in the Dayton, Ohio, area. The records consist of meeting minutes, correspondence, lists of potential interviewees, clippings, and publicity. The Project produced the Emmanuel Ringelblum Collection of Oral History Memoirs of the Holocaust.

Subject Area(s): Civic Organizations, Oral History Collections, World War II, Local History



Swank/Martin Family Papers
1834-1931, 0.1 lin. ft.

This collection consists of about 20 legal documents such as deeds, mortgages, and other property-related records pertaining primarily to the Swank, Martin, and related families in Darke and Montgomery Counties.

Subject Area(s): Family and Personal Papers, Local History



Sweeney, Joyce, Papers
1973-2017, 7.65 lin. ft.

Sweeney is a writer of young adult fiction and a graduate of Wright State University. Her papers include typed manuscripts of several of her published works, journals, scrapbooks, college class papers, and correspondence.

Subject Area(s): Arts, Women, Wright State University, Local History



Sweet, Bill, Collection
1928-1978, 19.78 lin. ft.

Bill Sweet, Announcer and Director of the National Air Shows, was well-known in the world of air racing and air shows from the 1930s until his death in 1978. His collection consists of air show programs and press releases, air show newspaper clipping scrapbooks from the 1930s and 1940s, more than a thousand photographs of air shows events, including air show stunts and personalities, film of a number of air races and air shows, and a variety of memorabilia, including certificates of recognition, badges, and a painted "Linco" sign Sweet posted on his announcer's podium during air shows.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Photographic Collections