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Cold War History



Richard Joseph Framme Papers
1929-1973 (bulk 1940s-1950s), 3 lin. ft.

The collection includes photographs, organizational charts, research notebooks, research data, patent material, biographical information, blueprints and diagrams. Most items are technical reports or material related to Richard Framme's professional affiliation as an engineer with Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Cold War History, Local History



Dr. Richard E. Thomas Collection
1921-2006 (bulk 1970-1990), 16 lin. ft.

This collection documents U.S. intelligence on the strategic and technological position of the Soviet Union and other important regions during the Cold War. Included are reports on Soviet military issues produced by the Center for Strategic Technology at Texas A & M University, as well as a variety of documents pertaining to the Cold War acquired from other sources; microfiche of translated reports and journals pertinent to the Cold War; and microfilm of a Soviet military journal. These materials were acquired by Dr. Thomas during his tenure as Head of the Center for Strategic Technology, and a number of the reports were written by him.

Subject Area(s): Aviation, Cold War History



Dr. Harry Dyme Papers
1950-1998 (Bulk 1950-1975), 1.75 lin. ft.

Dr. Harry Dyme was the chief of nutrition section of the Aero-Medical Laboratory on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He worked on the Air Force Base from the 1950s through the 1970s. The collection consists of research materials and photographs concerning cold weather survival and other aerospace medical studies he conducted in the 1950s.

Subject Area(s): Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering, Cold War History, Local History



Freeman F. Bentley Papers
1937-2006 (bulk 1955-1975), 37 lin. ft.

The collection consists of papers covering Freeman Bentley's life, focusing on his scientific career and his research in spectroscopy. The majority of the material in this collection is scientific in nature and includes test results, data sheets, technical reports and articles. Bentley authored many of the technical reports and articles in this collection. His writings and reports are especially important considering Bentley was a pioneer in the field of far infrared spectroscopy. In addition to these materials, information on the types of machinery he used in his lab as well as papers from the numerous conferences he attended and the professional organizations in which he was a member are included in the collection.

Subject Area(s): Cold War History, Inventors and Inventions, Local History



Cold War Aerospace Technology Oral History Project Records
1936-2008, 6 lin. ft.

This collection contains the interviews and records of the Cold War Aerospace Technology Oral History project, a special project funded by a Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management grant. Interviews cover a variety of Cold War Aerospace technology.

Transcripts of the interviews are available online in CORE Scholar.

Subject Area(s): Cold War History, Inventors and Inventions, Aviation, Local History, Oral History Collections



General James P. Mullins Speech Collection
1981-1984, 2.73 lin. ft.

The collection consists of speeches, addresses, remarks, and interview responses written by Dr. Leo Finkelstein, Jr., and delivered by the leaders of Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC), headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, mainly General James P. Mullins (AFLC Commander, 1981-1984), as well as others. Topics include logistics, national defense and security, nuclear weapons, parts pricing, the military-industrial complex, reliability, Cold War, and others. Also included in the collection are the AFLC annual reports for fiscal years 1982 and 1983.

Subject Area(s): Cold War History, Local History, Aviation